Neighbours Spoilers – Dipi catches Shane and Amy in the act

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On next week’s Neighbours, Shane and Dipi’s feelings are all over the place, as both think the other is ready to move on. Meanwhile, Sheila goes to more extreme measures to get Clive back.

These episodes air in Australia between Monday 4th and Friday 8th January, and in the UK from Monday 1st February.

Steamy scenes for Shane

In scenes airing later this week, Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) confesses to Dipi that he and Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) have shared a kiss. He decides he wants to be completely honest with his wife, but is surprised when she doesn’t react badly to the news. While in reality Dipi (Sharon Johal) is devastated, Shane takes her reaction as a sign that she really is moving on from their marriage.

That’s why next week, as the show returns for 2021, he decides to explore things with Amy further. He mistakenly gets the impression that Dipi is dating, thinking that gives him the green light to move on with Amy.

Talking to TV Week recently, Nicholas says: “Shane is given the final nudge to be with Amy after he misreads a moment in Harold’s and finds himself under the mistaken impression that Dipi has started dating.”

Yet Dipi wants her husband back, and tells Yashvi how she feels. Her daughter encourages Dipi to tell Shane her true feelings before it’s too late – but it seems she’s already missed the boat! Dipi heads off to find him, but ends up stumbling upon Shane and Amy right as they’re undressing each other.

Understandably, Dipi is upset to catch them in the act, and doesn’t manage to hide her feelings very well. This just confuses Shane more – he thought Dipi was moving on and was fine with the thought of him and Amy together, so why did she seem so upset?

He has a genuine connection with Amy and she makes him happy. But if his wife of 20 years still has feelings for him, that’s going to make it hard to move on. “Shane is a man of principle,” Nicholas Coghlan explains to TV Week. “I think he would feel compelled to rekindle a relationship with Dipi, even if only to honour their history.”

Will Dipi finally be honest about her feelings for Shane once and for all, or will she let him have a chance of happiness with Amy?

A blast from the past helps Sheila scheme

Also next week, Sheila (Colette Mann) continues to scheme as she tries to split up Jane (Annie Jones) and Clive (Geoff Paine). She’s rushed to hospital in episodes airing this Thursday 31st December, undergoing emergency surgery to fit a pacemaker, but even that isn’t enough to put her off.

When Neighbours returns in the new year, she carries on trying to use Des Clarke (Paul Keane) and another past Ramsay Street resident to break up Clive and Jane’s budding new romance.

She encourages Des to spend as much time as possible with his ex wife, hoping he’ll win her over. “Sheila feels uneasy about using Des’s guilt to her advantage, but she gets caught up in it all,” Colette recently told TV Week.

Yet it’s the advice from another old friend who may make Jane reconsider her new romance.

Sheila organises for Jane to catch up with Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden), an old friend from her time on the street in the late 1990s. Melanie is perhaps best known for her distinctive laugh, her marriage to Joe Mangle, and flamboyant dress sense.

She was last seen in 2005 as part of Neighbours’ 20th anniversary episode, in which it was revealed that she and Joe had split up, and she was living in London.

Now, she’s back in Erinsborough, and is still larger than life. She’s still taking advice from Madame Zolga, Erinsborough’s resident astrologer, meaning any advice she gives may not be the most solid.

As Jane and Melanie chat, and Jane recounts everything that’s happened between the three of them over the last few months, Melanie is concerned, and lets Jane know in no uncertain terms. She doesn’t think that Clive looking after Sheila (Colette Mann) is a good sign for their relationship, warning Jane that he could be playing the both of them.

Of course, Clive isn’t one to play games, and has no intention of stringing two women along. But he clearly still cares for Sheila, and when Kyle is in trouble at The Tram, he goes with her to check that he’s okay.

Colette Mann, speaking to TV Week, believes that Clive is still confused about his feelings. “Clive is so lovely to her and they do have a moment,” she says. “I believe Clive is torn about how he feels too.”

Is Melanie right, is he still invested in his ex?

Kyle, meanwhile, is in trouble as he enters the Best Dish of Erinsborough competition. He’s determined to honour Gary by taking part in a cookery competition, but is in for a rude awakening when a little help from Roxy takes a dangerous turn.

Roxy is tasked with getting the ingredients for his dish. Yet when she realises she’s forgotten mushrooms, rather than head back to the shop, she opts for something a little closer to home. She spots some mushrooms growing near The Tram and picks those instead.

Kyle is none the wiser, and happily uses Roxy’s wild mushrooms in the dish. As it’s plated up and given to the competition judge, everything is going swimmingly. The judge thinks the dish is delicious, and it seems like he might be in with a chance of winning.

Yet it’s not long until she falls ill. Very ill. Roxy, what have you done?! 

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 4th January (Episode 8528)

A new blackjack game is planned and Hendrix ends up betting and losing something that he doesn’t even own to begin with.

Sheila announces that Des has offered to stay in town to look after her, secretly plotting for him to spend more time with Jane so she can win Clive back.

Tuesday 5th January (Episode 8529)

Nicolette’s money woes worsen when she learns Ricardo is suing her for the money she stole.

Toadie takes the plunge and signs up for Tinder, but it’s more brutal than he expected.

Hendrix is convinced he’s a dead man after losing No. 24 to Kane.

Wednesday 6th January (Episode 8530)

Nicolette discovers the dangers Hendrix is in with Kane, giving him 24 hours to come clean.

Amy and Shane’s chemistry is proving undeniable, and with the impression that Dipi is starting to date, gives into his growing feelings.

Thursday 7th January (Episode 8531)

After walking in on Shane and Amy, Dipi comes to the conclusion that Shane is happy and gives him her blessing.

Kyle focuses on his entry for Best Dish of Erinsborough with Roxy as his assistant chef, but when she forgets to buy mushrooms, the key ingredient, she picks some growing outside the tram.

Bea secretly assembles the billy cart for Levi but his reaction isn’t what she was hoping for.

Friday 8th January (Episode 8532)

Kyle and Roxy are both unaware of the deadly surprise waiting in the mushroom gravy.

Des and Jane meet up with former resident Melanie Pearson, who is her usual talkative self and doesn’t hold  back her opinions about Jane’s romance with Clive.

When Clive accompanies Sheila to the Tram to keep an eye on her, Sheila feels a reunion is on the cards.

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