Neighbours Spoilers – Sheila collapses trying to break up Clive and Jane

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In next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Sheila’s plan to win back Clive backfires when she ends up in hospital. Plus, Hendrix turns to more illegal activity to get out of a sticky situation.

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 28th to Thursday 31st December. There is no episode of Neighbours on New Year’s Day. The episodes will air in the UK from Tuesday 26th January.

Sheila has misinterpreted every interaction with Clive as romantic interest… and not even his new relationship is enough to stop her

Next week, Sheila is reeling from the news that Jane and Clive are together. While she’d previously decided to let Clive go, realising that he deserves better than the constant trail of destruction that she brings, she’s now changed her mind and wants him back.

She has misread his friendliness over the past couple of weeks, mistaking it for romantic interest. Just a few weeks ago she was excited when Clive invited her to dinner at The Waterhole, only to find she was actually gatecrashing a dinner between long term friends Clive and Jane.

In the latest episodes to air down under, Sheila has just discovered that Clive and Jane are together, stumbling upon the pair celebrating a spa day together. She’s obviously devastated, but rather than let them explore their feelings for each other, she soon decides she needs to put a stop to things and win Clive back.

Things come to a head next week, as Sheila’s plans land her in hospital.

In scenes airing on Tuesday 29th December, Roxy encourages her not to give up on Clive.

Roxy has spoken to Jane about her feelings, and recounts the conversation to Sheila. However, she twists Jane’s words and tells Sheila that Jane still sees Des as the great love of her life, giving Sheila hope.

If she can just get Jane and Des back together, it leaves the path clear for her and Clive! Or so she thinks…

Sheila invites Des back to town, on the premise that Jane still has feelings for him. The last time he was in Erinsborough, he and Jane came to the amicable decision that they had grown apart, and that their shotgun marriage had been a mistake. Des is obviously more than a little surprised to hear his ex wife now wants to get back with him… but his feelings turn to anger when he realises Sheila was playing him.

Talking to TV Week, Colette Mann, who plays Sheila, defends her actions. “Sheila is a lot of things but she’s not self-serving. She truly believes Clive still loves her.”

Des arrives back in town to find Jane and Clive on a date together, leaving him very confused. When he tracks Sheila down, he lays into her, but never would have expected what happens next. She collapses, and is rushed to hospital!

It transpires she needs a pacemaker, and has to undergo surgery, leaving everyone in shock. Des obviously blames himself for being too harsh with her, and begs her for forgiveness. Never one to miss out on an opportunity, Sheila makes him a deal. She’ll forgive him… if he helps her win Clive back!

Will Des do what she asks, even if it means threatening Jane’s happiness?

She’s only been in Erinsborough a few weeks, but Amy’s made a big impression on newly separated Shane

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, there’s heartbreak for Dipi, as she discovers that Amy and Shane have shared a kiss.

After the Rebecchi family Christmas get-together, in which Kirsha did everything she could to convince her mum that her marriage is worth saving, Dipi finally decides to start repairing her marriage.

Unfortunately for her, Shane has already begun to move on. He and returnee Amy Greenwood have had an instant spark from the moment she returned to Erinsborough earlier this month. Next week, they grow closer as they work to solve Amy’s uniform debacle, and, in the excitement of their plan’s success, they end up sharing a kiss.

Wanting complete honesty, Shane ends up telling Dipi about the kiss, shattering her newfound hopes of a reconciliation. Yet does Shane really have feelings for Amy, or is he simply rebounding because he thinks his wife no longer wants their marriage to work?

The two need to get talking before any chance of repairing their relationship is gone for good!

Hendrix is also in big trouble in next week’s Neighbours. Having lost $10,000 to Kane in a poker game, he’s in major debt. He has to come up with the money, and fast.

When he receives a threatening message from Kane, he freaks out, scared that the guy isn’t messing around. Jay comes up with an idea – he should steal the diamond necklace that Pierce bought for Dipi, and sell that to raise the funds.

Jay’s advice hasn’t exactly been stellar so far, but Hendrix doesn’t have many other options left. Will he do it?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 28th December (Episode 8524)

Shane gives Dipi the impression that he’s keen for them to get back together, and with a final push from Kirsha, Dipi decides it’s time to start repairing their marriage.

Shane and Amy work together to convince Terese to accept Amy’s new designs, and get caught up in the excitement of her success.

Jay suggests that Hendrix steal the diamond necklace that Pierce bought Dipi to pay back his debt to Kane.

Tuesday 29th December (Episode 8525)

When David is caught in Sheila’s crossfire, he urges Jane and Clive not to let her unfairly dictate their lives.

Roxy encourages Sheila not to give up on Clive, twisting the talk she had with Jane the other day about her feelings for Des.

Shane tells Dipi about his impromptu kiss with Amy and Dipi’s hopes for a reconciliation are secretly dashed.

Wednesday 30th December (Episode 8526)

Levi is struggling to assemble Bea’s billy cart and his embarrassment grows when she deems it an easy task, but he’s determined to do it on his own.

Shane takes Dipi’s reaction to his kiss with Amy as confirmation that she’s moved on and struggles with the idea that their marriage might really be over.

Thursday 31st December (Episode 8527)

Paul returns from New York and informs Aaron and David that he’d like to have lunch with them and Nicolette.

Clive decides that he and Jane should slow things down for a while, leaving Jane to worry about their future.

Sheila is rushed to hospital and taken into surgery for a pacemaker.

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