Home and Away Spoilers – Martha’s estranged son arrives in town

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Martha’s estranged son arrives in town, causing problems between her and Alf. As we hurtle towards the Season Finale, things are about to get complicated.

Episodes last week saw Martha confess to Irene that she has a son, and that Alf has no idea he exists!

As far as Martha knows, her son doesn’t know where she is… but all that is about to change, as he turns up unannounced in Summer Bay.

Kieran’s letter took Martha by surprise. What does he want?

Alf has recently been pressing Martha for more information on her past relationships, and although she’s made it quite clear that she wasn’t living the life of a nun for the 30 years they were apart, she’s also been very scarce on the details. In Thursday’s triple bill, she received a mysterious letter from a man called Kieran, who wrote that they need to talk, and that she would see him soon.

Whoever this man was, it was clearly somebody she didn’t expect to hear from. Shortly after receiving the text, she made an equally mysterious phonecall to someone else from her past.

She thanked them for passing on the message from Kieran, grateful that they hadn’t told him where she’s now living. “Honestly, I never thought I’d hear from him again,” she told the caller. “Listen, I’m gonna have to come and see him myself. How about tomorrow?”

Martha broke down in tears, before confessing her secret to Irene

She set about making plans to head to Merimbula to meet this other man, leaving Alf very confused. However, with the bombshell clearly weighing on her mind, she later confessed the truth to Irene. She’s frantically worrying about how Alf may react to the news that she has a son, and has kept it hidden from him since they reunited.

“Have you ever done anything you’ve truly regretted, Irene?” she asked Irene.

Telling her that Alf and Martha are the last people she can talk to, Martha swore Irene to secrecy and told her how she has an adult son. To Irene it’s a no-brainer, she has to tell Alf and he’ll definitely understand… but Martha confesses that they have a very troubled relationship and that they’ve not seen each other for years.

What if doesn’t just want to reconnect? What if it’s something not so friendly?

She left Alf for Merimbula at the end of last week, with him knowing that she’s off to sort something complicated, but with no idea what. “We’re meant to be dealing with stuff together. Whatever this is, is it that bad?” he asked her. “I don’t know. It’ll all become clearer as soon as I get back from Merimbula. Just trust me on this one.”

Now, this week, Martha’s estranged son turns up in Summer Bay, and things are about to get heated pretty quickly. 

A new trailer shows Kieran turn up in Summer Bay, looking for the Stewarts

It transpires that her son, Kieran Baldivis, is a troubled man struggling with alcohol addiction, and with a history of mental health issues. The last time the pair saw each other, Martha had to call the police on him after things turned violent.

Is history about to repeat itself? A trailer for the final week of the year, which you can view below, shows some of Kieran’s upcoming scenes. Things start off calmly, with him arriving at the Diner, and telling Martha that he’s looking for the Stewarts.

At the very least, he clearly knows that Martha has re-married. But how much does he know about his mum and Alf’s history together? Plus, is he going to turn up when Martha’s away in Merimbula, leaving Alf to cope with this bombshell on his own?

Publicity photos show Alf, Martha and Kieran sitting on the beach, with the three of them chatting. Clearly things can’t get off to too bad a start.

Yet there are definitely some dramatic twists and turns to come. The season finale promo sees Kieran angrily punching a tree in a violent outburst, suggesting a reunion between him and Martha doesn’t go 100% smoothly.

Kieran is set to get angry soon after arriving in Summer Bay. What causes his outburst?

New character Kieran is played by Rick Donald, and Rick recently spoke to Australia’s Sunday Mail about his upcoming stint in the show, hinting that Alf doesn’t take too kindly to his arrival. 

“I knew I was going to be going toe to toe with Ray [Meagher],” says Rick. “That’s like a huge part of why I wanted to do it… get ripped a new one by Alf Stewart!”

The Sunday Mail article states that he’s on a collision course with Alf, with his character proving to be a “tornado stirring things up.”

Alf and Martha got married in January, but she’s been keeping a huge secret from him!

Alf isn’t always one to think before he acts, so it will be interesting to see how he copes with the bombshell from Martha. He’ll have no time to process the news, with her son’s arrival imminent. With Alf having almost no idea about Martha’s past, will he be able to stay calm?

Rick spoke about the research he had to do for the role, to understand how to play the part of someone struggling with addiction. “The grip that it has on people is just scary,” he told the Sunday Mail. “I’ve never been a very big drinker, but hearing and reading stories about what people go through … it’s just really sad.”

It sounds like Kieran will be sticking around for a while, meaning he’ll play a big part once the show returns in early 2021. Rick told the magazine that this wouldn’t be a storyline where he comes in, gets drunk for a week, and is magically fixed.

“The writers were really keen to explore it … and try to get a true representation of the struggle,” Rick explained. According to the publication, he’s “contracted until early next year”, although it hasn’t been confirmed whether the actor will be filming until early next year, or whether his character will simply be on screen until then.

Kieran first arrives in Summer Bay on Thursday 26th November, as part of Thursday’s triple bill. The final episodes of the year then air on Monday 30th November, in a dramatic season finale which will have major ramifications for three Summer Bay families.

Watch the season finale trailer below.

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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