Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette discovers Pierce and Dipi’s affair, and opts to tell Chloe

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Pierce and Dipi’s affair is about to become common knowledge, as Nicolette discovers the truth! It’s fair to say she’s hardly going to keep it to herself…

Dipi and Pierce’s single moment of madness a few weeks ago has quickly turned into so much more. Their one stolen kiss, which they both wrote off as a mistake, has led to more and more steamy moments together and it’s turned into something close to a full-blown affair.

Despite their best attempts to call it off, they have kept on being drawn back to each other. This coming week in Australia sees Paul discover their affair and set about blackmailing Pierce into handing over his share of Lassiters.

Yet Paul is the least of their worries. Paul is relatively easy, he can be bought off, and it doesn’t take long for him and Pierce to come to an agreement that sees Paul regain the majority shareholding in the hotel in return for his silence.

Next week, Dipi and Pierce’s worst fears come true, as Nicolette discovers the truth about their affair! Unlike Paul, she has a much more vested interest, and no amount of Pierce bribery is going to stop her from revealing the shock news to Chloe.

Pierce wants a clean break

With Paul knowing the truth, Pierce decides it’s time for his family to make a clean break from Erinsborough. He wants to go somewhere where nobody knows what happened between he and Dipi, somewhere where they can forget the whole thing and he can carry on his life with Chloe.

New look Pierce knows he’s messed up, and wants a clean break

He shocks Chloe and Hendrix with the news that he wants the three of them to move away. Of course, it’s a complete shock to both of them – they’re both pretty happy on Ramsay Street, and with no idea of the real reason Pierce wants to move away, they don’t understand where it’s come from.

Yet as he’s still waiting for his answer, things go from bad to worse.

With October 31st just around the corner, Lassiters holds a Halloween treasure. Never ones to turn down a fancy dress party, the Ramsay Street residents are dressed up – with Chloe as an angel, and Pierce dressed as Phantom of the Opera.

Pierce and Dipi have decided – once again – that they need to put an end to their affair. Seemingly thinking that their disguises make them invisible to everyone else, Pierce and Dipi share a final a kiss, blissfully unaware that they’re being watched by Jane.

Thankfully for them, Jane isn’t familiar with everyone’s costumes and is none the wiser that Dipi is kissing Pierce rather than her actual husband, and suspicions aren’t raised.

Unfortunately, she later happens to mention to Nicolette that she saw Dipi kissing a man dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. Of course, Nicolette knows who’s who, and it takes her just a matter of seconds to put two and two together – Pierce is cheating on his wife!

Nicolette will be glad to have her best friend back – but at what cost?

It means Nicolette has a massive decision to make. She still has strong feelings for Chloe, so on one hand this revelation is perfect, as it means she can be Chloe’s shoulder to cry on when she hears the news.

On the other hand, her best friend is going to be devastated. As much as Nicolette has no idea why Chloe would fall for a bore like Pierce Greyson, she knows that Chloe does truly love him, and knows the revelation is going to break her heart.

It’s too late, as the truth comes out

In the end, she opts to reveal all. However, she knows that Chloe may doubt the story if she simply tells her – she needs to show her!

She comes up with a plan for Chloe to stumble across the pair locked in an embrace. On next Friday’s episode, Dipi and Pierce decide to give into temptation one last time, putting one last fling ahead of their partners once again.

From the looks of a brand new trailer which you can view below, it looks like Nicolette’s plan is a success, as someone is set to walk in on the pair half naked in bed.

Whether it’s Chloe or someone else who stumbles across them naked in the Lassiters hotel room, the whole secret is about to get blown wide open!

Aftermath teased in brand new trailer

In the dramatic new trailer above, we see the aftermath of the news coming to light, with both Chloe and Shane now fully aware of what their partners have been up to behind their backs.

Dipi reels from the news coming out, as she sits alone in the hotel room minutes after having been walked in on.

We see Chloe tell Dipi “you know he doesn’t love you”, suggesting we will soon have a tense confrontation between Pierce’s wife and his other woman.

Next, there’s a scene showing Pierce enter Number 24 to disappointed faces from Nicolette and Chloe, potentially as he’s collecting his belongings. With Nicolette and Chloe now free to be friends without Pierce’s constant judgement, what will the future hold for the pair?

Shane, meanwhile, has also found out about the affair. Confronting Pierce, we see him say “So your marriage is on the rocks, so you decide to have a crack with my wife?”

What will Pierce’s explanation be?

The new promo also sees Chloe leaving home, as a distraught Pierce places his hands up against the door of Number 24, devastated to have lost a woman he did once truly love.

For Shane, being on the receiving end of the news is just as heartbreaking. We see him collapse to the floor in Number 30, as Toadie looks towards the front door – is this just a matter of moments after Dipi has left after revealing all? Or will he have to hear the news from a 3rd party?

After everything he’s been through in the past few months, he desperately needed his family to rally around him, and instead his wife betrayed him in the worst possible way.

Will anything stop him from turning back to the drugs?

In what could be a surprise twist, we also see Dipi outside, appearing to clutch her stomach in pain. While she could just be suffering the emotional pain of her marriage breakdown, is it possible that there’s one more big revelation yet to come? Could Dipi be pregnant with Pierce’s baby?

All these scenes are set to come over the next few weeks in Australia, leading up to Pierce’s eventual departure. The actor playing him was just last week replaced by Don Hany, after Tim Robards was forced to leave the show due to the strict Coronavirus restrictions affecting Australia earlier this year.

Don stepped in to play Pierce for his final 4 weeks on the show, with the character likely bowing out in the final week of November.

Will an ashamed Pierce simply wander out of Ramsay Street with his tail tucked between his legs, or do we have any more dramatic events in store leading to his eventual demise? Only time will tell…

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 2nd November October (Episode 8485)

Chloe and Hendrix are shocked when Pierce brings up the idea of moving away.

Ned’s painting of Scarlett is returned and Yashvi wants to get rid of it.

Jane spots Dipi kissing a costumed man after emerging from the hotel, unaware that it’s Pierce and not Shane.

Tuesday 3rd November (Episode 8486)

Bea takes the leap to ask Levi out, but he’s distracted and vague, forcing her to leave the ball in his court.

Ned is shocked to learn that Yashvi has destroyed the portrait of Scarlett, dividing the pair.

Kyle tracks down one of Levi’s assailants, thinking it’s exactly what his family needs to put the past behind them.

Wednesday 4th November (Episode 8487)

Levi finally decides to ask Bea out, but his timing is all wrong as Bea has met a handsome stranger, Nathan.

Richie and Mackenzie discuss taking the next physical step in their relationship.

Nicolette resists her enforced volunteering at the Buddy Club foundation while Audrey revels in it.

Thursday 5th November (Episode 8488)

Roxy counsels Mackenzie to tell Richie about her doubts about sleeping together for the first time.

Jane mentions to Nicolette that she saw Dipi kissing a man dressed as The Phantom of the Opera during the treasure hunt, and Nicolette realises Pierce was the only man wearing that costume.

Friday 6th November (Episode 8489)

Shane is excited to reveal the finished sunroom to Dipi, but she doesn’t come home after prioritising one last fling with Pierce.

Chloe shares her excitement for her romantic dinner with Pierce to Nicolette.

Nicolette realises that Chloe will need to see evidence of the affair for herself, so sets a plan in motion.

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