Neighbours Spoilers – Paul discovers Pierce and Dipi’s affair, and blackmails Pierce

In next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Paul is over the moon when he stumbles across Pierce and Dipi’s affair at Lassiters, and sets about using it to his advantage.

Paul has Pierce right where he wants him

Pierce and Dipi been playing a very dangerous game over the last couple of weeks, as they’ve thrown themselves into a full on affair.

They both admitted their first kiss – shared when they were both staying at Lassiters after arguments with their respective partners – was a mistake, an awkward moment that should never have happened.

For a moment, it almost seemed like it would be the catalyst for them to repair their marriages, a wake up call that made them realise how much they care for Shane and Chloe.

Yet as the weeks went by, Dipi struggled further with Shane’s ongoing addiction issues, and Pierce started to believe that Chloe would always put her friendship with Nicolette above their marriage.

They keep on getting drawn back to each other, and another late night rendezvous at Lassiters ended up with them sharing a steamy night together. Both see the other as offering something easy – the laid back, relaxed relationship they’ve always wanted to have. It’s the complete opposite of the relationships they’re currently in.

They’ve been flip-flopping between trying to save their marriages and being unable to resist each other, and over the next week their feelings continue to grow.

Yet on next week’s Neighbours, things come crashing down as their secret is discovered. Thankfully for them, it’s neither Chloe nor Shane who catches them together … though the person who does catch them could turn out to be even worse – Paul Robinson!

Pierce and Paul don’t have the best of relationships, after Pierce wrangled himself a significant share of Lassiters. Paul has always secretly wanted the hotel back under his complete control, and sees this as the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

He offers Pierce a deal – hand over his share of the hotel, or he’ll tell Chloe what he saw!

Which will be more important to Pierce, his relationship or his business?

Potentially as a novel way to hide from Paul, Pierce is about to get himself a makeover.

Back in August, it was announced that Tim Robards would be bowing out of playing Pierce, to be replaced by similar looking actor Don Hany.

The rapid recast happened as a result of Coronavirus restrictions. Tim Robards had been living in Sydney, and commuting to Melbourne each week to film Neighbours. So when restrictions on travel between New South Wales and Victoria were put in place, Tim made the difficult decision to leave the show and remain in Sydney with his family.

“I made the gut wrenching decision to depart Neighbours early as my responsibilities as a husband and father have to take precedence,” Robards explained when the announcement was made.

Neighbours’ Executive Producer, Jason Herbison, said: “With COVID-19 restrictions continuing to limit movement and with the risk of Tim potentially not being able to travel, we all felt that in these astonishing times, Tim should return home to Sydney to be with his wife Anna ahead of the impending birth of their first child.

“We thank Tim for his passion for Neighbours and wish him and Anna every happiness as they embark on parenthood.”

Tim’s final scenes as Pierce aired today, Monday 19th October. Don takes over the role from this Friday 23rd October. UK viewers will see Don’s first scenes three weeks later on, Friday 13th November.

Ned pays Scarlett a visit

This week will see Scarlett launch a vicious acid attack on Ned as she looks to get revenge for everything that’s happened between them. Ned and Yashvi stage a fake wedding with the aim of drawing Scarlett out of hiding, and it works perfectly.

Yet she has one more trick up her sleeve, and has come armed with a vial of acid, which she plans to throw at Ned. Thankfully, a scuffle with Levi is enough to disrupt her plans, and she ends up spilling the acid on her own face.

Next week sees the fallout from the dramatic wedding day.

Ned simply doesn’t understand why Scarlett would be so evil. Blackmailing him and forcing him to paint her portrait is one thing, but trying to disfigure him with corrosive acid is next level. It could have ruined his life.

With Scarlett in hospital recovering from her burns, he decides to pay her a visit.

Speaking to TV Week, Ben Hall explains that Ned is relieved that Scarlett showed up at the wedding, as it means he’s no longer a suspect in the murder. “It’s the confirmation he needed to get him off the hook with the police.”

But that isn’t enough, and he’s still got answers. “On the other hand, he’s disturbed by her attempt to attack them with acid.”

Upon paying her a visit in her hospital bed, she tells him her plan and motivations, and he’s taken aback. He starts to feel sorry for her, realising just how damaged her mental state is. She needs psychiatric help, not locking up.

“He wants to hate her for her actions, but he just feels pity,” Ben explains. Scarlett seems remorseful for what she’s done, and Ned seems almost sympathetic.

Is this another of Scarlett’s tricks?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 26th October (Episode 8480)

Despite falling victim to her own acid attack, Scarlett refuses to co-operate with police.

Seeing Pierce offer his support to Dipi after hearing about what happened to Yashvi and Ned, Chloe is reminded of what a good guy her husband is.

Paul stumbles upon Dipi and Pierce at Lassiters.

Tuesday 27th October (Episode 8481)

It’s Nicolette’s birthday, but she’s struggling to enjoy the day with the tension between her and Jane.

Paul is nothing but smug with the knowledge of Pierce’s dirty little secret, wasting no time to use it to his advantage.

Wednesday 28th October (Episode 8482)

Exam stress is getting to Harlow, only worsening when she finds out she’s too late to apply for special consideration, leaving Hendrix to put himself on the line to try and help her.

Pierce must decide to either come clean with Chloe or sell his share of Lassiters.

Jane and Nicolette finally sit down and talk about everything surrounding Mrs Mangel’s death, both finally finding some closure.

Thursday 29th October (Episode 8483)

Audrey keeps trying to wiggle her way into Nicolette’s life, causing Nicolette to snap and admit she has no intention of paying the money back.

Concerned about his grandmother in the wake of her breakup with Clive, Kyle sets up an online dating profile for Sheila.

Terese confiscates Harlow’s phone to remove unnecessary distractions while studying, leaving Hendrix worried that Harlow is upset at him for sending her photos of the exam paper.

Friday 30th October (Episode 8484)

Dipi has a close call when Nell finds the diamond necklace in her room, and while she’s able to convince Shane it’s just costume jewellery, she begins to wonder how much longer she can keep lying.

Harlow is caught with the photos of the biology exam paper on her phone.

Pierce reveals to Dipi that Paul knows about their affair, but that he’s brokered a deal to keep him quiet.

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