Neighbours Spoilers – Ned and Yashvi hold a fake wedding to lure Scarlett out

Next week on Neighbours in Australia, Yashvi has a crazy idea to try to lure Scarlett out of hiding, as Kyle becomes an unexpected casualty of Scarlett’s plans.

These scenes air in Australia between Monday 19th and Friday 23rd October, and 3 weeks later in the UK.

Next week, Scarlett (Christie Wheelan Browne) is still missing, and it’s still assumed that Ned (Ben Hall) killed her after their encounter at the maze last week. With Ned’s memory returning, now even he believes that he might have been responsible for Scarlett’s death.

Yet Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) isn’t convinced that things are that simple. While part of her is worried that Ned was indeed to blame for her disappearance, she still suspects that Scarlett might be out there after all, and comes up with an ingenious plan to lure her out.

Yashvi knows that Scarlett is insanely jealous. As much as she claims she just wanted revenge, and wants the world to know that she’s blissfully happy in her engagement to Basil, Yashvi knows that in reality Scarlett can’t stand seeing Ned happy in a relationship with someone else.

So if she’s still alive, then she wouldn’t be able to resist staying away if Ned was getting married!

So that’s what they do. At breakneck speed, the couple plan a fake wedding at Lassiters, with Yashvi and Ned both looking the part in full wedding regalia.

Yashvi’s “fake” wedding vows make her realise how much she still loves Ned

The plan works perfectly, and as they say their vows, Scarlett watches on. She’s devastated, with the fake vows made all the more real by the strength of feeling between Ned and Yashvi.

While Yashvi hasn’t been able to forgive Ned for keeping Scarlett’s reappearance a secret, and Ned has told her to forget him as he faces serious jail time, the two of them standing face to face confessing their love for one and other brings their feelings flooding back. Could this fake marriage actually bring the couple back together?

Suddenly, Scarlett makes her move. As friends and family watch on, she runs out of the shadows holding a glass full of flesh-burning acid!

Her plan is seemingly to deform Ned’s face – maybe so nobody other than her will ever love him? Thankfully, Levi (Richie Morris) is there to save the day, and in the resulting scuffle, Scarlett ends up splashing the acid on her own face.

As she’s carted away, is the ordeal finally over? Is Ned finally safe?

While Levi manages to save Ned from disaster this week, sadly he isn’t there to save another Ramsay Street resident, who becomes collateral damage to Scarlett’s scheming.

While Terese’s (Rebecca Elmaloglou) car is in for a service, she calls in a favour with Bea (Bonnie Anderson) and asks if she can borrow her van.

Little does she know, Bea’s van was an integral part of Scarlett’s next plan for revenge.

Moments after starting the van, Terese finds she has no control of it – the steering wheel isn’t doing a thing. Totally out of control, she careers straight into poor Kyle (Chris Milligan), who’s still recovering from his BBQ-related burns from the previous week!

He falls to the ground, clutching his leg.

Terese is horrified – is she to blame for Kyle’s injuries? Yet she knows something isn’t right, the van definitely wasn’t driving as it should. Speaking to TV Week, Rebecca Elmaloglou says “She’s confident that the van’s steering wasn’t as it should have been, and that it was impossible for her to swerve.

Bea finds the steering wheel has been tampered with – was someone out to get her?

When Bea inspects the van, she finds that the steering wheel fluid line has been punctured, clearly explaining why Terese was unable to control it.

Sabotage, and thankfully Terese is in the clear.

The discovery sets Levi’s mind racing. He’s reminded of the accident that killed Scarlett’s parents, and how similar it was to what just went down with Kyle.

Has he just discovered evidence that could put Scarlett away for murder?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 19th October (Episode 8475)

Dipi is less than thrilled with a trip away that Shane has planned, especially when Pierce outlines a much more romantic version of what a trip away with him would look like

Hendrix’s concerns about Chloe & Pierce’s marriage grows, especially when he sees Nicolette taking advantage of the tensions

Jane realises that Nicolette’s time in London coincided with Mrs Mangel’s death, confronting her daughter about whether the two events are connected

Tuesday 20th October (Episode 8476)

Terese borrows Bea’s van while her car in being service, losing control of the vehicle and driving straight into Kyle

Jane learns that the stress of Nicolette’s confrontation with Mrs Mangel may have led to her death, derailing everything they’ve worked to resolve

Wednesday 21st October (Episode 8477)

Bea inspects the van and finds a puncture in the steering wheel fluid line

Ned thinks he catches a glimpse of Scarlett

Terese’s claims remind Levi of the accident that killed Scarlett’s parents

Thursday 22nd October (Episode 8478)

Kyle, now on crutches to accompany his burnt arm, is paranoid that a third injury is right around the corner and so accident-proofs the house

Ned moves into The Hive to protect his family, unaware he’s wandered right into Scarlett’s hiding place

Bea, Yashvi, Ned and Levi are all convinced that Scarlett is alive, but Detective Graves isn’t convinced

Friday 23rd October (Episode 8479)

Ned worries about the emotional repercussions of Yashvi’s plan to stage a fake wedding to draw Scarlett out of hiding

Pierce hears that Lisa has had her baby, withdrawing from Chloe and seeking comfort from Dipi

Exchanging their fake vows, Ned and Yashvi are moved by their words to one another

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