Home and Away Spoilers – Colby and Bella panic as murder investigation begins!

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, a storyline kicks off that is set to play a major part in this year’s season finale, and have repercussions well into next year.

A year and a half after Colby murdered Ross Nixon in cold blood, burying him in a shallow grave with the help of fellow ex-River Boy Dean, the body is set to be discovered. Walkers stumble across the remains, uncovered after heavy rainfall, and alert the authorities.

Colby snapped after Ross kidnapped Willow, Bella and his now ex-wife Chelsea, and, despite Dean’s best efforts to stop him, Colby shot and killed him.

They’ve kept the secret hidden for 18 months, but is the truth about to come out?

Angelo is back on the force to investigate Ross’s murder, after having been forced to resign after a series of controversies

The discovery of the body brings about the return of Angelo Rosetta, who left Summer Bay back in 2011. Back then, Angelo had been forced to resign from the police force after allowing Hugo Austin (Bernard Curry) and Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon) to go on the run, after Hugo had escaped witness protection.

Now not only has he made his way back on the force, but he’s been promoted to detective, and is here to investigate Ross’s murder.

Talking about his return to Summer Bay, Luke Jacobz says that Angelo has changed quite a bit in the past 10 years.

He’s grown up a lot and isn’t mucking around anymore. He’s always loved being a cop, but when he had the run-in with the River Boys all those years ago, he hung up the badge.

“He and Nicole (Tessa James) split and he refocused on the force to become a detective. He doesn’t want to make friends – he’s there simply to get his man.

He pulls up in the Bay and spots a familiar face in Alf Stewart. Expressing his own surprise over the reason he’s back in the bay – “Who’d have thought my homecoming would be to investigate a murder?” – he asks Alf if he knows here he can find a Colby Thorne.

The first person Angelo bumps into is Alf Stewart

Rosetta left Summer Bay back in 2011, but some Summer Bay residents are still around

He explains to Alf that he’s back as a detective investigating Ross’s murder, and needs his help to find Colby Thorne

Angelo only initially wants to chat to Colby, to go over his statement from last year rather than interview him as a suspect. But it’s not long before the news of Ross’s discovery spooks the former Mangrove River cohort, with Dean, Colby, Willow and Bella all having to get their stories straight and firm up their plan of action.

Colby remains calm about the whole situation, knowing he’s got a story and that he and Dean have been over it a million times. He tries to reassure Bella – “This was always going to happen. Relax, I’ll take care of it. Everything’s going to be fine.

However, the others are less sure.

Dean is shaken – in the aftermath of the killing, he was struggling to sleep and took sleeping pills, which messed with his head. In a delusional state, he’d returned to the murder scene a number of times, and is terrified he’s left some DNA, or some other kind of clue to what happened that day.

For Bella, things are even worse. At least Dean has the mental strength and resilience to stick to his story – but Bella has only just got to a good place after returning from psychiatric care, and she’s terrified of saying the wrong thing.

Bella has only recently returned from psychiatric care at a farm, where she named her horse “Bullet”

When Rosetta tells Colby that Bella is going to have to come in and give a statement, Colby begins to panic. He knows his sister has been struggling to keep the murder a secret, and thinks this could be what pushes her over the edge.

Will Bella manage to keep calm?

This storyline is set to run for a number of months, with a big on-location shoot in Sydney’s Blue Mountains set to air in the UK from 17th September, and recent filming suggesting that the storyline will play a massive part in this year’s Season Finale.

Elsewhere next week, Mackenzie knows she’s got some work to do to rebuild Ari’s trust, after she recently revealed to him that she’s into his brother!

Ari has to think quick to come up with a romantic first date for him and Mackenzie

Thankfully, she manages to convince him that it’s just a meaningless crush, and that Ari is in fact the man for her.

She suggests that they finally have a proper date and make their relationship a little more formalised – after all, up until now their dates have consisted of a drink in Salt, or a night locked away in the bedroom. If they’re to be boyfriend and girlfriend, she needs something a little more romantic.

Ari is stumped. He’s out of practice; having spent over a decade locked up, and has no idea what counts as a romantic date these days.

Mackenzie tells him to relax and just come up with something he’d enjoy doing himself.

The next day, a sheepish Ari has the answer – a fishing trip. It’s the best he could come up with, and he expects Mackenzie to hate it.

Ari teaches Mackenzie to fish… but it turns out she’s better than she was letting on!

However, Mac loves it. She plays along as he tries to teach her to fish… until it turns out she’s already pretty handy with the fishing rod.

Her dad may not have had many saving graces, but he did used to take her out on his yacht on a regular basis, and there wasn’t much to do out on the water other than learn to fish.

She’s an expert, and it’s not long before they’ve caught a whopper.

Even Mr Stewart is impressed with Mackenzie’s catch!

Back on shore, Mackenzie has a plan. She enlists the help of Nikau to help prepare a surprise for Ari, instructing him to sneak the newly caught fish out out of the Parata fridge.

However, when Ari opens the fridge to find the fish gone, he explodes at Nik and Tane – what have they done with it?!

Will Mac’s plan backfire?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 7th September 2020 (7386)

Colby and Bella receive grave news.

Marilyn struggles to find direction.

Amber tries to understand Colby’s decision.

Tuesday 8th September 2020 (7387)

Bella struggles while Colby and Dean begin to fracture.

Nikau calls Tane out.

Wednesday 9th September 2020 (7388)

Mac and Ari’s relationship deepens.

Marilyn continues to find ways to be useful.

Tane confesses his feelings for Mac.

Thursday 10th September 2020 (7389)

Jasmine battles her way through therapy.

Alf and Roo worry about Marilyn.

An old local brings new speculation to town.

Friday 11th September 2020 (7390)

Jasmine and Tori begin rebuilding.

Leah notices Justin’s aching.

Colby commences his strategic game.

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