Neighbours Spoilers – Yashvi suspended from the police as the drug investigation goes horribly wrong!

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers for Australia, Mackenzie and Harlow’s friendship is pushed to breaking point, while Yashvi finds herself in an unenviable work situation.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 31st August, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 21st September.

Friendship on the rocks

The gloves are off in the battle for the youth advisor position on the council.

For a few weeks now, best friends Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and Harlow (Jemma Donovan) have been trying to persuade the businesses and residents of Erinsborough to become more eco-friendly. These efforts included fighting a battle with Lassiters owner and Harlow’s grandfather, Paul Robinson and organising a protest at Erinsborough High, despite principal Susan’s disapproval.

Now, a position on the Erinsborough Council for a youth advisor has been opened and both girls find themselves running for it. Not because the other is running, but because they are so devoted to what they are doing.

However, both girls feel as if they are the perfect candidate and it doesn’t seem as if the other is going to capitulate. Harlow has always stood strong and voiced what she believes is right, however Mackenzie is prepared to fight tooth and nail for the greater good.

The worst bit is that the election is taking its toll on the friendship between the girls. Once, they were the closest of friends. Now, they are political opponents. All the pair truly want is to go back to the way things were. Although they could never say it, deep down, they both know it is true.

“Mackenzie was at first quite confident in herself and her abilities, but the campaign has shaken her, and she’s ready for it to be over,” Georgie told TV Week.

Unfortunately for the pair, the friendship is set to take another hit as Harlow’s boyfriend, Hendrix (Benny Turland) does the unthinkable and hands his girlfriend a speech that he says he wrote. But the truth is that it is actually Mackenzie’s.

Naturally, Mackenzie is shocked and when she confronts Harlow, she’s distraught.

“She believes Harlow and Hendrix have masterminded this final blow,” Georgie lamented.

It’s clear that the once unbreakable friendship is now on wafer thin ice…

Yashvi’s drug bust goes horribly wrong!

Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, even if it puts her life in danger…

As father Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coughlan) battles his addiction, thanks to the drug ring in Erinsborough, his daughter, police officer Yashvi has been hot on the tail of the amphetamine syndicate, attempting to uncover who is behind it.

With a belief that there may be corruption within the force in the guise of their boss Dax Braddock (Dean Kirkright), Yashvi and Levi have hatched a secret plan and are slowly going through the motions to find the mastermind.

However, this week, things are thrown astray when dealer River Hanlon (Andrew Coshan) – who also happened to be Shane’s dealer – is kidnapped as part of a block to trap Yashvi and have her thrown off the scent.

While the budding young cop saves him from his captors, River is quick to make allegations against her, stating that she assaulted him. As a result, Dax stands Yashvi down from the force immediately, pending an investigation.

Though gutted, Yashvi is unable to let the situation go and instead, goes to the school in an effort to get to the bottom of the situation.

Yashvi heads to Erinsborough High to flush out the dealer   

Unfortunately for Yashvi, she sets off a chain of events that is set to rock Erinsborough High and the wider community forever…

Things go horribly wrong at Erinsborough High in the latest Neighbours spoilers

Susan gets caught up in drug drama at Erinsborough High

The drama at Erinsborough High is trailed in a new Neighbours promo, which you can view above.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 31 August (Episode 8440)

Dipi’s feelings towards Roxy soften when she learns it was Roxy’s idea for the karaoke night.

Rose and Toadie bond over a love of pranks, but when he’s out of the office, she takes a mysterious phone call.

After sending a video to one of his subscribers, Ned is horrified when they say they know he’s in Erinsborough.

Tuesday 1 September (Episode 8441)

The Hive launch is a success, but Ned is preoccupied with trying to convince his subscriber he was only passing through Erinsborough.

Levi buddies up with Dax to try and infiltrate the ring, leaving Yashvi to continue their secret investigation.

Wednesday 2 September (Episode 8442)

Chloe and Pierce receive favourable results from the baby’s Huntingon’s disease test.

River names Yashvi as his attacker, leaving Dax to suspend her from duty.

After receiving an awkward response from Nicolette after sharing her good news, Chloe pushes Nicolette to reveal what is going on.

Thursday 3 September (Episode 8443)

Rose shows interest in a specific case Toadie is working on, offering to assist him, but he politely declines.

Nicolette insists she needs to move out after her declaration of love, but Chloe asks her to stay until they find a replacement nurse.

Harlow and Mackenzie are campaigning peacefully, but Paul, Hendrix and Richie have other ideas.

Friday 4 September (Episode 8444)

Hendrix catches Rose snooping in Toadie’s office, making a deal with her to keep his silence.

Yashvi goes to the school to try and flush out the dealer, but it soon goes horribly wrong.

Hendrix sends Mackenzie’s speech to Harlow, passing it off as his own work.

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