Home and Away Spoilers — Leah’s horror as she faces an intruder at the diner

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Leah could be set to suffer a huge setback after a traumatic incident at the diner…

It took many weeks for Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) to start coming to terms with the trauma she faced during her kidnap earlier this year.

Held hostage in a remote cabin for six weeks by a crazed man named Douglas Maynard, Leah was forced to attend to his every whim—acting as the perfect ‘Stepford Wife’—with Douglas beating her if she displeased him.

Whilst Leah’s boyfriend Justin (James Stewart) was able to save her in the nick of time, with Douglas having dressed Leah up in his ex-wife’s wedding dress in order to marry her, Leah has since suffered with severe PTSD.

When Leah took a big step in beginning work at the diner again, her unintentionally lashing out at a customer made her realise that she would have to face her trauma head-on, and she agreed to give a victim impact statement to the police.

There, with Justin’s support, she tearfully admitted that his touch made her skin crawl, and she feared she would never be able to get close to him again.

She was later informed that, with thanks to her statement, Douglas had been incarcerated for 25 years.

As Leah continued taking baby steps over the weeks, she was finally able to sleep in the same bed as Justin and later felt comfortable enough to be intimate with him.

Leah’s recovery is coming along nicely, she’s returned to work and everything with Justin is a lot better too,” Ada told TV Week. “It’s taken some time, but she’s finally starting to feel like herself again.

But all these positive developments could come tumbling down in an instant this week.

After closing up after her shift one evening, Leah is looking forward to a nice meal with Justin at home, oblivious to the fact that she’s being watched as she leaves the diner.

As she sets foot through the door of the Morgan house, she realises she’s left her phone behind.

Returning to the diner, Leah is surprised to find the door is open, and wonders whether she forgot to lock it.

If only she knew what she was walking into,” Ada explained to TV Week. “Needless to say, she’s in for an incredible shock!

As Leah enters, she’s comes across a dark-hooded figure standing over the till — the diner is being robbed!

Leah screams but is unable to move, as the intruder makes their getaway and violently pushes her out the way, leaving her cowering in fear on the floor.

She hits the ground and is left in shock,” Ada continued. “What’s troubling is the lasting effect this could have on her. It could bring her past trauma back to the surface.

Will Leah ever be able to get over what happened?

Leah’s diner trauma is featured in the brand new June Home and Away promo, currently airing on Seven, and which you can view below. We have a full analysis of everything happening in the new trailer here.

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 8th June (Episode 7347)
Gemma and Ben’s families make navigating their feelings all the more tricky.

Marilyn struggles with being kept away from a recovering John.

Tuesday 9th June (Episode 7348)
John struggles with his new limitation.

Dean smuggles Bella back into the Bay.

Jasmine goes a little above and beyond when she discovers Grace is teething.

Wednesday 10th June (Episode 7349)
Bella’s letters to Colby and Nikau have vastly different results.

Ryder does his best to make Evan’s gig a success.

Jasmine and Tori clash over Grace.

Thursday 11th June (Episode 7350)
Everyone is gunning for Evan’s gig to be a success.

Ben and Maggie stop tiptoeing around each other. Nikau is struggling with Gemma’s decisions.

Leah’s trauma might only just be starting.

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