UK Home and Away Spoilers – Colby’s life on the line following Leah’s escape

As we see the fallout from Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) dramatic escape from crazed captor Douglas (Adam Booth), another Summer Bay resident’s life could also be on the line…

With the keystone cops police closing the case on Leah’s disappearance after she phoned to tell them she was fine, they’re finally forced to spring into action on hearing that Justin has now saved Leah from her kidnapper himself—with Colby (Tim Franklin), Murray (John-Paul Jory) and another colleague sent along to the cabin to apprehend Douglas.

Storming the cabin, they take a cursory glance in each room and determine that Douglas is not there.

However as Colby begins to root through Douglas’ bedroom, he fails to notice the closet door opening behind him. Douglas emerges brandishing a pair of large scissors, which he promptly plunges into Colby’s knee.

Douglas is grappled to the ground and taken into custody, whilst Colby is rushed to the hospital.

With the pain relief given to him not taking much effect, Colby knows from the off that something is seriously wrong, and Dr Alex (Zoe Ventoura) is concerned.

By the time Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Bella (Courtney Miller) arrive at the hospital, Colby is writhing in agony as he screams for someone to do something.

Alex and Nurse Freya (Francisca Braithwaite) rush to his side and see that he’s tachycardic and his blood pressure has dropped.

Alex can’t even touch Colby’s swollen leg without causing major pain, and she quickly realises that Colby is in serious danger—he’s developed acute compartment syndrome.

There has been a complication to Colby’s injury,” Tim explained to Australian magazine New Idea. “Internal bleeding has begun, and pressure is building up. It’s apparently one of the most painful things that can happen to someone, so expect a lot of screaming!

There’s no time to lose as Alex calls for an operating theatre to be put on standby and surgeon to be paged.

Colby’s condition deteriorates further and with the surgeon at least 40 minutes away, Alex is forced to take drastic action. She will have to make some incisions in Colby’s leg herself to relieve the pressure, and she’ll have to do it right there at his bedside.

With Mackenzie (Emily Booth) now having arrived, Colby orders her to get Bella out the room, as Alex instructs Dean to hold Colby down whilst she performs the procedure.

Colby is eventually taken to surgery and all seems to go well, but Alex explains to Colby’s loved ones, including Willow (Sarah Roberts) who has just arrived, that he’s not out of the woods just yet. There’s still a chance that he may suffer all sorts of complications, including losing his leg.

When Bella and Mackenzie ask whether there’s a possibility that Colby could die, Alex has no choice but to confirm that there is still a chance that he won’t make it.

As Colby sleeps whilst in recovery, Alex tells everyone that they should go home and get some rest.

Dean and Willow take Bella home, but Mackenzie chooses to stay by Colby’s bedside, and remains there all night. As she breaks down at his bedside, it’s clear that she still has unresolved feelings for him…

Meanwhile, kidnap victim Leah is facing her own struggles as she returns home with Justin (James Stewart), Tori (Penny McNamee) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) following her ordeal.

Having been in an almost catatonic state at the hospital, Leah is unresponsive as Jasmine (Sam Frost) greets her and sits silently on the sofa, flinching when Irene touches her shoulder.

Justin asks if there’s anything she wants and Leah asks permission to have a shower and go to bed, moving away quickly when Justin puts his hand towards her to comfort her. When she heads into the bathroom, she collapses in tears.

Later on when Irene serves up some supper, she and Justin are further concerned about Leah’s behaviour.

Panicking when she sees that there’s no placemats set, Leah insists on laying out the table properly before they eat. As they sit down, Leah fearfully watches Justin, not daring to touch her own food until Justin has started eating.

When Justin offers to take Raffy’s room for the night, Leah responds with “Whatever you think best, sweetheart” in a Stepford wife fashion.

We really see Leah in a completely different light now,” Ada explained to New Idea. “Her ordeal may well have changed her forever.

That night, Leah heads into the kitchen to get a glass of water but drops the glass on the floor when she is surprised by Justin. As Justin moves to sweep up the broken glass, Leah has a panic attack and exclaims that she can’t breathe, as she runs out the back door into the night.

Following Leah to the beach, Justin gently asks Leah what happened to her in those six weeks, but Leah cannot answer.

This is very challenging for Justin too, and for his relationship with Leah,” Ada added. “We’ll have to watch and see whether they can move forward.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week in the UK. Note that there will now be three episodes per week until further notice.

Episodes will air on Channel 5 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:15pm. There is no repeat airing at 6pm.

Monday 20th April – Episode 7292
Jasmine struggles with grief. Justin and Colby’s search for Leah takes a dramatic twist.

Wednesday 22nd April – Episode 7293
Alex’s quick medical actions save a Summer Bay favourite. Justin and Irene are deeply troubled by Leah’s behaviour. Mackenzie is forced to rethink her feelings for Colby.

Friday 24th April – Episode 7294
John’s concerned that the Paratas are taking advantage of Marilyn’s charity. Dean is sick of Bella’s attitude and gives her a reality check. Ari’s work hunt continues whilst Nikau makes a new friend.

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