UK Home and Away Spoilers – Robbo’s Final Showdown

There’s more heartbreak to come as the UK finally reaches the 2020 season of Home and Away, when Robbo fights to save his family once and for all…

Robbo (Jake Ryan) found himself in a precarious situation as the 2019 season came to a close.

With his best mate and colleague Lance Salisbury (Angus McLaren) murdered, alongside key witness Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) being found dead in his cell, it was obvious that the Ouroboros gang had once again managed to infiltrate the police force.

But Robbo never expected that the gang’s most recent mole would turn out to be his protégé Scott Larkin (Trent Baines) who, whilst en-route to the siege at Northern Districts Hospital, turned against Robbo in the closing moments of the finale by forcing him to drive to an undisclosed location at gunpoint.

As we pick up the action in the 2020 season opener, we find Scott and Robbo at a clifftop location in what could be a final showdown for the pair.

Robbo knows that Scott must have been forced into this and tells Scott that he can help protect his family if they’re under threat, but Scott points out that he’s not even able to protect his own family.

Robbo is desperate to get back and save Jasmine,” Jake Ryan told New Idea magazine. “Robbo and Jasmine had just got to the point where they were ready to think about bringing a child into the world together. He is now trying everything in his power to reverse the situation he has found himself in with Scott.

Scott explains that Jasmine (Sam Frost) being held hostage is security, and her AFP protection officer Jay is waiting for Scott’s call to tell him that Robbo is dead, at which point he and the gunmen will free the hostages.

Eventually Robbo manages to talk Scott around by saying that they cannot give in—if Scott goes through with killing Robbo, then Scott will never be free of Victor, and could find himself in the same situation himself years down the line.

But as they rush to the hospital, Scott comes to the realisation that he’s a dead man whichever way he looks at it.

He’s already killed Lance so will end up in jail where Victor’s men can get to him. If not, Victor will always be there to use Scott’s family against him. There’s simply no way out.

With that, Scott speeds up as Robbo tries to talk him round, but he ultimately succeeds in crashing the car.

Later on, after the siege is over, Robbo is rushed into the hospital, Scott having died at the scene. Jasmine can only watch as Robbo is wheeled straight into surgery.

The next morning Alex explains that Robbo has a huge amount of internal injuries, and as Jasmine rushes to his bedside, Alex (Zoe Ventoura) quietly tells Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Willow (Sarah Roberts) that it’s a miracle that Robbo’s still alive.

Jasmine is elated when Robbo rallies round, and Tori (Penny McNamee) later brings daughter Grace in to visit her dad.

Later on when Robbo asks Jasmine to nip home and pick up a few things for him, we can see that Robbo knows something is wrong.

With Jasmine out of the way, a visibly deteriorating Robbo asks to see Colby (Tim Franklin) and makes him promise to look after Jasmine whatever happens.

A confused Colby agrees, and with that, Robbo goes into cardiac arrest.

Alex and the team battle to save Robbo as Colby and Willow tearfully watch on, but when Jasmine returns to the hospital, Colby is forced to deliver some devastating news.

Robbo never stopped protecting people and did so until the end” Jake told TV Week. “He knew he was dying and didn’t want Jasmine to see him go. Once he knew baby Grace, Tori and Jasmine were safe, he went.

Here’s a full rundown and video slideshow of this week’s episode spoilers:

Monday 9th March – 2020 Season Premiere
Colby and Dean go rogue to try and save the hostages. Can Robbo convince Scott to spare his life and save Jasmine?

Tuesday 10th March
Heartache and grief overwhelm the community in the aftermath of the hospital siege. Marilyn is traumatised after witnessing Mason’s murder. Robbo is rushed into surgery.

Wednesday 11th March
Jasmine’s world comes crashing down when Colby gives her devastating news. Alf’s attempt to create a moment of joy with Martha backfires. Colby does his best to honour Robbo’s dying wish.

Thursday 12th March
Roo helps Alf and Martha through their miscommunication. Ryder’s attempts to warn Nikau about Jade fail. Maggie looks to help others anyway she can.

Friday 13th March
Marilyn attempts to cover her trauma and focus on helping the Paratas. Tori’s heartbroken when Justin shares more bad news. The Stewarts rally around Ryder to support him in his case against Jade. Alf and Martha have exciting news.

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