UK Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy tries to move on from Dean

After leaving Summer Bay behind last week, Ziggy has been making good progress at the race circuit, but has she just been distracting herself from her pain over losing Dean?

When parents Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) decide to pay Ziggy a spontaneous visit at her new workplace this week, they’re happy to see how well Ziggy is doing.

Perfecting the role of embarrassing parents when they distract Ziggy in front of boss Kurt (Dylan O’Hare), Ben & Maggie later catch up with Ziggy during a break, where they’re introduced to Kurt and team driver Alana (Erin Clare).

As Ziggy asks them how everything is going at home, and at the board shop, Maggie realises she’s skirting around the obvious subject and tells her to just ask about Dean. Ziggy replies non-chalently that since Dean has no interest in being in her life, she’s not interested in him.

It becomes clear to Maggie that it’s all a front however, when Ziggy resumes work and clumsily drops a tyre, distracted by the stark reminder of what she’s left behind.

Ziggy’s trying to put on a brave face and focus on her job, but she’s completely heartbroken,” Sophie Dillman told Australian magazine New Idea. “She’s really hurting.

Concerned, Ben & Maggie later try to talk to Ziggy again and tell her that she doesn’t need to chose between the job or Dean, she can have both if she’ll only talk with him. Ziggy angrily tells them that she tried talking to him before she left, but wasn’t able to get one word out before he told her it was over.

As she continues to argue, she tells Ben & Maggie that she’s putting Dean behind her and that they need to go home.

Later that evening, Ziggy finally decides to try calling Dean…

Meanwhile back in Summer Bay, Dean is still on a path of self-destruction, propping up the bar at Salt.

When Mackenzie refuses to serve him more drink, he heads behind the bar in an attempt to serve himself. Amongst all the commotion, Dean’s phone starts ringing, and a woman at the bar answers it for him.



Of course it’s Ziggy, who is rather incensed to hear another woman on the end of the phone telling her that Dean is a bit busy!

A girl picks up his phone and Ziggy thinks ‘Oh wow, he’s really moved on!’” said Sophie.


Whilst Dean ends up punching the woman’s boyfriend and getting himself arrested by Colby, Ziggy determinedly heads out to a race party where she meets another mechanic from a competing team, Joe (Frazer Lee).

Later that evening, Joe turns up at Ziggy’s room, having been invited there. She shows him in and they start kissing—something which appears to surprise Ziggy herself.

Is she about to do something that she’ll regret?

Having arrived back in the bay just in time to see Dean get carted off by Colby, Ben later goes to the police station to see what’s going on. Released with a caution, Ben gives Dean a lift home and tries to talk to him.

Dean doesn’t think he’s good enough for Ziggy but Ben refutes that, telling him that Dean will always have their support. He sees no reasons why Dean and Ziggy should be apart, but Dean replies that none of that matters anymore.

Here’s a full rundown and video slideshow of this week’s episode spoilers:

Episodes 7261-7265

Monday 24th February
Tori wakes from her coma, but will she be her usual self? Jasmine and Robbo are filled with despair over losing Grace. Irene is concerned about Leah, who isn’t answering her calls.

Tuesday 25th February
Jasmine and Robbo struggle with the idea of losing Grace as Tori tries to connect with her baby. Irene’s fear builds when she suspects Leah is missing.

Wednesday 26th February
Mackenzie tries to stop a miserable and booze-fuelled Dean from self-sabotaging. Ziggy is throwing herself into the pit crew gig, but is clearly still hurting. Justin and Irene report Leah as missing.

Thursday 27th February
Ziggy and Dean struggle with the break-up in very different ways. Ryder learns Jade is up to her old tricks but she’s unrepentant. Mackenzie fails to make Colby see that Bella is playing him.

Friday 28th February
Colby questions whether or not Bella is manipulating him. Ryder’s convictions falter at the worst time. Martha sees how much her disappearance affected Alf. A grim delivery arrives for Robbo.

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