Home and Away Spoiler Roundup – August 2018

Major Spoilers for Oz & UK: A round-up of just some of the storylines and comings and goings that we can expect to see on Home and Away in the next few months…

Hunter leaves Summer Bay

Scott Lee

It’s been expected for a long time—what with actor Scott Lee first talking of his intention to leave at the end of his contract way back in December 2016, and our inclusion of it in several spoiler round-ups—but the time has now come for Summer Bay to bid farewell to Hunter King.

BTTB can exclusively reveal that Hunter will follow in the footsteps of his friends Matt Page & Evelyn MacGuire, as well as ‘former father figure’ Zac MacGuire, by heading overseas to Vietnam after dropping out of Uni.

Hunter’s departure will air in September.

Ryder to become a River Boy?

In one of the more bizarre pieces of information passed onto us, which has also been rumoured elsewhere online, our sources indicate that Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) is going to set his sights on becoming a River Boy!

Whilst Ryder and existing River Boy Dean (Patrick O’Connor) have been seen sharing scenes together, how far Ryder will go with the idea remains to be seen. We do hope Alf has got his blood pressure pills handy though—if he learns that a member of the Stewart dynasty is looking to join the area’s most notorious surfie gang, who knows what could happen!

Raffy’s Accident

It’s going to be a challenging few months for Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble), when a freak accident leads to a potentially life-changing diagnosis. We understand from our sources that a visit to a River Boy hangout in Mangrove River will result in Raffy falling down a hole and sustaining a serious head injury.

A bleed on the brain will subsequently lead to Raffy being diagnosed with epilepsy, with scenes having been filmed at Palm Beach which show Raffy collapsing on the beach with a seizure, as a concerned John, Marilyn and Brody tend to her.

We expect these scenes to air sometime over the next two months.

Romance for Raffy and Ryder?

Filming at Palm Beach has revealed another twist in the tale for Raffy and Ryder. Whilst recent on-screen episodes in Australia have seen Ryder and Coco Astoni (Anna Cocquerel) thinking about taking their relationship to the next level, scenes to air later in the year appear to show that Ryder and Raffy are going to get together.

Lukas Radovich and Olivia Deeble have filmed a number of scenes over the past couple of months showing the characters closely embracing and holding hands.

Coco leaves the bay?

Sticking with the teens, intriguing scenes have been filmed this week which appear to show Coco departing Summer Bay. Father Ben (Rohan Nichol), sister Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and friends Raffy and Ryder were all seen bidding an emotional farewell to Coco outside the Pier Diner, before she’s driven away in the car by mother Maggie (Kestie Morassi).

These scenes are expected to air in the first weeks of the 2019 season, and whilst it is possible that Coco could simply be heading away for a while—as she has done on a couple of occasions before now—a permanent departure would come as something of a surprise after only 18 months on the show.

A new girl for Brodie

Hot on the heels of the news that Ziggy will cheat on her new husband Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) with Dean Thompson, it would seem Brody will also be seeking comfort elsewhere!

Several scenes have been filmed at Palm Beach where Brody has been spotted kissing a new character named Simone Bedford, played by Emily Eskell.

Emily Eskell image ©LMCM

Whilst it would be easy to assume that this could be the result of Brody and Ziggy splitting up, scenes filmed in the same weeks have seen the newlyweds still walking hand-in-hand along the beach looking every bit the loved-up couple… so what exactly is going down between the pair remains to be seen!

Maggie’s Cancer Battle

Maggie Astoni’s cancer struggle has easily been one of the year’s standout storylines, with numerous viewers praising the show for opting to show a realistic battle played out over a number of months.

With Maggie’s stem-cell transplant beginning to reduce her cancer markers in the past couple of weeks on-screen, we’re happy to confirm that Maggie will finally find herself cancer free in episodes we anticipate will air in October.

Family for Dean?

©Luke Stambouliah

Whilst there is no official information about the role, we know that actress Georgia Adamson will be appearing as a character named Karen Thompson. With the obvious surname, rumours are circulating is that she could be Dean Thompson’s mother.

©Rebecca Hitch Photography

Audrey Blyde will also be appearing as a new character named Kayla Booth. Whilst we again don’t have any confirmed information, rumours claim that she could be Dean’s step-sister.

Colby to wed ex-girlfriend?

As we’ve previously revealed, former Neighbours and The Bold and the Beautiful actress Ashleigh Brewer is soon to make her debut on-screen in the role of Senior Constable Chelsea Campbell, ex-girlfriend to Colby Thorne.

It would appear it doesn’t take long for the duo to become an item again, with many public displays of affection on show during filming at Palm Beach over the past few months, and one scene in particular shows Chelsea admiring what looks to be an engagement ring.

Scenes filmed over the past couple of weeks have also seen Colby wearing a band on his ring finger.

It was initially reported that Ashleigh was on a six-month guest contract, so if the duo are indeed looking to get hitched then there could well be heartbreak on the horizon.

Chelsey’s first episode will air on 18th September.

Colby’s sister is alive and well

Not long after his arrival in Summer Bay, viewers learned that Colby had joined the police force in order to continue searching for his little half-sister Bella Nixon, who along with mother Janine, disappeared without a trace six years ago after being abducted by Colby’s step-father Ross.

Happily, we’re able to confirm that Colby’s wish will finally come to fruition. Now 16/17 years old, Bella will be on her way to Summer Bay in the coming months, played by actress Courtney Ally Miller.

©Aran Michael Management

However, whilst Colby will obviously be ecstatic to be reunited with his half-sister, trouble is on the way with his stepfather Ross Nixon also making an appearance, played by Justin Rosniak. Justin is no stranger to the show, having played Floss & Neville’s grandson Ben McPhee back in 1988, as well as Joe Lynch in 1995. Ross will play a significant part in this year’s season finale, which we will be covering in a dedicated article.

Robbo and Jasmine engaged?

We revealed in our last spoiler roundup that Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) would be getting together in a somewhat unexpected pairing, and Australian viewers have started to see a little bit of chemistry between the two over the past week on-screen.

Scenes filmed in the past couple of weeks seem to indicate that their relationship could soon be going to another level however, with Robbo seen proposing with a ring and Jasmine happily accepting.

Martha Stewart Returns

Early this year, viewers were shocked (and some annoyed) to learn that Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin), the long-deceased wife of Alf (Ray Meagher) and mother to Roo (Georgie Parker), was in fact alive and Alf had been keeping this secret for nearly thirty years. Unfortunately her appearance in Summer Bay, which only consisted of a handful of episodes, did little to answer the many questions of long-term viewers—with much of the details of Martha faking her death avoided.

Filming over the past couple of weeks in Palm Beach has revealed that Martha will be returning to Summer Bay once again, around the time of the season finale.

Ray Meagher has also teased in an interview with Now to Love recently that a future romance could be on the cards for Alf.

Let’s just say over the next year or so there is the possibility that Alfred Stewart may find a romantic interest somewhere along the way” he said. “Look, he’s far from past the post. It’s definitely a possibility.

Could Alf and Martha possibly get back to together after all this time, or will there be a new face on the horizon….?

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