Fiver’s ‘Sun, Sea & Scandal’ Fortnight – UPDATED

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To make up for Home and Away’ss 4 week break in the UK during August, Fiver are once again showing a selection of special episodes.

To kick the break off, 20 episodes will be shown between 3rd-14th August entitled ‘sSun, Sea and Scandal’s.

The planned schedule is as follows:

Monday 3rd August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 2853

Original Oz Airdate: 14th June 2000

As Sally and Kieran’ss big day approaches, old friends and familiar faces return to the Bay to share in the festivities. Meanwhile, Gypsy is revolted by Kieran’ss hypocrisy. Later, Leah worries that Vinnie will follow his fortune, and Martin, to Queensland.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 2854 (also repeated at 07:35 on Tuesday 4th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 15th June 2000

As Sally and Kieran’ss big day arrives, Joel admits to Gypsy that he misses Nat. Making their way into the church, Gypsy glares at Kieran. Will she finally let the truth be known? Meanwhile, as Sally prepares to enter the church, Fisher admits that he can’st give her away – someone else has volunteered.

Tuesday 4th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 3251

Original Oz Airdate: 8th April 2002

The school sit-in ends in chaos as the police arrive to make the students leave. When Fisher refuses to move, reinforcements are called in, and Seb, Flynn, Ethan and Fisher are arrested. Meanwhile, Kirsty and Jemma continue to party at the nightclub, but Kirsty as taken Ecstasy and soon leaves the club feeling extremely ill. Jemma tries to cover it up, and it isn’st until the next day that the full extent of Kirsty’ss condition is known.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 3252 (also repeated at 07:35 on Wednesday 5th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 9th April 2002

While Kirsty’ss life hangs in the balance after taking Ecstasy at a nightclub, her family tries to cope. But Brodie finds herself isolated from the rest of her family, while Dani turns to Josh for comfort. Meanwhile, Josh’ss photo of Fisher being arrested makes its way onto the front page of a national newspaper.

Wednesday 5th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 3319

Original Oz Airdate: 11th July 2002

After learning that VJ is profoundly deaf, Leah must choose between a cochlear implant or moving town to give VJ a chance at life as part of the deaf community. Meanwhile, Aimee sows seeds of discontent between Hayley and Noah. Kane and Kirsty spend the afternoon together, while Shelley guesses the identity of Kirsty’ss secret boyfriend.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 3320 (also repeated at 07:35 on Thursday 6th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 12th July 2002

Shelley confronts Kirsty over Kane and demands that the couple no longer see each other. Rhys soon discovers the truth and the two men nearly come to blows. Later, Dani discovers the identity of her secret pen pal. Meanwhile, Hayley and Josh take the DIC kids out bushwalking, but an accidental slip means Hayley is left dangling over a cliff edge. Will Aimee help her?

Thursday 6th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 3485

Original Oz Airdate: 11th April 2003

Josh makes Rhys a tempting offer for Summer Bay’ss caravan park. Later, Jesse confronts Josh over organising an art dealer to come and see Hayley’ss work. Meanwhile, as Angie’ss life crumbles around her, she takes her frustration out on Rhys and trashes her classroom. She blames the mess on Nick and Seb, but the tape of her confessing that she manipulated Nick is about to be revealed.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 3601 (also repeated at 07:35 on Friday 7th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 22nd September 2003

Kane and Kirsty continue to see each other in secret, but Kane has had enough of their covert meetings. Instead, he tells Kirsty that he wants to leave town – with her. Kirsty is all for the idea and makes ready for their getaway. But Dani has guessed at their plans, and their escape won’st be easy. Meanwhile, Dani feels her life is falling apart, and her stress and anxiety over Kane comes to a head as she breaks down at a lecture.

Friday 7th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4288

Original Oz Airdate: 4th October 2006

Drama erupts in the Bay when Sally sees Martha sharing an intimate-looking embrace with Brad. The sight leaves Sally reeling – she realises her feelings for him, but does Brad feel the same? Meanwhile, Belle catches Drew in his boxers just after sleeping with Amanda – is their dirty little secret about to be revealed?

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4380 (also repeated at 07:35 on Monday 10th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 23rd March 2007

Kelli dices with danger in order to keep her plans against Amanda secret, while Kitty sacrifices the happiness of her daughter to save herself. Meanwhile, Cam’ss search for a dancer at the club ends when he causes Martha to feel guilty.

Monday 10th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4381

Original Oz Airdate: 26th March 2007

Kelli’ss plot to destroy Amanda’ss big day is nearly foiled when Belle intercepts a letter which arrives from their mother. Meanwhile, Peter’ss stag night is to be full of surprises, not least the identity of the dancer at Cam’ss club!

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4382 (also repeated at 07:35 on Tuesday 11th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 27th March 2007

Martha feels humiliation and shame when her family finds out about her new occupation. Peter and Amanda’ss wedding day turns out to be anything but idyllic, thanks to Ethan and Kelli’ss efforts, and an embarrassing photograph.

Tuesday 11th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4415

Original Oz Airdate: 11th May 2007

As Martha desperately tries to get away from lecherous Lou, Cam struggles with his conscience. However, he finally gives in and rescues her from the evil businessman’ss advances, but it means that Lou won’st finance the club. With nowhere else to turn, Cam steals from the diner. Meanwhile, Naomi is secretly shocked to discover that Lucas is a high school student.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4421 (also repeated at 07:35 on Wednesday 12th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 21st May 2007

Tony continues to grieve for Beth and, with no one else to turn to, he finds comfort in the arms of Naomi. Meanwhile, Lucas still thinks he and Naomi have a future, and brings her gifts. Belle is shocked to find that Amanda is leaving Summer Bay, and instantly blames it on Peter, who knew nothing about it and is actually upset by the news.

Wednesday 12th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4422

Original Oz Airdate: 22nd May 2007

Both Naomi and Tony are overcome with guilt after sleeping together, especially when Lucas nearly catches them in bed. Tony feels worse when he discovers that Kit and Matilda have bought the gym for him out of Beth’ss life insurance money. Meanwhile, Belle sets up a surprise party for Amanda, although with Colleen in the know it doesn’st remain a surprise for long.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4604 (also repeated at 07:35 on Thursday 13th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 27th March 2008

A time capsule is found underneath the town’ss war memorial that reveals an astonishing truth about Colleen, Morag and Alf. Elsewhere, when the news of Cassie’ss condition spreads across the school, Geoff discovers the truth and believes that Cassie is being punished by God. Meanwhile, due to some surprising skill at pool, Morag manages to get to the bottom of some of the problems plaguing Aden.

Thursday 13th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4605

Original Oz Airdate: 28th March 2008

While the Stewart family reel with shock at the news that Colleen is Alf’ss sister, Colleen is busy spreading the word to all who will listen. Unfortunately, she isn’st very clear with her explanation and soon the whole of Summer Bay is preparing Colleen and Alf’ss engagement party. Meanwhile, Aden is on tenterhooks while he waits for his HIV test results, taking his frustration out on everyone around him.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4628 (also repeated at 07:35 on Friday 14th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 30th April 2008

Angered by Aden’ss taunts, Nicole bets him $200 that she can get Geoff into bed within two weeks. She starts by losing her bikini top while she and Geoff are in the sea. However, a scandalised Colleen witnesses the incident and tells Roman. Meanwhile, Morag is excited by her upcoming date with Ross Buckton, but first she must listen to what Martha and Jack have to say.

Friday 14th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4635

Original Oz Airdate: 9th May 2008

Roman confronts Nicole about her behaviour, which prompts her to text her mum about returning home. But Nicole’ss mother is not sympathetic. Meanwhile, Ric is determined for his final fight to go ahead so that the police operation can finally catch Noel in the act. Unfortunately, when a prison escape takes all available police officers away, Ric must stall the fight. But will his ruse last long enough for reinforcements to arrive?

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4636 (also repeated at 07:35 on Monday 17th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 12th May 2008

Unaware that the police may not turn up at all, Alf gets Viv to faint to stall Ric’ss fight a little longer. But it’ss only matter of time before Ric must accept his fate and enter the ring. However, help comes from a surprising quarter, when Rachel turns up in an ambulance on the pretext of helping Viv. Noel will not give up that easily, and the situation turns to chaos, when Noel forces Ric and Logan to fight at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Viv faces a decision that will affect the life of her unborn child.

Check back on BTTB soon for news on the following weeks episodes.

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