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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Great chapters.

Greg wanting to take both the kids out.

What is Shane up to?

7 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

I was worried Greg was going to upset Sophie but he did as well as you could expect.Bobby handled things badly there.


I agree with this re Bobby.

Update again soon :)


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 512




Animal shelter- Summer Bay


Emma put her apron on and tied the back. She walked over to the rabbit cage and opened it and smiled. She carefully picked up the rabbit and put it into an empty cage and began cleaning it out. She smiled as she remembered the first time David brought her here. She wasn’t much of an animal person, then she got to a point where she anticipated coming to the shelter and being with the animals. 

“Emma” Emma turned around to a surprise

“Hi” Emma said to Lucinda

“I didn’t know you came here” Lucinda said

“David..I mean Mr Croft told me about this place and I liked it when I came” Emma said

“Yes, he loved animals. He used to help out at the shelter at home when he was in school” Lucinda said and smiled

“I’m glad you liked the bracelet” Lucinda said and she pointed at Emmas wrist

“Yeah, thanks” Emma said

“I better let you get on with cleaning the cage…I can give you a lift hoe if you want” Lucinda said and she smiled

“Ok, thanks” Emma said and smiled then Lucinda walked away…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

 “Oh Greg, just in time to give me hand to carry this lot to the car” Bobby said and smiled

“You better come out, Sophie has been crying since you left, and I cant get her to stop” Greg said

“And you let her cry this whole time?” Bobby said 

“I thought I could get her to stop” Greg said 

“What did you say to her? I hope you wasn’t teasing her” Bobby said annoyed

“I didn’t say anything, after you walked into the diner, she just started having a tantrum” Greg said

“Shes not having a tantrum Greg” Bobby said annoyed “and why did you leave her in the car by herself, you know what happened last time” Bobby said annoyed then she put the fruit juice in the jug on the table and walked out of the diner. She ran to the car and opened the back door. 

“Sophie’s crying” Sam said as Bobby sat on the back seat. Sophies face was red, and she looked like she had been crying for a while

“Oh, Sophie, what the matter” Bobby said and sighed as she hugged Sophie. Sophie hugged her back but didn’t stop crying

“Sweetheart tell me whats wrong so I can help you” Bobby said as she stroked Sophies hair. Sophie closed her eyes and hugged Bobby tight, but she didn’t stop crying. Times like this she really wished Frank was here because he could get Sophie to settle

“Can you take us home” Bobby said frustrated

“What about the picnic on the beach” Greg said annoyed

“You can do what you want, please just take us home” Bobby said and she closed the car door. Greg sighed then he got into the drivers seat and began to drive away. He felt guilty for thinking it but he was beginning to dislike Sophie more and more and he didn’t know what to do..



Shellharbour City Centre- Shellharbour


Beth and Frank walked along the river that ran adjacent to the city centre getting to know each other and eating ice cream. They stopped at a bench and sat down

“So that was pretty much the end of that relationship” Beth said as she told Frank how her ex boyfriend took a job in Europe and didn’t even ask her to go with him

“That mustve come as a shock” Frank said

“It was. Last I heard he met someone over there and is getting married soon” Beth said with some disappointment in her voice

“His loss” Frank said

“Thanks” Beth said and smiled

“Can I ask you something?” Beth said

“Sure” Frank said as he wiped his mouth

“You talk a lot about your daughter, but you never mention anything about her mother” Beth said

“I’m not sure what you want me to say” Frank said

“Well..I was just..sorry, I don’t want you to think I’m being nosey” Beth said 

“No its fine. An opportunity came up for us to foster Sophie and we did. We are adopting her soon” Frank said

“That’s different” Beth said surprised at what Frank just said

“Yeah, It probably doesn’t make sense to anyone since we are not a couple” Frank said 

“It makes sense to you, Bobby and Sophie and that’s all that matters” Beth said and Frank turned to look at her and smile

“Its so nice out, do you mind if we keep walking?” Beth said

“Not at all” Frank said and they began walking again

“So do you think you will get married again?” Beth said

“I’m wondering if I should considering I’ve done it, and wasn’t very good at it” Frank said

“Don’t be down on yourself…it was probably the wrong time..wrong person..you know..all that kind of stuff” Beth said

“Maybe” Frank said and there was an awkward silence

“Are you up for an adventure?” Beth said and Frank looked at her

“Why do I feel like I’m going to regret saying yes” Frank said and Beth laughed

“I promise..you wont” Beth said and she winked and smiled as they continued to walk


Summer Bay


Revhead and Sandra sat in his car eating their food

“Sorry about your job” Revhead said as he drank his coke

“Oh, its alright..ill get another one” Sandra said and smiled

“I feel really bad..I should’ve guessed that me being around would still be a problem” Revhead said

“I guess its going to take some time. Soon the folks around here will find something else to worry about” Sandra said

“Yeah I guess” Revhead said

“Look, maybe we should stop seeing each other” Revhead said

“Why?” Sandra said and looked at him

“I dunno, I don’t want the people around here hating you because of me..you’ve known these people all you life” Revhead said

“I don’t care if they hate me..i just want to be with you” Sandra said and Revhead looked at her

“How did I get so lucky” Revhead said as he looked at Sandra

“I’m the lucky one” Sandra said and they both leaned forward and kissed each other. After a short while they both pulled away and smiled then Revhead looked ahead when a car horn caught his attention and he sighed. It was a ute car with three of the guys he knew from the panel shop. One of them was with him when he kidnapped Sally. He tried to avoid them because he wanted to stay out of trouble. They looked at Revhead then they drove away.

“Who was that?” Sandra said confused

“Just some guys I know from home” Revhead said and he looked in the direction the ute drove in not paying attention to Sandra… 



Animal shelter- Summer Bay

Emma and Lucinda both said bye to the shelter supervisor and walked out of the door. The weather was still nice

“How about we have an ice cream before we head back home” Lucinda said as she pointed to an ice cream van that was parked opposite the shelter

“Ok” Emma said and they walked over to the van. They picked out their ice creams, Lucinda paid and they walked over to a bench and sat down


Background music- Fisher Family theme


“Its funny you picked that one, it was one of Davids favourites” Lucinda said which shocked Emma, but she smiled to herself as she remembered that they share the same taste in sweets

“Can I ask you a question?” Emma said 

“Sure” Lucinda said as she wiped her mouth

“What was David..I mean Mr Croft like when he was younger…you know like in high school?” Emma said and Lucinda smiled

“He was really smart. He got the highest marks in the HSC his year” Lucinda said as Emma listened attentively and for the next hour continued to listen attentively as Lucinda told her so many stories about the man she loved mand missed so much


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Bobby sighed as she noticed that Sophie was finally asleep. She put her on the couch and covered her with a light blanket just as Marilyn was coming into the house. Bobby put her finger up to her mouth and Marilyn closed the door quietly. Bobby sighed as she walked to the kitchen. She was hungry and opened the fridge to find something to eat

“Looks like Sophie had a good day at the fair” Marilyn said

Bobby didn’t respond. She opened a can of coke and poured some into a glass and drank.

“Bobby is something wrong?” Marilyn said 

“How was your spa day?” Bobby said

“I feel nice and relaxed…ready to start the new work week” Marilyn said and smiled

“Good for you” Bobby said as she sat at the dining table

“Bobby is there something wrong?” Marilyn said 

“I dunno, its just that sometimes, I think I might be over my head with Sophie” Bobby said

“Why Bobby? You’re doing a great job with Sophie and Sam” Marilyn said

“Marilyn its really hard with Sophie” Bobby said

“You said yourself the social worker said it will take some time to settle” Marilyn said

“I know, but it just gets a big much. Like today Greg wanted to take us out as a family to the funfair. The minute we got there she just burst into tears, and I felt bad because I know Greg wanted us to spend the day together. In the end we decided to go and have a pinic on the beach. I left her in the car with Greg and Sam and went to get some food, and Greg came rushing in because she had been crying none stop” Bobby said and sighed

“Oh Bobby, what are you going to do?” Marilyn said 

“I don’t know..its just a bit too much to handle. Maybe Mrs Malloy was right, maybe I’m not ready to deal with a child with all these issues” Bobby said

“But Bobby you’re not doing this on your own..you have Frank…and hes a great father” Marilyn said

“Frank has got his own life..and he’s got a girlfriend now, so I cant expect him to be around all the time” Bobby said

“Oh Bobby, Frank loves Sophie, I don’t think hes going to walk away from her” Marilyn said

“He walked away from me” Bobby said as she looked at Marilyn

“Oh Bobby, that was different” Marilyn said and Bobby sighed. She knew Marilyn was right

“Yeah you’re right. I know Frank wont leave her…I was just being silly” Bobby said

“Bobby you are a great mother…you’ve done a great job with Sam, and I know you will do a great job with Sophie..its hard now, but Sophie is your daughter and she needs your love and support” Marilyn said and she sighed wondering if she was really talking about herself

“Yeah you’re right” Bobby said and she inhaled and exhaled 

“Its just been one of those days” Bobby said

“Yes, and tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start” Marilyn said and smiled

“Yeah, thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“Where is Sam?” Marilyn said 

“I just told Greg to take him to the beach, pick up the food at the diner and have a good time” Bobby said and smiled



Beach – Summer Bay


Greg pretended to be hurt when Sam threw the ball at him and Sam was laughing hard. Greg smiled, he loved seeing his son smile. He was grateful when he got to spend some time as Father and Son. He was relieved when Bobby suggested that he tahe Sam to the beach still. After the way Sophie behaved he didn’t really want her to be around to continue to ruin the day


“We meet again” Greg turned around to see Fiona behind him with her son

“Hi what are you doing here?”  Greg said

“I came to pick up my wages. Mr Stewart has given me tomorrow morinng off because Scott has a dentist appointment” Fiona said 

“oh I hope its nothing serious” Greg said

“No just a check up I hope” Fiona said

“Since you’re here here, Scott how about a game of catch?” Greg said and he threw the ball at school who laughed in excitement and soon after Scott, Greg, Fiona and Sam were playing catch on the beach like a family..


Background ends



Shellharbour City Centre- Shellharbour

Background music- Have you ever been around


“Sorry I have to end the day…” Frank said as he and Beth walked towards his car

“Oh I totally understand, you have things to do to get ready for the work week” Beth said

“Something like that” Frank said. He missed his daughter, and promised her he would be back to have dinner with her

“I’ve had a great day” Beth said and smiled

“Me too. I haven’t been go karting in a long time…it was definitely an adventure” Frank said as Beth said

“I can say I speak for all women when I say we are the superior drivers” Beth said

“You were cheating” Frank said and Beth looked at him shocked

“How was I cheating?” Beth said

“Im sure you’ve been here a few times and got in some practice” Frank said

“Well you’re right..however I can say ive never been here with someone I like” Beth said and her and Frank looked at each other and smiled then they stopped walking when they got to his car

“Can I give you a lift home?” Frank said

“If you don’t mind, I just like five minutes away” Beth said

“No worries, just tell me where to do” Frank said and they got into the car. Beth gave Frank directions and shortly after they arrived outside the block of trendy flats that Beth lives in. 

“See I got you home nice and safe” Frank said 

“Thanks, I was worried there for a bit” Beth said and they both laughed

“Number 24 is where I call home” Beth said 

“Nice” Frank said as he looked at the building. It reminded him of the flats in the city

“I’ve had a good day Frank” Fiona said and Frank turned and looked at her

“Yeah, me too” Frank said and he meant it. Although he missed his daughter, it was nice to get out of Summer Bay for a while

“You can come up for a coffee for the road...if you want” Beth said 

“Thanks, but I need to get back” Frank said

“Ok” Beth said trying not to sound disappointment as awkwardness filled the car

“Bobby will be in with Sophie tomorrow…I have to work” Frank said

“Oh right where do you work?” Beth said

“At the Ross Boatshed down by the marina, I’m doing the books and accounts” Frank said

“Maybe we can meet for lunch..thats if you want to” Beth said

“Sure” Frank said and smiled

“12 at the diner?” Beth said

“Yeah, that’s fine” Frank said and smiled then Beth leaned forward and they began to kiss. She put her arm around Franks neck and could really feel how much she liked him when she kissed him. 

“Are you sure I can’t tempt you will a coffee?” Beth said as she kissed Franks neck

“I need to get back” Frank said and Beth kissed his lips. He was tempted, but keeping the promise to his daughter was more important right now.

“Ok..Ill see you tomorrow” Beth said and she kissed Frank once more and smiled then she got out of the car. Frank waited until Beth got into the building then he inhaled and exhaled and drove away..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 513




Train Station- Yabbie Creek


“Are you still angry with me?” Nick said as he and Shane got to the train station

“No, I’m over it” Shane said as Nick parked his car

“Good..I’ve spoken to mum and dad, and they said you cane come down for the easter holidays” Nick said

“It was really good to see you mate” Nick said and Shane turned to look at him

“Yeah, it was good to see you too. Sorry if I was you know acting like a spoilt brat. I just missed you so much” Shane said

“Its alright..hey sorry I cant hang around, someone called in sick, and I need to get to work an hour early” Nick said

“Its alright, you gave me the money for the ticket and I know which train to get” Shane said

“Alright then…give me a call when you get home, so I know you got back safely” Nick said

“I will” Shane said then he and Nick hugged

“Alright, you better get a move on, you don’t want to miss your train” Nick said as he started his car

“Alright” Shane said and he got out of the car. He opened the back seat and took out his backpack

“See you later” Shane said as he shut the car door.

“See you later” Nick said and he reversed and turned the car around. Shane waved and smiled until Nick had driven away then he stopped smiling and began to laugh. He put his rucksack on one up and walked up to a phone booth and took some change out of his pocket and dialed

“Mum..its me..Nick said I can stay a few more days…I know I have school….he said he wanted to spend some more time with me…The library is not too far Ill go there and do some studying..I brought my school books with me…hes gone to work..I was just about to do some studying and decided to call you….alright…I love you too…bye” Shane said then he put the phone down and smiled to himself as he walked over to a taxi


“Where to?” The taxi driver said

“Summer Bay” Shane said and smiled then he got into the taxi, closed the door and smiled to himsef


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Hi sweetheart, I wasn’t expecting you back so soon” Pippa said

“I just came to pick up a book I got for Sophie, then I’m going over to Bobby’s” Frank said and he walked over to the desk, and picked up the carrier bag that had the book in

“Frank can you read me a story” Sally said

“Not tonight Sal” Frank said as he kissed the top of Sallys head

“Sweetheart, why don’t you go and pick out your clothes for school tomorrow” Pippa said and Sally sighed

“Ok” Sally said then she walked out of the house

“So…how was the date?” Pippa said

“Yeah, good. We went go karting. I haven’t done that for years so that was nice” Frank said and smiled

“Sounds like the two of you are getting on well” Pippa said

“Yeah, I suppose” Frank said

“When are you seeing her again?” Pippa said

“Tomorrow…for lunch” Frank said

“Three dates in a row? Must be getting serious” Pippa said and Frank smiled then he kissed Pippa on the forehead

“Ill see you later” Frank said and smiled then he walked out of the house as Pippa smiled.


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“I hope I didn’t keep you out too long” Lucinda said as she parked outside Emma’s home

“No, its ok..I did all my homework for school tomorrow” Emma said

“Well alright then” Lucinda said and smiled. She had a really good afternoon with Emma. She was speaking about David and she didn’t cry, it was somehow therapeutic to remember all the good times

“Ok, Ill see you at school” Emma said and she got out of the car

“Emma, I have lots of photos of me and David and our cousins when we were younger. If you want, you can come over to my place after school” Lucinda said

“Ok, thanks” Emma said and she smiled

“You can stay for dinner..thats if its ok with Aunt Ailsa” Lucinda said

“I’m sure it will be, but Ill ask her anyway” Emma said

“Alright then, just let me know at school” Lucinda said

“Ok…bye” Emma said and she smiled as she watched Lucinda drive away. As she walked to the house she started feeling light headed, and wanted to be sick. It was probably the icecream  and hot dog that she ate earlier. It was probably giving her food poisoning again. Emma rushed to the house quickly hoping she could make it to the toilet on time…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Sounds like you had a good time at the beach, I thought you were’nt coming home, I was about to send a search party out to look for you” Bobby said as Sam giggles

“Oh look at these hands. Go and wash up before dinner” Bobby said and Sam ran up the stairs

“How’s Sophie?” Greg said

“I think shes ok. She had a little nap then she went up to her room..I’m going up in a minute to tell her dinner is ready” Bobby said

“Sorry we’re late. We had a few games of catch with Fiona and her son” Greg said

“The same Fiona we saw at the funfair?” Bobby said

“Yeah” Greg said

“She seems to be popping up everywhere” Bobby said

“Well she had to come and get her wages from Alf and just wanted to take her son to the beach for a while before they went home” Greg said and smiled

“Hmm something smells good” Grant said as he came out of the room as Marilyn came down the stairs

“Its only spaghetti Bolognese” Bobby said

“Sounds great” Marilyn said and she walked into the kitchen


Knock on the door


“Ill get that” Greg said and he walked towards the door. When he opened it he saw Frank standing there

“G’day”Greg said

“G’day” Frank said and they both walked into the house

“So how was the big date?” Greg said then he put his arm around Bobby

“Yeah, good” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“So what did you two do?” Greg said

“Lunch and go karting” Frank said

“Sounds like fun” Greg said

“Sorry you had to tear yourself away to come here” Bobby said as Grant looked at her

“I told Beth I had something to do” Frank said

“Ill just go upstairs and make sure Sam washes those hands” Greg said and he rushed up the stairs. Frank looked around.

“Where’s Sophie?” Frank said confused

“Shes up in her room” Bobby said and sighed

“Is she alright?” Frank said concerned

“I don’t know. She’s been really fussy all day. She burst into tears when we got to the Funfair” Bobby said

“Maybe it was a bit much for her” Frank said

“Then she burst into tears when I left her alone with Greg and Sam while I went into the diner to get some food” Bobby said and Frank sighed

“Ill go and see if shes alright” Frank said and he walked up the stairs as Bobby sighed as she watched him go

Frank walked up the stairs and stood by Sophie half open door. She was sitting on the bed and holding the teddy bear he gave her

“Hi sweetheart” Frank said and Sophie looked up at him and Frank noticed that she exhaled really hard. Frank walked over to the bed and sat down. He picked Sophie up and she hugged him tight

“I missed you honey. Did you have a good day today?” Frank said and Sophie shook her head no

“Its alright” Frank said and he noticed that Sophie had tears in her eyes

“Whats these tears for, its ok..I’m here now..everything is going to be alright” Frank said and Sophie nodded then she hugged her dad. She missed him so much today. She didn’t like the funfair and Mr Greg was being mean. She loved when she was with just her mum and dad.

“You’re mum has made a really nice dinner..lets go and eat ok” Frank said as he wiped Sophies tears. She nodded her head and Frank smiled

“I love you ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded then she leaned forward and kissed Franks cheek and he smiled and hugged her. His daughter came first and would always come first. Frank picked her up and they walked out of the room


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Sandra and Revhead kissed outside in the car until he pulled away

“Is there something wrong?” Sandra said

“No, its just I have to get back and get ready for work” Revhead said. He was actually lying. He was still thinking about the guys he saw earlier in the ute van

“Ok, I better go too, I have some homework I have to do” Sandra said

“Alright then” Revhead said and smiled

“What time should I meet you for lunch?” Sandra said

“I have to go and pick up some parts tomorrow, so I probably wont be able to meet you for lunch. Just come by the boatshed when you finished school” Revhead said

“Alright..I will” Sandra said and smiled then she leaned in and gave Revhead a kiss again then she got out of the car

“Bye” Sandra said

“Bye” Revhead said and smiled. He watched as Sandra got into the house then he reversed his car and drove away..



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“This is really good Bobby. I cant say I’ve ever eaten spaghetti Bolognese like this before” Greg said as Bobby looked at him. She looked up at Sophie who was sitting Franks lap and stuffing her face with food. Bobby played with the food on her plate. She wasn’t really hungry anymore, shew as still in a mood from yesterday…and today.

“I agree with Greg. This is amazing Bobby. You should really think about putting together a cookbook” Marilyn said

“Yeah, I told her years ago that she should” Frank said as Bobby looked at him as an awkwardness filled the room

“It would definitely be a best seller” Grant said trying to break the awkwardness that he could also feel

“What day next week are you going to Tazzy? I was thinking of asking Michael for the day off and come with you” Greg said

“I moved all my media obligations to the week after. I want to make sure Sophie settles in school” Bobby said

“You didn’t need to do that, I’m not working on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can try to get off early on the other days…Sophie is a priority” Frank said

“I thought your priorates had changed” Bobby said and she looked at Frank. Grant looked at Bobby who was playing with the food on her plate.

“My daughter always comes first” Frank said and Sophie looked up at him with spaghetti sauce around her mouth. He looked down at her and winked and kissed her forehead then he picked up a napkin and wiped her mouth

“That’s better” Frank said and Sophie nodded as Bobby stared at Frank and sighed


Background music ends



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Shane paid the taxi driver and waited for him to drive away then he opened the side gate that gave entrance to the side of the house. He could see a light on which meant that either Shaunna or Greg were home. He quietly walked down the side of the house. He put his backpack down as he opened the shed then he picked up his backpack and walked inside the shed and locked the door from the inside. Shane took out the lighter from his bag and turned it on. He used it to look around the room then noticed the lantern in the corner. He lit it with his lighter and put it down in the corner. He moved some cans of paint and boxes out of the way then he sat down on a sleeping bag. Shane took out a joint from the corner pocket of his back and lit it up. He inhaled and blew the smoke out from his mouth

“Home sweet home” Shane said to himself and smiled…





Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby stood by the door and watched as Frank kissed Sophie’s head and pulled her blanket up to her chest. He turned around to see Bobby standing by the door. He put the book on the book shelf and they both walked out of the room and pulled the door to an almost close


“I wasn’t sure if you were going to come back tonight” Bobby said as she followed Frank down the stairs

“Why not? I said I would” Frank said confused

“I thought maybe you and your new girlfriend would be still having a good time” Bobby said sarcastically

“Is there something wrong?” Frank said

“No, why?” Bobby said pretending to be confused

“You’ve been off with me all evening” Frank said

“No I haven’t” Bobby said as she walked into the kitchen

“Yes you have. and its not on, especially not in front of Sophie” Frank said

“I guess you can always ask Beth what we should do considering she is the expert” Bobby said sarcastically”

“So that’s what this is about?” Frank said and he looked at Bobby who folded her arms and looked away

“You’re annoyed because I’m seeing someone” Frank said

“No I’m not” Bobby said annoyed

“Yes you are” Frank said

“No I’m not” Bobby said annoyed

“Whatever…just remember, you wanted it this way” Frank said and Bobby looked at him then he walked out of the house.  Bobby sighed as she heard the front door close then she unfolded her arms and picked up the dish cloth and threw it on the table and sighed as Grant closed his bedroom door. A few minutes later Greg came down the stairs

“Frank gone?” Greg said as he came into the kitchen

“Yeah” Bobby said

“Now its just you and me..I’ve been wanting to do this all day” Greg said and he began to kiss Bobby then he picked her up and sat her on the kitchen counter

“Le’t make it an overnight trip to Tazzy” Greg said as he kissed Bobby’s neck “I’ll book us somewhere where we wont be interrupted” Greg said ad Bobby sighed

“I cant wait to make love to you” Greg said as he kissed Bobby

“I love you” Greg said

“Me too” Bobby said and smiled then Greg continued to kiss her neck as her smile disappeared…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 514



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Nick yawned as he walked into the house. He usually liked to go and have a run before he showered and went to sleep, but he was really tired today. As he walked to the kitchen he noticed the light flashing on the answering machine. He pressed play as he walked over to the fridge


“You have one new message..beep…Nick its me.I just wanted to tell you that I got home safely..no need to ring back Ill try you again later. Thanks again for allowing to stay a little longer and I look forward to coming a Easter. Mum and dad say hello..see you later..end of message..beep


Nick smiled as he poured some orange juice into a glass and drank it as Shaunna walked out of her room

“Good morning” Shaunna said and smiled

“G’day” Nick said

“Has Shane gone home?” Shaunna said

“Yeah, he left last night” Nick said

“That’s a shame, I sorta got used to him being around.” Shaunna said and smiled


Shane sat up and swatted a fly away from his face. He looked around the shed and yawned as he rubbed his eye. He looked at his watch and decided that it was too early then he laid back down on the sleeping bag and smiled to himself excited for his new life in Summer Bay.


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Grant opened the front door to see Frank 

“G’day” Frank said

“Hello Frank” Marilyn said and they both went into the house. Sophie had a mouth full of cereal, but Frank could see her eyes light up when she walked over to him

“Good morning sweetheart, are you ok?” Frank said and kissed Sophie on the head and she nodded. Bobby came out of the kitchen and her and Frank looked at each other

“Sam go and get your bag, we better get going soon” Bobby said 

“Ok” Sam said and went upstairs

“I better get going too otherwise I’ll be late too..bye Bobby, bye Frank” Marilyn said and she picked up her bag off the couch and walked out of the house. Bobby watched as Frank asked Sophie if she finished her breakfast, she nodded and he picked her up and gave her a hug. Bobby stayed in the kitchen and sighed. 

 “Sophie where is your bag?” Frank said and Sophie pointed to the couch. Frank picked her up and they walked over to the couch and sat down. Frank opened her bag  and checked that she had all she needed

“Ok, lets do a quick test” Frank said and he quickly walked over to the fruit bowl on the table and took out three apples. If I have two apples” Frank said and put two apples on the table  “and then I get another apple” Frank said and put another apple on the table “how many apples do I have?” Frank said as he looked at Sophie. She looked at the apples then she put three fingers up and Bobby smiled

“Well done sweetheart” Frank said and he smiled at Sophie. He was such a patient father Bobby though to herself. Since Beth gave him the extra work to catch Sophie up, he had been finding creative ways to help her learn and bit by bit she was learning


“Bobby I got my bag” Sam said as he got to the bottom of the stairs

“Ok, here is your lunch” Bobby said as she walked over to him

“Go and get into the car” Bobby said

"Ok" Sam said and he rushed out of the house

“Come on Sophie, its time to go to school” Frank said and he picked Sophie up and her bag


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme 


“Frank” Bobby said and Frank turned and looked at her

“Sweetheart, go and get in the car” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“Sophie here is your lunch” Bobby said and handed Sophie a lunchbox and they both watched her walk to the car

“I just want to sorry about having a go at you yesterday..I was just having an off day and I was just a bit frustrated because I didn’t know what was wrong with Sophie” Bobby said

“it’s alright” Frank said as they looked at each other.

“Beth seems nice, I hope things work out” Bobby said and forced a smile

“Thanks” Frank said

“I nearly forgot our lunch” Bobby said and she walked back to the kitchen

“None for me, I’m meeting Beth for lunch” Frank said 

“Oh, alright then. Ill just grab mine, Ill be out in a minute” Bobby said and faked a smiled as Frank walked out of the house. Bobby stood in the kitchen and leaned on the counter and sighed as she looked at the two lunch boxes on the counter. One was spiderman for Frank, the other was a princess for her. Bobby emptied the contents of the spiderman lunchbox into the bin and sighed then she picked up the princess lunchbox and began to walk towards the door remembering that she had Greg and Sam in her life, and she was not going to do anything to jeopodize a future with them…


General hospital- Summer Bay


Pippa sat at the table in the canteen and ate her sandwich. This was the last week of lectures then she had an exam next week

“How is the studying coming along? Pippa looked up to see Dr Routledge standing by her table

“Good.I hope” Pippa said with a confused look on her face

“You’re going to be fine. I have every faith in you that you will do great in the exam” Dr Routledge said 

“Thanks” Pippa said and smiled

“You’re welcome” Dr Routledge said and he was just about to turn and walk away

“Oh by the way, we start seeing patients in my home in two weeks I hope you’re still interested” Dr Routledge said

“Yes I am..but as you know, I will be continuing on with the paedeatrics course” Pippa said

“Yes, so we are going to do two days a week, that will give you time to do your course” Dr Routledge

“Thank you for the opportunity” Pippa said and smiled

“Thank you” Dr Routledge said and smiled

“Ill leave you to your studying” Dr Routledge said then he smield and walked away. Pippa bit into her sandwich and smiled. She was proud of herself for going back to nursing. Everything in her life seemed to be well, and she had a man she loved. She never expected to be this happy, but she was and couldn’t wait for the future…


Primary School- Summer Bay



Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby smiled as Sophie sat next to her after getting their lunchbox from her cubicle. Bobby opened her lunch box then she turned around to see Sam sitting at another table with his friends. As Bobby turned around she noticed that Beth was putting on her jacket. She knew where she was going, she was going to meet Frank.

 Bobby watched as Beth walked up to one of the other teachers. She was probably telling her she was going to meet Frank, Bobby thought to herself. Then she watched as Beth walked out of the school building running her hand through her hair. Bobby turned and looked at Sophie who was in her own little world eating her lunch then she looked up at Bobby. Bobby forced a smile which she hoped was good enough to hide how she was really feeling…which didn't matter because she had Greg and Sam in her life, and she wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize a future with them..


Background music ends



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Great chapter 

Shane fooling Nick but hiding out in the shed  bad idea.

Bobby apologies to Frank.

Frank bonding with Sophie 

Bobby with Sophie at school.

is Bobby jealous of Beth and Frank ?

Update again soon :)



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Thank for reading:)

Chapter 515



Eleven days later


“Yoo hoo Shaunna” Shaunna turned around to see Mrs Ross walking towards her. They had been getting along really well, and Mrs Ross was telling her all the town history and everything about the Fletchers without getting suspicious.

“Hi Mrs Ross” Shaunna said and smiled as she stepped down from the lifeguard tower

“I was just on my way to reserve the surf club again, and I thought I would pass by and give you some lamingtons. I made these from an old family recipe” Celia said as she gave Shaunna a medium sized plastic container. Celia liked Shaunna, they had been spending some time together. She was impressed with the fact that Shaunna was interested in Summer Bay history

“Oh Lamingtons are my favourite, thank you very much” Shaunna said she opened the plastic container to see medium sized squares. She couldn’t resist and put one in her mouth and chewed. It was delicious. Celia smiled as she watched Shaunna appreciate the cake

“This is amazing Mrs Ross, thank you. Ill probably finish these all before my shift ends” Shaunna said

“Oh you are so welcome. Anytime you want the recipe, let me know” Celia said 

"Thanks" Shaunna said

“Now I better go aand see Ben and reserve the room” Celia said

“What are you using it for?” Shaunna said curiously

“Since the bake sale was a success, we plan on having another one” Celia said

“Oh alright..we start the junior lifeguard program on Saturday” Shaunna said

“I’m not sure if Haydn will come” Celia said and sighed

“Why not? He is registered. When I was over your place he said he would be there” Shaunna said

“Well he changes his mind about a lot of things” Celia said

“Well he changes his mind about a lot of things” Celia said

“Oh well, I hope he changes his minds and comes. The program is really fun. Kids really end up liking it and it helps them acquire skills to be safe in the water” Shaunna said

“Well we’ll see..anyway I better not keep you..good day” Celia said and walked away

“Bye” Shaunna said and smiled then she took another lamington and put it in her mouth and smiled. The people around called Mrs Ross a gossiper, but she really liked her. There was something genuine and delicate about her that made her feel comfortable. Shaunna climbed back up to her lifeguard stand and sighed. She remembered that  Greg said Pippa Fletcher had an exam today..she was hoping that she did well..and she liked the flowers that she sent …


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Pippa looked up at the clock on the wall. She had only 30 minutes left to finish the exam. She read through the answer of the question she just answered and looked at the next question which was the last question. She inhaled deeply and exhaled as she remembered Alex praying with her on the phone to wish her good luck. She was going to be spending the weekend with him, and couldn’t wait to be in his arms again, and thank him for the flowers he sent this morning. Pippa smiled to herself and looked at the clock one more time and then at her exam paper, and began to write.


Primary School- Summer Bay

Frank watched as Sophie counted on her fingers and wrote the answers on her notebook. He leaned over to look and noticed that she was getting all the answers right. He was so proud of her. Instead of sitting next to her, Beth suggested he sit behind her, just as she had suggested Bobby do. Every once in a while, Sophie would turn around to make sure he was still there and he smiled. He noticed that she was a little bit more open with the other children but she was still not talking.

Frank watched as Beth walked around and checked all the children’s work . They had been seeing each other. He liked her company and they had good conversation. They had most of their dates in Shellharbour mainly because Frank didn’t want to have to deal with the Summer Bay gossips, and he didn’t want to confuse Sophie. Beth continued looking at the last table of childrens work then she walked over to Frank

“Sophie is doing really well with her work” Beth said 

“Yeah, we’ve been doing the homework with her” Frank said 

“I can tell, shes really picked up. I admit I was wrong to assume she had a learning disability, right now based on the work shes doing, she caught up to where she needs to be” Beth said

“That is fantastic” Frank said and smiled he was so proud of Sophie.

“You know I told you flatmate is leaving on Monday. We will be having a little party on Saturday …do you want to come?” Beth said in a lowered voice to Frank

“Yeah sure” Frank said 

“Great, I’ll see you around 8?” Beth said 

“Ok” Frank said and Beth smiled



Stewart store- Summer Bay


Alf looked up when he heard the bell above the shop door ring

“G’day Don” Alf said as Donald walked towards the counter

“Well it was until I got this” Donald said and he took an envelope from his pocket

“I suspected that was the reason why you dropped by at lunch time” Alf said

“You can head off for the rest of the day love” Alf said to Fiona who was packing a shelf

“Are you sure Mr Stewart, I have this box to unpack” Fiona said

“Absolutely, the weather is nice go down the beach” Alf said and smiled

“Thanks” Fiona said and she went to the stockroom and picked up her bag then she walked out to the shop

“See you tomorrow” Fiona said and smiled

“Alright love” Alf said and waited for Fiona to walk out of the shop then he sighed

“I thought all this was over” Alf said


Background music- Stewart Family theme


“Well it looks like its rearing its ugly head again, but At least this time, neither of us will be on trial for murder” Donald said

“I know but those few weeks…I don’t think Ive ever felt so afraid in my life. You know when I was sitting in the prison cell I started thinking of ways to tell Ruthy that her dad was a murderer…ways to tell Duncan when he was old enough to understand that his dad killed someone” Alf said then he became quiet as Donald looked at him

“Even though Laura’s statement helped, in my heart I still believe that maybe…just maybe I did do something, or Laura got it wrong” Alf said

“Well now that Al Simpson will be going on trial for Shane Wilson’s murder we will finally be able to put all this to bed” Donald said

“Yeah, I hope so” Alf said and sighed


Background music ends


The Beach- Summer Bay


Emma put the last bite of sandwich into her mouth and chewed. For the last few days she had been having her lunch n the beach. She didn’t feel like being around Sandra because all she talked about what Maurice.


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Emma smiled to herself as she thought of the times she would  sneak out of the house by climbing through the window to go and see David. Emma sighed then she looked at the leather bracelet on her wrist then she looked around the beach. With all the tourists in town it was packed. She had to walk a little further to find an empty spot near the rocks. She opened her bag and took out another sandwich.For some reason today she was really hungry. It was probably because she had been so sick with food poising. She hadn’t thrown up for the last two days, just was really hungry. Emma was about to unwrap the sandwich then she put it down and decided to each her banana instead. As she unpeeled the banana and took a bite, she looked at her watch, she had 10 minutes to get to school. She put the sandwich into her bag and got up. She wiped the sand from the back of her uniform dress and put her backpack on. She and was just about to walk away when she felt someone grab her

“Hey what are you doing?” Emma said then she felt a hand over her mouth. She started to struggle but whoever was holding her was too strong. When they got inside a little cave behind the rocks she felt the person let go and she was about to run

“Wait, don’t go” Emma turned around to see PC Parrish’ brother

“What do you think youre doing?” Emma said annoyed

“Look I’m sorry..I just need your help” Shane said 

“You seriously think I’m going to help you? You better forget it” Emma said and she was just about to walk away and he gently grabbed her arm

“Please” Shane said and Emma turned and looked at him

“What are you even doing here, you’re brother said you had gone back home” Emma said

“That’s what he thinks, I never got on the train” Shane said and sighed. He thought he had thought of everything until he realized that he couldn’t access the house to get food, and he had had enough of eating scraps of food he found lying around

“Why not?” Emma said

“That’s none of your business” Shane said 

“Then you obviously don’t need my help” Emma said and she began to walk away

“Ok..I’m sorry I just don’t want to go and live with my parents that’s all, they blame me for everything” Shane said and Emma looked at him

“So have you been sleeping in here?” Emma said looking around the little cave

“No, I’m living at my brothers house, he has a shed in the back that nobody uses” Shane said as Emma looked at him

“Look, I’m sorry for grabbing you, its just that I was wondering if you can get me some food. I cant get into the house, and if I break in, my brother is a copper, he will eventually figure it out” Shane said as he looked at Emma. Emma opened her bag and took out the sandwich she nearly ate earlier

“Here is a ham sandwich” Emma said and she gave it to Shane

“Thanks” Shane said and he opened the wrapping immediately and started biting into the sandwich

“Hmm this is great” Shane said with his mouth full of food. Emma opened her bag again and took out some chocolate and water and handed it to Shane

“Thanks” Shane said with his mouthful

“I better go, I don’t want to be late back for school” Emma said

“Please don’t tell anyone you saw me…especially not my brother” Shane said as Emma looked at him. She initially didn’t like him because he nearly threw his ball at her but he didn’t seem so bad now

“Ok” Emma said

“Thanks” Shane said 

“Bye” Emma said and she walked out of the cave. Shane followed behind her and watched as she walked away. Initially he thought she was just another stuck up Sheila. He was hiding when he saw her walk on the beach today and since he was starving, he had no choice but to kidnap her. Shane ate the chocolate as Emma disappear into the distance and thought that maybe she wasn’t that bad after all..


Background music ends

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