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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Thanks for reading :)



Chapter 520



Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay


Background music- Diner Jukebox- Gloria Estefan, Can’t stay away from you



Time flies when you're having fun
I heard somebody say
But if all I've been is fun then baby let me go
Don't wanna be in your way


Carly stared at the apple in the fruit bowl on the table. The longer she stared the quicker reality and guilt was setting in. She shouldn’t have told Matt that she would go to the court and get his hopes up. There was no explanation she could give that would allow Ben to be ok with it. Carly sighed. Matt was probably going to hate her. Not more that she hated herself for being trapped in a marriage, and not knowing how she was going to get out..


And I don't wanna be your second choice
Don't wanna be just your friend
You keep telling me that you're not in love
You wanna throw it all away


Wilson Residence- Waldorf  Creek


Matt ironed the collar of his shirt then he hung it up on the back of the door. He dismantled the ironing board and put it in the space next to the wardrobe and turned the iron off. He turned the main light off, and turned the lamp on  that sat on the table next to the bed. He sighed as he laid on the bed resting his hands behind his head. He knew that his grandparents were probably asleep by now. They didn’t say much at dinner earlier with his uncle and aunt. None of his family did. He understood, because they didn’t want to go through what they went through last time with Alf Stewart being acquitted. Matt sighed then he smiled to himself.  He felt that this time was going to be different. Shane was going to get justice, and he was going to get to see it with Carly by his side….



But I can't stay away from you
I don't wanna let you go
And though it's killing me, that's true
There's just some things I can't control

Your love is slipping through my hands


Harris Residence- Kiama


“I had a really good time today..thank you” Greg said

“You’re welcome” Fiona said as they walked into her house. After the skating they went out for dinner. Greg watched Fiona as she changed her shoes and put on her slippers

“Do you want some tea?” Fiona said. Greg looked at his watch

“I didn’t realize how late it was. I know you have to get up early for work” Greg said as Fiona looked at her watch

“You’re right. I didn’t realize how late it was…and you have to wake early for work as well” Fiona said and faked a smile. If she was honest with herself, she didn’t want the night to end as much as she was trying to keep her promise to herself

“As long as Frank is working there, I don’t know how long I will have a job” Greg said and sighed

“Everything will be ok” Fiona said as she gently rubbed Gregs arm

“We’ll see” Greg said and smiled

“Anyway, thanks for everything” Greg said and he leaned forward and kissed Fiona’s cheek. As he pulled away they looked at each other and before they knew it they began to kiss…



And though I've heard it all before
I know you're telling me the truth
I know it's just no use
But I can't stay away from you



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as she gently stroked Sam’s cheek. He didn’t even get to the end of the story before he fell asleep. She had no answer for him earlier when he asked her where his dad was. The best she could do was tell him his dad was working and would be back tomorrow. She didn’t even know if that was true. 



Frank- What do you want? A life with me or with some bloke you only think you love?"

Flashback ends


Bobby sighed. Since Frank came back, she promised herself that she didn’t want to jeopodize the future she was going to have with Sam and Greg, and that is exactly what she was doing, and she had to try her best to fix things before it was too late..


Hold on to every bit of hope that's all I ever do
Hoping you might change
Your mind and call me up
To say how much you need me too



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Everything is fine here. Any new pdate on your dad?” Frank said

“Well he isn’t out of the woods yet, but he’s stable” Pippa said

“ That’s good news. Did the doctors say when he can come home?” Frank said

“Not yet. He’ll probably be in here for a little while” Pippa said

“Well stay as long as you need to, maybe I’ll bring Sophie up at the weekend so she can meet her great grandad” Frank said and smiled

“That would be nice, but let’s wait until we get him home” Pippa said

“Yeah, I didn think about that…sorry” Frank said

“It’s alright. Sal has a school trip next week. Please remind her to give you the permission form to sign” Pippa said

“Ok” Frank said

“It’s getting late, so I better let you go” Pippa said

“Alright. I’ll tell everyone that you called” Frank said

“Alright love” Pippa said

“Say hi to granny for me” Frank said

“Ok..bye love” Pippa said

“Bye” Frank said and he put the receiver down and sighed

He made sure the front door was locked and bolted then he turned the light off and walked up to his room. He could hear Steve snoring slightly. He quietly closed the bedroom door and took off his shirt. He layed down on the bed and stared out of the window. He knew that he wasn’t going to get much sleep as usual which was going to make work much worse because he would have to see Greg. If only Bobby would just admit that she loved him, things would be so much easier…. Frank sighed




Frank- Hope everything goes aright with the court tomorrow

Matt- Thanks

Frank- If I didn’t have to work, I would come

Matt- That’s alright

Frank- I hope they put him in jail and throw away the key

Matt- Me too. Anyway, the offer is still open

Frank- What offer?

Matt- To work at the Bistro

Frank- Thanks but there is no way I can leave Summer Bay now..not when I have a daughter

Matt- She’s beautiful, and lucky to have a dad like you

Frank- Thanks, I’m lucky to have her


Flashback ends


Frank smiled. Even if he was having a bad day, thinking about his daughter made everything seem better. There was no way he would leave Summer bay. Doing that meant Sophie would be raised by Greg, and that was not going to happen. He didn’t care what Greg was hung up on, Sophie was his and Bobby’s daughter and nothing was going to change that..



And though you're leaving me no other choice
Than to turn and walk away
Look over your shoulder, I'll be there
You can count on me to stay


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa rolled her eyes as Alf rolled onto his back and panted

“Sorry about that love” Alf said

“I thought you said you were going to see the doctor” Ailsa said

“I know, I’ve been a bit busy..I’ll make an appointment tomorrow” Alf said as he put his arm around Ailsa and kissed the side of her head as Ailsa thought about where she wished she could be right now…



'Cause I can't stay away from you
I don't wanna let you go
And though it's killing me, that's true
There's just some things I can't control





Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Greg closed the door quietly. He walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. He took out a bottle of water and began to drink it when he heard one of the bedroom doors open

“I hope I didn’t wake you up” Greg said as Nick yawned as he walked into the kitchen and took out a bottle of water from the fridge

“No, I was reading, I was just about to turn in” Nick said

“Alright then goodnight” Greg said and began to walk away

“Oh by the way, Bobby came by” Nick said and Greg sighed and turned around

“Yeah, when?” Greg said trying to sound surprised

“Not too long ago, I’m surprised you didn’t see her” Nick said

“No I didn’t. I went to see a mate who I worked with” Greg said

“Oh right, anyway she said to give her a call when you get in” Nick said and he walked past Greg

“Thanks, night” Greg said

“Night” Nick said and he closed the door. Greg looked at the phone and sighed.



Your love slipping through my hands
And though I've heard it all before
I know you're telling me the truth
I know it's just no use
But I can't stay away from you



Harris Residence- Kiama


Fiona turned onto her side. She couldn’t sleep. She didn’t know how she could sleep with all the butterflies having a race in her stomach. The whole day had been magical. Being at the skating rink, going to dinner. Today was perfect. As much as she tried not to fall for Greg, all that went out of the window when they kissed. It was everything that she hoped it was going to be. Tonight was the beginning of something special…and she couldn’t wait..



I know you're telling me the truth
I know it's just no use
But I can't stay away from you



Background music ends

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2 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Greg went there then, sort of anyway...

Yes he did.


Bobby looking for Greg.

Carly not sure about supporting Matt.


Update again soon :)


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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 521



Next day



Courthouse- Waldorf Creek


Matt looked at his watch and turned around. Carly was probably running late

Alf watched as Jeff Samuels swore on the bible then he sat down

“What’s he doing here?” Alf whispered to Donald

“I don’t know” Donald said

“Please state your name for the court” the barrister said

“Jefferey Samuels” Jeff said

“Mr Samuels, how are you related to Gary Samuels”  the barrister said

“He’s my brother” Jeff said

“Can you remember what happened on 16th April 1985?” the barrister said

“Yes, that is the day Shane Wilson died” Jeff said

“Did you know Shane?” the barrister said

“Yeah, he was my brothers’ best mate” Jeff said

“So you knew him quite well?” the barrister said

“Well I wouldn’t say I knew him well, he was younger than me” Jeff said

“But you knew him well enough” the barrister said

“Yeah I suppose” the barrister said

“Were you and your brother close?” the barrister said

“Yeah we were” Jeff said and he sighed. When Gary was younger he remembered Gary always wanting to be around him and his mates

“Did your brother ever tell you about what happened on 16th April 1985?” the barrister said and Jeff looked over at Al Simpson who was looking at him

“Yes he did” Jeff said and Matt sighed and shook his head. He couldn’t believe that all this time Mr Samuels knew something about his brothers death

“Why don’t you tell the court what your brother told you” the barrister said said and Jeff sighed then he began to tell the court how Gary came home in a panic and confessed that he and Shane had been stealing and selling cigerettes for Al Simpson. They usually met him up at Stewarts point to give Al the money. However on that day, Al didn’t want to pay them the money and an argument ensured. He started to push them around and when he took out his gun to threaten them Gary ran away and Al shot in his direction but he missed and Gary hid in the bush. From where he was he could see Al and Shane still arguing and they began to struggle and Al shot him and pushed him off the top of Stewarts point

Matt closed his eyes and put his head down. Hearing how his brother died over money for a few packs of cigarette broke his heart

“So after your brother confessed all this why didn’t you go to the police?” the barrister said

“Al Simpson had a bad reputation and he hung around with some questionable characters. I didn’t want to get my family involved, and I know now I was wrong” Jeff said as he locked eyes with Matt.


Background music- Carly’s theme

Matt’s mind drifted as he remembered that day. His brother said he was just going to go out and would be back soon, but he never came back. Matt sighed then he looked around. Carly didn’t come. She promised him just like Shane promised him and neither of them kept their promise…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Carly slowly stacked the packets of napkins on the shelf. She hated herself so much right now. She knew that she shouldn’t be here, she should’ve been at the court with Matt. She was wrong to promise him, and she knew he hated her now…but not as much as she hated herself Carly thought as a tear ran down her cheek..


Background music ends


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

“Hi Greg” Greg looked up to see Bobby standing in front of him


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Hi” Greg said. He wasn t sure how he was feeling right now. He was still upset about walking out on Bobby yesterday, yet he felt a bit guilty for kissing Fiona last night

“I came over to your place last night. Nick said you were out” Bobby said

“Yeah, I went for a bit of a drive..clear my head” Greg said

“Did it work?” Bobby said

“Did what work?” Greg said

“The drive clearing your head” Bobby said

“It made me realize that things are always going to be the same as long as Frank is around” Greg said and Bobby sighed

“But he’s Sophies dad, what do you want me to do?” Bobby said

“That’s just it, I shouldn’t have to tell you what to do” Greg said as Bobby looked at him

“If you’re asking me to choose between you and Frank, I choose you and you know that” Bobby said

“That’s just it though..you say that to me, but I don’t think Frank knows that” Greg said

“I don’t know what other way I can tell him..He has to be around because of Sophie, and I cant stop him from seeing her, that will break her heart. Tell me what you want me to say to him?” Bobby said as Greg looked at her and sighed

“I don’t know, maybe I just need some time to figure this all out in my head” Greg said

“Does this mean that we are breaking up?” Bobby said

“I don’t know..it just means I need some time” Greg said and Bobby sighed.

“What should I say to Sam, he was asking for you” Bobby said

“Just tell him I’ve gone away for work” Greg said

“Ok..anyway, I better go to the resort..I’ll see you later” Bobby said then she leaned forward and kissed Greg on his cheek then smiled and walked away. Greg watched her walk away until he disappeared then sighed and wonder if he was making the right decision then he looked up to see Frank standing by the shed door looking at him..


Background music end


Courthouse- Waldorf Creek

Matt watched as Al Simpson swore on the bible then he sat down

“Please state your name for the court” the barrister said

“Albert Simpson” Al said

“We meet again Mr Simpson” the barrister said as Al looked at him

“The last time you were here, you were giving testimony against Alfred Stewart, about this same case. Now you are here because accused of the murder of Shane Wilson” the barrister said and Al looked at him

“So, Mr Simpson can you tell the court what really happened on 16th April 1985?” the barrister said and Al sighed. He had been in trouble so much in the past that he had an excuse for everything, and knew how to get out of everything, but this time it was different. In the back of his mind, he knew that somehow this event of his past will catch up to him. He thought that by now he would’ve been able to get money from Bobby and be far away from here. Now he had nothing, and no way to get out of the situation he was in

“ Mr Simpson answer the question” Al looked to his left to see the judge talking to him then he looked at the barrister

“It was an accident” Al said as he locked eyes with Matt


Army Barrack hospital- Brisbane

“Wakey wakey” Martin opened his eyes to a pillow being thrown at him

“Go easy mate, it’s the crack of dawn” Martin said to Jesse McGregor, a bloke he met at the army who had been there six months before Martin arrived. They lived in the same dormitory.

“Its 11am according to my watch” Jesse said as Martin yawned

“I thought you were getting out of here today?” Jesse said as he sat on the end of the bed

“I am” Martin said and yawned and sat up in the bed

“Well you look much better” Jesse said

“I couldn’t sleep last night. Still thinking about what happened to me, and why it happned” Martin said

“I guess its one of those things you will never know, so its best to try and move on” Jesse said sympathetically

“I know, but what if it happens again? I feel like ive got a target on my back” Martin said

“You think of leaving the army?” Jesse said

“I dunno, but I’m not sure if I can stay here if I have to keep looking over my shoulder” Martin said and sighed

“Well you’re a mate, and I would hate for you to give up your career here for some scumbags” jesse said”

“Thanks mate” Martin said

“So what time you getting out of here?” Jesse said

“I got to wait for the doc to discharge me” Martin said as Jesse looked at the nurse who put water by Martins bed

“The nurses here are a bit of alright here aren't they? I might have to find my way in here” Jesse said as he watched the nurse walk away as Martin shook his head

“I better go, Ill see you later” Jesse said as he got up from the bed

“Alright mate..see you later” Martin said and Jesse began to walk away

“Oh by the way” Martin said and Jesse turned around

“You got here before me, what do you know about Lt Ben Lucini?” Martin said

“Why?” Jesse said defensively

“I just had some training with him when I first got here” Martin said as Jesse looked at him

“He’s bad news mate” Jesse said

“Why?” martin said curiously

“If I was you, I would just stay out of his way..and I wouldn’t ask too many questions about him either…see you later” Jesse said and he walked away as Martin became curious about what he had just heard…


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

Greg looked a Frank who was working in the shed. Michael wanted him to work 5 days a week now that they were getting busier. This meant he had to see Frank every day. He sighed then he stared at the tools in the tool box as he thought about the conversation he had earlier with Bobby then he sighed. He knew he was wrong to think it, but he really wished that Sophie was not here. It would’ve made things so much easier then Frank wouldn’t have to be around as much as he was. Everything was in such a mess now


“Greg” Greg looked up when he heard his name

 “Sorry I was miles away, what did you said

“I said can you close up tonight, I have to go to the city” Michael said

“Yeah sure” Greg said and smiled

“Don’t forget the engine parts are being delievered later” Michael said  

“Alright” Greg said

“Mr Ross can you have a look at this” Maurice said and Michael walked over to him as Greg went back to staring at the tools in the toolbox wondering what he should do..


Courthouse- Waldorf Creek


Matt looked at his watch, it had been one hour since the jury went to deliberate. He looked up to see Alf Stewart sitting next to Donald fisher. Alf looked up and their eyes locked then Alf looked away

“Matt” Matt turned around to see Shannon walking over to him

“Sorry I couldn’t get here earlier, the diner was really busy, and I couldn’t leave” Shannon said as she sat next to Matt

“Lucky you, you missed Al Simpson saying it was all an accident and he didn’t mean to kill Shane ” Matt said and Shannon sighed and gently rubbed her cousins arm

“I cant believe he said that” Shannon said

“Well believe it, that is what he said” Matt said as Shannon sighed

“So what are we waiting for now?” Shannon said

“The jury has gone in to deliberate. The barrister said it could take ages, but Al confessing to an accident means he will get a lighter sentence” Matt said

“This is so unfair” Shannon said as Matt looked at the ceiling. The sentencing news didn’t hurt as much as Carly not being here for him..


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Fiona looked up and smiled when she heard the bell above the door ring, and Greg walked into the shop. She still had butterflies in her stomach after they kissed yesterday

“Hi” Fiona said as Greg walked towards the counter

“G’day” Greg said and smiled

“Just a couple of cans of WD40 and engine oil” Greg said as he went around the counter, and a few moments later he came back holding the items he needed. As he took the money out of his pocket Fiona stared at him wondering if she should say something. Soon Greg looked up and gave her the money and she gave him some change and a receipt

“Listen..about last night..I don’t want to lead you on” Greg was interrupted

“Its alright” Fiona said smiling to hide her disappointment

“I was just all over the place, and I took advantage of your friendship” Greg said

“I was a willing participant” Fiona said trying to sound upbeat even though her heart was breaking

“Yeah but it was still my fault. I came over to your place” Greg said

“No its fine..honestly” Fiona said as Greg looked at her

“I assume you worked things out with Bobby” Fiona said

“She came over to the boatshed this morning, but nothing is sorted yet. Not while Frank is still in the picture…anyway I better go..Ill see you later…and thanks for everything” Greg said

“Anytime” Fiona said and smiled as she watched Greg walk away and her smile disappeared as he closed the door and walked out of sight…

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Thanks for reading :)



Chapter 522


General hospital- Summer Bay

Emma opened her eyes in a daze as she heard a door close. She looked around the room and realized she was in the school nurse’s room. She sighed. The last she remembered she was playing rounders and she just hit the ball. She didn’t remember anything else after that

“Are you alright?” Emma looked to her left to see Lucinda sitting next to her

“What happened? Emma said

“Well you were in PE and you fainted and we called an ambulance

“I’m fine” Emma said as she tried to get up then felt dizzy and laid back on the bed

“Don’t try to get up. I called Aunt Ailsa, she’s on her way” Lucinda said

“You didn’t need to call her. Call her back and tell her she doesn’t need to come. I didn’t have much for lunch that’s probably why I fainted, I’m fine” Emma said as she looked at Lucinda. She was right, she didn’t have much lunch because she went to the beach to see if she could see Shane and maybe give him her lunch again. That was probably why she fainted


Knock on the door


“Its probably the doctor” Lucinda said and smiled and she got up and went to open the door as Emma sighed


“Hi Emma, I’m Dr Robinson” The female doctor said as she came into the room

“Ill just wait outside” Lucinda said

“Please call my aunt and tell her not to other coming…you can take me home..if its alright” Emma said and Lucinda smiled

“Alright” Lucinda said and she walked out of the hospital room and closed the door. As she walked to the phone box she smiled to herself. She had been spending a bit of time with Emma going to the shelter and talking about Adam. In a way she felt guilty being here because today was Shane’s trial. She wanted to go and be with Matt, but she knew her uncle wouldn’t give her the time off. Lucinda sighed hoping that today Shane would get the justice he deserves..


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“I feel like I always dump my problems onto you” Bobby said as she leaned into the chair in her office as she spoke to Rev Jones.

“Roberta, you are always welcome to call me day or night” Rev Jones said.

“I should be really asking how Pippa’s dad is” Bobby said. Talking to Rev Jones always made her feel calm especially after the conversation she had with Greg

“Well thankfully he is doing much better. The doctors are hoping that he can go home on Friday. I was just on my way to the hospital” Rev Jones

“I guess Pippa wont be home until next week some time?” Bobby said and sighed

“Is there something wrong? Rev Jones said

“Its just that it’s franks and Sals birthday on Saturday, and Sal has asked me to make the cake and have all of us there. I just think I need to stay away from the caravan park..and Frank for a while..considering its causing problems with me and Greg” Bobby said and sighed

“I’m really sorry all this is happening right now” Rev Jones said and Bobby sighed

“It would’ve been so much easier if Frank just stayed away” Bobby said

“The you probably wouldn’t have Sophie” Rev Jones said

“Thats been one good thing about Frank being back. I cant see my life without Sophie in it” Bobby said and sighed then she smiled.

“I’m sure Frank feels the same” Rev Jones said

“He loves her so much..thats why Greg asking me to stay away from Frank is not fair” Bobby said

“Does Greg want Frank to stay away from Sophie? Rev Jones as Bobby thought about what Rev Jones just said

“No…but…anyway I better let you go to the hospital. Please tell Pippa I said hello and she should call if she needs anything” Bobby said

“I will” Rev Jones

“Thanks for the chat” Bobby said

“You’re welcome..bye bye now” Rev Jones

“Bye” Bobby said and she put the phone down and sighed. Now she was back to where she was,   ruining her future with Sam and Greg

“Damn you Frank…why did you come back and ruin my life again?” Bobby said and sighed


Ross boatshed- Summer Bay

Greg sat on the edge of the boat he had been working on and looked out into the water as he remembered the conversation he had with Bobby in the morning. Then he remembered their plans to have their own children and he began to wonder if he was making the right decision by telling Bobby he wanted some space. He turned around and looked at Frank who was busy in the shed. He knew that Frank was just waiting for an opportunity to get back with Bobby. Greg sighed and thought about what he was going to do next


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Emma’s theme *


“Emma” Lucinda gently tapped Emma’s arm as she noticed her staring into space

“Sorry did you say something?” Emma said

“We’re at you house” Lucinda said and pointed

“Sorry, I was miles away” Emma said

“Do you want me to help you in?” Lucinda said

“No thanks, I’ll be fine” Emma said and smiled at Lucinda

“Thanks for…you know being with me at the hospital” Emma said

“Glad it wasn’t anything serious” Lucinda said

“Yeah” Emma said

“Well if you need anything let me know” Lucinda said as Emma got out of the car

“Thanks” Emma said and she closed the car door and walked the short distance to the house. She put her key in the lock, opened the door and closed it behind her. She knew that nobody would be home now. She walked to her room and put her school bag down and closed the door. She sat on her bed as she replayed in her mind the conversation she had with the doctor. She opened the draw of the bedside table and took out the Davids scarf and leather bracelet. She wrapped the scarf around her, put the leather bracelet on and put her wrist up to her face as a tear ran down her cheek and she thought about how her future was going to change…


Background music ends


Courthouse- Waldorf Creek


Al Simpson smiled to himself as the guards put on his handcuffs. He was proud of his decision to confess to what happened. He amazed himself about how he was able to think so quickly on his feet. Initially he was going to lie, but then he realized quickly that if he confessed to an accident, he would get a lesser sentence…and considering the case happened years ago, he probably wouldn’t serve any time at all. This meant he was able to get back to his plan, get what he was owed from Bobby, get Sophie, and get out of Summer Bay for good



Matt and Shannon sat in their seats in the courtroom. They were just informed that the jury had reached a decision. Al Simpson came in shortly

“I hope this is over shortly” Donald said in a whisper to Alf. They had been there the whole day. They were called upon to testify about what happened that day


“ALL RISE” the court clerk said to instruct everyone to stand while the judge came in

“BE SEATED” the court clerk said as everyone sat down. A paper was handed to the judge. He read it then folded it and put it in front of him. Alf looked over at Al who smiled at him

“He’s so smug” Alf said in a whisper to Donald who looked over at Al who also smiled at him


“Members of the jury, have you reached a unanimous decision” The judge said and one of the jury members stood up

“Yes we have your honour” one of the jury members said as Al looked at the male juror

“in the case of the murder of Shane Wilson, how do you find the defendant Albert Simpson? The judge said as Matt stared at Al Simpson

“We the jury find him guilty” the male juror said and Shannon turned to Matt and sighed and gave him a hug

“Thank you” the judge said and the male juror sat down.

“Please stand” the court clerk said to Al who stood up and looked at the judge. Al wanted to start laughing because he knew what the judge was going to say. This was too easy he thought to himself and he smiled

“Due to the lack of regard you had for a human life, and your inability to prove that you are truly remorseful for what you did, I sentence you to life in prison” the judge said and Al felt like he was hearing things. Suddenly he felt the blood drain from his body and his smile disappeared.

“The judge was sentencing him to life in prison…that wasn’t the plan…he wasn’t suppose to serve any time considering he confessed to the whole thing being an accident


“Lets go Simpson” The prison guard said as he stood in front of Alf. Al took one step then he turned to look at Matt then he looked at Alf then at Donald. He always hated Donald. He thought he was smug and up himself


“Finally this nightmare is over” Alf said as the images of what happened flashed in his mind. That shot he fired didn’t his Shane, It was Als shot that his Shane. Something he tried for a long time to figure out


“Thank goodness” Donald said and he got up from his seat

“Hey Don…tell my daughter Bobby that I love her, and she should come and visit me” Al said and he smiled at Donald. He knew that saying that would wind him up and the look that Donald gave him let him know he had succeeded

“Come on just forget him, he’s just trying to wind you up” Alf said

“He always had to have the last laugh” Donald said annoyed as they walked out of the courtroom


“You don’t look happy” Shannon said after her and Matt shook hands with the barrister

“I am” Matt said

“I honestly thought he wouldn’t get a sentence since it happened so long ago, but he got life” Shannon said excited

“Yeah” Matt said

“You sure everything is alright?” Shannon said

“Yeah” Matt said

“Let’s go and get some ice cream from Mr Rogers van like we used to before you go back to the city” Shannon said

“Alright” Matt said. He was glad Shannon suggested they go to Summer bay because there was someone he had to see…


*Going forward ill be using Sophie's theme below for Emma


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