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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 523



High School- Summer Bay

Adam put the mop and bucket in the closet and closed the door. The school was quiet as he walked along the corridor to the bathroom. He opened the door and washed his hands as he looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He remembered that Shannon had reminded him to get some tomato sauce and pasta for dinner tonight. Adam turned the tap off and grabbed some tissue and wiped his hands as he walked out of the bathroom.

As he walked along the corider to the exit he thought about when he first got to Summer Bay, and how he was burgled. He thought about first dating Lucinda, then Marilyn. Marilyn was beautiful. Her smile lit up her face, and he loved the way her hair smelled so good, and her skin was so soft. Adam sighed.




Shannon- I saw a flat for rent in the paper yesterday, I think we should go and look at it

Adam- Why, we already have somewhere to live

Shannon- I know but we cant stay on the boat forever, we need to think about the future. You know when we get married and have kids

Adam- I thought you wanted to go to Art school

Shannon- I did..until I met you. I can go to uni in the city or something

Adam- But Art school in Paris is your dream

Shannon- I have a new dream now


Flashback ends


Adam sighed. As he locked the school doors he wondered if he and Shannon had the same dream…



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Sorry Mrs Stewart, I didn’t expect to be gone for so long” Shannon said as she walked into the kitchen

“That’s alright love, how did it go?” Ailsa said

“Al Simpson got a life sentence” Shannon said with a big smile on her face

“That must be such a relief for your family. How did Matt take it?” Ailsa said

“I don’t think its sunk in yet. We are going to have a memorial for Shane..you know say goodbye properly” Shannon said

“That’s wonderful love. Has Matt gone back to the city?” Ailsa said

“He said he was going to see a friend before he goes” Shannon said and smiled


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


The banging on the door startled Carly. She opened her eyes to a headache while clutching a bottle of vodka. She pushed the bottle of vodka into the corner of the couch and pushed the hair away from her face as the door knocked again

“just a second” Carly said and she rushed into the bathroom and quickly used some mouth wash to rinse the taste of alcohol from her mouth. She then sprayed herself with some perfume and walked back to the living room. She opened the front door and got a shock to see Matt there

“Matt..hi…I wasn’t expecting you…come in ” Carly said in shock and guilt as Matt walked into the house and closed the door. Carly turned around and looked at Matt who stared at her. She felt so embarrassed and she also had a bit of a hangover. 


“So how did everything go at the court” Carly said as she leaned on the table so she wouldn’t fall over

“Al Simpson got a life sentence” Matt said

“That’s good news” Carly said and smiled

“Well you would’ve known if you were there like you promised” Matt said

“I’m really sorry Matt. Something came up and” Carly was interrupted

“Same old Carly…you know I thought you would’ve changed by now, but no..youre the same as always. Making promises you cant keep, letting everyone around you down” Matt said

“I’m sorry. I really wanted to come to the court but something came up” Carly said

“What came up? What was more important than being there for a friend? A friend who was always there for you” Matt said as Carly tried to rack her brains to come up with an excuse. Matt stared at her

“You see, you cant even come up with a lie, can you?” Matt said as Carly looked at him

“Matt, I’m really sorry” Carly said as Matt looked at her as tears formed in her eyes

“I don’t need your apologies, your tears, or your lies. You are the one person who I wanted to be with me today. You knew how important this was for me. You knew how much my brothers death…not knowing what happened…It had a huge impact on my life. You knew all that.

Ive never asked you for anything. I just asked you to be there for me…just like I was there for you. However it wasn’t important..I wasn’t important was I Carly? All that stuff you said on the beach yesterday was just lies wasn’t it Carly?” Matt said as he shook his head. Carly wiped the tear that ran down her cheek. She knew what she did was wrong. She had every intention of going, but she knew that Ben wouldn’t like it, and that somehow he would find out that she went. It was something she couldn’t risk.

“Well whatever it was that you had to do today, I hope it was worth it, because as far as I am concerned…anything I felt for you..anything I feel for you…ended when you didn’t come to the court” Matt said as Carly looked at him as another tear ran down her cheek. Matt stared at Carly. Today was so bitter sweet. Today he got justice for his brother, yet the one person he wanted to be there let him down.

“Goodbye Carly” Matt said disappointed then he walked out of the house and closed the door. Carly walked over to the window and she slightly opened the curtains as she watched Matt get into his car and drive away. She closed the curtains and walked over to the couch and sat down. She pulled the bottle of vodka from the corner of the couch, and stared at it as tears ran down her cheeks. She hugged the bottle and laid down on the couch and began to cry..


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Emma’s theme


Ailsa gently knocked on the door and opened it

“Are you alright sweetheart” Ailsa said as Emma turned over

“Yeah fine” Emma said faking a smile as Ailsa sat on the edge of the bed

“ We are about to sit down to dinner, do you think you can join us?” Ailsa said

“I’m not really feeling hungry..just a bit tired” Emma said

“Did the Drs tell you what happened?” Ailsa said

“Well the think I might be low on Iron, so they gave me some iron tablets. They think that’s what made me weak and pass out” Emma said

“Alright then…well thank goodness its nothing serious” Ailsa said

“Yeah I know” Emma said

Ill let Donald know that I’m going to keep you off school for the next few days” Ailsa said

“Thanks” Emma said

“Lucinda called earlier to check on you” Ailsa said

“Ok, Ill call her later” Emma said

“Ill leave some dinner for you in the oven in case you get hungry later” Ailsa said

“Thanks” Emma said as Ailsa smiled and got up from the bed

“Aunt Ailsa” Emma said and Ailsa turned and looked at her

“Thanks..you know for everything” Emma said and Ailsa smiled then she walked out of the room and closed the door. Emma turned over to her original position of looking out of the window. She reached under the blanket and pulled out Davids scarf and put it up to her face and closed her eyes and dreamt about her future…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve washed the dishes as Sally wiped them

“Can we phone Pippa later?” Sally said

“Why? Her dad is sick” Steve said

“I know. I just want to know when she’s coming home” Sally said as Frank came into the kitchen

“Alright, I better get going before it starts to rain” Frank said

“Frank can you read me a story?” Sally said

“Not tonight Sal” Frank said as he picked her up and kissed her cheek

“That’s not fair, you never read me a story” Sally said

“Sal, you know I have to go and read Sophie a story” Frank said

“Bobby can read Sophie a story, then you can read me a story” Sally said

“I promise I’ll read you a story soon ok?” Frank said and Sally sighed

“Ok” Sally said disappointed and Frank kissed her cheek and put her down

“Ill see you later” Frank said and he walked out of the house and closed the door. Steve looked at Sally who was staring at the door disappointed. She didn’t like Sophie anymore because she was taking Frank away

“Ill read you a story Sal” Steve said

“No thank you” Sally said and she walked up the stairs to her room. Steve wiped down the sink area then hung the towel on the sink. As he walked out of the kitchen he looked around the house. He would be going soon, and all the guilt he felt when he saw Frank would all be gone..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 524



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“This is really good Mrs Ross”  Shuanna said as she chewed the chicken pie in her mouth. Celia smiled. She enjoyed cooking, even if she only got the chance to eat with Shaunna since Michael was working late and Haydn was in his room.

“Glad you are enjoying it. Its an old family recipe” Celia said

"Its great. I would ask for the recipe, but i won't be able to make it as good as you" Shaunna said 

“It used to be my niece Ruths favourite” Celia said

“Oh is that your niece in New York?” Shaunna said

“Yes, but why she continues to live there I do not understand. I don’t think I could live there with all that crime and strange people” Celia said as Shuanna smiled. She enjoyed spending time with Mrs Ross. She was always able to get all the information she wanted about Pippa Fletcher. They both heard footsteps and Haydn walked into the kitchen

“Oh Haydn there is some dinner in the oven” Celia said and Haydn ignored her. He opened his fridge and took out a can of coke as Shaunna watched him. Haydn then went into the pantry and took out a bag of crisps then he walked out of the kitchen. Shaunna looked at Celia who sighed and had a look of disappointment on her face then when she noticed Shaunna looking at her she smiled.

I hope you have some space left for desert” Celia said and got up from the table

“Absolutely” Shaunna said and smiled. As Celia got the desert Shaunna sighed to herself. This was the second time that she had been to dinner here where Haydn had been rude to Mrs Ross.

“Do you mind if I just use the bathroom?” Shaunna said and she wiped her mouth with a napkin

“Of course…you know where it is” Celia said briefly and returned to getting their desert. Shaunna smiled then she walked out of the kitchen and past the bathroom until she was in front of Haydns room. She watched him as he played video games. He looked up to see her standing there then he got up and was about to close his room door when Shaunna stopped him

“Now you listen to me you little brat” Shaunna said as she dragged Haydn by the collar of his t-shirt and lifted him and held him up against the wall  as his feet dangled.

“Eveyrtime I’ve been here, you’ve been rude to Mrs Ross. It stops today….do you understand” Shaunna said annoyed as she stared at Haydn who looked at her and struggled to get out of her grip

“On Saturday morning I want to see you at the surf club for junior life guards..that is an order” Shuanna said as Haydn still struggled

“If I have to say this to you again, Ill come to your school, and tell your entire class that you wet the bed” Shuanna said as Haydn looked at her in shock, and stopped struggling. He didn’t know how she knew that he wet the bed. It was an accident, and he put his sheets in the dirty laundry basket.

“Do you understand” Shaunna said and Haydn slowly nodded his head

“Good” Shaunna said and she let go of Haydn and walked out of the room while Haydn walked slowly over to his bed and sat down still in shock not only because Shaunna knew his secret…but he now had the hots for her as well…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Nick rolled his eyes are he watched Greg playing with the pizza crust on his plate

“Just go and talk to her” Nick said and Greg looked up

“I dunno mate” Greg said

“Yes you do, Do you still love her?” Nick said

“Yeah of course” Greg said

“So just go and sort things out with her, before its too late” Nick said and Greg sighed

“At least go and see your son” Nick said and Greg suddenly felt guilty. He hadn’t thought about Sam and the fact that he had not seen him

“Yeah, you’re right. I really shouldn’t leave things like this” Greg said and smiled

“Good on ya. I got to get to work. I hope to hear some good news in the morning” Nick said and smiled

“Keep your fingers crossed” Greg said as Nick laughed and walked towards the door

“Oh I nearly forgot to tell you, your brother Shane called earlier when you were in the shower” Greg said

“Thanks, Ill give him a call later” Nick said

“He said not to bother, he will try again at the weekend” Greg said

“Alright….thanks. I’ll see you later” Nick said and walked out of the house


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“He’s got some nerve” Bobby said as Donald told her what Al said as he was leaving the courtroom

“Yes I know, just like someone else I know playing the role of father” Donald said and Bobby sighed

“Dad don’t start” Bobby said as Donald looked at her

“Greg not here?” Donald said

“No” Bobby said as she picked up his tea cup and took them to the kitchen

“Oh? Is there a problem?” Donald said as Bobby washed the cup in the kitchen

“No” Bobby said

“You have to give the man a lot of credit though” Donald said as he heard footsteps down the stairs

“Who?” Bobby said as she wiped her hands and walked out of the kitchen

“Frank..I cant imagine how he continues to live in a place where he is not wanted” Donald said  as Frank walked up behind Donald and they stared at each other.

“Dad don’t” Bobby said as Frank and Donald stared at each other

“Just telling the truth..I better go, goodnight” Donald said and walked out of the house as Frank grabbed his jacket from the couch and put it on

“I’m really sorry about my dad having a go at you” Bobby said

“I think he wont be satisfied unless I leave Summer Bay” Frank said

“But you’re not are you?” Bobby said immediately “I mean Sophie would be very upset if you left” Bobby said as she looked at Frank

“No, I’m not” Frank said as he looked at Bobby who sighed

“Good” Bobby said and smiled

“I better get going” Frank said as Bobby looked at him. She wanted to ask him to stay a little longer

“Ok..goodnight” Bobby said and before she knew it she hugged Frank and exhaled. Frank sighed and rested his chin on Bobby’s head. He really missed holding her. Feeling her close to him made everything feel better. Bobby inhaled Frank and it felt so good.


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“So the minute I say we should have some space you go running back to him” Bobby and Frank turn around to see Greg standing in the kitchen

“Greg…what are you doing here?” Bobby said surprised to see him

“You couldn’t even wait five minutes, is that how little I mean to you” Greg said

“Nothing is going on between me and Frank” Bobby said

“Oh stop lying, this is what you’ve wanted since he got back here” Greg said

“That’s not true” Bobby said as Greg stared at Frank

“Yes it is, just admit it” Greg said annoyed

“Go easy..there is nothing going on” Frank said reluctantly


“You cant tell me what to do” Frank said

“How about I throw you out, is that better?” Greg said and he grabbed Frank by the shirt and they began to tussle.

“Greg stop” Bobby said as Frank grabbed Greg by the collar


“Frank please stop” Bobby said and Frank backed away

“I came here to try and work things out, and fix our family. I don’t even know why I bothered because none of this is worth it” Greg said and he walked out of the house and slammed the door. Bobby sighed and she folded her arms then she let them flop to the side and turned around and looked at Frank

“Sorry about all of that” Bobby said as Frank stared at her

“What did he mean when he said he wanted to work things out…did you two break up?” Frank said and Bobby sighed and turned around

“I don’t know” Bobby said

“After what just happened, I would say you have” Frank said and Bobby sighed. Her emotions where all over the place. She didn’t know how she felt. She didn’t know how she was feeling when Frank kissed her neck then her cheek then her lips. She still didn’t know how she was feeling when she wrapped her arms around him and continued to kiss him to erase the confrontation she just had with Greg


Background ends


Stewart Residence- Summer bay


Alf poured himself some whiskey and walked to the couch and sat down. Shortly after Ailsa came into the living room

“I thought I’d have a cuppa, do you want one?” Ailsa said

“No love, I thought I’d have something stronger” Alf said and smiled as Ailsa sat next to him

“What a day” Alf said as he drank his whiskey

“I cant believe Al got life” Ailsa said

“Yeah I know. You should’ve seen him grining like the cat that drank all the cream before the judge sentenced him” Alf said

“Did you see the Wilsons? Im sure they must be relieved” Ailsa said

“Yeah Matt was there. I suppose this closes that chapter for them” Alf said as he put his arm around Ailsa

“And for you, and Don, and also Bobby” Ailsa said

“Yeah” Alf said

“I wonder how Bobby must be feeling, I suppose it doesn’t really matter anymore since she chose not to go to the court…anyway, its been a good day” Ailsa said as Alf drank his whiskey

“What would’ve made it better is if Frank left town” Alf said

“Alf” Ailsa said as she looked at him and sighed..


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby helped Frank unbutton his shirt as he kissed her neck. Frank felt butterflies in his stomach. This is everything he had ever wanted since he got back to Summer Bay. Frank pulled away from kissing Bobby's neck and unbuttoned her shirt. He ran his fingers along the lace of her bra and looked up at her and smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her chest as Bobby released her arms from her shirt and they laid on the bed and began to kiss. Bobby wrapped one leg around Frank and exhaled as she felt butterflies in her stomach. Being with him was just like it was before. The way he touched her…the way her body responded to him. Bobby felt Frank unbutton her jeans and began to pull them down when reality began to set in for her. Frank kissed her neck as he pushed down her jeans

“Frank..we cant do this” Bobby said and Frank looked at her

“Why? Whats wrong?” Frank said confused

“Its not a good idea” Bobby said

“I don’t understand, you and Greg are broken up, and me and Beth are not serious” Frank said so casually

“So its really that easy?” Bobby said and shook her head and put her shirt on

“Bobby why are you playing games? You love me…I know it. Now you and greg are over, there is nothing stopping us from being together. I know you want this” Frank said and Bobby sighed and walked over to the window and folded her arms.




Ailsa- Bobby, what are you doing? Why do you want to get hurt all over again”

Bobby- Ailsa….. I thought all the feelings I had, had gone away, but they are back again..it just feels like Frank and I are meant to be together

Ailsa -but so much has happened since the two of you were together

Bobby I  know but I cant change how I feel”

Ailsa -Bobby..look how long it took for you to get back on your feet after the two of you split up..what if it happens again?

Bobby- It wont..things are different now…we are older and we know what we want. We love each other, and we want to be together

Ailsa- Oh Bobby

Bobby- If I could change the way I feel about Frank, I would..but I cant

Ailsa I want to say something. Greg loves you..he really loves you. He was just in the diner talking about how you are the best thing that ever happened to him, and he couldn’t wait for you, him and Sam to be a permanent family. Being with Greg is the happiest I have seen you in a long time…you have the family you have always wanted. Greg is really in this for the long term…he’s not being selfish just trying to get out of this what he wants

Bobby- And you think Frank is?

Ailsa- He just split up with Roo for crying out loud…he’s probably lonely, and if he gets you back,  he wins the jackpot and gets to slide back into your life like nothing never happened

Bobby- That’s not very fair”

Ailsa-  would say its pretty close to the truth


Flashback ends


“Bobby I know this is what you want. Me you and our own little family..like we always said we wanted” Frank said as he stood behind Bobby. She turned around and looked up at him

“I love you Bobby, and I know you feel the same way” Frank said

“Frank” Bobby was interrupted

“Truth time Bobby…look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel the same” Frank said and Bobby looked away and out of the window then she inhaled and exhaled

“Frank just go” Bobby said as she turned back around

“Why are you doing this?” Frank said

“Because its for the best” Bobby said

“Best for who? A guy who breaks up with you every five minutes?” Frank said and shook his head

“Greg and I made a commitment to each other” Bobby said and she looked at Frank. She was trying to figure out if she was convincing Frank or herself

“The argument I saw earlier wasn’t a commitment. I know you better than anybody Bobby…you don’t want Greg..you want to be with me” Frank said and Bobby exhaled

“I don’t think its necessary for you to come over for breakfast every day, and dinner every night. Sophie has to get used to the fact that you don’t live here” Bobby said

“So now you want to keep me away from my daughter?” Frank said annoyed

“That’s not what I’m saying” Bobby said

“So what are you saying?” Frank said annoyed

“Frank I don’t want to fight” Bobby said

“None of this would be happening if you would just admit you love me” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“Its late I think you should go” Bobby said as she folded her arms

“Is this what you really want Bobby?” Frank said

“Yes it is. Ill take Sophie to school and pick her up, you can come by and read her a story at night” Bobby said and Frank looked at her. His heart was breaking. He knew that legally he had no leg to stand on because his application for foster parent had still not come through

“I guess I have no choice” Frank said then he put his shirt on, buttoned it up. Put his shoes on and walked out of the room. Bobby waited until she heard him walk down the stairs then she closed her bedroom door. She walked over to the bed and sat down as she listened to Frank start the car engine. As he drove off a tear ran down her cheek as she promised herself that she wasn’t going to jeopardize her future with Greg and Sam..


Background music ends



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Greg looked at his watch then ate the last of his cereal and put the bowl in the sink as he heard the door. He hated that he had to go to work today and have to see Franks smug face.

“Oh sorry, I thought you had left already’ Fiona said as she saw Greg in the kitchen.

“I was just leaving” Greg said as he washed the plate and put it on the drying rack. He wiped his hands and walked out of the kitchen.


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Have a good day” Fiona said trying not to make things awkard

“Thanks you too” Greg said as he walked past Fiona then he turned around

“Look, what I said yesterday” Greg was interrupted

“Its fine” Fiona said

“What I mean is, I still don’t know where things between me and Bobby stand, but I want us to pick up where we left off” Greg said as he stood in front of Fiona. She knew that it was wrong but she put her arm around Greg and nodded then they both leaned forward and began to kiss..



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby smiled as she watched Sam eat his breakfast. She watched as Sophie came down the stairs with her school bag and put in the chair. Bobby's smile disappeared as she watched Sophie open the curtain. This is what she always did and waited for her dad to come and have breakfast.

“Come on Sophie, come and have your breakfast” Bobby said and Sophie nodded and closed the curtain and walked over to the table.  Bobby watched as Sophie began to eat her cereal and she assured herself that everything was going to be fine, Sophie was going to be fine and she was not going to do anything to jeopardize her future with Greg and Sam…



Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 525


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Bobby” Bobby looked up when she heard her name

“Sorry Ailsa, I was miles away” Bobby said

“Yes, I noticed. Is everything alright?” Ailsa said

“Yes fine, just have a lot of things to do today” Bobby said

“I thought maybe you were thinking about Al?” Ailsa said

“Not at all. Good riddance to him I say. You know I went to see him in the hospital when he and Frank got into the fight. I asked him why he hated me so much, and you know he didn’t even have the guts to tell me” Bobby said

“Sorry you had to go through that” Ailsa said

“Oh don’t worry about it. It doesn’t even matter anymore. I’m just glad he’s away from Sophie” Bobby said

“She’s lucky to have you and Frank...and you didn’t turn out so bad either" Ailsa said and smiled as Bobby rolled her eyes

“Who would’ve thought the trouble making brat who ate chocolate all the time would end up having businesses and a family of her own” Ailsa said

“I didn’t eat chocolate all the time” Bobby said pretending to be shocked

“I beg to differ” Ailsa said as she walked out of the office smiling. As Ailsa walked away, Bobby picke dup the photo on her desk. It was of Sam and Greg. Ailsa was right, she had a family of her own, and was not going to do anything to jeopardize her future with Sam and Greg..


Alice Springs correctional centre - Alice Springs NT 

“Move it Simpson” The prison guard said as Al slowly walked to his prison cell. He was tired and his body hurt. After the court, he was bundled onto a coach with other prisoners for the long drive to the prison. The guard in front of Al stopped in front of a prison cell and opened the cell door. Al slowly stepped into the cell and lifted his arms up for the guard to remove the handcuffs. Shortly after the guard was closing the cell door and soon after there was silence. Al looked around the cell then he slowly moved over to the bed and sat down. The minute his body toched the bed all the memories of the last 22 years came flooding into his mind…when he met his wife..when they adopted Bobby...when his wife died..the crimes he committed, and now he was here..spending the rest of his life alone




Bobby- Why do you have me so much? What did I do to you?..Sophie is me and Franks daughter now…you are never getting her back…you know I hope they lock you up and throw away the key


Flashback ends


“You can keep the little brat..I don’t need Sophie I don’t need you..I don’t need anybody..I don’t need anybody” Al said then a tear ran down his cheek and he laid back on the bed and closed his eyes..


Background music ends




Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

“Michael we need a new cheque book, and the engine rep said to give him a call” Frank said as he approached Michael who was standing next to a car with Greg who stared at him

“Ok” Michael said as he stared at the engine

“Problem?” Frank said as he stared at the engine then at Michael

“Yeah, Greg just put in a new crankshaft, but the engine still sounds off” Michael said then he watched as Frank put his hand in the engine as Greg looked at him

“The timing belt is broken, it needs changing” Frank said as Michael looked at him then he touched the timing belt and it was indeed broken

“Know a bit about cars, do you?’ Michael said

“A bit” Frank said then he smiled

“Now we know whats wrong with the car, Greg you can fix it. I’ll be back later” Michael said and he walked off leaving Greg and Frank alone.

“Look about last night, there is nothing going on between me and Bobby” Frank said

“You think I’m stupid? You think I don’t know what has been going on? I saw the two of you” Greg said

“You can think what you like. If there was something going on I would tell you, but there isn’t.  Just don’t take this out on Bobby” Frank said and walked away. Greg sighed. He was confused. He knew what he saw last night. He remembered how angry and hurt he was because he felt like a fool. He didn’t know where things stood with Bobby, but what he did know is that he was happy to get away from Summer Bay tonight and spend some time with Fiona…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Shane looked at the half eaten cold burger in the paper bag as his stomach grumbled. He was starving and had no more money left. This meant that he was going to have to see if he can get some from the caravan park. He couldn’t wait that long, he had to get something now. He looked at his watch. He knew that his brother would be fast asleep now, so if he was careful he would be able to get into the house and get something. Shane opened the shed door and crept out. He slowly walked to the back door and turned the handle. The door was open. He quickly put his hand in his pocket and took out a napkin, and wiped the handle then he slowly walked into the house trying not to make any noise. He quietly went into the kitchen and slowly opened the fridge and sighed it was empty which meant that Nick had not been shopping..that none of them had been shopping. Shane sighed as he closed the door then he jumped when he heard the phone start to ring. He began to panic. From where he stood he wouldn’t be able to make it out of the kitchen in time. He looked around the kitchen then he opened the pantry door and squeezed himself inside. He closed the door and waited for Nick to answer the phone. A few seconds later he heard the bedrrom door open and Nick came out yawning.

“Hello” Nick said when he picked up the receiver

“Mum, I’ve been to call you” Nick said and Shane began to panic. Why was his mum ringing? He called her yesterday and told her everything is alright

“Yeah everything is fine” Nick said as Shane put his ear to the door to listen.

“Mum there is a knock on the door, hold on” Nick said and he walked over to the door. Shane couldn’t hear anything. A short time after Nick closed the front door and returned to the phone

“Hello mum, sorry about that , it was the post man giving me a parcel” Nick said

“What did you say? Mum the phone connection is really bad..oh when is the phone company coming to fix it? Alright then,,call ne when its fixed.. alright..love you too..bye” Nick said and put the phone down and Shane sighed then he heard Nick walk into his room and closed the door. Shane waited then he slowly opened the pantry door and squeezed himself out then he slowly tiptoed out of the house and closed the door. Shane put his hood on and quickly passed the side of the house and walked fast when he got onto the road. When he was a distance from the house he slowed down and sighed. He wasn’t sure how long he could keep this up for, but it didn’t matter because there was no way he was going home…


High School- Summer Bay


“Oh Lucinda, I was just going to the diner for lunch can I bring you something back?” Donald said as he stood at the door of his office

“No thank you” Lucinda said as she typed a letter

“I know we didn’t have much time to talk last night, but I suppose you are delighted that there has been justice for Shane Wilson” Donald said

“Yes, I’m glad everything worked out for the Wilsons. I sent them a card this morning” Lucinda said

“That was very thoughtful of you. Are you sure I cant get you anything? Donald said

“No thanks, I ll get something from the canteen” Lucinda said

“Ok well, Ill see you later” Donald said

“Ok bye” Lucinda said as Donald walked away. Lucinda sighed. She hated lying to her uncle, but she already had lunch plans. She was going to the animal shelter with Emma. She had grown close to Emma. She felt connected to her, and it was nice to speak to someone who also knew David…


Primary School- Summer Bay

“Put your jacket on sweetheart, it’s a bit cold” Bobby said as she walked out of the school building with Sam and Sophie

“Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Beth behind her

“Can I have a word with you?” Beth said

“Sam, Sophie go and wait for me by the tree” Bobby said and Sam and Sophie rushed towards the tree

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said as she looked at Beth concerned

“Oh no, nothing to do with Sam and Sophie. I wanted to talk to you about Frank” Beth said and Bobby felt her stomach drop

“What about him?” Bobby said


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Well, I know its his birthday on Saturday, and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on what to get him for a present” Beth said with a smile on her face. Bobby wished the floor would open and swallow her up. She didn’t really want to have this conversation with Beth

“I dunno” Bobby said

“Anything would be helpful, like what’s his favourite band, or TV show?” Beth said

“He likes Bruce Springsteen” Bobby said reluctantly

“That’s really helpful, thanks you” Beth said with a big smile on her face

“Yeah no worries” Bobby said faking a smiled as she watched Beth walk away excited. She turned around and began walking towards Sam and Sophie as she remembered that there was nothing going on with her and Frank because she wasn’t going to jeopardize her future with Sam and Greg…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Ok thanks” Frank said and he put the phone down and sighed as he walked up the stairs. He called the department to find out if there was an update on his application for foster parent, and there wasn’t. Frank sighed as he sat on his bed. He opened the draw and took out the little bag that had his passport and other documents and took out an envelope. He opened the envelope and first took out the folded piece of paper. He opened it and smiled. He remembered the day Sam drew the photo of him. He remembered how their friendship became one of the highlights of living in New York. He folded the picture and put it back into the envelope then he took the letter that Sam wrote for him and he began to read it.


“Follow your dreams” Frank said out loud when he got to the end then he sighed. He thought that was what he was doing when he left New York. Following his dream to come home to the woman he loves. He never expected to gain a daughter who he loved more than anything, but right now he felt alone because he didn’t have either of them…


Harris Residence- Summer Bay

“Sorry I’m late, I just stopped off to pick up a bottle of wine” Greg said as he closed the door behind him

“You’re right on time. The pasta is nearly ready” Fiona said as she walked back into the kitchen

“Scott not here?” Greg said looking around

“No, he’s staying with my mum tonight. She takes him on the days that I have to be at the surf club” Fiona said as she poured the water from the pasta into the sink

“So its just you and me tonight?” Greg said as he walked over to Fiona as she put the pot on the stove top

“I hope you don’t mind” Fiona said and smiled

“Not at all” Greg said as he leaned forward and they began to kiss..


Backgound music ends


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