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  1. He heard from Nick because it was the word around school/town, but I guess he is still in denial. In addition, Jonathan wants to make sure that Craig didnt tell Bob that they were seeing each other.
  2. Thanks for mentioning this because ive never seen the episode, so my opinion is based on what others said. I remember he told Ailsa in his final scene in 1992 that he was going to London, but I don't think he did. I could be wrong but another forum member said Steve(?) or someone else said at one of Sallys other weddings that Frank was working in either Queensland/Goldcoast.
  3. Unless the writers want to completely rewrite history, I dont recall Frank going back to New York when Bobby chose Greg over him. I remember asking what happened to him and the general consensus is that he was working somewhere in Australia and still single. I must be the only one who doesnt want to see Frank and Roo back together. What would be the point? However I wouldn't mind seeing Alex return for a guess spot, maybe to meet Sally in Summer Bay or something. I dont get the impression that he would want to stay longer than a few episodes.
  4. If I remember clearly, Pippa was a bit younger than Tom. They started fostering when she as in her 20's so it kind of makes sense that she felt closer to the children and identified with them.
  5. I thought the same too...or be arrested for aiding a criminal escape.
  6. Chapter 334 General hospital- Summer Bay Jonathan walked along the corridor quietly. It was late and the lights were low. He knew were he was going because he called ahead. When he got to his destination he noticed that nobody was there he walked over to the bed and saw that Craig's eyes were closed. He had a tube coming out of his mouth and the heart monitor was beeping. For a split second, he felt sorry..sorry that this time his games had gone to far..he knew that Craig was vulnerable…but he couldn’t stop himself..now that weakness he had was potentially going to ruin his life Flashback Craig- When do you think I should tell my dad about us Jonathan- Not now, we should wait a while…you know we have a plan Craig- I know but im sick of hiding when I love you Jonathan- Yeah, it wont be long…at least wait until the school year is finished Craig- Then we can move to the city and be together..i love you..its going to be hard having to wait..i hope I don’t let the cat out of the bag before that Flashback ends “Hello” Jonathan turned around to see a man standing behind him “Oh hello, I am Jonathan, the banqueting manager at the sands” Jonathan said “Oh right, Im Bob Barnett, Craig’s father” Bob said and Jonathan extended his hand out “Nice to meet you, we sent flowers but I felt I needed to come by. Craig is one of our best workers…we cant understand why this would happen” Jonathan said “Neither can I” Bob said “Did he say anything that would indicate that he was…you know..suicidal?” Jonathan said “No, not at all..this is completely out of character” Bob said and Jonathan exhaled quietly “How is he doing?” Jonathan said “Well, the doctors say he is going to recover, its just a waiting game now” Bob said “That’s fantastic news…Anyway, I better go” Jonathan said “Thank for coming by..ill walk you out, im going to get a coffee” Bob sand he walked out of the hospital room…just as Craig opened his eyes…. Two days later Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay “Thank you for letting me borrow your pans Celia…I would usually use the ones at the diner but Bobby will be using them” Ailsa said as she walked towards the front door “You’re welcome Ailsa, what are families for” Celia said as both her and Ailsa walked out of the house and towards the car. Ailsa got into her car and closed the door “Oh, I forgot to ask, how are things with Haydn?” Ailsa said as she started the engine of her car “Yes…um yes they are must better” Celia said as she smiled “See, I told you, he just needed to adjust to new home and new surroundings” Ailsa said “Say hello to Alfred for me” Celia said “I should be saying that to you, because you see him more than I do lately…anyway, I better get going…bye” Ailsa said and smiled then she drove off “Ok, bye” Celia said and she smiled and waved as she watched Ailsa drive away. As Ailsa car disappeared in the distance Celia’s smile also disappeared as she walked back towards her house. She lied to Ailsa…things were not better. Haydn hated her and she hated to think it but she hated him too…and what made it worse is that Michael wasn’t around much..and when he was..he..didn’t support her Waldorf Creek Inn- Waldorf Creek Debra sighed as she looked at her watch then she looked at Alf who was asleep and sighed. She hated that she they had to go, her children would be coming home soon and she needed to be there. Debra gently nudged Alf a few times and he started to wake up. Alf yawned then he opened his eyes “Its getting late, we need to get going” Debra said and she took the covers off her and began to get out of bed then Alf pulled her close and kissed her ear. Debra smiled. She knew she made Alf happy…it was meant to be like this. Debra stopped smiling then she sighed “Are you still worrying about Karen?” Alf said “Yes, I thought she liked it here…I didn’t notice that the girls were being mean to her..I thought they were her friends.” Debra said “Girls that age are always doing that..I should know I went through it all with my Ruthy” Alf said “I know, I don’t want her living in the city…I want them both here” Debra said “Well she wont be living with a stranger, she will be living with her dad” Alf said “I know..but it wont be the same..I made up my mind..she cant got” Debra said and Alf smiled. This is what he loved about Derba, she knew what she wanted and went after it. “If I had a choice, my daughter would be living with me” Alf said “She would if” Debra immediately stopped talking. She couldn’t believe what she almost said..she couldn’t believe what she almost said.. “What did you say love?” Alf said as Debra racked her brains trying to come up with something to say “I was saying your daughter would be with you if she moved to Australia” Debra said hoping what she said would be enough to hide her tracks “I know, but she is happy over in America, she has a good job and husband..she isn’t coming back to live her..I have Sandra in the house…I suppose but its not the same..you know…your own flesh and blood..anyway, we better get going” Alf said and he yawn again and got out of the bed scratching his bum as Debra watched him walk away thinking about what he just said… Edison Office- Boston Massachusetts Background music- have you ever been alone Roo drank her coffee then she yawned. It has been a long weekend, and last night she went out to dinner with Helen, Mandy the new office manager of the Boston office and some potential clients. Even though she was tired, she loved this life. She remembered what Nancy first told her that this job involved lost of late nights and early morning and it was true, especially this weekend. This was everything she hoped America would be Roo thought and smiled to herself. Having fun and enjoying the benefits of a good job Roo thought as she remembered the clothes she brought on Saturday when she went shopping. Even though the hotel she stayed in wasn’t her home, she hoped one day she could live in a luxury place like that then reality hit Roo and her smile disappeared. flashback Frank- Maybe you should make an appointment to see the Dr Roo- Why? Frank- We should be pregnant by now Roo- I told you Frank, its just a busy time at work right now, that’s probably causing the delay Frank- I suppose…I really cant wait for us to have a family Roo-Frank we cant rush, it will happen when it happens Frank- I know, Im not rushing you, I’m just saying. I think if we have a little girl who looks like you, I don’t think ill ever be able to say no to her Flashback ends Roo sighed. She had a few more weeks then she was going back to her real life..living in a small apartment with a leaking kitchen sink…living with Frank asking her to have the baby she wasn’t ready for. Roo sighed…she felt trapped and no amount of day dreaming was going to change the fact that she had to try…she was all Frank had…she had to try… Macklin Cooperation- New York Frank looked at the wall on the clock, he couldn’t believe that he had worked through lunch. It wasn’t overtime, but he wanted to get his projects all done early so that if there was going to be any overtime, he would be the first in line. As Frank looked back to his desk, he looked at the photo of Roo on his desk and smiled. She was beautiful flashback Frank- Maybe we should start thinking of some names Roo- Names for what? Frank- For when we have the baby Roo- Frank, its too soon for that Frank I know but I want to think ahead flashback ends Phone ringing “Frank Morgan speaking” Frank said as he answered the phone and put the pen behind his ear and smiled to himself “Hello Frank” Frank froze as he heard James Hanson on the other end of the line “H…hello Mr James…how are you?” Frank said and sighed quietly. “Fantastic…how are you Frank?” James said “Yeah good…just been busy” Frank said “I assume that is why I didn’t see you on Friday” James said “I meant to call you but I just got tied up…I had family visiting from Australia…but I promise I will be there on Friday” Frank said “You do know how much you owe now don’t you?” James said “Y..yes” Frank said “Good, ill see you Friday” James said then the line went dead. Frank sighed. He didn’t know how he was going to get the money… he and Roo were getting ready for the baby, he needed all the money he could get now that he had no savings..he had to find a way to get the money…and fast Background music ends
  7. This In my opinion Vanessa doesn't get enough credit for bringing the Pippa Fletcher character to life. Both Roger and Vanessa are fantastic actors. Hopefully they will reunite again for another project.
  8. Maybe they will...or maybe they wont.. Thank you all for reading. A bit busy , but I hope to have a chapter up this week.
  9. Yikes.... I wonder what happens to Maddy now? She has to go and face the consequences. I don't think she meant any harm, she genuinely just wanted to help..
  10. I don't know Rowena as June but she was phenomenal as Patricia on Sons and Daughters. If there was ever an actress to step into the shoes of the Morag character, she would in my opinion do justice to the part.
  11. Chapter 333 Diner after dark- Summer Bay Background music- Jukebox As I watch you move, across the moonlit room There's so much tenderness in your loving Tomorrow I must leave, the dawn knows no reprieve God give me strength when I am leaving So raise your hands to heaven and pray That we'll be back together someday “Looks like everything is alright here” Nick said as he smiled at Lucinda as Bobby walked towards the counter. “Thanks for the check in” Lucinda said. “Ill see you later” Nick said and he began to walk towards the door as Lucinda smiled, she enjoyed the dinner date she had with Nick even though she was still feeling sad that Matt wasn’t interested in her. “ Hey Nick” Bobby said as she rushed to the door after Nick. “G’day Bobby, is everything alright” Nick said as he took off his police hat “Yeah, I just wanted to ask if there had been any updates on the blokes who attached Carly” Bobby said “No, nothing, we hit a dead end. Hopefully like Carly said, it was someone from out of town who is long gone now” Nick said “Yeah, I hope so….thanks for the check ins” Bobby said “No worries, see you later” Nick said and he opened the car door “Oh by the way, I saw your friend Julie today” Bobby said as Nick looked at her and he felt his heart skipped a beat Tonight, I need your sweet caress Hold me in the darkness Tonight, you calm my restlessness You relieve my sadness “Oh right…I better be going” Nick said and he smiled then he got into his car as Bobby walked towards her car. Nick closed the door and signed. He didn’t expect to be feeling this way when he heard Julies name. Nick inhaled deeply then exhaled. As far as he was concerned it was over between them. Nick started the car and drove off As we move to embrace, tears run down your face I whisper words of love, so softly I can't believe this pain, it's driving me insane Without your touch, life will be lonely Yabbie Creek RSL- Yabbie Creek “BINGO” Jenny Gibson said and got excited in her chair “Looks like you won again” Julie said and faked a smile as she looked around the room. Everyone there was way older than her..she wished she didn’t have to be here but she had no choice…she wished she was on the beach in Summer Bay again running her fingers through the warm sand… So raise your hands to heaven and pray That we'll be back together someday “Looks like you and Nick are getting friendly” Grant said as Lucinda walked into the kitchen and smiled “Yeah, he is a great guy” Lucinda said as she put the dishes in the sink “What happened to your guy in the city?” Grant said. Carly was about to walk out of the pantry but she stopped “I don’t know, he said we are better off as friends…I thought it was heading for something more” Lucinda said “Sorry” Grant said and gave Lucinda a reassuring smile “Thanks, I guess I just have to accept it…” Lucinda said and Carly stood in the pantry and sighed Tonight, I need your sweet caress Hold me in the darkness Tonight, you calm my restlessness You relieve my sadness Flashback Carly- Matt, I really like you Matt- I really like you Carly, Im glad you came back to Summer Bay Matt- Me too, I missed this place…and you Carly- Remember we said that if we were ever going to try again, this time it would be for keeps? Matt- Yeah Carly- Is it for keeps this time? Matt- Yeah Flashback ends Carly sighed then she walked out of the pantry. “Well its his loss” Grant said “Thanks” Lucinda said and smiled “ Carly, are you not seeing Ben this weekend?” Lucinda said “No, he has some army stuff to do” Carly said and smiled “A girl from university married a guy in the Army, he is stationed overseas in Europe and they are having the best life. That’s going to be you one day…you are really lucky to have such a great guy” Lucinda said and smiled. Carly smiled and nodded she was really lucky to have Ben, she really loved him “Yeah, he is a great guy, I am really lucky” Carly said “Ill just go and serve the customer” Lucinda said and turned around. As Carly turned around to walk towards the fridge she locked eyes with Grant who stared at her then he turned around to wash the dishes as Carly walked away Morning has come, another day I must pack my bags and say goodbye, goodbye Tonight, I need your sweet caress Hold me in the darkness Tonight, you calm my restlessness You relieve my sadness The Bistro- Summer Bay Flashback Carly- Im really glad it was you who turned up tonight Matt- Who else was you expecting to take you to the school formal? Carly- Nobody..I just thought that when you moved to the city, you would forget all about me Matt- Now why would I do that? Carly- I don’t know..Im sure there are lots of pretty girls at your new school Matt- None of them are as pretty as you Carly- I really like you Matt Matt- I really like you too Flashback ends Matt sighed as he sat in the office attempting to write the rota for next week. He looked at the phone, he did plan on calling Lucinda, just to make sure things were still ok between them even though Matt didn’t feel the same way about her, ,but he knew she would be at work…with Carly. Matt sighed. Lately he had been thinking a lot about Carly, but she was happy with her new bloke..that is why she didn’t want to come and support him at the trial…anyway none of that mattered, he was over her… Tonight, I need your sweet caress Hold me in the darkness Tonight, you calm my restlessness You relieve my sadness Background music ends
  12. Chapter 332 Two days later Macklin Office- New York Background music- have you ever been alone Frank stared at the clock on the wall. He didn’t know how long he had been staring at it, but he felt like the time was going slower than normal. Today was the day that he had to give Mr James the money he owed him..money that he didn’t have. Frank jumped as the phone rang. He looked at it then sighed and picked up the receiver “Frank Morgan speaking” Frank said “Hi, its me” Roo said “Hi, how are you?” Frank said and sighed “Whats wrong?” Roo said “No, nothing its just been a long week” Frank said “I was just calling to say that Helen is here and” Roo was interrupted “You're not coming home this weekend?” Frank said and sighed “yes..sorry...with the office opening in a few weeks we have so much work to do” Roo said “I guess its only for a few more weeks” Frank said “Yes...” Roo said then there was an uncomfortable pause “Anyway I got to go, I guess Ill see you next week” Frank said “Ok, ill give you a call later if I can” Roo said “Ok, bye” Frank said then he put the receiver down. Even though things were better with Roo, he hated that she continued to put her work first but fortunately it would only be for a few more weeks Frank thought to himself and he smiled as he picked up the photo on his desk of Roo smiling. She was so beautiful then Franks smile disappeared as he remembered that he still had to give Mr James money…money that he didn’t have… Boston-Massachusetts Roo put the phone down as Helen walked in “The guy said he will be here to service the air conditioning on Monday for free” Roo said “Its not broken” Helen said confused “Yeah I know, I just want everything to be perfect” Roo said and smiled “You have done a wonderful job here Ruth” Helen said as she looked around the office. Roo smiled “Thank you” Roo said. She was really proud of herself. If someone had told her she would do more in her life than answer phones for the Macklin cooperation she wouldn’t have believed it. “It’s a shame that you have to go back to the New York office, you have been such an asset here” Helen said as she picked up a document from the desk and Roo's smile disappeared “W..Well…I can always help out until things Mandy is up and running here” Roo said “I think Mandy will be fine..anyway, I need you back in New York” Helen said and she smiled then she looked back at her document. Roo smiled then slowly her smile disappeared. She would be going home…permanently…back to reality...back to Frank asking for a baby…Roo closed her eyes and sighed… Background music ends Shopping centre- Yabbie Creek Bobby put the last of the boxes into her minivan and exhaled. When she had the time on the weekends she usually came here to buy the candles, napkins and other things that they used to decorate the table for the diner after dark. Just as Bobby walked around to the driver side window, she remembered that she needed to get a few things for the house. She locked the van and walked back into the shopping centre. Bobby walked into the shop and picked up the basket. She looked around as she tried to remember the things that she needed to buy. She walked over to the vegetables and picked up a few onions then she picked up some potatoes. Bobby put the potatoes in her basket and just as she was about to turn, someone bumped into her “Sorry” Bobby heard behind her then she turned around to see a woman in a wheelchair “Don’t worry about it” Bobby said and she walked around the wheelchair “Hi, you own the diner in Summer Bay? Bobby turned around. The woman in the wheelchair looked familiar “My name is Julie, I came to the diner and you gave that guy a serve because he was being rude” Julie said with a smile and a lightbulb went off in Bobby's head “Yeah, I remember now, you were with Nick” Bobby said and she saw Julies facial expression change then there was an uncomfortable pause. Bobby sighed as guilt came over her as she remembered the conversation, she had with Nick “Thanks again for that night” Julie said and smiled “No worried..that guy was a creep” Bobby said “Oh, Im used to it…sitting in this thing” Julie said and smiled “Did you get the carrots” Bobby looked up to see a woman standing next to her “Mum this is” Julie stopped talking “Bobby” Bobby said and smiled “Sorry, this is Bobby, she owns a diner in Summer Bay” Julie said and her mum looked at Bobby “Hello” Jenny said and smiled “Hi” Bobby said “Do you come this way often?” Julie said “Not really, but next time you come to Summer Bay, come by the diner” Bobby said and smiled “Thanks” Julie said as she forced a smile. She knew that she wasn’t going to be in Summer Bay any time soon. “Anyway, I have to go, nice seeing you” Bobby said and smiled at both Julie and her mum then she walked away. Julies mum walked away talking to herself as Julie watched Bobby walk away. Julies mum turned around then she walked back towards Julie “You alright love?” Jenny said “Yeah fine” Julie said faking a smile “Good, we put all that nonsense with that policeman and Summer Bay in the past now love…its all for the best” Jenny said “Yeah, of course..Ill just get the carrots” Julie said and smiled and her smile disappeared as she rolled herself away… Lawrence Residence- The City As Karen heard the footsteps coming up the stairs she poked her finger in her eye a few more times and blinked then she laid back on her pillow, grabbed a teddy bear and began to sniffle. “Sweetheart…are you alright?” Dennis Lawrence said as he walked into Karen’s bedroom Emotional background music “Its nothing dad” Karen said as she wiped the tear running down her cheek “It must be something because you are sitting here alone crying, and not out with your friends” Dennis said with concern in his voice as he sat on the edge of the bed “Im not happy in Summer Bay dad…the kids at school…they are not friendly” Karen said as she sat up in the bed “Why didn’t you say something sooner?” Dennis said “I didn’t want to get into trouble because I know that Blake likes it there, he has a job and friends but the girls are really mean to me” Karen said as she cried “Oh love, Im sorry” Dennis said and he gently put his arm around her “Ive tried to be nice to them but its not working…its really lonely at lunch time…I don’t have anyone to sit with” Karen said “Oh no…when me and your mum got divorced, we wanted you and your brother to be happy.Ill talk to your mum…Im surprised she hasn’t seen any of this..Ill see if she will agree for you to come back to your old school..with all your friends” Dennis said “Dad, please don’t say anything…I don’t want to be any trouble” Karen said “Its no trouble lfor my little girl..your happiness is important to me, I will speak to your mum and see if we can get this sorted out” Dennis said “Thank you dad” Karen said as she hugged her dad then smiled…her plan was working….soon she will be out of Summer Bay, the stupid detention, and no one will ever know what she did….. Background music ends…
  13. Chapter 331 General Hospital- Summer Bay “Bob” Bob turned around to see Pippa standing behind him “Pippa…how are you?” Bob said and he stood up. He wasn’t expecting her, however he always liked Pippa because she was always kind to him and his son “I just wanted to see how you and Craig are doing” Pippa said and she walked closer to the bed and gently placed her hand on Craig’s hand “Well the Doctors say there is no permanent brain damage but he is still in a coma” Bob and his voice broke “Im sorry Bob” Pippa said and she put an arm on Bobs shoulder to comfort him. Bob wiped the stray tear with the back of is hand and exhaled “I keep trying to figure out how this could’ve happened,,,,why it happened” Bob said as he looked at his son “Thinking about that is not going to help..all you need to do is focus on the fact that Craig is going to get better, and everything will be alright” Pippa said and she smiled and gently rubbed Bobs shoulder “Thank you…thank you for coming, I really appreciate it” Bob said and managed to smile. He really did appreciate it…he hadn’t moved from the hospital since he got there “I have to go now, but If there is anything you need, please let me know” Pippa said and Bob looked at her “Please say a prayer for him” Bob said. Even though the signs were pointing to a full recovery, Craig was still not out of the woods yet “I will…bye” Pippa said and smiled then she walked away. Bob smiled as he watched her walk away then his smile disappeared. The one person he thought would come and see him…the one person he thought he was getting closer to…she wasn’t there… Stewart Store- Summer Bay “ Alf” Debra said as Alf thrusted fast then he slowed down and stopped and kissed Debra passionately then they stopped and both exhaled and Alf rolled onto his back and laid on the mat on the stockroom floor. Debra smiled to herself as she thought about how her Alf, Blake and Karen had a great time camping, then her smile disappeared. She wished that it could be like that all the time…she wished that she could be with Alf all the time. Debra exhaled then she sat up and began buttoning up her blouse “You don’t have to go, already do you?” Alf said “Yes” Debra said then her and Alf looked at each other when they heard someone trying to open the door. Alf got up quickly and rushed to put his trousers on. He walked to the stockroom door and peeked. It was Michael “Who is it?” Debra said as she tied her hair back “Its Michael, me sister Celia’s husband…what the bleeding hell does he want” Alf said “He probably wants to buy something…go out and serve him” Debra said as she pushed Alf out of the stockroom then he walked towards the front door “I thought you were closed” Michael said as he walked into the shop “No no, this door gets stuck sometimes” Alf said as he pretended to play with the lock “What can I get you” Alf said “Just a can of WD40 please” Michael said then they heard something fall on the floor. Debra sighed, As she was hiding she knocked a can off the shelf. She had to think quickly. She looked around then she picked up a box of soap powder “This is the one I was looking for Alf, thank you” Debra said and she walked around the corner as Michael looked at her “Can I settle up with you later, I need to get back to the school?” Debra said “No worries” Alf said trying to sound relaxed “Thank you…Bye” Debra said and she looked at Michael and smiled as they both watched as Debra walked out of the shop and Alf exhaled and thought about how close he was to being caught… Police Station- Summer Bay “Thanks” Nick said to the front desk assistant as she gave him a file. He put the file on the desk and opened it. It was an arrest he made, he needed to add more notes to it “So…how was dinner the other night?” Nick looked up to see his colleague Pete smiling at him “It was alright” Nick said and smiled. Lucinda kept her promise, they went out to eat. He had to admit, he did have a nice time. “So are you seeing her again?” Pete said “Dunno” Nick said and Pete sighed “You’re not still hung up over that legless bird?” Pete said and laughed as Nick looked at him “Ive got work to do” Nick said and he looked down at file on his desk as Pete walked away laughing. He wasn’t still hung up over Julie…that was a lie…. High School- Summer Bay Steve looked at the clock then sighed there was another 20 minutes left before the detention ended. All of the year had detention every day because no one had come forward to dob on the bully. He then looked over at Karen who looked at him sarcastically then he looked down at his homework. Even though Craig was his friend, he didn’t want to be known as the school dober if he told Fisher about the confrontation Craig had with Karen, yet he felt guilty that he had to keep it to himself..he had to make a decision. Steve sighed then he looked up to see Ms Woods looking at him and she smiled. She was always looking at him in a funny way. He then looked over to Sandra who was also doing her homework. Steve sighed then he put his head down and began writing…hopefully someone else would tell Mr Fisher because he knew he couldn’t… “Come in” Donald said as he heard a knock on the door “Do you have a moment Mr Fisher?” Debra said as she opened the door “Yes, come in…I was just leaving for the day” Donald said as he put a folder into his briefcase. He was intending to pass by the hospital to see Bob and Criag. Although he and Bob were not the best of friends, he sympathized with him considering he went through the experience of having a son in a coma. “Well I wont keep you” Debra said and she closed the office door “Have a seat” Donald said and Debra sat done “What can I do for you?” Donald said as he looked at Debra “It is with regards to the Barnett boy and the bullying” Debra said “Yes” Donald said “I don’t believe my children should have to continue to attend the detention” Debra said “And why not?” Donald said “We have only been here for a few months, and to be honest, my children would not mix with that sort of boy or know anything about him...considering the circumstances, I dont think he should even be attending this school” Debra said and Donald looked at her. If he was honest with himself, he was very surprised at what she said. Initially he did find himself being attracted to her strong nature. She reminded him of himself, the values that she had, the discipline that she helped to instill in the school but he was seeing a different side of her. “I would like to remind you that when you first arrived, I informed you, and you did indeed agree that your children will not be shown any preferential treatment” Donald said “Yes I do recall that but” Debra was interrupted “But what?” Donald said “My children have told you that they do not know any information and I believe them and think they should be excluded from the detention” Debra said “Well I am sorry, when Blake and Karen are in school, they will be treated like any other student…and like any other student, they will be in the detention hall one hour after school, until this issue is resolved. Good day Ms Lawrence” Donald said then he looked down at his to do list while Debra stared at him. Donald looked up to see that Debra was staring at him “Is there something else?” Donald said then Debra got up and walked out of the office and closed the door…
  14. Interesting that this is one of the popular photos on Georgie's instagram. In my opinion, they somewhat look alike... Shame that Nicolle doesnt have an Instagram..would love to see more old photos like this
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