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    Homecoming Part 2

    Chapter 202 Sands Resort- Summer Bay Megan giggled as Jeff tickled her then he laid back on the bed and exhaled. Megan pulled the covers under her arm and out her head on Jeff’s chest. Jeff then reached out to the side table and picked up his glass of wine then drank some and put the glass back. “I cant believe you used to teach at Summer Bay High” Megan said “Yes I did “ Jeff said then he bent down and kissed Megan “So what made you change to fitness?” Megan said “I got tired of teaching. I went back to school and got my fitness trainers license a year ago” Jeff said “So how did you land back here in good old Summer Bay” Megan said as she looked at Jeff “Summer Bay has always been home. The Bay always has a way of bringing people back” Jeff said and sighed as he remembered his brother “Do you think you are going to stay here?” Megan said “Well my contract here is for 6 months, I guess it will depend on what happens after” Jeff said “You are lucky you get to live here” Megan said as she looked around the hotel room “Not for long, I need to look for a place soon” Jeff said as he reached out and picked the glass up and drank more wine “Well, while you are still here, I think we should enjoy it” Megan said then she climbed on top of Jeff and smiled Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa looked at the front door when she heard it open “Im home” Steve said as he closed the door and locked it “Hello sweetheart, how was the dinner?” Pippa said as Steve walked over to the couch and kissed her head “Good” Steve said and he sat down at the desk “Did Viv have a good time?” Pippa said “Yeah she did. I think her and Sandra are going to be good friends” Steve said and he sighed “Is everything alright?” Pippa said looking at him confused “Yeah, why?” Steve said “I think you are not telling me something” Pippa said and smiled and Steve laughed “No, everything is fine” Steve said “everything is fine but I cant tell you because you are my Mum fine?” Pippa said and Steve laughed “By the way, the present on the table is yours, Frank sent it” Steve said and sighed then he picked it up and looked at it “Oh right” Steve said “I am going to call him now, to thank him. I will leave you alone so you can have your boys talk” Pippa said and she got up and opened the draw and took out her calling card and address book “Maybe another time, I am going to go to bed” Steve said and got up “Steve, its still early” Pippa said confused “I am a bit tired…goodnight” Steve said and began walking to the stairs “Steve is there something going on? Every time I mention Frank you act funny like Sally” Pippa said “Honestly, there is nothing going on” Steve said “Good, then you can stay here and thank Frank for the gift” Pippa said and Frank sighed. He didn’t really want to talk to Frank, he felt guilty about Bobby and the baby. Steve sat down and began to unwrap the present as Pippa sat down and began to dial. Steve sighed as he unwrapped the last paper, it was a new cassette player. Morgan Residence- New York Phone ringing Frank opened his eyes when he heard the phone ring. He fell asleep on the couch and reached his hand out and picked up the phone receiver “Hello” Frank said and he looked behind him. Roo was still asleep Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Hello Sweetheart, I hope I didn’t wake you up” Pippa said “No no, its fine. How are you? I was wondering when I would hear from you. I called the other day” Frank said “I just wanted to call and say thank you for the gifts and happy new year” Pippa said and smiled as she was reminded of the nice earrings Frank sent her “Happy new year” Frank said “Steve is here, he wants to say hello” Pippa said as she reached out her hand. Steve sighed and he got up and walked over to the phone. Pippa got up and Steve sat down “Hi Frank, thanks for the gift” Steve said as he felt guilty “No worries. How have you been? I haven’t talked to you in ages” Frank said “Yeah good..just getting reading to start school on Monday” Steve said he really wanted to get off the phone Morgan Residence- New York “So whats going on with your little love triangle situation?” Frank said. He sensed that there was something wrong with Steve “I haven’t seen Rebecca much and Sandra moved in with the Stewarts today. I just got back from there” Steve said “Oh right..Steve is there something wrong?” Frank said Caravan Park- Summer Bay “No, why?” Steve said and sighed :Its just your being weird that’s all” Frank said “No, I am just a bit tired,” Steve said “Alright then, I better let you go” Frank said “Ok, Ill give the phone to Pippa” Steve said as Pippa walked back to the phone and watched as Steve walked up the stairs “Hello love” Pippa said Morgan Residence- New York “Pippa is there something wrong?” Frank said “With what sweetheart?” Pippa said “With Steve, I sense that there is something wrong…are you hiding anything from me?” Frank said “No, nothing is wrong. He was working long hours at Alf Stewarts shop so I think he is really tired” Pippa said “Oh right…well hopefully you all come and visit this year. I really miss you” Frank said “Chris is obsessed with your toy, he went to bed holding it” Pippa said and Frank laughed “How is Roo?” Pippa said “Yeah good, she said to say thanks for your present” Frank said as Roo began to wake up “Did you have a nice Christmas with Alf and Ailsa?” Pippa said “Yeah, hopefully I will see you this coming Christmas…lets plan for it” Frank said exited “Ok” Pippa said “Pippa” Frank said “Yes love” Pippa said “How is Bobby?” Frank said and Roo opened her eyes “Fine, shes going to enroll in Uni today so that’s exciting” Pippa said “Oh right, I guess she finally got to go to Uni, do what she wanted” Frank said and sighed as Roo looked at the ceiling, sighed and closed her eyes Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Yeah after everything that has happened, it’s a fresh start” Pippa said then she realized what she said “What happened? Frank said curiously “Oh nothing, she’s just been working really hard that’s all” Pippa said hoping that Frank wouldn’t ask anymore questions. “oh right” Frank said “Sweetheart, I want to save some of the calling card so I will write to you” Pippa said hoping that Frank wouldn’t suspect anything “Ok, please ask Sal to write to me, I really miss her” Frank said “I will..give my love to Roo” Pippa said “Ok, I will..Ill wait for your letter” Frank said “Alright sweetheart, take care” Pippa said “I love you” Frank said “I love you Son..bye” Pippa said then she put the phone down and sighed The Bistro- The City Come inside take off your coat I'll make you feel at home Now let's pour a glass of wine cause now we're all alone I've been waiting for you girl just let me hold you close to me Cause I've been dying for you girl to make love to me “Hmm did you say something?” Brett said “Yes, I was saying that this fish is really good” Melanie said as she put some fish into her mouth. Girl you make me feel real good We can do it til we both wake up Girl you know I'm hooked on you And this is what I'll do “This looks really good, thanks” Bobby said as she looked at the steak and chips she ordered “Just going to the bathroom, which way is it?” Bobby said “Straight down and on your left” Narelle said as she pured some salt on her mashed potatoes “Right, thanks” Bobby said and she got up and followed the directions I wanna sex you All night You make me feel good I wanna rub you down I wanna sex you up “Please excuse me for a second” Brett said as he saw Bobby get up and followed her Let me take off all your clothes Disconnect the phone so nobody knows Let me light a candle So we can make it better Makin' love until we drown Bobby walked down the hall until she saw the sign for the ladies bathroom and opened the door. Brett got to the ladies bathroom, looked left and right then he opened the door as Bobby flushed the toilet and walked out of the stall. When Bobby saw Brett standing by the door she jumped and put her hand on her chest “Brett, you frightened me” Bobby said then she walked over to the sink and washed her hands then dried them “Don’t I get a hug?” Brett said and opened his arms. Bobby smiled and walked over to him and hugged him. He smelled really good “You look really cute with your hair short” Brett said as he looked at Bobby “Thanks” Bobby said and smiled “I thought I would be the first person you call when you come to the city” Brett said “Sorry, it was a last minute thing, I had some business to take care of and I enrolled in uni” Bobby said “Congratulations…so when are you moving here..so I get to see you” Brett said and he put his arms around Bobbys waist “I am going to commute because I don’t have to be in everyday and Ill probably stay with Narelle if I get too tired” Bobby said as she looked up at Brett “I have a spare bed” Brett said as he stared at Bobby “I appreciate the offer” Bobby said and smiled “Ive missed you” Brett said then he leaned forward and lightly kissed Bobby on her lips then she moved back “Whats wrong?” Brett said confused “Brett, you are here with someone..” Bobby said then she moved back “Say the word and I will get rid of her” Brett said “No Brett, that’s not fair” Bobby said “But its you I want” Brett said then he put his arms around Bobby again “Brett we talked about this…I am not ready” Bobby said then Brett sighed “Youre break my heart” Brett said “Oh Brett, come on, don’t say that” Bobby said and she smiled “I am serious..” Brett said “I have to go,” Bobby said “Its actually a good thing that I bumped into you…we are having a big function at the end of the month and I need to hire a catering consultant” Brett said “Yeah sure” Bobby said and laughed. She knew Brett was probably using this as an excuse “No, I am serious. We are entertaining some clients and managers from our New York office” Brett said and Bobbys heart sank “I am not sure, I have some media obligations for the NSW awards council” Bobby said “Please” Brett said “Ive never catered an event before” Bobby said “Well you should start. Its important to always have different sources of income and I think this is a good business venture for you” Brett said as Bobby listened. He was very good at giving her business advice “I don’t know….” Bobby said All you need to do is the menu. Ill hire a chef and staff to prepare and serve the food” Brett said “Brett I am not sure” Bobby said “Whatever your salary is at the resort for the month, Ill double it just for that day” Brett said as he looked at Bobby and she looked at him with a look of shock on her face “So do we have a deal?” Brett said as he put his hand out for Bobby to shake and Bobby smiled “Yes” and she shook Bretts hand then he pulled her forward and kissed her lips again “I think this should be the start of a new business for you. I have some very important people coming. If I recommend you, you will have another growing business or you could open another diner here in the city” Brett said “Brett, why are you doing this?” Bobby said “What do you mean?” Brett said “I told you I am not ready to be in a relationship but you give me these opportunities” Bobby said “I believe in you, I think you have a bright future and will be very successful…all the qualities I am looking for in a future wife” Brett said and he winked and Bobby laughed and shook her head as Brett left the bathroom. Bobby looked at herself in the mirror and smiled then inhaled and exhaled deeply and walked out of the bathroom Background music ends Mitchell/Woods Residence- Summer Bay “Sandra invited me over to her place tomorrow then we are going to go to the beach or something. Is it alright if I go?” Viv said and she sat on the couch “Of course it is..so I guess the dinner party went well?” Grant said looking at Viv “Yeah, I am really happy to be here. I didn’t have many friends in my school in Newcastle because my mum is very strict” Viv said “I think you will make friends here and they are welcome to come here as well” Grant said “Thanks” Viv said and smiled. This was the first time in a long time that she was genuinely happy Newton Residence- Newcastle “Thank you” Angela said then she put the phone down then she looked at what she just wrote on the paper “Summer Bay” Angela said out loud and laughed then she stopped and an expression of anger came across her face.
  2. Summer's Bay

    Older Guys

    Oh dear, I wasnt expecting that young man to die. Nice twist
  3. Summer's Bay

    Homecoming Part 2

    Hello Friends, Here is a link for part 1 Story Title: Homecoming Part 2 Type of story: Not sure how long this fanfiction is going to be, this is my first time writing a fanfiction Main Characters: Frank, Bobby, Roo, Floss, Aisla, Carly, Sally Pippa, Alf, Nev Background Characters Most of the characters who appear in the early years, Mr Greyson, Andy and a few others to be added later BTTB rating: G/A Genre: Romance/Drama Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before 1992 Any warnings: Sexual content, Summary: The aftermath of Tom Fletcher's death prompts a former Summer Bay resident returns home and the impact this return has on the lives of the people he left behind. Chapter 201 Smart Residence- The City “Are you not going to say anything?” Narelle said as Bobby looked at her “Nothing at all?” Narelle said “But Jeff Samuels” Bobby said “He is amazing, good looking and best of all, he is a 9 ½ kisser” Narelle said as she clasped her hands together and sighed “He is a creep” Bobby said “Bobby, that’s not a nice thing to say about the potential man of my life” Narelle said Phone ringing Narelle got up and walked over to the phone as Bobby looked at her “Hello” Narelle said as Bobby looked at her. Narelle had a habit of picking really bad boyfriends and Jeff Samuels was another one who was going to be added to the list. “Oh Hi Jeff…good, how are ya?” Narelle said as she looked at Bobby and smiled. “Oh, right…yeah…another time maybe” Narelle said disappointed “Bye” Narelle said then she put the phone down and sighed “What did he say?” Bobby said “Just that something came up and he has to go out of town and cant see me this weekend” Narelle said disappointed “Sorry” Bobby said “Don’t be…we are a right pair aren’t we? Always picking the wrong blokes” Narelle said and sighed then she looked at Bobby and they started laughing “Come on, lets go out to eat before I go, my treat” Bobby said and smiled and Narelle sighed “Alright…let me go and get ready” Narelle said “I haven’t got all night” Bobby said then her and Narelle started laughing Sands Resort- Summer Bay “Sorry about that, I had to take care of something” Jeff said as he sat down next to Megan “Is everything alright?” Megan said “Yes, fine..where were we?” Jeff said “You were telling me about the view from your room” Megan said “How about I show you instead?” Jeff said and Megan smiled “A bottle of red wine please” Jeff said to the bartender. Shortly after, he returned and put a bottle on the table. Jeff took some money from his pocket and put it on the counter and he motioned for Megan to follow him and they left the bar Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “Are you sure that its alright that I come?” Viv said “Yeah, Mr Stewart said I can bring some friends” Steve said as the door opened “Hello Steve…come in” Ailsa said as she opened the door wide for Steve and Viv to go in “You must be Viv, I am Ailsa Stewart” Ailsa said “Hi” Viv said and smiled “Frank said to give him a call” Ailsa said as Steves heart sank “Ok” Steve said as he faked a smile “Go through to the dining room” Ailsa said as Steve and Viv walked into the dining room. Sanda and Craig were already seated “Hi” Steve said as he saw Sandra. Sandra stood up and walked over and hugged Steve. Steve felt butterflies in his stomach, Sandra looked really nice in a pink jumper and jeans “Hi, thanks for coming” Sandra sid “Oh, this is Viv , she will be starting school with us on Monday” Steve said “Hi” Sandra said and smiled at Viv, Viv smiled back “Ok folks, eat before it gets cold” Ailsa said as she began bringing out plates from the kitchen Caravan Park- Summer Bay Carly closed the door and leaned forward and kissed Ben “Hi” Ben said as he looked at Carly “Hi..you look beautiful” Ben said as he smiled at Carly “Thank you..i really love my necklace…I don’t take it off” Carly said as she grabbed the necklace “You’re welcome” Ben said “We better get going, the movie starts soon” Ben said and he started the engine and drove off “Looks like its just us tonight sweetheart” Pippa said as she put the phone down then sat on the couch and hugged Sally “What time is Bobby coming home?” Sally said “She not sure, shes going to dinner with Narelle first” Pippa said as looked at Christopher playng the toy Frank sent him for Christmas. Emotional Background music “Sweetheart, can we talk about something?” Pippa said and Sally nodded her head “I don’t want you to get upset ok” Pippa said “Ok” Sally said “Frank is really upset that you don’t want to talk to him, he asks a bout you all the time” Pippa said and Sally didn’t response “Sal?” Pippa said and Tears started falling down Sallys cheek “Oh sweetheart, don’t cry” Pippa said as she hugged “Pippa I don’t want to talk about it” Sally said and wiped her face “Are you not going to open the present he sent you” Pippa said pointing to the present on the desk and Sally shook her head no “Sal, he loves you and whatever you think he did, I am sure he is sorry. Lets call him” Pippa said and Sally shook her head no “Can me and Milko go to my room please?” Pippa said and sighed “Ok” Pippa said and watched as Sally walked off then she sighed. She was hoping to resolve this because she knew how much Frank loved Sally “Looks like its just you and me Christopher” Pippa said as she smiled at Christopher Phone ringing “Caravan Park Hello” Pippa said “Phillipa, its me” Reverend Jones said “Oh Alex…how are you?” Pippa said as she breathed a sigh of relief “I am fine, how are you?” Reverend Jones said “Waiting to here from you…Bobby is back, I told her what happened, she was really upset” Pippa said “How is she doing?:” Reverend Jones said “She appears to be much better. Shes moved back here for a while” Pippa said “Ok. How are Aviva and Tamara?” Reverend Jones said “Fine, they are settling in well with Grant Mitchell, he is their foster parent right now but I supervise” Pippa said “Thank you” Reverend Jones said “For what?” Pippa said “For caring about them” Reverend Jones said “When can I see you?” Pippa said without thinking “At this stage I don’t know. I am aware that the girls need to be interviewed but Angela Newton has told some of the town folk even though she was advised against it” Reverend Jones said and sighed “This means you will be sent away” Pippa said “Lets not talk about that right now…are any of the children around, I would love to say hello” Reverend Jones said “Christopher is here…Chris, come and say hello to Revvy” Pippa said as Reverend Jones laughed. Christopher ran towards Pippa and she gave him the ohone “Revvy” Christopher said “Hello Christopher, how are you” Reverend Jones said “Ok…got toy” Christopher said “You got a toy…that is wonderful” Reverend Jones said as Christopher giggled then he let go of the phone and ran away “Frank sent presents and Mr Christopher is obsessed with the toy Frank sent him” Pippa said “How is Frank?” Reverend Jones said “I was going to call him later to thank him for the gifts but Ailsa said he and Roo are doing fine” Pippa said “Phillipa, I have to go now” Reverend Jones said “Oh do you have to?” Pippa said disappointed “I don’t want to but I have to..please give my love to everyone” Reverend Jones said “Can I write to you or something?” Pippa said “Unfortunately, no. I cant tell you where I am” Reverend Jones said as Pippa said “Alex” Pippa said “Yes” Reverend Jones said “I miss you” Pippa said “I miss you too. Ill call when I can” Reverend Jones said “Ok, ill be waiting” Pippa said “Thank you….goodnight” Reverend Jones said “Night” Pippa said and then she put the phone down and sighed Knock at the door Pippa looked at her watch, she wasn’t expecting anyone tonight. She opened the inside door to see a young girl standing at the door “Hello” The girl said “Hello sweetheart” Pippa said as she looked at the girl, she looked dirty and very skinny. She was also shaking too “Can I see Bobby please” The girl said “ She is not here but you can come in and wait for her” Pippa said. She sensed something was not right with the girl “No its ok” The girl said “What is your name, I can tell her you came by” Pippa said then the girl ran away. Pippa rushed and opened the second door and rushed around the corner but the girl had gone. Pippa looked around and couldn’t see anything then she turned around and went back inside the house and shut the door Background music ends Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “knock on the door” “ill just get that” Ailsa said as she walked towards the door. Her and Alf decided to let the kids dine on their own “Hello Grant” Ailsa said as she opened the door “Hi Mrs Stewart, I hope you don’t mind us dropping by. I just wanted to see if everything was going ok” Grant said as Tammy squeezed his hand “Yes, everything is fine, come in. The kids are through there having dinner” Ailsa said as she opened the door “Oh no, I don’t want to be the overbearing parent, I just wanted to make sure Viv is ok..Ill head home now” Grant said “I thought I heard your voice…am I in trouble?” Viv said confused “No no, Tammy and I were passing and wanted to make sure you were having fun” Grant said “I am, Craig and Sandra are really cool” Viv said with a smile “Ok well ask Mrs Stewart if you can call me and Ill pick you up” Grant said “No need, Ill drop her home after” Ailsa said “Are you sure?” Grant said “Of course” Ailsa said and smiled “Thanks, Ill see you later” Grant said and he left as Viv went back to the diner. The Bistro- The City Background music I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight I've never seen you shine so bright I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance They're looking for a little romance, given half a chance And I have never seen that dress you're wearing Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes I have been blind “Thank you” Brett said as he gave the waiters the menus. He looked around the restaurant. It was his first time coming here but heard great things about and decided to bring his date here. “Lets have a toast” Brett said “To what?” Melanie his date said “To a nice evening” Brett said and they clinked glassed The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek There's nobody here, it's just you and me It's where I want to be But I hardly know this beauty by my side I'll never forget the way you look tonight Brett smiled as he drank some of his champagne then he put his glass up then he saw her as she walked through the door. His heart skipped a beat as he watched her I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight I've never seen you shine so bright, you were amazing I've never seen so many people want to be there by your side And when you turned to me and smiled, it took my breath away And I have never had such a feeling Such a feeling of complete and utter love, as I do tonight “Bobby” Matt said and he walked over and hugged Bobby “Hi” Bobby said “this place is great” Bobby said “You get the best table tonight. Anything you want is on me” Matt said as he walked Bobby and Narelle over to a corner table “Thanks” Bobby said and smiled as she took the menu from Matt and looked at it The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek There's nobody here, it's just you and me It's where I want to be But I hardly know this beauty by my side I'll never forget the way you look tonight As Bobby was looking at the menu she could feel someone looking at her, when she looked up she saw Brett looking at her, smile and winked then he raised his glass to her. Bobby smiled back shyly Background music ends
  4. Summer's Bay


    Chapter 200! Thanks for reading Please note that chapter 201 will be in a part 2 of this thread Thanks Two Days later Bayside Diner-Summer Bay Music from the jukebox Here we are still together We are So much time wasted Playing games with love Carly stood in the pantry and took out the mirror from her pocket. She looked at her face. The bruise had gone. She smiled to herself. Ben is coming tonight and she had planned a special evening to apologize for what happened. So many tears I've cried So much pain inside But baby it ain't over 'til it's over So many years we've tried To keep our love alive But baby it ain't over 'til it's over Bus Stop- Summer Bay Sandra smiled as she got off the bus. The driver got off and opened the compartment where the bags are kept. He took out two bags and put them on the floor next to Sandra. Sandra thanked him and then he got back on the bus and drove away. Sandra looked at her watch. The bus arrived 10 minutes early. She took each of her bags and put them next to the bench and sat down a she waited for Mrs Stewart to pick her up How many times Did we give up But we always worked things out And all my doubts and fear Kept me wondering If I'd always, always be in love Bellingham Residence- Perth Morag cleared the table of her paperwork and paper fell on the floor. Morag bent down and picked it up and sighed. It was the invitation to Celia’s wedding. Morag sat down at the table and looked at the invitation, clearly studying the words then she picked up her address book, turned to a page then picked up the phone “Sands Resort? this is Morag Bellingham I would like to book a room please…..yes I will hold” Morag said as she smiled to herself So many tears I've cried So much pain inside But baby it ain't over 'til it's over So many years we've tried And kept our love alive 'Cause baby it ain't over 'til it's over City University- The City Bobby shook the hand of the enrollment counselor and the head of the business department and smiled. Bobby walked out of the office, closed the door and exhaled. She was officially a Uni student. Bobby looked at the papers and folders in her arms. She qualified for a scholarship because she had very high HSC scores and she could probably get her degree done in two years. Bobby smiled to herself, she had a lot of work ahead of her because she decided on a business degree major and marketing minor, but she was happy to be doing it. Bobby looked at the list of books she needed to get before lectures started next month so she looked around and saw a sign for the book shop so she hurriedly went in the direction. She had to hurry because she had to go and meet Imogen. So many tears I've cried So much pain inside Baby it ain't over 'til it's over So many years we've tried And kept our love alive 'Cause baby it ain't over 'til it's over Caravan Park- Summer Bay Grant smiled as he watched Tammy and Sally colouring in and Viv standing still as Pippa hemmed the bottom of her school dress. He had really grown to love Tammy and Viv in the short time and nothing was going to break them up So many tears I've cried So much pain inside Baby it ain't over 'til it's over So many years we've tried And kept our love alive 'Cause baby it ain't over 'til it's over Background music ends Stewart Shop- Summer Bay Steve put the last box in the stock room and walked out “Thanks for helping out around here when I was away” Alf said and he gave an envelope to Steve “How was New York?” Steve said “Amazing, Frank and Ruthy are doing really well. Frank sent you all gifts, Ill drop then to the house later” Alf said “Thanks” Steve said “I put a bit extra in there for you, don’t tell Celia” Alf wink and Steve smiled “Thanks” Steve said “Well you can head of now while I do some paper work” Alf said “Thanks” Steve said “By the way, Sandra arrives today and we are going to have a little dinner for her tonight, why don’t you come along?” Alf said “Im not sure, I have some homework to do before school starts” Steve said “You don’t have to stay for long, I think Sandra will be happy to see you” Alf said as Steve sighed. Since seeing Craig and Sandra, he had not spoken to her “Yeah, alright” Steve said “Good on ya..see you later” Alf said and he opened a book of receipts. Steve looked down at the envelope, put it in his pocket and walked out of the shop. The Bistro- The City Matt sat at his desk and looked at the flats for rent. He had circled a few that he was interested in but they were far too expensive. He wished he was back in Summer Bay where rent was cheap and he could see Carly. The last time he saw Carly, she was going outside with her new boyfriend but Narelle told him that Carly was under the assumption that they were an item. He liked Narelle but she was too much of a friend. She let him stay on the couch but now he had to find his own place. Phone ringing “The Bistro, Matt speaking” Matt said when he picked up the phone “Matt, its me…please don’t put the phone down” Barbra said as Matt sighed “What do you want?’” Matt said “I know you must hate me right now but I really need to talk to you. I think we need to clear the air” Barbra said “Clear the air about what? The fact that you are a lying cow” Matt said “Yes I did lie but it was because I love you so much..please let me explain” Barbra said “I really don’t want to hear it” Matt said “Please, just give me one chance and I will leave you alone after” Barbra said as Matt sighed “You lie about everything, why should I believe you?” Matt said “Because you have nothing to lose” Barbra said and Matt sighed “Alright, after work” Matt said then he put the phone down. He wanted Barbra to leave him alone and if this was the only way then he was going to do it but he had to do something first. Matt looked at the phone then he picked it up Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music from the jukebox It's such a good vibration It's such a sweet sensation It's such a good vibration It's such a sweet sensation Yo it's about that time To bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme I'm a get mine so get yours I wanna see sweat comin' out your pores On the house tip is how I'm swinging this Strictly hip hop boy I ain't singing this Bringing this to the entire nation Black, white, red, brown Feel the vibration Phone ringing “Thanks” Carly said as she gave the customer the change and rushed to pick up the phone “Bayside diner” Carly said as she put the tip in her pocket. For some reason it had been really busy the last two days “Carly, its me” Matt said and Carlys heart jumped “What do you want?” Carly said “Narelle told me what you said…we are not together, we just came to the party together” Matt said “So? I don’t care who you date” Carly said “I am not dating Narelle..I just wanted you to know that” Matt said “Look I dont care about your dating life, I told you I have a boyfriend and I am really happy” Carly said “Ok..I am happy for you. I just wanted you to know that I am not with Narelle” Matt said “Well, you said what you wanted to say, have a nice life” Carly said then she put the phone down.Carly sighed then she smiled to herself. Her future is with Ben now. Come on come on Feel it feel it Feel the vibration It's such a good vibration It's such a sweet sensation It's such a good vibration It's such a sweet sensation Background music ends Caravan Park- Summer Bay Steve walked through the door as Pippa was ironing the school dress for Viv. “Hello love, you are home early” Pippa said as Steve kissed her cheek “Hi” Steve said looking at Viv and Grant “Yeah, Mr Stewart said I can go early” Steve “Oh, they are back now?” Ailsa said “Yeah they got back this morning” Steve said “Oh right, ill give Ailsa a call and see how their trip was” Pippa said “Here you go, as good as new” Pippa said as she hung the dress on a hanger “Thank you so much Mrs Fletcher, how much do I owe you” Grant said “Don’t be silly” Pippa said and she smiled “Hey, Mrs Stewart is having a dinner for Sandra, she will be starting school with us on Monday, do you want to come?” Steve sadid to Viv. Viv looked at Grant “I think it’s a great idea, get to know some of your classmates before school starts” Grant said “I don’t have anything to wear” Viv said “Carly will be home soon, I am sure she will have something that will fit you” Pippa said as Viv smiled “Ok, thanks” Viv said “That’s settled so Ill will drop Viv over here in a few hours and she can go with you Steve?” Grant said “Ok” Steve said as he looked at Viv “Thanks mate” Grant said and smiled as Viv smiled at him Chambers Residence- Yabbie Creek Background music from the radio Does he love me I want to know How can I tell if he loves me so Is it in his eyes? Oh no! You'll be deceived Is it in his sighs? Oh no! He'll make believe If you want to know if he loves you so It's in his kiss That's where it is Marilyn looked at the books and equipment on the bed and put her hand on her hips. She was ready to start hair and beauty academy on Monday. She smiled as she looked at all the things she needed and was proud of herself. She didn’t pass her HSC but she was lucky that she was accepted into the program without it. She was determined to make something of herself. She wanted Ben to be proud of her so that he can see that she would make a perfect wife Oh yeah Or is it in his face? Oh no! That's just his charms In his warm embrace? Oh no! That's just his arms If you want to know if he loves you so It's in his kiss That's where it is Whoa oh it's in his kiss That's where it is Sands Resort- Summer Bay Megan sighed as she sat at the bar and drank her drink. For the first time in a long time she was lonely. Martin was gone and now Grant wasn’t interested. Megan drank more of her drink and sighed again and looked around then she spotted a man she had not seen before. They locked eyes then Megan looked away. Shortly after the man came over to the bar and sat next to her “Hi” Jeff Samuels said “Hi” Megan said with a big smile “Can I get you another drink?” Jeff said “Sure” Megan said and she looked at him and smiled Whoa hug him and squeeze him tight Find out what you want to know If it's love, if it really is It's there in his kiss How about the way he acts Oh no! That's not the way And you're not listenin' to all I say If you wanna know if he loves you so It's in his kiss That's where it is Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Barbra sprayed some perfume behind her ear and smiled. She put her hair up into a high ponytail and put on some lip gloss. They were going to have the house to themselves. Rebecca was staying at her friends house and tonight, she was determined to get Matt back How about the way he acts Oh no! That's not the way And you're not listenin' to all I say And if you wanna know if he loves you so It's in his kiss That's where it is Background music ends Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Sounds like a missed a lot” Ailsa said as she drank the last of her tea and Pippa nodded “Those poor girls and Bobby” Ailsa said “I know” Pippa said “What about Alex?” Ailsa said “I haven’t heard from him. He said he will call when he gets a chance” Pippa said and sighed “Soooo no development on that end of things?” Ailsa said and Pippa blushed “Come on, out with it” Ailsa said “Oh its nothing, I think I feel something for him but then I think about Tom and I feel guilty” Pippa said “That’s bound to happen Pip but it will get easier only if you want it too” Ailsa said “I don’t know Ailsa. I don’t even know if he is still going to in Newcastle after the investigation. Other clergy get shipped off or stripped of their clergy collar . That’s what he has to think about not me” Pippa said “I don tknow..I think he can fit in a thought or two between all that” Ailsa said and Pippa laughed “Enough about that, how are Frank and Roo?” Pippa said excited. “Yes doing well. Alf made the mistake of putting a deposit on a house for them and that didn’t go down to well with Frank” Ailsa said “Oh no” Pippa said and smiled “I told him it wasn’t a good idea, in the end he acknowledged that. He is going to put the money aside for when they start a family.” Ailsa said as Pippa sighed “Pippa I cant find my blue slippers” Sally said as she came into the living room “Did you check under your bed?” Sally said “Hello Sally” Ailsa said “Hello” Sally said as she walked over to the table “I have something special for you” Ails said as Sally stood next to her “Frank wants me to give you your present and give you a really big hug. As Ailsa went to grab Sally she shook her head no, burst into tears and ran upstairs “Oh dear, did I do something wrong?” Ails said concerned “No, its not you..its a long story” Pippa said as Ailsa looked at her watche “Oh, I better get going. I need to make a desert for the dinner. Is Steve coming?” Ailsa said “Yes, he will be coming with Viv so you will get to meet her” Pippa said “Oh, right..well I will see you later” Ailsa said as she stood up. Pippa smiled as Ailsa walked out of the house. Pippa looked at the phone and sighed then she picked up the bag of presents and put them on the table Morgan Residence- New York “Frank” Roo said as she sat up in bed “Im tired” Frank said not looking at Roo “Can we talk?” Roo said Background music- Have you ever been alone theme “What is there to talk about? You appear to have made all the decisions” Frank said “Frank this is my career” Roo said then Frank turned around and looked at Roo “Its your career? When Stacey offered me the job in Texas, that was MY career but I turned it down to make you happy. Now you are taking this job and not even considering how I feel” Frank said annoyed “Frank you was expecting me to give up my job. I am not asking you to do the same. All I am saying is that I will be in Boston during the week and home on the weekends” Roo said “And you think that’s alright?” Frank said “Frank we will still be together…its not like we do anything much during the week” Roo sid “That’s not the point. I want you here with me, you are my wife” Frank said “I am your wife, not your maid Frank” Roo said “Maid? You cant cook and you don’t clean” Frank said annoyed “Thanks Frank…I have a life too” Roo said “Yeah, a life that doesn’t appear to include me” Frank said as Roo sighed. Things had been like this since Roo told Frank about the offer from Helen. She expected him to be happy for her since he said he was going to support her career. “Frank, I love you but I really want to take this opportunity. I already told Helen I would. If I tell her that I can’t take it, where will we be? I thought we had a plan…for us to work really hard so we can save and have money for a family” Roo said and Frank sighed. He wanted to tell her that he was already working on that by winning the card games but he wanted it to be a surprise. “Frank…it wont be long, just for a few months and I promise, I will be home every weekend” Roo said as she looked at Frank “Yeah..ok…as long as its just for a few months” Frank said and Roo kissed him and lay on his chest and she smiled to herself as Frank looked at the ceiling Smart Residence- The City Narelle put the cup in front of Bobby and sat next to her. They looked at each other and hugged again. Bobby sighed. She had just finished telling Narelle about losing Tom, Morag lying and going to Adelaide and Shaolhaven “Im really sorry Bobby” Narelle said “Yeah, so am I” Bobby said a she picked up the cup of coffee and drank some “Are you going to tell him?” Narelle said and Bobby shook her head no “It doesn’t matter anymore. I just want to move on” Bobby said “Saying you want to move on is one thing but Bobby you just lost your baby…give yourself some time” Narelle said “If I give myself time, I just start thinking about it and I don’t want to. I accepted what happened and I need to move on “ Bobby said and she looked at Narelle “Look, I know Frank is your friend too and I don’t want you to feel like you are in the middle” Bobby said “That is exactly how I feel. I am sad for you but I am sad that Frank wont get the chance to mourn for his son” Narelle said “Narelle if he knows its going to cause unnecessary heartache and bring up a past he wants forgotten…I just want to leave it alone please” Bobby said “Come here” Narelle said and she hugged Bobby “So can I stay here if I get too tired to drive homefrom Uni?” Bobby said “Of course you can” Narelle said and she smiled “Guess what?” Bobby said and she sat up “An international news programme picked up on my story and they want to interview me. They are flying me out and everything” Bobby said and sighed “That’s great Bobby where are you going?” Narelle said excited as she looked at Bobby “Take a guess” Bobby said as she looked at Narelle. Narell studied Bobbys face for a few seconds and she started laughing “Oh no…New York?” Narelle said and Bobby nodded then started laughing Background music ends
  5. Summer's Bay

    Neighbours character is back in 2018!

    I haven’t watched Neighbours for years, but Mike and Jane were my fave couple. I recently read that Jane is back and I saw this on Twitter...is Mike coming back too? https://mobile.twitter.com/neighbours/status/1067618529145380865
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    Any thoughts on what is going to happen this year? Chapter 199 Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Bobby sighed and yawned. It had been a long day. She rubbed her eyes then got out of the car. She opened the back door and took out her bags and put them on the floor then she closed the car door, picked up her bags and walked to the front door. Donald stopped writing when he heard the front door open. He knew it was Bobby because he heard the car park. Bobby closed the door behind her, put the bags on the floor and walked into the living room. Donald put his head down and continued writing “Hi” Bobby said “I guess you are back” Donald said not looking up “Yeah” Bobby said and she walked over to the shelf and picked up the stack of letters addressed to her “So where did you go?” Donald said looking at Bobby. He shook his head, she cut her hair and looked like a little boy “ Adelaide” Bobby said “And you didn’t think to call and let me know that” Donald said “I ts been a long day, Im going to take a shower and go to bed” Bobby said and just as she was about to walk away the door knocked. Bobby sighed then went to the door, when she opened it, Geoff was standing at the door with flowers. Bobby sighed “Geoff, not now, I am really tired” Bobby said “You said I can come over” Bobby said then she remembered that she did say that and sighed then opened the door for Geoff to come in “I am going to take a shower” Bobby said as she walked off leaving Donald and Geoff in the living room Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa put the basket down and locked the caravan. She remembered that she was going to go over and see Grant and the girls. Although they were officially staying with Grant, Mrs Malloy asked Pippa to supervise “Hi” Pippa looked to her left to see Michael walking to his van “Happy New Year” Pippa said as Michael walked towards her “Happy new year” Michael said and smiled “Im glad I caught up with you, I wanted to give you my notice” Michael said “Thanks…when will you be leaving?” Pippa said “I guess I will move out next Friday. Celia wants me moved in before the wedding on Saturday” Michael said “Right” Pippa said as Michael stared at her which made Pippa feel uncomfortable “Ok, then, good night” Pippa said then she bent down to pick up the basket, Michael also bent down to pick up the basket and as he was picking it up, his hand touched hers and he looked at her. Pippa picked up the basket and stood up “Goodnight” Pippa said then she walked off as Michael sighed and watched her walk away Lance picked up the letter and read it again Lance Im sorry mate but I have to head out of town. Had enough of being the town joke. I want to make something of my life. I dunno when I will be back. Take care of yourself See you around Marty Colleen came into the living room and saw Lance reading the letter “Good riddance if you ask me” Colleen said as she dusted “Hes me best mate” Lance said “Youre better off without him love” Colleen said as she went back into the kitchen. Lance sighed. He lost Maz and now Marty Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “Oh Aunt Celia, you look wonderful” Lucinda said as Celia walked into the living room wearing her wedding dress “I just need to finish the bottom” Celia said as she turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She almost didn’t recognizer herself. In just over 3 weeks, she was going to be Mrs Michael Ross. She never thought she was going to ever find someone to love again and now she had. “Ill just go and quickly change” Celia said and she went back to her room as Lucinda sat down and smiled. She looked around and remembered the times that her and Roo would come and vist Ruths grand parents who were also like her grandparents. She remembered the time when her and Ruth snuck Shane and Matt into the house and they had ice-cream. Lucinda smiled “ I am really excited for your wedding Aunt Celia” Lucinda said “Thank you Lucinda. I am so glad that you are here” Celia said and looked at Lucinda “Lucinda, is everything alright?” Celia said “Oh everything is fine…I was just thinking of all the good times Ruth and I had here” Lucinda said “Yes, you two were wonderful friends. It’s a shame she isn’t coming to the wedding” Celia said “I know but she is happy in New York and I am happy for her” Lucinda said and smiled “Its going to be your time to have someone special soon” Celia said as Lucida smiled Edison Agency – New York Roo stared at Nancy, she finally admitted to herself that she was jealous, that she wished that she was going to marry Donavan. Roo put her head down and sighed “Ruth” Roo looked up ti see her manager Helen calling her over to the office. Roo got up and walked into the office, closed the door and sat down “Ruth, I have been very impressed with you since you started here. You have been one of my best execs” Helen said “Thank you for giving me the opportunity” Roo said as she smiled “As you know we have expanded with offices in other states and in the coming months, work will start on an office in Boston and I want you to take the lead of getting that office up and running” Helen said as Roo looked at her shocked then she put her hand over her mouth “I don’t know what to say” Roo said “Well, you don’t have to give me an answer right now, go home and talk it over with your husband because it will involve you staying in Boston during the week but we will pay for the accommodation” Helen said “Thank you Helen, thank you so much” Roo said “Does that mean you accept?” Helen said “Yes, I cant let this opportunity pass me by” Roo said “Are you not going to discuss this with your husband?” Helen said curiously “No need, he fully supports my career” Roo said “Excellent. Well, the renovations for the property start at the end of this month. I don’t need you to get there until March. We would’ve done all the hiring by then so I would need you to go in and train the staff, give them some pointers that have made you successful” Helen said “Thanks again Helen, I really appreciate it” Roo said and smiled to herself. This is going to be an amazing year Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Geoff looked at his watch then at Donald who got up from the desk Bobby sighed and was just about to walk out of her room then she stopped “I guess I will leave you to it” Donald said “Thanks for you know” Geoff said “I know what?” Donald said “For encouraging me. You said Bobby would come around I think she has. I know she is the woman for me, I will treat your daughter well, better than that loser ex husband of hers” Geoff said as Donald looked at him “Goodluck…I hope being with you puts some sense into her” Donald said and he rolled his eyes. Bobby closed the door until she heard her dad go into his room then she shook her head. He is still interfering in her life. Bobby sighed then she opened the bedroom door and walked into the living room Background Music- Frank and Bobbys theme Bobby exhaled as she walked into the living room. Geoff stood up “These are for you” Geoff said and he gave Bobby the flowers “Thanks” Bobby said then she sat down opposite Geoff “Look Geoff” Bobby said then she was interrupted “Bobby, I want to say something first” Geoff said as Bobby sghed “When I first met you, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and I still feel the same way now. I love you Bobby and I am willing to wait as long as it takes to show you how much I love you” Geoff said as Bobby looked at him “Geoff, you are a great guy and maybe if things were different, I would want that but I don’t and I mean it when I say I don’t love you. I would be lying to you and me if I don’t tell the truth. I know what it feels like for someone to just say they love you and not mean it. I wouldn’t wish that hurt on anyone” Bobby said “I am not saying you have to love me today but just give me a chance” Geoff said “I cant Geoff” Bobby said “But why? I treat you well…I was going to love Tom like my own” Geoff said “I dont know Geoff that’s just how it is right now” Bobby said “What can I say to make you change your mind?” Geoff said as he wiped a tear from his eye “Nothing…I just want to be on my own right now” Bobby said as Geoff looked at her desperately “Can we still be friends?” Geoff said “Yeah but only friends” Bobby said as Geoff sighed “I am really tired…” Bobby said “I guess I have to go” Geoff said and Bobby nodded then they both got up “I love you Bobby and I hope that one day you will change your mind” Geoff said then he surprised Bobby by hugging her really tight. Bobby sighed then she struggled and eventually he let go then kissed her on her lips. Bobby struggled then she pulled away “Im sorry…I just…goodbye” Geoff said then he rushed out of the house. Bobby sighed then she walked back to the bedroom, took a bigger suitcase from under her bed and began to pack her things Background music ends Mitchell/Woods Residence- Summer Bay “Thank you so much Mrs Fletcher, we will definitely be having this for dinner tomorrow” Grant said as he took the casserole dish from Pippa. Shortly after Viv came into the living room and took off her headphones “Hi” She said as she saw Pippa “Hello Viv, how are you?” Pippa said “Good” Viv said and smiled then she picked up a magazine from the table and went back into the bedroom “So how re you coping? Pippa said “Its an adjustment but Mrd Fletcher, Ilove those girls like they are my daughters..I dont know, we bonded really fast “ Grant said “Yes because you saved them. They feel safe with you” Pippa said as Grant smiled “Have they been interviewed about the allegations?” Pippa said “No not yet, Mrs Malloy said next week someone will contact me about that…oh before I forget, where do I buy the uniforms for Viv? Grant said “I still have Carly and Bobbys uniforms. They will need some adjusting but I am sure I can get that done before school starts” Pippa said with a smil “Oh MrS Fletcher, if its not too much trouble, I would really appreciate it” Grant said “No trouble at all” Pippa said then Tammy came out of the room and walked over to Grant and hugged him “Can you read me a story please” Tammy said as Pippa looked at her and smiled Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Background music Frank and Bobbys theme Bobby put the first suitcase outside her door then went back into her room, Donald opened his door and walked to the living room to get the newspaper. As he walked to his room, he noticed Bobbys suitcase and saw her packing things into another bag Bobby looked up and noticed Donald standing by the door “I might as well tell you now, I am moving out” Bobby said “Back to the caravan park I assume” Donald said “Yes” Bobby said “Running away as usual” Donald said “ Dad, I am not perfect, I have made many mistakes but I am me. I get the feeling that being me is not good enough for you. I lost my son and all you could tell me is that I shouldnt walk around looking unkept. My heart was hurting, I wanted you to hug me and love me but that wasnt important to you” Bobby said as Donald looked at her “Bobby I” Donald was interrupted “I also told you to stay out of my private life but again you couldn’t do that” Bobby sid “Bobby I am your father, after the mess you have made of your life, Geoff is good for you” Donald said “No he isn’t and its not up to you to make that decision. Maybe moving in here was a wrong decision. There is still so much about me that you don’t understand” Bobby said “ I I I am sorry, I just thought I was doing what was best” Donald said “Best for you, not for me” Bobby said as Donald watched her pack her things “Wait…please maybe we can talk about it in the morning” Donald said “No, I don’t want to talk anymore. I am really tired. Good night” Bobby said and she slowly closed the door leaving Donald standing alone Background music ends
  7. Summer's Bay


    Chapter 198 Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Donald put the files on the table and sat down at his desk. He had to go through the schedules for the new school year. Donald sighed then he looked up at the photo of Alan and Bobby on his desk. He picked up the photo and looked at it. They were smiling. Donald smiled then he thought about Bobby and how much she was wasting her life and stopped He felt guilty to say it but he wished that Lucinda was his daughter because she had done everything correctly and not thrown it all away on a man. Donald sighed then put the photo down and continued on with looking at the files Sands Resort- Summer Bay Bobby waited for the fax machine to stop then she got up from her desk and walked over to it and picked up the papers. She then walked back over to her desk and sat down. She had several interviews and two speaking engagements then she sighed as she looked at the next sheet of paper, details of her trip to New York in March. Bobby tried to give excuses but Imogen explained that this was very important for the NSW association and something she needed to do. “Hey, I didn’t know that you were back” Bobby looked up to see Jonathan the Banquet manager looking at her “Yeah, I got back today” Bobby said “How are you?” Jonathan said as he sat on her desk “Good” Bobby said “Im really sorry about everything” Jonathan said and Bobby smiled “Just to let you know, I am going to Uni this year so I wont be here as much” Bobby said “Oh right congrats…what are you going to study?” Jonathan said “Business studies” Bobby said “Great, you can come and run this place when you are done” Jonathan said and Bobby smiled “I told Mr Handcock, I thought he was going to fire me” Bobby said “Are you joking? After All the news coverage the resort has been getting since you won the awards? We are booked solid for the rest of the year. I think you will be his favourite person for life” Jonathan said as he and Bobby laughed “I have all the media stuff for the NSW association starting next week, I have to go to the City on Friday. I feel bad leaving Chef Paul to handle all this on his own” Bobby said “I think the Christmas bonus he got makes up for that…oh by the way, here is yours” Jonathan said and opened his draw and gave Bobby an envelope “I wasn’t here for Christmas” Bobby said “I know and I wish you were, you deserve whatever is in that envelope” Jonathan said and smiled. He liked Bobby, she was cute but not his usual type. He did want to ask her out but she had to much baggage for him, he wanted no strings relationships. “Here is the schedule for the next two weeks, will you be able to get the menus ready before you go?” Jonathan said “Yeah, Ill stay late today to get everything done” Bobby said as she took the schedule from Jonathan “Oh by the way, Chef Paul said that pumpkin soup with the cheese croutons is the new best seller on the menu” Jonathan said and he left the office as Bobby sighed and shook her head. As usual, Franks favourite is the best seller. Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music from the jukebox Look into my eyes You will see What you mean to me Search your heart Search your soul And when you find me there, you'll search no more Carly put the phone down and smiled “I guess your boyfriend coming to see you this weekend?” Lucinda said “Yeah, he is” Carly said and smiled “Hopefully I get to meet him” Lucinda said and she smiled as she walked to the kitchen. Carly was happy that Ben called. She wanted to make sure she apologized for what happened at New Years. Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for You know it's true Everything I do I do it for you Stewart Residence- The City Barbra looked at herself in the mirror, she had stuffed a pillow under her shirt and looked pregnant. She smiled to herself. Rebecca was going to help her get Matt back and they were going to have a baby again. Barbra smiled then she went over to the bed and picked up her note pad and pen and wrote down some baby names Look into your heart You will find There's nothin' there to hide Take me as I am Take my life I would give it all, I would sacrifice Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa folded the towel and put it on the table and sighed. She looked at Christopher playing with his toy and smiled then she looked at the phone. She wanted it to ring, she wanted to hear from Alex…that is all she wanted right now… Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more You know it's true Everything I do I do it for you Newcastle- Australia Reverend Jones sat and looked at his superiors as they interviewed him about the allegations by Angela Newton. As he answered the questions, all he could think about was how much he wanted to be with Philippa There's no love Like your love And no other Could give more love There's nowhere Unless you're there All the time All the way, yeah Look into your heart, baby Mitchell/Woods Residence- Summer Bay Grant signed the forms as Tammy looked up at him and smiled then Mrs Malloy got up shook Grants hands and made her way to the door. Viv looked at Grant and exhaled. She finally felt safe. Her and Tammy would be staying in Summer Bay with Grant and she would be starting her new school soon and maybe get a part time job and start living life again. Viv smiled and hugged Grant as Megan watched annoyed through the crack in her bedroom door Oh your can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for I can't help it there's nothin' I want more Yeah, I would fight for you I lie for you Walk the wire for you, yeah, I'd die for you You know it's true Everything I do Oh I do it for you Newton Residence- Newcastle Angela poked her finger in her eye and a few seconds later her eye started to water. She did the same to the other eye then she blinked really fast and pinched her cheeks then she looked in the mirror and smiled to herself. Shortly after, there was a knock on the door. Angela blinked her eyes a few times for more tears to come and smiled then she walked to the door and opened it. When she opened the door, there were to clergy from the church. Angela wiped her eyes as the clergy came into her home. Everything I do, darling And we'll see it through Oh we'll see it through Oh yeah Yeah Look into your heart You can't tell me it ain't worth dying for Oh yeah I'll be there, yeah I'll walk the wire for you I will die for you Morgan Residence- New York Frank looked at the cards, he didn’t know how long he had been practicing for but he was getting better and soon, he would have enough money and Roo would be proud of him when he buys their house and they can have their family because this is going to be a good year. Frank smiled to himself as he continued to practice playing the cards. You know it's true Everything I do I do it for you Background music ends
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    Chapter 197 Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Viv and Tammy laughed as Grant told them a story. Viv looked around the diner, she really liked it here. She was happy that her and Tammy lived with Grant and she was hoping that they would stay there permanently. “Now, you know Mrs Malloy is coming tomorrow” Grant said then Tammy hugged him “I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here with you” Tammy said “Its ok sweetie, I want that too but you have to tell Mrs Malloy everything that happened and hopefully she will let you stay with me” Grant said as Viv slumped back in her chair “Hey, what’s the sad face for?” Grant said as he looked at Viv “That lady is really strict, I think she wants to send us home” Viv said “She has to do her job, besides…I am going to enroll you and Tammy in school before she comes, that way she has to think twice about taking you both away” Grant said and wink then Viv smiled and leaned forward and drank her milkshake Megan walked into the diner and saw Grant with Tammy and Viv, she rolled her eyes. Flashback Grant- Look you have a boyfriend, that shouldn’t have happened Megan – You cant deny that there is an attraction between us Grant- Even if there is, I don’t mess with other blokes girlfriends Megan- Martin is just a really good friend, he knows where he stands Grant- I think he believes he is more than a friend Megan – now things are awkward again Grant – Im fine Flashback ends After the kiss on New Years, she thought that maybe he would change his mind but since the girls moved in, all does is spend his time with them. Before Grant saw here, Megan walked out of the diner disappointed. Caravan Park- Summer Bay Background music- radio What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you What a wicked thing to say you never felt this way What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you And I don't want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart) No, I don't want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart) With you Martin pushed the last shirt into the bag and sighed. He felt like such a fool. He wanted to go around the Grants house and deck him but that wasn’t going to solve anything, it wasn’t his fault. Martin turned the radio off and picked up his bag and the letter he left for Lance. He went into the living room and put the bag down then he put the letter by the phone. He looked around the mobile home and smiled then he picked up his bag, put it on his shoulder, put the key on the chair, locked the inside and slid the sliding door shut. Emotional background music Martin didn’t know where he was going but he knew he had to go. As he walked down the steps he looked around the caravan park and remembered all the good times he had here with Lance and also his other mates. He was really going to miss Summer Bay, his home. He walked towards the beach, he wanted to be there one last time before he left. Summer Bay Bobby drove slowly as she looked at the house numbers. When she saw number 14 she stopped. She got out of the car and walked towards the house. It still had the sold sign on the outside. Bobby looked in the window, the house was empty. She went around the back and looked through the window then she sighed. This was supposed to be her dream home with Frank….Bobby sighed and walked away. Background music ends The Bistro- The City The vibration of the moving table moved the pen to the edge and it fell on the floor. Matt thrusted harder as Rebecca held onto the table. Matt sped up his thrusts then eventually slowed down and stopped. He walked away from Rebecca, disposed of his protection and sat down at his desk and sighed. He didn’t really care if anyone found out about what he was doing with Rebecca, he had been lied to and lost Carly so he didn’t really care. Rebecca pulled up her jeans then she went and stood next to Matt and began to kiss his neck “What are you doing?” Matt said as he shrugged her off “I was thinking we can go and watch a movie later when you finish work” Rebecca said “What?” Matt said and he laughed “I think we should go and see a movie, like a date or something” Rebecca said “You are joking right? Matt said “No, I thought you would want to spend time with me...now that you and mum are finished” Rebecca said as she ran her finger on Matts shoulder. Matt grabbed her hand and pulled her forward “Look, I am not dating you, I don’t want to spend time with you, youre only good for one thing and you know you want it so stop playing games” Matt said angrily then he let go of Rebecca and she fell to the follo ‘Ok ok…im sorry…Mum asked to come here to talk to you…ask you if you would speak to her” Rebecca said as she got up. “Your mum is a lying scum bag…I never want to see her again…actually, you get out too” Matt said as Rebecca looked at him hurt “Do you mean it?” Rebecca said looking hurt “Yeah, get out” Matt said “Knock on the door” “Yeah” Matt said and the door opened. Narelle was a bit surprised when she saw Rebecca “G’day” Narelle said looking at Rebecca. Rebecca smiled “Matt we need some change” Narelle said “I better go” Rebecca said and she walked out of the office “Remember I got this weekend off…im going to Summer Bay” Narelle said excited. Jeff invited her down to spend the weekend “I cant believe you are going to date Mr Samuels” Matt said shaking his head “Why, whats wrong with him?” Narelle said defensive “I dunno he is Mr Samuels” Matt said then laughed “Well he is nice and a gentleman and he is a 8 ½” Narelle said “A what?” Matt said “8 1/2 on my kissing scale” Narelle said and smiled to herself. Matt shook his head and turned around to the safe. As Narelle walked to the other side of the desk to get the money something caught her ey..she looked down and saw the discarded protection that Matt just used. Narelle looked at Matt with a confused look on her face Sands Resort- Summer Bay Bobby closed the car door and began to walk towards the entrance of the resort. As she walked to the office of the general manager, she walked passed the fitness centre and saw a familiar face, Jeff Samuels was back in town. Jeff looked at Bobby and smiled, she didn’t respond and walked on. “Hi Bobby” Bobby looked around to see Geoff coming out of the laundry “Hi” Bobby said “Your dad said you went away” Geoff said “Yeah, I needed to clear my head” Bobby said “Are you alright now” Geoff “Yeah” Bobby said “Mum says hello, she was worried about you” Geoff said and Bobby smiled “Look Bobby, I know that Tom wasn’t my son but I felt it too when he died” Geoff said as Bobby looked at him “I love you and I want us to try again” Geoff said as Bobby sighed “ Geoff, I cant talk about this now, I am going to see Mr Handcock” Bobby said “Maybe I can come over to your place later” Geoff said “Geoff, I am really tired” Bobby said “Please” Geoff said “Ok…I got to go” Bobby said then she walked away as Geoff smiled to himself Beach- Summer Bay Emotionally background music Flashback Martin- You know what lance, we going to be really famous and all the chicks are going to wanna know us Lance- Yeah Martin – I can see it now, you and me driving in a limousine with the hottest chicks going to the latest nightclub. Everybody shouting our name and trying to get into the club with us Lance- Yeah we gonna be famous Flashback ends Martin smiled to himself as he remembered all the get rich schemes he and Lance did in the hopes of being famous one day. Martin looking into the water then sighed then began to walk away “Martin” Martin looked to his right to see Megan waving at him. He had not seen her since he saw her kissing Grant. He didn’t want her to tell him lies because he already knew the truth. Martin ignored Megan and continued to walk. Megan ran and caught up to him “Hi…I havnt see you” Megan said as she walked next to Martin, he didn’t respond “Martin is there something wrong?” Megan said and Martin exhaled and stopped walking and looked at her “I saw you kissing Grant “ Martin said as a look of guilt spread across Megans face “He kissed me” Megan said “I didn’t see you pushing him off” Martin said “I did push him off, I told him that we are close and he and I are just friends” Megan said as Matt shook his head and began to walk. Megan grabbed his arm and he stopped “I am serious, he came on to me” Megan said “Look, I am not stupid. You’ve had the hots for him for a long time, I can see it but I was stupid to believe that that you really liked me…how wrong was I” Martin said “ I do like you” Megan said “No you don’t. when I first met you, I knew you were the one for me. I just knew in my heart that I wanted to marry you. All I want to do is take care of you and love you. Ive never felt this way about another chick. You are the first I really feel in love with and you played with that” Martin said “I didn’t play with your love, I told you I wasn’t ready to get married” Megan said “You should’ve been honest and told me you didn’t want to be with me at all and you wanted to be with Grant” Martin sid “I don’t want to be with Grant” Megan said “Just stop ok…don’t lie to me anymore..I got to go” Martin said and he began to walk “Where are you going?” Megan said “I am leaving Summer Bay…I am going somewhere were people don’t lie to me…have a nice life” Martin said and walked away as Megan sighed and watched him go Background music ends Morgan Residence- New York\ Frank opened his eyes. As usual he never got a full nights sleep but that didn’t matter now. Frank slowly got out of the bed and walked over to the closet. The moonlight was shining through the curtains so the room was a little bright. Frank took out the cards from his coat pocket and sat on the couch, He opened the cards and began to practice for tomorrows game, this year was a new start for him and Roo and he was going to get the money for their dream house. Sands Resort- Summer Bay Bobby sat at her desk and opened the envelope, it was her paycheck. She smiled to herself as she remembered the times when she didn’t have any money and now she had more than she needed. Bobby picked up a pen and began to write down some ingredients for a fish sauce recipe she found in her grandmas cook book. She used to make it all the time when they had fish and chips. As Bobby wrote, she remembered what Carly said and opened the draw and took out a file with the NSW awards PR agents phone number , picked up the phone and began to dial Emotional background music “Hi, can I speak to Imogen please…its Roberta Simpson..thanks” Bobby said to the receptionist “Hi Roberta how are you” Imogen said. Bobby moved the phone from her ear, Imogen always spoke so loud “Fine, I got a message to call you” Bobby said “Yes, thank you for call. Well you know the media obligations start next week, I need you to come to the City so we can do the prep work and give you a schedule” Imogen said “Alright” Bobby said “But that’s not the only news I have for you. A major international news programme picked up on the story of you being the first female NSW business woman of the year and they want to interview you…I hope you have a passport and a coat” Imogen said excited “A coat?” Bobby said confused “Yes, New York is very cold in March” Imogen said and Bobby froze “Roberta are you there?” Imogen said “Yeah…I am here” Bobby said then for the next few minutes she heard Imogen speaking but she didn’t hear what she said..all that kept going through her mind is that she is going to New York Background music ends dramatically
  9. Summer's Bay

    Roo Stewart - Justine Clarke & Georgie Parker

    When was that? she was in a theatre production in the summer Her ex husband. To make a long story short, She told him that he was the father of Martha. on their wedding day, she told him the truth. He had an accident then finally realized he loved Bobby and they got married. As his career soared, Bobby was no longer suitable to be an execs wife so he randomly fell back in love with Roo and she followed him to America. They got married but Frank realized he really wanted his old life and wife back. Left Roo, tried to get Bobby back but she was in a relationship with her foster sons father. Frank left, never to be seen again until random appearances. Roo stayed in America doing I dont know what then she randomly turned up in Summer Bay.
  10. Summer's Bay

    Roo Stewart - Justine Clarke & Georgie Parker

    Based on what I’ve read, her storylines could’ve been prolonged by including elements of what happened when she was away. Sounds like she is only there now as a supporting acter for Alf. I wouldn’t be surprised if something ridiculous happens like Frank returns and they run off into the sunset together...then she starts getting haunted by Bobby’s spirit and ends up in a mental institution.
  11. Georgie Parker isn’t but Ross Newton is....he refers to himself as “Roo”
  12. “Roo” standing next to “Roo” I didn’t know they knew each other.
  13. Did Barbra and Morag ever address the fact that Morag had an affair and child with Barbra’s Husband? Maybe it’s too late now but it’s a shame that producers of home and away didn’t do a prequel. I know we see flashbacks but too much of the story has been left out.
  14. Summer's Bay


    Chapter 196 Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music- diner jukebox I am the one and only oh yeah Call me, call me by my name or call me by number You put me through it I'll still be doing it the way I do it And yet, you try to make me forget Who I really am, don't tell me I'm no best I'm not the same as all the rest I am the one and only Nobody I'd rather be I am the one and only You can't take that away from me Carly walked into the pantry and pulled a mirror out of her pocket and looked at her eye and sighed. She was really annoyed at Matt, this was his fault. She wished he never came over to speak to her. Carly heard footsteps in the kitchen, quickly put the mirror in her pocket and reached up on a higher shelf for a time of tomatoes “Be careful, you don’t want another tin falling on you again” Lucinda said as she walked into the kitchen “I know, I am so clumsy” Carly said and smiled then walked out of the pantry “Hi” Adam said as he walked up to the counter “Hello” Lucinda said and smiled at Adam. This was the first time seeing him since she got back to Summer Bay “How was your visit home? Adam said “Good, thank you…..happy new year” Lucinda said “Yeah, I think its going to be very happy” Adam said and smiled “Oh, Lucinda, just a coffee to take away please” Donald said as he got to the counter then he looked at Adam and put his hand in his pocket and took out some change as Lucinda poured some coffee in a plastic cup I've been a player in the crowd scene A flicker on the big screen My soul embraces one more in a million faces High hopes and aspirations, and years above my station Maybe but all this time I've tried to walk with dignity and pride I am the one and only Nobody I'd rather be I am the one and only You can't take that away from me “Oh Uncle Donald, Bobby is back” Lucinda said as she put the cup on the counter “That’s good for her…ill see you later” Donald said then he picked up the coffee, put the money on the counter and left the diner as Lucinda and Adam watched him walk out. Caravan Park- Summer Bay Bobby exhaled as Pippa finished telling her what happened to Reverend Jones “What do you think we can do to help him?” Bobby said “There isn’t anything we can do. The church has to do an investigation” Pippa said “Poor Reverend Jones…now I feel bad for going away, maybe if I was here this wouldn’t have happened” Bobby said “No sweetheart, you needed to go away. This will resolve its self and Alex will be fine” Pippa said hoping in her heart that it was true “Can we not go and see him?” Bobby said “No, I don’t even know where he is “ Pippa said as Bobby sighed “Hey, cheer up, things will be fine..I promise” Pippa said and smiled “So what about you? Tell me about your travels” Pippa said “Well, I went to Adelaide and looked at the house my nan left me” Bobby said “So you decided to take her up on her offer?” Pippa said as Bobby nodded “I thought about it, I understand why she did what she did even though it hurt” Bobby said “Good on you…holding on to hurt and angry only destroys us” Pippa said and she grabbed Bobby’s hand and smiled “I also spent some time in Shaolhaven..it was really nice there..the house is not too far from the beach” Bobby said “Don’t tell these lot, they will all want to go on holiday there” Pippa said and her and Bobby laughed “Yeah…it was really nice to get away, have some time to think” Bobby said “So..have you made any decisions and resolutions for this year? Pippa said Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme “Yeah, Im going to go to Uni” Bobby said “That’s wonderful sweetheart” Pippa said and she squeezed Bobby’s hand “What are you going to study?” Pippa said “well I thought about a few things but I think I have a good thing going with the sands and the diner, so I think a business degree will help me” Bobby said “Very proud of you…so you are going to move to the city?” Pippa said “Thanks, Im not sure yet, I need to go an enroll and see the schedule and stuff…I bet you wish I did it a few years ago” Bobby said “Better late than never” Pippa said and smiled “Sweetheart….about Frank” Pippa was interrupted “Pippa, I don’t want him to know…..its all over now..im moving on” Bobby said and Pippa sighed and nodded “When I went to Adelaide, one of my nanas old neighbours saw me and said my nana left something for me. When I was a little girl, one of my dreams was to live on the beach with my family…my nana brought me a house on the beach as a wedding present” Bobby said “Oh Bobby…I am so sorry” Pippa said and she moved closer to hug Bobby “Its ok..it just wasnt meant to be” Bobby said “You are so brave and I love you so much….what are you going to do with the house?” Pippa said “I don’t know…I don’t think I can live it it yet…but I do want to move out of Dads” Bobby said “Why?” Pippa said “He disapproves of everything I do and Ive been through too much to always have him putting me down” Bobby said “Well this is your home, you are always welcome here” Pippa said “Thanks…I have to go, I need to go to the resort” Bobby said and she stood up and Pippa gave her a hug “I love you” Pippa said “I love you too” Bobby said then she sighed and walked out of the house Background music ends Morgan Residence- New York When Frank opened the door, Roo was sitting on the couch reading some papers. Ro was still upset that Donavan proposed to Nancy and all she heard all day was how happy Nancy was going to be and her wedding plans “Hi” Frank said as he put his bag down “Hi” Roo said not looking up from the papers she was reading. After their argument on New Years eve, Frank tried to make up for overreacting about the comments Alf said about them waiting to have a family. Frank didn’t tell Roo that he had been playing card games and winning money, he wanted it to be a surprise when he brought them their dream house. “How was work?” Frank said and he opened his bag and took the bag out and walked towards the couch and sat down “Fine” Roo said still not looking up “Look, I am really sorry alright..here” Frank said and he gave the bag to Roo “What is this?” Roo said as she took the bag “Its an I am sorry gift” Frank said as Roo looked at him then she opened the bag and her eyes went wide as she saw a tiffany box. Roo took the box out and hurridly opened it and saw a pair of earrings that matched the necklace and bracelet she had “Frank…I don’t know what to say” Roo said as she stared at the earrings “Say we are going to put what happened in the past and this is a new year, new start” Frank said “Ok” Roo said and smiled then she leaned forward and kissed Frank and hugged him then her smile disappeared

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