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  1. Has there been any attempts to contact Nicholle?
  2. Thanks for reading Chapter 504 Diner- Summer Bay Marilyn felt her heart break as she walked out of the diner to see Adam and Shannon kissing “Sorry, excuse me” Adam and Shannon stopped kissing and moved out of the way for Marilyn to walk out of the diner. Shannon watched Adam as he watched Marilyn walk away “I better get back to work” Shannon said and sighed and Adam didn’t respond “Adam” Shannon said “Hmm did you say something?” Adam said and turned around to look at Shannon “I said I better get back to work” Shannon said
  3. Thanks for reading Chapter 503 Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Emma threw up once more into the toilet then she flushed it. She closed the toilet lid and sat on it. She felt awful. It was the pie she brought from the school canteen she thought to herself. It was probably not cooked all the way through “Emma..are you alright” Ailsa said as she knocked the bathroom door. Emma got up from the toilet and opened the door “Yeah. I got a pie from the canteen at school yesterday, and I think I got food poisoning” Emma said “Oh no…do you want to
  4. Thanks for reading Chapter 503 Barnett Residence- Summer Bay “Alright…I’ll sort it out…I love you too..bye” Nick said and he put the phone down and looked at his brother who was sitting on the couch “Well? what did mum say” Shane said “You’re going back on the first train tomorrow to face up to what you did” Nick said “Oh please Nick…I cant go back, they’re going to put me in jail and it wasn’t my fault” Shane said “It never is your fault” Nick said annoyed “I know I’ve been in trouble in the past, but this time, I’m being honest I
  5. Since we are on the topic of updates- Bruce Roberts who played Nick Parrish is a news presenter now in Australia. He went back to Uni and got his Master's degree in Journalism. He looks great. Below is a video promo he did for the news station. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_f6h-P7ztA Here he is on Twitter https://twitter.com/brucerobertswin
  6. Thanks for reading Chapter 502 Simpson Residence- Summer Bay “G’day” Grant said as he walked into the house after going for a surf to see Bobby pouring milk on Sam and Sophie’s cereal “Hi” Bobby said as she walked back into the kitchen “Do you want the milk out?” Bobby said “No, thanks, Ill just have some juice” Grant said as he opened the fridge and poured himself some juice “Busy day today?” Grant said “Yeah, Frank and I are registering Sophie at school so hopefully she can start tomorrow…then I have to head over to the Resort, and later
  7. Thanks for reading Chapter 501 Lucini Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Carly’s theme The bottle dropping on the floor woke Carly up. She rubbed her eyes and felt her head start to ache. She sighed and opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling then at the clock on the bedside table. She started drinking when she heard Ben walk out of the house for work…when he told her she couldn’t be with her family, and mustve fallen asleep when the bottle was finished. This was starting to be a new normal for her, drinking as much as she could wh
  8. Thanks for reading Chapter 500 Surf Club- Summer Bay Shaunna smiled as she walked out of the locker room. She then tucked her lifeguard t-shirt into her shorts as she walked along the hallway “ Shaunna turned around when she heard a whistle to see Ben smiling at her “What a beautiful sight this morning” Ben said and he winked Shaunna continued to smile as she walked over to the desk to sign in. She looked up to see Ben walking over to the little corner shop. Shauna sighed her name on the sheet and looked up to Ben standing over her “Excited for your
  9. Thanks for reading Chapter 499 Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “He should’ve gave Frank a good hiding...after what he did to my Ruthie, he deserves it” Alf said as he sat on the couch next to Ailsa “When did you and Al Simpson become the best of friends?” Ailsa said “I didn’t say that we are the best of friends, I just said he should’ve given Frank a good hiding...I've a good mind to give him one myself” Alf said Knock on the door “A bit late for visitors” Ailsa said and she got up from the couch and walked towards the door
  10. Thanks for reading Chapter 498 Surf Club- Summer Bay Frank threw the keys up in the air and caught them as he walked down the stairs. Bobby allowing him to use her car to take Sophie out was a nice gesture and he smiled to himself as he walked out of the surf club. He continued to throw the keys up and catch them until he got to his car “I know the perfect place for us to have lunch” Frank said then he looked around and noticed that Sophie wasn’t by the car. He looked around and couldn’t see her “Sophie” Frank said as he rushed around the car then he looked aro
  11. Thanks for reading Chapter 497 Cameron Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Have you ever been alone Shannon yawned then reached her arm out, and opened her eyes when she realized that the space next to her was empty. She lifted her head up then she got out of the bed and out her slipper on. She walked out of the room and looked around. The boat was empty. She noticed the door open and she walked out to see Adam sitting on the boat drinking coffee. “Good morning” Shannon said and she wrapped her arms around Adam “Morning” Adam said without lo
  12. Thanks for reading Chapter 496 Simpson Residence- Summer Bay “Greg, why would you let Sam play out in the sun with no sun cream on?” Bobby said as she came into the house with Sam and Sophie “He’s alright” Greg said “No he’s not, hes all red..sweetheart go into the bathroom upstairs and get your cream ok” Bobby said “Ok” Bobby said and Sam went upstairs as Bobby looked up she saw a woman sitting on the couch and smiling at her “Who’s this?” Bobby said Background music - Frank and Bobby's theme “Oh this is S
  13. Thanks for reading Chapter 495 Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme Sophie sat on floor by the door way with her teddy bear as she watched her new dad paint the room. He was painting the last wall white. Her new mum was help paint the wall then she went downstairs to answer the phone “Hey, take a break” Bobby said and she put the tray on the floor and sat next to sophie. On the tray were two glasses and a blue cup of lemonade, and slices of cake. Frank put the paint brush down and wiped his
  14. Thanks for reading Been a bit busy, but hope to have a chapter up by the end of the week.
  15. Thanks for posting. Dylan is a mix of both of his parents. Nice to see that Amanda still dabbles in acting
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