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  1. Chapter 266 Brenan Residence- Summer Bay Laura yawned then she sighed as she poured the hot water in to the cup. Laura stirred the coffee and water with the spoon. She didn’t sleep much so instead of tossing and turning she was up earlier than usual to do some work around the house. Laura stopped stirring her coffee and put the spoon down. She walks towards the front door and out into the front yard and picks up the rolled up newspaper. She walks back towards her house and closes the front door. She walks over to the table where her cup is and sits down. She picks up the cup and drinks some of the coffee puts the cup down and unrolls the newspaper then her heart drops “Summer Bay local goes on trial for 1984 murder” Flashback James- Keep breathing love, it wont be long now Laura- This stupid car, I told you to get rid of it years ago James- Fair go love, Its just a small problem with the engine Laura- Stupid engine, stupid car Flashback ends Laura looked up as the single tear ran down her cheek. She got up from her chair and walked over to the desk and opened the drawer. She took out a photo of two people smiling and with one hand gently caressed the face of the man and sighed. She put the photo back into the drawer closed it and walked to her phone then picked it up and dialed “Hello yes…this is Laura Brenan” Laura said as she wiped another tear from her cheek Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “I wish I can go with you” Sandra said as she watched Ailsa pack Duncans bag “Its alright love, you get yourself off to school” Ailsa said trying to hold herself together “Is there anything I can do?” Sandra said as Emma ate her cereal and rolled her eyes “No love everything is fine. I better be going. I am going to take Duncan to the baby sitter then take these clothes over to the jail for Alf” Ailsa said as she put the bag on her shoulder “Ok, please tell Mr Stewart that I will be thinking about him” Sandra said as she followed Ailsa to the door with Duncan “I will love..have a good day at school” Ailsa said then she closed the door. Sandra walked back to the kitchen and picked up her cereal bowl and took it to the sink and began to wash it “Is there anything I can do?” Emma said as she mocked Sandra “Why don’t you just grow up” Sandra said Door knocking Sandra walked towards the door and opened it “Hi Craig, how are you?” Sandra said as she walked back towards the kitchen “Hi” Craig said to Emma. She looked at him. They hadn’t really said much to each other since he kissed her the other night. Sandra picked up her school bag “You are going to be late” Sandra said to Emma “Who cares” Emma said and Sandra shook her head “Come on lets go” Sandra said to Craig “You go, Ill wait for Emma” Craig said and Sandra looked at him surprised “Ok” Sandra said and she walked out of the house. Craig waited until he heard the door close then he sat down “What do you want?”Emma said as she looked at Craig “Wag school with me today” Craig said “Haha with you?” Sandra said “Yeah, whats wrong with me?” Craig said “Nothing..just you are a conch…and a bit of a dag no offence” Emma said “I know how to have fun…I can get a key to get a room at the sands resort if you want” Craig said and Emma looked at him and smiled “Ok” Emma said and smiled as Craig smiled Yabbie Creek Inn- Yabbie Creek Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay My, oh, my, what a wonderful day Al sang as he looked at his shirt in the mirror, it was clean enough. He put his tie on and began to sing again Plenty of sunshine headin' my way Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay! Al licked the index finger on both hands and smoothed his eyebrows down and smiled to himself. Soon he was going to have $19,000 and would be buying a one way ticket to Tahiti. From the corner of his eye, he saw Sophie sleeping on the motel couch. He turned around and walked towards her. “Hey, get up” Al said and he forcefully nudged Sophie, she didn’t get up. Al pulled her and and she feel to the floor Bobby- What was that for? Sophie- Because I love you Bobby- I love you too tuppence . Sophie opened her eyes, She wished she was still sleeping dreaming about how life would be with Bobby “Get up, you lazy idiot…I cant wait until I get my money then I can get out of here and get rid of you” Al said as Sophie rubbed her eyes and sighed Waldorf Creek Jail- Waldorf Creek Alf looked at Ailsa as she fixed his tie. He could tell that she was struggling to keep it all together and not be sad in front of him “There you go” Ailsa said “Thanks Love” Duncan keeps asking for you” Ailsa said “Thanks for not bringing him. On top of everything I don’t think I could bare saying goodbye to him too” Alf said as Ailsa put her arms around him and sighed “I know I said I wanted to do it but can you tell Ruthy afterwards…im too gutless to tell her face to face..tell her that I will write to her” Alf said and looked at Ailsa. She had one tear running down her cheek “Whatever happens today…please know that I love you….and I don’t expect you to wait for me, so if you want a divorce I will understand” Alf said then sighed “Lets not talk about that love” Ailsa said as Alf wiped the tear from her cheek “Lets go Stewart” Ails and Alf both looked twards the door to see a policeman “Ill see you at the court” Alf said and he bent down to kiss Ailsa and smiled and walked towards the door as she helplessly watched him walk away.. Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music – Diner juke box Oh, why you look so sad, the tears are in your eyes, Come on and come to me now, and don't be ashamed to cry, Let me see you through, 'cause I've seen the dark side too. When the night falls on you, you don't know what to do, Nothing you confess could make me love you less, “Hello Celia, I didn’t expect to see you here this morning” Colleen said as Celia walked into the diner “I was looking for Ailsa, I was going to accompany her this morning…at a time like this, the Stewarts need to stick together” Celia said “She hasn’t been in this morning, I assume she has already gone ahead to the court” Colleen said as she wiped the counter “Oh, right…well I better be going them” Celia said “Poor Duncan and Ruth..with Ruth being so many miles away” Colleen said “Ruth doesn’t know about her father…Alf wanted it that way..anyway I better go” Celia said and she walked away “Give our best to Alf” Colleen said as Celia rushed out of the door. Colleen waited until Celia walked out of the door then she picked up the phone “Hello Betty…its me” Colleen said… I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you, I'll stand by you City University- The City “Hello…Andrew Foley please…thank you” Bobby said as she waited inside the phone box. She tapped her foot, she only had a few minutes before her class started “Andrew Foley Speaking” Andrew said “Hi its Bobby” Bobby said “Roberta Simpson, what can I do for you this fine morning” Andrew said “I thought a lot about what we talked about yesterday…I decided not to submit my application” Bobby said “Oh, why not?” Andrew said “I just don’t want to go through all the hassle of getting my hopes up and I am not going to be approved” Bobby said “I understand how you feel, but what I said yesterday wasn’t to discourage you, but to give you realistic expectations…besides..every application whether it is accepted or denied still has to be logged..that is a legal requirement” Andrew said “Oh right..well I don’t expect to hear back so I guess it doesn’t matter..anyway I have to go, I have a class in two minutes” Bobby said “Do me a favour” Andrew said “What? Bobby said “Get your two references ready” Andrew said “Whats the point, I wont get a response anyway" Bobby said “Well if you don’t think you will get a response, there is no harm in getting your references ready incase you do” Andrew said and Bobby sighed “Ok” Bobby said. She didn’t even know why she said that, she just wanted to get off the phone “Good..well have a good day” Andrew said “You too…and thanks” Bobby said then she put the phone down and sighed then she walked out of the phone box and walked towards the university building. So if you're mad, get mad, don't hold it all inside, Come on and talk to me now. Hey there, what you got to hide? I get angry too, well, I'm alive like you. When you're standing at the cross roads, And don't know which path to choose, Let me come along, 'cause even if you're wrong Waldorf Creek court- Waldorf Creek “So if he told you that he was going to a friends house, how did he end up at Stewarts point” Morag said “I don’t know, he just don’t me not to tell our parents and that he would be back to watch television with me” Matt said “No further questions at this time” Morag said and smiled at Matt who looked at the judge who motioned for him to go back to his seat. Matt stared at Alf with a mean look on his face. Alf put his head down and when he looked up his eyes locked with Al Simpson who was sitting in the back smiling. Matt sat in his seat and sighed. Just talking about that night made him sad all over again. He then smiled to himself and looked around for someone. He looked all around the court and didn’t see her then he sighed and put his head down I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you, I'll stand by you. Baby, even to your darkest hour, and I'll never desert you, Caravan Park- Summer Bay Carly lay on her bed and watched Christopher playing on the floor. Pippa asked Carly to watch him while she went to the court to support Ailsa. Carly looked at Christopher innocently playing with his toys then she sat up. She felt a little light headed but was able to sit up. She picked up the mirror from her table and looked at herself. Her face looked normal. It didn’t look as if hours ago her nose was bleeding. Carly put the mirror down and laid back on her bed and held onto the pendent that Ben gave her then she sighed as she thought about the reason why she made Ben angry again…Matt…she hated Matt right now for what he was doing to her relationship. She had no intention of going to the court and she didn’t want to see Matt again I'll stand by you. And when, when the night falls on you baby, You're feeling all a lone, you're wandering on your own, I'll stand by you. High School- Summer Bay Donald stared at the newspaper on his desk. He didn’t know how long he had been staring at the headline ““Summer Bay local goes on trial for 1984 murder” He felt guilty that he was a free man while Alf was about to go on trial..he also felt guilty that he again betrayed Barbra by sleeping with Morag. Donald sighed “Knock on the door” “Yes come in” Donald said and the door opened “Ms Lawrence, what can I do for you?” Donald said as Debra walked into his office “Just your signature on the proposal we discussed about reducing the amount of academic trips” Debra said “Oh good” Donald said and Debra handed Donald a folder with the the paper he needed to sign Debra waited as Donald did a quick read through and when Donald was finished, he signed the document and gave the folder back to Debra to her but as she reached for it folder fell to the floor “Oh I am very sorry” Donald said and bent down “No it was my fault” Debra said and as she waited for Donald to pick up the papers. She noticed that he missed one and walked to the other side of the desk and picked it up when she did and stood up she got the shock of her life when she was met with the photo of someone from her past…someone she couldn’t forget “Thank you…please excuse me” Debra said and took the folder from Donald and rushed out of his office and closed the door. She rushed into the staff room and locked the door. She picked up the newspaper on the desk and the blood drained from her face. Debra felt faint and sat down as she looked at the photo as it reminded her of a wonderful time n her life...the photo reminded her of the man she once loved…. I'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you, I'll stand by you, baby even to your darkest hour, And I'll never desert you, I'll stand by you, Background music ends
  2. Chapter 265 Waldorf Creek Jail- Waldorf Creek “Alfred, please say something” Morag said as she sat opposite Alf. His face looked like he had just seen a ghost “I went through every document, I spoke to everyone the police spoke to ..I just couldn’t find anything that proved this was nothing more than an accident” Morag said. Alf just stared at her. He always felt that he was guilty but now the reality was sinking in, he really was guilty and he was going to go to jail. He sighed then smiled and began to sing Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, one ha' penny, two ha' penny, hot cross buns. If you have no daughters, give them to your sons, one ha' penny, two ha' penny, Hot Cross Buns Alf finished the song and smiled at Morag who looked at him confused “You know…that used to be Ruthys favourite song when she was a little girl. She used to always sing it with Martha. I would come in and find them at the kitchen table” Alf said then a single tear ran down his cheek. Morag sighed then she looked at Alf. She had failed him she didn’t protect him….just like she didn’t protect her grandchild. Morag felt tears coming to her eyes then she did a pretend sneeze “Oh excuses me, I think the dust is aggravating my eyes” Morag said and she took a tissue from her bag and wiped her eyes and blew her nose “I know you did your best Sis…this is probably for the best…you know” Alf said and smiled as he reached for Morags hand “You get off back to the hotel…I will be fine” Alf said as he looked at Morag “I really am sorry Alfred…I really am” Morag said and she looked at Alf and got up then she quickly made her way out of the room. Alf looked at the table and sighed.. Smart Residence- Summer Bay Naraelle laughed at the TV while bobby sat at the dining table looking over her class notes then she sighed. Narelle looked up at Bobby then she turned the TV down “Are you alright?” you been pretty quiet this evening” Narelle said “Fine” Bobby said as she looked at Narelle then she looked back down at her notes “Matt said Alfs trial is tomorrow so he is going to Summer Bay tonight.” Narelle said and Bobby didn’t respond. She was thinking of the meeting she had with Andrew and how her interpretation was that she shouldn’t even bother to apply. Bobby sighed “I still cant believe that Alf Stewart is going on trail for murder” Narelle said and Bobby didn’t respond. Narelle looked at her and got up from the couch and sat down opposite her “Whats wrong with you?” Narelle said as she looked concerned Phone ringing Narelle got up and walked over to the phone “Hello..Jeff hi” Narelle said and giggled. Bobby sighed as Narelle walked over to the couch with the phone and sat down. Bobby looked at Narelle as her face was full of love. Bobby put her notes back in her folder and got up from the table and went to the bedroom. As she walked, she looked at Narelle again who didn’t seem to know that she was going, she was in deep conversation with Jeff. Bobby closed the door behind her and sat and walked over to the bed and sat down. She could hear Narelle, not what she was saying but she could hear her talking. Bobby sighed then she slowly laid back on the bed and grabbed one of the pillows and hugged it then without warning tears fell from her eyes and she began to cry as she thought about how lonely she felt.. Bayside Diner after dark- Summer Bay Background music- Diner jukebox You give me, you give me the sweetest taboo You give me, you're giving me the sweetest taboo Too good for me Nick wiped his mouth and looked at Lucinda who was playing with her food. “Sorry that you don’t like the food” Nick said and Lucinda looked up at him “Nick, I am sorry…the food is fine” Lucinda said “Must be the company then” Nick said “No the company is fine. I am sorry…its just that I have a lot of things on my mind right now” Lucinda said “Is it the same things from yesterday?” Nick said and Lucinda nodded “Do you want to talk about it…I am a great listener” Nick said “It wouldn’t be fair to you” Lucinda said “Honestly I don’t mind” Nick said as he looked at Lucinda who smiled at him There's a quiet storm And it never felt like this before There's a quiet storm That is you Carly put the rubbish out. She wiped her hands on her apron and began to walk back to the diner. Due to what happened last night, Pippa opted to stay in the kitchen while she served. Carly put her hand in her apron pocket, she had made a lot of tips like she normally did coming up to the weekend, but she decided that she was going to share the tips with Pippa “Hi Carly” Carly froze when she heard a familiar voice say her name. She turned around to see Matt walking towards her “Hi” Carly said and smiled “How are you?” Matt said “Ok…how are you…here for the court case?” Carly said “Yeah, my parents didn’t want to come…they are still not over Shane dying” Matt said “Sorry to hear that” Carly said and smiled at Matt. “You know, I am really sorry about all this” Carly said “Thanks…it has been hard” Matt said “If you ever need someone to talk to…well if you need a friend” Carly said and Matt smiled “You don’t know how good that sounds” Mat said and he stepped forward and hugged Carly. She wasn’t expecting it but exhaled then she put her arms around Matt. She could feel him breathing on her neck as she hugged him tighter There's a quiet storm And it never felt this hot before Giving me something that's taboo (Sometimes I think you're just too good for me) “Can I ask you something? Matt said and pulled away “Sure” Carly said and looked at Matt “Can you come to the trial with me tomorrow…that’s if you are not doing anything” Matt said as he stared at Carly “Ok” Carly said and Ben smiled and hugged Carly again as she held Matt tight. She felt so comfortable and safe with him You give me the sweetest taboo That's why I'm in love with you (with you) You give me the sweetest taboo Too good for me (Sometimes I think you're just too good for me) “Carly” Carly turned around and immediately let go of Matt “Ben, hi, I wasn’t expecting to see you” Carly said and walked over to Ben and hugged him as Matt and Ben looked at each other “I wanted to surprise you” Ben said and kissed Carly as Matt watched “Carly Ill see you tomorrow” Matt said and walked towards his car, got in and drove off “Its really nice to see you” Carly said and Kissed Bens neck “What does he mean by seeing you tomorrow” Ben said “The courtcase I told you about, it was his brother that died…he asked me to go with him” Carly said “You don’t need to go to that …I was thinking that we could spend the weekend together, I have the next few days off..lets go to waldorf Creek or something.” Ben said “I cant…We are short staffed ” Carly said “You cant or you don’t want to?” Ben said and moved away from Carly “Ben…of course I want to but This job is the first opportunity I have had to make something for myself…I cant let Bobby down” Carly said “You mean you cant let that bloke down” Ben said “What do you mean?” Carly said “Its like everytime I turn around, that bloke is around you” Ben said “Its not like that, Matt is just a friend, he needs support right now” Carly said and she put her hand on Bens shoulder and he shrugged her off “Are you seeing him behind my back? Ben said and Carly looked at him shocked “No I am not…its you I am with..its you I love..Matt is just a friend” Carly said as she looked at an angry Ben I'd do anything for you, I'd stand out in the rain Anything you want me to do, don't let it slip away There's a quiet storm And it never felt like this before “Where did Carly go, we need some more change” Grant sa id as he walked into the kitchen “She said she was taking the rubbish out” Pippa said as she wiped down the kitchen table “Carly, what happened” Pippa said as Carly came in holding her bleeding nose “Oh its nothing I tripped and fell..I thought I saw a possum” Carly said as Pippa gave her some tissue “ Sit down and pinch your nose..let me get some ice, that will help “ Pippa said as Carly sat down..She was always making Ben angry. He was the best thing that happened to her and she was ruining it. “Here you go” Pippa said as she gave Carly some ice in a towel “Thanks…im so clumsy” Carly said as she put the ice on her nose and Pippa smiled. She had to find a way to make it up to Ben and she definitely wasn’t going to the trial with Matt. Ben was too important to her and she wanted to make him happy.. You give me the sweetest taboo That's why I'm in love with you (with you) You give me the sweetest taboo Too good for me (Sometimes I think you're just too good for me) Background music ends
  3. Thanks for reading. I really am excited for you to read what I have in store.. Chapter 264 City Café- The City Background music- café radio This Romeo is bleeding, but you can't see his blood It's nothing but some feelings That this old dog kicked up It's been raining since you left me Now I'm drowning in the flood You see I've always been a fighter But without you I give up “Thank you” Andrew said as the waitress put a plate with a sandwich in front of him and a coffee in front of Bobby. Bobby put some milk in her coffee and stirred it “You sure you don’t want a sandwich? My treat” Andrew said as he bit into his sandwich Bobby shook her head “No thanks, I am not hungry” Bobby said and smiled as she watched Andrew chew the sandwich like it was his last meal. Now I can't sing a love song Like the way it's meant to be Well, I guess I'm not that good anymore But baby, that's just me “So you like this job then? Bobby said as she lifted her cup and drank some of the coffee “I always knew that I wanted to help people..I enjoyed teaching but there is something amazing about helping people achieve their dreams…anyway enough about me, how is everyone in Summer Bay?” Andrew said and Bobby smiled “You mean how is Carly?” Bobby said and Andrew put his two hands up “Alright you got me..how is she?” Andrew said “Doing pretty well…We extended the hours of the diner in the evening and Carly is the manager” Bobby said as Andrew looked surprised “Good…is she involved?” Andrew said “Yes …a military guy..I think he is a creep but Carly is happy enough” Bobby said and Andrew laughed then he nodded “Well give her my best” Andrew said “I will” Bobby said Yeah I, will love you, baby Always and I'll be there Forever and a day, always “What about you…your application states that you are single” Andrew said and he bit into the sandwich again and Bobby sighed “With everything I have going on, I don’t have time for relationships” Bobby said and smiled. Andrew looked at her face as he chewed his sandwich. She said one thing but her eyes said something else I'll be there, till the stars don't shine 'Til the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme I know when I die you'll be on my mind And I'll love you, always “Does it matter that I am single…you know with the application?” Bobby said “No, we have many single foster parents” Andrew said and he wiped his mouth “So…what is the application process?” Bobby said “Well, Your application will be reviewed and if you match the criteria, one of the case workers will arrange a time to meet you in a home and do an in home assessment” Andrew said “What does that mean?” Bobby said curiously “Well, its an assessment of your environment and how a child will fit into that environment. You will also need to provide the references of two people who support your application and can confirm that you would be a suitable foster mother” Andrew said “Is that it?” Bobby said “No, the department will also conduct a background check, approval to check your medical history and you will be required to meet with a department approved counselor” Andrew said “Why is that?” Bobby said “Well the background and medical check is for obvious reasons but the counselling session is to make sure that you are emotionally ready to be a foster parent and are doing it for the right reason” Andrew said and Bobby sighed and put her head down Now your picture's that you left behind Are just memories of a different life Some that made us laugh Some that made us cry One that made you have to say goodbye “Bobby is there something wrong?” Andrew said and Bobby didn’t respond. Andrew sighed and drank his coffee “Anything you tell me will be strictly off the record” Andrew said and Bobby looked up at him and sighed What I'd give to run my fingers through your hair Touch your lips, to hold you near, When you say your prayers, try to understand I've made mistakes, I'm just a man Macklin Corporation- New York Frank stared at the torn pieces of paper on his desk. The torn letter he was writing to Bobby Flashback Frank -No worries, I can transfer you over Brett -I heard you are doing really well. Thanks for your help handling the Anderson account. I was just telling Bobby the other night when she stayed over how well you are doing in our New York Office” Brett said as Franks heart dropped Frank -That’s what I am paid for..anyway ill transfer you over Flashback ends When he holds you close, when he pulls you near When he says the words You've been needing to hear, I'll wish I was him 'Cause these words are mine, to say to you 'Til the end of time Yeah I, will love you, baby Always and I'll be there Forever and a day, always Phone ringing Frank leaned forward and picked up the receiver “Macklin corporation, Frank Morgan speaking” Frank said “Hi Frank…its me” Roo said “How are you?” Frank said “yeah, really good” Roo said “You?” Roo said “Good” Frank said and sighed. He couldn’t believe that this was a conversation he was having with his wife…the woman he married till death do them part “Are you working late tomorrow?” Roo said “Hopefully not, ive been working late all this week” Frank said “Ok, well I am getting in early tomorrow, Ill cook dinner or something” Roo said “Ok” Frank said “Ill see you tomorrow then” Roo said “Ok, safe flight” Frank said “Thanks…bye’ Roo said then she put the phone down and Frank sighed as he put the phone down then collected all the torn papers from the desk and put them in the bin again and sighed If you told me to cry for you, I could If you told me to die for you, I would Take a look at my face There's no price I won't pay To say these words to you Yabbie Creek Inn- Yabbie Creek “Get up you lazy tyke” Al said as he kicked Sophies foot and she opened her eyes. She tried to move but her back still hurt. She wiped her face and struggled to get up from the floor “Tidy this place up…I cant wait till tomorrow when I get the money and I can finally get rid of you, you wasn’t any use to me anyway” Al said as Sophie turned around to pick up the cans on the floor and wiped the tear that fell from her eyes Yeah I, will love you, baby Always and I'll be there Forever and a day, always Background music ends Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay “Yep…right…Ill talk to you later Donald” Michael said and he put the phone down and walked out of the office “Here is the receipt for the engine part” Adam said as he walked towards Michael “Oh good, make sure you put it int expense book” Michael said and Adam walked towards the office “Oh hey, I just got off the phone with Donald Fisher” Adam turned around fast and looked at Michael “What did he want?” Adam said “He was calling for a reference about one of my employees” Michael said mimicking Donald’s voice “What did you say?” Adam said as he looked at Michaels face desperately “Relax, I gave you a glowing reference” Michael said and sighed “Thanks” Adam said and he exhaled “Did he say when I would find out if I got the job?” he continued “No he didn’t but the fact that he called means you are in with a good shot” Michael said “I hope so” Adam said “If business picks up, you can always come back, you know that?” Michael said and Adam nodded as Michael tapped him on the shoulder and walked into the office.. The City Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme “Sorry you went through all that” Andrew said as he and Bobby walked by a park near the café “Thanks” Bobby said “But the good thing is that every day is a one step forward for you” Andrew said “Yeah I know” Bobby said “The grieving process can take any day from 1 day to a 1000 days” Andrew said and Bobby didn’t respond “Now that I told you this…will it affect my application? Bobby said then she stopped walking and looked at Andrew “Well, Ill be honest with you, the way you feel about losing your baby…your marriage breaking up will be a concern to the department. I am sure you saw it yourself with your foster family, it really is a demanding job, having to juggle several different personalities under one roof..having very little time to do anything for yourself” Andrew was interrupted “But I know I can do it” Bobby said “Bobby Im not doubting that..look, I will submit your application for review. You probably wont hear anything for a few weeks but in that time, I really want you to think about why you are doing this..the real reason why you are doing this…I want you to be sure that” Andrew was interrupted “Be sure that I am not just trying to replace my baby” Bobby said and Andrew nodded “Yeah I understand how it would look like that” Bobby said and she sighed…she knew that was the reason even if she didn’t want to admit it to herself. Andrew put his hand in his pocket and took out a card “Here is my number, if you want to talk please call me..or if you want to discuss anything about the process” Andrew said and gave the card to Bobby “Thanks” Bobby said and she took the card and looked at it “Anyway, I better get back to the office..it was really nice to see you…and good luck with everything” Andrew said and he smiled “Thanks” Bobby said and she smiled. As she watched Andrew walk away her smile disappeared and she sighed…”Stupid idea” Bobby said to herself as she walked to her car.. Pawn Shop Yabbie Creek Pippa sighed as she pushed open the door. She held it wide enough for Christopher to walk through then she walked up to the counter and waited. Shortly after a man came out of the back “G’day” The shop owner said “Hello..I was wondering how much I would get for these” Pippa said and she took three rings out of her pocket and put them on the counter. The shop keeper picked each ring up and looked at them and inspected them “$300” He eventually said “Each?” Pippa said as her face lit up “No, $300 total” The shop keeper said “But they are gold and the other ring is a real diamond” Pippa said “This is a pawn shop love take it or leave it” The shop owner said and looked at Pippa and she sighed and nodded “You have 90 days to collect or we sell it..fill out this form” The shop owner said and put a clip board with a form on the counter for Pippa to fill out. She exhaled and picked up the pen and bean to write.. background music ends
  4. Chapter 263 Caravan Park- Summer Bay “One for you…and one for you” Pippa said as she gave Tammy and Sally their sandwiches for lunch. Both of them giggled and put the sandwiches in their bag as Viv walked into the kitchen “Viv..where is your permission slip for the school trip” Pippa said “Oh I wont be going” Viv said as Sally and Tammy walked out of the kitchen “Why not?” Pippa looked confused “Well…its because you gave me and Tammy a home, and I don’t want to be a burden” Viv said and she put her head down “Oh come here” Pippa said and Viv walked over to her to her and Pippa put her arm around her “Anyone who walks through that door is family..you are not a burden ok..now go and get your permission slip let me sign it and I will give you the deposit” Pippa said and Viv looked at her and smiled then hugged her really tight “Thank you” Viv said and exhaled then went upstairs as Pippa sighed and looked unsure. Bayside Diner- Summer Bay I'm too sexy for my shirt Too sexy for my shirt So sexy it hurts And I'm too sexy for Milan Too sexy for Milan New York, and Japan I'm too sexy for your party Too sexy for your party No way I'm disco dancing Colleen watched as Ailsa walked into the kitchen. She walked in behind her. “Hello Ailsa love, how are you?” Colleen said “Ok” Ailsa said as she picked up a note pad from the kitchen table and opened the fridge and began to write what she needed to get from the wholsale “Don’t mind me butting in but is there any news about Alf, you know we are all hoping for the best for him” Colleen said “No, there isn’t” Ailsa said “The case still tomorrow is it?” Colleen said “Yes that’s right” Ailsa said as she walked into the pantry. Colleen slowly walked o the pantry entrance “You sure you don’t want me to do that for you? Me and lancey can take care of the diner if you need to get yourself off” Colleen said “No, its fine, its better that I work instead of sitting at home” Ailsa said as she counted the cans on the shelf 'Cause I'm a model, you know what I mean And I do my little turn on the catwalk Yeah, on the catwalk On the catwalk, yeah I shake my little tush on the catwalk MRS S, MRS MAARGE IS HERE” Ailsa’s heart dropped when she heard that Morag wanted to see her. She walked out of the diner to see Morag standing at the counter looking at Lance “Do you want to come through?” Ailsa said “It’s a nice day…why dont we take a walk on the beach” Morag said and smiled “I wont be long” Ailsa said and began to walk out of the diner. “Nice to see you Morag” Colleen said and smiled Morag looked at Colleen and Lance then she followed Ailsa out of the diner I'm too sexy for my car Too sexy for my car Too sexy by far And I'm too sexy for my hat Too sexy for my hat What do you think about that? Colleen waited then she walked towards the door to see Ailsa and Morag walking away then she rushed back to the kitchen picking up the phone on the wall then she dialed "Hello Betty? its me" Colleen said as she looked at the entrance to the diner... Caravan Park – Summer Bay Carly came into the kitchen and yawned “ The kettle is still warm if you want to make a coffee” Pippa said as she washed the dishes “Ill grab something at the diner, I need to do the wholesale order…ill see you later” Carly said “Carly, before you go…I want to say something” Pippa said and she dried her hands on her apron then she took the folded cheque from her pocket and reached out to Carly “I cant take this…this is your money for your future..you are working hard…you don’t need to be spending your money on me” Pippa said “Pippa, its ok, honest’ Carly said “I went through some calculations this morning and I called the bank, I have some money in a different savings account that I forgot about so everything will be alright” Pippa said with a smile “That’s good news Pippa” Carly said and hugged Pippa whose smile disappeared Department of Child Services- The City “H": Bobby said and smiled but she wished she was meeting someone else. She had nothing against Andrew Foley but she remembered confiding to him about her marriage problems; “I saw the name and thought a blast from the past, how are you “ Andrew Foley said as he sat in the chair opposite Bobby “Good, when did you start working here?” Bobby said “About six months ago..what are you doing with yourself now” Andrew said and he looked at Bobby She looked very different from how he remembered her. “Well I still co own the diner with Ailsa, but I am also the catering director at the sands resort, I have my own catering and consulting business and doing my business degree” Bobby said “Wow…sounds like you are really busy…Good for you..glad to see that you have some direction and you must be happy doing so many different things that you want” Andrew said and he looked at Bobby Flashback Andrew- Are you alright Bobby Bobby- Yeah why? Andrew- Come on now, you are talking to a professional Bobby- Its nothing..only me thinking that I am not good enough for my husband anymore Andrew- What do you mean? Bobby- Oh I don’t know…he has changed a lot. He makes comments here and there that he didn’t used to about the way I look or how other woman look good. When I go to see him at work I feel like the ugly foster sister who got lucky then I see him with Roo and they look perfect together Andrew – Don’t say that Bobby- Why not when its probably true…anyway who am I fooling, I always knew I was second best Andrew- Have you talked to frank about how I feel? Bobby- Anytime I bring up the subject he said I am just being jealous or he dismisses it completely Andrew- Do you love him? Bobby- I gave up gong to Uni, to do what I wanted because I love him Andrew- All young couples go through problems early on in their marriage..its the adjustment stage…maybe the two of you can go away together and talk things through Bobby- We cant afford it, we are supposed to be saving up to have a baby Andrew- Well that’s a good sign Bobby- Yeah I know but I still cant shake the feeling that I will always be second best Flashback ends “Yeah…I bet working here makes a change from teaching us lot “ Bobby said and laughed “Hmm I actually miss those days in Summer Bay” Andrew said and his mind drifted off. Bobby could see from his expression that his mind was elsewhere. She cleared her throat bringing Andrew back to the present “So, Diane our receptionist said you are here to submit some application forms…what forms would that be?” Andrew said and Bobby took the envelope from her lap and put it on the desk “I am submitting an application to be a foster mum” Bobby said and she opened the envelope and put the application on the table. Andrew looked at her then he picked up the application and looked at the first page “Oh right, what lead you to that decision?” Andrew said as he looked at Bobby “I just feel that it is the right thing to do” Bobby said “Well you are a great success of the foster system” Andrew said and he smiled “But” Bobby said and Andrew sighed “Ill be honest with you..fostering is not easy and does require you making sacrifices” Andrew said “Yeah I know” Bobby said “There is also the fact that the application process includes making sure you can afford to look after the child as well as residing in a place where the child came have their own room” Andrew said “I have all of that. I own a 5 bedroom beach house and have over $60,000 in the bank” Bobby said desperately as Andrew looked at her “That’s great Bobby but….another thing to consider is that you are still really young…with your whole life ahead of you” Andrew said and Bobby looked down “I know you have your heart set on it, but I want to be as realistic as I can with you…also there is a possibility that your application will be rejected” Andrew said and Bobby sighed. It felt too good to be true “Oh well, thanks for the chat” Bobby said and she got up “Where are you going?” Andrew said “You just basically told me not to bother applying” Bobby said “No, I didn’t say that…sit down” Andrew said “Look, I just want to give you a realistic expectation. I see many people walk through the door and most of the time their hopes and dreams are dashed…I don’t want that for you” Andrew said “Thanks” Bobby said as she looked at Andrew who looked at his watch “It looks to be lunch time, if you are not doing anything, do you mind grabbing a sandwich with me? Andrew said and Bobby smiled “Ok” Bobby said and Andrew got up and Bobby followed him out of the office. Beach- Summer Bay Morag stopped walking and breathed in then she exhaled “That smell is always the same…no matter how long you stay away..you never forget that smell” Morag said and Ailsa looked at her “Look, if you have something to say, please say it. I have to get ready for the lunch rush” Ailsa said and Morag sighed “I tried my best Ailsa” Morag said “What are you saying?” Ailsa said as she studied Morag’s face “Im saying that I haven’t been able to find something that connects someone else to the Wilson accident” Morag said and Ailsa felt a funny feeling come over her “So you are saying that Alf is going to prison?” Ailsa said “I am going to try and plead down to accidental manslaughter…being a first offense and with Alfreds reputation in the commnity, the maximum sentence is 5 years” Morag said as she looked at Ailsa turn away and look at the water with a shocked look on her face then she sighed “Have you told him?” Ailsa said “I am on my way there now, I wanted to see you first” Morag said as Ailsa continue to look at the water “I really am sorry Ailsa” Morag said “What about Al Simpson and his blackmail of Alf?” Morag said “Nothing to prove there. There were no witnesses. Any money being wired to Al coudlve just been as a lone..I really am sorry Ailsa” Morag said “I better go…court is tomorrow at 9am” Morag said and Ailsa didn’t respond then she walked away..
  5. Chapter 262 Waldorf Creek Inn- Waldorf Creek Morag drank her coffee and put the cup on the table. She didn’t sleep much. For the last few hours she had been going over the case notes trying to figure out if she had missed anything. She had gone through everything thoroughly. Alfs trial started tomorrow. Morag sighed then she put her hand on her forehead and exhaled. She picked up the note pad and looked at the possible plea options. The worst case scenario she could plead with the court to give Alf accident manslaughter which carried a prison term of up to five years. However the fact that he didn’t report the crime and stayed quiet would add more years. Time was running out, Morag looked at the documents on the table and just as she was about to get up then she noticed the brown file she received by courier then a thought came to her mind and she smiled..it was not over yet.. Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Ailsa looked at Duncan peacefully sleeping. She was really trying to hold it together…she hadn’t let anyone see her cry but it was usually at night when everyone was asleep that she cried. Normally she was the one to keep it all together for everyone and she knew she had friends but this was different. She knew what it was like to be in prison…she knew how it changed people. Ailsa wiped the tear that fell to her cheek. Then she thought about Morag and how their whole family was at her mercy. She couldn’t even ring Roo because Alf was adamant that if he were to go to prison, he wanted to be the one to tell Roo. Ailsa sighed as she looked at the sun as it shone through the curtain…she was hoping that today would be the day her husband comes home… Yabbie Creek Inn- Yabbie Creek Sophie opened her eyes, she was still really tired. She had to hide in the van while her dad was in the room with a woman. He woke her up when the woman left to go into the hotel room. She slowly took the blanket from her head and looked around the room. She could hear her dad snoring. She slowly got up and as she got up she accidently knocked over an empty bottle that was on the table. Sophie froze as she looked at her dad. He was still snoring. She looked at the door and for a split second she thought about running away…yes she was going to do it. She wiped her eyes and looked around the room. She noticed her dads trousers on the floor. She tiptoed towards the trousers and bent down and reached into the pockets. She got $5. That would be enough to find bobby Sophie thought to herself. She folded the money and put it in her pocket. She looked up again and her dad was still snoring. Sophies heart was beating, she slowly put her shoes on as quietly as she could and slowly began to make her way to the door “Where do you think you are going?” Sophie jumped and turned around to see her dad looking at her “Nowhere” Sophie said as her heat beat faster “Come here” Al said and Sophie froze. This was her chance she was standing right next to the door “I said come here NOW” Al said and Sophie closed her eyes and slowly walked over to him. Al sat up in the bed and stood up as Sophie got closer to him “Empty your pocket” Al said “I don’t have anything” Sophie said “Empty your pocket” Al said again through clenched teeth Sophie slowly put her hand in her pocket and took out the folded money. As she showed it to Al her hands shook “Where did you get that from?” Al said and Sophie didn’t answer “I said where did you get that from?” Al said through clenched teeth “Your pocket” Sophie said and before she knew it Al slapped her across the face “You little thief”Al said as he grabbed Sophie hard by the arm “I am going to teach you to never steal from me” Al said and he through Sophie on the bed and took of his belt. Sophie screamed into the pillow as the buckle of the belt hit her back. She screamed again as it hit her again. Soon she felt numb. Her mouth was open but no noise was coming out….she closed her eyes and the image of Bobby buying her icecream flashed into her mind… Brenan Residence- Summer Bay Laura held her hair back and twirled it around until it was a tight single stand. She twisted it around and formed a high bun and used a hair pin to secure it in place. She thought about the deliveries she had to make and looked at the clock on the wall. She had overslept which was unusual for her..well she sent most of the night remembering what happened that night..the night she didn’t want to remember Knock on the door Laura frowned, she never got visitors so she couldn’t imagine who was knocking at the door. Laura walked up to the door and opened the curtain. It was the same woman who came yesterday. Laura sighed then she opened the door “What do you want?” Laura said as she looked at Morag “Good Morning, Sorry to pass by so early but I was wondering if we could talk again” Morag said You said if I remembered anything, I should call…I haven’t called you so go way” Laura said and attempted to shut the door but Morag put her foot in the way and Laura sighed “Look I don’t know anything, just leave me alone” Laura said as she looked at Morag “I just want to ask you a question” Morag said “Make it quick I haven’t got all day” Laura said and she opened the door wider and walked away as Morag walked into the house behind her. Laura heard the door close and she turned around “What is it?” Laura said and she folded her arms and looked at Morag “As I was going through my clients notes something came to my mind, yesterday when I mentioned that Alf was my client, you seemed surprised by that” Morag said and she looked at Laura “Is there a point to this?” Laura said “Oh nothing, just my curiosity as to why you were surprised that Alf is my client” Morag said as she looked at Laura “You said if I remembered anything, I should call…I dont so go way” Laura said and she walked towards the door and opened it “Ok well, thank you for your time” Morag said and she walked towards the door then she stopped “By the way…I am really sorry to hear about your husband” Morag said and Lauras eyes became wide “Must be hard being here on your own…that is going to be the fate of Alfs wife when he goes to prison…raising their son all by herself” Morag said as she looked at Laura whos facial expression changed “Well have a good day” Morag said and smiled as she walked out of the house and heard Laura slam the door. Morags smiled disappeared as she walked towards her car. Her plan didn’t work..she had nothing left. She opened the car door and sat down…she had failed..Morag started the engine and drove off. Laura opened her curtain slowly and watched Morags car drive off as a tear fell from her eye.. Department of Child Services- The City Bobby sat in the waiting room. She looked at the seat next to her, the brown envelope contained her completed application form . Bobby was nervous, she was only submitting the application form but she knew that this was the right thing to do “Roberta Simpson” Bobby looked up and walked over to the receptionist “You can just go through into the office and one of our social workers will be there shortly” The receptionist said and Bobby smiled and nodded Bobby followed the direction of the receptionist’s hands and walked into the office. She didn’t know if she should sit down, so she stood up and waited. As she waited she looked around the room there were lots of posters and photos of children needing a home “Sorry to have kept you” Bobby turned around “Well well well, isn’t this a surprise” Bobby smiled as she looked at the familiar face…
  6. Chapter 261 Brenan Residence- Summer Bay Laura sat down on her bed and took the hair pin out of her hair that fell past her shoulders. She looked to her left at the papers spread across the bed..papers of that day. The day that still haunted her. Laura got up and walked to her kitchen and picked up the newpaper. She walked back to her room and sat down. She opened the pages as she searched for something specific then she found it. “Local business man still in custody for 1984 murder” Laura sighed as her mind drifted to that night…. Waldorf Creek Jail- Waldorf Creek Alf turned onto his back and sighed. He didn’t sleep much. His mind kept thinking back to what Morag said about spending 20 years in prison. He wished that he never agreed to the silly bet with Clive, he wished that he never even went out that night. Alf sighed then he started thinking about all the things he would miss…Roo having another baby…watching Duncan grow up. Alf sighed and he blinked and a tear dropped from his cheek and fell backwards into his ear… Caravan park- Summer Bay Pippa sighed as Carly put the cup in front of her and sat down. Carly drank some of her tea, put the cup down and looked at Pippa who put her head down Backgound music- Fletcher family theme “I feel so ashamed” Pippa said and looked up at Carly “Pippa, what is going on?” Carly said and Pippa took and envelope out of her pocket and put it on the table and pushed over to Carly “What is this?” Carly said as she picked up the envelope and took out the letter and began to read. Pippa looked at Carly as she continued to read and when Carly signed Pippa looked down “Pippa why didn’t you say something?” Carly said and folded the letter and put it back in the envelope “I didn’t know what I was supposed to say” Pippa said “You could’ve said Carly, things are a bit tight now because Macklins are cutting Toms life insurance so I need you to contribute more, or told Frank, , he would be able to find out why Macklins are doing this” Carly was interrupted “No, please don’t mention anything to Frank” Pippa said “Why not? He works for Macklins” Carly said and Pippa sighed “I just don’t want him to know that’s all…anyway I already know why they are cutting it, its because they claim Tom died from a preexisting condition so that disqualifies his beneficiaries from Toms life insurance " Pippa said and sighed. Carly looked at Pippa and put her hand on Pippa’s hand. “this is my problem and I will take care of it” Pippa said “How are you going to take care of it, you have no money. The bookings are down and you just took on two extra foster children” Carly said “I will take care of it” Pippa said trying to convince herself “Yeah sure, by stealing money from your daughter” Carly said annoyed “I was going to pay her back” Pippa said “That’s not the point..I am sure if you asked Bobby she would give you anything you want” Carly said “Please Carly, don’t tell her…I really am sorry…in fact I will tell Bobby that I cant work at the dinner anymore” Pippa said as she looked at Carly with a look of desperation on her face as Carly sighed then they heard footsteps coming down the stairs “I thought I heard voices” Steve said “Shouldn’t you be asleep” Carly said “I was, Pippa, I need a deposit for the class trip. Can you sign my permission form, the deposit is $20” Steve said as he walked towards Pippa with a sheet of paper. “Can we talk about this tomorrow, its late now” Carly said “I need to take the form and deposit to school tomorrow” Steve said “I SAID WE WILL TALK ABOUT IT TOMORROW” Carly said and she looked at Steve. He was surprised that Carly was talking to him that way. “Is there something wrong?” Steve said as he looked at Carly and Pippa confused “Nothing is wrong sweetheart, here, let me sign the form for you” Pippa said as she took the form from Steve and signed it. She put her hand in her pocket and took out some of the tip money she received and counted it. It was $20 exactly “Here you go” Pippa said as she gave Steve the money and smiled “Thanks..goodnight” Steve said as he looked at Carly and Pippa then he went upstairs. Carly waited until she heard the bedroom door close “Pippa, he has been on thousands of school trips, he didn’t need to go on that one, not now” Carly said “Carly, it was only $20 I cant begrudge the boy that” Pippa said “Of course not, you can always steal it back tomorrow” Carly said and sighed “Carly please, I am sorry for what happened…please don’t tell Bobby or the others, I don’t want them to worry” Pippa said “Pippa, you are struggling, I cant keep this a secret” Carly said “Please Carly…I will take care of this…please” Pippa said with tears in her eyes as she looked at Carly. Carly got up and walked to the drawer, she took something out and walked back to the table. She sat down and opened her cheque book and began to write then she tore a cheque and gave it to Pippa “What is this” Pippa said and she looked at the check “Its not much but I hope that can help until we can figure out a way to get the caravan park bookings up “I cant take your money..its for your future” Pippa said “Pippa, that $500 is nothing compared to what you and Tom gave me” Carly said “Oh Carly, I promise ill pay you back” Pippa said and she wiped her eyes “I don’t want it back…I just don’t want anymore secrets between us” Carly said and Pippa exhaled and nodded “Im going to bed” Carly said and she got up “Carly” Pippa said and Carly turned around “Thank you” Pippa said and Carly smiled and walked up the stairs as Pippa looked at the cheque with tears running down her cheeks Background music ends Macklin office- New York Frank entered the figures on the computer. He took the pen out of his mouth and used it to sign a document on his desk then he put the pen down and continued to type on the computer. As he typed he yawned. He had been working pretty late this week. Frank sighed then he stopped typing and looked at the envelope on the desk, it was the letter he wrote to Sally. He really missed her and couldn’t wait for her to write back. He smiled as he thought about Sally wanting to put the stamps on the envelope herself like a big girl. He squeezed his toes in his shoes...he was wearing his family socks. He also missed Bobby. He wanted to write to her…he had started to write to her.. Even though he asked about her from Pippa, it wasn’t the same. He wanted to talk to her, hear how she was doing…tell her all about what he was doing..he really missed his best friend. Frank smiled to himself and took the writing pad from his bag and put it on his desk. He was going to finish the letter to Bobby at lunch time and send them both off. Phone ringing Frank reached for the phone receiver “Hello Macklins cooperation, Frank Morgan speaking” Frank said “Hello Frank, its Brett, “ Brett said as Frank sighed “Hello Brett, what can I do for you?” Frank said “for some reason this keeps happening, I asked to speak to Terry and for some reason I was put through to you” Brett said “No worries, I can transfer you over” Frank said “I heard you are doing really well. “ Brett said "Thanks" Frank said. "You did a good job handling the Anderson account. I was just telling Bobby the other night when she stayed over last night how well you are doing in our New York Office” Brett said as Franks heart dropped “That’s what I am paid for..anyway ill transfer you over” Frank said then he pressed the extension number and put the receiver down Frank looked at the the writing pad on the desk . He opened it and looked at the letter that he had started writing to Bobby and got angry then he ripped it from the writing pad then he tore the letter up into small pieces and throw them in the small bin by his desk..
  7. Chapter 260 Beach- Summer Bay Lucinda rubbed her arms. Even though she wore a cardigan she could still feel the cold. She sighed. She had been walking for a while still attempting to process that her Uncle Alf was responsible for taking away her love, Shane. “Hi” Lucinda turned around “A bit late to be taking a walk on the beach” Nick said “Oh, yes, I am on my way home” Lucinda said and smiled. Nick smiled back. “I can give you a lift it you like?” Nick said “No, I possible couldn’t” Lucinda said “Its no trouble…I am actually on a break…do you want to get a coffee or something at the diner?” Nick said “I actually want to go straight home” Lucinda said “Ok, home it is” Nick said as Lucinda walked to the passenger side of the car and got in.. Waldorf Creek Inn- Waldorf Creek “Hopefully business starts picking up and I can start making some money after this custody ends” Michael said then he kissed Morag’s neck and she shrugged him off “What’s the matter?” Michael said “Its been a long day” Morag said “Usually that’s when you need me the most” Michael said and touched Morag intimately and shrugged him off and sat up in the bed “Ok, what’s really going on? Is it the case with Alf?” Michael said “No, its nothing really” Morag said as Michael looked confused “Come on Morag…” Michael said then Morag looked at him “Have you thought about leaving Summer Bay?” Morag said “Well, when business is good, its really good besides..I think this would be a good place to raise my son” Michael said “Perth has some great schools” Morag said and Michael looked at her “What are you saying?” Michael said “With your experience, your talents are wasted in a small town like this. With my connections you could own a chain of boat shops” Morag said “What is this?” Michael said “I am just giving you some options that is all” Morag said as she looked at Michael “What options…I thought you wanted to keep this casual?” Michael said “I just think you are wasted here when there are better opportunities for you” Michael said “Morag…Im not leaving Celia, if that is what you are asking” Michael said and Morag felt her heart drop “Then maybe you need to leave here” Morag said “Hey….We have a good time, why are you trying to get heavy” Michael said and he attempted to hug Morag “I would like you to leave please” Morag said as she got off the bed and walked over to the window as Michael sighed “Are you serious?” Michael said “Yes” Morag said and she walked towards the bathroom, opened it and shut the door behind her. Morag stood in the dark and listened to Michael put his clothes on. Morag waited until she heard Michael close the door. Morag opened the bathroom door and walked over to her side of the bed and sat down. She reached for her bag and took out the smaller black bag. From that bag she pulled out the little white hat on her chest and closed her eyes as she started to cry… Fisher Residence- Summer Bay “Here you go…as promised, delivered safely to your house.” Nick said and he looked at Lucinda. She had been quiet on the short ride to her house “Thank you” Lucinda said and she smiled at Nick “I know we don’t know each other well but I can tell that there is something wrong..I don’t want to be nosey but I just want you to know that I am a good listener” Nick said and Lucinda sighed “It’s a long story” Lucinda said “Maybe we can talk about it over dinner tomorrow…I have the night off” Nick said and Lucinda smiled “Thanks, I would like that” Lucinda said “How about I pick you up at 7 from here?” Nick said “Ok, sounds great..well goodnight” Lucida said “Goodnight” Nick said and smiled as he watched Lucinda get out of the car. He waited until she got inside then he drove off “Lucinda” Donald said “Sorry Uncle Donald, I didn’t mean to disturbe you” Lucinda said as she walked into the living room “I didn’t intend to stay out late” Lucinda said “I heard a car outside” Donald said “Yes, Nick gave me a lift back” Lucinda said “Oh you should have said you were meeting him, he is welcome here” Donald said “No, we just bumped into each other at the beach, he is working and he gave me a lift back home” Lucinda said “Well I am glad that the two of you became acquainted again, he is a fine young man” Donald said “Yes he is, we are going out to dinner tomorrow” Lucinda said “Really? That is wonderful…do you need any help with anything?” Donald said “No Uncle Donald, I think I will be fine..I think I will just go to bed now..goodnight” Lucinda said “Ok well good night” Donald said as he Lucinda walked away. Donald smiled. He was proud of how great his niece had turned out then his smile disappeared as he thought about Alf and the case… Caravan Park- Summer Bay Background music- Fletcher family theme Steve looked down at the paper on the desk. He was writing his Aunt, he didn’t know what to say to her. She felt like a stranger to him. Steve put his pen down and picked up the last family photo and stared at it. Flashback Tom- This is Steve, he will be living with us now. Let me introduce you to the family, this is Lynn, Carly, Frank and Sally Sally- And Milko Tom- And Milko Steve- But Tom- ill explain later, now lets get you up to your room Steve- Ok Flashback ends Steve smiled as he remembered the first day he moved in with his family Flashback Frank- Hey, I want to ask you something Steve- What is it? No more tutoring, youre on your own Frank- I am gong to tell you a secret but you better keeo it quiet or ill deck you Steve- Ok what is it Frank- Me and Roo are getting married and I want you to be best man Steve- Youre getting gmarried? Frank- Say it louder for the whole house to hear Steve- Sorry..why are you getting married? Frank- We just are Steve- It’s a bit sudden, you haven’t known her for long Frank- Look, I don’t need a lecture from you, will you be my best man or not Steve- Why are you asking me and not Lance or Martin? Frank- You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to Steve- Its not that..its just that the best man is usually the best friend of the groom or something Frank- Youre my brother aren’t you? So you going to do it or not? Steve- Yeah ok Frank- Good, just don’t say anything to Tom and Pippa but Steve- Ok Flashback ended Steve sighed as he looked at Frank in the photo. He really missed him. He wished that things were the same. Steve sighed then he opened the drawer and took out the calling card and looked at it then all the guilt he felt came rushing back Steve put the calling card in the draw and closed the draw. Just before he closed the draw he noticed a wrapped present, he took it out and looked at the tag, it had Sallys name on it…it was from Frank. Steve sighed then he heard footsteps coming down the stairs “Sal,what are you doing out of bed?” Steve said “I cant sleep…can you read me a story” Sally said “Sal..”Steve was interrupted “Please” Sally said and she looked up at Steve and he smiled “Ok” Steve said and he put the letter into his file and followed Sally upstairs. “Ok, Which story do you want” Steve said as he looked at the books on Sallys bookshelf “This one” Sally said pointing to one she already had on her bed “Ok” Steve said then he looked at Sal “Sal…can I ask you something” Steve said and she nodded her head “Do you wish Frank was still here” Steve said “I don’t want to talk about it” Sally said then she laid back and put the covers over her head “Sorry Sal, I didn’t mean to upset you..Ok I wont talk about it..Ill just read the story” Steve said “You promise?” Sally said from under the covers “Yes, I promise’ Steve said and Sally took the covers from her head and wiped her eyes as Steve began to read the story. Background music ends Bayside Diner After Dark- Summer Bay “Another great night” Grant said as he picked up the rubbish "Yes, this has been a really profitable business idea “Yeah, Just going to put this outside” Grant said to Pippa as he walked outside Pippa wiped the table down. She bent down to put the extra napkins away when she noticed that the cash drawer was open. Pippa sighed then she opened the drawer further. She spotted $50 and a $100 note. She took the money out and folded the notes into two “I have to ask Bobby if we can add some salads for the menu” Pippa jumped and dropped the money in the cash drawer and closed ir when she heard Carly behind her “Sorry?” Pippa said “I was saying that I am gong to ask Bobby about adding some salads to the menu..I had two customers ask for salads tonight” Carly said “Oh right…sounds like a good idea” Pippa said then Carly went back into the kitchen. Pippa watched Carly go into the pantry and she opened the drawer again. . Pippa slowly took the folded money out as her heart beated fast and put the money into her pocket. “Pippa, what are you doing?” Pippa jumped to see Carly staring at her with a shocked look on her face…
  8. Chapter 259 Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Lucinda sighed as she looked into the plate of pasta. She had known her Uncle Alf all her life…she couldn’t bring herself to believe that he would kill Shane..she just couldn’t believe it. She felt really sorry for Matt..she felt sorry for Mr and Mrs Wilson…She looked at Donald who appeared absent minded and playing with his food. Donald had a lot of things on his mind..the case with Al…sleeping with Morag and also Barbra. Anytime he spoke or thought about Barbra, he felt guilty for what he did with Morag. He just needed someone…the same old story as before. “I am sorry Uncle Donald…I am not very hungry” Lucinda said “Oh sorry to hear that…are you alright?” Donald said “Yes, fine…well no not really. I cant believe that Uncle Alf would have anything to do with Shanes’ death” Lucinda said. Donald didn’t respond “Have you had a chance to speak with Nick Parrish?” Donald said hoping to change the subject “Im sorry?” Lucinda said confused “Nick Parrish, I thought you two got on well when he and his uncle Bob came over for dinner” Donald said “No, I have not had a chance to speak to him” Lucinda said “That’s a shame, I thought you would be well suited” Donald said “please excuse me” Lucinda said as she got up “Are you off somewhere?” Donald said “Just for a walk along the beach” Lucinda said as Donald looked at his watch “Well its getting dark soon” Donald said “I wont be long” Lucinda said and she left the house as Donald sighed Stewarts point Summer Bay Laura got out of the van and closed the door. She had just dropped off the order for the Donaldsons. Laura looked up, it looked like it was about to rain. “Hello I am looking for Laura Brenan” Laura looked around to see a tall woman with red hair looking at her “Who wants to know” Laura said she looked at the woman “My name is Morag Bellingham, I am a lawyer” Morag said with a smile “What do you want?” Laura said as she looked at Morag “Just to ask you a few questions about a case I am working on” Morag said “Case about what?” Laura said “Do you mind if we talk inside, it looks like it is about to rain” Morag said as she pointed to the sky. Laura looked up then she began to walk towards her house and Morag followed Bayside Diner After Dark- Summer Bay “Hello” Carly turned around to see Al standing and looking at her “What can I get you?” Carly said. She knew it was Bobbys dad she didn’t want to serve him but she didn’t want to start any trouble “Let me have a look at the menu first” Al said and he smiled at Carly then he looked at the menu “I think I will have the lasagna” Al said then he looked at Carly “Anything to drink?” Carly said “Yes, a coke thanks” Carly said “Oh by the way, I assume the food and drink will be on the house since this is my daughters diner” Al said “I don’t think I can do that…Bobby is not here” Carly said “If you want to keep your job, you will do as I say” Al said “Im sorry but I cant do that” Carly said “Is there a problem Carly?” Carly turned around to see Ailsa walking towards her “No problem…I was just telling your lovely worker that Bobby would be very disappointed to hear that she will not allow her dear dad to eat free” Al said as he smiled at Carly “Carly is actually the manager” Ailsa said as she looked at Al “She wont be for very long if I tell Bobby” Al said as Carly looked at Ailsa “Give Mr Simpson his order on the house” Ailsa said and Al smiled “See, that wasn’t too difficult” Al said as Ailsa looked at him and walked out of the diner “Where is Bobby by the way?” Al said with a smile “Shes out of town” Carly said then she walked into the kitchen as Als expression changed Brenan Residence- Sumer Bay “So what do you want?” Laura said as she looked at Morag who was sitting down “I just wanted to talk to you about an accident that happened not too far from here and I was wondering if you saw or heard anything” Morag said “What accident?” Laura said “The Shane Wilson accident” Morag said and saw Lauras facial expression change “What makes you think I know anything?” Laura said as she began to bite her dirty nails. Morag looked at her with a look of disgust “I don’t know. My client has been charged with the murder of Shane Wilson and I am looking through the case trying to see if the police missed anything during their initial investigation” Morag said “Who is your client?” Laura said “Al Stewart” Morag said “Alf?” Laura looked surprised “Do you recall seeing anything or hearing anything that night?’ Morag said as she stared at Laura “You look familiar” Laura said as she looked at Morag. Morags heart dropped, she was hoping this wasn’t going to be another conversation like the one she had with Al Simpson. Morag stood up “Well if you do remember anything, I am staying at the Waldorf Creek Inn” Morag said as she looked at Laura and smiled “What did you say your name is again?” Laura said “Morag Bellingham” Morag said as her heart beated fast “You can see yourself out” Laura said as she walked out of the living room. Morag looked around the house. It was very clean for someone who looked very dirty. Morag walked towards the front door and let herself out. When she got outside she sighed. Morag got into her car and shut the door. Time was running out…she needed to find the missing link…she needed to find a way to get Alf out so that she could leave as well…Morag sighed and started the engine and drove away. Laura opened the curtain and she looked out of the window as she saw Morag’s car drive away. She walked over to the draw and pulled out an envelope and put it on her chest and sighed….she was hoping that she would never be reminded of that night again... Smart Residence- Summer Bay Narelle closed the door “Hmm something smells good” she said as she walked into the flat and took her jacket off. Bobby popped her head out of the kitchen “Hi, Dinner wont be long” Bobby said and went back into the kitchen “Great thanks..Ive been on my feet all day” Narelle said and she took off her shoes and sat on the couch. “You sure you don’t want to come back to Summer Bay, I am look for someone to work at the diner after dark” Bobby said “I guess I could think about it, be nearer to Jeff ey” Narelle said as Bobby rolled her eyes as she went back to the kitchen. Narelle got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen “So when do you think you will go back to Summer bay?” Narelle said “Are you kicking me out?” Bobby said “Of course not, you are my best mate, You can stay here as long as you want, you know that…its just staying away isn’t going to change what happened” Narelle said as she looked at Bobby who sighed “I know…” Bobby said “Ill just go and get washed for dinner” Narelle said and smiled. Narelle picked up her bag from the couch and went into the bathroom and closed the door. She turned the tap on and put the toilet seat down. She opened her bag and took out a small back from the zipped section of her bag and out of it she took out a small bag with white powder Narelle looked inside her purse and took out $10 from her purse. She threw the purse and bag on the floor. “Don’t be too long” Bobby said as she knocked on the door “Right o, Ill be out in a minute” Narelle said as she poured a little powder on the sink and used the edges of the $10 note to make a straight line. Narelle then rolled the $10 note up and leaned leaned forward and snorted the powder into her nose. Narelle wiped her nose and sat back on the toilet as she felt the powder burn the back of her throat. She had been waiting all day to do it. Narelle smiled to herself as she felt a nice sensation come over her. She looked around the bathroom and closed her eyes as she remembers her and Jeff making love in the shower “Hey Narelle” Bobby said as she knocked on the door which frightened Narelle and she opened her eyes “Im coming” Narelle said and got up and washed her face. Shew iped her face on the towel hanging in the bathroom then she picked up her purse from the floor and put it in her bag. She wiped her face once more and the sink to remove and excess powder then she walked towards the bathroom door…. Bayside Diner After Dark- Summer Bay Al wiped his mouth and put the napkin on the plate “Finished?” When he looked to his right he saw Pippa standing there. He smiled at her. She looked beautiful tonight “Yes thank you…I didn’t know that you worked here” Al said and smiled at Pippa “Just temporarily” Pippa said as she looked at Al “Your daughter not with you?” Pippa said curiously “She is still staying at her aunts, she has a farm…you know kids” Al said and smiled “Well I better be going…the food was great” Al said and he got up from the booth and walked out of the dinner. Al walked towards his truck and goin in and closed the door. He opened his jacket pocket and took out a napkin “Here” He said and Sophie took the blanket off her head and reached her hand out and took the napkin but the contents of the napkin fell to the floor “Thank you” Sophie said and she picked up the two cold potatoes from the floor and put them back into the napkin then put one into her mouth as Al began to drive. As she chewed it a tear ran down her cheeks. One day Bobby was going to find her and make her nice warm potatoes Sophie thought to herself as she chewed and cried…
  9. Yes, it was Roo on the answering phone Lots of surprises coming. Thank you for reading. Chapter 258- Waldorf Creek Jail- Waldorf creek Morag sighed as she looked at the case notes. She had to admit to herself that she had no evidence to prove that Alf wasn’t responsible. If Donald did go through with his plan of confessing it wouldn’t help. Morag sighed as she looked at the list of possible plea deals for Alf if he admitted to accidental manslaughter. “How is it looking Sis” Morag looked up to see Alf smile as he was being led into the room. Alf sat down opposite Morag and looked at her. “How are you?” Morag said “I had a nice dream of me and Martha and Ruthy last night…I dreamt that I told them I wouldn’t be seeing them again” Alf said as Morag looked confused “Alfred, you will see Ruth again”Morag said “Sis, I am guilty…just forget it..I know what I did” Alf said in a defeated voice as Morag looked at him “I might as well stop now and work on your plea deals” Morag said changed “What does that mean?” Alf said “It means satisfactory prison time for you pleading guilty…how many years do you think is sufficient for murder? 20?” Morag said and picked up notepad as Alfs expression changed “I can do my best to have you transferred to a prison nearby. Goulbourn is about five hours from Summer Bay which wont be too bad a trip for Ailsa to bring Duncan to see you” Morag said as Alf had a look of shook on his face “Ill make the necessary arrangements with the court” Morag said and she stood up as Alf still had a look of shock on his face…he would be spending 20 years in Prison…away from his family…he wouldn’t get to see his son or grandchildren grow up. As Alf thought about it he heard Morag speaking but he couldn’t hear what she was saying..he couldnt believe it...he would be really going to prison. Alf felt faint at the thought suddenly his heart began to beat fast “Ill see you in court on Frday” Morag said and she picked up the file and began to walk way “Wait” Morag turned around to see Alf looking at her with a tear dropping down her cheek. Morag walked back towards the table and sat down opposite Alf “I cant do it Morag…I cant be away from my family for 20 years…please help me...Im sorry..it was an accident..Ill pay anything they want..please I dont want to go to prison...please Morag help me” Alf said and he grabbed Morags hand as he cried “Then stop this nonsense and lets fight” Morag said as she stared at Alf who nodded his head “Now lets go over the story more time…there must be someone who we have not contacted” Morag said and Alf smiled Stewarts Point- Summer Bay Laura wiped her hands on overalls after potting the last plant. She looked at her garden, she had to pick some potatoes for the Donaldsons. She took the small notepad and pen out of her pocket and wrote a note to herself and put them back into her pocket. Laura walked over to the other side of the garden and picked up a large potted plant. Laura walked over to an empty spot and put the plant there. When she put it down, she noticed a newpaper stuck to the bottom and pulled it out. It was ripped but the part she caught she was a photo of Alf Stewart. Laura shook her head; Alf was always in the paper for something or another. She crumpled up the paper and put it in her pocket and fixed the dirt in the pot. Ross Boat Shed- Summer Bay Adan wiped his hands then he looked up to see Michael walking towards him “G’day” Michael said “G’day” Adam said “Michael…I just wanted to tell you that I went to see Mr Fisher about a janitors job at the school and he will be contacting you for a reference” Adam said “No worries, you will get a good one from me” Michael said as Adam nodded “Look, mate…I really am sorry about this. After this custody battle is resolved and business picks up, you are welcome to come back” Michael said “Thanks, lets just hope that I get the job” Adam said and sighed High school- Summer Bay School bell rings “Ok please make sure you read chapters 4 5 and 6 for tomorrow” Megan said as the students began to pack their things and walk out. As the students were walking out Debra walked into the classroom. She waited until the students had walked out and she looked at Megan “Hi Debra…thank goodness the day has ended” Megan said as she smiled and packed her folders in her back “Ms Lawrence” Debra said and Megan stopped what she was doing and looked at Debra “Oh right…sorry” Megan said “I wanted to have a quick work with you before you left” Debra said “Yes, sure” Megan said “ I find your length of skirt very uncomfortable in a school where young boys look older than you do” Debra said as Megan looked down at her skirt. Her skirt wasn’t that short. Megan looked at Debras ankle length skirt “Mr Fisher hasn’t mentioned anything about it” Megan said “Well he wouldn’t, would he?” Debra said as she stared at Megan “Ok, Ill wear trousers” Megan said “Thank you” Debra said and she smiled then when she left the room her smile disappeared Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Morag exhaled as she got out of the car. This was the last place she wanted to be but she didn’t have a choice. Morag inhaled deeply then exhaled then she walked towards the diner. “G’day Marrge, what do you want” Lance said as Morag got to the counter. Morag stared at him “Its Mrs Bellingham and I am here to see Ailsa” Morag said as she looked around the diner “Oh right….MRS S, MRS MAARGE WANTS TO SEE YOU” Lance shouted into the kitchen as Morag stared at him in disgust. Shortly after Ailsa walked out of the office “Morag is there something wrong?” Ailsa said as she walked towards the counter “I wanted to have a private word with you” Morag said “Ok, come into the office” Ailsa said and began walking towards the office. Morag slowly walked around the counter and when she got to the kitchen she felt a funny felling come over her Flashback Bobby – YOU WIN just leave me alone Flashback ends Morag felt her heart beating fast as she walked slowly over the place that Bobby fell to the floor. Morag exhaled then she walked into the office. “Please sit down” Morag said as she looked around the office. There was a photo of Bobby on the wall with her NSW award. Ailsa looked at Morag as she stared at the photo “What can I do for you?” Ails said as Morag looked at her. “I told Alfred that I would be issuing a plea deal to the court for 20 years” Morag said as Ailsa looked shocked “20 years..but why…I thought you would be able to get him out?” Ailsa said “When I saw him today he had gave the impression that he had given up…I told him that to shake him up” Morag said as Ailsa exhaled “So you do think there is some hope?” Ailsa said “Well…to be honest with you, if I don’t find something we might have to consider a plea deal..however…I went over the case notes again and at the map of Stewarts point and there are some houses there. I went through all the names of people who were interviewed but none of the residents in the houses by Stewarts point were interviewed. I am going to start there and” Morag was interrupted “Yoohoo Ailsa” Morag rolled her eyes “Come in Celia” Ails said and Celia opened the door “I heard that Morag was here and I wanted to find out if there was any news on Alfred..Michael and I are so worried” Celia said as Morag froze “Nothing yet Celia but Morag is going to go back up to Stewarts point to interview some of the residents there” Ailsa said “You mean Laura Brenan?” Celia said and Morag took the notepad out of her bag and looked at the names “Yes, how do you know her?” Morag said and she looked at Celia “She came into the shop, she brought an order of vegatables for Alf. I must say I was very surprised to see her. I thought she had left Summer Bay. She looked terrible,, I must say..she has really let her self go..especially after what happened” Celia whispered “What do you mean?” Morag said “Well, I am not really one to gossip but” Celia said as she pulled up a chair to the desk and sat down….
  10. How did the writers gloss over the fact that Roo failed her HSC but is now a teacher? Did she get a GED and a degree in USA? How many love interests has she had since returning? As long as we don’t see Frank turn up our of the blue.
  11. Any predictions about what is going to happen in the next few months? Chapter 257 Chambers Residence- Summer Bay Marilyn wiped her eyes as she sat on the bed “Linne, are you ok?” Diane said as she slowly opened the bedroom door. Diane had just told her that she was going to sell the house and move to Brisbane for a new job “Im not kicking you out” Diane said “I know…I knew it was coming,,,..ill find somewhere” Marilyn said “So why do I feel guilty?” Diane said “No, don’t feel guilty…Im just sad that you are going that’s all but I know you are happy” Marilyn said and wiped her eye again “I wanted to wait until I tell you this but…when I sell the house, I am going to give you $10,000 so you can set yourself up…maybe with your own salon of something” Diane said as Marilyn looked at her “Oh Didi, you don’t need to do that” Marilyn said as she hugged her cousin “I know but I want to make sure that you will be ok when I leave” Diane said “Thank you..I will be ok…Ben is with me and I am finishing my course in a few weeks, so everything is going to be perfect” Marilyn said and smiled as her cousin smiled unsure. Bayside Diner at night – Summer Bay Spare a little candle Save some light for me Figures up ahead Moving in the trees White skin in linen Perfume on my wrist And the full moon that hangs over These dreams in the mist “Mrs F I can do that” Grant said as Pippa washed the dishes “No, its ok, I am fine doing this” Pippa said as she smiled “Ok, Ill just take the garbage out” Grant said and smiled. As he walked away, Pippas smile disappeared. She purposefully decided to wash the dishes, so she wasn’t tempted. Pippa sighed as the guilt came over her Darkness on the edge Shadows where I stand I search for the time On a watch with no hands I want to see you clearly Come closer than this But all I remember Are the dreams in the mist “Hi” Grant turned around to see Megan standing behind him “Hi” Grant said and smiled Grant said as she wiped his hands on his apron. He and Megan hadn’t spoken much since she moved out of the flat they shared when the accusations were made public “So you’re working here?” Megan said. She heard from some of the other teachers about Grant being fired and losing his teachers license “Yeah..anyway I need to get back” Grant said “Wait” Megan said “Look, I am sorry for walking out the way I did..just hearing that stuff” Meagn was interrupted “Don’t worry about it” Grant said “Can I buy you a drink or something to say sorry?” Megan said. She really liked Grant. She knew she did that’s why she didn’t take Martin seriously “Not tonight…maybe another time” Grant said and smiled “ok” Megan said and she smiled “Where are you going?” Grant said “I was just coming to order some dinner to take away” Megan said “I guess I can help you with that” Grant said and he smiled as he and Megan walked to the diner.. These dreams go on when I close my eyes Every second of the night I live another life These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away Summer Bay Inn- Summer Bay Debra sighed as she marked the assignments. She shook her head as most of the children got the answers wrong. She put the pen down and thought about Donald Fisher the headmaster who seemed a bit preoccupied then she thought about the other teachers who seemed to be very relaxed. She wasn’t sure if she was going to enjoy her time in Summer Bay but this was one step closer to her goal of being headmistress and she wasn’t going to let anything stop that. Is it cloak 'n' dagger Could it be spring or fall I walk without a cut Through a stained glass wall Weaker in my eyesight The candle in my grip And words that have no form Are falling from my lips Smart Residence- The City Flashback Bobby- You saved my life tonight Frank- I would do anything for you Bobby- I don’t know what Danny would’ve done to us if you never came..thank you Frank- I would protect you every day for the rest of your life if you tell me not to go Bobby- Frank don’t… Frank- I love you heaps.., don’t you understand? Bobby- Im tied Frank…can we just sleep Flashback ends Bobby opened her eyes, her hand was on her stomach. Since hearing Morags name she was thinking non stop about Frank and Tom….wishing that she had the courage to tell Frank to stay..maybe things would’ve been different. Bobby smiled as she looked around the room. . Narelle was still at work. She really liked having Narelle as a friend, someone who made her admit things to herself that she didn’t want to… Bobby sighed. Flashback Receptionist- Thank you for your inquiry Ms Simpson, please complete the application form and either post it or come in and return it Bobby- Thank you Receptionist- Is there any other questions you have at this time? Bobby- No thanks Receptionist= Ok then we look forward to hearing from you soon Flashback ends Bobby looked at the application form on the bed next to her and picked it up. She read a few of the questions that were asked and she sighed then put the form on her stomach as a single tear dropped down her cheek into her ear… These dreams go on when I close my eyes Every second of the night I live another life These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away Morgan Residence- New York Frank sighed as he closed the door. He walked over to the lamp and turned it on. He took his bag off, throwing it onto the couch then took his jacket off and hung it on the closet door. He took his shoes off and walked toward the kitchen/ He opened the fridge, there was no food. He had been working late so he didn’t have time to go food shopping and he didn’t expect Roo to do it since she wasn’t much of a cook anyway. Frank opened the freezer, there was a packet of frozen pizza. He took the packet out and opened it then turned on the oven. As he bent down to put the pizza in the fridge, he noticed the answer machine flashing. He closed the oven door and walked over to the answer machine and pressed it “You have one message…beep…Frank, its me..pick up if you are there..I guess you are not there…I just wanted to say goodnight…ok …I love you…bye” Frank looked at the answer machine the ne pressed the delete button. He sat down on the couch and opened the side of his bag and pulled out some paper and a pen and smiled as he wrote “My princess Sally…” These dreams go on when I close my eyes Every second of the night I live another life These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away Background music ends
  12. Chapter 256 The Bistro- The City Flashback Matt- Can I come with you? Shane- I wont be long Matt – Where are you going? Shane – Just out Matt- What time will you be back? Shane- I told you, I wont be long Matt- Ok, ill wait up for you so we can watch the star wars movie Shane- Ok, ill see you later. Tell mum and dad ive gone to Bens Matt- Ok Shane- Thanks Flashback ends Matt sighed as he remembered the last time he saw his brother alive. He wished he had someone to talk to about how he was really feeling. His parents bottled everything up, they didn’t want to go to the trial or even talk about Shane. He didn’t feel right talking to Lucinda either. Matt leaned back in the chair and looked at the wall. He really wanted to talk to Carly but he knew he couldn’t…. Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Hi, how was school?” Pippa said as Viv, Tammy and Sally came through the door “Good” Tammy said as she hugged Pippa “Where is Steve? Pippa said as Sally hugged her “Oh, he got a detention at school” Viv said as she hugged Pippa “I don’t know… Sandra got one too..Ms Lawrence the new deputy headmistress gave it to them…shes really strict” Viv said as Pippa looked confused “Viv” Pippa said “Yes Mrs Fletcher” Viv said “Did Steve say anything to you today about the letter he got?” Pippa said “No he didn’t” Viv said and this time she wasn’t lying “Ok…well don’t forget I will be working at the diner tonight” Pippa said and smiled “Ok” Viv said and she walked towards the stairs as Pippa looked confused. Stewart Shop- Summer Bay “Hello Celia” Colleen said as she walked into the shop “Hello Colleen what can I do for you” Celia said a she mopped the floor “I just popped in to get my last wages” Colleen said as she avoided the wet section of the floor “Oh yes” Celia said as she slowly walked behind the counter and opened the draw under the register and took out a small brown envelope. Just as she handed over the envelope to Colleen the door opened. Both Colleen and Celia looked to see who it was. Colleen turned around to look at Celia. Both women wanted to say something about the woman who came in looking untidy and holding a box “I better be going” Colleen said as she began walking towards the door “Nice to see you Laura” Colleen said and got no response as she rushed out of the store “Yes…Hello Laura” Celia said as Laura put the box on the counter. Celia looked at her, she was disheveled and looked like she had been working. “Alf around?” Laura said “No..no he is not, can I help you? I am co- owner” Celia said with a smile as she looked at Laura's dirty fingernails “He put in an order for the cabbage and leeks” Laura said pointing at the box “Oh ok…well he isnt here right now” Celia said “Im not taking these back” Laura said as she looked at Celia “I guess if he placed an order, I can take the order” Celia said a she moved the box “And pay me my money” Laura said looking at Celia “H how much?’ Celia said “He writes it down in the receipt book over there” Laura said ad dhe pointed at the receipt book. Celia looked at Laura then reached for the receipt book. Laura was right, Alf did write that he put in an order. Celia opened the cash register and took out the amount that Alf wrote and tore the receipt slip and gave it to Laura “Thanks” Laura said and she looked at Celia and walked out of the shop. Celia rushed to the window to see Laura get into her jeep and drive. Celia rushed back and without looking, slipped and fell on the wet area she mopped “Ouch ouch” Celia said as she managed to get up and slowly made her way to the phone and began to dial. She cradle the phone between her shoulder and neck as she used the other hand to rub her knee “Hello, Betty? Its me…you wouldn’t believe who just came into the shop…hold on let me just get a chair, I had a little accident..doesn't matter what accident, just hold on” Celia said.. Yabbie Creek Inn- Yabbie Creek “knock at the door” Get in the bathroom and don’t come out” Al whispered through clenched teeth as Sophie went into the bathroom and closed the door. She locked it and sat behind the door with the light off. Al wasn’t sure who was knocking at this time but he slowly walked over to the door. When he opened it he saw a woman standing there who was roughly the same height as him. She looked serious and had red hair “Yes” Al said with a smile “Mr Simpson I assume?” Morag said “Yes, how can I help you?” Al said with a smile “My name is Morag Bellingham and I am the lawyer for Alf Stewart…can I come in?” Morag said as Al's facial expression changed “Y y yes, of course..come in” Al said as he stepped aside as Morag entered the room. Al closed the door “Can I get you a drink?” Al said “No thank you” Morag said “Please have a seat” Al said as he pointed at a chair “Thank you” Morag said and sat down. Al sat opposite her on the bed. Morag looked around the room then at Al and smiled “I really shouldn’t be talking to you” Al said as he studied Morags face “Why not? This is just a friendly visit” Morag said and smiled “What did you say your name was again” Al said “Morag Bellingham” Morag said “Morag Bellingham…now why does that name sound familiar” Al said as Morag looked at him. When Al said that Morag felt her heart drop into her stomach…this was the man who raised her daughter…the one she gave away. Morag looked at her watch “Anyway, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I just wanted to go over your account or what you saw on the unfortunate evening when Shane Wilson passed away from an accidental fall” Morag said “I am sure you already know…that is why you are here” Al said and he smiled at morag “That is correct but I wanted to hear from you” Morag said and smiled “I was hunting and saw your clilent shoot in the direction of Shane and he fell backwards off the cliff...he was murdered” Al said “Now how were you able to see that?” Morag said “Like I said, I was hunting as well” Al said as Morag stared at him “Well, thank you for your time” Morag said and she got up “Is that it?” Al said confused as he got up “Yes, I told you this was just a friendly visit” Morag said and smiled and walked towards the door then she stopped and turned around “If you don’t mind me asking Mr Simpson, what have you been doing with yourself for the last few years” Morag said “What does that have to do with you? Al said visibly annoyed “Oh nothing, I am just trying to figure out your motive for waiting this long to come forward with this” Morag said “I was away for a while and when I got back to the bay, the secret I was keeping was too much to bare..I had to give the poor Wilson family the closure they needed” Al said and he smiled “So nothing to do with the $20,000 reward money” Morag said as Al's expression changed “No” Al said visibility annoyed “Well, thank you for your time” Morag said and smiled and turned towards the door and reached for the door handle Emotional background music “Morag Bellingham….Morag Bellingham….I knew that name rang a bell” Al said and Morag turned around to look at him “I wouldn’t have thought so” Morag said with a smile “Yes…it does..I remember now…I raised your bastard child for 16 years” Al said and Morag froze. Al smiled as he noticed the smile disappear from Morag’s face and her face turned white…as if she had just seen a ghost. It was as if her life flashed before her eyes. She couldn’t figure out how he knew who she was. Any money she sent for Bobby’s upkeep couldn’t be traced back to her. “Good night” Al said and smiled as Morag fumbled with the door and let herself out of the room. Al closed the door and his smile disappeared. Morag hurridly rushed to her car and sat down and closed the door. She locked the door as her heart beated fast. Morag inhaled deeply and exhaled and as she started the engine of her car a single tear ran down her cheek as she reveres her car and drove away… Background music ends
  13. Chapter 255 Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa yawned as she sat down and put the cup of coffee on the table. The house was quiet, it was still early. She didn’t sleep much when she got home…mostly due to the guilt of what she almost did last night. Pippa sighed then she looked inside the cup of coffee then she heard someone coming down the stairs “Good Morning” Pippa said as Steve came into the living room “Hi” Steve said “Going for a run?” Pippa said and smiled “Yeah” Steve said “So when is your aunt coming?” Pippa said “in three weeks” Steve said “Oh right…well invite her to donner it will be nice to meet her” Pippa said “Thanks but Ill probably just see her in the city…I don’t want to make a big deal about it” Steve said “Ok” Pippa said as she looked at Steve ties his laces “Ill see you later” Steve said “Ok have a good run” Pippa said as Steve shut the door then she signed and stared into the coffee cup Megan opened her eyes and sighed. She was back in Summer Bay. She had spent some time doing a mandatory training program in Canberra for new teachers and was starting back to work today. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be back here. She put the pillow on her head just as her alarm went off. She reached out and turned the alarm off then she took the pillow off her head and sighed. She didn’t know where things stood with Grant and can admit that she was hasty in assuming the worst when the accusations were made public. Megan got up and sat on the bed. Jeff didn’t appear to be interested and Martin was also gone. Even though she didn’t feel as strongly as he did, she still thought he was ok to hang out with. Megan flopped back onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. The Bistro- The City Narelle put the change in the register and made a note that she needed to order more money from the bank. Narelle heard a noise then she looked up to see Matt walking through the door “Hi..I thought you was taking the whole week off” Narelle said “Yeah but there really isn’t anything to do until the trial starts” Matt said as he walked around to the counter and put a cup on the table and poured himself some coffee “I cant believe it, Alf Stewart…he can be a bit of a dag some times but I never thought that he would be a murderer” Nrelle said as Matt looked at her “Oh, sorry…me and my big mouth” Narelle said “Its not your fault” Matt said and sighed “Is something else wrong? Narelle said “I saw Carly” Matt said “Did you talk to her?” Narelle said “Sort of, she touched my hand and said sorry about my brother…then she took her hand away” Matt said “She does have a boyfriend you know” Narelle said “Yeah I know” Matt said and sighed Macklin Corporation- New York Frank looked at the clock on the wall, it was five. He sighed. He would be soon going home to an empty house and making his own dinner again. Things were still not better with Roo. Sam was visiting her family in California this week so he was alone. Frank squeezed his toes in his shoes and smiled. He wasn’t really alone, his family were with him. Frank picked up the family photo on his desk and looked at the people he loved very much. He hadn’t spoken to Sally and he really missed her. He decided that he was going to write her a special letter and hoped that she would write back to him. He missed receiving her pictures and letter where she tried to spell. “Frank” Franks thoughts were interrupted then he looked up to see Jerry standing near the door. After the incident with Kate, he kept his distance from Jerry because he thought he was a creep and a rapist. Jerry also recently got promoted so he was in charge while Terry was in Australia at the Macklin head office. Frank turned his computer off and stood up “Sorry to have to do this, but there are some reports that need to be finished for the Mckenzie group, do you mind doing them.” Jerry said “Why cant the assistants do them?” Frank said confused “The reports need to be double checked with the balance sheets” Jerry said “Cant Andy do them? Ive been doing lates for a week” Frank said. Even though he welcomed the money, he was tired of doing the overtime “I havnt been paid for the last overtime I did” Frank said “Really? It was probably an oversite. Put your hours on my desk in the morning, and I will makes sure payroll get that to you as soon as possible” Jerry said then he sat on Franks desk “Look Frank, just between you and me, Terry and the other managers really like you and to be honest they trust you more than they trust Andy” Jerry said as Frank looked at him “If you het these done for this week, I will personally tell Terry how you stepped up for the team” Jerry said and he winked. Frank didn’t trust Jerry but he did like the money he got paid and his goal was to get promoted again “Yeah ok” Frank said and sighed then he sat down “Thanks” Jerry said and smiled then he walked away as his smile disappeared. High School- Summer Bay “Donald are you there?” Barbra said “Yes, Sorry about that I was just signing something” Donald lied as the guilt overcame him..sleeping with Morag and killing Shane was occupying his thoughts. “Alright then I will let you get back to work” Barbra said “ No no…you don’t have to go..I am sorry” Donald said “I actually have some papers to mark and I have been procrastinating” Barbra said “ Ok well…my love to Rebecca” Donald said “Ok…Call me?” Barbra said “Yes I will and thank you for getting the tickets” Barbra said “Youre welcome…Donald?” Barbra said “Yes?” Donald said “I am glad that we are going together” Barbra said “Yes, me too” Donald said “Ok, don’t work too hard” Barbra said “Well I cant gurantee that, but you do the same” Donald said “Haha, ill try..talk to you soon” Barbra said “Ok..Bye” Donald smiled as he put the phone down then his smile disappeared. The guilt of sleeping with Morag was finally catching up to him. He and Barbra never discussed what happened and now it happened again when they were getting on well…. So what if you Aunt asks you to go and live in England with her?” Sandra whispered and Steve shrugged “I don’t think so, I don’t even know her” Steve whispered “I SAID NO TALKING” Steve looked up to see the new deputy headmistress looking at him and Sandra “YOU HAVE BOTH EARNED YOURSELF AN AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION” Debra said as she looked at Steve and Sandra angrily “That goes for anyone else who speaks when I am speaking. That will not be tolerated” Debra said as the other students looked at each other. Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay “Ok, thanks” Adam said and he put the phone down and sighed “Who was that?” Michael said “Just someone who was interested in the boat” Adam said “What do you mean?: Michael said “I put a for sale sign on the boat” Adam said “Sorry mate…where are you going to live?” Michael said and Adam shrugged his shoulders “Look, you take off early, Ill close up” Michael said “No its ok, I cant afford to lose any more money “No, its alright, I wont dock your pay” Michael said and Adam looked at him “Thanks, see you tomorrow” Adam said then he walked away… Library- City University Bobby finished writing her sentence then she put the pen in her mouth and bit on the lid. She looked around the library, everybody had their head down studying. Bobby looked out of the window. She stared at a woman and a little boy. The woman stopped walking and was teling off the little boy and she smacked him on his behind… Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme Flashback Al- STOP CRYING OR ILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO REALLY CRY ABOUT Bobby- I WISH YOU WASN’T MY DAD I HATE YOU AL- I DON’T CARE, DON’T BACK CHAT ME YOU STUPID IDIOT Bobby – I WISH THE DEPARTMENT WILL TAKE ME AWAY FROM HERE Al- What and put YOU into foster care? Nobody is going to want you Bobby – YES THEY WILL ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN BEING HERE Al – I SAID SHUT UP AND GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! Flashback ends Bobby watched as the little boy started to cry as the mother pulled his arm and they began to walk again Flashback Frank – Boy or girl Bobby- What? Frank- Do you want a boy or girl Bobby- I don’t mind as long as the baby is healthy and we can raise the baby together Frank- Whats wrong Bobby- I just don’t want our baby to ever go through what I went through Frank- that wont happen…I want our baby to have everything I didn’t have Bobby- but most important, lots of love Frank- Yes….lots and lots of love… Bobby- I really cant wait for us to have our baby Frank- Well lets do some more practice… Flashback ends Bobby wiped the stray tear and looked at her watch. She had spent most of the day in the library and was now a bit tired. She put her books in her bag and walked over to where the computers were. She sat down at an empty computer station and logged into the computer. She pressed a few buttons then took out a pen and paper from her bag and wrote down a number. She exited the computer then put the pen and paper in her bag and got up from the computer and walked out of the libray. When she got outside she looked up at the sky and exaled. A feeling came over her and she smiled….this is the right thing to do” Bobby said to herself and smiled then she walked towards her car… Backgound music ends Bayside Diner- Summer Bay “G’day, what do you want?” Lance said as he looked at Adam “Great customer service..just a coffee” Adam said and he put the money on the counter “Here” Lance said shortly after as he put the coffee on the counter and Adam looked at him and put the money on the counter. “Do you know of any jobs going around here? Adam said as he looked at Grant “No, but I did hear that there is a job at the school, grounds man and maintenance” Colleen said behind Lance “Do you know how much they are paying?” Adam said “No, but you can ask Mr Fisher he just walked through the door” Colleen said and pointed at Doanld walking though the door. “Hello Donald what can I get you?” Colleen said with a wide smile “Just picking up my order of a quiche” Donald said “I wont be a moment” Colleen said and walked away to the kitchen. Donald wasn’t in a good mood and from the corber of his eye, he could see Adam looking at him “Do you want something?” Donald said. He didn’t particularly like Adam…well now that he wasn’t around Lucinda he wasn’t that bad “I just heard that there is a job going at the school for a groundsman” Adam said “Do you have experience?” Donald said as he stared at Adam “Expereince in what?” Adam said “Have yo worked at a school before?” Doanld said “No I havnt I have been working with Michael Ross, he can vouch for me” Adam said “You wont be fixing any cars” Donald said “I know, I meant he can vouch that I am a hard worker” Adam said as Donald looked at him “You can come and fill out an application form tomorrow” Donald said as Colleen came out of the kitchen with a box “Here you go Donald…did you want to order a salad to go with that?” Colleen said “No thank you” Donald said and gave colleen some money “Keep the change” Donald said “Thank you Mr Fisher, Ill be there tomorrow” Adam said as Donald looked at him and walked away…
  14. Chapter 254 Waldorf Inn- Waldorf Creek Michael knocked on the door. He sighed then looked at his watch. Morag knew he was coming. Michael knocked on the door again, there was still no response. He walked back to the reception area. “Hello have you seen Mrs Bellingham?” Michael said to the receptionist “No not since this morning” The receptionist said and smiled then looked down at the paper she was reading. Micahel looked at her and walked out of the motel. He walked over to his truck and got it and slammed the door and sighed. Just before he was about to drive off, he looked at himself fin the mirror and sighed. He married Celia but any opportunity that was available, he was sleeping with her sister. Michael sighed as he thought about how much he knew that Celia loved him and the fact that he didn’t feel the same. Michael started the car engine and drove off Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Donald closed the door quietly and walked into the living room and put his key on the table. “Is that you Uncle Donald?” Lucinda said and she came out of the room “Yes, sorry to wake you up” Donald said “Its ok, I was just about to go to bed anyway” Lucinda said “Oh, I havnt asked you, how are you finding the job?” Donald said “Really good Uncle Donald. Thanks again for recommending me” Lucinda said “Right, good..well goodnight then” Donald said “Goodnight” Lucinda said and Donald walked over to the desk and poured himself a whiskey then he walked over to the couch and sat down. He drank some whiskey and exhaled as he thought about the conversation he had with Bobby. For the first time in a long time, they had a connection one he was about to lose by making his confession tomorrow” Donald thought and sighed then he drank some more whiskey as he heard a light tap on the front door. Donald got up and walked to the door “Who is it?” Donald said as he stood behind the door “Morag” Donald heard then he opened the door surprised to see Morag looking at him “Sorry to come by so late. I did come around earlier but you wasn’t home” Morag said “Come in” Donald said and Morag followed Donald into the living room “To what do I owe this visit?” Donald said and sat down Morag sat opposite him “I think you know” Morag said and smiled as Donald drank his whiskey Bayside Diner After Dark- Summer Bay Background music- jukebox Wise men say Only fools rush in, But I can't help falling in love with you. “Wow, I really didn’t expect it to be this busy” Pippa said “Yeah Bobby wasn’t sure if we would get many customers especially with the resort. You should see us on the weekends, we are rushed off our feet and the tips are not bad either” Carly said as Pippa wiped down a table and put the tips from the tray into her pocket. She had really enjoyed herself and apart from making some money, it was nice to get out and about and meet people. Pippa picked up the receipt and the payment and walked over to the cash drawer. She sighed as she looked at the money….she was just about to put the money in her pocket Wise men say Only fools rush in, But I can't help falling in love with you. “Oh is that the last receipt” Carly said behind her which frightened her “Yes sorry” Pippa said and turned around and smiled and gave the money and receipt to Carly “Well everything in the kitchen is cleaned up, Ill wait for Carly to finish doing the calculations and ill take you both home” Craig said and he smiled “I better hurry, Ben said he is going to call tonight. He has been really busy with work” Carly said as she walked into the office “Thanks, Ill just get my jacket” Pippa said and smiled then she went into the pantry to get her jacket and her smile disappeared as guilt took over.. Shall I stay Would it be a sin, If I can't help falling in love with you. Chambers Residence- Yabbie Creek “Of course I love you…yes only a few weeks left then I will officially be a hair dresser…are you proud of me…I know you are sorry…I know things are stressful for you…I can come to you this weekend...because I havnt met any of your army friends… im sorry, I thought you would want to save money…ok I am sorry….I love you…ok…goodnight” Marilyn said and out the phone down. She got up from her bed and sat at her dressing table. She picked up some make up remover and a cotton ball. She put some of the lotion on the cotton ball and slowly wiped her make up off. As she wiped the make up off she looked at herself in the mirror as the coloured bruise on her cheek appeared.. As a river flows Gently to the sea Darling, so it goes Some things were meant to be Stewart Sr/Ross residence- Summer Bay “Michael?” Michael closed the door as Celia came out of the room “I wasn’t sure how late you were going to be so I put some dinner in the oven for you…ill just heat it up for you..oh by the way I will be working more at the store so Ill have to make your lunch for you in the morning…I hope that is ok..anyway hopefully Morag is able to resolve this situation with Alf and I wont need to work so much at the store” Celia said and smiled. Michael smiled and as Celia turned to walk to the kitchen, his smile disappeared As a river flows Gently to the sea Darling, so it goes Some things were meant to be Waldorf Creek police Station- Waldorf Creek Flashback Martha- What was that for? Alf- I missed you that’s all Martha- You have only been gone for the day Alf- I know but cant a bloke miss his wife? Martha- Of course you can…I am happy you are home..I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow from your boys adventure Alf- I was feeling homesick Martha- I am glad…I love you Alf Flashback ends “I love you Martha” Alf said Alf lay on the bed looking at the ceiling and sighed. Take my hand Take my whole life, too But I can't help Falling in love with you Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Donald drank the last of the whisky in the glass and put it on the bedside table then he looked to his left as Morag put her clothes on. Donald got up and walked over to where Morag was standing “I am sorry…I didn’t mean for this to happen…I guess I just needed some companionship” Donald said “I know” Morag said and smiled. She always found Donald attractive being with him was familiar, reminded her of the old days Morag though to herself and her smile disappeared as she remembered what happened “I better go before Lucinda sees me” Morag said quietly as Donald followed her out of the room “I am not sure how much I said will help Alf” Donald whispered as they got to the door “Well you said the same as Alf and you both have a great reputation in the community which is a good place” Morag was interrupted “So this means Alf will be freed?” Donald said “It depends on what Al Simpson will say when I track him down. look..Donald, don’t do anything silly, just leave it to me” Morag said and she looked at Donald and kissed him on the lips and opened the front door and left the house as Donald sighed Take my hand Take my whole life, too But I can't help Falling in love with you Background music ends
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