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  1. Not really early years but can someone please explain the Sally and Flynn storyline . I know he passed away but someone mentioned in another post that “ her heart pounded for him”
  2. Summer's Bay

    Returned from the dead

    VanPip and Tom, not DepPip and Tom. I just can’t see the latter having any onscreen chemistry
  3. Summer's Bay

    Neighbours...the early years?

    Thanks. I just read an interview where Paul talked about it. He was still able to put on a great performance in spite of his personal problems. I think any school the preps students for a position in the public eye should incorporate counseling into the program. A lot of people are really not ready for the attention and what comes with it. Did Mike go away to “the city “ for Uni or did he stay in Erinsborough? why did Scot and Charlene leave? I remember Scot having to retake his HSC and he and Jane sharing a kiss. If I remember correctly, she write in her diary that she always liked him. What happened to Jim Robinson’s other daughter? I think she is older than Paul
  4. Summer's Bay

    Homecoming Part 2

    Sorry for the delay in updating. Chapter 232 Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Donald sighed as Clive looked at him. Even though Donald was an educated headmaster, he needed the love and support of his older brother even though he tried to deny it “Not like you to be taking time off work” Clive said “Im not, I came home to collect a file I forgot” Donald lied. He didn’t want to spend lunch time at work, or go to the diner or anywhere where Al could find him. Clive looked at Donald, he knew that he was lying “What do I do?” Donald said as he looked at his brother with worry written over his face “Nothing, because there is nothing to worry about” Clive said “Bu bu but Simpson has evidence” Donald said “He is bluffing” Clive said “Clive I cant live like this, maybe if I just tell the truth” Donald was interrupted “Tell the truth about what?” Clive said and Donald sighed “Stop worrying and go back to work” Clive said “Maybe we should consult a solicitor?” Donald said “Donald go back to work” Clive said as he got up from the chair and walked towards his suitcase “Clive” Donald said “Yes” Clive said and turned around and looked at Donald “Thank you for coming” Donald said and Clive smiled Macklin Office- New York Frank smiled to himself as he looked at the photo of himself Sally and Bobby. He managed to tape it back together properly. He looked at the clock, only a few hours until he would get to see Bobby. He looked down at the note pad on his desk where he had written the address of where she was going to be for the news segment this evening and smiled Background music- have you ever been alone Flashback Bobby- I love you Frank…never forget that I love you so much Flashback ends “Frank” “Frank” “Sorry Terry, did you say something?” Frank said and he put the photo in his drawer “Sorry to drop this on you but the Anderson project is due in a couple of days and we need all hands on deck” Terry said “Yeah sure, I can come in early tomorrow” Frank said “Well actually, we are having the briefing tonight with the team from London and you know how long that takes” Terry said and Frank looked at him. “Can I catch up on the meeting notes in the morning? I have something to do after work” Frank said. He wasn’t going to let anything stop him from seeing Bobby tonight “Frank, I really need you at the meeting, it really isn’t negotiable at this stage “ Terry said and Frank sighed “Ok” Frank said with no choice “Thanks” Terry said and went back into his office as Frank looked at the address he wrote on the note pad Novotel- New York Flashback Carly- What you said yesterday, to Roo Bobby- What about it Carly- Why did you say it? Bobby- Because it is the truth Carly- You just gave her permission to be with Frank Bobby- I know Carly- But why Bobby- I gave the reason yesterday Carly- Bobby Bobby- Carly, I don’t want to talk about it. They were always meant to be together and I hope it works out for them.. Carly- But you love him Bobby- And he loves her… Flashback ends Bobby opened her eyes and looked down at her hands. She was holding the letter she wrote to Frank , the one she had intended on posting. The one where she told Frank that Thomas is his son. Since she found out she was coming to New York, Bobby had been thinking about whether this was a sign for her to tell Frank. She really wanted to, he did have a right to know but again, she didn’t want to be the reason why their marriage broke up. Bobby put the letter on the bed and rolled onto her back and looked at the ceiling. Westin Hotel- Boston Roo looked around the room for the folder. She had to rush back to the hotel because she forgot to pack it. Roo picked it up and smiled to herself. She couldn’t believe that after just one year, she was here, in Boston overseeing the renovation and start up of a new office. Roo picked up her room key and looked in the mirror on the wall on the way out of the room Flashback Frank- Why are you being jealous? Roo- Jealous of Bobby? No way, she hangs around you like a puppy. Frank- no she doesn’t she is my best mate Roo- I should be your best mate, not her Frank- its just different with her Roo- why Frank- I dunno, it just is Roo- Cant you tell her to go away? Frank- . Now you are just being stupid Roo- Frank.. Frank- Look, she is my foster sister and my best mate, she will always be in my life, get used to it Flashback ends Roo sighed then she looked down at her wedding ring and walked back towards the bed, sat down and picked up the phone Macklin Office- New York Frank put the pen behind his ear and typed some figures into the computer. He was annoyed that he had to work late today, he really needed to see her…talk to her. She understood him better than anyone else. She knew him better than anyone else..better than Tom, Pippa…Roo Phone rings Frank sighed then he removed the pen from behind his ear and put it on the table and picked the phone receiver “Frank Morgan speaking” Frank said and cradled the phone between his ear and shoulder. “Hi Frank” Roo said “Hi, how is Boston” Frank said and sighed Westin Hotel- Boston “Good, been a busy morning” Roo said as she heard Franks sigh The hotel is really nice here, we should plan on spending the weekend here, you will love it” Roo said “Ok” Frank said “Is everything alright?” Roo said “Why?” Frank said “Oh nothing, you sound funny on the phone that’s all” Roo said “I have to work late for the next few days that’s all” Frank said “Oh right, I thought there was something else wrong” Roo said Macklin Office- New York Frank exhaled and picked up the note pad on his desk with the address “I called you earlier and the receptionist said you were out” Roo said Westin Hotel- Boston “Yeah, I went to get a sandwich” Frank said and Roo smiled to herself “I have to go, I have to get back to the office, I came back to the hotel to pick up a file I forgot” Roo said Macklin Office- New York “I better get on, I have a lot of work to do” Frank said as he put the note pad down and opened his drawer “Alright, Ill call you later” Roo said “Ok” Frank said and pulled out the photo of himself, Bobby and Sally “I love you” Roo said as Frank looked at the photo “Frank?” Roo said Flashback Bobby- I love you Frank…never forget that I love you so much Flashback ends “Frank” Roo said “Sorry, what did you say?” Frank said “I said I love you” Roo said “Yeah, I love you” Frank said “I got to go, Ill call later” Roo said “Ok” Frank said Westin Hotel- Boston Roo put the phone down and smiled to herself. She got up walked over to the mirror and pulled the lipstick out of her bag. She reapplied the lipstick and smiled then picked up the folder and walked out of the hotel room Background music ends Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay Adam smiled to himself as he cleaned the engine he had been working on. He had only known Emma for a short while but she was everything he liked in a woman, she was fun, spunky and intimately everything was fantastic. Then his mind drifted to Lucinda. Lucinda was nice but she was not really Adams type. “Is that engine ready to go?” Michael said “Yeah, its ready” Adam said “You havnt had lunch yet, do you want to go and grab something? Do you mind closing up, I have to go out” Michael said “Sure no worries” Adam said and sighed, he didn’t mind closing up but Michael didn’t always pay him for it “Michael, I don’t mean to ask but, I don’t mind closing up but I am really short on cash” Adam said “No worries, I will give you something, now go and get some lunch” Michael said and smiled Summer Bay Emma blew the smoke out of her mouth and put the cigarette out. She looked up to see Sandra, Craig and Steve walking. Sandra and Craig were dags but she thought that Steve is cute…but not as cute as Adam. Emma smiled to herself as she thought about sneaking out to go and see him tonight. She hated sneaking out but she had no choice. Emma spray some breatgher freshner into her mouth and ran up towards Steve, Craig and Sandra “Hey” Emma said and they turned around “Hi” Steve said “Where are you going? Emma said “Oh just to the diner, after that test, I think we all need milkshakes to calm down” Steve said as he looked at Emma. She was pretty, she kind of reminded him of Rebecca “Yeah I know” Emma said and she began to walk next to Steve as Sandra looked on jealous Bayside Diner- Summer Bay “Just a toast tuna sanga mate, to take out” Adam said to lance who wrote the order down and took the order into the kitchen for Ailsa to prepare Summer Bay “This diner is really daggy” Emma said as they got outside the diner Background music “Its ok, you know my sister is co owner with your aunt” Steve said “Oh, yeah, sorry about that” Emma said and she looked at Sandra who smiled at her as Steve walked into the diner. Emma put her hand in her bag, she had a school trip permission slip she had to give to her Aunt. She wasnt going to be home later. As Emma walked into the diner, she was preoccupied by looking for the slip of paper “Adam, your sandwich wont be long. Hello girls, how was school today” Ailsa said as she walked to the counter as Adam turned around and got a shock to see Emma wearing school uniform... Background music ends dramatically
  5. Summer's Bay

    Neighbours...the early years?

    I cant remember the storyline between Mike and Bronwyn. Did she leave Erinsborough with Henry? Jane and Des was just odd- glad she left him. Surprised he didnt leave with her. Do you remember why he left?
  6. Summer's Bay

    Neighbours...the early years?

    I remember Mike leaving and going to Uni. I believe he and Jane were on and off, and he outgrew her. I remember he dated some girl he met who fell off the back of his bike. I also remember Jane being electrocuted and after Des saved her, she started falling in love with him. When Des returned, did he give an update on Jamie?
  7. I did indicate in my response that Alex leaving was the catalyst that changed a lot of the storyline.... The sad part is the missed opportunity to delve into what she was doing in New York after Frank left. From what I have read, I am inclined to believe that Alex made that decision long before it was time to renew his contract. He had already started filming for flying doctors very early in his onscreen marriage. Im really not sure about Justine. She did say that towards the end she was just getting through, not doing much acting. Could’ve been easy to bring her back a few months later but as we both said, the producers were probably holding out for Justine.
  8. Summer's Bay

    Returned from the dead

    In my opinion, Nicolle should be recast as another character. Home and Away have done it before. I recall Alan being recast as another character, and he had a conversation with his Uncle Alf
  9. Why was Bobby the only person who wore the bayside diner t shirt that was 5 times bigger than her? I noticed that when Frank returned, the costume department finally did an alteration because the t shirt wasn’t as big I recently watched episode 917 for the first time and I felt very bad for Frank, but it confirmed everything I’ve said about the character and the reason for leaving, surprised that the writers continued with the storyline. Years later, Frank never remarried. That episode and 913 are reasons why I don’t particularly care for DebPip in that role
  10. Im assuming they were hoping Justine would come back...maybe that was the plan. Keep her character alive if she promised to come back. I think there wasn’t much storyline for her after the love triangle. They changed her character and she pretty much blended into the background while everyone else evolved. I’m not sure what direction they could’ve gone with other than just randomly turning up. I think Alex leaving was the catalyst that changed a lot of the storyline for all of them. I personally would’ve liked Roo and Frank to be recast and stay to see the aftermath of the fall out.
  11. Summer's Bay

    Bobby Simpson - Nicolle Dickson

    I recently read a comment online by someone who saw Nicolle in an amateur play and said she was awful
  12. Summer's Bay

    Neighbours...the early years?

    I think so but not all I was hoping for a Guy Pearce return. When I was growing up, everyone was into Jason Donavan but Guy was better looking. What about Des? I saw recent photos of Daphne, in my opinion she is still recognizable I really disliked when Des and Jane got together, it was weird.
  13. Summer's Bay

    Homecoming Part 2

    Chapter 231 Macklin Office- New York “Ok, thanks. Bye” Frank said and he finished writing the WNBC tv station address that the receptionist just gave him and put the receiver down. Frank looked at the train map on his desk, the WBNC studios wasn’t too far. He would be able to get there in 10 minutes during his lunch hour just after Bobby finished her segment there. Frank exhaled and smiled to himself. Thinking about seeing Bobby made him the happiest he had ever been in a long time. She was his best friend, he had so much that he wanted to tell her “Frank, I have to go out, can you handle the meeting for the Darwin account?” Mr Grayson said “Yeah, sure…what time is it?” Frank said as he put the map and paper in his bag “Thanks, its at 11:30” Mr Grayson said “I have to step out and do something at 12:30pm” Frank saod “its just an overview of the account, it shouldn’t take long” Mr Grayson said “Ok” Frank said as he watched Mr Grayson walk away then he smiled as he anticipated seeing Bobby The Bistro- The City Matt sighed as he looked at the papers on the desk. The weekend had been a waste of time. He wasn’t able to get any direct answers about his brothers’ case, just lots of papers to read. To make it worse, he saw Carly and her new boyfriend. Matt picked up the paper that had a list of people that were interviewed as potential suspects, Matt looked at the list. He didn’t recognize any of the names until he got to the bottom and saw one name that stood out and he got a shock Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Knock at the door Donald jumped as he heard the door knock. He stood quietly, maybe it was Al again Knock at the door Donald still quite crept behind the kitchen door KNOCK AT THE DOOR “DONALD” Donald exhaled as he heard a very familiar voice and walked out of the kitchen and towards the front door and opened it. As soon as he saw his brother, Donald reached forward and gave him a really big hug “Thank you…thank you for coming” Donald as he hugged his brother tight Westin Hotel- Boston- Boston Roo smiled to herself as she looked around the room. She couldn’t believe that she was here. After only a year, she was trusted to head a new office. Roo put her bag on the chair and looked at her watch, she had to meet with one of the staff members soon but she just had to tell Frank about how amazing the hotel is. Maybe they could spend the weekend here. Roo sat on the bed and picked up the phone… Background music- have you ever been alone Macklin Office- New York “Macklin Cooperation, how can I direct your call” The receptionist said which surprised Roo, she had rung Franks direct line “Frank Morgan please” Roo said “I am afraid Mr Morgan has stepped out of the office” The receptionist said and Roo sighed flashback Frank- Sounds like the christening was a success Roo- Yeah it was, I wish you came Frank- So…did you see Bobby Roo- Yeah, I went to the diner as soon as I got to Summer Bay Frank- What did she say Roo- Nothing much, I just said I hope there were no hard feelings Frank- What did she say Roo- Frank, does it really matter? Frank- Regardless of what happened, she was still a part of my life Roo- But that part is over now, we are together Frank- I know but that doesn’t mean I stop caring about her… Flashback ends “Ok, thanks” Roo said and sighed as she put the phone down. …she knew where he was… 1 Train – New York “come on…come on..” Frank said under his breath. The meeting he had lasted longer than he had hoped and he had to rush to catch the train. Even though the WNBC station was two stops away, for some reason the train was taking long… WNBC Studios- New York “Thank you Roberta, this is divine” The host said “Thank you for having me here” Bobby said and smiled “We will be back after the break” The host said Bobby smiled and nodded as the audience clapped. She was nervous about if they would like her food. She made little toasted sandwiches which were passed out , and they appeared to really enjoy them. As the director made the sign to indicate the ending of the segment, Bobby began to tidy up the counter and wipe some ingredients that had spilled on the counter “No you don’t have to do that” The host said “Oh right” Bobby said and put the towel down “Roberta, you really are a great cook, thank you for coming on” The host said “No, thank you…anytime you are in Austraila and you visit Summer Bay, lunch is on me” Bobby said and smiled “Thank you” The host said and she was rushed off to check her make up “We have to get going now” Lisa said. Lisa was one of the PR reps who accompanied Bobby to New York “Its been a long morning and I am a bit tired, can we go back to the hotel?” Bobby said “We have a few hours before the evening news segment…I thought you might have wanted to do some sighseeing?” Lisa said “Maybe tomorrow or something, I still need to get some souvenirs for my family” Bobby said as she put her coat on. Manhattan- New York Frank stood at the train door tapping his leg as he waited for the door to open. The minute it did, he rushed out and ran up the stairs to exit the station. When Frank got out of the train, he took the paper out of his pocket with the instructions. the studio was just around the corner. He put the paper in his pocket and began to run down the road WNBC Studios- New York “Thank you, bye” Bobby said and smiled as the security guard from the studios shut the car door. The driver got inside the car “Back to the Novotel please” Lisa said as the driver put his seat belt on Frank stopped running when he saw the sign for the station. His heart was beating fast and his stomach was in a knot, he was anxious and happy at the same time as he got to the exit and opened the door Bobby looked around inside the car then she looked behind her out of the back window “Is there something wrong?” Lisa said “Hmm? No nothing, I thought I left something behind..but its ok” Bobby said and smiled as the driving drove away WNBC Studios- New York “Hello, can you tell me where Bobby simpson is please?” Frank said to the security guard with a big smile “Who?” The security guard said “Bob, sorry Roberta Simpson, she is doing a special segment today, she is from Austrailia” Frank said “Oh, I am sorry, you just missed her” The security guard said and Franks heart sank “What?” Frank said “Yes, she just left a few minutes ago” The security guard said “Thanks” Frank said and sighed as he walked out of the building and ran his hands threw his hair and sighed and began to walk back to the station Macklin Office- The City “That’s great, By the way, Terry, how is Frank getting along? Brett said “Good, he is one of my best managers here” Terry said “That’s excellent news, since he is doing well, I think we should hand over the Anderson account to him” Brett said “Do you think so, that needs to be finished in the next few days” Terry “Frank is very capable, he was very dedicated in Summer Bay, was always willing to go the extra mile for the company..doing several hours of overtime” Brett said “Well if that is your recommendation…I will assign it to him” Terry said “Good, I got to go, Dad sends his best, Ill talk to you soon” Brett said then he put the phone down and smiled to himself WNBC Studios- New York “Traffic lights take a long time here don’t they” Bobby said and smiled. They had been waiting for a few minutes at the traffic light outside the studio. As the light turned Amber, Bobby got that feeling again, feeling like she had left something behind and turned around to look in the back window “Are you sure you are alright?” Lisa said “Yeah fine” Bobby said and smiled as the car drove away. Background music ends
  14. Summer's Bay

    Neighbours...the early years?

    Did they or Toby ever come back? I was reading about Janes return, did she mention that Joe and Melanie were still living in England? I thought Joe adopted Sky, so how did she end up back in Australia?

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