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  1. Alf is still a bit bitter about Bobby and Frank dancing at the cocktail party last year. In addition, he genuinely doesn't think that Bobby is old enough to foster Thank you for reading.... Chapter 316 Beach- Summer Bay Bobby walked alone the beach. She didn’t know how long she has been walking then she stopped walking and sat down. She looked out into the water. It was still…calm and the sun was beginning to set. Bobby signed Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme Flashback Bobby- Would you like some more tea Ms Rose Ms Rose- No thank you, I should get going Bobby- Do you need any other information? Ms Rose- No, I have all that I need, thank you Bobby- So what is the next step? Ms- I will take my findings to the decision panel and you will be informed of the outcome in a few weeks Bobby- Ms Rose…what happened earlier, will that have an effect on my application Ms Rose- Ill be honest with you Roberta, it wasn’t something I was expecting Bobby- It was just a one off, you know, fathers and daughters often get into arguments Ms Rose- It wasn’t the fact that you were having an argument with your father, my concern is, will you show that level of anger if a child is placed in your home? Bobby- I wont, it was just a silly disagreement…that will never happen again. I really want this Ms Rose Ms Rose- You will be hearing from the decision panel in a few weeks…good day to you Flashback ends Bobby stared at the water as a tear ran down her cheek then she shook her head in disbelief. Once again, an opportunity for happiness was taken away from her. Frank..Thomas and now an opportunity to foster.She took the day off from Uni, tided the house and got everything ready for the interview and it ended up being a waste of time, just like everything in her life. Bobby wiped her cheek with her sleeve, deeply inhaled then exhaled as more tears ran down her cheeks. She failed again..one more thing for people Summer Bay to laugh at. “its not over” Bobby turned around, she thought she heard someone behind her. There was nobody there. She looked at her watch, wiped her face again and stood up. She was going to stay at Narelles tonight then go to Uni from there…she didn’t want to stay in Summer Bay tonight..to be reminded once again that she is a failure.. Background music ends Caravan Park- Summer Bay “No…I have not heard from her…I am hoping that everything went well” Pippa said “I will say a prayer for her” Reverend Jones said “Thank you” Pippa said “The house sounds quiet tonight” Reverend Jones said “Sally is upstairs, Carly just left for work, and Steve is not back from his school trip, so its just me and Mr Christopher and he is playing with the toy Frank sent him” Pippa said “Did Steve have a good time in England?” Reverend Jones said “Yes, he did…his aunt will be sending the photos, so I assume he will show them to you when they get here” Pippa said with a sigh “Is there something wrong?” Reverend Jones said “No, nothing is wrong” Pippa said “Philippa” Reverend Jones said “Alex” Pippa said and laughed “I promise, everything is fine” Pippa said as she tried to sound convincing How are Viv and Tammy? Steve mentioned that Sandra went to see them” Pippa said “Well, I don’t know much, I don’t see the girls or their mother around town much, and they attend church in Fern Bay which is about 30 minutes drive, John Newton is the reverend there” Reverend Jones said “Oh, well I hope they are well” Pippa said “I have a meeting to go to, can I call you tomorrow?” Reverend Jones said “Yes, I would like that” Pippa said and smiled “Till tomorrow..goodnight” Reverend Jones said “Good night” Pippa said and smiled then she put the phone down then her smile disappeared as she took an envelope from her apron pocket. It was for the phone bill. Pippa sighed as she thought about how she was going to pay for the bill before the line was disconnected. Newton Residence- Newcastle Tammy carefully set the table as Viv mashed the potatoes. Since they had been home, their mother wasn’t angry like before. Maybe because their father was home but things were still tense. Viv put some butter in the potatoes and continued to mash they she immediately looked up when she heard a crash. She walked over to the table, Tammy was in shock that she dropped the plate on the floor and bent down immediately to pick it up “What happened?” Angela said as she came into the kitchen “I I I am sorry, I just dropped the plate” Tammy said as she stood up with the broke plate in her hand “It was an accident” Viv said as she looked at her mother. Angela looked at Viv then she looked at Tammy, she could feel herself getting angry, just like she did whenever her daughters made a mistake “Never mind, it was only an accident..ill take those, you finish setting the table” Angela said as she faked a smiled. Tammy looked up at her then gave her the broken plate “What is going on?” Reverend Newton said as he walked into the kitchen “Oh nothing, we just had an accident with the plate, that’s all…dinner is ready, lets sit down to eat” Angela said with a smile as Reverend Newton looked at his daughters. He could also the tension in the house but he prayed daily for his wife that she would change but deep down he knew that it was only a matter of time before she changed again… Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay Debra poured the spaghetti onto the three plates as the front door to the house closed and Karen wondered out of her room and sat down at the table “Sorry, I am late…Mr Stewart is teaching me how to do the wholesale orders” Blake said. Debra smiled to herself, anytime Blake said he was doing something with Alf, it made her happy. “He is such a dag…how can you work at that shop” Karen said and she rolled her eyes “Hes alright, he is taking me fishing on Sunday” Blake said “Why?” Karen said “He asked me and I said yes” Blake said and shrugged his shoulders “You didn’t say yes when dad asked you” Karen said “I didn’t want to go then” Blake said annoyed “Alright that’s enough” Karen, come and get this plates and put them on the table “Why should I do it because I am a girl?” Karen said annoyed and got up “Just do it” Debra said between clenched teeth and Karen got up immediately and followed her mothers instructions. “Is it alright if I go fishing with Mr Stewart on Sunday?” Blake said as Karen put the plate in front of him and gave him a mean look “Yes of course it is” Debra said and she sat down at the table. Maybe I might join you” Debra said “I didn’t know you like fishing” Blake said surprised “I used to fish a lot with my dad when I was a little girl” Debra said “Im going to Dads this weekend” Karen said and she sat down “You were there all last week…you will come fishing with us” Debra said “Why? I don’t even like Alf Stewart..im going to Dads” Karen said and crossed her arms “You will do as you are told…you will be going fishing with us…as a family” Debra sad through clenched teeth “I didn’t know that Mr Stewart was related to us” Blake said confused and Debra immediately realized what she said “He isn’t…family as in the three of us” Debra said hoping that she cleared up her mistake “Its not fair” Karen said “Just eat your dinner” Debra said as she stared at Karen then she put some of the spaghetti in her mouth and smiled to herself. On Sunday, she was going to have a nice day out..with her family and she couldn’t wait…just like she couldn’t wait for Alf to come over tonight… Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Alf ate the chicken salad on his plate. Since his heart attack, Ailsa had been cooking healthier meals and he had been enjoying it. He had definitely lost weight because he was climbing in and out of Debras window with less trouble. Alf looked at Ailsa, she hadn’t said much to him this evening not after his comments to the social worker “I said I was sorry” Alf said and Ailsa didn’t respond “Come on Ails, you said yourself that the girl was too young to foster” Alf said and Ailsa still didn’t respond. Alf sighed “What is the point in staying in my own home if I cant have a conversation with my wife” Alf said annoyed and he got up from the table, walked out of the house and slammed the door. Ailsa sighed. She was being a hypocrite by being annoyed with Alf, she did feel the same, however she also knew how much having a family was important to Bobby. Ailsa sighed, she didn’t know where Alf was going but she was going to wait up for him and apologize. Alf got into his car and closed the door. He smiled to himself, arguing with Ailsa meant he could stay out as long as he wanted. Alf looked at his watch, first he was going to take care of some things at the shop, then he was going to go and be with the woman he loved… Smart Residence- The City “Maybe one day I will come over here and have some good news” Bobby sand and her and Narelle both laughed “Don’t give up hope just yet” Narelle said’’ Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “What’s the point, arguing with Dad sealed my fate. I could tell from the social workers face that she had already declined my application” Bobby said “You don’t know that” Narelle said “Yes, I do, I could tell by the way she was looking at me” Bobby said and she sighed as Narelle blew her nose Anyway, I should know by now that nothing ever works out for me…You still haven’t been to the doctor about that cold?” Bobby said “I keep meaning to, its actually much better now” Narelle said as Bobby looked at her “Anyway, did I tell you that Jeff and I are going on a romantic getaway next weekend” Narelle said and Bobby rolled her eyes “Bobby!” Narelle said and Bobby laughed “Ok ok, where is he taking you?” Bobby said “I don’t know yet, its supposed to be a surprise” Narelle said and smiled then Bobby yawned. “I am really tired..its been a long day..I think I am going to go to bed” Bobby said and she yawned then as she got up from the chair, she knocked over some magazines on the table next to the couch “Oh sorry” Bobby said and she bent down to pick up the magazines “IIIts ok, don’t worry, I can take care of it” Narelle said as she got up quickly to help Bobby pick up the papers…but she was too late. Bobby picked up the little clear bag that had a small amount of white powder in it then she looked at Narelle in shock “Narelle! What is this?” Bobby said as she held up the bag and looked at Narelles face… Dramatic end to background music
  2. This, I mentioned this before somewhere in a thread here. If I recall correctly, Ray Meager tried out for the role of Tom. I don't see either of the Pippa's with him either. I think the right Pippa was with the right husband. I appreciate the producers wanted to get the foster family unit back together but it was just way too soon for Pippa to remarry...and that wedding dress
  3. Good point. Not much compensation but at least Lynn turned up to see Christopher when he was born...I think Frank not attending Tom's funeral didnt make sense at all considering he was Toms first foster child, and had been with Tom and Pippa the longest. Carly didn't attend Bobby's second wedding or her funeral but she turned up for Steves wedding(I dont know if it happened or not) . Steve didnt turn up for DebPips wedding to Michael. I think if the filming schedule was inappropriate for the actors, the producers could've easily written in what you suggested, the mentioning of the characters without them being on screen. I just wish the producers had done a better job of preserving the original Fletcher family in one way or another since they were really the focal point of the series from the beginning. Based on what I have read, I get the impression that the producers just wanted to phase out the older characters and have them be a distant memory.
  4. Chapter 315 Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay “Here you go Haydn, I made you some tuna sandwiches for lunch and there is an apple and some juice in there too” Celia said as Haydn walked into the kitchen. She felt bad after Michael said she wasn’t making Haydn feel at home so she woke up early to make him some sandwiches like a real mother would. Celia gave Haydn the lunch box and smiled. He looked at it then walked over to the bin and put it in as Celia watched in shock. “Already for school?” Michael said as he walked into the kitchen “I need some lunch money Dad” Haydn said “Sure” Michael said and took $5 dollars from his pocket and gave it to Haydn “Thanks” Haydn said “Go get your bag, ill give you a lift to school” Michael said with a smile and Haydn walked out of the kitchen “Don’t worry about dinner for us, Haydn is coming to the boat shed after school then we are going to get a burger after” Michael said “Oh…ok…” Celia said as she felt disappointed. She knew that Michael was still upset about her shouting at Haydn Haydn opened the zip inside his backpack and added the $5 his father gave him to the $10 he took from Celia’s bag last night. He zipped the pocked and picked up his bag “Im ready” Haydn said then he walked towards the front door “Have a good day” Celia said as she followed behind Michael. Neither Michael or Haydn responded. Celia stood by the door as she watched then get into Michael's truck and drive away. As she stood watching them….feeling like a stranger. High School- Summer Bay “Hi Steve, when did you get back?” Sandra said as she walked over to him. He was standing near the lockers “Last night” Steve said as he took a folder out of his locker “I went to see Viv, she says Hi” Sandra said “When did you go?” Steve said “A few days ago, only for the day though. So what is England like? Did you have a good time?” Sandra said “Yeah, my aunt lives in a really big house, I had my own room and everything” Steve said “What did you do? Did you go to Buckingham palace?” Sandra “Yeah, took lots of pictures, my aunt said she will send them to me” Steve said “Did you bring anything back for me?” Steve turned around to see Karen and two other girls standing behind him “Steve looked at her then he looked at Sandra “Ill see you in class” Steve said then he closed his locker and walked away. Sandra looked at Karen then she turned around and opened her locker. She put her bag in her locker and took out her folder. When she turned around Karen was looking at her “What do you want?” Sandra said “I didn’t say I wanted anything four eyes” Karen said and she started laughing, the other two girls began to laugh as well. As Sandra tried to move, Karen blocked her way “Leave her alone” Karen turned around to see Craig standing behind her “What are you going to do about it?” Karen said and she smiled at Craig. “Just leave her alone ok” Craig said he knew he was taking a risk because Karen still knew his secret. Karen smiled then she walked up to Craig “I want my money tomorrow” Karen whispered in Craig’s ear then she smiled at him and walked away “Thanks” Sandra said when her and Craig were alone. “What did she whisper in you ear?” Sandra said “Nothing, it doesn’t matter..lets go to class” Craig said as Sandra curiously walked behind him Macklin Corporation- New York Frank put the phone down and sighed. He was trying to apologize to Roo, but she was still annoyed with him. She didn’t understand why he had to work over the weekend or why he didn’t come home last night. Even though he tried to explain to her that the Europe team were in the US, she was still annoyed and referred back to the time that Frank was annoyed with her for working on the weekends. Frank left out one detail. After the meeting with the Europe team last night, he went over to Chelsea Piers and had a card game..he woke up again in a hotel room with a woman he didn’t know. Frank picked up the cup of coffee on his desk and stared into it. With Bobby It wasn’t cheating..they had a different relationship, but now..now he felt guilty because he didn’t know how it was happening. On top of that, he was now $10,000 in debt. $10,000 was all the money in had in his savings account. This was going towards the deposit of the house. Frank sighed. Every time he thought about it, it didn’t make sense. He knew he was a good card player and was winning every night up until recently. He had to pay back Mr James, but he didn’t want to let Roo down. Frank sighed and rested his head on the back on his chair. He was tired and had a headache. Phone ringing Frank leaned forward and picked up the phone “Frank Morgan speaking…ok…right now?...im on my way” Frank said then he put the phone down. It was Terry’s assistant, she said Terry wanted to see him. Frank picked up the coffee cup and drank what was left, put the cup down and walked out of his office. As he walked the short distance to Terrys office, he looked around. As he looked around, he saw Andy. He was going to confront Andy about what he did but he didn’t see the point…maybe he would have done the same in his position. Frank also walked passed Jerry's office, he was engaged in conversation and didn’t see Frank looking at him. Frank remembered Jerry saying that he didn’t say that he was going to recommend him for promotion. Frank sighed when he got to Terry's office. The door was open and Terry was on the phone. Frank knocked lightly and Terry looked up at him and indicated he should come in and close the door. Frank followed the instruction then he followed as Terry indicated that he should have a seat. Frank sat down and waited a short while for Terry to finish his conversation and put the phone down “Sorry about that, just liaising with our Asian office” Terry said and smiled “Do you want a coffee or something?” Terry said “No, thanks” Frank said “How are you getting on Frank, its been a while since we sat down and spoke” Terry said “Yeah, fine everything is going ok…” Frank said as he looked at Terry. He didn’t know if he should bring up the late report or not “There are a few things that have been brought to my attention and I wanted to take this opportunity to find out how you are feeling and if you were still enjoying the job” Terry said and smiled. He liked Frank, he thought he was a hard worker so was very surprised that things had changed “I want to apologize for not getting the report in for the Europe team” Frank said “Fortunately Andy was able to get that done” Tery said “Yeah, I owe him one” Frank said “It was also brought to my attention that you have been late to work lately, smelling of alcohol and not paying attention to the details of your work” Terry said. Frank looked at him “Is there something going on? Maybe a problem at home? Anything I can help you with?” Terry said. He was genuinely concerned for Frank. Frank stared at him…he wished he could tell him that he missed home…that he wanted a family but for some reason his wife wasn’t getting pregnant…he wished he could tell him that he was $10,000 in debt because he had been gambling…he wished he could tell him all of that “No, everything is fine…Im sorry about what has been happening lately..It wont happen again” Frank said “Good to hear…you have a promising career in this company and I would hate to see you waste it” Terry said “Thanks” Frank said “If there is ever anything I can do to help you, my door is always open” Terry said “Thanks…I better get on” Frank said and he faked a smile and got up and walked out of the office and to his. When Frank got into his office he sighed. At least he wasn’t losing his job but he still had this debt he had to pay…he didn’t know how he was going to do it, but nothing was going to stop him from getting the house before the baby comes.. Two days later Caravan Park- Summer Bay “No, im alright” Steve said as Pippa was giving him money for a school trip “Is the school finally making the trips free?” Pippa said and smiled “No, my aunt gave me some money that’s all” Steve said and he was right “I really should call and thank your aunt, she bought you all these new clothes, a laptop computer and she gave you money” Pippa said trying to mask the fact that she was jealous that she couldn’t do the same “Anyway im going to be late for school…ill see you later” Steve said “Wait a minute, don’t forget your lunch” Pippa said “Ill get something from the diner…come on Sal” Steve said “Bye Pippa” Sally said and she kissed Pippa on the cheek and followed Steve out of the house and Pippa sighed “G’day Mrs Fletcher” Pippa looked up to see Grant at the door “Hello Grant” Pippa said “Do you mind if I make a call?” Grant said “Sure, help yourself” Pippa said and Grant smiled and walked into the house “What time is the social worker coming?” Grant said “At 10” Pippa said “Bobby must be a bag of nerves..im going to go over there later” Grant said and he walked over to the phone “You should have seen her, she cleaned everything in the house. Sandra said Viv and Tammy are doing ok, sounds like things are working out for them at home…I really miss them” Grant said and Pippa didn’t respond “Mrs F” Grant said and Pippa didn’t respond “Mrs F Pippa jumped when she heard her name “Sorry did you say something?” Pippa said “Is everything alright?” Grant said confused “Yes fine, sorry, did you say something?” Pippa said and smiled “I was just saying that I am going to go and see Bobby later before the social worker goes over” Grant said and Carly came downstairs “Im just going to the wholesaler” Carly said “If you hang on, I can go with you” Carly turned around to see Grant on the phone “No, im alright..see you later” Carly said and she walked out of the house as Grant watched her.. Smart Residence- The City Narelle dragged herself out of the bed as the phone rang “Hello” She said with a croaky voice once she picked the receiver up “Narelle, you’re supposed to be here” Matt said and Narelle closed her eyes and sighed. She loked at the clock on the wall, she was over two hours late for work. “Im sorry Matt, I wasn’t feeling too good last night and took some medicine to sleep..I think I slept too much” Narelle said “Well you sound awful…don’t worry, you stay in, ill see you tomorrow” Matt said “Thanks..Matt..sorry” Narelle said then she put the phone down and sighed. Narelle walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t recognize herself. Her skin was all blotchy and her hair looked messy. Narelle sighed. She knew why she looked this way..she knew that using the cocaine was not good. Narelle pulled her hair hair up and secured it in place with a hair band and examined her face. Her nose was red and she felt like she had a cold. Narelle sighed. She didn’t want to look like this anymore…she was going to talk to Jeff…maybe they could stop together since they were in love.. Samuels Residence- Summer Bay Jeff snorted the last line of cocaine on the mirror and wiped his nose. He could feel it going down the back of his throat as the euphoric feeling set in. He closed his eye as his body floated. Smart Residence- The City . Narelle smiled to herself as she looked in the mirror…she really loved Jeff, the last 6 months with him had been magical. She never thought she would find someone like him and she was glad that she did. He was perfect in every way..and she was going to be perfect for him.. Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “I think that will be all for now” Ms Rose the social worker said to Ailsa as she looked at the notes she had made during their conversation. “You sure there isn’t anything else you want to ask me about Bob, I mean Roberta?” Ailsa said “No, nothing comes to mind right now. I have all the information I need from you and Mrs Fletcher” Ms Rose said “LOVE, ILL PUT THE BOXES IN THE KITCHEN” Alf shouted then he walked into the living room “This is my husband, Alf..this is Ms Rose, the social worker here to interview me about Bobby” Ailsa said as Ms Rose stood up and Alf shook her hand “So, youre here to find out about Bobby?” Alf said “Yes, your wife has given me all the information I need…if you would excuse me, I have another appointment” Ms Rose said as she grabbed her bag “Isnt Bobby a bit too young for all of this?” Alf said and Ailsa gave him a look “Well, we accept foster applicants over the age of 18” Ms Rose said “But don’t you have to be married for that sort of thing..my wife and I went through the process, we even foster Bobby for a little while and we have a foster daughter now” Alf said “Well the system has changed allowing applicants to be single or married. We are mostly concerned with who can give a child a loving home” Ms Rose said “Yeah, but is it wise to you know approve someone like Bobby?” Alf said “Mr Stewart, is there something you need to tell me about Ms Simpson?” Ms Rose said and Alf looked at Ailsa who was giving him a mean look. She couldn’t believe what Alf was saying “If you ask me, shes too young to be tied down when she has her whole life ahead of her” Alf said “Well, Ill take that into consideration…good day…ill let myself out” Ms Rose said and she smile and walked towards the front door and let herself out of the house. Ailsa watched the door close then she looked at Alf “You couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Ailsa said “What do you mean?” Alf said “You know what I mean Alf…why did you have to say anything?” Alf said “Give it a rest love, the other day you were just saying the same” Alf said “I know what I said but, I think fostering a child will really benefit Bobby” Ailsa said “The girl doesn’t know whether she is coming or going, cant keep a bloke to save her life and looks like she lives on the streets..is that someone who should be fostering kids…she couldn’t even keep her own kid” Alf said and Ailsa looked at him in shock “Sometimes I don’t think I know you Alf Stewart…if you have ruined this for Bobby, I will never forgive you” Ailsa said with a disappointed tone and walked into the bedroom and slammed the door as Alf walked over to the desk and picked up a photo of Roo and smiled. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobby looked at the time, the social worker would be arriving soon. She closed the text book and put it into her bag and under the table. She looked around the house, it was nice and clean. Bobby walked into the downstairs bathroom and looked at herself. Her hair had grown and was long enough to tie back in a ponytail with the front fringe. Bobby opted to wear black jeans, a black top and her black and white striped cardigan. She wore a little gloss on her lips and sprayed a small amount of the Lily Rose perfume she took from her grandmas house. Bobby walked out of the bathroom, she was nervous and excited. This was her chance to be a mother again. Knock at the door The social worker is early Bobby thought to herself and she exhaled then walked towards the front door and opened it “Oh, hello Bobby” Donald said “Dad, what are you doing here?” Bobby said and she walked into the house. Her and her Dad still had a strained relationship “I was just on my way back to school and I saw your car outside. I thought you went to university on Wednesdays” Donald said and Bobby sighed “Someone told you that the social worker is coming today” Bobby said as she looked at Donald “Well…yes…Alf did mention it yesterday” Donald said “I am sure he did” Bobby said “So how long will this whole process take?” Donald said “I will find out when the social worker gets here” Bobby said as she stared at Donald “Dad, just say your peace and go, the social worker will be here soon” Bobby said “Ok, fine but I assure you that you wont like it…Bobby you are too young for all of this” Donald said and Bobby turned her back to him “I know that you are probably feeling sad because you lost your baby…but that doesn’t mean you should throw the rest of your life away” Donald said and Bobby turned around “I am not throwing my life away…many women have children and careers” Bobby said “They also have husbands” Donald said’ “I will make it work” Bobby said “Rubbish, how are you going to look after a child, work full time and go to university?” Donald said “Dad, ill find a way..if that is all you have to say, you can leave” Bobby said and she walked towards the door and opened it “No that is not all, when are you going to wake up? You get these silly ideas in your head and you don’t think them through, you ruin your life and the rest of us have to pick up the pieces” Donald was interrupted “I NEVER ASKED YOU TO PICK UP ANY PIECES” Bobby said “Nonsense, Frank, Danny..you are constantly making a mess of your life..Someone needs to make decisions for you since you can’t make them for yourself…I will not allow this” Donald said “ ITS MY LIFE…YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE ANY DECISIONS FOR ME….NOTHING I DO IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU IS IT? GET OUT..JUST GET OUT” Bobby said “Excuse me” “WHAT?” Bobby said and turned to see a woman at the door “I am Ms Rose, social worker with the department, I am looking for Roberta Simpson” Ms Rose said and Bobby sighed….
  5. In this interview, Ross talks about losing out on the lead part in the Lord of the rings and he thinks its due to him being gay https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7411333/Former-Home-Away-star-Ross-Newton-missed-big-break-Lord-Rings.html I could be wrong but I assume that things like this contribute to the reason why so many actors feel its best to stay in the closet. Its such a shame that there are still prejudices even though society claims its progressive. I am surprised that he hasn't managed to secure a spot on Playschool since he is a well known actor. He has been trying to get acting work for a while but it doesn't seem to be working for him. I wonder if he is just banking on getting back into Home and Away as opposed to guest spots here and there. I personally didn't think the Greg Marshall role was the best in terms of his lack of chemistry with Nicolle but he doesn't necessary have to play a married character to be in a soap or in a guest role
  6. Good stuff here. Why does Maddy have an artificial arm?
  7. Chapter 314 Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobby took out the racks from inside the oven and put them on the side. She bent down and began to clean the inside of the cooker. She scrubbed it until it was clean “You cleaning the oven again?” Grant said as he walked inside the kitchen. He noticed that all the plates and cup where on the counter and not in the cupboards. “Oh hi, I didn’t know you were home” Bobby said and she got up and put the racks back in the oven “Yeah, I went for a surf early and thought I would get forty winks before tonight” Grant said and he looked around “I got a letter today, I have my first interview for the fostering application on Wednesday” Bobby said “Now I know why you are cleaning..” Grant said. He noticed that when Bobby had something on her mind, she always cleaned the house “Yeah…sort of..I want the place to be nice when the social worker comes” Bobby said “How do you feel?” Grant said “I am excited, but I don’t want to get my hopes up…just in case they wont accept my application” Bobby said “you own your own home, business and you are a success story of fostering.. I think they would be foolish not to accept your application…” Grant said “There is something “ Bobby said “What?” Grant said confused and Bobby sighed “I really don’t want to bring this up but…I guess I have to.. I didn’t disclose on the form that you live here…I thought they might do a check and find out about what happened to you and disqualify my” Bobby said “And now you want me to move?” Grant said “This isn’t fair to you because this is your home” Bobby said “I know….but I know how important this is for you…look, you have done so much for me already…the least I can do is find somewhere else to live so I don’t screw this up for you” Grant said and smiled. He really meant it. Bobby was one of his best mates, she helped him when no one else would “Thank you…maybe just until after the social worker comes on Wednesday..there is no guarantee that they will approve my application anyway” Bobby said “No worries” Grant said and smiled at Bobby. She felt guilty but she really wanted this “Oh by the way, I spoke to Nick and he said the extra patrol and check in shouldn’t be a problem” Bobby said as she stood on a step ladder and began to put the plates into the cupboards. “Did he say anything about the guy who attacked Carly? Are there any leads?” Grant said and he put his vest on. Something didn’t make sense about the attack to him “No he didn’t say. Hopefully whoever did it is long gone by now” Bobby said “Please make sure you give her a lift home tonight” Bobby said “Sure…Im going to take a shower and get ready for tonight” Grant said as he walked towards the bathroom and thought more about how Carlys story didn’t add up.. Police Station- Summer Bay “Can I get you a coffee or something?” Nick said “No, I wont be staying long” Jenny Gibson said as she looked around the small room they were seated in “What can I do for you?” Nick said “I think you know why I am here, so there is no point wasting time” Jenny said and she sighed Emotional background music “My daughter is a nice girl..you are not the first man to be interested in her but after a short while..you realize that there is a big commitment involved…everything takes twice as long…the apologies when her chair knocks something over and the constant moving of furniture to accommodate her” Julie said and she looked at Nick, she could see in his eyes that he knew what she was saying was true." In the end you struggle with how you feel…one voice in you head tells you to go for it…the other voice in your head tells you its not worth the hassle and eventually you decide that the second voice is true..its not worth the hassle…then what happens next is I have to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. You seem like a nice man…you can probably have any woman you want…but my Julie…see she cant be what you want…she will never be what you want…so I am here, as a mother to plead with you…do the right thing…stay away from her..if you care at all about her, you wouldn’t want to see her hurt..leave her be…it’s the best thing for everyone” Julie said as she looked at Nick. He didn’t know how to respond. She was reading his mind like a book “Anyway, I must be getting back…I hope you understand and will honour my request to stay away from my daughter” Jenny said then she slowly got up and walked to the door then turned around “You don’t need to phone…Julie will eventually understand” Jenny said then she turned around and walked out of the room. Nick sighed and was somewhat relieved. Julies mum made the decision easier for him but he still felt conflicted about the way he felt…but anyway…like Julies mum said…maybe it was for the best. Nick sighed then he stood up and walked out of the room… Background music end Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay “Did you and Haydn have a good time?” Celia said as Michael walked into the bedroom. Haydn wanted a new video game so Michael took him to the Yabbie creek and out for a burger. Michael looked at Celia then ignored her and took off his shirt “Michael, is there something wrong?” Celia said “If you have a problem with my son, talk to me about it” Michael said as he bent down to take off his shoes “I don’t understand what you mean?” Celia said confused “Haydn told me how you shouted at him today…this is supposed to be his home but you are not making him feel welcome” Michael said “All I asked him to do was turn the music down…it was entirely too loud” Celia said “But you didn’t have to shout at him to do it, he isn’t deaf…he feels like you don’t like him” Michael said “But I do..” Celia said “You have a way of showing it” Michael said then he got into bed and turned his bedside light off. Celia sat up in bed staring at the door, thinking of a way to make it up to Haydn while Haydn smiled to himself as he quietly snuck back into his bedroom after eaves dropping on his father and Celia. Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Here you go, safely home” Grant said as he parked the car “Thanks” Carly said. For some reason there was an awkwardness between them “Bobby said that she spoke to Nick and he is going to organize the extra patrol and have someone check in” Grant said “Did he, that’s great” Carly said “Did the police give you any updates…did they catch the guy?” Grant said “No..but like I said, he isn’t a local and is probably long gone by now” Carly said “I hope so…I would hate to see you or anyone else get hurt...again” Grant said and he looked at Carly “Thanks for the lift…night” Carly said and she smiled awkwardly and got out of the car. Grant watched as she walked to the door. She turned around and looked at him then put her key in the door, let herself in and closed the door. Grant sighed then he started the engine and drove away..
  8. Chapter 313 Bennett Residence- Kent- UK Steve folded the last of the new shirts that Donna had brought for him and put it into his suitcase. He then looked in the corner at the few things he was able to get for his family. He didn’t bring much money with him and things were expensive, so he was only able to get something for Pippa, Sally and Christopher. Crumble the dog jumped up onto the bed and sat down next to Steve's suitcase. Steve smiled and stroked him. Crumble had become his new friend, wanting to go everywhere with him. “Come in” Steve said as he heard the knock on the door “Looks like you are all packed up” Donna said with a smile then she looked at Crumble and walked over to the bed and sat next to him. She stroked him then kissed his head “I think someone is going to miss you” Donna said as she looked at Steve “Yeah, Im going to miss him too” Steve said “I hope you have had a good time” Donna said “Yeah the best, England is great” Steve said. He really did enjoy himself. His aunt kept her promise, she took him all around London, to see all the sights including Buckingham Palace, they took a lot of photos and ate all the food he wanted. She brought him anything he wanted. He heard many stories about his mum when she was younger and his aunt gave him so many pictures that he had never seen before. In a way, being with her made him feel like he was really with his mum…but now it was time to go home. Donna looked at Steve…it had been so good having him with her..looking after him. Her and Jim tried for many years to have their own children..the worst thing was looking into Jims eyes and seeing the hurt every time she failed. When her sister died, it broke her heart…what hurt the most was her own selfishness had kept her away and the time she needed to be there..to say goodbye to her sister, she had a car accident. Now it was time for her to make it up to her sister..maybe also make it up to Jim. She had seen the way Jim was around Steve…he enjoyed having a boy…a son in the house. “Steve..I want to tell you something…sit down” Donna said and Steve put his suitcase on the floor and sat next to Donna Emotional background music “I should’ve told you this and I am sorry for lying. About a year before the accident, your mum and I fell out…it was over something stupid..something that I cant even remember. The guilt hurt for a long time until I was looking at some old photos of you as a baby. I always assumed that your dads family took care of you…that you didn’t need me but I always had something in the back of my mind saying no, I should look for you and I did. It took some time, I traveled to Australia a few times and eventually I hired a detective to look for you” Donna paused and she looked at Steve. She was searching for a reaction on his face but didn't see one “My Uncle Phil, dads brother kept in touch but he was a student, but when he finished, he came to live in Summer Bay for a while…until he was killed in a fire” Steve said “Im so sorry” Donna said and she put her hand on Steves “What I am trying to say is that I feel I owe it up to my sister to take care of you…I know we have spoken about it, but I would really hope you would seriously consider coming to live here with me…your family..you don’t have to make a decision now, but can you promise me that you will think about it?” Donna said as she looked at Steve. He smiled and nodded “Ok” Steve said “Thank you” Donna said and she leaned forward and hugged him as a tear rolled down her cheek. Background music ends Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Bobby parked her car and yawned. She just took her last test and was now on holiday for a week. It wasn’t going to be much of a holiday because she had three catering jobs , some admin work to catch up on in the resort and she had to look over some reports that Mr Papadopoulos her business partner in Adelaide sent her about expanding the shop. keeping busy kept her mind off the fact that she was lonely. Bobby sighed then she got out of the car and noticed Nick walking. “Nick” Bobby shouted and Nick turned around and stopped walking and waited for Bobby to get to him “G’day” Nick said “Hi..I was wondering if I can ask you a favour. I was going to ask Sgt Barnett but Ive just been so busy “Yeah, what is it?” Nick said “I was wondering if there is any way we could get some extra parole and maybe a check in especially on Friday and Saturday night. After what happened to Carly, I don’t want to take that chance happening again” Bobby said “Good idea, how is Carly?” Nick said “Well shes ok…but something like this happened a few years ago, so I am sure she is still shaken up “I can imagine…I don’t think the extra patrol should be a problem, we have the check ins at the resort, Ill add the diner to the schedule” Nick said “Thank you” Bobby said and smiled “No worries…ill see you later” Nick said and turned around “Hey, what happened with the girl you were seeing?” Bobby said and Nick sighed “Do you want to sit down” Bobby said and Nick nodded and they walked the short distance to the chairs outside the diner and sat down Emotional background music “I really like her.but.” Nick said then he stopped talking “But what?” Bobby said “She’s in a wheelchair” Nick said in a whisper “But you knew that before you asked her out” Bobby said “Yeah I know, but there is so much responsibility with that” Nick said “Isnt that like all relationships?” Bobby said “Yeah I know but its different..the other day we had a picnic on the beach but I had to put her in the car first then go back and get the things ” Nick said “So you had to do double the work…that is a small sacrifice when you really like someone” Bobby said and sighed…she remembered the big sacrifice she made for Frank..giving up what she wanted to do, to make him happy “I don’t know if I can do all of that…ive kind of ignored her because I don’t know what to say” Nick said “maybe you should tell he how you feel, the worst thing you can do is make someone believe you have a future and you don’t..its not fair” Bobby said and sighed then Nick sighed “I don’t want to break her heart” Nick said “Well, from the sounds of it, you are already doing that” Bobby said and Nick looked up at her “I better get going” Bobby said and got up “thanks for the chat” Nick said and Bobby smiled then walked away. Nick watched Bobby walk away, she was right, it was a small sacrifice he was making, he really liked Julie even though they had known each other a short time, she was everything he wanted in a woman…she was funny, smart, pretty…but she was in a chair. Nick sighed…Bobby was right, he had to have the guts to tell her something… Bobby walked into the kitchen and yawned again “How was uni?” Ailsa said as she wiped her hands “The exam went well, I think I did ok” Bobby said “Ok? You probably got the best marks in the class” Ailsa said and smiled “I hope so, this accelerated program is really hard work” Bobby said “I know you can do it love…not long now” Ailsa said and Bobby walked towards the office “So how are you spending the week off?” Ailsa said as she stood by the office door “Three catering jobs a backload of admin at the sands and I have to go over some reports with Mr Poppadopolous” Bobby said “Why don’t you go on holiday or something…go and see Narelle in the city” Ailsa said “I cant, I have so much to do” Bobby said and she sat down at the desk “Bobby you have to make some time for a private life” Ailsa said and Bobby rolled her eyes “No lectures please” Bobby said and Ailsa shook her head and turned around “Oh I nearly forgot” Ailsa said then she turned around “I got a letter this morning from the fostering department, they are sending someone to interview me for your reference” Ailsa said and Bobby felt her heart skip “Dead set?” Bobby said with excitement in her voice “Yes, the person will be here next week..I guess they will be contacting Pippa soon” Ailsa said “Why didn’t they send me a letter? I thought they would want to see me too” Bobby said confused “Well I just got my letter this morning..maybe your letter is at home” Ailsa said “I think ill go home and check after I finish the accounts…Ailsa, I really want this” Bobby said “I know you do love…I promise, Ill give you a sparkling reference” Ailsa smiled then she walked out of the office and closed the door. Bobby put her hand over her heart and closed her eyes. For the first time in a long time she felt a bit of hope It wasn’t a guarantee that she was going to be approved but it was a first step. Bobby smiled to herself..maybe just maybe things were going to get better for her.. Background music ends Stewart/Ross Residence-Summer Bay Celia opened the door to hear music blasting loudly from Haydns room. She sighed. He had only been here for one day and was already being rude and doing what he wants. Celia walked into the kitchen and put her bags down then she walked towards his room with one bag and knocked the door. She knocked a few times then she knocked louder a few times and eventually Hayden came to the door “Haydn can you please turn the music down. It is entirely too loud” Celia said and Haydn just stared at her. I also got you your uniform for your new school” Celia said proudly and she opened the bag and took out a shirt and tie and showed it to Haydn. Haydn looked down at the shirt and tie then at Celia then he slammed his bedroom door. He didn’t so what she asked, the music was still loud which annoyed Celia. She banged on the door then she opened the door. Haydn looked at her shocked “I SAID THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD” Celia said then she walked over to the stereo and turned the music off then exhaled and walked out of the room. Haydn smiled to himself as she closed the door. Celia smiled to herself, she felt proud. It was her house and she was going to be respected. Stewart Shop- Summer Bay Bobby walked into the shop and ran her hands threw her hair, she picked up a basket and began getting a few things that she needed “G’day” Bobby looked up to see Alf appear from around the corner “Hi” Bobby said and she continued to fill her basket. Things were still awkward with Alf. As she walked over to the shampoo section, she could feel him watching her. Bobby picked the conditioner she wanted then walked over to the counter and put her basket down. “Ailsa told me about this fostering thing, someone is coming to see her next week” Alf said as he totaled the thing in the basket and put them in bag “Yeah, she told me” Bobby said as she took some money out of her pocket “Youre really young to be doing all this” Alf said and Bobby looked at him “Is that what you said to Roo when she got pregnant with Martha?” Bobby said “That was different…anyway look how that turned out” Alf said as Bobby looked at him “Ails and I think you have your whole life ahead of you and shouldn’t tie yourself down” Alf said “How much do I owe you?” Bobby said not looking at Alf. She couldn’t believe that Ailsa was two faced…saying she wanted to help but behind her back, saying something different to Alf “$15.65” Alf said as he looked at Bobby count the money “What if you meet some good looking bloke…the man of your dreams and he wants to whisk you away to another country…you cant do that with kids” Alf said “Things like that don’t happen to me… do they?…keep the change” Bobby said as she shook her head and she put $16 on the counter, picked up her bag and walked out. Alf sighed as he watched her go. He knew that Ailsa was going to be annoyed that he said anything …he didn’t even know why he said anything to Bobby, their relationship was strained enough as it is Phone ringing “G’day Stewart shop” Alf said when he picked up the phone then he smiled “We still on for tonight…I cant wait…when are the kids getting back…really…so we can have the house to ourselves…strewth take it easy on my back love” Alf said and smiled then he sat down as he listened to the voice of the woman he loved… Police Station- Summer Bay Nick walked into the police station and around the counter. He picked up a clip board and signed his name “Oh Nick, you have a visitor” One of his colleagues said and pointed. Nick looked in the direction that his colleague was pointing in to see a familiar face sitting down waiting for him…Julies mum…
  9. I think when Justine left, she was pretty much done. I think the hoping she would change her mind is what delayed the return of the character. In my opinion it wouldve been a good opportunity to bring Roo back after Franks stint and just see how she would've interacted with the characters.
  10. Pushing 90. A few years ago I saw a Facebook group wishing her happy 85th birthday. Shame the producers didn't bring her back permanently when there was an opportunity.
  11. Sally and Lance- I haven't seen many people talk about this friendship(or maybe they have but I just haven't seen it). Bobby and Narelle- I disliked that the producers swapped out Narelle for Marilyn. Bobby and Carly- They didn't see eye to eye all the time, but deep down they really cared for each other when it mattered. Ailsa and VanPip- I got the impression that VanPip saw Ailsa as a big sister.
  12. I dont know any of the newer characters, but ill definitely be reading this because I liked your last fanfic.
  13. Chapter 312 Three days later Barnett Residence Summer Bay Nick scratched his head and got out of bed as he yawned. He rubbed his eye then walked out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen “I thought you were going to sleep in all day” Bob said as he chewed on some toast. Nick yawned then opened the fridge and took some milk out “Yeah, I got in pretty late last night” Nick said. He went with Pete and some of the other guys to the resort last night, there were some girls there that they met in the city. Pete and the rest went on to the Yabbie Creek and Nick decided to go home. There was one girl, Natalie, she was trying to get him to go but he wasn’t into her as much as she was in to him. She was pretty, probably too pretty and that was probably the reason why, but he probably could see her again. “So how are you spending the day off?” Bob said as he drank his coffee. “Not sure, I might go for a swim. Haven’t done that in a while” Nick said as he poured some hot water into a cup with a tea bag “Well whatever you do, don’t forget you are working tonight” Bob said then he shoved some toast in his mouth and got up from the table as Nick stirred in some milk into the cup and walked towards the table to sit down “Oh before I forget…Julie called for you yesterday” Bob said and Nick sighed. She called him at work and he didn’t return her call “What did she say?” Nick said then he sipped his tea “Just for you to call her when you get a chance” Bob said “Right…thanks” Nick said “See you later” Bob said and he walked out of the house. Nick sighed and leaned back in the chair..maybe he had to tell her instead of putting it off…maybe he should just ignore her and she would stop calling. Nick sighed, he really didn’t know what to do, and what made it harder is that he really did like Julie… Gatwick Airport- UK “Let me get that for you” Donna said with a big smile as she helped Steve put his suitcase in the boot of her car. Steve put his backpack next to the suitcase then Donna closed the car. Steve walked around to the passenger side and got into the car and put his seat belt on. Donna got into the car, started the engine then put her seatbelt on. “Home is about 45 minutes away” Donna said and began driving out of the parking space as Steve looked around “How was the flight?” Donna said as she finally got out of the airport and onto the motorway “Ok” Steve said as he looked around. “Well, ive taken the week off so that I can show you around” Donna said and she indicated right into another lane and continued to drive. “Sorry Jim wasn’t able to get the time off, but we will see him tonight” Donna said then briefly looked at Steve then back at the road “Is everything alright?” Donna said “Yeah, fine, im just a bit tired” Steve said. He was telling the truth, he was tired but it was also weird that his aunt looked so much like his mum…making him miss her even more. “Well we better get you rested up, we have a fun week ahead” Donna said and smiled. She was happy…hopefully everything would go well and Steve would want to call England his home Caravan Park- Summer Bay Carly picked up the mirror and looked at her face, it wasn’t as bad, her eye was healing and the cut on her lip didn’t look worse. “Come in” Carly said as she heard a knock on the door. Pippa opened it and walked in “Hi…I was hoping you were awake..I wanted to bring you a cup of tea” Pippa said and smiled as she put the cut on the bed side table “Thanks” Carly said as Pippa sat on the bed “How are you feeling?” Pippa said “Fine…its been a few days,im over it” Carly said and picked up the cup and drank sme of the tea “I know darling…I was just hoping that this attack didn’t bring up memories…of….you know what happened before” Pippa said “No it doest..im fine honest…see, my face is healing up” Carly said forcing a smile as Pippa looked at her “Steve must be in England by now,..he is so lucky” Carly said “Yes” Pippa said forcing a smile. Even though Steve wasn’t her biological son, she loved him the same and she missed that he wasn’t home..just like she missed Frank “Im going to go and let you get some rest…Ben called earlier” Pippa said as she got up from the bed “Really? What did he say?” Carly said with excitement in her voice “Just for you to call him” Pippa said and smiled then she left the room. Carly smiled to herself as she laid back on the bed. Ben calling her meant he had forgiven her for what she did…she loved him so much and she was happy that he still loved her.. Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek JulIe let the phone ring a few more times then she sighed and put the phone down. She hadn’t spoken to Nick in a while and she just tried again to call his house but there ws no answer. However, he did say he was going to be busy at work when they last saw each other. Julie smiled as she remembered the romantic date they had on the beach…she couldn’t believe that a good looking guy would go to all that trouble for her. “Wasting your time calling that bloke again” Jenny Gibson said as she walked into the living room and Julie sighed “Im not wasting my time” Julie said then she rolled herself out of the living room, into her room and slammed the door shut. Jenny sighed…she knew how this was going to end...she could see it coming then she would be the one having to pick up the pieces...not again, she had enough. She was going to put an end to this once and for all… Bennett Residence- Kent- UK Steve opened his eye and looked around. He must’ve fell asleep. He was a bit tired. When they got to the house, he had some breakfast and mustve fell asleep straight after. Steve looked towards the window, it was getting dark outside but not really dark so it probably wasn’t too late. Steve got up from the bed and walked over to his suitcase, opened it and took out a sweater. He put it on then opened the door. The house was very big, probably had like 4 bedrooms or more. It sat on a lot of land and had a swimming pool. This house looked bigger than the house he lived in and was more modern. He had his own TV in the room he was in. Steve walked down the stairs trying to remember his way and followed the noise and ended up in the huge kitchen “Did you have a good sleep” Donna said as Steve walked into the kitchen “Yeah, thanks” Steve said as he looked around “Steve” Steve turned around to see a man standing behind him. The man was taller than him and slightly bigger “Jim, nice to meet you” Jim said with a stong British accent as he put his hand out “Hi” Steve said and smiled and shook his hand, just as the dog circled Steve then sat near his feet “I think he likes you” Donna said as she pointed at the dog. Steve smiled and bent doen and stroked the dog “I was thinking, since its your first night here, how about we go out to eat?” Donna said “Sure, I don’t mind” Steve said and shrugged his shoulders “Well that’s settled, anything in particular you want? Chinese? Indian? Pizza? Jim said “Pizza…if its alright or anything you want” Steve said “Since you are the guest, we will have pizza” Jim said and smiled. “And anything else you want…this is your home” Donna said and smiled….hoping that it would become his home permanently…. four days later Stewart Sr/Ross Residence-Summer Bay “How do you like the room?” Michael said as he looked around. He had painted the room and added a few touches to make it feel like home for Haydn “Its ok” Haydn said and shrugged his shoulder “I didn’t know what poster you would want so you can put any on the wall that you want…this is your home now” Michael said as he fixed a corner of a shelf on the wall “Yes its your home” Celia said and smiled as Haydn gave her a mean look “Ill just go and get the pie out of the oven” Celia said “Don’t worry about that, we are going to go out and have a pizza” Michael said “Yeah” Haydn said and smiled “Oh you should have told me” Celia said disappointed, She was making a family dinner hoping this would be a new start “Put it in the fridge, we can have it tomorrow or something…unpack your things then we can go and have that Pizza” Michael said as he smiled at Haydn. He was so happy to has his some with him…where he belonged. He was awarded full custody but Haydn had to go and visit is mother during the school holidays. Celia walked into the kitchen, used her oven gloves to take out the shepards pie and put it on top if the stove and sighed. She was hoping this was going to be a fresh start “I was thinking about that new Pizza place in Waldorf creek..I wonder if you have to make reservations, Ive driven past it a nd it always looks busy” Michael said as he picke dup the phone book “Michael I do wish you told me you wanted to eat something else” Celia said “It was a last minute decision. I want to do something to make Haydn feel at home, its his first night here Macklin Cooperation- New York “Frank” Frank opened his eyes when he heard his name. He put his hand on his head, he had a headache. This morning, he woke up in a hotel room next to a woman he had never seen before, again with a note saying he lost money the night before. Now he owed Mr James $8000. Frank didn’t understand how he kept losing, he knew he was a good player, he just didn’t understand why he was losing now “You finished those reports yet?” Andy said as he looked at Frank. When Frank first met Andy, they had a few things in common, mainly that they had both left their homes and travelled to New York to work at the Macklin Office and they both had high hopes of making it big. Roo wanted him to make an effort, maybe he should make that effort with Andy, maybe they could be friends. Frank looked down at the report on his desk, it was not finished. He sighed then he looked up at Andy “No, its not finished, ill get it done before I leave” Frank said then he looked up at the clock on the wall. Andy sighed “Too late the team from Europe is already here” Andy said then he walked out of the office and Frank sighed as he began to panic. This was supposed to guarantee Jerry recommending him for a promotion. If he had that promotion, that would be more money available to get Roo her dream house and prepare for their family. Frank got up and, walked out of his office and knocked on Jerrys door. Jerry was the assistant president and was pretty much in charge when Terry was out of town. “Come in” Frank opened the door when he heard that and closed the door behind him “Jerry, I am really sorry…the report is not ready” Frank said as Jerry put some documents in a file “The Team from Europe is here…I am on my way to meet them…what do you expect me to say to them?” Jerry said as he stared at Frank “I don’t know…maybe you can put them off for a while, the presentation isn’t until tomorrow, I can work now and all night, ill have it ready by the morning” Frank said as he looked at Jerry. “Come in” Jerry said as he heard a knock on the door “I finished the report” Andy said as he handed a file to Jerry “Great, thanks” Jerry said and smiled at Andy who walked out of the office and closed the door “The Macklin Cooperation need committed staff, that’s why I asked Andy to complete a second report in case you couldn’t deliver and I am glad he did” Jerry said as he flicked through the report as Frank sighed. He and Andy were not friends but he never thought that Andy would stab him in the back. He had seen him every day this week and he never mentioned anything about working on the report. “Im really sorry…I am committed,,,it will never happen again” Frank said as Jerry put the file in his briefcase “Jerry…look, I hope this hasn’t jeopardized you recommending to Terry to think about giving me a promotion…see..my wife and I are starting a family soon, we need to buy a house” Frank said with pride in his voice “Recommending you for a promotion? When did I say that?” Jerry said looking at Frank confused as he put his suit jacket on “The other day, you said you would recommend to Terry to think about promoting me if I finished this report…ok, I didn’t finish it but I do work hard” Frank said “You must be confused….I didn’t say that at all…anyway I have to go…don’t forget the entire team is working until the team leaves” Jerry said as he walked out of his office leaving Frank standing there in disbelief that Jerry had lied and Andy had stabbed him the back… Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay Carly walked into the kitchen and put the plates in the sink as Grant closed the fridge door. Carly could sense him watching her, he probably knew that she lied about being attacked but she didn’t want to get Ben into trouble. Grant walked over to the sink and began to wash the dishes as Carly walked out of the kitchen. Something didn’t make sense about Carlys attack. He saw he get into her boyfriend’s car and could see them driving off through his rear-view mirror then Bobby rushed out of the house saying she had to go to the hospital because Pippa called her, Carly had been attacked. Bobby walked out of the office. She had been studying for an exam she was going to have and for some reason found it easier to study at the diner instead of at home, this way she could be there to help out if they got really busy “How’s the study coming along?” Grant said as Bobby opened the fridge and took some juice out “ok” Bobby said and reached for a glass as Carly came into the kitchen with an order “Ive been thinking, maybe we should get someone in for Friday and Saturday to do security” Bobby said “Why?” Carly said confused “I cant take any chances…especially after what happened to you..what if it happens to someone else leaving here” Bobby said as Grant looked at Carly “Bobby, it was just a one off, ive never seen the guy around” Carly was interrupted “I thought you said you never saw his face?” Bobby said “I didn’t but we know everyone around here, I would have know if it was a local” Carly said as Bobby sighed “Yeah I suppose…but we need to be careful…Ill ask Nick if he knows anyone who might want to work a couple of hours “ Bobby said “I really don’t think that is necessary” Carly said “Carly has a point, ther eis no need to waste money, maybe ask Nick if he can organize extra patrol that will definitely deter anyone” Grant said as he looked at Carly “Yeah, that is a good idea, they do it for the resort and have checks ins, I will speak to Sgt Barnett and see if something can be organize….good thinking Sherlock” Bobby said and smiled then she walked into the office as Grant looked at Carly…
  14. "time out" from acting. I should've been clearer.
  15. IMO her death is hands down the worst tragedy on TV. I get it, Nicolle wanted a time out, but its sad that the door wasn't left open for her like it has been for others. She was just as important, maybe even more than some of the characters who have been able to come and go. I am sure the producers couldve found another actress to play Bobby just like they found one to play Roo. It wouldn't have been the same, but at least the character would still be alive.
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