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  1. Thanks for reading Sorry for the delay in updating, I’ve been really busy. Hope to have a chapter up by the end of the week. Thanks
  2. Chapter 289 Three days later General hospital- Summer Bay “Sorry this couldn’t wait until tomorrow, I did tell my dad that I was going to come and say goodnight to him” Roo said as she parked the care “That’s ok, you go inside, I wait out here” Lucinda said “Thanks, I wont be long” Roo said and she got out of the car. Alf and Debra both laughed “Yes, I remember it well” Alf said as Debra looked at him as they reminisced about old times “It really is nice to have you around love” Alf said “Yes…its ben quite and adjustment but I glad that I came” Debra said and smiled then Debra turned her head as the door opened. She got a shock as she looked at the woman who came through the door “Ruthy love, I wasn’t expecting you back tonight” Alf said as Roo looked at her dad then at the strange woman sitting near his bed “Me and Lucinda are going to the sands and I wanted to come and say goodnight” Roo said with a smile “Thank you for thinking of your old dad” Alf said as Roo walked over to him and gave him a hug “Ruthy, this is Debra Lawrence, and old friend and the new deputy headmistress at the school, Deb, this is my daughter Ruth” Alf said as Roo looked at Debra and smiled “Hello Ruth’ Debra said as a very familiar smile, smiled back at her “Hi” Roo said “Ruthy is living a glossy life in New York with her husband…shes in PR” Alf said with a big smiled as Debra smiled “Ok, well I better go, Lucinda is in the car…did the doctor say when you can go home?” Roo said as she adjusted her dads pillow “Hopefully by Thursday..but if you need to get back home..you can” Alf said “No, I want to wait until you get home and settled” Roo said “Thanks love…have a nice night” Alf said and smiled “Ill see you tomorrow” Roo said and she kissed her dad on the forehead and smiled at Debra “Night” Roo said then she walked out of the hospital and the door closed behind her “Oh dear…maybe it wasn’t a good idea me coming here” Debra said “Why not?” Alf said “I don’t want Ruth to maybe get the wrong idea” Debra said “Its just two old friends talking about old times” Alf said “Maybe I should go” Debra said as she went to stand up then Alf grabbed her hand “No….dont go yet…” Alf said “I shouldn’t be here Alf” Debra said as she looked down at Alf grabbing her hand then up at him “I want you here” Alf said as he looked at Debra and smiled. Debra smiled///she was where she wanted to be too.. Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Flashback Frank- I didn’t mean to hurt you Bobby- Well its too late for that now Frank- I should’ve been honest a long time ago…honest to myself. I never stopped loving Roo Bobby- that’s just great isn’t it? My husband admits to me that he couldn’t have possibliy loved me when he was still in love with his ex Frank- Bobby, it wasn’t like that Bobby- What is it like then Frank? There is no other way…just go on and admit that you never loved me and you and me was just a joke…since you now what to tell the truth why don’t you just admit that? Flashback ends Bobby wiped the tear that fell to her cheek and she sighed and shook her head. She really thought she could handle Roo being in town but every time she saw her…or just knowing that she was here, brought up the past. She looked at her watch and yawned. She came straight here from Uni to taking care of the accounts and do some menus for the resort. Bobby yawned and drank some of her coke then she put the glass on the desk, picked up the folders on the dersk and her bag, got up and walked towards the door. She opened it and walked into the kitchen. The diner was not as busy as usual. Carly was wiping the empty tables and Grant was washing the dishes. “Hey, all done?” Grant said “Yeah, just going over to the sands and then home” Bobby said and she yawned “I don’t know how you do it” Grant said as Bobby picked up a banana from the fruit bowl “Do what?” Bobby said “Everything you do with work and Uni and running your business” Grant said “Keeps me busy” Bobby said “But what about time for yourself?” Grant said “I don’t need any…Ill see you later” Bobby said and smiled then Grant watched her as she walked out of the kitchen, said something to Carly then walked out of the diner. Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Ailsa knocked at the bedroom door then she slowly opened it “Do you mind if I come in?” Ailsa said and Emma didn’t respond :How are you feeling?” Ailsa said as she walked over to the bed and sat down “Ok” Emma said “You haven’t said much since you have been home” Ailsa said and Emma shrugged “I just wanted to let you know that Alf should be home any day now” Ailsa said “So you want me to go?” Emma said “No, why would you think that?” Ailsa said “That’s what Uncle Alf said before he fell to the floor” Emma said “Why did he say that?” Ailsa said confused. She knew that Alf was a bit annoyed at times with Emmas behavior but for the most part he agreed for her to stay Emma sat up in the bed and leaned on the wall “He caught me with some alcohol and when I told him that it wasn’t his business, he told me not to speak to him like that and to go..then he tried to grab me and when I pushed hi away, he grabbed his chest and fell to the floor” Emma said as Ailsa looked at her shocked “Why did you have the alcohol?” Ailsa said “I don’t want to talk about it…but I will go anyway because I know his heart attack was my fault” Emma said “It wasn’t your fault love…look whatever happened with Alf is all over now. I am sure he didn’t mean it when he said you should go…ill talk to him tomorrow and we will sort this out…but I don’t want you to go” Ailsa said as she looked at Emma. Emma could see the sincerity in her eyes…she wished she could tell her the truth… “Thanks” Emma said then she laid back down on the bed and sighed… Sands resort- Summer Bay Roo looked around, the bar in the resort was nice..not as nice as the ones in New York but it was definitely a step up from Summer Bay. Roo sat opposite Lucinda and watched her as she talked, she wasn’t listening to what she was saying…all she was thinking about was that she was going home soon and how things were bad with Frank. She had not called him nor been to the caravan park. “So, what do you think?” Lucinda said “It’s a major upgrade for Summer Bay” Roo said then her and Lucinda both started to laugh “I was hoping we could go to the city before you left” Lucinda said “Why?” Roo said “So we can see Matt…like old times” Lucinda said “What is he doing in the city?” Roo said “He is a manager of a bistro…doing really well…Oh Ruth, it was so nice to see him when I came back here…just reminded me of old times…you and Matt, me and Shane” Lucinda said “I was hoping to hear that you and Matt got married since me and Shane never got our chance” Lucinda said as Roo drank her drink “Oh there was no chance of that as soon as Carly Morris moved into town” Roo said “Carly?” Lucinda said as he heart dropped. Carly never mentioned that she and Matt were an item “Yes, they were on and off for a while…I guess they are off now” Roo said “I guess so, she has a soldier now..he is very handsome” Lucinda said “Good, I am happy for her…she was one of the few who was still nice to me after the Bobby and Frank marriage breakup” Roo said “Mustve been a hard time..sorry” Lucinda said “Yeah, it was” Roo said “But it must be worth it now since you are happy and in love and living a fabulous life” Lucinda said and Roo faked a smile. Yes she was living a fabulous life but she wasn’t sure if she was in love…she wasn’t sure if it was all worth it “Bobby” Lucinda said and motioned for Bobby to come over. “Hi, why don’t you join us” Lucinda said “Thanks but I have some work to do” Bobby said as she tried hard not to look at Roo Just as Bobby was about to walk off one of the waiters walked up to her “Sorry to bother you Ms Simpson, but one of our customers insisted on having a word with management” The waiter said “What is it about?” Bobby said as Roo looked at her. The waiter shrugged his shoulders “Who is it?” Bobby said and the waiter pointed to a woman standing by “Ok” Bobby said and the waiter walked off and a few seconds later, returned with the woman “Hi, I am Roberta Simpson, the catering director, is there a problem?” Bobby said as Roo looked at her “Thank you for seeing me, no its actually the opposite. I was wondering if it was possible to have one of the desserts here turned into my wedding cake” The woman said “That’s a special request, you would need to contact the head chef to find out if that would be possible” Bobby said “Do you think he will?” The woman said “Well, he will be in tomorrow, his name is Chef Paul..I can leave a note for him with your number to ask him to call you” Bobby said as the waiter handed the woman a pen and paper “Oh yes please…I am getting married next week” The woman said as she wrote “Leaving it a bit late” Bobby said with a smiled “I know but I was looking for the perfect cake and I think I just might have found it” The woman said as she gave Bobby the paper with her details on it “Ok, Illl give this to Chef” Bobby said “Thank you..the woman said then she turned around “Oh, hey which desert is it, Ill let him know” Bobby said and the woman turned around and looked at the menu in her hand “It’s the forever desert” The woman said as Bobbys heart dropped. “Ok, ill let him know” Bobby said “Isnt that the same dessert you make for the diner?” Lucinda said and Bobby wished the ground would open up and swallow her “Oh my goodness, you made the dessert?” The woman said “Yeah” Bobby said “It really is amazing, is it a family recipe or something” The woman said “No..its just something I made for somebody once..” Bobby said and looked down, she couldn’t believe she said that then when she looked up, she locked eyes with Roo. She knew that Roo knew.. “Well whoever it was made for mustve been really special because that dessert was definitely made with love” The woman said and put the dessert menu down on the table and Bobby forced a smile “Anyway, Ill leave the message for Chef” Bobby said and the woman smiled “Thank you” The woman said then she walked away. Bobby watched her walk away then she looked at Lucinda and Roo “See you later” Bobby said then she walked away. Roo watched her walk away then she picked up the desert menu. She could hear Lucinda talking but she couldn’t hear what she was saying Roo turned the page of the menu and looked at all the desserts until she scrolled down and found what she was looking for “The forever desert…when you know…you just know’ Roo read to herself and sighed..yeah..she knew. Roo put the menu down and picked up her glass and sipped it..she knew what she had to do… Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa looked at all the bills in front of her and sighed. She heard footsteps coming down the steps and she quickly pushed all the bills into a large envelope and put the envelope into a folder and closed it just as Steve came into the living room “Hi, you cant sleep?” Pippa said “I just forgot my book for school tomorrow” Steve said as he picked up a book from the desk “So when is your auntie getting in?” Pippa said “She arrives on Thursday” Steve said “She is welcome to come here” Pippa said “No, its ok, ill just meet her in the city..i don’t want a fuss…goodnight” Steve said then he walked towards the steps “Goodnight love” Pippa said as she heard Steve walk up the stairs then she sat back in the chair and sighed Macklin Office- New York Frank read the resignation letter once more then he sighed it. He folded it up and put it into the envelope on his desk. Frank sealed the envelope and smiled. He opened his draw and took out the photo of him bobby and sally and smiled He felt butterflies in his stomach…he was going home and this was the first time in a long time that he felt some happiness. Background music- have you ever been alone instrumental Phone ringing “Macklin corporation, Frank speaking” Frank said “Hi Frank…its me” Roo said “I guess you got to Australia safely” Frank said. He wanted to call to find out if she had arrived and how her dad was doing but he didn’t “Yeah, Im sorry, I didn’t call. Ive just been at the hospital a lot with dad” Roo said “How is he?” Frank said “Much better should be coming home in the next day or so” Roo said “That’s good news” Frank said “Yes it is” Roo said Stewart residence- Summer Bay Flahback Woman “Oh my goodness, you made the dessert?” The woman Bobby “Yeah” Woman “It really is amazing, is it a family recipe or something” Bobby “No..its just something I made for somebody once..” Woman “Well whoever it was made for mustve been really special because that dessert was definitely made with love Flashback ends “Frank..I am really sorry for everything…being here and away from you has made me realize that I don’t want to lose you. I have been putting my career first and not us first and I am sorry” Roo said as a tear dropped from her eye. She realized something tonight…in the resort…she realized that what she was doing was pushing Frank away..potentially pushing him back to Austrailia…to Bobby.. “I just left a message for Helen, I told her that when I am back, I cant go to Boston and that I need to be back in New York….with my husband” Roo said Macklin Office- New York Frank sighed. He really didn’t expect to hear all this from Roo not after everything that had happened between them in the last few months “Frank, I want our family…I want our house…when I get back, I am ready..let try for a baby” Roo said and Frank felt his heart flutter. He really didn’t know what to say. This is what he was waiting to hear for so many months “Frank please say something…please say that you want us to start again…go back to how we were before when I moved to the city…back to when you realized you were still in love with me” Roo said Frank didn’t know what to say as he looked at the envelope on the desk. He had been unhappy for so long and now he was stuck between two opportunites to make him happy and he didn’t know what to do Stewart residence- Summer Bay Roo listened, There was no response from Frank. “Frank, please say something…please say you forgive me and we can try for our family” Roo said as she held onto the phone with both her hands Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobby dried her hair as much as she could with the towel then walked into her bedroom. She couldn’t believe what happened tonight, or what she said. Bobby tied the towel around her head and walked over to the bed. She sat down and picked up the fletcher family photo and looked at it, she smiled as she remembered all the good times they had. She stared at Frank Flashback Bobby- How was work Frank- Busy as usual Bobby- I thought you might want dinner so I brought you some over Frank- Getting ready for your wife duties Bobby- Rack off Frank- I cant wait until we are married Bobby- Me too…I love you Frank- I love you too… Flashback ends Bobby put the photo down and laid back on the pillow and sighed… Macklin Office- New York Frank picked up the photo from the desk. The photo of him, Sally and Bobby Flashback Bobby- We have honesty now Frank- Yeah I know Bobby – Maybe if we were honest we could’ve lasted longer Frank- I don’t think so…not after I realized how I still felt about Roo Flashback ends Stewart residence- Summer Bay “Frank…are you there?” Roo said Macklin Office- New York “Yeah” Frank said Stewart residence- Summer Bay “Then please say something…please say we can try again” Roo said Macklin Office- New York Frank sighed the he picked up the photo and the envelope and put them in the draw and closed it “Yeah, we can start again” Frank said Stewart residence- Summer Bay Frank, things are going to be so much better…I love you so much” Roo said “Yeah, me too..I better go” Frank said “”Ok, well ill be booking my flight to get home on Wednesday” Roo said “Ok..have you seen any of my family yet?” Frank said “No, but now that Dad is better, ill go over to the caravan park” Roo said Macklin Office- New York “Thanks” Frank said “Ill call you after ive been ” Roo said “Ok, say hi to everyone” Frank said “I will…I love you Frank” Roo said “I love you..bye” Frank said then he put the phone down then he stared at the closed draw. Things were different now, he and Roo were going to have a family..that meant he needed to hurry up and get money for the babies things and their new house.…he wanted enough money so that Roo didn’t need to work after she had the baby. Frank picked up his bag and put his hand in the side pocket and took out a business card. He put his bag down then picked up the phone and dialed “Hello Mr James…thinks is Frank…Frank Morgan..I wanted to talk to you about the card games” Frank said and smiled as he thought about how life was going to be perfect.. Background music ends
  3. Chapter 288 Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Roo walked out of her bedroom when she heard the door close “Hello love, I wasn’t sure if you would come back here or go to the hospital” Ailsa said as she walked into the kitchen with some grocery bags “Yeah I wanted to come home and unpack” Roo said as she helped Ailsa take the cans out of the grocery bags “Did Emma come out of her room?” Ailsa said “No, I haven’t seen her” Roo said “She must still be asleep…poor girl” Ailsa said “Thanks for coming home love, I know your dad really appreciates it” Ailsa said “I expected Summer Bay to be different but its still the same just a few more unfamiliar faces” Roo said “Must be nice catching up with your old friends” Ailsa said “Well I wouldn’t really call them that…most of the town hated me before I left” Roo said “That’s all water under the bridge now” Ailsa said “Yeah, I suppose” Roo said “Is everything alight?’ Ailsa said “Yeah fine, it must be the jetlag” Roo said and smiled “The resort looks nice. Ill definite have to go there before I go back” Roo said “Yes it is, Bobby is doing a fantastic job there” Ailsa said “Bobby?” Roo said “Yes, she is the catering director over there” Ailsa said “But I saw her at the diner today” Roo said “Yes, she has quite the workload, she works there, does all the business side of the diner, has her own catering business and she is doing her degree” Ailsa said as she put a can in the cupboard as Roos heart sank. For some reason hearing all that made her jealous…even though there was nothing for her to be jealous of…she had the great life in New York…with Frank “Good, Im glad” Roo said as she thought about her and Frank and how things were not going well for them “How is Frank? Im sure Pippa will want to know how he is doing” Ailsa said and Roo exhaled and forced a smile “Yeah, he is fine…you know, working a lot” Roo said and smiled “Well when you get a chance, pop over to the caravan park, Im sure Pippa will want to hear that for herself” Ailsa said “Yeah maybe later. I am going to Auntie Celias place for dinner…meeting her new husband” Roo said “Oh right, yes, Michael is really nice” Ailsa said “I still cant believe that Auntie Celia is married” Roo said and shook her head “Yes it was quite a surprise for all of us too but she appears to be happy and that is the most important thing…do you want a cuppa? Ailsa said “No thanks, I am just going to finish unpacking” Roo said and she smiled then she walked towards her bedroom and closed her door. Background music – Have you ever been in love Roo closed the bedroom door and walked over to the dressing table and sat down. She looked at herself in the mirror and pulled her hair tighter in the ponytail and smoothed down her eyebrows. She opened one of the draws and took out a small photo album. She slowly scrolled threw the photos until she stopped at one. It was an old photo of her and Bobby, they were dressed up going to a school formal. They had a really good time. Her mum helped then get dressed. As Roo looked at the photo she thought about what Ailsa said, all the great things Bobby was doing. In a way, Roo was glad to hear that Bobby was getting on with her life after what happened…that way people would be less likely to keep blaming her for her pursing love and leaving to be with Frank…now she didn’t know if she wanted to be with Frank, and if it was all worth it. Roo sighed then she put the album back into the drawer and walked over to her bed and sat down. She felt so confused…she would be going back home soon…things were not good with Frank….she didn’t know what was going to happen and at this point..her and Frank were two different people…wanting two different things… …their last argument, Frank said he wished he ever came to the US with her….she agreed, she wished she never went with him… Roo felt trapped… Morgan Residence- New York Flashback ends Bobby- Thank you for writing this song for me Frank- Youre welcome Bobby- Frank…never forget what I said Frank- What? Bobby- That I don’t want you to forget that I love you Frank- I wont, I promise Bobby- No…don’t say that Frank- Say what? You said you don’t want me to forget and I said I promise I wont Bobby- No…don’t promise…I know that nothing is guaranteed Frank- I know…and I am telling you..I will never forget…and you never forget Bobby- Ill never forget… Flashback ends Frank stared at the ceiling then he looked to his side table and picked up the little box. The moonlight shone through the gap in the curtain illuminating the apartment. Frank slowly opened the box and smiled then he slowly closed the box and wrapped his hand around the box and put it on his chest and exhaled “I never forgot” Frank said out loud then he smiled to himself and turned over to his side and closed his eyes as a nice feeling came over him. For the first time in a long time he felt a little bit of happiness…he was going home… Background music ends Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa heard footsteps coming down the stairs and she quickly folded the bill and put it into her pocket “I thought you were going out?” Pippa said as Carly came down the stairs “Yeah, well I was supposed to be meeting Ben but he said something came up…Ill probably go and hang out at the diner and bother Bobby until I start” Carly said “You really enjoy working there don’t you?” Pippa said with a smiled “Yeah..I really think that things are coming together for me now, you know..with this job and Ben” Carly said “I think so” Pippa said “Oh by the way I forgot to tell you, Roo is back” Cary said and Pippas stomach dropped “Is she? I guess it makes sense because Alf is in the hospital” Pippa said “Yeah, she said Frank couldn’t come because he couldn’t get the time off” Carly said “Oh, that’s a shame” Pippa said “Yeah, that’s what I said, would’ve been nice to see him…sometimes I wish that he was still living in the city…close enough for us to see him” Carly said “Well he is living his life..we cant begrudge him for that” Pippa said “I know…but since Tom died and he came home, it just felt good to have my older brother home..i just miss him” Carly said “I think Steve misses him too, he asked Alex to go hiking with him and then there is the situation with Sally” Pippa said “Do you have some calling card, I want to call him” Carly said and she got up and walked towards the desk. Pippa looked at her watch “Not now, it’s the wee hours of the morning…lets not wake him up” Pippa said and Carly walked back to the dining table and sat down “I want to ask a favour of you” Pippa said “Ok” Carly said “When you see Roo, don’t mention anything to her…you know about Sally and everything else that has been going on here…I don’t want Frank worrying and turning up “ Pippa said “Maybe I should, then he can come him” Carly said “I mean it Carly…say nothing? Pippa said “Ok Ok I wot say anything” Carly said and she poked her tongue out at Pippa who picked up her cup and drank her coffee “Where are your rings?” Carly said “Hmm? Pippa said “Your rings, you never take them off” Carly said pointing to Pippas finger “Oh they must be upstairs still, I was cleaning them earlier” Pippa said with a smile hoping she convinced Carly “Oh right..I think I am going to take a walk on the beach…ill see you later” Carly said then she got up and walked out of the house. Pippa sighed then she looked down at her finger and closed her eyes because she didn’t know how she was going to get herself out of the trouble she was in..
  4. Chapter 287 Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “Home sweet home” Ailsa said as Emma sat on her bed. Ailsa put her bag on the chair “Is there anything I can get you before I head back? Ailsa said “No” Emma said as she took off her jacket “At some point, we are going to have to talk about what happened…you know” Ailsa said and Emma didn’t respond. Ailsa looked at her “Ok, maybe not now. Ill leave you to get some rest. Ill be home in a few hours” Ailsa said and she smiled at Emma and walked out of the bedroom. Emma sighed then she waited for Ailsa to close the door then she laid down on the bed and began to cry.. Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music- diner jukebox You can tell your friends just what a fool I've been And laugh and joke about me on the phone You can tell my arms go back to the farm You can tell my feet to hit the floor Or you can tell my lips to tell my fingertips They won't be reaching out for you no more “I honestly could’ve gotten a sandwich from the hospital canteen” Roo said as they walked into the diner “I know but I have missed you so much” Lucinda said as they walked up to the counter. Nick turned around and he accidently spilled his coffee on Lucinda “Oh sorry” Nick said as he looked at Lucinda. He didn’t know where he stood with her, probably no where “Its ok…Nick, this is my cousin Ruth…Ruth this is Nick Parrish” Lucinda said “G’day” Nick said “She grew up around here but is now living a glamorous life in New York with her husband” Lucinda said as Roo smiled “So you probably know my family then, Bob Barnett” Nick said “Yes I know him” Roo said noticing that Nick was handsome “So what brings you home?” Nick said “My dad isn’t well” Roo said “Oh…sorry to hear that” Nick said “Her dad is Alf Stewart” Lucinda said “Oh right, I heard he was in the hospital…I hope he gets better soon” Nick said “Thanks” Roo said “Anyway, I better get going” Nick said then nodded and walked towards the door “Is that Nick…Nick?” Roo whispered and Lucinda nodded “He seems nice” Roo said then she looked up to see Lance putting salt in the salt pots “Hi Lance” Lance looked up “G’day” Lance said “I didn’t know you worked here” Roo said as she tried to stop herself from laughing at the idea “Yeah, I do” Lance said as Sandra came out of the kitchen. Lucinda and Roo looked at each other, surprised by Lance stern response. But don't tell my heart My achy breaky heart I just don't think he'd understand And if you tell my heart My achy breaky heart He might blow up and kill this man “Hi” Sandra said to Lucinda and Roo with a big smile on her face as she walked out of the kitchen while opening a packet of napkins “Sandra this is for the table over there” Bobby said as she came out of the kitchen with two plates “Ok” Sandra said and she put the napkins down and took the plates from Bobby. “Hi” Lucinda said and Bobby forced a smile “What can I get you?” Bobby said as she looked at both Lucinda and Roo “Let me see” Roo said and she picked up the menu as Lance looked at her then at Bobby. You can tell your mom I moved to Arkansas You can tell your dog to bite my leg Or tell your brother Cliff whose fist can tell my lip He never really liked me anyway Or tell your Aunt Louise, tell anything you please Myself already knows I'm not OK. Or you can tell my eyes to watch out for my mind It might be walking out on me today Bobby tried not to look at Roo as she looked at the menu. Things felt very uncomfortable and Bobby was hoping that she was the only person who could feel the tension. Bobby had a quick glance at Roo and had to admit that Roo looked really nice..well she always looked really nice. Bobby quickly looked down at what she was wearing…her typical uniform. A dirty t shirt and jeans. Her hair had grown back enough to put it into a ponytail with a few unruly strands falling out at the sides “Sorry Im late, there was a bit of traffic” Grant said as he walked into the diner. Bobby smiled; she felt a bit of relief seeing him. Grant walked into the kitchen with a box of supplies and Bobby followed him. As Grant explained about the traffic, Bobby could see from the corner of her eye that Roo was watching them as Grant put his arm around Bobby. “Bobby, Lucinda and Roo want two ham and cheese toasted sandwiches please” Sandra said “Ill see you later” Grant said and he rushed out of the diner. He made eye contact with Roo and smiled “See you later” Lucinda said as she sat down in the booth opposite Roo and Grant smiled and walked out of the diner Lance watched as Sandra walked over to Roo and Lucinda with a tray of two cokes then he went into the kitchen as Bobby stood in front of the fridge staring at it But don't tell my heart My achy breaky heart I just don't think he'd understand And if you tell my heart My achy breaky heart He might blow up and kill this man “Err Bobby” Lance said and Bobby opened the fridge door. She took out the ingredients for the sandwiches and put them on the table and shut the fridge then looked at Lance who was staring at her “What?” Bobby said “Frank didn’t deserve you” Lance said and Bobby exhaled “Thanks” Bobby said and smiled then Lance nodded then picked up the broom and started sweeping. Nick took a bite out of his sandwich and chewed then sipped his coffee. He turned is radio down a little bit while he ate. He picked up the newspaper on the seat next to him and put it on the steeing wheel. He looked up when he heard some laughing. It was the girl he met the other day in the wheelchair. Her dad had just put her in her seat and walked towards the direction of the diner. Nick started the car and slowly drove forward “G’day” Julie turned around “Hello constable Parrish” Julie said as she put the brake on “You remember my name?” Nick said “I will always remember the name of the man who tried to run me over” Julie said “I am really sorry about that” Nick said then Julie smiled. Nick noticed how her face lit up when she smiled “I was only joking…how are you?” Julie said “Good, you?” Nick said “Just going into the city with my dad…we always stop by here and get milkshakes” Julie said and smiled then she put her break on and turned her chair towards the beach “The water looks beautiful” Julie said and closed her eyes as Nick watched her “I have some time, I can take you down there if you want” Nick said. He didn’t know why he said it. Julie opened her eyes “Thanks but no thanks…I didn’t bring my beach wheels today” Julie said “Oh…Im sorry” Nick said and Julie started to laugh “I was just joking” Julie said and Nick smiled “You need to have a sense of humor stuck in this thing” Julie said. Nick detected some hurt in her voice “Ready to go love” Julie turned around to see her dad walking towards her “Constable” Julies dad said and Nick nodded his head “I guess I will see you same time same place again next week” Nick said “You don’t have to wait that long, you cant take her out of you want” Julies dad said as he gave her the two milkshakes and opened the car door “Dad” Julie said with a shocked look on her face. Although Nick was taken aback, he liked Julie “If you wouldn’t mind” Nick said and he looked at Julie whose heart was beating fast “Umm sure” Julie said “Well that settles that then…here is our telephone number” Julies dad said as he walked towards Nicks car and gave him a piece of paper “Thanks” Nick said “Don’t wait too long though, she has a line of guys waiting” Julies dad said as she closed her eyes and shook her head “I wont…have a good day” Nick said and smiled then he drove off as Julies dad put the milkshakes in the car Julie stretched out her arms as her dad picked her up and helped her into the car. She shut the door and waited for him to put her chair in the back then sat down in the drivers seat then he looked at her “Dad what did you do that for? You just embarrassed me” Julie said as her dad started the car engine “Anyway, he probably wont call anyway” Julie said as she picked up the milkshake “They never do” Julie said to herself and sighed.. Stewart Shop- Summer Bay Debra put the bags in the back of her car and closed it “Debra, hi” Debra turned around to see Alfs wife walking towards her “Hi, how are you” Debra said “Good…doing some shopping?” Ailsa said “Yes” Debra said and smiled “Alf can have visitors so you can pop over to the hospital if you want” Ailsa said “Thanks, Ill keep that in mind” Debra said and she walked over to the drivers side of her car then she smiled at Ailsa and got in the car. Ailsa smiled then continued walking towards the entrance of the shop Flashback Alf- Thanks for the card Debra- I don’t know if it’s a good idea now…maybe your wife will see it Alf- Its only a card between two old friends…It must be a sign or something Debra- What do you mean/. Alf- You turning up here....you brought some much needed good memories with you Debra-Yes, you always said I had a way of making you feel good Flashback ends Debra sighed the she started the engine and drove away…
  5. Chapter 286 Simpson residence- Summer Bay Bobby breathed heavily as she opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. She drank as much as she could then put the cold bottle on her forehead and sighed “Good Morning” Grant said as he walked out of his bedroom “Hi” Bobby said and she drank some more water “Yore up early” Grant said “Yeah, I went for a run before going to open up the diner” Bobby said “I didn’t know that you are a runner” Grant said “Yeah, ran a bit in high school. No big deal” Bobby said “Why did you stop?” Grant said “Had do concentrate on passing my HSC” Bobby said then she smiled and walked towards the stairs “How are you feeling today?” Grant said then Bobby turned around “What do you mean?” Bobby said “I obviously couldn’t help overhearing that the girl who came into the diner last night is your exes wife” Grant “Yeah…anyway, I better go and have a shower” Bobby said then she walked up the stairs, into her room then she closed the door and sat down on the bed Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme Flashback Bobby- I cant believe this is our first official night as husband and wife Frank- Well you better believe it because you are stuck with me for the rest of your life Bobby- Really? I might have to rethink this marriage thing Frank- Don’t you dare Bobby- Frank this still feels like a dream come true…well not the finding out that Morag is my mum, but you and me Frank- Yeah. I always knew there was something different with us…it wasn’t the same with Carly or Lynn…or Roo….just you.. but now I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Hey…why the tears? Bobby- Its just this Morag thing happening right now…and I never thought that the man I dreamed of would want to marry me Frank – I always wanted to marry you…I just didn’t know it Bobby- Is it always going to be like this? You know, with us happy? Frank- Maybe we should go and see floss Bobby – Frank! Frank- ok ok…well I promise I will do my part, to protect you…love you…and make you happy Bobby- I promise to do the same Frank- Forever? Bobby- Forever.. Flashback ends Bobby rested her head on her pillow as tear ran down her face. She didn’t expect that seeing Roo would hurt as much as it does that is why she tried her best to stay in the office last night even though it was busy. Bobby exhaled then she smiled as she thought about what the fortune teller said then sat up and shook her head. She wasn’t going to get a second chance to be happy the way she was with Frank because he wasnt coming back. Bobby inhaled deeply then exhaled and got up, she had to get on with life…the same way she always had because she was going to be alone…while Frank and Roo enjoyed a happy life...that’s the way it was meant to be… Background music ends General Hospital- Summer Bay “ Ailsa said she will be in, in a minute, Emma is being discharged today and she is taking her home.…You look much better today” Roo said as she adjusted her dads pillows “Do I?” Alf said and smiled “Yeah, Did they say when you can go home?” Roo said and she sat down “No, they haven’t said..but you don’t need to hang around here love…just seeing you , I feel much better” Alf said “Why? Do you want me to go already?” Roo said “Oh love, I know you have a life and job..and husband…you don’t need to be here with your old dad” Alf said “I want to be here with you, as soon as Auntie Celia rang, I got the first flight here…Frank wanted to come but he couldn’t get the time off work” Roo said knowing she wasn’t telling the truth Background music- have you ever been in love instrumental “You know love, I am really glad that things are working out for you over there…I am happy that Frank turned out to be a good bloke, only the best for my Ruthy” Alf said and Roo forced a smile. She didn’t want her dad to know that her and Frank were not getting on, she didn’t want her dad to know that she wasn’t even sure if she still wanted to be married…Roo just wasnt sure of anything anymore… Morgan Residence- New York Frank washed the plate and put it on the drying rack. He wiped his hands on the towel and walked towards the couch. Just as he was about to sit down, he remembered that he had to work on something. He had no plans for the weekend so work was the alternative. Frank opened the closet door and just as he was about to take out his bag, his eye caught sights of the guitar. Frank exhaled then he reached into the closet and reached for it. Frank closed the closet door and went to sit on the couch. He opened the guitar case and looked at it. It still looked new…like he had never played it. Frank reached into the corner pocket and pulled out a small envelope. He opened the envelope and took out the card F, Thank you for saving my life. Make music you love..as much as I love you Forever B Frank sighed then he put the card back in the envelope and pushed it back into the side pocket. He felt under the guitar and took out the small box that was wrapped in blue wrapping paper. Frank put the box up to his face and closed his eyes Flashback Bobby- This view is wonderful Frank- Yeah I know Bobby- I cant believe you never mentioned this place before…Ive never even heard of Shaolhaven Frank- I guess I wasn’t ready to go back to that memory Bobby- But why now? Frank- I dunno…I guess this is the right time Bobby- Thanks for bringing me here Frank- Thank you for still loving me Roberta… Bobby- Ill never stop loving you…never forget that Flashback ends Frank put the box in one of the corner pockets of the guitar case and picked up the guitar and played a few notes. It felt just as good as it did in Summer Bay. Frank closed his eyes and gently played a few notes of the song he wrote for Bobby. As he continued to softly play, he could remember how much she loved him, how he felt when he was with her…how she never stopped loving him. Frank smiled then he opened his eyes…he knew…it was time to go home.. Background music ends General hospital- Summer Bay Emma put her jacket on as Ailsa sighed a form the nurse had. The nurse smiled at Emma and left the room “Happy to be going home?” Ailsa said “Anything is better than here” Emma said “Look, love…about what you did” Ailsa was interrupted “I decided that I want to move out..maybe rent a caravan or something” Emma said “Why on earth would you want to do that?” Ailsa said confused. Emma looked at her “What happened to Alf, it wasn’t your fault. The doctors said it was bound to happen based on his health” Ailsa said. Emma didn’t show it, but she did feel a sense of relief with Ailsa telling her that but she still felt guilty and knew things would be awkward…especially with Alf telling her to leave “Look, lets just get you home and after you have had a goo nights sleep in your own bed, things will be clearer for you” Ailsa said and Emma got up from the bed “Do you want to pop in and see Alf? He is just down there?” Ailsa said “No…I just want to go” Emma said “Alright…but we still need to talk about why you had to be dragged out of the sea” Ailsa said and smiled as Emma looked at her… “Im just going to go out and get a coffee…I wont be long” Roo said and she got up “Alright love” Alf said and he watched Roo go out. When the door closed Alf leaned over and pulled out a small envelope. He opened the envelope and pulled out the card Alf, Wishing you a speedy recovery Love Debbie Alf smiled then he put the card back into its envelope and behind his pillow and leaned back and thought about seeing Debbie's face last night when he opened his eyes.. Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay Debra tied her hair back and she swept the living room.. Blake was at work and Karen was in her room listening to music. As Debra got to the mantle piece she stopped sweeping and looked at a photo of the twins when they were younger. Debra smiled then picked the photo up and looked at it Flashback Debra- I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, coming here, but I wanted to know that you are alright Alf- Thanks love, I am glad you came Debra- OF all the towns, I happen to turn up in the town that Alf Stewart lives in Alf- That’s a bit rough, you make it sound like it’s a bad thing Debra- Haha, no its not, its just quite a coincidence Alf- I guess it is..It really is good to see you love Debra- Its really good to see you too Flashback ends Debra exhaled as she thought about seeing Alf last night and how it made her feel. Debra put the photo back on the mantelpiece and sighed….she still couldn’t believe that she was here…with him..As long as the past stayed in the past..everything would just be fine…
  6. Chapter 284 General hospital- Summer Bay Roo wiped the stray tear from the corner of her eye as she watched her dad sleep. She gently held his hand and looked at the machine that was monitoring his heart and exhaled. She was happy that she got here in time, and happy that he was still alive. Roo had mixed feelings about being back in Summer Bay, she never thought she would come back. Roo felt a gentle movement then she looked down at her hands then up at her dad who was slowly opening his hands “Dad” Roo said softly and Alf slowly turned his head and smiled “Ruthy…youre here” Alf said and Roo gently squeezed his hand and stood up and kissed his cheek “You gave us all a fright there” Roo said as she returned to her seat “You didn’t need to come all the way here…you know youre old dad is tough as old boots” Alf said and coughed “Are you ok? Do you want some water?” Roo said concerned As Alf shook his head “I am glad that you are going to be ok dad…I don’t know what I would’ve done if I lost you” Roo said as a tear fell to her cheeks .Over the last few years she did give her dad lots of trouble but he always still forgave her…even after getting pregnant, he was always there for her “Im glad youre here too love” Alf said and squeezed Roos hand and smiled Caravan Park- Summer Bay Reverend Newton looked around the house then Pippa came out of the kitchen with a tray and put it on the dining table. “Thank you” John said as he picked up a cup and poured some milk and sugar into it as Pippa looked at him “This is a nice house” John said then he sipped some of his tea “We, we all like it” Pippa said as she poured some milk into her cup. She watched as John drank more of his tea. He looked nervous and there was an awkwardness in the air “What time did you say the girls will be home?” Reverend Newton said “They should be here shortly, its only a 15 minute walk home from the school” Pippa said “In the mean time, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of them” John said and smiled. Pippa smiled “Reverend Newton” Pippa was interrupted “Please, call me John” Reverend Newton said and before Pippa could say anything Tammy, Sally, and Viv came through the door talking then Viv and Tammy stopped when they saw their father “Hello girls” Reverend Newton said and stood up as Tammy and Viv looked at each other General Hospital- Summer Bay Emma looked at the wall then turned her head as she heard the door open. Sandra walked in and closed the door behind her “Hi” Sandra said then Emma turned back to the wall. Sandra sat on the chair next to the bed “I just wanted to see how you are doing” Sandra said. Emma didn’t respond “Im sorry about what happened” Sandra said then Emma turned her head and looked at her “No youre not, youre probably laughing about it with everyone at school” Emma said “That’s not true” Sandra said. Her and Viv actually stood up to Karen and the others who were making a joke about Emma trying to commit suicide “Yeah, I bet,” Emma said “Im not lying. Anybody who said anything I gave them a serve for it” Sandra said “Look just rack off and leave me alone” Emma said then she turned her head back to the wall “Ive tried really hard to be your friend, but you think youre so tough that you don’t need any friends. You can do what you like, I don’t even know why I cared to even come here” Sandra said then she got up “wait” Emma said and Sandra stopped and sat down again “Thanks for coming to see me” Emma said and smiled then Sandra smiled Caravan Park- Summer Bay “So, how have you been?” Reverend Newton said “Ok” Viv said “Mrs Fletcher seems like a nice lady” Reverend Newton “She is, we love living here” Viv said as she looked at her dad “You know its only temporary….thats why I am here” Reverend Newton said and Tammy and Viv looked at each other “You did get my letter?” Reverend Newton said “Yes I did…how did you know we were hear?” Viv said “Your mum told me everything that happened…shes really sorry” Reverend Newton “So that’s why you are here?” Viv said “No, I am here because I want my girls home” Reverend Newton “Im not going home with you” Tammy said and she got up and ran towards the house. Tammy opend the door “Tammy” Pippa said and Tammy ran straight to her “I don’t want to go Mrs Fletcher, I don’t want to go home” Tammy said as she cried. Pippa sighed and gently stroked her hair. Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Roo opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe that she had fallen asleep.. She sat up on the bed and looked around her old room and smiled. It was as if she was still living there, the room was neat and all her favorite pictures where still on the wall. She wanted to stay at the hospital but the nurses insisted that Alf get rest. Roo opened the door and walked towards the kitchen “Hello love, hope you had a good rest” Ailsa said knock on the door “Ill get that” Roo said as she walked towards the door while tying her hair back “RUUUUUTTTTTHHH” Lucinda said and hugged Roo really tight. Roo responded by hugging Lucinda tight “Its so good to see you, you look fantastic” Lucinda said as she smiled at Roo and they went into the house “I am so happy to see you Lou…I just wish it wasn’t like this” Roo said “How is your dad?” Lucinda said “He isn’t completely out of the woods, but the surgery was a success” Roo said “That is wonderful news” Lucinda said as Ailsa came out of the dining room “Hello love, we are about to have dinner, would you like to stay?” Ailsa said “No thank you Aunt Ailsa, I was hoping to kidnap Roo” Lucinda said and smiled “Ruth how about dessert before dinner?” Lucinda said and Roo laughed. When they were younger they would always go and have an ice cream before dinner “I haven’t done that in ages” Roo said and smiled “Can we bring you anything back?” Lucinda said “No, you two go and have a good time…Ill leave some dinner in the oven for you Roo incase you want it” Ailsa said “Thanks” Roo said and she reached for her jacket on the chair and put it on then she followed Lucinda out of the house. General Hospital- Summer Bay Emma looked at the food on the plate, she wasn’t really hungry. She drank some of the juice and pushed the tray away then she looked at the door as it opened “Hi” Adam said as he closed the door behind him “Hi” Emma said and smiled “How are you?” Adam said “Ok…thanks for saving me” Emma said “No worries..anyway I was just passing and wanted to see if you were alright” Adam said “Thanks, I appreciate that” Emma said “I guess Ill be going then” Adam said “Ok” Emma said and Adam looked at her then he opened the door and let himself out. Emma inhaled then exhaled then laid back on the bed and looked at the ceiling… Bayside diner at night- Summer Bay Background music- jukebox I talk to you but it's not the same as touchin' you And every time you whisper my name, I want to run to you Well be together, it won't be long, it won't be long But it feels like forever, and it's hard to be strong “Carly you really need to hire someone” Bobby said as she put the plates in the sink “I put the job ad in the paper, but I don’t think you would want the people who turned up, working here” Carly said and Bobby rolled her eyes “Maybe you can ask Pippa” Bobby said. After what happened last time, Carly didn’t want to “I think she is going to see Ailsa or something” Carly said “We need some change boss” Grant said as he walked onto the kitchen “Alright, ill just get some” Bobby said and smiled as she walked into her office to get some change “Roo” Carly said as Roo and Lucinda walked into the diner “When did you get here? Is Frank here” Carly said excited as Grant stood behind her listening “This morning..Frank had to work” Roo said as she looked around the diner. It looked nice. The lights were dim and there were canles on the table “Oh..How is your dad?” Carly said with disappointment in her voice “Better, but he is not out of the woods yet” Roo said “This should be enough” Bobby said as she walked towards the counter, when she looked up, she was looking straight at Roo “Hi Bobby, how are you” Roo said “Good, how are you?” Bobby said trying to keep cool even though there was an awkwardness Baby 'cause I'm missing you now And it's drivin' me crazy How I'm needin' you baby I'm missing you now Can't wait 'till I'm alone with you To show you how I'm missing you now “Yeah, good…this place looks nice” Roo said as Grant looked at her “Thanks…anyway, I better get back” Bobby said and smiled then turned around “Tell me about New York? It must be amazing living there…you and Frank must be having the best time” Carly said as Bobby slowly walked into the kitchen trying not to cry as Grant watched her walk away. Wishin' you were here by my side is all that I can do Got my arms around my pillow at night, they should be holdin' you Thought I was stronger, how could I know, how could I know I can't take this much longer It's so hard on my soul General hospital- Summer Bay “Visiting time is over….only family” The nurse said as she walked into Alfs room “I am family” The woman said with a stern voice “Alright then, just 10 minutes” The nurse said and she walked out The woman sat down on the chair next to the bed and gently reached for Alfs hand. Alf tossed his head slowly then he opened his eyes and smiled “Debbie” Alf said and smiled as he gently squeezed Debra’s hand Baby 'cause I'm missing you now And it's drivin' me crazy How I'm needin' you baby I'm missing you now Can't wait 'till I'm alone with you To show you how I'm missing you now Background music ends
  7. General Hospital- Summer Bay “Ailsa” Pippa said as she opened the door. Ailsa exhaled then got up from her seat and hugged her friend tight. When she let go Ailsa could see all the tears forming in her eyes “How is Alf? I came as soon as Sandra called” Pippa said as they sat down “I don’t know…they rushed him inside as soon as the ambulance got here.. he had been having chest oains but he kept saying it was indigestion….oh Pippa, what if I lose him…I thought I was going to lose him to prison and now it looks like I am going to lose him again” Ailsa said and she started crying. Pippa hugged her and sighed. This felt very familiar to her….going through this with Tom, thinking the last time was just going to be like the others, and he was going to be alright but he wasn’t… Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Summer Bay Caravan park” Steve said as he answered the phone “Hello Steven, how are you?” Reverend Jones said “Good, Reverend Jones, how are you?” Steve said “Doing just fine, how are your studies?” Reverend Jones said “Ok” Steve said “That is wonderful. May I please speak to Phillipa?” Reverend Jones said “Shes not here..shes gone to the hospital” Steve said “Oh, I hope there is nothing wrong?” Reverend Jones said “Alf Stewart collapsed at home, it sounds serious, Pippa has gone to be with Ailsa” Steve said “Oh that is terrible news, I will keep Alf in my prayers. I will call tomorrow to find out how Alf is doing” Reverend Jones said “Ok… Reverend Jones” Steve said “Yes my son” Reverend Jones said “When are you coming to visitr?” Steve said “Well, I didn’t have any immediate plans, why is there something wrong?” Reverend Jones said “No, its just that last time you said you would go hiking with me…that’s all” Steve said “Yes, I did say that…and I am sorry that hasn’t happened. I have a prearranged engagement this weekend, how about next weeked if it is alright with Phillippa?” Reverend Jones said “My Aunt will be here from England” Steve said “Oh right, well what about the weekend after that?” Reverend Jones said and Steve smiled “That’s great…ill tell Pippa when she gets home” Steve said “Alright…well my regards to everyone else…and I will see you next week..goodbye” Reverend Jones said then he put the phone down. Steve put the phone down then he picked up the Fletcher family photo. He didn’t know how he was feeling “Who was that on the phone” Sally said “It was Reverend Jones” Steve said “Oh, Pippa said she was going to take up to visit the animals” Sally said “Well she cant now can she?” Steve said then he put the photo down on the desk and walked away. Sally walked towards the desk and picked up the photo. She stared at Frank then she put the photo face down and walked away Macklin Office- Manhattan Frank sighed the bottom of the letter and handed to the assistant who was waiting to take it away “Thanks” Frank said then he turned back to his computer screen and searched for the cost effective budget figures for the account he was working on Phone ringing “Macklin corporation, Frank Morgan speaking” Frank said when he picked up the phone “Hi, its me” Roo said and Frank sighed. They were still not on good terms after she ruined his socks. “Im busy” Frank said “This wont take long, I just wanted you to know that I am going to Australia tonight…I just had a call from Auntie Celia, my dad was rushed to hospital, she thinks it’s a heart attack” Roo said “Sorry to hear that…are you on your way back to New York?” Frank said “No, I managed to get a flight that leaves from Boston in three hours…I just wante to let you know” Roo said “Thanks…well safe flight, and I hope Alf is alright…let me know when you get there” Frank said “Ok…I will…thanks…bye” Roo said and she put the phone down. Frank sighed and then he put the phone down. He leaned back in his chair and guilt came over him flashback Frank- Hi Pippa, I got a message saying I had to call you Pippa- Thank you for calling Frank Frank- Is there something wrong? Pippa- I am sorry to tell you this but Tom passed away this afternoon Frank- What? What do you mean? Pippa- He was in the car with Bobby and Steven and he had a heart attack and crashed the car Frank- Are Bobby and Steve ok? Pippa- Yes they are fine, just a few cuts and bruises Frank- Im going to get a flight, ill be home as soon as I can Pippa- There is no need for you to do that Frank- Pippa, I need to be there..the man who raised me has died..I need to be there Pippa- There is nothing for you to do love. Besides it’s a very expensive flight just to come back for a funeral Frank- Pippa I have to come and say good bye Pippa- Its ok, Tom knew how much you felt about him Frank- What about you? We need to all be together at a time like this Pippa- We are fine, everything will be fine Frank- I feel so helpless Pippa- You can send some flowers, that will be ok Frank- Pippa, I want to come home Pippa- Sweetheart, its ok… Frank- Ill send some money to help with the funeral Pippa- I am fine, sweetheart, that money is for your future..its ok..ill call you tomorrow Frank- Pippa are you sure? Pippa- Yes, I am fine Flashback ends Frank didn’t always see eye to eye with Alf, but he knew how much Alf and Roo loved each other. Even though he and Roo were not on the best terms, he hoped that she would see her dad before it was too late. Times like this he really missed his family. Frank opened the drawer and took out the fletcher family photo and smiled. He looked at Sally then at Bobby, he loved them and missed them the most…. Beach- Summer Bay Emma hugged her knees as a tear fell down her cheek Flashback Ailsa- Emma what happened…what happened Emma- I I I Ailsa – Say something! Where is the ambulance?? Flashback ends Emma closed her eyes as more tears fell down her cheek…as soon as the ambulance came she rushed out of the back door and ran….she ran as fast as she could until her legs got tired and she ended up on the beach. It was dark and she was alone, but she didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore…her mum didn’t want her, nobody wanted her…what was the point. Emma opened her eyes and exhaled and she stood up. She stared at the sea then took off her shoes then slowly began to walk. With every step she took she felt free, like this as the right thing she was doing..she was finally going to be free from everybody and all the pain. Emma wiped her face and exhaled as she started feeling the water at her ankles. Soon after she felt the water coming up to her knees. Emma smiled…soon it was going to be over. She continued to walk “HEY” Emma heard someone in the background but she didn’t care, she continued to walk. By now the water was up to her waist “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING” Emma continued to move forward; the water was up to her shoulders. Emma inhaled then exhaled then she closed her eyes and put her heard under the water… Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay “When did this happen?” Bobby said as she stood in the kitchen “Earlier today” Carly said and sighed as she looked at Bobby. Bobby sighed, it was as if it was yesterday that Tom had a heart attack in the car and died “You thinking about Tom? Carly said “Yeah” Bobby said and sighed “Im going to head over to the hospital, see if Ailsa is alright” Bobby said “Ok” Bobby said and she walked out of the diner. General hospital- Summer bay “We got a pulse but its very week” The paramedic said as they wheeled Emma into the emergency . Ailsa drank her coffee. There was still no news on Alf. She looked ahead as she noticed the hospital bed being wheeled away then she saw long dark hair . Ailsa looked and she noticed Aam and she got up and walked towards him “Adam, what is going on?” Ailsa said as Adam sighed “Its Emma” Adam said and Ailsa looked at him in shock Two days later Ailsa zipped the bag as Duncan watched her. She wiped a stray tear from her cheek and inhaled. She only rushed home to get a few things for Duncan and Emma. Luckily Alf was responsive after his surgery, he did have a heart attack but still wasn’t out of the woods yet. The doctors were telling her he was lucky, he could’ve died. Ailsa couldn’t process that, the thought of Alf dying and leaving her alone. Emma was also lucky to be alive. Adam found her just in time but unfortunately she got an infection so had to stay in hospital, but she was going to be fine. “Knock at the door” Ailsa looked at the door, she wasn’t expecting any visitors. Ailsa looked at Duncan and smiled then she walked over to the door and opened it. Ailsa got a shock as Roo turned around. Ailsa immediately grabbed onto Roo “I got here as fast as I could” Roo said as she hugged Ailsa. Over the recent years they had become close and Ailsa was glad that Roo was here. “How is he? I wasn’t sure which hospital he was at so I came straight here” Roo said “He had the surgery at general. I am on my way back. I just came to get a few things for Duncan to take him to the babysitter” Ailsa said as she looked down at Duncan who was playing. Roo bent down and hugged Duncan. He looked up at her but didn’t say anything, then went back to playing with his toys. “Ill head back with you” Roo said “Do you want a coffee or anything, you’ve had a long flight” Ailsa said “Ill get some water now, ill get something from the hospital I just want to see dad” Roo said and walked towards the kitchen. She hadn’t been home in a while, but it still felt the same Knock on the door Ailsa went to the door and opened it “Hello Ailsa, I was just passing and saw your car and wanted to find out if there was anything you needed” Colleen said “No, everything is fine here, thank you” Ailsa said “How is Alf doing, tell him we all send our prayers” Colleen said as she heard a door close “He is responsive, the surgery went well. I am jusy on my way back there” Ailsa said as Roo came into the living room “Roo, nice to see you love..shame its under these circumstances” Colleen said and she hugged Roo who looked shocked at Ailsa “Yeah” Roo said and smiled “Ok, well I will leave you to be on you way. Everything is under control there at the shop. Don’t forget, if you need anything I am just a phonecall away” Colleen said and she waved goodbye and left “Thanks colleen” Ailsa said and smiled. Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa sighed as she put the phone down. She called the pawn shop to find out what other valuables they would take since the money she had was running out. Pippa walked over to the dining table and sat down. She vouldnt believe she was in this mess Knock at the door Pippa got up and walked over to the door and opened it “Can I help you? Pippa said “I am looking for Aviva and Tamara Newton” The man said “I am their guardian, how can I help you? Pippa said “Oh I am sorry, please excuse my manners, I am Reverend John Newton, their father” Reverend Newton said and looked at Pippa Diner- Summer Bay “Just a coffee to take out, I don’t want to be late for the shop, Celia is going by the hospital” Colleen said as she got to the counter of the diner “Here you go ” Carly said as she poured the coffee into the plastic cup “Hey lance, can you go and pick up the napkins from the store when it get quiet” Bobby said as she walked into the diner with some letters in her hand and walked into the kitchen. Bobby put her keys on the table and opened a letter “Hi Carly, can I please have a toasted sandwich to take out? Lucinda said as she walked up to the counter “I just went around to see Ailsa, I can tell she is trying hard to keep it all together, she is such a strong woman, I would be falling to pieces” Colleen said as she put some milk in her cup “I went to the hospital last night, I am going to go there again tonight” Lucinda said “Good on you love, Times like this you need yo need friends and family around you and she has more family help now” Colleen said “I am not sure what you mean” Lucinda said as she looked confused “With Roo rushing here from New York, there is more help for Ailsa. I mean it was such a lovely thing for her to do. They were always very close” Colleen said. Bobby froze “She is?” Lucinda said excited “Yes, I just saw her at the house with Ailsa” Colleen said “Anyway, I better get off, I don’t want to be late. Thanks love” Colleen said and walked out of the diner as Bobby walked into her office and closed the door. She walked over to the chair and sat down. She threw the letters on the desk. So many things were going through her mind…. how was she gong to face Roo knowing that she had been sleeping with her husband. Bobby inhaled deeply, what if Frank came too? Bobbys heart started beating fast..how was she going to face him? Bobby didn’t know what to do….
  8. Chapter 282 Chapter 282 High School- Summer Bay Ailsa parked the car, reached for her bag on the passenger seat and got out of the car. She looked into the sea of students in front of her to see if she could see Sandra or Emma “Hi Mrs Stewart” Ailsa looked behind her to see Sandra who hugged her “Hello there, did you have a good day?” Ailsa said “Yes” Sandra said “I will give you a lift home, ill be out shortly. I just want to go and have a word with Ms Lawrence” Ailsa asid “Oh, if you don’t mind, I have to finish my project with Craig, we are meeting in the library” Sanda said “Ok love, ill see you at home” Ailsa said and smiled. Sandra had blossomed into a wonderful sweet girl. Ailsa sighed as she thought about Emma as she walked into the school “Oh hi Aunt Ailsa” Lucinda said as she was coming out of the school buikding “Hello love, where is Ms Lawrence’s office?” Ailsa said “Its just straight down on the left” Lucinda said “Thanks” Ailsa said and she walked in the direction that Lucinda told her. When Ailsa got to the office door she knocked. When there was no response, she knocked again then she slowly began to open the door “I DIDN’T SAY COME IN!” the shouting made Ailsa jump and close the door. That was not what she was expecting. Afew seconds later the door flew open “Oh” Debra said as she saw Ailsa standing at the door “Oh, im sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you” Debra said, here she was….face to face with Alfs wife “Oh that is quite alright, I was actually on a phone call…Ailsa is is?” Debra said “Yes…I was wondering if I could have a word with you” Ailsa said “Yes of course, please come in…its funny you came here because I wanted to have a word with you..about Emma” Debra said as they both walked into the office and sat down “As you are aware, fighting will not be tolerated in this school and trouble makers will be dealt with accordingly” Debra said. .“Yes I am aware…however Emma said that the fight was initiated by your daughter” Ailsa said “And Karen said Emma picked on her because she is the new girl” Debra said “Kids...Well whatever the truth is, they are both in the wrong” Ailsa said “I suppose so” Debra said and she stared at Ailsa as the room became silent and awkward “So when did you move out of Summer Bay?” Ailsa said with a smile “I never lived here” Debra said “Oh, I just assumed since Alf said he knew you, that you were a resident of the bay” Ailsa said “No, I met Alf years ago in the city, that is where I am from” Debra said “Oh right, must be a bit different living here” Ailsa said “Yes…it has its moments” Debra said “So will your husband be joining you soon? Ailsa said “No, we are divorced” Debra said “Oh, I am sorry to hear that…well if you ever need any thing down at the house, let me know, Alf is good with a hammer and some nails” Ailsa said and she got up “Thanks Ill keep that in mind” Debra said “What are you doing on Friday, we would love to imvite you to dinner” Ailsa said as Debras heart dropped “Do you mind if I let you know?” Debra said “Yes of course” Ailsa said and smiled “Ok then, ill see you later” Ailsa said and smiled and she walked out of the office. Debra closed the door and leaned behind it then sighed Caravan park- Summer Bay “Hi Mrs Fletcher” Tammy said and hugged Pippa “Where are the others?” Pippa said “They are just coming” Tammy said and smiled. A few seconds later Sally, Steve and Viv came through the door “Hi, how was school?” Pippa said “Alright” Steve said “By the way, there is a letter for you on the desk” Pippa said to Steve. She watched him as he walked over to the des, pick up the letter and walk up the stairs. Pippa sighed “Just going to do my homework” Viv said and Pippa smiled and nodded as Tammy followed her upstairs “Sally, how many times have I told you to empty your pockets before you put our dirty clothes in the laundry basket” Pippa said with a pretend cross face “Sorry” Sally said innocently “You nearly made me ruin this nice picture you drew” Pippa said and she took the picture off from the fridge “I didn’t draw that picture” Sally said “It was in your pocket” Pippa said confused “I found it in one of the vans… Sally said and she walked towards the stairs as Pippa looked at the picture… High School- Summer Bay “Hi” Adam turned around to see Emma standing behind him “G’day” Adam said “I just wanted to say thanks for the other day, and trying to break the fight up” Emma said “No worries” Adam said and he began to walk away “Adam” Emma said and Adam stopped walking and turned around “I just want to say, I am really sorry about everything…..and it probably doesn’t mean anything but I really like you and I am sorry for lying” Emma said and looked at Adam and walked away. Adam watched Emma walk away. He couldn’t lie, he really did like her. She was spunky, gorgeous and everything he looked for in a woman but she was too young. Adam sighed the he returned to picking up the cans on the floor….what he didn’t see what that Karen was hiding and heard the entire conversation and smiled slyly to herself and quietly walked away… Sandra looked up from what she was writing and looked at Craig. He was not writing, he was staring at the wall “Craig, are you going to do any work?” Sandra said. Craig ignored her “Craig?” Sandra whispered then Craig looked at her “We have to finish, I don’t want to get in trouble with Ms Lawrence” Sandra said “I don’t care” Craig said as he played with his pen. He was right..he didn’t care…nothing mattered..only Jonathan and how being with Jonathan made him feel “Whats wrong with you? You are acting really different these days” Sandra said and Craig didn’t responde “Maybe you don’t want to get a good mark but I do” Sandra said “Well do it yourself them” Craig said then he got up..picked up his bag and walked out of the librbary Stewart Shop- Summer Bay Debra exhaled and opened the door of the shop “Be with you in a tick” Alf said as he heard the bell abve the shop dppr indicate that someone had entered his shop “What can I get you” Alf said as he came around the corner and saw Debra standing by the counter “G’day Deb” Alf said and smiled. She still looked exactly the same way he remembered all those years ago “How are you?’ Alf said “Good….I just wanted to get some milk” Debra said and smiled then she waslked over to the fridge, took out a gallon of milk and walked back to the counter and put the milk on the counter. Her hands were shaking, she was sure that he could see her heart beating fast in her chest “Ailsa came to see me today” Debra said as she took her purse out of her bag “Yeah…some trouble with Emma” Alf said “She asked me how I know you” Debra said and Alfs expression changed “Don’t worry, I said I meet you in the city” Debra said and smiled “Oh…right…she invited me to our home for dinner” Debra said “Yeah…she asked me to invite you..you can come if you want” Alf said “Thanks…I don’t think it’s a good idea..you know” Debra said “Yeah” Alf said “How much do I owe you for the milk?” Debra said “$3” Alf said and watched Debra take some money out of her purse. As she handed the money to Alf…their hands touched and they looked at each other for that split second they were back to where they were seventeen years ago. Debra began to blush and Alf smiled. The bell above the door making noise interrupted then and Debra pulled her hand away “G’day Mr Stewart” Debra turned around to see her son. He had come to work a few hours after school like he had done “Start with the boxes out the back” Alf said and Blake nodded then he smiled at his mum and went to the stockroom “Ill see you later” Debra said and smiled then she walked out of the shop. When the door closed behind her, Debra exhaled. Before she walked to her car, she turned around to see Blake and Alf laughing together and she sighed then walked towards her car… Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Come in” Steve said and Pippa opened the door “How was school?? Pippa said “Ok” Steve said and continued to rite his homework “I noticed the stamps on the letter are from England, I assume it was your Aunt” Pippa said “Yeah, shes coming next week” Steve said “Oh it will be nice to meet he, she can come for dinner” Pippa said “No, ill just meet her in the city…I don’t want to make a fuss..you know” Steve said “Alright then….dont forget you are on kitchen duty today” Pippa said and smiled “Ok” Steve said and Pippa sighed and walked out of the room and closed the door and sighed… Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Emma closed the door the house was quiet, which meant there was nobody home. Emma put her bag down and sat on the couch. She stared at the phone then got up and went over to it. She picked up the receiver and began to dial Emotional background music “Hello…mum..please don’t put the phone down” Emma said and before she could finish, the line went dead. Emma fought back the tears until she couldn’t anymore then she cried. She wiped her face then walked over to bar and picked up a bottle of gin. She opened the bottle and put it up to her mouth. The liquid burned as it ran down the back of her throat “What are you doing?” Emma turned around to see Alf standing there. She didn’t realize that he was at hme, he must have been in the garden “What does it look like?” Emma said “What did I tell you last time about drinking grog in this house?” Alf said as he grabbed the bottle from Emma “You cant tell me what to do, if I want to drink its my business” Emma said “Not while you are living under this roof. You better get your act together young lady” Alf said “OR WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Emma said “HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT IN MY OWN HOME” Alf “ILL GO THEN..NOT LIKE YOU WANTED ME HERE ANYWAY” Emma said. “YEAH GO ON, CLEAR OFF” Alf said then realized that maybe he was being too harsh. Alf leaned forward and grabbed Emma’s arm. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME” Emma screamed as she spun around. Flashback Emma- Please don’t….please stop…you’re hurting me…please stop Flashback ends As Emma spun around she was just in time to see Alf clutch his chest and struggle to breath then in slow motion he let go of the gin bottle, it dropped to the floor and smashed then shortly Alf fell to the floor.. Emma stood in shock as she watched Alf drop to the floor. A few seconds later the front door opened “Hello, anyone home” Ailsa said then she saw Alf lying on the floor “CALL AN AMBULANCE” Ailsa said as Emma froze. Ailsa rushed over to Alf “EMMA CALL THE AMBULANCE” Ailsa screamed Dramatic emotional background music ends
  9. Chapter 281 Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay Debra stared at her daughter as she ate her cereal. Karen looked up to see her mum looking at her “Why are you staring at me” Karen said “I expect more from you…fighting in school” Debra said “It wasn’t my fault…I told you…that girl was picking on me because I am the new girl…isn’t that right Blake” Karen said Blake looked up from the comic book he was reading “ Yeah” he said then returned to looking in the comic as Debra sighed “Well you are going to have to do the detention you got from Mr Fisher…ill talk to the other girls mother” Debra said “I don’t think he likes me…I was really hoping to fit in here” Karen said “Give it some time, its only been a few weeks” Debra said “I know…I just miss my other school and my friends” Karen said and sighed then got up and walked over to the sink and put her bowl inside. Debra walked over to her and hugged her “Everything will be fine” Debra said with guilt and Karen smiled to herself.. Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Alf winced as he drank some of the indigestion medication “Love, you really ought to go and see the doctor , you’ve had that indigestion for too long now” Ailsa said as she gave Duncan some toast “Im alright love, this stuff will do the trick” Alf said and drank some of his tea then he looked at his watch “I better get going, I am going to the Yabbie creek” Alf said “Ok love…don’t forget, if you see Debra, see when she is available for dinner” Ailsa said “Will do” Alf said then he kissed Duncan on the head and Ailsa on the cheek and left the house. Ailsa looked at Emma who was staring into her bowl of cereal “Is everything ok love?” Ailsa said as she looked at Emma “Fine” Emma said without looking up “Are you ready to talk about why you had the fight the other day?” Ailsa said “I told you it was nothing. That girl just attacked me for no reason” Emma said “People don’t go around attacking others for no reason” Ailsa said “Well Karen Lawrence did” Emma said “Karen Lawrence, her mum works at the school?” Ailsa said “Yeah” Emma said “I noticed that lately you have changed, is everything alright?” Ailsa said “Fine..im going to be late for school” Emma said and she picked up her cereal bowl, put it in the sink and walked out of the house as Ailsa sighed Caravan Park – Summer Bay Pippa walked into the living room with the laundry basket. She looked at the laundry and thought about how she was going to wash clothes when the little bit of money she had ran out. Pippa put the basket on the dining table and started sorting the different colour towels and shook her head when she found on of Sallys jeans. Pippa started checking the pockets to make sure there was nothing in them before she ut them in the wash when she felt something in the pocket. She pulled out a piece of paper and smiled then she put the picture on the fridge holding it in place with a fridge magnet and continued with her laundry “Pippa have you seen the papers I left on the table?” Carly said as she came down the stairs “Yes, I put them on the desk” Pippa said “Thanks” Carly said and Pippa poked her head out of the laundry room “What is that for?” Pippa said “Oh, it’s a job ad, Bobby wants me to hire someone extra” Carly said “I thought Lucinda was working on Saturday night” Pippa said “She is but that is temporary…we need someone Friday and Saturday” Carly said “I can always help out if you need someone” Pippa said ‘Thanks but I don’t think Bobby would want you to be there permanently. Anyway I got to go..Ill see you later” Carly said and she rushed out of the house. Pippa sighed then she scratched her head and as she was about to put her hand down she stared at her empty ring finger and sighed… “Oh here are the letters” Carly said a she came in, handed the letters to Pippa and rushed out again. Pippa sat down at the dining table and looked at the letters individually..all bills. She sighed then she got to one letter addressed to Steven. Pippa looked at the stamps, they were from England…it was probably his Aunt. Pippa sighed then she leaned back as she thought about potentially losing her son… High School- Summer Bay “I f I need your help I will ask for it” Debra said with a stern look to Lucinda. She was in the administrative office trying to find the details of Emma Jacksons parents and couldn’t find the file. After the response to Lucinda she didn’t want to admit that she needed some help. Debra sighed then continued looking in the files and finally found Emma. She opened the file and noticed that it wasn’t Emmas full academic file meaning she was probably only at the school temporarily. Debra turned the page over looking for parents details and her heart dropped when she read that Alfred Stewart was one of Emmas guardians. Debra sighed then she put the file back in the filing cabinet and closed it. She glanced over at Lucinda who was typing away and she walked out of the office.When she closed the door, Lucida stopped typing then picked up the phone and began to dial “Hello can I speak to Matt please…” Lucinda said The Bistro- The City “Matt, phone” The assistant said and Matt put his pen down and walked over to the phone “Hello, Matt speaking” Matt said High School- Summer Bay Hi Matt, its me, how are you doing?” Lucinda said “Good, how are you?” Matt said “Ok, I just wanted to find out if you were doing anything this weekend and wanted to come to Summer Bay and finally teach me how to surf?” Lucinda said “Its hard to do much ob weekends because its so busy” Matt said “Oh right, well I might just come down to the city then” Lucinda said “Sure, youre always welcome here” Matt said “Thanks” Lucinda said “Anyway, I better go” Matt said “Ok, Ill see you on Friday…bye” Lucinda said and smiled to herself and put the phone down. She really enjoyed spending time with Matt….being around him reminded her of how much she still missed Shane.. The Bistro- The City Matt put the phone down. He liked hanging out with Lucinda, she felt like a big sister to him because she knew his brother. He sighed as he thought about the lie he told Lucinda. He really wanted to surf, it had been a while but he was still upset about what Carly said that he didn’t want to be around her or see her with her new boyfriend. As far as he was concerned, she didn’t exist…
  10. Chapter 280 Summer Bay Nick rushed out of his car and over to the young woman in the wheelchair “I am really sorry, are you ok?” Nick said in a panic “Yes I am fine” The young woman said “Do you want me to take you to the hospital or something?” Nick said “No, I am fine, it was my fault, sometimes these wheels have a mind of their own” The young woman said with a smile. Nick noticed that her smile lit up her face and she was beautiful “Im Julie” Julie said “Nick…Nick Parrish” Nick said “Nice to meet you Nick Parrish” Julie said with a smile “Are you sure I cant take you to the hospital or call somebody?” Nick said “My dad will be here in a minute; he has just gone to get us milkshakes at the diner. We usually do that when we come this way. I like to just park here and look at how beautiful the water looks” Julie said “So youre not from Summer Bay?” Nick said “No, Yabbie Creek” Julie said “Julie are you ready” Julie turned around to see her dad walking towards her with two tall cups “Yes, Dad this is constable Nick Parrish” Julie said “Im really sorry sir, I almost run your daughter over…I wasn’t looking. I am really sorry” Nick said “She looks to be still in one piece to me…” Julies dad said and smiled “Ok…well I better be going them…it was nice to meet you…and again, I am sorry” Nick said and he smiled “Ok, bye” Julie said and smiled as Nick got into his car and drove off. As he drove off he looked in the rear view mirrior as Julies dad picked her up and put her in the car “He seems like a nice bloke” Julies dad said “Dad!” Julie said and playfully his her dad then they drove off.. High School- Summer Bay Emma walked out of the school and sighed. Today had been the worst. She hated this school…she hated the people here, but she had no choice since her mum didn’t appear to care where she was. “Hey, Jackson” Emma looked behind her to see Karen and two other girls “Wanna finish what you started?” Karen said “Rack off, im not in the mood, besides, I didn’t start anything” Emma said then she turned around and continued walking and before she knew it, Karen had pulled her hair. Emma dropped her back to the floor and jumped on Karen and they began to fight. Soon after some of the students leaving school began cheering. Sandra and Viv rushed over to see what everyone was looking at “Emma, stop, youre going to get into trouble” Sandra said as she attempted to pull Emma away “Hey break it up” Adam said as he rushed over and attempted to pull Emma and Karen apart but was struggling “STOP THIS AT ONCE” Donald said as he rushed to help Adam stop the fight. Eventually they pulled them apart “The two of you, in my office NOW” Donald said as he watched Emma and Karen pick up their bags and walk back to the school Two days later Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Emotional background music Flashback Martha- Is that you Alf? Alf- Yes love, sorry to wake you Martha- I thought it was Ruth again. She wasn’t feeling well earlier. Alf- Whats wrong with her? Martha- She said she had a tummy ache Alf- Did she now? Probably been drinking too much of that lolly water. How was the dance? Martha- Good, I think her and Bobby enjoyed themselves Alf- Youre a saint, keeping an eye on that girl…shes trouble if you ask me Martha- Oh Alf, she is a sweet girl Alf- Sweet my eye. Martha- Oh leave her alone…Busy day? Alf- Yeah, sorry I didn’t get home for dinner. The supplier in the city was taking long, he wanted to go over the contracts and new products Martha- That’s alright. I left your food in the oven…I can warm it up for you if you want Alf- No, Im alright love. I had a sandwich on the way home Martha- Alright then I just pop the food in the fridge Alf- You go to be love, Ill do that Martha- Thanks love…night Alf- Martha, I love you Martha- I love you too Flashback ends Alf sighed then he drank some of his whiskey. It was turning into a nightly routine, he would come home from work late then sit in the dark drinking whiskey…thinking about Martha and Debra. Since the court case things didn’t make sense to him…he didn’t understand why he couldn’t remember seeing Laura the night Shane was killed and now he was feeling distant from Ailsa…from his own son. He never thought he would see Debra again or be confused about the way he feld “Are you not coming to bed love” Ailsa said as she walked towards Alf, turned on the lamp and sat next to him “You go back to bed love, ill be in, in a minute” Alf said and drank more “Is there something going on? Ailsa said :No, why?” Alf said “Its just that lately you get home from work and youre drinking more than you usually do” Ailsa said “Its just been a long day..you know, catching up with everything after the case” Alf said “Are you sure that’s all it is?” Ailsa said “Yeah…no go back to bed” Alf said then he leaned forward and kissed Ailsa on her cheek. Ailsa smiled then got up “We need to figure out what to do with Emma. Fighting in school, I don’t know what is wrong with her…I thought she was settling in” Ailsa said “Maybe she wants to go home” Alf said “No, its not that…Ill talk to Sandra tomorrow, see if she told her something” Ailsa said and Alf didn’t respond “Oh, how is Blake getting on? Ailsa said “Yeah, hes a good kid” Alf said “Since his mum is an old friend, maybe we should have them over for dinner one night” Ailsa said “Yeah, we’ll see…night” Alf said “Night love” Ailsa said as she walked to the bedroom. She closed the door and sat on the bed. She felt some distance between her and Alf but he assures her ther was nothing wrong. Ailsa smiled then she got into the bed and covered herself and closed her eyes…
  11. Chapter 279 Two days later Stewart shop- Summer Bay Alf drank some of the liquid indigestion medication then made a face “Alfred you really should be taking better care of yourself then you wouldn’t be getting indigestion so often” Celia said “Lay off sis” Alf said “I am serious Alfred, more fruits and vegetables in your diet” Celia said “Don’t let Ails hear you say that…she’ll make more of that rabbit food for dinner” Alf said and made a face of disgust as Celia shook her head “Anyway, how is Michael getting on with that custody business?’ Alf said “Well he is just waiting to hear from his solicitors” Celia said “Are you not expecting good news? Alf said “For Michaels sake I really hope so” Celia said “What about your sake?” Alf said “Well its going to take some getting used to, having a teenager living in the house full time” Celia said. She didn’t want to tell Alf that she was having problems with Haydn. “Don’t worry sis, you will straighten him right out” Alf said then he felt a pain in his chest and made a noise “You really should go and see a doctor Alfred” Celia said “No, im alright, a drop more if this and ill be fine” Alf said as he reached for the indigestion liquid and drank some more… High school- Summer Bay “Youre late Jackson, hurry up and get to class” Donald said as Emma rolled her eyes and put her bag in her locker. She was able to take a week off school but she could tell that her aunt wasn’t going to allow more than that. Just as Emma was about to walk towards the classroom, she noticed Adam coming around the corner as he swept the floor. “Hi” Emma said and Adam ignored her and continued sweeping. “Please say something” Emma said and Adam ignored her “Hi” Emma turned around to see Karen the new girl looking at Adam “G’day” Adam said and smiled at her. Karen looked at Emma and smiled sarcastically and Emma walked away. Boat shed- Summer Bay “So what does that mean?” Micael said as he listened to his solicitor on the phone “So when is that going to happen?...does that mean more money?...yeah I thought so…alright ill be there…thanks” Micahael said and put the phone down and sighed “Michael you..hoo” Michael rolled his eyes as he heard Celia walk up behind him “Not now Celia, I am really busy” Michael said and he picked up a screwdriver “So why did you fire Adam?” Celia said “I didn’t fire him, he got a better job…a more secure job at the school” Michael said and began screwing a nail into the engine. “But why…that doesn’t make sense” Celia said “Celia, Im really busy” Michael said “Oh, I just popped over to bring you some lunch” Celia said and she took the bag of book out of her basket “Thanks, just leave it over there” Michael said without looking up “Did you hear from the solicitor? Celia said “Yes, he said Cynthia has agreed to mediation” Michael said “Oh, what does that mean?” Celia said “I don’t know” Michael said “Didn’t the solicitor tell you?” Celia said “No he didn’t” Michael said “Really! With all the money he is being paid he should at least tell you what is going on” Celia said and Michael didn’t respond “Honestly, we really should’ve used Morag…she has her faults but she didn’t get to the judge seat if she wasn’t good…ill call her” Celia was interrupted “No, just leave it. I don’t want to change solicitors at this stage “Why not, Morag is good and” Celia was interrupted “LOOK, I said I don’t want to change solicitor and that is final” Michael said finally looking at Celia. He could see that she was upset then he remembered that he still needed her so he put the screwdriver down and walked over to her “Im sorry…I didn’t mean to yell…im just under a lot of pressure at the moment and this custody case isn’t helping” Michael sid the he put his arms around Celia and she smiled.. High school- Summer Bay Emma took the sandwich out of her locker then she felt someone bump into her and the sandwich fell on the floor. Emma turned around to see Karen and three other girls from their class standing behind her “Ooops” Karen said and put her hand up to her mouth. Emma looked at her then just a she was about to bend down and pick the sandwich up, Karen put her foot on the sandwich. Emma sighed and stood up “What did you do that for? Emma said “Because I felt like it…what are you going to do about it?” Karen said then Emma pushed her backwards. Karen walked forward and pushed Emma. Into the lockers Just before Emma was about to push her Adam came around the corner “Hey whats going on here?” Adam said “Nothing..” Karen said and smiled “Do you wan to come to lunch with us?” Karen said “No thanks” Adam said “Maybe next time” Karen said and winked at him then she looked at Emma and smiled then she walked away. Adam looked at Emma. She had a small cut on her head “Are you alright?” Adam said and Emma looked at him “Yeah” Emma said as she looked at Adam “Youre head is bleeding” Adam said as he pulled Emmas hair away from her face “Ok, Ill go to the bathroom…thanks” Emma said and Adam smiled then he walked away… Bayside Diner- Summer Bay “Here you go Nick” Ailsa said and gave him a bag with his sandwich in it “Thanks” Nick said “I should’ve asked you this already, but how are you settling in Summer Bay? Is it everything you dreamed off?” Ailsa said “It has its moments..but its much better then where I was in the city” Nick said “That’s genuinely the idea” Ailsa said and smiled. Nick smiled “Thanks, Ill see you later” Nick said and he walked out of the diner and almost bumped in to Lucinda “Hi” Nick said “Hi” Lucinda said and smiled “I was about to send a search party out for you” Nick said “Sorry, ive just been a bit busy” Lucinda said “Is that code for you don’t want to see me anymore?” Nick said “No, its just that thinks are a bit hectic with work and family stuff” Lucinda said “Ok, well how about we go out on Friday?” Nick said “I would love to, but I am going to the city to see some friends” Lucinda said “Oh, right..what about one day this week?” Nick said “Can I call you?” Lucinda said “Yeah ok” Nick said “Thanks” Lucinda said then she kissed Nick on the cheek and walked into the diner..Nick walked up to his car, got in and sighed. He enjoyed spending time with Lucinda but he could tell that she wasn’t as interested in him. Nick sighed. He was disappointed…yet another relationship going nowhere. Nick sighed again then started the engine of the car and drove away and before he knew what happened, he swerved out of the way because he almost hit someone… Sands Resort- Summer Bay Craig and Jonathan kissed passionately in the locked office. Craig felt like he was in heaven as Jonathan kissed his neck and ear. It had been fantastic this weekend as every moment they got alone, they were exploring each other. Craig felt happy…he felt free…all those years of not feeling himself, he finally felt like himself. Jonathan looked at his wrist “Hmm you better get going otherwise youre going to be late back to school” Jonathan said “Jonathan are you in there? My key is stuck” a voice said from the otherside of the door “Yeah, just a minute” Jonathan said then he unlocked the door and opened the door “Dorry about that Bobby. We need to get maintainace to look at this door. Ive been having trouble all morning” Jonathan said as Bobby walked into the office “Craig what are you doing here?’ Bobby said “Oh he just came to pick up his wages. Probably going to take a young lady out..i did at that age” Jonathan said “I can imagine” Boby said and smiled “Thanks” Craig said the he walked out of the office and smiled….
  12. Chapter 278 Beach- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme The sand felt warm under Bobbys feet as she walked on the beach. She walked a little further and sat down. She looked at the water and sighed. Although she felt a bit better after talking to Reverend Jones, she was beginning to doubt the decision she made to submit the application. Even though Andrew told her there was no guarantee that she would be approved, she was still holding onto hope that maybe it would happen…she was hoping that she would be a good mum…she was going to be a good mum to Thomas. Bobby sighed as a tear fell down her cheek. She pulled her knees up and rest them under her chin as she thought about what her dad, Alf, Ailsa and Pippa said about her decision. She knew what they really mean is that she wasn’t going to be able to take care of a child. Bobby sighed as she wrapped her arms around her legs…all she wanted was someone for her…not someone who belonged to or loved someone else…just someone to love her.. Central Park- New York Frank sighed as he started at the tree in front of him. He always knew that Roo was spiteful…he always tried to see the good in her but he never expected her to go to these lengths that proved how jealous she is. They had argued in the past but this argument felt different… Frank put his hand in his pocket and took out one of the socks. It was completely ruined. Flashback Roo- I SAID I DIDN’T RUIN YOUR STUPID SOCKS Frank- STUPID SOCKS, PIPPA MADE THEM FOR ME, DON’T YOU DARE INSULT HER Roo- Look Im not insulting her, Im trying to tell you that I didn’t do it on purpose..it mustve been the machine or something Frank- Yeah, its always everyone elses fault, never yours Roo- I cant believe it, you are really arguing over a pair of socks? Franks- That’s not the point Roo- So what is the point? Frank- Just forget it…you got what you want, the socks are ruined Flashback ends Frank sighed…maybe the argument was not just about the socks..he didn’t know how he felt about Roo right now, and times like this he wished that he hadnt make the decisions he made…decisions which caused him to be stuck in a life he couldn’t get out of while wishing he was still living the live he had before… Morgan Residence- New York “Everything is fine Dad…I just wanted to say hello...honestly there is no problem. Ive just been really busy with going back and forth between here and Boston I realized I missed you and wanted to hear your voice….yeah Frank is fine…hes just gone out..ok…well say hello to Ailsa for me and Duncan…yeah maybe come and visit soon…alright Dad…I love you..bye” Roo said and put the phone down and sighed. Times like this she wished that she didn’t listen to her Auntie Morag…and stayed in Summer Bay. Working at the Macklin cooperation wasn’t that bad and eventually the town would’ve found someone else to gossip about. Roo got up from the couch and went and sat on her bed. She opened her bedside draw and took out the little blue box and opened it. She looked at the delicate necklace in it…the one that Donavan gave her. Roo closed the box and slowly lay back on her bed and wrapped her two hands around the box and closed her eyes as she remembered the times she spent with Donavan. Background music ends.. Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Donald fixed his tie and put his jacket on. He was happy that he was going to spend some time with Barbra, but he was still annoyed about the argument he had with Bobby. Donald sighed and walked out of the bedroom “You going out Uncle Doanld” Donald turned around to see Lucinda walking out of her room “Yes, Im going to see a play in the city” Donald said hoping that Lucinda wouldn’t ask him anymore questions. “Well have a nice time” Lucinda said “Are you going out this evening?” Donald said “Oh I am just working at the diner. Carly hasn’t hired anyone yet and asked if I could just work on Saturdays until she does” Lucinda said “How are things going with you and Nick?” Donald said “Oh well we have been out a few times, he is a nice guy” Lucinda said “Yes, I think he is very suitable for you. I must say he is better than the riffraff around here” Donald said “Uncle Donald!” Lucinda said and started laughing “Oh I am very serious. You are fortunate enough to have found one of the very few decent men in Summer bay” Doanld said “We are not getting married Uncle Donald, we are just friends” Lucinda said “Yes I know…but I hope you do things the right way…the respectable way” Donald said “What do you mean?” Lucinda loked confised “Nothing, never mind…ill see you “ Donald said and he walked out. Lucinda waited until Donald closed the door then she walked over to the phone. She put her hand in her pocket and took out a small address book. She opened the pages until she found a number and began to dial “Hi….can I speak to Matt please” Lucinda said as she waited… Caravan Park- Summer bay “Did you get everything you wanted?” Pippa said as Viv and Steve walked through the door “Yes thanks, Ill just take these upstairs and help with dinner” Viv said “Steve can take those upstairs, I want to speak to you” Pippa said as Steve looked at her. He took the bags from Viv and walked up the stairs. Viv smiled at Christopher as she walked over to the couch and sta next to Pippa “Did I do something wrong?” Viv said Emotional background music “No sweetheart not at all..I just wanted to talk to you about the letter you got from your dad” Pippa said and Viv put her head down “Grant told you” Viv said as she looked at Pippa “Yes but only because he was concerened” Pippa said “Mrs Fletcher I really don’t want to go, I want to stay here with you and Grant” Viv said “I know sweetheart but fostering isn’t permanent…once a parent can prove to the department that they are capable of looking after their child, the child has to go back home…that’s the law” Pippa said and Viv looked down and signed “I know you want to stay here but why don’t you want to go and live with your dad?” Pippa said “Because he knew what mum was doing and he never did anything to stop it. The reason he left is because she was doing the same to him. Instead of taking us with him, he left us” Viv said and started crying. Pippa moved closer and hugged her “Im sorry sweetheart” Pippa said “He said he is sorry but that doesn’t make up for him leaving us” Viv said “It probably doesn’t but at least he wants to try” Pippa said “He said we should call him and he will come here…I really don’t want to go…please don’t make us go” Viv said and cried as Pippa sighed Background music ends Yabbie Creek shopping centre- Yabbie Creek Bobby closed the shop door and walked towards the exit of the shopping centre. After spending some time on the beach she decided to go for a drive and ended up in Yabbie Creek which was fine because she had to get some new aprons anyway. “Bobby” Bobby turned around “Hi Marilyn, how are you? Bobby said “I am great, I nearly didn’t recognize you, your hair is different…how are you?” Marilyn said “Fine” Bobby said “Doing some shopping?” Marilyn said “Just a few things” Bobby said “Me too, I graduate from beauty school and came to get a dress for the ceremony” Marilyn said “Congrats” Bobby said “Thank you. I cant wait to open my own salon, I already picked out the colours and everything. You should definitely come, Ill do you hair for free” Marilyn said excited and Bobby smiled “Anyway, I have to go..my boyfriend is waiting for me..nice seeing you Bobby, bye” Marilyn said and rushed off. Bobby shook her head and smiled as she walked to her car Marilyn rushed as quickly a she could and got into Bens car and closed the door. I am so glad we got here on time, the shop was about to close. Really wiered that they close early on a Saturday” Marilyn was interrupted “That girl you were talking to, how do you know her? “ Ben said “Who Bobby? Oh she lives in Summer Bay, it’s a town not too far from here” Marilyn said. She stopped talking because she didn’t want Ben to ask about Lance “Did you say anything about me?” Ben said “Only that my handsome boyfriend was waiting for me” Marilyn said and smiled “Did you mention my name?” Ben said “No…and even if I did, its not like she would know you anyway” Marilyn said “Just don’t talk to strangers about me” Ben said “Bobby is not a stranger, she is a really nice person” Marilyn said “Look, I know a lot of military secrets, I can get in trouble so the less people who now me the better..do you understand” Ben said as he grabbed Marilyns arm “Yes…yes..I understand Ben…I promise I wont say anything” Marilyn said concerned. The last thing she wanted was for ben to get in trouble with the army… Just as Bobby was about to start the engine something caught the corner of her eye. She looked to her left and saw a woman folding a chair. When she turned around, Bobby recognized her. Bobby started the engine and drove her car near to where the woman was “Hey, I know you” Bobby said and the woman looked around “I don’t think so” The woman said “Yes…I rememeber you, I meet you just after Christmas in Shaolhaven” Bobby said “Mustve been someoene else” The woman said “No, it was you, you were charging $5 for a reading on the beach…you told me that new love would be coming into my life” Bobby said “Well did it?” The woman said “No” Bobby said “I told you, you must be mistaking me for someone else…my reading are accurate” The woman said as she snatched a $5 reading sign from the table “It was you, and that is what you said…you even told me to say goodbye to someone” Bobby said as the woman folded her table cloth “Look, like I said you must be mistaking me for someone else ” The woman said “Why did you lie?” Bobby said and the woman looked at Bobby “Look, I need to leave now” The woman said and Bobby sighed and turned around. “Hey” Bobby turned around “I am always accurate” The woman said and smiled then she got into her small van and drove away…
  13. Chapter 277 The beach- Summer Bay Grant ran out of the water and towards his things on the beach. He put his board on the sand and picked up his towel and wiped himself. He was hoping that having a surf would take his mind off Tammy and Viv potentially leaving Summer Bay. “Hi” Grant turned around to see Megan standing behind him “The waves look great” Megan said with a smile “Yeah” Grant said as he wiped himself. Megan noticed that he seemed distant. “Is everything alright?” Megan said. Grant didn’t respond “Grant?” Megan said “Hmm did you say something” Grant said “Is everything alright?” Megan said “Yeah…fine” Grant said and smiled. Everything was not alright but he couldn’t really trust Megan to talk about it “How about I buy you a drink?” Megan said “Maybe another time” Grant said and smiled “Are you working tonight?” Megan said “Yeah” Grant said “I might see you later” Megan said and smiled then she walked towards the water as Grant looked at her then he picked up his board and walked away.. Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Emma yawned as she walked out of the bedroom. Ever since her mother put the phone down she didn’t care. She hadn’t been to school much, she told her aunt that she wasn’t feeling well. She had to come with another excuse because she knew that her aunt wouldn’t buy that for long. Emma walked over to the bar. She walked around and bent down and picked up the half bottle of whiskey. When she stood up she got a shock to see Alf standing in the living room “What are you doing with that?” Alf said as Emma looked at him “Having a drink, what does it look like” Emma said “Not in this house, Ill take that” Alf said as he took the bottle from Emma “I thought you were supposed to be ill” Alf said “I am” Alf said “Look, your aunt is worried about you…Im not going to tell her about this but don’t ever let me catch you with grog in this house again” Alf said and Emma looked at him then she walked out of the living room. Alf shook his head when he heard her slam the bedroom door then he picked up a glass from the bar and pured himself some whiskey and drank it all at once. He poured himself another whiskey and walked over to the chair and sat down as his mind started to wonder to Debra.. Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music – Jukebox I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain To see for certain what I thought I knew Far far away, someone was weeping But the world was sleeping Any dream will do “You could’ve gone to the City with Steve and Viv” Ailsa said “I know, but I didn’t want to let you down here…besides they are going to get the supplies for our project for me” Sandra said “Oh that’s good then…I do hope that Emma is feeling better..lately she is different..like something is wrong…Ill pop home and see how she is doing” Ails said “I can go if you want” Sandra said. She knew that Emma was probably at home drinking. She didn’t want Ailsa to catch her. They didn’t get on but she saw a different side when Emma cried. “No its alright love…hello Donald” Ailsa said as Sandra went to pick up some empty plates “Hello Ailsa, is Bobby here?” Donald said with an angry look on his face “Yes she is in the back…is there something wrong? Ailsa said “Well you can tell me…I just saw Alf and he mentioned something…however I am sure he is mistaken” Donald said and Ailsa sighed I wore my coat, with golden lining Bright colours shining, wonderful and new And in the east, the dawn was breaking And the world was waking Any dream will do “I guess he told you that Bobby has applied to be a foster parent” Ailsa said “Of all the stupid things, why on earth would she want to be tied down with someboy elses child? Shes finally over that Danny Farnsworth mess, I thought by now she would be making smart decision. Everytime she takes one step forward she takes ten backwards” Donald said “Donald, its not that simple…initially I wasn’t thrilled with the idea but I think it might be good for her” Ailsa said “Good for her? Just like getting married to Frank was good for her and we all saw how that ended up…lets be honest Ailsa, she was not going to be able to take care of Tom much less take care of someone elses child…Im sorry butt this this is a terrible idea” Donald said “Well it’s a good thing that this is my life and not yours” Ailsa turned around to see Bobby standing behind her then Bobby walked back into her office and sat down and sighed A crash of drums, a flash of light My golden coat flew out of sight The colours faded into darkness I was left alone “A few seconds later Donald was standing in the office “Ive already heard what you think and if that is all you want, I would like you to leave” Bobby said “Bobby…you have your whole life ahead of you…why are you doing this?” Donald said “Because its my life” Bobby said “I suppose nothing I can say is going to stop you from throwing your life away again” Donald said and sighed “Its MY LIFE...Nothing I do is ever going to be good enough for you….so why do you bother?” Bobby said “Because you need to see sense…who put this idea into your head? I bet it was reverend Jones” Donald said “I am capable of making decisions on my own…lI have work to do, please just leave” Bobby said as Donald looked at her. He was very disappointed in her and her constant bad decisions. Times like this he really wished she wasn’t his daughter. Donald sighed then walked out of the office. May I return to the beginning The light is dimming, and the dream is too The world and I, we are still waiting Still hesitating Any dream will do Bobby sighed as a tear fell down her cheek then she got up and closed the office door then sat down and picked up the phone and began to dial…”Hi Reverend Jones how are you?...oh, just the usual” Bobby said and she sighed as she listen to Reverend Jones whose soothing words always calmed her down… A crash of drums, a flash of light My golden coat flew out of sight Caravan Park – Summer Bay “You have both done a really good job” Pippa said as she looked around the caravan. Tammy and Sally had volunteered to help tidy the vans. I have a little treat for you in the kitchen” Pippa said and smiled as Pippa walked out of the van. Tammy followed. Just as Sally was about to leave, she noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the floor. She bent down and lifted a bit of the tile on the floor and pulled the paper out. Sally opened the paper and looked at it. It was a drawing of a little girl holding the hand of an adult. “I lov u boBi” Sally said out loud. She folded the paper in half and put it in her pocket and walked out of the caravan’ The colours faded into darkness I was left alone Anna Bay- Australia Sophie wiped her eyes and sighed. She opened a little of the blanket which gave her some light. Her arm still hurt from her dad twisting it really hard because she didn’t steal enough money.and she signed. She didn’t know where she was but she knew she couldn’t run away. Sophie covered her head with the blanket and closed her eyes as she dreamed of Bobby buying her am icecream as tears ran down her eyes May I return to the beginning The light is dimming, and the dream is too The world and I, we are still waiting Still hesitating Any dream will do Background music ends
  14. Chapter 276 Caravan Park- Summer Bay Carly yawns then opens the door “Hello boss” Grant says and smiles “Hi” Carly said and smiled. She liked hearing that. Even though the diner after dark wasn’t officially her business she was glad that Bobby let her run it “Is Mrs F around?” Grant says “Yeah, Ill just get her..come in” Carly said and Grant walked into the house. Carly walked over to the stairs “PIPPA GRANT IS HERE TO SEE YOU” Carly said and she walked over to Grant “Have a seat..Pippa will be down shortly, Im just heading out” Carly said “Off to somewhere nice?” Grant said “im going to the diner to fix a shelf in the pantry” Carly said “I can do that” Grant said “No its alright…living here we all had to become really handy…and not by choice..Ill see you later” Carly said as Grant smiled and she walked out of the house. A few seconds later Pippa came down the stairs and into the living room “Hello Grant how are you?” Pippa said as she walked over to the table “Gday Mrs F…sorry for just dropping in” Grant said “Don’t be silly, you are always welcome here…now can I get you a drink?” Pippa said “Oh no thanks” Grant said and Pippa sat down opposite him “I wanted to talk to you about Tammy and Viv” Grant said “Is something wrong?” Pippa said with a look of confusion on her face “I guess it will depends..Viv told me that she got a letter from their dad…he wants them to go and live with them” Grant said as Pippa looked at him “Oh right..she didn’t mention anything” Pippa said “Yeah, they are both scared…they don’t want to go” Grant said “Unfortunately that’s the case with fostering, children are only temporarily placed in a foster home until it is suitable for them to return to their parents.” Pippa said and Grant sighed “They went though so much with their mum and their dad didn’t do anything about…what does that say about the kind of bloke he is” Grant said “From my understanding, his wife was also abusive towards him” Pippa said “That is why I cant shake the feeling that this is all some kind of plan by the mum to get the children back” Grant said and Pippa sighed “I will make a phone call to Alex…Reverend Jones and see what he knows” Pippa said and Grant smiled “Thanks Mrs F…I knew you would know what to do” Grant was interrupted “Grant…I want to warn you…if this is some kind of plan and Reverend Newton can prove to the department that everything is well in the home, there s a chance that the girls will be legally required to return home to them” Pippa said and Grand stopped smiling “Im sorry” Pippa said and Grant sighed… Summer Bay Alf looked at the time, he had to get back to allow Colleen time to have a break. As Alf drove, he noticed a woman standing by a car..it looked like the woman was having trouble. Afl indicated left and pulled up behind the woman and got out of the car “Gday” Alf said as he walked up to the woman, when she turned around, it was Debra “Oh , Gday Deb…I didn’t know it was you…I saw someone who looked like they needed help “Thank you” Debra said and smiled “Let me have a look” Alf said and Debra moved out of the way. Debra watched as Alf touched and turned a few things on the engine. Shortly after her some got out of the car “Are we going to get to the city any time today? Blake said then he looked at Afl “Blake, this is Alf Stewart, he is just seeing if he can help get the car started “G’day” Alf said and Blake nodded his head. “Try the engine now” Alf said and Debra went to the car and started the engine and it started “Youre a life saver…thanks” Debra said and she smiled at Alf flashback Debra- Thank you so much, you saved my life..what do I owe you Alf- Nothing, it was my pleasure Debra- Can I at least by you a coffee or something? Alf- Actually a cold drink wouldn’t be a bad idea Debra- I can manage that…my name is Debra Alf- Nice to meet you Debra, im Alf Flashback ends “Mr Stewart, do you know of any jobs around here?” Blake said “Jobs, what kind of jobs?” Alf said “Come on, get in the car Blake, I said I will ask some of the teaches at the school if they needed any window cleaning” Debra “Well, its funny you should say that…Im actually looking for someone for my shop, just putting cans on the shelf…that kind of thing…a couple of hours after school and on Saturday if youre interested” Alf said and Blake smiled “Yes..yes I am interested” Blake said “As long as its alright with your mum” Alf said and looked at Debra…she didn’t really like the idea “As long as it doesn’t interfere with your school work” Debra said “It wont..I promise” Blake said looking at his mum “Ok” Debra said and Alf winked at her and Blake rushed back into the car “You don’t have to do this you kow..” Debra said “Like I said, I was looking for someone anyway” Alf said “Well thank you…I better get going” Debra said “Where are you off to?” Alf said “The kids are seeing their dad this weekend” Debra said “Oh right… come by the shop before you go to work on Monday…sort out the hours and pay for Blake” Alf said and stared at Debra “Ok I will” Debra said and smiled then she got into her car and drove off. Flashback Debra- Well thanks again for fixing my car Alf- Thanks for the coke and sandwich Debra- you saved me $100s of dollars that’s the least I could do Alf- Ok Debra- I better go, I don’t want to be late for class Alf- What are you studying? Debra- Well my degree is in History and English…Ill be finished in a few months Alf- So what do you want to do? Debra- I want to be a teacher Alf- good on you Debra- Anyway, here is my number…just incase you want to keep in touch or something Alf- you never know…I might just do that Flashback ends Alf watched the car until it was in the distance then he got into his car and drove off “Why are you pushing me” Karen said and she opened her eyes “I just scored a job..haha!” Blake said “So what “ Karen said and she closed her eyes again and turned to her other side. “This place might not be so bad after all” Blake said and smiled to himself as Debra looked at him in the rear view mirror… Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Bobby looked at the accounts for the diner and diner after dark. Both were doing well, especially the after dark. The degree she was doing was definitely helping her understand how to analyze and review the books. Knock on the door Bobby looked up to see Ailsa standing by the door “Do you have a minute?” Ailsa said “Sure” Bobby said and put her pen down “You are doing a way better job with those books than I ever did” Ailsa said and smiled and sat down opposite Bobby “Alf told me that he spoke to you” Ailsa said. Bobby didn’t respond “I just want to say that I never asked him to say anything……I probably shouldn’t have said anything to him at all…I guess he automatically that about what happened with Roo and how she nearly got tied down” Ailsa was interupted “Well shes not tied down now is she?” Bobby said “I suppose she isn’t” Ailsa said and sighed “Have you really thought this through…I mean with your studies, this place..the sands and your business…that’s a lot for someone to be fostering” Ailsa said “How different would it have been if I didn’t lose my baby?” Bobby said “A lot different” Ailsa said “Ailsa if you don’t want to be a reference, that’s fine…just say so, and I will find someone else…I don’t need a lecture from you” Bobby said “That’s not what I am saying..look..I know how you are feeling…I can’t pretend to say I understand…but I am sure losing Tom and everything you went through with Danny must not have been easy for you…I know you have always wanted a family” Ailsa said and she could see the tears forming in Bobbys eyes then she leaned forward and grabbed Bobbys hand “This is important to you isn’t it?” Ailsa said and Bobby nodded her head “Ok, I will be your reference” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed as a tear ran down her cheek “Thanks” Bobby said and smiled Stewart shop- Summer Bay Alf stared at the photo of himself, Roo and Martha and smiled…it was taken a few days after Shane Wilson died. Alf sighed then he drank some of the whiskey in the bottle. He till couldn’t figure out what he didn’t remember what Laura said. Alf put the photo back in the photo album and remembered his conversation with Debra… Flashback Debra- Thanks for dinner Alf- Youre welcome Debra- I honestly wasn’t expecting you to call Alf- Why not? Debra- I don’t know Alf- Well I was a bit nervous Debra- You? Nervous? I don’t believe it haha Alf- Im serious! I am really quite shy Debra- haha! Flashback ends Alf smiled to himself then drank more of the whiskey and put the top on the bottle as he heard someone come in the shop “JUST A MINUTE” Alf shouted and put the bottle down and opened the door “Just the chocolates thanks Alf” Donald said and put his hand in his pocket and took out his money “Whats the occasion?” Alf said as he came out of the back and closed the door then he wrapped the bottle of wine “Im going to the city later, Barbra and I are going to watch a play and I know she likes these choclates” Donald said “Really? Alf said “Yes really” Donald said and Alf laughed as gave Donald the wrapped box of chocolate and took the money for the chocolate “By the way, I am very surprised that you are going along with this fostering thing” Alf said as he gave the change to Donald “Pardon me?” Donald said “Yeah I was surprised when Ails told me…with Ruthy it was different, she had no choice but Bobby has her whole life ahead of her…she doesn’t need to be fostering right now” Alf said as Donald looked at him with a surprised look on his face “Fostering? What are you talking about? Donald said “Oh..I guess you don’t know” Alf said “Youre right…I didn’t know..excuse me” Donald said then he walked out of the store….
  15. Chapter 275 Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Emotional background music Alf slowly closed the door. It was really late and he didn’t want to wake Ailsa up.he didnt want her asking him questions. Alf went to his bar and poured himself a whiskey then went and sat on the couch. Of all the people to turn up in Summer Bay…he never expected to see Debbie again Flashback Debra- I made you the chicken you like. Have a seat and ill get it Alf- thanks love Debra- There is a movie on tonight..I was thinking we could go and see it after dinner Alf- Deb, there is something I have to tell you Debra- I know what veg you like Alf- No, its not that Debra- Well what then? Alf- I haven’t been honest with you Debra – About what? Alf- I don’t know how to say it Debra- say what? Alf- Im married Debra- Youre what? Alf- I should’ve told you…but I never expected things to go this far.. didn’t know how to Debra- How about “Im married” That’s usually a good place to start Alf- I know, I am stupid. I should’ve told you..Im sorry Debra- Youre sorry? It’s a bit late for that don’t you think? Flashback ends Alf drank some of his whiskey and sighed. Even thought he and Debra were together for a short time, he really did care for her deeply. At one point he did think about leaving Martha but he just didn’t know how to..he also knew he couldn’t leave Ruth. Alf sighed and drank more of his whiskey… Six days later.… Caravan Park- Summer Bay “PIPPA” Bobby said as the door closed behind her. She walked into the kitchen, Pippa wasn’t there. The house was very quiet probably due to the kids being at school. A few minutes later Bobby heard footsteps and Pippa walked into the living room “Hi” Pippa said as she walked closer to Bobby. Bobby put her arms around Pippa and hugged her “What was that for?” Pippa said and smiled “I don’t know…I just missed you” Bobby said and smiled. “Oh by the way, this is for you” Bobby said and gave Pippa an envelope “Thanks for helping out with the diner last week, and sorry its taken me so long to get it to you” Bobby said as Pippa took the envelope. “Anytime…Do you have time for a cup of tea?” Pippa said “Oh yes please” Bobby said as she walked over to the desk Background music- Bobby and Franks theme Bobby picked up a Fletcher family photo. She smiled as she remembered the day the photo was taken. It was like yesterday that Nev was lining all the family up to take a phot. Bobby looked at each person in the photo as she remembered something about them during those times. Bobby stared at Frank. She didn’t know at the time that he was everything she was dreaming of…she also didn’t know that he would be the source of so much heartache. More than she thought she would ever go through. “Reminiscing?” Pippa said as she put two cups on the table. Bobby turned around “Yeah…something like that” Bobby said then put the photo down and walked over to the table and sat down. She pickedup the cup and drank the tea…it was just how she liked it, a little milk and a little sugar. Pippa looked at Bobby as she stared into the cup “Is everything alright?” Pippa said then Bobby looked at her “Yeah..I didn’t just come over here to give you the cheque…I also wanted to ask you a favour” Bobby said “Ok” Pippa said and she picked up her cup “When I was in the city last week…I made a decision…well I sort of went through with the decision” Bobby said “What decision?” Pippa said “I submitted an application to become a foster parent…and they needed me to give two references and I put you down as one…do you mind?” Bobby said and she looked at Pippa. Pippa had a shocked look on her face. “Well, I wasn’t expecting that…I thought you were going to say were moving to the city and needed some help packing or something” Pippa said and Bobby smiled “No” Bobby said “Sweetheart…being a foster parent is a huge responsibility” Pippa said “I know…I thought about it…hey guess what, Andrew Foley works at the department. We went over everything and I think this is the best decision for me” Bobby said “I want to say something…and I hope you wont be cross” Pippa said “I know what you are going to say…you think I am trying to replace Thomas” Bobby said and Pippa nodded her head. “Honestly its not…” Bobby was interripted “So why this sudden urge to foster?” Pippa said “Its not sudden…Frank and I talked about it…if you and Tom didn’t do such a good job then I wouldn’t be talking about it now” Bobby said and laughed “It was a good job because there were two of us…you are on your own” Pippa was interrupted “So you don’t think I can take care of a child?..If my baby didn’t die I would have a child” Bobby said “That’s not what I am saying” Pippa was interrupted “Sounds like it to me…just forget it, I shouldn’t have said anything” Bobby said and she stood up “Bobby, wait..please” Pippa said and she stood up next to Bobby who had tears in her eyes.. Pippa…Im lonely..I just want someone for me..my own family…the way its suppose to be” Bobby said and Pippa hugged her. “I know sweetheart..I know” Pippa said as she stroked Bobbys hair then exhaled “Ok…I will be your reference” Pippa said and Boby looked at her “Are you sure?” Bobby said and Pippa nodded “Thank you” Bobby said and she hugged Pippa again “You are going to be a great mum” Pippa said and Bobby exhaled and smiled as Pippa looked unsure… “Looks like the kids are back from school” Pippa said and Bobby wiped her face as Sally walked in followed by Steve “Bobby” Sally said and she hugged Bobby “Hello squirt, how are you?” Bobby said and smiled “Ok” Sally said “Hi, Viv and Tammy are with Grant, she said you know” Steve said and Pippa nodded her head “Sal, go over to the desk, there is a letter for you” Pippa said and Sally looked excited and ran over to to the desk. She picked up the envelope and ran back over to where Pippa was. “Who is it from?” Pippa said and Sally turned the envelope over and her smile disappeared then she dropped the letter on the floor and ran upstairs as Pippa sighed “What is that about?” Bobby said “It’s a letter from Frank” Pippa said as Bobbys stomach dropped and Steve sighed… Morgan Residence- New York Frank opened his eyes and smiled. Roo was taking her jacket off “Hi” Roo said when she noticed that Frank was awake “Hi..where have you been?” Frank said “I went to do the laundry” Roo said. Frank smiled. Roo had been trying. This was the second weekend in a row that she had been home and they were getting on better “You mustve went really early, I didn’t want to wake you up…what do you want for breakfast” Roo said “Just some toast and coffee” Frank said as he got out of bed “Ill put this lot away” Frank said as he yawned and began to take the clothes out of the laundry bag “I was thinking we could go and take a walk in the park later” Roo said as she put some water in the kettle “Sounds like a good idea” Frank said as he folded a t-shirt “Are you sure you only want toast” Roo said “What the hell?” Frank said and Roo looked at him “Whats wrong” Roo said with a confused look on his face “My socks…they are ruined” Frank said “You can get some more” Roo said and she put some bread in the toaster “Im talking about the socks that Pippa sent me..look, they are ruined” Frank said and he walked over to Roo in the kitchen. “Frank its only socks” Roo said and laughed “NO, they are not only socks” Frank said annoyed “What is the big deal?’ Roo said and she shook her head and opened the fridge “THE BIG DEAL IS YOU DID THIS ON PURPOSE” Frank said “WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT?” Roo said “I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU BEING A SELFISH SPOILT BRAT…ANYTHING TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM MY FAMILY. YOU KNEW HOW MUCH THESE SOCKS MEANT TO ME” Frank said and walked out of the kitchen and went and sat on the bed as he looked at the socks…they were ruined…he could barely make out the names that were supposed to be there. Frank sighed… Background music ends Bayside Diner- Summer Bay “There you go” Ailsa said as she put three milkshakes on the table “Thanks Mrs Stewart” Grant said as Ailsa smiled and walked away “So how was school? Grant said as he looked at Viv “Ok” Viv said “Is there something wrong?” Grant said as Viv looked at Tammy who was sitting next to Grant “No, nothing” Viv said “Come on…spill it” Grant said and smiled “My dad..he wrote to me…he wants me and Tammy to go and live with him” Viv said. “Oh” Grant said. That wasn’t what he expected “You don’t look happy about it” Grant said “Well..Tammy and I are really happy here living with Mrs Fletcher and seeing you” Viv said “I don’t want to go” Tammy said and she put her shoulder on Grant as he sighed… Caravan Park- Summer Bay Emotional background music “Sweatheart..dont you want to read the letter” Pippa said as she sat down on the bed next to Sally. Sally shook her head no and wiped her face “Please, we have to talk about this” Pippa said and Sally shook her head no “Im sure Frank is really sorry” Pippa said as she put her arm around Sally as she began to cry.. Stewart Store- Summer Bay Bobby exhaled as she walked into the store. Things were still tense between her and Alf “Gday love, what can I get you?” Alf said as Bobby walked into the store “Just a bottle of conditioner, ill get it” Bobby said and walked around to the hair section of the store and picked it up then walked back to the counter and put it down. She took the money out of her pocket as Alf put the conditioner in a bag “Err..Ailsa was telling me about you wanting to be a foster parent” Alf said and Bobby sighed. “Yeah” Bobby said “I didn’t expect that you would want to be tied down…not now that you are doing your studies and very successful…who knows you could end up going to the city” Alf said “Its something I want to do” Bobby said with an annoyed tone. She was annoyed that she had to justify herself to Alf. “Youre young..a baby at this age is going to tie you down” Alf said “Is that what you told Roo when she got pregnant?” Bobby said as she stared at Alf “That was different..besides…what if some bloke comes and wants to whisk you aware to see the world…you cant up and leave if you have foster kids” Alf said “Things like that don’t happen to me…do they” Bobby said and put the money on the counter “Keep the change” Bobby said and she walked out of the store before a tear fell from her eye… Background music ends
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