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  1. Something else I found interesting is that Frank always knew which classroom to find Bobby and Roo in..since with the exception of the one art lesson and one science lesson, all the students pretty much had every lesson in the same room lol
  2. From what I remember, Michael didnt adapt too well to the foster parent life, and its great that you are showing it here.
  3. Chapter 358 Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Nick yawned as he closed the front door. He knew that working nights were a part of the job, but after many years of being a police officer, he couldn’t seem to get used to it. He walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. Just as he was about to take some milk out to make some tea he heard a crash. Nick shut the fridge door quickly and rushed down the corridor. He stopped at the first room he came to which was his uncles room. The door was open but the room was empty. Nick then rushed towards the second room. The room which once belonged to Craig. Nick saw his uncle lying on the floor. There was bits of shattered glass from a bottle next to him. Without a need to ask, Nick already knew what happened. “Uncle Bob” Nick said and he gently patted Bobs face and tried to lift him up from the floor. “Hmmjhdbs weujhbwdw owid” Bob attempted to speak, but what he was saying made no sense because he was drunk. “Come on lets get you up onto the bed” Nick said and pulled his uncle up and onto the bed. Nick sighed as Bob flopped backwards onto the bed. If anyone would’ve told him a few months ago that he would be picking his drunk uncle from the floor, he never would’ve believed it. It was sad to see his uncle go from a respectable sergeant to someone who spent all night drinking. Nick sat at the bed next to his uncle and sighed. The case with Craig had run cold. None of the students at the school said anything, and there was no definite reason for why Craig did what he did. Nick liked his cousin and wished that he would've confided in him. Nick felt that maybe there were signs that he missed…signs that could've helped save Craig's life. “What time is it” Bob finally said “7” Nick said. Bob rubbed his face. His head was pounding. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, sighed then looked at Nick who got up from the bed and bent down on the floor “I can do that” Bob said as he realized that Nick was picking up the broken pieces of glass “No worries, I can take care of it. Luckily” Nick was interrupted “I SAID I CAN DO THAT” Bob said as he struggle to get up and sat on the bed and swag his legs onto the floor. Nick looked at his uncle with surprised. All the years he had known him, he had never known him to raise his voice in anger. “Fine” Nick said putting the broken glass back on the floor . He looked at his uncle then walked out of the room. He was tired but didn’t feel like sleeping so he headed for the front door and for a run on the beach. Bob heard the door close and signed. He wasn’t normally an angry man, and he knew that Nick meant well. He looked at the broken glass on the floor then around the room at the posters on the bedroom wall then tears filled his eyes. He missed his son so much, and all he alcohol he drank never helped to heal the pain. He wished he would know why Craig did what he did…if he knew, it probably would make things easier. Bob reach out and picked up a photo on the bed side table of Craig and hugged his chest and began to cry… Beach- Summer Bay Adam ran as fast as he could on the beach, slowed down to a jog then he eventually stopped. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his t-shirt and smiled to himself as he remembered last night. He and Marilyn had a date last night. It wasn’t anything big, they just went out for hamburgers and walked along the beach. Marilyn wasn’t the sort of girl he usually liked, but she was different. She made him laugh with some of the things she said and she was gorgeous..more beautiful than any other girl he had known. Adam smiled as he thought about how nice and curly her hair was…how pretty her lips were in the red lipstick..how nice her figure looked in the dress sh…Adams thoughts were interrupted when he fell to the sand “Oi, watch it” Adam said and when he looked up, he saw the police officer who came to the school, an who he had seen around town “Sorry mate, I was miles away” Nick said and helped Adam get up “Im really sorry about that” Nick said. He was so lost in thought about his uncle and Craig that for some reason he didn’t see Adam just standing in the way “No, its my fault, I shouldn’t have been standing in the way” Adam said “No really, it was my fault…I was miles away” Nick said “I guess that happens sometimes” Adam said “Yeah I guess…hey by the way, you haven’t heard anything about Craig at the school?” Nick said “No, I haven’t” Adam said “Oh well, I thought id ask..anyway…sorry about knocking you over…see you later” Nick said then he nodded and jogged away “Yeah” Adam said and he watched Nick jog away Flashback Craig – Why are you doing this to me Karen- Because youre a poofter and I hate poofters Craig – Ive given you what you want, why are you saying you are going to tell everyone Karen- Because youre disgusting Craig- Ok, Ill give you double next week. Please promise me you wont say anything Karen- Just gove me the money and I wont Flashback ends Adam stared at Nick who was now far away in the distance then he sighed. It was none of his business what happened at the school anyway. Adam began to jog in the direction of his boat and smiled as he thought about Marilyn and how excited he was to see her again tonight. Lawrence Residence- The City Karen smiled as she ate her toast. She loved school holidays. They meant no school, no homework and doing whatever she wanted at her dads house. Karen looked over at Blake who was reading a comic book and she leaned over and looked into the other room at her dad on the phone. Life was perfect now. The police were no longer asking questions about Craig. “So what are your plans today?” Dennis said as he walked into the kitchen “Im going to go over to Danny's house he has the new spider man comic book” Blake said with a mouth full of cereal Dennis smiled. He loved having his children with him, and seeing them happy. “What about you sweetheart?” Dennis said as he kissed Karen's head and sat down. “I dunno, I might just stay home by the pool” Karen said “I don’t know if your mum told you, but the custody hearing is next week” Dennis said “You don’t really have to go through all that now” Karen said. She had a change of heart since everything with Craig died down. She figured that she could find out secrets about other kids in her year and make money off them the way she did with Craig “Oh sweetheart, I know you are trying to be brave, but I need to get you out of Summer Bay, away from the girls who are bullying you and back home, with me…where you belong” Dennis said and he smiled at Karen which annoyed her, because now he was ruining her plans…but then again, it wasn’t a bad idea to move back to the city “You're right dad, thank you for everything” Karen smiled as Blake looked at her Phone ringing “I better get that” Dennis said and rushed towards the phone as Blake stared at her “What?” Karen said “If Dad wins then we have to move back to the city” Blake said “Yeah, so?” Karen said “I like it now in Summer Bay..I like my job at the shop with Mr Stewart” Blake said as Karen rolled her eyes “What is your obsession with that man?” Karen said “I like him, he teaches me a lot of things” Blake said with a smile. He really did like Mr Stewart. What he didn’t tell Karen is that Mr Stewart said he would give him his old yout when he gets his driving license. “So? You act like he is your dad or something. We already have a dad, ask him to teach you something” Karen said and rolled her eyes then she put the last bite of toast in her mouth and walked out of the kitchen. Blake ate his cereal and remembered the fishing trip that Mr Stewart took him on. Although he loved his dad, Mr Stewart was also nice..sometimes he felt like he had two dads because he had so much in common with Mr Stewart than is own dad… Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay Alf and Debra kissed passionately as Alf struggled to button his shirt “Come on, I better get going, I told Celia I was only going to be long” Alf said as he finally found the button hole for the last button. Debra sighed and stopped kissing him “When will I see you?” Debra said “Tonight” Alf said “See if you can get out, ill make us dinner. It will be nice to have dinner, just the two of us” Debra said as she stroked Alfs cheek “Yeah, ill see what I can do…I better go” Alf said and he kissed Debra again and rushed out of the house. Debra smiled to herself as she heard Alf shut the front door. Debra fell back on the bed and smiled. She was more in love with Alf now than she ever was…just like it was supposed to be.. Caravan Park Summer Bay Carly smiled as Ben kissed her neck “Where did you disappear to this morning” Ben said as Carly attempted to wash a plate “I just woke up early that’s all” Carly said “Lets do something today” Ben said “I cant, I have to look after Chris and Sal” Carly said “Why don’t you let Bobby do it?” Ben said “She has to work” Carly said “What about Steve, he can look after them” Ben said “He has to go into the city today, get something for school. No, ill just do it” Carly said “Are you saying you don’t want to spend the day with me?” Ben said “No, im just saying I cant do it today..maybe we can do it tomorrow, lets just plan for tomorrow” Carly said and kissed Bens nose “I said I want to spend the day with you today?” Ben said “And I said I cant” Carly said and turned around to the sink and picked up another plate from the sink and began to wash it. Ben got angry and turned Crly around and grabbed her throat “Don’t you ever speak to me like that again” Ben said and the plate that Carly was holding fell from her hand. The crash startled her. He let go of her neck when he heard footsteps “What happened” Steve said as he rushed into the kitchen “Oh nothing I just dropped the plate on the floor…butter fingers” Carly said smiling “You better buy a new one before Pippa gets home..ill see you later” Steve said and left the kitchen “You see what you made me do” Ben said then he looked at Carly and walked out of the house. Carly sighed. Again she was continuing to do things that made Ben angry. She didn’t understand why she was being mean to him when all he wanted was to spend some time together. Carly looked at the smashed plate on the floor…she really had to find a way to make this up to Ben because she didn’t want to lose him… Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Nick wiped his body with the towel and when he was satisfied that he was dry, he wrapped the towel around his waist and left the bathroom. The run felt good, and after some breakfast he was going to get some sleep. He was meeting Lucinda later. Nick was lost in thought as he bumped into his uncle who was completely dressed..as if he wasn’t drunk and lying on the floor a short time ago “Sorry” Nick said and walked by his Uncle “Nick…about this morning…I’m sorry” Bob said. Nick stared at his uncle “Its ok..I know all this is very hard for you” Nick said “Yeah, it is…that’s why Ive decided to take a few weeks off..you know, go and visit your grandparents in brissy” Bob said “Yeah I think that will be a good idea..just anything to get away for a while.. When are you going?”” Nick said “Today..Im going in to see the superintendent. Im owed some leave anyway…might as well go today” Bob said and smiled “Well have a good time, if you can. Ill look after this place” Nick said “Thanks” Bob said and he stared at Nick then Nick leaned forward and gave his uncle a hug. He hoped that maybe this trip would be the first step of the healing process…if he wanted to heal.
  4. Thanks for reading. I hope to have a chapter up by the weekend
  5. Im sure you know that that rumour has always been she left because Roger left which has never been confirmed. It would be nice if she addressed it and got the proper recognition for brining the character to life.
  6. Still doesn’t explain who owned the shop between the period when Bobby’s grandparents left and Ailsa buying the shop...or maybe we are supposed to forget that little detail...like Alan forgetting he had a sister and not leaving her anything in his will. On the day of Alan’s funeral did anyone else notice the van he sold to Matt in the background of the church, but Matt was not at the funeral? That’s always bugged me for some reason lol Yeah...I never understood that, or maybe since they knew she was adopted, there was no link to her after their daughter died. Would’ve been nice for the grandparents to come back at some point.
  7. lol- I was referring to how they got to Summer Bay etc a bit of back story...
  8. Another bizarre timeline point is when Ruth mentioned to Brett that Bobby’s grandparents left about 3 years previous(or something like that), so do we assume the shop was closed for a few years prior to Ailsa purchasing it? I never got the impression that Ailsa had been in Summer Bay long enough to know Alf’s first wife.
  9. I agree, it would definitely make some things a bit clearer. If you get a chance and can find them, read the official home and away books, they somewhat explain what happened to some of the characters pre-Fletchers arriving in Summer Bay days. For example, the way Bobby was treated by her father, watching her mum pass away, the relationship with her grandparents and being promiscuous because she was looking for love. I remember Bobby making a comment, not sure which episode but she said along the lines of "And they used to call me easy" and then there was her explaining to Frank that she wished she was a virgin. So the book definitely helped to give the backstory of those comments. The books are not very detailed, but something is better than nothing. Either her parents did own it, or the Stewart's owned it, and sold it to Bobbys grandparents. Martha for some reason was working at the store because in one of the flashbacks, Celia and her fiance went to see Martha to ask her something, but Martha couldnt help because she was taking Morag away to give birth to Bobby.
  10. Am I the only one who noticed how unhygienic the staff at the diner were? Talking over the food, no gloves or washing hands lol
  11. Yes. I held out thinking you might have explained who the characters where and their relationships to each other. Also how many years after Bobby passed is this story?
  12. Chapter 357 Smart Residence- The City Narelle looked around her flat, it was a mess. Magazines and papers that she had neatly pilled on the shelf were on the floor. She couldn’t believe that the police were just here, in her home searching for drugs. According to the warrant, they had an anonymous tip that she was a supplier of drugs and steroids. Narelle couldn’t believe it then as the shock died down, she started getting angry…there was only one reason this could’ve happened. Narelle looked at the door as Jeff used his key to opened the front door. Shortly after the police left, Jeff left the flat and was now returning. Narelle signed and got up from the couch and began to pick up the magazines and papers from the floor. “Here, let me help you with that” Jeff said and he bent down and picked up a magazine from the floor “I can do it myself” Narelle said and she snatched the magazine from Jeff and put it on the shelf “Im sorry this happened, it was probably all just a mistake” Jeff said as he tried to hug Narelle and she pushed him away “Why are you angry at me?” Jeff said “Because the police don’t make mistakes like that Jeff” Narelle said “What are you trying to say? Are you blaming me for this happening?” Jeff said “I don’t know, are you to blame?” Narelle said “No, of course not. Look, I don’t supply drugs or steroids or any of that stuff..come on…look at me” Jeff said and Narelle looked up at him “I don’t do any of that stuff…it was probably a mistake” Jeff said as Narelle looking at him. He was probably right, Jeff had a good job at hotel and made loads of money in tips from all the training he did, it mustve been a mistake. “Do you believe me?” Jeff said and he stroked Narelles cheek with his finger. Narelle felt her heart melt. She really liked Jeff and he treated her really well. Narelle nodded and smiled then Jeff winked at her and bent down and kissed her passionately then they hugged as Jeff smiled to himself…. Two days later Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay Alf thrusted as Debra held onto him tight. She kissed him passionately not wanting their time together to end. The kids were spending the school holidays with their dad in the city, he picked them up on Friday. As Alf thrusted, Debras mind drifted..soon they were going to court again..soon she could lose her children to their father…something she didn’t want happening..she never wanted that to happen..she had to find a way to not make that happen. Soon Debras mind came back to Alf making love to her and she continued to kiss him passionately as she thought about how they could be a family…. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Knock on the door Grant bit into his toast as he walked towards the front door “G’day” Adam said as Grant opened the door “Is Marilyn here?” Adam said and before Grant could respond Marilyn started coming down the stairs “Hi Adam” Marilyn said and smiled “I thought I was going to be late” Adam said “No, you are right on time Marilyn said as she put her jacket on as Grant watched her “Adam offered to walk me to work this morning” Marilyn said with a smiled on her face “Yeah, the school is closed for the holidays this week, so I don’t have to be in until later” Adam said as he looked at Marilyn and smiled “Ok, see you later” Marilyn said and she picked up her handbag and her and Adam walked out of the house. Grant waited until the door was closed then he walked over to the window and watched Adam and Marilyn walk away. They were holding hands which meant that they had resolved whatever issue was going on. Grant smiled. Bobby and Marilyn were like sister to him and he felt protective of them..he wished he was able to do the same for Carly “Thanks for doing the day shift” Bobby said as she came down the stairs “Thank you for giving me a job..I know that Carly is your sister..I just didn’t want it to cause any problems" Grant said “Its no problem…besides, how else are you going to pay your rent?” Bobby said and they both laughed “So, how are you spending your week off from uni?” Grant said “Week off? It never feels like a week off. Sometimes I kick myself for doing this accelerated programme ” Bobby said “It will be all worth it in the end” Grant said and smiled at Bobby, he was very proud of her. He could sense that she was hurting inside, but was doing her best to get on with her life “I also have some catering gigs this week, and some students from the accelerated programme in uni will be coming down later this week for us to work on an assignment together” Bobby said as she put the kettle on “Anyway I better get to work before the boss fires me” Grant said and winked and rushed out of the house. Bobby reached for some coffee and smiled.It was going to be a busy week, but she like it when she was busy..that way it kept her mind off all the things she really missed… Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Ok, bye” Steve said and put the phone down. It was Pippa. He really missed her not being home “When is Pippa coming home” Sally said and she sat down on the couch “I dunno, I guess when Frank gets better” Steve said and he stared at the new letter on the desk from his Aunt telling him about all the great things they would do if he decided to come and live in England. They had a car ready for him, one they didn’t use and said he could have it. Sally sighed when she heard Franks name. She was still very upset that he didn’t call her or come and get her when the horrible men took her, and that was because he didn’t love her anymore. Knock at the door Steve got up and walked over to the door. “Who is it?” Steve said “Sandra” Sandra said and Steve opened the door “Hi” Sandra said “Hi” Steve said and Sandra walked into the house. “I hope I didn’t wake you up” Sandra said “No, you didn’t” Steve said “I was wondering if you wanted to do the assignment together..get it out of the way” Sandra said and smiled “Yeah..ok” Steve said and shrugged his shoulders. “Hi Sally” Sandra said “Hi” Sally said and she got up from the couch and walked up to her room “Is she alright?” Sandra said “Yeah, just missing Pippa” Steve said “I hope you don’t mind me coming over, its just that Mr Stewart is coming home later today from his business trip and I think Mrs Stewart wants to be alone with him” Sandra said and smiled Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Ailsa smiled as she put the groceries on the kitchen table. Even though Alf had only been away overnight with the rotary club, it felt like he had been away for a week. Ailsa missed waking up to being wrapped in his arms. Ailsa wanted to make him a special breakfast to welcome him home, as well as some romantic time together now that Duncan was at the baby sitter and Sandra was at the caravan park. Alisha rushed to the bedroom, it was tidy, she just had to make the bed. Alisa fluffed the pillows, they still smelled nice and clean. As she tucked the sheets under the mattress, she knocked over a book on Alf bedside table. Ailsa smiled because Alf had been promising to read that book but only read two pages. Ailsa picked up the book from the floor and put it on the table then she heard the door open. Shortly after Alf walked into the bedroom “Hello love, you're early…I wasn’t expecting you for another half hour” Ailsa said “There wasn’t much traffic this morning” Alf said which was true considering he only drove ten minutes to get home “I hope you are starving, I wanted to make you a nice breakfast” Ailsa said “That will be great love” Alf said and Ailsa walked over to him and gave him a big hug and kissed him “Hmmm you smell great”Ailsa said “Yeah, the hotel room I was in only had the girly smelling soap” Alf said “I hope so, if I didn’t know better I would think you were with another woman” Ailsa said “knock it off love, I love you too much for that” Alf said and laughed “I know…I’m just joking… I love you too…now let me get you some breakfast after that long drive. Duncan is at the babysitter and Sandra is out so we have the whole house to ourselves” Ailsa said and smiled then she kissed Alf on his nose and walked out of the bedroom. Alf exhaled and sat on the bed and looked around the room. As much as he loved Debra, he couldn’t keep going on like this…he had to make a decision..he didn’t know how…but he had to make a decision….
  13. Who are Alex and Shannon?
  14. No, Carly is getting him back because she believes Grant is trying to ruin her relationship with Ben... Thank you all for reading. Been a bit busy, but hope to have a chapter up this week
  15. I stopped watching Home and Away after Bobby died, so I am definitely interested in reading this. Looking forward to more.
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