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  1. Thanks for reading Chapter 486 Morgan Residence- New York Roo drank her coffee as she looked at the card that was attached to the flowers that Donavan sent her earlier in the week about meeting her tonight at 8pm at the Marriott hotel. She looked up at the dress she had hanging on the closet door and the small overnight bag she had on the floor. All week she wrestled with her conscious about whether going to meet Donavan was the right thing to do. All week she walked around on egg shells at the office anticipating Nancy walking in, or t
  2. I know, but anything is better than nothing. I would probably be the first to say it’s a terrible recast just like the new Roo, but at least we would still have Bobby on our TV screen.
  3. Thanks for reading Chapter 485 Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme Sophie stepped out of the bath while Bobby opened the towel. She wrapped Sophie in the towel as Sophie wrapped her arms around Bobby’s neck. Bobby had to try really hard to stop herself from crying when she saw all the cuts on bruises on Sophie's body. She felt guilty because she should’ve known that Al would not have treated Sophie well, but she was so focused on her own hatred for him. “sweetheart, lets get you dry and into some clothes ok” Bo
  4. Thanks for reading Chapter 484 Bayside Diner- Summer Bay “So what time are you leaving tomorrow?” Ailsa said “Late afternoon” Donald said “I’m really sorry Donald” Ailsa said “Yes it has been an awful time for your family hasn’t it” Colleen said as she wiped the counter “First Alan, then David…and almost Bobby” Colleen and Ailsa and Donald looked at her “What are you talking about?” Donald said “Oh, you haven’t heard?” Colleen said “No..what is going on?” Donald said as he looked at Colleen confused Caravan Par
  5. I guess it would be an individual decision. I’ve personally seen this dynamic in my family, and we call each other cousins. However I understand how it would seem otherwise to others.
  6. Are we sure? Take Bobby out of the equation, Lucinda is Donald's sisters daughter Roo is Barbara's brothers daughter So Roo and Lucinda would be cousins through marriage. Thanks for reading Chapter 483 Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme “So, whats the verdict?” Greg said as Bobby tasted the spaghetti sauce. It was a bit salty, but she didn’t want to disappoint Greg “Its, good” Bobby said as Greg looked at her “You don’t like it” Gre
  7. Well technically they are through marriage.
  8. Thanks for reading Chapter 483 Caravan Park- Summer Bay Sally looked out of the window, she saw Sophies dad get into his car and drive away then she quickly put her dressing gown on and slippers and ran out of her room. She rushed downstairs and out of the house as quickly as she could and knock on the caravan door “Sophie..Sophie…its me…Sally” Sophie said in a loud whisper “Sophie opened her eyes when she heard her name being called. She took the blanket off her head. She looked around and noticed that her dad was gone. She slowly got up from und
  9. Thanks for reading Chapter 482 Bistro- The City Frank drank the coffee and sat the cup on the table ‘Can I get you something to eat?” Narelle said “Nah thanks…not hungry” Frank said “Are you alright?” Narelle said and Frank shook his head no “That’s why I came here, just to get away for a little while” Frank said “Bobby?” Narelle said and Frank nodded his head “Why don’t you move to the city, get away from Summer Bay if this going to bother you seeing her” Narelle said “I thought about it, but I don’t want to miss m
  10. Thanks for reading Chapter 481 Army Barracks- Brisbane Martin drank the tea on the bed tray in front of him. His arm was broken and so where his ribs. He gently put the cup on the tray and laid back on the pillow. Over the last few days he had tried to understand why he was attacked but it didn’t make sense “Hi” Martin turned to his left to see Nurse Sarah standing next to him “G’day” Martin said “How are you feeling today?” Sarah said “Ok…wish I could leave though” Martin said “I think doctor wants your ribs to heal a bit mo
  11. Thanks for reading Chapter 480 High School- Summer Bay Donald sighed as he read the letter. He completely forgot that he had volunteered…well was forced to host an exchange student who would be coming to their school. He didn’t see the point of this programme, but the education department thought it was a good idea to encourage international relations. Donald looked up as he heard the door knock “Come in” Donald said and the door opened “Lucinda, I thought you were taking some days off” Donald said “I changed my mind. Sitting at home,
  12. Thanks for reading Chapter 479 Beach- Summer Bay Background music- Have you ever been alone “You sound like you’re upset that Steve knows about us” Revhead said as he and Sandra walked on the beach hand in hand “No, I’m not upset, its just that ..I don’t want you to get into any trouble” Sandra said and she let go of his hand and sat on a rock “Well if there is any trouble, it wont be started by me. I told you that I’ve left all that behind ” Revhead said and he sat next to Sandra who was feeling a bit guilty about Maurice kidna
  13. Thanks fore reading Chapter 478 Sands Resort- Summer Bay “Hi” Julie looked up to see Nick at the desk “Hi” Julie said “I’ve been leaving messages” Nick said “I’ve been really busy. The resort is busy this time of year with tourists” Julie said “I thought you were avoiding me” Nick said “Why would I be doing that?” Julie said “I dunno, maybe because of the stuff going on with your brother?” Nick said and Julie looked at him “I have to get back to work” Julie said “We need to talk about this” Nick said “Hello
  14. Thanks for reading Chapter 477 Lucini Residence- Summer Bay “Where are you going?” Carly jumped as Ben came out of the bedroom Background music- Carly’s theme “To the diner” Carly said “Why?” Ben said “I’m helping Bobby with a catering job” Carly said as she put her jacket on “I thought you were sick, why do you want to help that loser” Ben said “I’m feeling better today” Carly said as Ben stared at her “I’ll see you later” Carly said and she began to walk to the door “You forgot something” Ben s
  15. Happy New Year! Thanks for reading Chapter 476 Summer Bay Shannon got into her car and looked at the suitcase on the back seat. She told her parents that she was going to stay with a friend in Summer Bay, and now she had to go back and tell them a lie about why she was back. She looked up when she heard a tapping on her car window to see Adam standing there. Shannon sighed then she rowed the window down “Hi” Adam said “Hi” Shannon said then Adam looked at the suitcase on the back seat of the car “Are you coming to my place tonigh
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