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  1. Thanks for reading. Been a busy, but I will have a chapter by the end of the week! Spoilers for the future.. - A character will move out of the beach house (Simpson residence) - Three characters will be leaving Summer Bay in the near future - Two big secrets will come out - A character will end up in jail (Somewhat connected to one of the secrets that will come out) Any guesses?
  2. Thanks for reading I edited some of the last chapter, so you might want to re-read before you read this new chapter.. Chapter 532 Mason Bistro- Brisbane Martin looked at his watch, Sarah was 15 minutes late. He racked his brains trying to remember if he had the time wrong, or the wrong location. He drank some of his coffee and looked out of the window and sighed. “Sorry I’m late” Martin turned to see Sarah taking off her jacket and sitting opposite him “No worries, I just got here” Martin said and smiled as he looked at Sarah. She looked even better than he remembered “What can I get you “The waitress said as she came over to the table “Oh just a coffee please” Sarah said as she smiled at the waitress who nodded and walked away “So, how’s the leg?” Sara said as she pushed her hair behind her ears “Getting better every day” Martin said as he lifted his plastered leg up. Sarah smiled then she looked up as the waitress put her coffee on the table “Thanks” Sarah said and smiled as Martin looked at her Background music- Romance theme * “You sure you don’t want anything else? Let me see I think I can afford for us to share a sandwich” Martin said as he reached into his pocket and took out two pennies as Sarah laughed. Martin always made her laugh. That is what she liked about him “No, the coffee is fine thanks” Sarah said and poured some milk into her coffee. “So what else do you do on your day off?” Martin said as he watched Sarah sip her coffee. Even though he didn’t know her well, there was something that he liked. Martin sighed silently as he remembered Megan. He really thought he was in love with Megan, he even thought he was going to marry her but she never felt the same as him “Well me and my flat mate, we clean our flat then we go and shop for food then maybe go and watch a movie if she doesn’t have plans with her boyfriend. When she does I stay home and watch TV with my cat cuddles” Sarah said and smiled “Cuddles…I wouldn’t mind meeting Cuddles one day..animals love me” Martin said and smiled. Sarah smiled. “What about you?” Sarah said “Right about now wishing I was lying on a beach somewhere” Martin said and sighed “Well the Sunbird beach is only 40 minutes from here” Sarah said “Yeah, but it probably isn’t as good as the beach we have at home in Summer Bay” Martin said and smiled “I bet its better” Sarah said and giggled “Ok, since you want to bet…we have to check out both places. I’ll go to Sunbird, then you have to come to Summer Bay…is that a deal?” Martin said and he put his hand out and Sarah started giggling “Come on, you’re the one who made the bet” Martin said as he looked at Sarah who was giggling. She didn’t know Martin well, yet here she was, potentially going away with him. Sarah nodded “Ok” Sarah said then she shook Martins hand as she giggled. Martin noticed how soft her hands were and how beautiful her eyes were when she smiled “I dunno about you, but I think I’m going to have some of that apple pie over there…excuse me, two slices of apple pie please” Martin said and the waitress nodded. Sarah was about to protest then she decided against it. She was enjoying Martins company. Shortly after the waitress returned with two slices of apple pie. “I should think of what I am going to get when I win the bet” Martin said as he ate some of his apple pie “I wouldn’t get too over confident if I was you” Martin said “Oh yeah?” Sarah said “Yeah” Martin said and Sarah giggled “the food is great, the people are friendly..hey, you will see a familiar face. Lt Lucini will still probably be there” Martin said and Sarah froze as she stared at Martin “Something wrong with your apple pie? tastes good to me…I should’ve asked for custard as well..excuse me can I have some custard please…do you want some custard?” Martin said as he looked at Sarah who looked like a possum caught in headlights “I’m leaving” Sarah said and she got up and put her jacket on as Martin looked at her confused “Why? You just got here” Martin said “I don’t want to see you again” Sarah said and she picked up her bag and walked towards the entrance “Wait..what did I say?” martin said as he struggled to get up but was too late, Sarah had already walked out of the Bistro. Martin sighed and he sat down. He knew what he said. Mentioning Lt Lucini. He knew it was a stupid thing to do, but he thought Sarah would’ve opened up and said why she had a problem with him. Martin looked at the waitress as she put the custard on the table. He wasn’t even hungry anymore. He was annoyed and probably just ruined a potential relationship. He had to find out what Lt Lucini did to Sarah that made her frightened of him, but he didn’t know how he was going to do it… Background music ends Beach- Summer Bay “Bobby look we caught a fish” Sam said excited “Thats great Sam!” Bobby said and smiled as Greg took the fish off the line and put it in a bucket “So that’s three fishes, I think we did good didn’t we mate” Greg said “Yeah” Sam said excited “Alright, lets wash our hands and have some lunch” Greg said as Bobby put the sandwiches on the table “What are you doing?” Greg said “Putting the sandwiches out” Bobby said “No you don’t. I told you that you don’t have to do anything. Just sit down and relax” Greg said “Ok ok” Bobby said and she put her hands up and sat down. She turned around and looked at the at how far they were from the beach and signed. Even though it was peaceful she couldn’t help thinking about what Steve said. Flashback Frank- This is a bit sudden, you wanting to leave Steve- I’ve been thinking about it for a while Sally- Steve are you going to come back Steve- Maybe one day Sal Sally- but why do yo have to go? Steve- I just do Sal Bobby- If its going to make you happy, then I say go for it Steve- Thanks Bobby Flashback ends “Bobby” Bobby looked up to see Greg giving her a plate “Sorry, I was miles away. This looks great, thanks” Bobby said and smiled. She wasn’t really hungry. She knew why Steve was going, he felt responsible for Thomas dying. “Is there something wrong?” Greg said “No, nothing” Bobby said “I thought it might have something to do with what Steve told you” Greg said “No, its just been a long week” Bobby said “Well hopefully us spending time together as a family will cheer you up” Greg said as he sat next to Bobby and kissed her cheek “Yeah, it will” Bobby said and smiled.. Shaunna blew her whistle as the kids came running back onto the sand from the water “Well done. Now we’re going to take a break for lunch, then we are going to do some basic first aid” Shaunna said and the kids in front of her nodded and rushed over to where their lunches and towels were “Hello Shaunna” Shaunna turned around to see Celia walking towards her “Hello Mrs Ross” Shaunna said “I just wanted to come along and see how everything was going” Celia said “Yeah, good” Shaunna said “I must admit, I was surprised when Haydn said he wanted me to make him a packed lunch because he was going to junior lifeguaurds” Celia said and Shaunna smiled to herself “He mustve heard from his school mates how fun it was going to be” Shaunna said “Yes, that is probably what it was…oh before I forget, I brought you some lunch as well” Celia said “Oh you didn’t need to” Shaunna said but secretly she was happy because Mrs Ross made the best sandwiches “Oh yes I did. I didn’t want you to go without” Celia said and she smiled. She really like Shaunna. “Thank you” Shaunna said and smiled “You’re welcome..I’ll see you later” Celia said and she walked away as Shaunna smiled. Caravan Park- Summer Bay Steve quietly opened the backdoor, closed it behind him and walked around to the back porch and sat down and sighed. He did it…told his family he was going. Now that it was out in the open he didn’t know how he felt because now it was a reality..he was really going. Steve rolled his eyes as he watched Ben park the car. He didn’t know what Carly saw in him, he was a scum bag, and she had turned into a scumbag since marrying him “I’ll give you a dollar to clean my car” Ben said as he walked up to the house “Get lost” Steve said “You’ve been asking for a really good hiding” Ben said and Steve got up “Yeah from who?” Steve said “From me you little drop kick” Ben said as he and Steve bumped chests “Go on then..I’m not afraid of you” Steve said “Yeah” Ben said as he got annoyed then he started to laugh. Steve reminded him of new army recruits that thought they were brave “Go on, take a shot I’m not afraid of you scumbag” Steve said “Hey , whats going on here?” Steve and Ben both looked behind them to see Frank holding Sophie. Sophie wanted to ride her bike for a little bit before she had some cake. Steve looked at Frank then he opened the back door and walked into the house “Nothing, just playing around” Ben said and smiled “Trust Steve to pick his timing” Carly said biting a into a sausage roll as she stood in the kitchen. “Carly” Pippa said and looked at her “Well he could’ve waited until after the party..but he just wanted the attention on him” Carly said “He did say if he didn’t say it now, he probably wouldn’t have the courage to say it later on” Pippa said as she dried the mixing bowl “Hope I didn’t miss all the food” Carly sighed as she heard Ben come into the house “Hello Ben. No we have some left over..have you finished work for the day?” Pippa said as she walked out of the kitchen “No, I asked someone to cover so I can take a lunch break. Happy birthday Sally, I hope you liked your present” Ben said as Sally sat at the table eating cake “Yes thanks” Sally said with cake in her mouth “Happy birthday Frank” Ben said as Frank and Sophie came into the house. “Thanks” Frank said “You’re birthday present is you letting me beat you at a game of cards” Ben said and Frank laughed “Maybe another time” Frank said and he walked into the kitchen “Did you have a good time riding your bike?” Pippa said and Sophie nodded “shes getting really good, I think I need to take the training wheels off soon” Frank said “Well let me slice you some cake” Pippa said and smiled as she walked out of the kitchen and Frank followed. Sophie sighed as Frank sat opposite her. Sophie was such a baby Sally thought to herself. She always made Frank pick her up. She wasn’t a baby like Sophie, and she didn’t like Sally anymore… Nowra beach resort- Nowra Australia “Oh love this is wonderful” Ailsa said as she opened the curtains in the hotel room. The view was spectacular. “Only the best for you love” Alf said he opened a bottle of champagne. Ailsa turned around when she heard the cork pop. Alf poured some of the champagne into a glass and gave it to Ailsa then he poured some for himself. Background music- Alf and Ailsa’s theme *** “Sometimes all this feels like a dream. I remember the first time I saw you. I never thought I could love again..not after losing Martha, but I was wrong. I know I can be difficult at times, and I’ve got so many faults..I am so grateful that you still love me. Eveything I put you through with Debra..and finding out I have other kids..I never expected you to come back to me. It tore me apart to know that I could’ve lost you forever. I love you more than anything Ails..and I always will” Alf said and he opened his bag out and took out a a box and gave it to Ailsa “Oh love…the resort was enough” Ailsa said and she opened the box and gasped. It was a beautiful necklace “Please let me put it on for you” Alf said and Ailsa gave him the necklace and Alf put it on her “It looks beautiful on you..just like I knew it would” Alf said and Ailsa smiled “I love you Ails” Alf said and Ailsa smiled “I love you too” Ailsa said “You better…you’re stuck with me” Alf said and Ailsa laughed as he hugged her… Background music ends Caravan Park- Summer bay Steve looked up as he heard a knock on the already open bedroom door Background music- Fletcher family theme “Do you mind if I come in.. I brought you some cake” Pippa said “ok” Steve said as Pippa came into the room. She put the cake on the edge of the bed “Thanks” Steve said and sat up as Pippa sat next to him “How are you?” Pippa said “Well I did it” Steve said “Yes you did..so now its official” Pippa said smiling even though she was hurt “Do you hate me Pippa?” Steve said “of course not darling..I know why you have to go. If this is going to make you happy then I am happy for you” Pippa said and smiled “Thanks” Steve said and Pippa hugged him as her smile disappeared… Sophie carefully put the dried plate on the table. She was helping her auntie Carly with the dishes. “You’ve been a good helper, thank you Sophie” Carly said and smiled at her “Oh I think your dad is finished, do you want to go and get his plate so we can wash it” Carly said and Sophie nodded “HE’S NOT HER DAD” Sally said and she pushed Sophie onto the floor. She fell hard and began to cry. Frank stood up and rushed over to pick his crying daughter up “THAT WAS VERY NAUGHTY SALLY GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW AND STAY THERE” Frank said annoyed “But” Sally was interrupted “I SAID NOW” Frank said as hugged Sophie and kissed her eye. “Its ok sweetheart, you’re going to be just fine” Frank said as Sally ran up the stairs crying “Does anything hurt?” Frank said as Sophie pointed to her bottom “Ohhh you’re going to have a sore bum, but you are going to be just fine ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded as she laid her head on her dad’s shoulder. “Sal, whats the matter?” Pippa said as Sally rushed past her on the stairs and ran into her room. “Is she alright?” Carly said as she sat next to Frank and gave him a napkin “Shes going to be fine” Frank said as he wiped Sophies cheeks “What happened?” Pippa said “Sal just told Sophie that Frank isn’t her dad and pushed her onto the floor” Carly said “I just sent her to room” Frank said “Oh dear…is Sophie hurt?” Pippa said “Just a bit of a sore bum, but she’s going to be just fine” Frank said “I better go up and see why Sally did that” Pippa said “I can tell you why…she’s a spoilt brat” Carly said and Pippa gave her a disappointing look and she walked away… Background music- Sally’s theme ** Pippa exhaled as she got to the top of the stairs and lightly knocked on Sallys bedroom door “Can I come in?” Pippa said as Sally sat on the bed and wiped the tears from her cheek. Pippa sat on the bed next to Sally “What you said to Sophie wasn’t very nice..she was crying..and she hurt her bum” Pippa said “Bottom” Sally said and Pippa rolled her eyes “Its true..Frank is not her dad” Sally said “Sweetheart, you remember when Sophies other dad was really mean to her?” Pippa said and Sally nodded “Well he went away so Mrs Malloy said that Frank and Bobby should take care of Sophie and be her new mummy and her daddy because Sophie didn’t have anybody to look after her. She didn’t have a mummy or a daddy to take her to school, or be kind to her,” Pippa said “So why is Frank with her all the time, he doesn’t even read me a story anymore” Sally said “Oh sweetheart, you have me, and Steve, and Carly to read you a story. Sophie didn’t have anybody read her a story, and now that she has a new mummy and daddy, they want to do everything to make her happy. That’s why Frank wants to go to her house and read to her, so she can be happy” Pippa said as Sally began to process what Pippa was saying. She remembered when she was in the foster home, nobody read her a story, until she came to live with Tom and Pippa and Tom would read her a story. Sally felt embarrassed by what she did. “I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to push Sophie” Sally said and she burst into tears “Its alright sweetheart, I know you didnt” Pippa said and she hugged Sally and smiled.. Background music ends Army Hospital- Brisbane “Back already” Martin turned around to see one of the hospital porters behind him. “G’day..I just came for a visit” Martin said “Oh yeah?” The porter said “Yeah..is Sarah working today?” Martin said “Sarah..we have three Sarah’s here” The porter said “Sarah Thompson” Martin said “No I haven’t seen her today, probably her day off” The porter said and Martin sighed “Why, you interested in her?” The porter said “Oh she’s just a mate” Martin said “Probably better off that way if you know what I mean” The porter said “Why does she have a boyfriend?” Martin said “Na, I haven’t seen her with anybody, not after the last bloke. ” The porter said “Know him do ya” Martin said “Know him? Hes the biggest scumbag walking the earth..he’s one of your lot” The porter said as he swept the floor “Go easy…we’re not all bad” Martin said then the porter stopped and looked at him “You are if your name is Lieutenant Ben Lucini” The porter said and continued to sweep as Martin stood in shock… * I’ll be using this romance theme ** Going forward ill use this theme for all the young kids..Sam, Sophie..Sally and call it Kids emotional theme) *** Alf and Ailsa's theme
  3. Check Amazon. That is where I got mine from. I don’t recall Toms side of the family ever being mentioned. I doubt they attended his funeral.
  4. Good idea. Maybe he is a mystery buyer of the caravan park after Alf passes away, and we see him moving in with his partner and their foster children as the credits roll.
  5. This is a good idea. I think there was discussion on this a few years back. The official home and away books can be used as the story lines since they pretty much explain the back story of the main characters. However, I’m wondering if the programme has evolved so much that there might not be much interest for it. In addition, the official home and away books exist, so the producers might not think there is a need to do a mini series.
  6. Thanks for reading Chapter 531 Three days later Barnett Residence- Summer Bay “You look nice this morning” Greg said as he and Fiona kissed in his room “You are a bad influence Mr Gregory Marshall I’m supposed to be working” Fiona said as Greg kissed her neck “All workers are entitled to a break” Greg said as Fiona giggled “Really? What did you have in mind for my break?” Fiona said as Greg began to unbutton her blouse “Take a guess” Greg said as he helped Fiona take her blouse off then they both froze as they heard the front door open “It must be Nick” Greg said and he looked at his watch “he’s home early” Greg said and he rushed out of the room “G’day” Nick said as he took his hat off and put it on the kitchen table. “G'day...They let you knock off early?” Greg said “Yeah something like that” Nick said and he opened the fridge and took out orange juice. He then opened the cupboard and took out a glass and poured some of the orange into it. “Greg I finished in your room” Fiona said as she came around the corner “Great, thanks” Greg said and smiled “I’ll just get on with the rest of the house” Fiona said “I better get some sleep..see you later” Nick said and yawned then he walked away When Greg heard the door closed he pulled Fiona towards him “Greg what are you doing..Nick might hear” Fiona said in a whisper “Well you just have to be quiet then” Greg said and they began to kiss Phone ringing “Hello” Greg said after he walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver “Bobby, Hi” Greg said and Fiona sighed as he looked at her “No I was up already” Greg said and Fiona walked into the bathroom. She picked up a dirty towel from the floor and put it into the laundry basket and sighed. She put the toilet seat down and sat on it staring at the broom in her hand as she listened to Greg talking to Bobby. She knew that what she was doing was wrong, and she didn’t have the right to be upset, but it was too late because she had already fallen in love with Greg… Fisher Residence- Summer Bay Donald bit into his toast as he read the newspaper “Good Morning Uncle Donald” Donald looked up to see Lucinda walking in the kitchen “Good morning” Donald said as he chewed his toast “I thought you were away this weekend?” Lucinda said as Lucinda took a banana from the fruit bowl “Yes, I will be leaving in a few hours” Donald said as he drank his tea “What do you have planned this weekend?” Donald said then he looked down at his paper while Lucinda sat opposite him “I’m going to the animal shelter with Emma” Lucinda said and Donald lookd up at her “I must say you do spend an awful lot of time with Emma Jackson” Donald said “I know, but she volunteers at the animal shelter too, and its something that David liked to do” Lucinda said as tears filled her eyes. She still missed her brother Background music- Fisher family theme “My intention wasn’t to make you upset” Donald said feeling guilty “Its not your fault, I just still miss him.. I just wish we had more time together” Lucinda said as she picked up a napkin from the table and wiped her eye. “I felt that way after Alan died. So many wasted years of not knowing my son..disappointing him when he needed me the most..but anyway, maybe one day he will know that I am sorry” Donald said as he struggled to stop the tears forming in his eyes “I’m sure he knows” Lucinda said as she gently smiled at her Uncle “Are you not having any breakfast?” Donald said “no, I better get going. I’ll grab something from the diner” Lucinda said and she got up “Alright then..have a good day” Donald said “Thanks..have a good trip” Lucinda said “Thank you” Donald said the he watched as Lucinda walked out of the kitchen then out of the house. Donald put his paper down and picked up his cup and plate and put them in the sink. He wiped his hands on a napkin and walked out of the kitchen. He had a few hours before he was set to go to the city to see Rebecca’s recital with Barbra. Donald walked into the living room and over to the mantle piece. He looked at the photos of Alan, Rebecca and Bobby. He then went over to the bookshelf and picked out Alans book. He rested the book on his chest and sighed. He remembered the first time he read the book, and how it made him feel like such a failure. A tear ran down Donald’s cheek as he remembered the day he went to the hospital and saw Alan unconscious, and the years he wasted hating his son... Background music ends Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Thanks Pippa” Frank said and he kissed Pippa’s cheek and she smiled. “You must’ve read my mind because the pair of socks you sent me got damaged in the wash” Frank said as he folded the socks and put them on top of the card on the table then he picked up the cup of coffee and drank it. “You’re welcome” Pippa said and smiled “I wasn’t sure that you would be back” Frank said “Well Dad is better, and when I told him that it was you and Sal’s birthday, he gave me marching orders to come straight home” Pippa said and rolled her eyes as Frank smiled “I’m glad you’re home” Frank said “Is there something wrong?” Pippa said as she looked at Frank concerned Background music- Fletcher family theme “Pippa!” Sally said as she came running into the living/dining area “Hello tuppance, happy birthday” Pippa said as Sally hugged her “When did you come back?” Sally said “Oh, a couple of hours ago. I didn’t want to wake anybody up” Pippa said and smiled “Can I open my presents now?” Sally said “What presents?” Frank said “Don’t tease” Sally said disappointed "Happy birthday sweetheart" Frank said and kissed the side of Sally's head "Happy birthday Frank" Sally said and smiled “go and get ready, and you can open your presents after you had your breakfast” Pippa said “Ok..you said I can have special pancakes today” Sally said as she ran towards the stairs as Pippa smiled “What about you, do you want anything special for breakfast?” Pippa said “No, anything is fine..speaking of opening presents..did you open your exam results” Frank said “Yes I did” Pippa said “Well?” Frank said “I passed” Pippa said and Frank smiled “Oh Pippa congratulations” Frank said as he hugged Pippa and kissed her cheek “So you wasn’t going to say anything until I dragged it out of you” frank said pretending to be annoyed “I just cant believe it. I never expected to go back to nursing…not after having a family..or even passing my exams” Pippa said “Well you have, and I am so proud of you..we are all proud of you. I know Tom would be so proud of you too” Frank said as Pippa looked at him “I am so glad that you’re home” Pippa said and Frank smiled and winked at her Background music ends “Pippa, I didn’t know you were coming back today” Bobby said as she walked into the house holding a big box. She put the box on the table. “Hello sweetheart” Pippa said as she hugged Bobby. Bobby and frank locked eyes, and she felt embarrassed seeing Frank after she had a ho at him. Even though he had been to her house, she tried to avoid him. “Well, Dad is much better, so he said I had to be here for Frank Sal’s birthday” Pippa said “Well I made the cake” Bobby said as she put the cake on the table. Pippa opened the box “Oh Bobby this is amazing, thank you” Pippa said as she looked at the cake. One half had happy birthday to Sally with a bike, and the other side had happy birthday to Frank with a guitar. Pippa looked up to see that Frank was drinking his coffee and looking ahead while Bobby looked uncomfortable. “Are we going to see you later for the birthday lunch?” Pippa said “Oh I would love to come, but Greg has planned for us to spend some time on his boat as a family” Bobby said “I want my daughter here” Frank said and Pippa looked at him. She could tell that there was a problem Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “I’ll just go up and see if Christopher is awake. He slept all through the drive back home” Pippa said and she smiled then she walked towards the stairs. Bobby sat down and looked at Frank. “About the other night..I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions” Bobby said and Frank looked at her “I know you love Sophie, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her” Bobby said and Frank sighed “Yeah, I’m sorry for yelling at you. can you please bring Sophie over to spend the day here?” Frank said “Ok” Bobby said “Is it alright if I take her to see Playschool live next Wednesday?” Frank said “Yeah. I should’ve told you, but I got Sophie and Sam into the creche at the resort next week because we are both working..if that is alright” Bobby said “Yeah” Frank said “ I’ll just let the creche know she wont be there on Wednesday” Bobby said “Thanks” Frank said and he looked at Bobby “I better get back…the kids are having breakfast. I told Grant I wouldn’t be long..Ill see you later” Bobby said and she stood up “ok” Frank said and Bobby walked out of the house then she stopped and turned around "Frank" Bobby said and Frank looked up at her "Happy birthday" Bobby said and smiled "Thanks" Frank said and smiled as Bobby walked out of the house.. Background music ends Surf Club- Summer Bay Shaunna looked at her watch then at the kids waiting around for junior lifeguards to begin. She was just about to start when she noticed someone running towards where her and the others stood. As the person got closer she smiled and realized who it was. “Next time get here on time Haydn” Shaunna said “ok, sorry” Haydn said and Shaunna smiled to herself.. General Hospital- Summer Bay “Thanks for seeing me last minute doc” Alf said “No problem, have a seat let me just look at your test results” Dr Routledge said as he opened Alfs file “I thought you were moving to the new medical office?” Alf said “Yes , but there was a problem after the building inspection, so it will be another couple of weeks” Dr Routledge said as Alf looked at him “Tell me doc…is it bad? I can handle it” Alf said concerned then Dr Routledge looked up at him “No, not bad at all. Your hormone levels are fine” Dr Routledge said “So why cant I…you know” Alf said “It could be for a number of reasons, but the most important is that it is nothing internal. Are you sure you haven’t been under any stress lately?” Dr Routledge said “No, not at all..nothing out of the ordinary” Alf said “Ok. I’m going to give you a prescription..something mild. Take one of these about an hour before intimacy. Ill prescribe you a months supply. Come back after they are finished and we can talk further” Dr Routledge said as he wrote on the prescription pad “Will it work doc? Alf said concerned “No reason why it shouldn’t. ” Dr Routledge said as he looked at Alf and gave him the prescription. Alf looked at it and sighed “Is there something wrong?” Dr Routledge said “I just never expected to be taking these so early..its embarrasing” Alf said in a whisper “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I’ve prescribed these to patients who are younger than you” Dr Routledge said “Blimey” Alf said surprised .”Our body is just like a machine, sometimes it needs a little help to get going” Dr Routledge said “In my case, I need a lot of help” Alf said and Dr Routledge smiled “Take the rest of the day off, and go and relax..doctors orders” Dr Routledge said “Its actually me and the wife’s anniversary, so I am taking her away for the weekend” Alf said “That should do the trick” Dr Routledge said and smiled Simpson Residence- Summer Bay “Do you want to take teddy as well” Bobby said as she picked out a dress for Sophie to wear, and some extra clothes in case she got her dress dirty Sophie nodded. She was going to stay at her dads house today because it was his birthday Knock on the door Put yt shirt and jeans in the bag, Ill be right back” Bobby said as she rushed out of the room and down the stairs “Dad, what are you doing here?” Bobby said as she opened the door. “Hello Grandpa Donald” Sam said as he watched cartoons “Hello Sam” Donald said as he closed the door behind him “I hope I am not disturbing you” Donald said “No, I was just upstairs picking out some clothes for Sophie” Bobby said “Oh is she off on an adventure?” Donald said “She probably thinks so, she’s spending the day at the caravan park because its Frank and Sal's birthday today” Bobby said “Is that allowed..I mean considering Frank really isn’t Sophies foster parent yet” Donald said as Bobby looked at him “Dad if that is what you came here for, I don’t have time…excuse me” Bobby said as she walked away “Bobby wait” Donald said and Bobby stopped walking and turned around “For what? Frank is Sophies dad, and there is nothing you can say that will change that” Bobby said “I know…that is not why I came here” Donald said “So why did you come here?” Bobby said and folded her arms Background music- Fisher family theme “I just..I was thinking about Alan this morning..and all the years I wasted being angry at him when he needed me to be his dad” Donald said as Bobby watched him “I know that I can be stuck in my own ways, and it cost me my relationship with my son” Donald said and Bobby signed “Alan knew how you felt about him at the end..afterall you did get him that sponsorship” Bobby said “Yes, but it was too late” Donald said and sighed “What I am trying to say is that I don’t want that to happen between me and you” Donald said “It wont if you leave me alone to live my life” Bobby said “I know its your life..but I just get scared for you when it comes to Frank..I know how he hurt you..I heard you crying at night, and as a father I felt helpless” Donald was interrupted “Well that was then..I’ve moved on..I have Greg and Sam in my life, and we are happy” Bobby said “I heard my name” Greg said as he came in through the back “Dad” Sam said and Greg kissed Bobby on her cheek then he walked over to the couch and playfully wrestled with Sam “I was just telling Dad that we are going on a family outing today” Bobby said “Yes we are, and I don’t want you making any food, Ive got that all covered” Greg said “Oh, look at the time, I better get Sophie packed, shes staying at the caravan park tonight” Bobby said and she rushed up the stairs “Oh right…why don’t you come along with us Mr Fisher” Greg said “Thank you, but I have some other plans today” Donald said “You sure I cant tempt you? We are going for a boatride” Greg said “That is quite tempting, but I am sure you had plans to spend it as a family” Donald said as Bobby and Sophie came down the stairs “Hello Sophie are you ok?” Donald said and Sophie nodded as Bobby put her bag on the chair “You and Sam watch some cartoons before we leave ok” Bobby said and Sophie sat on the chair with her teddy bear “Anyway, I better go..have a good day” Donald said then he walked out of the house “Is your dad alright?” Greg said “Yeah why not” Bobby said “I cant wait to spend the dad with you..with our family” Greg said as he put his arms around Bobby “Are you sure you don’t want me to bring anything?” Bobby said “No..everything has been taken care of” Greg said and he looked at his watch “We better get a move on, I’m starving” Greg said “Ok, we have to drop Sophie off at the caravan park first” Bobby said “I thought you said you wanted me to be her foster father” Greg said “Oh I forgot to tell you, Mrs Malloy said Franks application was too far along to do anything about it” Bobby said “But you said it was only a temporary application” Greg said “Well…yeah” Bobby said “Well maybe we can try again in a few months” Greg said and Bobby felt her heart drop “Yeah..Ill find out…but lets leave it for now..Ok” Bobby said as she hugged Greg “ok..but one day we will have our own kids..remember like we said” Greg said “Yeah” Bobby said as she put her head on Gregs chest and looked at Sophie hugging her teddy bear… Background music ends Bayside Diner- Summer Bay “You’re lucky..being whisked away for the weekend..do you know where you are going?” Colleen said with envy in her voice “I don’t know, Alf said it’s a surprise” Ailsa said “Well you look the part” Colleen said as she looked at Ailsa’s new hairstyle “I thought I’d try something new since it is our anniversary” Ailsa said as she stood in the bathroom and looked at her hair “The most I got for my anniversary was a half eaten box of chocolates from that womanizing rat” Colleen said as Ailsa came out the bathroom “Take it from me, never fall in love” Colleen said to Shannon as she gave her the order. Shannon looked at her confused as she walked out of the kitchen “Oh come on Colleen, you will find the right man when its time” Ailsa said “When? That’s what I want to know” Colleen said annoyed “I don’t know…put yourself out there..you never know mr right might be right under your nose, and you just haven’t realized it…see you on Monday” Ailsa said and she walked out of the kitchen as Colleen stood and wondered who Mr right was who was right under her nose..then a light bulb went off and she smiled to herself then she rushed over to the phone. “Hello..operator…can I please have the number for the sands resort hair salon” Colleen said and smiled… Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa put the candles on the cake “This cake is so nice, I feel bad that we have to cut it and eat it” Pippa said to Carly as she walked out of the kitchen and put the cake on the table “Yeah, Bobby did a good job” Carly said as she put napkins on the table “Do you need me to do anything Mrs Fletcher?” Finlay said as Lance followed behind her “Ummm..you can bring the sandwiches to the table please” Pippa said “Looks like we got here just in time” Bobby said as she came into the house with Sophie. Sally sighed. She didn’t like Sophie anymore, and she didn’t want her at her birthday party. “Hi sweetheart” Frank said and Sophie walked over to him. He picked her up and she hugged him then she gave him a gift bag “Is this for me?” Frank said and Sophie nodded “She picked out the presents herself.” Bobby said “Thank you” Frank said and he kissed Sophies cheek as Finlay put the sandwiches on the table “Here Sal, we didn’t forget you” Bobby said as she give a present to Sally “Thank you” Sally said and smiled “Come on Steve let us sing happy birthday” Pippa said to Steve who was sitting on the couch reading a book. He sighed as he walked over to the table as Pippa lit the candles as Sophie sat on Franks lap as he opened his presents. “Oh this is nice sweetheart, thank you” Frank said and he hugged Sophie. He then looked at Bobby then at the presents he got, a mug that said number 1 dad, and a keyring that had a photo of him and Sophie on it. “Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Frank and Sally Happy Birthday to you” They all sang as Frank looked at Sally and winked “Looks like we got here in time” Greg said as he and Sam came through the door “Sorry, I was just about to come out” Bobby said as Frank and Greg looked at each other Background music- Fletcher family theme “Ok both of you, don’t forget to make a wish before you blow out the candles” Pippa said “I know what I want” Sally said “What about you Frank?” Pippa said and Frank and Bobby locked eyes as Greg looked at Frank. Frank looked at Pippa and smiled “Ok after three, blow the candles out..one…two…three” Pippa said and Sally and Frank blew the candles, but leaving one on Franks side of the cake “Sweetheart do you want to blow that one out for daddy?” Frank said and Sophie nodded then she leaned forward and blew the candle out as Bobby felt her heart fill with joy. Even though she realized yesterday, seeing Sophie with Frank today, she knew there was no way she could she could stop him from being her dad. Sophie hugged her dad and rested her head on his shoulder. “Anyway, we better get going” Greg said “Oh, are you sure you wont stay for some cake?” Pippa said “No thank you Mrs Fletcher..I don't want to spoil my lunch” Greg said “have a good time with your dad, sweetheart, I’ll see you tomorrow” Bobby said and she walked over to Sophie and kissed her forehead. Sophie nodded as Bobby and Frank locked eyes. Finlay got annoyed as she watched Frank and Bobby looking at each other. “Have a good time on the boat” Pippa said “Yeah we will” Greg said and he put his arm around Bobby and they walked out of the house. “Before you go..I have something to say to my family” Steve said and Bobby turned around. Pippa looked at Steve and sighed “Ill just wait in the car” Greg said and he walked out of the house “Yeah we’ll come back for cake later on” Lance said and he and Finlay walked out of the house “What is this about?” Frank said as he looked at Steve “I know that if I didn’t say it now, I’d be too chicken to say it later” Steve said “Say what?” Bobby said “My Aunt Donna..my mums sister is coming from England at the end of the month, and I’m going back to England to live with her” Steve said and exhaled as an awkwardness filled the house.. Background music ends
  7. Thanks for reading Chapter 530 Krombie coffee shop- Dapto Australia “Thanks” Frank said as he picked up his coffee from the counter. He followed Beth out of the coffee shop and they sat down on a bench outside. The weather was warm. Frank had not been here before, but he met Beth after work, and followed behind her car. “The pastries are really nice here, it’s a shame they ran out already” Beth said as she drank some of her coffee. She had been waiting all day to see Frank, and had butterflies in her stomach when she was around him. Frank yawned. He was really tired, but there was no way that he was going to miss another night of seeing his daughter. He couldn’t wait to tell her that he was taking her to playschool live. He also needed to see her because Beth said Sophie had been quiet at school the last two days. Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “How was work today” Beth said as she drank her coffee “Same as always” Frank said as he drank his coffee then he sighed He had started to hate going to work. Seeing Greg’s smug face annoyed him. Beth looked at him, and could tell that he was not telling her everything, but she didn’t want to push it. “How about we do something to take your mind off work? The cinema is showing that new Robin Williams movie. How about I get us some tickets for tonight, and you can stay over again” Beth said as she kissed Franks neck and smiled “What you really want is for me to help you pack” Frank said and Beth laughed “Well the thought had crossed my mind” Beth said and smiled “I can’t. I have to read Sophie a story before she goes to bed” Frank said “I’m sure she won’t mind if you miss one night” Beth said and kissed Franks neck “I will” Frank said and Beth stopped kissing his neck and looked at him. She was disappointed. She hadn’t seen him much, and was hoping they could spend more time together. Beth smiled “This is one of the reasons why I love you..you’re a great father. I understand. I can wait until Saturday night” Beth said and smiled. She drank some of her coffee and rested her head on Frank’s shoulder. She couldn’t wait until Saturday because they only had a few more days until she was leaving, and she was going to give Frank the best birthday present... Bayside diner- Summer Bay Grant wiped the counter and as he turned to wipe the side he saw Sam and Sophie sitting in the corner. After school, Bobby brought them to the diner so she could finish up putting the files into the new computer “Hi Sophie, Hi Sam” Sam looked around “Hi Mr Grant” Sam said with his mouth full of doughnut “How was school today?” Grant said “Ok” Sam said. Grant looked at Sophie. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t eat her doughnut or drink her milk either. She looked up at Grant then she looked towards the entrance of the diner. Grant sighed as he looked at Sophie. He could tell that she was upset about something. Maybe she missed her dad he thought to himself as he watched her looking at the entrance to the diner. Grant sighed then he went back into the kitchen “Oops” Colleen said as she almost bumped into Grant then she gently touched his forearm and smiled then she walked out of the kitchen with the customer order “Bobby do you have a moment?” Grant said as he knocked on the half open office door “Yeah what is it?” Bobby said as she cross checked what she typed “Honestly I don’t know how we were able to survive without this computer” Bobby said then she looked at Grant “What?” Bobby said and Grant sat opposite her “You know that I am always on your side” Grant said and Bobby looked at him confused “Yeah” Bobby said then Grant inhaled and exhaled “What you’re planning to do..take Franks name off the foster application..I don’t think it’s a good idea..I know its not my business but” Grant was interrupted “You’re right..it is none of your business” Bobby said as grant looked at her surprised “Think about how this is going to affect Sophie” Grant said “ That is what I am thinking about. You don’t know Frank like I do. Dad was right, he was only using Sophie to get back with me. Now that he sees that I’m not going to drop everything and go running back to him, he’s just dumped her just like he dumps everyone else when hes bored” Bobby said annoyed. Grant stared at Bobby. He was a bit surprised by her response which confirmed what he had known all along. “I know I don’t know Frank, but” Grant was interrupted “No, you don’t, so I would appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself” Bobby said and Grant sighed then he got up and walked out of the office and closed the door. Bobby opened the desk draw and took out her address book. She picked up the phone and began to dial “Hi..this is Bobby Simpson can I speak to Mrs Malloy..oh shes not there..can you ask her to phone me…she has the number….ok thanks” Bobby said and she put the phone down. The sonner she can take Franks name off the better. Now that her and Greg were back together, she was not gong to do anything to jeopardize their future. Background music ends Summer Bay “Yeah, school is going great mum” Shane said and sighed. He felt guilty that he had to lie to his mum, but he had no choice. There was no way that he was going back home “Yeah..Nick is working nights all week. I think he said they are short staffed..alright I’ll tell him to phone..yeah. Mum I have to go, the pips are going..No, I’m not at home…I just left the library…alright..I love you too..bye” Shane said then he put the phone down and breathed a sigh of relief. He leaned on the phonebox door and stared at the phone. He put his hand in his pocket and looked at the change in his hand. It wasn’t even enough to buy a cup of tea. Shane sighed as his stomach rumbled. He was hungry and if he was honest with himself hiding out here wasn’t fun anymore, but he had no other choice. He sighed then he put his hood on his head and opened the phonebox door. He had to figure out how he was going to get some more money because he definitely wasn’t going back home. Harris residence- Kiama Knock on the door Fiona wiped her hands as she heard her son rushing towards the door. “Mum it’s Greg” Scott said and Fiona sighed as she walked out of the kitchen “G’day” Greg said and smiled as he walked towards Fiona. As he leaned in to kiss her he noticed that she wasn’t her usual self. “Is there something wrong?” Greg said and Fiona sighed “I saw you and Bobby together today..I came to the boatshed..I thought you might want to have some lunch” Fiona said “I didn’t know she was coming over” Greg said “It looked like you didn’t mind her being there” Fiona said as she folded her arms and looked at Greg “I still don’t know where things stand with me and Bobby” Greg said “But I like you, and I still want to see you” Greg said and he put his arms around Fiona who sighed. She knew this was wrong. Fiona nodded then she leaned forward and kissed Greg… Caravan Park- Summer Bay Finlay opened the drawers and took out Franks t-shirt. She put the t-shirt up to her face and began to breath in. It smelled just like Frank. She rested it on her chest and closed her eyes as she remembered Frank kissing her. “What are you doing in here?” Finlay jumped to see Steve standing behind her “I I I was just putting away some laundry that mixed in with mine” Finlay said and put the t-shirt back into the draw, smiled , and walked out of the room. She rushed into her room and closed the door. Finlay breathed a sigh of relief and smiled to herself.. “Frank can you read me a story?” Sally said as she watched Frank put on his jacket “I cant Sal…you know I have to read Sophie a story” Frank said and Sally looked at him disappointed “I promise I’ll read one to you soon ok” Frank said as he knelt in front of Sally and gently tapped her nose with his finger “Ok” Sally said disappointed. Phone ringing Frank got up and walked towards the phone “Hello caravan park” Frank said “Pippa hi” Frank said and smiled. Sally walked over to the couch and sat down as Frank spoke to Pippa on the phone. She didn’t like Sophie anymore, and she wished she would go away, and leave Frank alone…. Stewart residence- Summer Bay “What do you think?” Sandra said as she attempted to pass the plate to Emma “Emma” Sandra said and she nudged Emma “What?” Emma said “What do you think?” Sandra? “About what?” Emma said “Me and Maurice. Lately he hasn’t been the same. Maybe he thinks I’m too young…what do you think?”Sandra said “I don’t know..maybe you are just overreacting” Emma said as she wiped the plate and put the plate in the cupboard. For some reason she was really tired today “I don’t know. Maybe we are ready to take the next step” Sandra said as she washed another plate “What do you mean?” Emma said “You know..the next step” Sandra said “You mean have sex?” Emma said “Shhh” Sandra said and she looked behind her to see if anyone was coming “Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Emma said “I want to prove to Maurice that I’m not a little kid” Sandra said “But you should only do that with someone you love” Emma said and she sighed “I do love Maurice” Sandra said “how do you know? You haven’t been together for long” Emma said as Sandra passed her the plate “I know, but it just feels right between us” Sandra said and Emma sighed. She knew what Sandra meant. It felt so right with David “Yeah..I know what you mean” Emma said “ So you think I should do it?” Sandra said and Emma looked at her “Only if you think you are ready. don’t let him force you into anything” Emma said “I wont” Sandra said and smiled then she looked down at the pot she was washing and began to plan her special night with Maurice…. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobby wiped down the kitchen counter as Greg put the plates in the cupboard. “This is nice isn’t it” Greg said “What is?” Greg said “Just us having dinner as a family” Greg said and smiled “Yeah, it has been nice” Bobby said as Greg leaned forward and kissed her “I was thinking maybe we can go out on the boat on Saturday..you know you me Sophie and Sam” Greg said “Yeah sounds like a good idea. I told Pippa I would make the cake for Frank and Sal, so Ill just drop the cake off and then I’ll be all yours” Bobby said and smiled and Greg leaned forward and kissed her as Grant came into the house “G’day” Greg said as Grant came into the house. He purposefully stayed away after speaking to Bobby after work. “G’day” Grant said as he tried to avoid looking at Bobby “Sorry no left overs” Greg said “ That’s alright, I had dinner at the resort with Marilyn, shes working late tonight” Grant said as he walked into the bathroom to wash his hands. Sophie and Sam were watching a repeat of Playschool. Sophie hugged her teddybear and watched the TV. The playschool man looked like her dad Knock on the door Sophie immediately looked at the door as Greg walked over to the door and opened it “G’day” Frank said as Bobby walked out of the kitchen. He has some nerve Bobby thought to herself “G’day” Greg said and he walked away. “Hi Uncle Frank” Sam said “Hello mate” Frank said as he walked into the house “Hi Sweetheart” Frank said and Sophie immediately got up and rushed over to her dad. Frank picked her up and could hear Sophie breathe a sigh of relief. Frank hugged his daughter and kissed her ear “are you ok?” Frank said and he could see Sophies eyes light up and she nodded then she kissed his cheek and put her head on his shoulder and hugged his neck. Frank smiled, he missed his daughter so much. “You watching playschool” Frank said and he could feel Sophie nodding “Ok lets watch a little bit before you go to bed” Frank said then he sat on the couch and they watched it together. Bobby watched Sophie and Frank. He could tell that Sophie had really missed her dad. As she turned around to go back to the kitchen she locked eyes with Grant who had also been watching Frank and Sophie. Bobby looked away and walked into the kitchen… Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Shaunna took the towel off her head and put it on the bed. She tied her dressing gown tighter and sat on the bed. She picked up the photo album on the chair in front of her and opened it. She smiled as she looked through the photos. They were all photos of her at different stages in her life. She got to the end of the photo album and a newspaper clipping fell out onto her lap. Shaunna picked up the black and white clipping and looked at it. It was a photo of Pippa Fletcher and John Farhnam then she opened the last page of the photo album, and smiled as she put the newspaper clipping in. It was interesting that she put the photo on the last page because it symbolized to her the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. Shaunna smiled and laid back on the bed and rested the album on her chest and closed her eyes…. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme Frank smiled as he kissed Sophie on the forehead, tucked her teddy bear in the bed with her, and pulled the blanket up. He stopped and stared at her few minutes. He could tell that she had missed him because she refused to get into the bed. He had to read the story to her while she sat on his lap. Frank exhaled, he loved his daughter so much, and was never going to miss seeing her again. Frank got up and put the book on the book shelf. He turned one more time to look at his daughter then he pulled the door to the edge. Frank yawned. He was really tired, but he knew that tonight was not going to be any different in terms of him not being able to sleep much. Frank walked down the stairs. He heard Bobby in the kitchen and he walked towards her “If its alright, I got some tickets to take Sophie to the Playschool live show next week when shes on school holidays” Frank said and Bobby looked up at him “Are you sure you’re going to turn up?” Bobby said as she cleaned an already cleaned kitchen table “Excuse me?” Frank said confused “You don’t bother to come and see Sophie for two days, then you just walk in here like nothing is wrong” Bobby said annoyed “What are you talking about?” Frank said “I’m talking about you just pushing Sophie aside like she doesn’t even matter” Bobby said “But she does matter” Frank said confused by Bobby’s accusations. “I should have known that once Beth got her claws into you, Sophie would be second choice. Dad always said you would get bored of playing dad, he was right” Bobby said annoyed. Grant stopped playing the guitar and crept over to the door and listened “Got her claws into me? What are you talking about?” Frank said “I’m talking about you not bothering to see Sophie for the last two days” Bobby said and folded her arms “I know I should’ve called but it it was really late” Frank was interrupted “oh so now you realized you should’ve dragged yourself away from Beth to phone your daughter?” Bobby said sarcastically “JUST SHUT UP! YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT” Frank shouted at Bobby and she looked at him surprised. “Yesterday the showers flooded at the caravan park, it took ages for me and Steve to stop the flooding. By the time we got back into the house it was too late, and I knew Sophie would be in bed. The night before I was so tired, and I just meant to have a nap and I overslept” Frank said as Bobby realized that she had over reacted and had made a fool of herself. Frank looked at Bobby. He knew her well enough to know that she was probably feeling stupid right now.. “I didn’t know about the caravan park” Bobby said “Well maybe you should check your facts before you make stupid accusations” Frank said and he walked out of the house and slammed the door. Bobby jumped as the door slammed. She felt like such a fool. Bobby sat down at the dining table and tried to process what just happened, and what she had planned to say to Mrs Malloy. Bobby exhaled as she heard Grants bedroom door open. He avoided looking at her and walked into the kitchen. Grant grabbed a glass and poured himself some Milk and was about to walk back to his room “Grant” Grant turned around and looked at Bobby “I’m really sorry about earlier. I really shouldn’t have taken it out on you” Bobby said “There is nothing to be sorry for..I shouldn’t have poked my nose in, you are right, it is none of my business” Grant said as he sat opposite Bobby “You were trying to make me realize that what I was doing was making a mistake. Seeing Sophie with Frank tonight…she loves him so much. My daughters heart was breaking because she didn’t see her dad. It makes me feel like I was being a bad mother” Bobby said as tear came to her eyes “Hey, you’re not a bad mother..you just didn’t know what happened” Grant said and Bobby looked at him “Sorry I wasn’t eavesdropping, I heard Frank when he was shouting” Grant said “I deserved it, for being angry at him for no reason” Bobby said “So what are you going to do? I mean about the foster parent application and Greg?” Grant said “I just cant stop Frank from being Sophies dad..I just cant” Bobby said as she wiped a tear from her cheek “ I just have to tell Greg that it is too late in the application process to make any changes” Bobby said “You think he will go for it?” Grant said “I hope so..because there is no I can keep Sophie from Frank…she loves him too much” Bobby said and Grant looked at her “As much as you love him?” Grant said and Bobby looked at him, and she felt her heart skip “I have to get ready for bed, I got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow” Bobby said as she got up from the chair “Bobby?” Grant said “I have Greg and Sam in my life, everything is going great, and nothing is going to jeopardize our future…night” Bobby said and she walked up the stairs as a tear ran down her cheek Background music ends
  8. Thanks for reading Chapter 529 Surf Club- Summer Bay “So when are you going to let me show you around town” Ben said as he leaned on the counter as Shaunna checked the first aid kit. He thought she was very attractive “Is your wife coming along as well?” Shaunna said as she looked at Ben, and she smiled as she noticed how uncomfortable Ben became “I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing” Ben said as he raised his eyebrows as Shaunna shook her head “In your dreams” Shaunna said as Ben laughed and began stocking the fridge with the cokes that were in the crate that was on the counter. “Must be great marrying into a big family like the Fletchers” Shaunna said “Not really because my family is also big” Ben said “Yeah but your wife has five siblings, it must be great to know you have extra brothers and sisters” Shaunna said “Yeah right…it’s not like they are really related anyway” Ben said and smirked “Carly mustve been really happy to have Mr Fletcher walk her down the aisle” Shaunna said “He didn’t” Ben said “Oh..why?” Shaunna said curiously “He died before I got here..some accident. Something to do with that grot bags Bobby” Ben said “ Oh yes, I heard something about that…so do you know when Mrs Fletcher gets back? I think I heard her dad is not well” Shaunna said “Why all these questions about the Fletchers?” Ben said and he turned and looked at Shaunna “No reason, just trying to get to know everyone” Shaunna said and smiled. As she walked out of the surf club her smile disappeared as she recalled what Ben said about the accident.. Summer Bay Background music- Carly’s theme As Carly walked towards the diner she sighed. She remembered times when she was happy to go to the diner when her and Matt worked together..when Bobby first gave her the managers role. All that seemed like years ago “Hi Carly” Carly turned around to see Marilyn walking fast to catch up to her. Carly turned around and tried to walk faster, but Marilyn caught up to her “Carly” Marilyn said and Carly stopped walking and turned to face Marilyn. “What do you want?” Carly said annoyed “I just wanted to see how you are” Marilyn said “Fine” Carly said as Marilyn looked at her “Are you sure?” Marilyn said “Look, just leave me alone ok” Carly said “But Carly” Marilyn said “I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE” Carly said and she walked away. Marilyn sighed. Everytime she saw Carly it reminded her of what she went though with Ben “What was that about?” Marilyn jumped and she turned around to see Adam behind her. “Nothing” Marilyn said “How are you?” Adam said as they walked towards the diner “Fine…you?” Marilyn said “Yeah good” Adam said and they walked a short distance in silence “I’ve been meaning to come over” Adam said “Why?” Marilyn said “I dunno..just to see you..I miss seeing you” Adam said without realizing he said it “Adam, you have a girlfriend” Marilyn said trying to not sound sad “Yeah, but we can be friends” Adam said and Marilyn stopped walking and looked at Adam “I have to get back” Marilyn said as Adam looked at his watch “I thought you was going over to the diner to get lunch?” Adam said “’m not really hungry anymore..bye” Marilyn said and she folded her arms and walked away. She was hungry, but if she was honest with herself she missed Adam too. Seeing him and Shannon still hurt her considering she didn’t understand what she did wrong to cause him to break it off with her, just like she didn’t know why Ben hurt her. She had the worst luck with men. Even Lance didn’t want her anymore. Marilyn sighed as a tear ran down her cheek as she walked away. Background music ends Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay Greg sanded down the side of the engine. He was alone. Maurice has gone to get some supplies, Frank had gone to the bank, and Michael was meeting with the engine rep. Greg smirked. He knew what Michael was really going to do with the engine rep. Greg smiled to himself as he worked. He had a great evening with Fiona where they finished the evening by being intimate. “Hi” Greg looked up to see Bobby standing in front of him Background music – Greg and Bobby’s theme “G’day” Greg said as his smile disappeared “I hope you don't mind me coming here. I thought we could have lunch together” Bobby said as she pointed to a picnic basket she was holding. Greg looked at the picnic basket then he looked at Bobby as she put the basket down. “I know you are probably still upset with me, but nothing happened between me and Frank” Bobby said “Yeah, he told me yesterday” Greg said which surprised Bobby. Greg put the sander down and wiped his hands “Look, I know things between us have been rocky, and I know its because Frank is around, but I told him to stay away. I probably should've put my foot down a long time ago, and I'm sorry. He agreed to only come to the house to read a story to Sophie. Not for dinner or anything else. He couldn’t even bother to do that, so I’m going to tell Mrs Malloy to stop his foster parent application” Bobby said and Greg looked at her surprised “What did he say about that?” Greg said “He doesn’t know, and anyway, he doesn’t have any choice because I’m the main guardian” Bobby said as Greg looked at her “I want you to be Sophies foster father..thats if you still want to” Bobby said as Greg looked at her “I want us to be the family that we talked about..maybe have our own children as well” Bobby said as Greg looked at her and smiled “Yeah, I would love to be Sophies foster father…just tell me when and where I sign” Greg said and smiled then he pulled Bobby close to him and they began to kiss then Bobby rested her head on Gregs chest and exhaled. She was happy that things were going to go back to how they were. Greg kissed the top of Bobby’s head. He had to admit that he missed her and Sam, and with Frank out of the way, they could go back to how they were... Fiona closed the car door and smiled. She wanted to surprise Greg with some lunch. She wasn’t expecting to see him last night, but having dinner with him and Scott made it feel like they were a family. As Fiona got closer to the boatshed she felt her heart jump. She saw Greg and Bobby hugging. She stopped walking and sighed. Even though Greg never made a commitment to her, she thought that Greg and Bobby were over, and she had a chance to be happy with him. Fiona turned around and began to walk back to her car disappointed by what she just saw. She looked at the bag in her hands with lunch and threw it into the bin then she got into her car and drove away… Background music ends Bookshop- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “Thanks” Frank said and he walked out of the bookshop. He just bought tickets to take Sophie to see the live Playschool show next week when she was on school holidays. Frank smiled. He remembered enjoying watching play school with his dad, and knew that one day he would take his kids to watch the playschool live show. Even though things were not great with Bobby, having his daughter in his life was the best thing about being back home… Bayside diner- Summer Bay “Ok can you please ask Mrs Malloy to call me…my name is Bobby Simpson..yeah..thanks” Bobby said then she put the phone down “Here are the receipts from the wholesalers” Grant said as he walked into the office “Thanks” Bobby said as Grant put them on the table. Bobby looked up at him and smiled “You’re in a good mood” Grant said “Greg and I sorted everything out” Bobby said “That’s great” Grant said and smiled “I know, I told him that Frank is not going to be around anymore, so we can get on with our lives” Bobby said and smiled as she picke dup the recipets from the table “What do you mean Frank isn’t going to be around anymore?” Grant said confused “I’m decided to take his name off the application as Sophies foster father” Bobby said and Grant looked at her surprised “How did he take it?” Grant said “I haven’t told him, and he doesn’t really have a say. He hasn’t been to see her for two days. He doesn’t care. That’s what he does, when he cant get his own way he walks away” Bobby said as Grant looked at her “Can you do that though..I mean take his name of the application?” Grant said “I am the main guardian, so it’s my choice” Bobby said as Grant looked at her “What about Sophie?” Grant said “What about her? I’m doing this for her own good, because I’m saving her the heartache now. Besides…she’s going to have a new Dad anyway” Bobby said “What do you mean?” Grant said “ Greg has agreed to apply to be her foster parent. It makes sense in the longrun because we already have Sam together. This way we will be one big happy family with no interruptions” Bobby said and smiled as Grant wondered if she was making the right decision… Background music ends
  9. Thanks for reading Sorry for the delay in updating, been a but busy Chapter 528 Beach- Summer Bay “Hey” Emma turned around to see Officer Parish's brother by the entrance to the cave. She got up from the sand and wiped the back of her school dress and walked over to where he was “You didn’t tell anyone that you saw me?” Shane said “I’m not a dobber” Emma said annoyed “Good” Shane said as he looked around “Got any food?” Shane said and Emma sighed. She opened her bag and gave him her sandwich “Thanks” Shane said and he snatched the sandwich, ripped open the back and stuffed the bread into his mouth as Emma looked at him “Got anything to drink?” Shane said with food in his mouth. Emma opened her bag and took out a can of coke. Shane opened it and drank the coke as Emma watched him. Within a few minutes he had eaten and drunk everything that Emma had given him “Sorry I ate your lunch” Shane said “That’s alright, I’m not really hungry” Emma said “So whats the schools like around here?” Shane said “Alright I suppose” Emma said as Shane looked walked over to the entrance of the cave and looked at the beach “Must be good to come to the beach everyday but” Shane said “I suppose…where is your home?” Emma said “Brisbane” Shane said “Why don’t you go home?” Emma said “Because I don’t want to” Shane said annoyed. He was never going back home. He knew if he did he would end up in jail “So why don’t you just tell your brother you are here?” Emma said confused “look its none of your business” Shane said the he began to walk away. He stopped then he turned around and looked at Emma , “thanks for the lunch” Shane said and he walked away leaving Emma feeling confused. Caravan Park Summer Bay “Hey Carly” Carly jumped as Lance tapped her on the shoulder “Don’t do that” Carly said annoyed and she removed the last item of clothing off the washing line, and walked into the house “Hi Lance” Finlay said “G’day” Lance said and leaned forward and kissed Finlay “Do you mind” Carly said annoyed “What? Lance said confused Carly looked at Lance and Finlay with an angry look on her face then she walked away “Whats up with her?” Lance said “I dunno, shes been acting like that for ages” Finlay said “And if you want to keep working here you will watch what you say” Finlay jumped and she turned around to see Carly standing by the door with an angry look on her face Background music – Carly’s theme “Sorry” Finlay said feeling embarrassed as she looked at Carly. Carly walked up the stairs and stepped into Frank and Steve’s room and closed the door. She put the washing basket on Steves bed and she sat on Franks bed, and sighed. She knew that it was wrong to get annoyed at Finlay it wasn’t her fault because she was right. If she was honest, she had been mean and rude to the people around her but she couldn’t help it. Carly laid back on the bed and looked at the ceiling. She remembered when they moved to Summer Bay, and things not working out for her until she met Ben. She remembered feeling so grown up and happy that she finally had someone for herself. Now she didn’t feel that way. She felt so broken. She didn’t even recognize herself when she looked in the mirror. She felt so trapped, and she wished she could tell someone. She knew that she had caused so much trouble for her family, so maybe they wouldn’t believe her, and this was her punishment. As a tear ran down Carly’s eye and into her ear, she closed her eyes and put her hand on her stomach wishing that things would go back to how they were… Background music ends King Residence- The City Pippa quietly closed the bedroom door as Christopher took a nap. She walked past the bedroom door to see her mum reading to her dad who was laying comfortably in the bed. Pippa walked into the kitchen and put some water into the kettle. She called the house earlier, but there was no response and she made a note to try again as she looked at her watch. As she prepared to make a cup of tea, she heard her brother Danny wheeling his chair into the kitchen “I just put the kettle on, fancy a cup?” Pippa said “I thought you were not going to ask” Danny said and smiled as Pippa took another cup from the cupboard and prepared the contents for the water that was boiling in the kettle “Its been good having you home, feels like old times” Danny said “I miss the kids, but its been good to get away from Summer Bay after all that studying” Pippa said as she poured the water into the cups “Congratulations on going back to nursing” Danny said as pippa put a cup of tea in front of him “Don’t congratulate me yet, I still have to open my results” Pippa said as she poured hot water into her cup “When do they arrive?” Danny said “They are at the house. Steve said the envelope came yesterday” Pippa said as she sat down at the table opposite Danny “You know I’m really proud of you Pip, I’m sure it cant be easy raising all those kids by yourself with Tom gone, and going back to study” Danny said and Pippa sighed Background music- Fletcher family theme “It has been hard” Pippa said as she thought about the time when financially she was so low and began taking money from the diner then she had to pawn her wedding rings. She remembered when she got the news that Frank was hurt and she couldn’t go to him. That hurt more than anything. She then smiled when she remembered what Bobby did for her “But I have a wonderful family, so it has all been worth it” Pippa said “And now Alex is back in your life” Danny said as Pippa tried to stop herself from blushing. She remembered when Danny introduced Alex to the family as his new best friend and how in love Pippa was with him before he even noticed her “It was quite the surprise when he turned up at the house looking for Bobby” Pippa said as Danny drank his tea. “I'm sure it was..but I always knew that somehow you two would find your way back together again” Danny said as he looked at Pippa “How did you know?” Pippa said curiously “Because I know that he never stopped loving you” Danny said and Pippa blushed and smiled Vicarage- Newcastle “Thank you, good day” Reverend Jones said and he put the phone down. He looked at his watch, he had another meeting to go to then he was going to the King residence. Phillipa’s father was released from the hospital, and he wanted to go and wish him well. Reverend Jones smiled to himself. It felt like old times being around the King family, and reconnecting with his childhood friend, and being reunited with a woman he loved so much. Reverend Jones looked up as he heard a knock on the door “Come in “ Reverend Jones said as the door opened “Hello Reverend Jones, just wanted to let you know that I am finished for the day” Les Morgan said “Thank you Les” Reverend Jones said and smiled as he walked towards the door. “Oh by the way, I prepared a bunch of flowers for your lady friend Miss Phillippa” Les said as he handed Reverend Jones the bunch of flowers. They were beautiful “Thank you. I think these will be perfect to cheer her up, as her father was just in the hospital” Reverend Jones said “Oh I am sorry to hear that” Les said “Well the good news is he is home, and on the mend” Reverend Jones said and smiled. “That is wonderful news” Les said as he and Reverend Jones walked outside. Les sighed. He liked to see Miss Phillippa, and Miss Roberta. He didn’t know them, but they were always so nice to him, even though at times he didn’t deseve it after the way he treated his own family “My son..Frank, I wrote him a letter ” Les said as Reverend Jones opened his eyes and turned to look at him “I didn’t know that you had been in touch with him” Reverend Jones said “I haven’t, but the counselor at the prison said I should write him a letter. I haven’t sent it because I don’t know where he is” Les said “If you knew where he was would you want to send it?” Reverend Jones said “I don’t know. I don’t want my son to see me like this. I want him to be proud of me when he sees me. I made a mess of his life, he probably hates me” Les said as he began to get emotional “I’m sure he doesn’t hate you” Reverend Jones said “He does, If I was him, I would hate me. Look at what I did to him and his mother. Look at where I am now” Les said “You have made a lot of progress with your life Les, you should be proud of yourself” Reverend Jones “I don’t know if I can be, knowing that my son hates me” Les said as Reverend Jones looked at him “Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I don’t know where he is, and maybe that is for the best. I’ll see you next week” Les said as he walked towards the van while Reverend Jones walked away with a dilemma in his mind. Background music ends Caravan park- Summer Bay Frank yawned as he walked up the stairs. Aside from being physically tired, he was also emotionally tired. Every day at work he had to hide how he felt because Greg was around, and when he saw Beth he felt so guilty and had to pretend around her. Frank sighed as he walked into the room and got a surprise to see Carly asleep on his bed. Frank smiled. He remembered when he would go out, and come home to find Carly and Lynn in his room. Frank looked at the time, it was after 4pm. He sat on the edge on the bed and gently shook Carly. Carly opened her eyes then she rubbed her left eye “Frank…sorry I fell asleep” Carly said “Its alright, seeing you asleep on my bed reminded me of when we used to live in the city” Frank said and Carly smiled. She remembered when Frank would go out and to annoy him, her and lynn would fall asleep on his bed. Carly looked at her watch and sighed she had to go home and make dinner for Ben before she got ready to go to the diner. “Are you alright?” Frank said. Carly looked up at him and forced a smile “Yeah, just been really busy” Carly said “You don’t have to come here everyday, we can take care of ourselves” Frank said and smiled “Yeah I know, but I want to” Carly said “Did Pippa call today?” Frank said “No not yet” Carly said “Well her dad should be coming out of hospital today” Frank said “That’s good news” Carly said as she sat up in the bed next to Frank. Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “Yeah, I cant wait to have her home” Frank said and smiled “If you are going to Bobby’s can you give me a lift home?” Carly said “I’m not going to Bobby’s” Frank said disappointed “Why not?” Carly said and Frank sighed “Well I am, but Bobby said I can only go over there to read Sophie a story before bed” Franks said “Why?” Carly said confused “Greg has a problem with me being around. I bet he wishes I would leave, so him and bobby can play happy family again” Frank said annoyed “But you’re not..are you?” Carly said immediately as she stared at Frank and her heart began to beat fast. She knew if Frank left Ben would go back to hurting her again “No, I cant leave..not now” Frank said and Carly breathed a sigh of relief “I’m so glad you came home Frank” Carly said and she put her arms around her brother. Frank sighed. Even though things were not perfect, he had his daughter and that was the one thing that made him happy to be home “Thanks…me too” Frank said and he kissed the top of Carly’s head and sighed Harris residence- Kiama “Do your homework love, dinner will be ready soon” Fiona said “Ok mummy” Scott said as Fiona smiled and she walked out of his room Knock on the door Fiona walked towards the front door and got a pleasant surprise when she opened the door “I wasn’t expecting to see you” Fiona said as Greg smiled “Michael sent me to get some parts not too far from here and I thought I would come by and say hello” Greg said as he walked into the kitchen behind Fiona “Well hello” Fiona said as she leaned forward and kissed Greg “Hello” Greg said and smiled “I was just about to start dinner” Fiona said “Sounds great” Greg said and he pulled Fiona to him and she put her arms around him and they kissed.. Caravan park- Summer Bay “I put the towels in the laundry basket” Finlay said as Frank and Steve walked into the house. “Thanks” Frank said. The outside showers were blocked and flooded. It took quite a while to get the water to stop. Times like this he was grateful that Tom taught him about plumbing. Eventually he got the water to stop flooding, and there didn’t appear to be any damage. Frank looked at his watch. He didn’t realize it was so late, and this was the second day that he didn’t get to see his daughter. Frank sighed as he washed his hands. He knew it was too late to go over there. Things were already rocky with Bobby, and he didn’t want to make things worse. He had to make it up to his daughter tomorrow, because he didn't want to let her down just like his parents let him down. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobby sighed as she laid on her bed. She was so angry at Frank. This was the second night in a row that he couldn’t be bothered to come and read a story to Sophie. She could see how hurt Sophie was, that it made her regret fostering with him. Tomorrow morning she was going to call Mrs Malloy and have his name removed as a foster parent. That is what she was going to do, because he let Sophie down just like her dad said he would. Bobby turned onto her side. Greg didn’t turn up either, and Bobby knew It was because he was still upset with her. Things were going to be better, because she was going to tell him that he can be Sophies foster father and they can be the family they talked about. Bobby smiled to herself. That was the plan because she didn’t want anything to jeopardize her future with Greg and Sam. Background music ends
  10. Thanks for reading Chapter 527 General Hospital- Summer Bay Alf buttoned his shirt as Dr Routledge sat at the desk, and wrote some notes. “Is everything alright Doc?” Alf said. Dr Routledge looked up at Alf “Everything appears to be fine. Your blood test results look good, and you lost two kilos since I last saw you” Dr Routledge said and smiled “What about my ticker?” Alf said as he got off the hospital bed and sat opposite the doctor “Going strong” Dr Routledge said ‘That’s great news doc” Alf said and exhaled. Since his heart attack, he had been trying to take better care of himself. Alf sighed “Is there something wrong?” Dr Routledge said as he looked at Alf “Well, doc..I don’t know how to say this but…I’ve been having some trouble in the lower department if you understand me” Alf said embarrassed in a lowered voice. “Sorry?” Dr Routledge said confused “Little Alf hasn’t been paying attention in the classroom” Alf said “Oh right” Dr Routledge said “How long has this been going on for?” Dr Routledge said “Just a couple of weeks” Alf said “Have you been under any stress lately?” Dr Routledge said “No, not at all” Alf said “What about your relationship with you wife?” Dr Routledge said “Everything is perfect..better than its ever been” Alf said and smiled “Well lets start by doing another blood test. I just want to check your hormone levels” Dr Routledge said “Crikey doc, am I going to have any blood left” Alf said and Dr Routledge smiled “I mean, cant you give me a pill or something?? Alf said in a lowered voice “I can, but I need to know what is causing you to have problems” Dr Routledge said as he filled out a blood test request form “How long will the results take?” Alf said as Dr Routledge looked at him “Ill put a rush request on them, so they should be ready by Friday. Ill give you a call” Dr Routledge said “Thanks doc..the quicker I know whats going on, the quicker me and the wife can get back to normal. I wouldn’t want her leaving me for a younger bloke” Alf said and he and Dr Routledge laughed. Bayside Diner- Summer Bay The silence in the office was only disturned by the the muffles grunts of pleasure. Grant thrusted hard as he put one hand over Ailsa mouth. Ailsa wrapped her arms around his neck, as she bit his finger trying to mask the pleasure she was feeling. She couldn’t help it, she felt like a different person everytime she was intimidate with Grant. He fulfilled her body in ways that Alf couldn’t. As Grant thrusted, he knew what he was doing was wrong. Ailsa was a married woman. Yes he was getting fulfilled, and he knew she was being satisfied, but if he was honest with himself, anytime he was intimate there was only one woman he thought of..one woman he knew he would never see again… Summer Bay “Hi” Sandra turned around to see two men in a car slow down next to her “Hi” Sandra said “Sandra right?” Brax said “Yeah” Sandra said confused “I’m Br Darryl, a friend of Maurice” Brax said “How did you know my name? Sandra said “He told me all about you, that you were his girlfriend” Brax said and smiled as Sandra looked at the man talking to her then she remembered that she had seen him before “Ok” Sandra said and smiled. She had never met any of Maurices froends before and was happy that he was telling people he had a girlfriend “Do you want a lift?” Brax said “No thanks, I’m just going to meet Maurice for lunch. You can come if you want?” Sandra said “No thanks, we are in a bit of a hurry. We need to get to the city” Brax said “Ok” Sandra said “Tell Maurice we said hello” Brax said and smiled “Ok” Sandra said and smiled then Brax and his friend drove. Sandra smiled as she watched the car drive away… Bayside Diner- Summer Bay “Bye bye” Marilyn said to Colleen and she walked out of the diner. She had to rush back to the resort, because she had a customer coming in shortly. “Hi” Marilyn looked up to see Adam “Hi” Marilyn said and she tried to rush past him “How are you?” Adam said “Fine” Marilyn said “You going back to the resort?” Adam said “Yes, I have a customer coming soon” Marilyn said “I can walk you back with you” Adam said “No thank you” Marilyn said “I was thinking of coming in to get a haircut” Adam said as he played with the tail end of his hair “I don’t think it’s a good idea” Marilyn said as Adam looked at her “I’ve been thinking about you lately” Adam said and Marilyn looked at him. If she was honest with herself she hadn’t stopped thinking about him “I have to go” Marilyn said and she walked away. Adam sighed as he watched her walk away wondering if he made the right decision to let her go.. Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Shane picked the lock and opened the door. He quietly stepped into the house and closed the door. He looked at the necklace and $50 he got from the house next door and pushed them into his pocket. He looked around the kitchen of the house and opened the fridge. It was full of food and leftovers. Shane wondered if he had time to make a sandwich, but he decided against it. He had $50, so he could buy some food. He closed the fridge and used the elbow of his sweatshirt to wipe any prints. He looked around and walked out of the kitchen to the living room then he went around the corner to the bedrooms. He looked in all the rooms, and got a few things like a tape, some earrings and $5. He walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. He saw a desk there and assumed he would be able to find something. He opened the draws, but there was nothing there. He sighed and was just about to turn around when he noticed the photos in frames on the desks. One in particular caught the corner of his eye and he picked it up and he got a shock when he recognized one of the girls in the photo. It was the girl from the beach who gave him food the other day. Shane sighed as guilt started to creep up on him. She helped him, and here he was trying to steal from her family. Shane put the photo down and returned to the bedrooms where he got the money and earrings from. He put them back and tidied up and closed the doors. He looked over at the photo again then he rushed out of the house and closed the back door.
  11. Thanks for reading Chapter 526 Caravan Park- Summer Bay Frank opened eyes. He noticed that the light was off, and the room was dark. He could hear Steve lightly snoring. Frank yawned. He couldn’t believe he fell asleep. He got out of bed quietly and opened the bedroom door. He closed the door behind him and looked at his watch, it was 11;30pm. He only intended to take a quick nap after dinner before going to read Sophie a bedtime story, but he was so emotionally drained that he overslept. Frank slowly walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. He put some water in the kettle and put the kettle on the stove, and sighed. He was disappointed in himself for letting his daughter down. He poured some coffee milk and sugar into his cup as he waited for the water to get hot, and for the first time thought about Roo, and how she was getting on. He smiled as he thought about how she used to laugh at him when he would tell her that he got lost in the subway. Frank lifted the kettle up before it made noise and poured some hot water into the cup. “You couldn’t sleep?” Frank looked up to see Finlay in the kitchen wearing only his t-shirt that she promised to returned while ago and he long hair loose around her shoulders. “Something like that” Frank said as he stared at the t-shirt. Finlay looked down at herself then she looked at Frank “I promise I will return your t-shirt” Finlay said with a smiled “You can keep it” Frank said as he began to walk out of the kitchen. Finlay stood in front of him. Frank looked at her as she caressed his arm then she began to kiss his neck. Frank pulled back “I told you, this is not a good idea” Frank said and Finlay moved closer and began to kiss his neck again “Why not, we are not doing anything wrong” Finlay said “Yes we are, Lance is a mate” Frank said “But I don’t want him…I want you” Finlay said as she put her arms around Frank and went to kiss him. Frank pulled her arms away and moved back then he looked at Finlay and walked away. She sighed as she heard him walk up the stairs and close the bedroom door. She knew they were meant to be together…and she was going to make him realize it… Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Greg smiled as he closed the front door. He had a nice dinner with Fiona. It helped him to forget all the drama that was going on. “I hope I didn’t wake you up” Greg said as Shaunna walked out from her room “No, I was just about to go to bed myself” Shaunna said “Oh right…night” Greg said “Yeah night..oh by the way, Bobby called” Shaunna said and she walked away. Greg sighed as he heard Shaunnas bedroom door close. He walked into his room and closed the door. He took off his jacket, and shirt then sat on the bed. He sighed again then he laid on his back, and stared at the ceiling. For some reason he started feeling guilty. He didn’t know why because as far as he was concerned, he told Bobby that he wanted some space so he had every right to see who he wanted… Next day.. Army hospital- Brisbane Martin sighed. He was supposed to have been released from the hospital, but when the consultant came around he suggested that he stay until the end of the week. Martin drank some of the tea on the tray next to his bed and put the cup down and laid back on the pillow. He had mixed feelings as he remembered the conversation he had with Jesse about wanting to leave. He wasn’t sure if he meant it, he was just still trying to process, and figure out why he was attacked. The sound of footsteps brought him back to reality when he looked to his left to see Nurse Sarah “Hi” martin said and he sat up in the bed “Hi” Sarah said as she began to tidy Martins bed “How are you?” Martin said “Ok” Sarah said avoiding eye contact with Martin “Sorry” Martin said and Sarah looked at him “Excuse me?” Sarah said “I’m apologizing because I’ve obviously done something to upset you” Martin said “You haven’t done anything” Sarah said “So why do I get the feeling that you have been avoiding…and don’t give me that excuses about being put on another ward” Martin said “Its not excuse, we do get moved around” Sarah said “look, maybe you wont admit it, but I have obviously done something. I want to make it up to you. I get out of here on Friday. Let me take you out on Saturday..anywhere you want” Martin said as Sarah looked at him. She had to admit that she thought he was nice, but she wasn’t sure if she could trust him. “I don’t think so…the hospital doesn’t like us going out with the soldiers” Sarah said “Well we can go somewhere where no one will see us..Ill even wear a disguise if you want” Martin said and Sarah giggled “Well that’s going to be hard since you will be on crutches” Sarah said “Yeah, I never thought of that” Martin said disappointed “Come on, it's just my way of saying thank you for taking such good care of me please please please” martin said “I wont stop until you say yes please please please please” martin was interrupted “Ok, I’ll go for a coffee with you on Saturday after my shift” Sarah said “Good on ya” martin said and wink as Sarah smiled wondering if she was making a mistake again… Ross residence- Summer Bay Celia sighed as she put the sandwiches in the lunch boxes for Michael and Haydn. She didn’t know why she bothered to make any for Haydn because he always put them in the bin. I’m working late tonight, so don’t wait up for me” Michael said as he came in to the kitchen “Ok” Celia said trying not to sound disappointed “Here is your lunch” Celia said and handed Michael a lunch box “Thanks see you later” Michael said and he walked away then he turned around and kissed Celia on the cheek and she forced a smile “Hurry up Haydn if you want a lift to school” Michael said as he walked out of the house. Shortly after Haydn came out of his room and into the kitchen. “Her is your lunch” Celia said and she held it out to Haydn. She didn’t know why she did the because she knew what he was going to do. Haydn took the lunchbox from Celia “Thank you” Haydn said as he looked at Celia who looked at him shocked. She thought it was some kid of game and that he was going to through it in the bin anyway but he didn’t. She watched as he rushed out of the house and into his dads truck. Celia watched as Haydn put the lunch box in his school bag then she shut the door and looked up to the celing. Maybe God was finanly answering her prayers about Haydn. Celia smiled and walked out of the kitchen with another lunch box she was taking to Shaunna. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “I mean look at her, shes upset. I cant believe Frank would do that” Bobby said in a whisper to Grant in the kitchen. As she explained that Frank never came to read a story to Sophie “Maybe something came up?” Grant said as they both looked at Sophie who was not really eating her breakfast. She was a bit sad because she didn’t see her dad yesterday “Nothing came up. Its just Frank being Frank. Dad was right, he said that Frank would eventually get tired of playing Dad” Bobby said annoyed “Come on, you are just jumping to conclusions” Grant said “Don’t defend him” Bobby said annoyed “I’m not defending him Bobby, what is this really about?” Grant said “Its about Frank running away from his responsibilities as usual” Bobby said and walked out of the kitchen “Sweetheart, you not hungry?” Bobby said to Sophie who shook her head no “Alright then, Ill put a banana and some grapes in your bag in case you get hungry at break time. Go upstairs, and get your bag and jacket ok?” Bobby said and Sophie nodded and went upstairs. Bobby sighed. She knew her daughter well enough to know that she was missing her dad. “Sam go up and get your bag, and jacket as well” Bobby said as Sam wiped his mouth with the back of his hand “Ok” Sam said and got up and ran upstairs as Bobby picked up the bowls and took them to the kitchen as Grant drank his coffee. “Maybe this was a wrong idea to foster Sophie with him. I should’ve known he was going to let her down” Bobby said “Bobby you did ask Frank to stay away, so you and Greg can work things out” Grant said “Yes, but I didn’t say he shouldn’t see Sophie at all. We agreed that he would come and read Sophie a story. He couldn't even be bothered to do that” Bobby said as she washed the bowls as Grant looked at her. He knew well enough to know that she mustve had another reason for lashing out at Frank “Anyway I better get going…do you want me to take the kids to school?" Grant said “Thanks, but I better take them..and Ill get the pleasure of seeing that smug look on Franks girlfriends face” Bobby said annoyed “Do you know she had the nerve to ask me what she should get him for his birthday” Bobby said in disbelief to Grant “Did you tell her?” Grant said “I just told her that he likes Bruce Springsteen, I don’t care what she gets him” Bobby said as Grant looked at her “Anyway aren’t you late for work?” Bobby said and Grant looked at the time “I better get a move on, I don’t want the boss to fire me…see you later” Grant said then he put his cup in the sink and walked out of the back door. Bobby sighed and leaned on the sink as she thought about how smug Beth looked yesterday as she heard the kids coming down the stairs. None of that mattered..she didn’t care about Frank and Beth because she had Greg and Sam in her life and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize their future.. Background music ends
  12. Thanks for reading Chapter 525 Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “Bobby” Bobby looked up when she heard her name “Sorry Ailsa, I was miles away” Bobby said “Yes, I noticed. Is everything alright?” Ailsa said “Yes fine, just have a lot of things to do today” Bobby said “I thought maybe you were thinking about Al?” Ailsa said “Not at all. Good riddance to him I say. You know I went to see him in the hospital when he and Frank got into the fight. I asked him why he hated me so much, and you know he didn’t even have the guts to tell me” Bobby said “Sorry you had to go through that” Ailsa said “Oh don’t worry about it. It doesn’t even matter anymore. I’m just glad he’s away from Sophie” Bobby said “She’s lucky to have you and Frank...and you didn’t turn out so bad either" Ailsa said and smiled as Bobby rolled her eyes “Who would’ve thought the trouble making brat who ate chocolate all the time would end up having businesses and a family of her own” Ailsa said “I didn’t eat chocolate all the time” Bobby said pretending to be shocked “I beg to differ” Ailsa said as she walked out of the office smiling. As Ailsa walked away, Bobby picke dup the photo on her desk. It was of Sam and Greg. Ailsa was right, she had a family of her own, and was not going to do anything to jeopardize her future with Sam and Greg.. Alice Springs correctional centre - Alice Springs NT “Move it Simpson” The prison guard said as Al slowly walked to his prison cell. He was tired and his body hurt. After the court, he was bundled onto a coach with other prisoners for the long drive to the prison. The guard in front of Al stopped in front of a prison cell and opened the cell door. Al slowly stepped into the cell and lifted his arms up for the guard to remove the handcuffs. Shortly after the guard was closing the cell door and soon after there was silence. Al looked around the cell then he slowly moved over to the bed and sat down. The minute his body toched the bed all the memories of the last 22 years came flooding into his mind…when he met his wife..when they adopted Bobby...when his wife died..the crimes he committed, and now he was here..spending the rest of his life alone Flashback Bobby- Why do you have me so much? What did I do to you?..Sophie is me and Franks daughter now…you are never getting her back…you know I hope they lock you up and throw away the key Flashback ends “You can keep the little brat..I don’t need Sophie I don’t need you..I don’t need anybody..I don’t need anybody” Al said then a tear ran down his cheek and he laid back on the bed and closed his eyes.. Background music ends Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay “Michael we need a new cheque book, and the engine rep said to give him a call” Frank said as he approached Michael who was standing next to a car with Greg who stared at him “Ok” Michael said as he stared at the engine “Problem?” Frank said as he stared at the engine then at Michael “Yeah, Greg just put in a new crankshaft, but the engine still sounds off” Michael said then he watched as Frank put his hand in the engine as Greg looked at him “The timing belt is broken, it needs changing” Frank said as Michael looked at him then he touched the timing belt and it was indeed broken “Know a bit about cars, do you?’ Michael said “A bit” Frank said then he smiled “Now we know whats wrong with the car, Greg you can fix it. I’ll be back later” Michael said and he walked off leaving Greg and Frank alone. “Look about last night, there is nothing going on between me and Bobby” Frank said “You think I’m stupid? You think I don’t know what has been going on? I saw the two of you” Greg said “You can think what you like. If there was something going on I would tell you, but there isn’t. Just don’t take this out on Bobby” Frank said and walked away. Greg sighed. He was confused. He knew what he saw last night. He remembered how angry and hurt he was because he felt like a fool. He didn’t know where things stood with Bobby, but what he did know is that he was happy to get away from Summer Bay tonight and spend some time with Fiona… Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Shane looked at the half eaten cold burger in the paper bag as his stomach grumbled. He was starving and had no more money left. This meant that he was going to have to see if he can get some from the caravan park. He couldn’t wait that long, he had to get something now. He looked at his watch. He knew that his brother would be fast asleep now, so if he was careful he would be able to get into the house and get something. Shane opened the shed door and crept out. He slowly walked to the back door and turned the handle. The door was open. He quickly put his hand in his pocket and took out a napkin, and wiped the handle then he slowly walked into the house trying not to make any noise. He quietly went into the kitchen and slowly opened the fridge and sighed it was empty which meant that Nick had not been shopping..that none of them had been shopping. Shane sighed as he closed the door then he jumped when he heard the phone start to ring. He began to panic. From where he stood he wouldn’t be able to make it out of the kitchen in time. He looked around the kitchen then he opened the pantry door and squeezed himself inside. He closed the door and waited for Nick to answer the phone. A few seconds later he heard the bedrrom door open and Nick came out yawning. “Hello” Nick said when he picked up the receiver “Mum, I’ve been to call you” Nick said and Shane began to panic. Why was his mum ringing? He called her yesterday and told her everything is alright “Yeah everything is fine” Nick said as Shane put his ear to the door to listen. “Mum there is a knock on the door, hold on” Nick said and he walked over to the door. Shane couldn’t hear anything. A short time after Nick closed the front door and returned to the phone “Hello mum, sorry about that , it was the post man giving me a parcel” Nick said “What did you say? Mum the phone connection is really bad..oh when is the phone company coming to fix it? Alright then,,call ne when its fixed.. alright..love you too..bye” Nick said and put the phone down and Shane sighed then he heard Nick walk into his room and closed the door. Shane waited then he slowly opened the pantry door and squeezed himself out then he slowly tiptoed out of the house and closed the door. Shane put his hood on and quickly passed the side of the house and walked fast when he got onto the road. When he was a distance from the house he slowed down and sighed. He wasn’t sure how long he could keep this up for, but it didn’t matter because there was no way he was going home… High School- Summer Bay “Oh Lucinda, I was just going to the diner for lunch can I bring you something back?” Donald said as he stood at the door of his office “No thank you” Lucinda said as she typed a letter “I know we didn’t have much time to talk last night, but I suppose you are delighted that there has been justice for Shane Wilson” Donald said “Yes, I’m glad everything worked out for the Wilsons. I sent them a card this morning” Lucinda said “That was very thoughtful of you. Are you sure I cant get you anything? Donald said “No thanks, I ll get something from the canteen” Lucinda said “Ok well, Ill see you later” Donald said “Ok bye” Lucinda said as Donald walked away. Lucinda sighed. She hated lying to her uncle, but she already had lunch plans. She was going to the animal shelter with Emma. She had grown close to Emma. She felt connected to her, and it was nice to speak to someone who also knew David… Primary School- Summer Bay “Put your jacket on sweetheart, it’s a bit cold” Bobby said as she walked out of the school building with Sam and Sophie “Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Beth behind her “Can I have a word with you?” Beth said “Sam, Sophie go and wait for me by the tree” Bobby said and Sam and Sophie rushed towards the tree “Is there something wrong?” Bobby said as she looked at Beth concerned “Oh no, nothing to do with Sam and Sophie. I wanted to talk to you about Frank” Beth said and Bobby felt her stomach drop “What about him?” Bobby said Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme “Well, I know its his birthday on Saturday, and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on what to get him for a present” Beth said with a smile on her face. Bobby wished the floor would open and swallow her up. She didn’t really want to have this conversation with Beth “I dunno” Bobby said “Anything would be helpful, like what’s his favourite band, or TV show?” Beth said “He likes Bruce Springsteen” Bobby said reluctantly “That’s really helpful, thanks you” Beth said with a big smile on her face “Yeah no worries” Bobby said faking a smiled as she watched Beth walk away excited. She turned around and began walking towards Sam and Sophie as she remembered that there was nothing going on with her and Frank because she wasn’t going to jeopardize her future with Sam and Greg… Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Ok thanks” Frank said and he put the phone down and sighed as he walked up the stairs. He called the department to find out if there was an update on his application for foster parent, and there wasn’t. Frank sighed as he sat on his bed. He opened the draw and took out the little bag that had his passport and other documents and took out an envelope. He opened the envelope and first took out the folded piece of paper. He opened it and smiled. He remembered the day Sam drew the photo of him. He remembered how their friendship became one of the highlights of living in New York. He folded the picture and put it back into the envelope then he took the letter that Sam wrote for him and he began to read it. “Follow your dreams” Frank said out loud when he got to the end then he sighed. He thought that was what he was doing when he left New York. Following his dream to come home to the woman he loves. He never expected to gain a daughter who he loved more than anything, but right now he felt alone because he didn’t have either of them… Harris Residence- Summer Bay “Sorry I’m late, I just stopped off to pick up a bottle of wine” Greg said as he closed the door behind him “You’re right on time. The pasta is nearly ready” Fiona said as she walked back into the kitchen “Scott not here?” Greg said looking around “No, he’s staying with my mum tonight. She takes him on the days that I have to be at the surf club” Fiona said as she poured the water from the pasta into the sink “So its just you and me tonight?” Greg said as he walked over to Fiona as she put the pot on the stove top “I hope you don’t mind” Fiona said and smiled “Not at all” Greg said as he leaned forward and they began to kiss.. Backgound music ends
  13. Thanks for reading Chapter 524 Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “This is really good Mrs Ross” Shuanna said as she chewed the chicken pie in her mouth. Celia smiled. She enjoyed cooking, even if she only got the chance to eat with Shaunna since Michael was working late and Haydn was in his room. “Glad you are enjoying it. Its an old family recipe” Celia said "Its great. I would ask for the recipe, but i won't be able to make it as good as you" Shaunna said “It used to be my niece Ruths favourite” Celia said “Oh is that your niece in New York?” Shaunna said “Yes, but why she continues to live there I do not understand. I don’t think I could live there with all that crime and strange people” Celia said as Shuanna smiled. She enjoyed spending time with Mrs Ross. She was always able to get all the information she wanted about Pippa Fletcher. They both heard footsteps and Haydn walked into the kitchen “Oh Haydn there is some dinner in the oven” Celia said and Haydn ignored her. He opened his fridge and took out a can of coke as Shaunna watched him. Haydn then went into the pantry and took out a bag of crisps then he walked out of the kitchen. Shaunna looked at Celia who sighed and had a look of disappointment on her face then when she noticed Shaunna looking at her she smiled. I hope you have some space left for desert” Celia said and got up from the table “Absolutely” Shaunna said and smiled. As Celia got the desert Shaunna sighed to herself. This was the second time that she had been to dinner here where Haydn had been rude to Mrs Ross. “Do you mind if I just use the bathroom?” Shaunna said and she wiped her mouth with a napkin “Of course…you know where it is” Celia said briefly and returned to getting their desert. Shaunna smiled then she walked out of the kitchen and past the bathroom until she was in front of Haydns room. She watched him as he played video games. He looked up to see her standing there then he got up and was about to close his room door when Shaunna stopped him “Now you listen to me you little brat” Shaunna said as she dragged Haydn by the collar of his t-shirt and lifted him and held him up against the wall as his feet dangled. “Eveyrtime I’ve been here, you’ve been rude to Mrs Ross. It stops today….do you understand” Shaunna said annoyed as she stared at Haydn who looked at her and struggled to get out of her grip “On Saturday morning I want to see you at the surf club for junior life guards..that is an order” Shuanna said as Haydn still struggled “If I have to say this to you again, Ill come to your school, and tell your entire class that you wet the bed” Shuanna said as Haydn looked at her in shock, and stopped struggling. He didn’t know how she knew that he wet the bed. It was an accident, and he put his sheets in the dirty laundry basket. “Do you understand” Shaunna said and Haydn slowly nodded his head “Good” Shaunna said and she let go of Haydn and walked out of the room while Haydn walked slowly over to his bed and sat down still in shock not only because Shaunna knew his secret…but he now had the hots for her as well… Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Nick rolled his eyes are he watched Greg playing with the pizza crust on his plate “Just go and talk to her” Nick said and Greg looked up “I dunno mate” Greg said “Yes you do, Do you still love her?” Nick said “Yeah of course” Greg said “So just go and sort things out with her, before its too late” Nick said and Greg sighed “At least go and see your son” Nick said and Greg suddenly felt guilty. He hadn’t thought about Sam and the fact that he had not seen him “Yeah, you’re right. I really shouldn’t leave things like this” Greg said and smiled “Good on ya. I got to get to work. I hope to hear some good news in the morning” Nick said and smiled “Keep your fingers crossed” Greg said as Nick laughed and walked towards the door “Oh I nearly forgot to tell you, your brother Shane called earlier when you were in the shower” Greg said “Thanks, Ill give him a call later” Nick said “He said not to bother, he will try again at the weekend” Greg said “Alright….thanks. I’ll see you later” Nick said and walked out of the house Simpson Residence- Summer Bay “He’s got some nerve” Bobby said as Donald told her what Al said as he was leaving the courtroom “Yes I know, just like someone else I know playing the role of father” Donald said and Bobby sighed “Dad don’t start” Bobby said as Donald looked at her “Greg not here?” Donald said “No” Bobby said as she picked up his tea cup and took them to the kitchen “Oh? Is there a problem?” Donald said as Bobby washed the cup in the kitchen “No” Bobby said “You have to give the man a lot of credit though” Donald said as he heard footsteps down the stairs “Who?” Bobby said as she wiped her hands and walked out of the kitchen “Frank..I cant imagine how he continues to live in a place where he is not wanted” Donald said as Frank walked up behind Donald and they stared at each other. “Dad don’t” Bobby said as Frank and Donald stared at each other “Just telling the truth..I better go, goodnight” Donald said and walked out of the house as Frank grabbed his jacket from the couch and put it on “I’m really sorry about my dad having a go at you” Bobby said “I think he wont be satisfied unless I leave Summer Bay” Frank said “But you’re not are you?” Bobby said immediately “I mean Sophie would be very upset if you left” Bobby said as she looked at Frank “No, I’m not” Frank said as he looked at Bobby who sighed “Good” Bobby said and smiled “I better get going” Frank said as Bobby looked at him. She wanted to ask him to stay a little longer “Ok..goodnight” Bobby said and before she knew it she hugged Frank and exhaled. Frank sighed and rested his chin on Bobby’s head. He really missed holding her. Feeling her close to him made everything feel better. Bobby inhaled Frank and it felt so good. Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme “So the minute I say we should have some space you go running back to him” Bobby and Frank turn around to see Greg standing in the kitchen “Greg…what are you doing here?” Bobby said surprised to see him “You couldn’t even wait five minutes, is that how little I mean to you” Greg said “Nothing is going on between me and Frank” Bobby said “Oh stop lying, this is what you’ve wanted since he got back here” Greg said “That’s not true” Bobby said as Greg stared at Frank “Yes it is, just admit it” Greg said annoyed “Go easy..there is nothing going on” Frank said reluctantly “THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS..GET OUT” Greg said “You cant tell me what to do” Frank said “How about I throw you out, is that better?” Greg said and he grabbed Frank by the shirt and they began to tussle. “Greg stop” Bobby said as Frank grabbed Greg by the collar “PROTECTING YOUR LOVER, WHY DON’T YOU TELL HIM TO STOP” Greg said “Frank please stop” Bobby said and Frank backed away “I came here to try and work things out, and fix our family. I don’t even know why I bothered because none of this is worth it” Greg said and he walked out of the house and slammed the door. Bobby sighed and she folded her arms then she let them flop to the side and turned around and looked at Frank “Sorry about all of that” Bobby said as Frank stared at her “What did he mean when he said he wanted to work things out…did you two break up?” Frank said and Bobby sighed and turned around “I don’t know” Bobby said “After what just happened, I would say you have” Frank said and Bobby sighed. Her emotions where all over the place. She didn’t know how she felt. She didn’t know how she was feeling when Frank kissed her neck then her cheek then her lips. She still didn’t know how she was feeling when she wrapped her arms around him and continued to kiss him to erase the confrontation she just had with Greg Background ends Stewart Residence- Summer bay Alf poured himself some whiskey and walked to the couch and sat down. Shortly after Ailsa came into the living room “I thought I’d have a cuppa, do you want one?” Ailsa said “No love, I thought I’d have something stronger” Alf said and smiled as Ailsa sat next to him “What a day” Alf said as he drank his whiskey “I cant believe Al got life” Ailsa said “Yeah I know. You should’ve seen him grining like the cat that drank all the cream before the judge sentenced him” Alf said “Did you see the Wilsons? Im sure they must be relieved” Ailsa said “Yeah Matt was there. I suppose this closes that chapter for them” Alf said as he put his arm around Ailsa “And for you, and Don, and also Bobby” Ailsa said “Yeah” Alf said “I wonder how Bobby must be feeling, I suppose it doesn’t really matter anymore since she chose not to go to the court…anyway, its been a good day” Ailsa said as Alf drank his whiskey “What would’ve made it better is if Frank left town” Alf said “Alf” Ailsa said as she looked at him and sighed.. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme Bobby helped Frank unbutton his shirt as he kissed her neck. Frank felt butterflies in his stomach. This is everything he had ever wanted since he got back to Summer Bay. Frank pulled away from kissing Bobby's neck and unbuttoned her shirt. He ran his fingers along the lace of her bra and looked up at her and smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her chest as Bobby released her arms from her shirt and they laid on the bed and began to kiss. Bobby wrapped one leg around Frank and exhaled as she felt butterflies in her stomach. Being with him was just like it was before. The way he touched her…the way her body responded to him. Bobby felt Frank unbutton her jeans and began to pull them down when reality began to set in for her. Frank kissed her neck as he pushed down her jeans “Frank..we cant do this” Bobby said and Frank looked at her “Why? Whats wrong?” Frank said confused “Its not a good idea” Bobby said “I don’t understand, you and Greg are broken up, and me and Beth are not serious” Frank said so casually “So its really that easy?” Bobby said and shook her head and put her shirt on “Bobby why are you playing games? You love me…I know it. Now you and greg are over, there is nothing stopping us from being together. I know you want this” Frank said and Bobby sighed and walked over to the window and folded her arms. Flashback Ailsa- Bobby, what are you doing? Why do you want to get hurt all over again” Bobby- Ailsa….. I thought all the feelings I had, had gone away, but they are back again..it just feels like Frank and I are meant to be together Ailsa -but so much has happened since the two of you were together Bobby I know but I cant change how I feel” Ailsa -Bobby..look how long it took for you to get back on your feet after the two of you split up..what if it happens again? Bobby- It wont..things are different now…we are older and we know what we want. We love each other, and we want to be together Ailsa- Oh Bobby Bobby- If I could change the way I feel about Frank, I would..but I cant Ailsa I want to say something. Greg loves you..he really loves you. He was just in the diner talking about how you are the best thing that ever happened to him, and he couldn’t wait for you, him and Sam to be a permanent family. Being with Greg is the happiest I have seen you in a long time…you have the family you have always wanted. Greg is really in this for the long term…he’s not being selfish just trying to get out of this what he wants Bobby- And you think Frank is? Ailsa- He just split up with Roo for crying out loud…he’s probably lonely, and if he gets you back, he wins the jackpot and gets to slide back into your life like nothing never happened Bobby- That’s not very fair” Ailsa- would say its pretty close to the truth Flashback ends “Bobby I know this is what you want. Me you and our own little family..like we always said we wanted” Frank said as he stood behind Bobby. She turned around and looked up at him “I love you Bobby, and I know you feel the same way” Frank said “Frank” Bobby was interrupted “Truth time Bobby…look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel the same” Frank said and Bobby looked away and out of the window then she inhaled and exhaled “Frank just go” Bobby said as she turned back around “Why are you doing this?” Frank said “Because its for the best” Bobby said “Best for who? A guy who breaks up with you every five minutes?” Frank said and shook his head “Greg and I made a commitment to each other” Bobby said and she looked at Frank. She was trying to figure out if she was convincing Frank or herself “The argument I saw earlier wasn’t a commitment. I know you better than anybody Bobby…you don’t want Greg..you want to be with me” Frank said and Bobby exhaled “I don’t think its necessary for you to come over for breakfast every day, and dinner every night. Sophie has to get used to the fact that you don’t live here” Bobby said “So now you want to keep me away from my daughter?” Frank said annoyed “That’s not what I’m saying” Bobby said “So what are you saying?” Frank said annoyed “Frank I don’t want to fight” Bobby said “None of this would be happening if you would just admit you love me” Frank said as he looked at Bobby “Its late I think you should go” Bobby said as she folded her arms “Is this what you really want Bobby?” Frank said “Yes it is. Ill take Sophie to school and pick her up, you can come by and read her a story at night” Bobby said and Frank looked at her. His heart was breaking. He knew that legally he had no leg to stand on because his application for foster parent had still not come through “I guess I have no choice” Frank said then he put his shirt on, buttoned it up. Put his shoes on and walked out of the room. Bobby waited until she heard him walk down the stairs then she closed her bedroom door. She walked over to the bed and sat down as she listened to Frank start the car engine. As he drove off a tear ran down her cheek as she promised herself that she wasn’t going to jeopardize her future with Greg and Sam.. Background music ends Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Greg looked at his watch then ate the last of his cereal and put the bowl in the sink as he heard the door. He hated that he had to go to work today and have to see Franks smug face. “Oh sorry, I thought you had left already’ Fiona said as she saw Greg in the kitchen. “I was just leaving” Greg said as he washed the plate and put it on the drying rack. He wiped his hands and walked out of the kitchen. Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme “Have a good day” Fiona said trying not to make things awkard “Thanks you too” Greg said as he walked past Fiona then he turned around “Look, what I said yesterday” Greg was interrupted “Its fine” Fiona said “What I mean is, I still don’t know where things between me and Bobby stand, but I want us to pick up where we left off” Greg said as he stood in front of Fiona. She knew that it was wrong but she put her arm around Greg and nodded then they both leaned forward and began to kiss.. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobby smiled as she watched Sam eat his breakfast. She watched as Sophie came down the stairs with her school bag and put in the chair. Bobby's smile disappeared as she watched Sophie open the curtain. This is what she always did and waited for her dad to come and have breakfast. “Come on Sophie, come and have your breakfast” Bobby said and Sophie nodded and closed the curtain and walked over to the table. Bobby watched as Sophie began to eat her cereal and she assured herself that everything was going to be fine, Sophie was going to be fine and she was not going to do anything to jeopardize her future with Greg and Sam… Background music ends
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  15. Thanks for reading Chapter 523 High School- Summer Bay Adam put the mop and bucket in the closet and closed the door. The school was quiet as he walked along the corridor to the bathroom. He opened the door and washed his hands as he looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He remembered that Shannon had reminded him to get some tomato sauce and pasta for dinner tonight. Adam turned the tap off and grabbed some tissue and wiped his hands as he walked out of the bathroom. As he walked along the corider to the exit he thought about when he first got to Summer Bay, and how he was burgled. He thought about first dating Lucinda, then Marilyn. Marilyn was beautiful. Her smile lit up her face, and he loved the way her hair smelled so good, and her skin was so soft. Adam sighed. Flashback Shannon- I saw a flat for rent in the paper yesterday, I think we should go and look at it Adam- Why, we already have somewhere to live Shannon- I know but we cant stay on the boat forever, we need to think about the future. You know when we get married and have kids Adam- I thought you wanted to go to Art school Shannon- I did..until I met you. I can go to uni in the city or something Adam- But Art school in Paris is your dream Shannon- I have a new dream now Flashback ends Adam sighed. As he locked the school doors he wondered if he and Shannon had the same dream… Bayside Diner- Summer Bay Background music- Carly’s theme “Sorry Mrs Stewart, I didn’t expect to be gone for so long” Shannon said as she walked into the kitchen “That’s alright love, how did it go?” Ailsa said “Al Simpson got a life sentence” Shannon said with a big smile on her face “That must be such a relief for your family. How did Matt take it?” Ailsa said “I don’t think its sunk in yet. We are going to have a memorial for Shane..you know say goodbye properly” Shannon said “That’s wonderful love. Has Matt gone back to the city?” Ailsa said “He said he was going to see a friend before he goes” Shannon said and smiled Lucini Residence- Summer Bay The banging on the door startled Carly. She opened her eyes to a headache while clutching a bottle of vodka. She pushed the bottle of vodka into the corner of the couch and pushed the hair away from her face as the door knocked again “just a second” Carly said and she rushed into the bathroom and quickly used some mouth wash to rinse the taste of alcohol from her mouth. She then sprayed herself with some perfume and walked back to the living room. She opened the front door and got a shock to see Matt there “Matt..hi…I wasn’t expecting you…come in ” Carly said in shock and guilt as Matt walked into the house and closed the door. Carly turned around and looked at Matt who stared at her. She felt so embarrassed and she also had a bit of a hangover. “So how did everything go at the court” Carly said as she leaned on the table so she wouldn’t fall over “Al Simpson got a life sentence” Matt said “That’s good news” Carly said and smiled “Well you would’ve known if you were there like you promised” Matt said “I’m really sorry Matt. Something came up and” Carly was interrupted “Same old Carly…you know I thought you would’ve changed by now, but no..youre the same as always. Making promises you cant keep, letting everyone around you down” Matt said “I’m sorry. I really wanted to come to the court but something came up” Carly said “What came up? What was more important than being there for a friend? A friend who was always there for you” Matt said as Carly tried to rack her brains to come up with an excuse. Matt stared at her “You see, you cant even come up with a lie, can you?” Matt said as Carly looked at him “Matt, I’m really sorry” Carly said as Matt looked at her as tears formed in her eyes “I don’t need your apologies, your tears, or your lies. You are the one person who I wanted to be with me today. You knew how important this was for me. You knew how much my brothers death…not knowing what happened…It had a huge impact on my life. You knew all that. Ive never asked you for anything. I just asked you to be there for me…just like I was there for you. However it wasn’t important..I wasn’t important was I Carly? All that stuff you said on the beach yesterday was just lies wasn’t it Carly?” Matt said as he shook his head. Carly wiped the tear that ran down her cheek. She knew what she did was wrong. She had every intention of going, but she knew that Ben wouldn’t like it, and that somehow he would find out that she went. It was something she couldn’t risk. “Well whatever it was that you had to do today, I hope it was worth it, because as far as I am concerned…anything I felt for you..anything I feel for you…ended when you didn’t come to the court” Matt said as Carly looked at him as another tear ran down her cheek. Matt stared at Carly. Today was so bitter sweet. Today he got justice for his brother, yet the one person he wanted to be there let him down. “Goodbye Carly” Matt said disappointed then he walked out of the house and closed the door. Carly walked over to the window and she slightly opened the curtains as she watched Matt get into his car and drive away. She closed the curtains and walked over to the couch and sat down. She pulled the bottle of vodka from the corner of the couch, and stared at it as tears ran down her cheeks. She hugged the bottle and laid down on the couch and began to cry.. Background music ends Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Background music- Emma’s theme Ailsa gently knocked on the door and opened it “Are you alright sweetheart” Ailsa said as Emma turned over “Yeah fine” Emma said faking a smile as Ailsa sat on the edge of the bed “ We are about to sit down to dinner, do you think you can join us?” Ailsa said “I’m not really feeling hungry..just a bit tired” Emma said “Did the Drs tell you what happened?” Ailsa said “Well the think I might be low on Iron, so they gave me some iron tablets. They think that’s what made me weak and pass out” Emma said “Alright then…well thank goodness its nothing serious” Ailsa said “Yeah I know” Emma said Ill let Donald know that I’m going to keep you off school for the next few days” Ailsa said “Thanks” Emma said “Lucinda called earlier to check on you” Ailsa said “Ok, Ill call her later” Emma said “Ill leave some dinner for you in the oven in case you get hungry later” Ailsa said “Thanks” Emma said as Ailsa smiled and got up from the bed “Aunt Ailsa” Emma said and Ailsa turned and looked at her “Thanks..you know for everything” Emma said and Ailsa smiled then she walked out of the room and closed the door. Emma turned over to her original position of looking out of the window. She reached under the blanket and pulled out Davids scarf and put it up to her face and closed her eyes and dreamt about her future… Caravan Park- Summer Bay Steve washed the dishes as Sally wiped them “Can we phone Pippa later?” Sally said “Why? Her dad is sick” Steve said “I know. I just want to know when she’s coming home” Sally said as Frank came into the kitchen “Alright, I better get going before it starts to rain” Frank said “Frank can you read me a story?” Sally said “Not tonight Sal” Frank said as he picked her up and kissed her cheek “That’s not fair, you never read me a story” Sally said “Sal, you know I have to go and read Sophie a story” Frank said “Bobby can read Sophie a story, then you can read me a story” Sally said “I promise I’ll read you a story soon ok?” Frank said and Sally sighed “Ok” Sally said disappointed and Frank kissed her cheek and put her down “Ill see you later” Frank said and he walked out of the house and closed the door. Steve looked at Sally who was staring at the door disappointed. She didn’t like Sophie anymore because she was taking Frank away “Ill read you a story Sal” Steve said “No thank you” Sally said and she walked up the stairs to her room. Steve wiped down the sink area then hung the towel on the sink. As he walked out of the kitchen he looked around the house. He would be going soon, and all the guilt he felt when he saw Frank would all be gone.. Background music ends
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