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  1. Zig

    Now A Family

    Sally had lots to deal with to be fair.
  2. Zig

    Now A Family

    Sally had been taking care of Ric and Cassie and it had been a crazy month or so.
  3. Zig

    Now A Family

    Chapter 13 Sally, Cassie and Pippa walked towards the nearest seats and sat down as Cassie looked at the older woman with her arms cross as she rested her head on Sally shoulder. Pippa watched the pair and had a feeling Cassie wasn't a fan of new people "So how long have you been fostering Cassie?" Sally knew Pippa wanted answers "We fostered her for a bit then adopted both her and Ric." Pippa immediately looked confused "Ric who is Ric?" Before Cassie or Sally could answer Cassie phone rang and she looked at Sally "It's Dan I'm going to answer this." Sally smiled and nodded "Sure, don't go to far." Cassie nodded as she stood up and walked away. Once Cassie was gone Pippa looked at Sally "How long have you had Ric and Cassie as your foster kids?" Sally knew she needed to give Pippa an answer "A few months. Flynn saw the kids one day and they had ran away from home and we decided to help then take then in." Pippa was worried Sally would get hurt "I know you adopted then but what if their families want then back?" Sally knew this would never happen and shook her head "That won't happen." Pippa looks serious "You don't know that." Sally crosses her arms "Cassie mum is dead and her uncle was abusive and is in jail as for her dad Flynn and Dan are the closest she had to that and as for Ric his mum never been in his life and his dad is dead." Pippa nods "Ok well I want to meet Ric and chat to him, Cassie too." Sally smiles "Of course they are your family now, but don't push Cassie on her life she doesn't trust many people." Pippa nods in understanding "But she trusts you and Flynn." Sally smiles "Yeah both her and Ric do." Pippa smile as the pair sit and chat more and Sally fills her in on things. Meanwhile Cassie answered Dan call "Hi" Dan smiled as he heard Cassie voice "How are things? Are you ok?" Cassie looks to where Sally and Pippa are before speaking "I honestly have no idea. I'm even struggling when I see guys in the mall and now we ran into Sally mum and I'm worried she will tell Sally to not keep us." Dan could hear the worry in Cassie voice "I met Pippa she is a good person I don't think she would do that and as for stuff with the guys Sally with you so you are safe but if you ever need to talk to me I'm one phone call away." Cassie smiles at what Dan says "I know and I love you." Dan can't help that smile "I love you to Cassie." They then hang up and Cassie heads back nervously to where Pippa and Sally are.
  4. Zig

    Now A Family

    Glad you liked that she is back and I hope you enjoy the next few chapters she is in.
  5. Zig

    Moving On

    She had her reasons as for Bella and Dean you will have to wait and see what happens.
  6. Zig

    Now A Family

    She is. Glad you liked this surprise.
  7. Zig

    Now A Family

    Pippa is hope you liked the surprise as for the meeting you will have to wait and see.
  8. Zig

    Moving On

    He somehow managed too and same if only he could be in the show.
  9. Zig

    Now A Family

    Chapter 12 It was now Saturday morning and Cassie and Ric were both rushing to finish packing for their holiday with Flynn and Sally. It wasn't long before Ric knocked on Cassie door with his bag "Ready to go?" Cassie smiles with a eager look on her face "I am and I'm ready to forget my problems for a few days." Ric nods in understanding "Let's forgot everything and enjoy this trip." Cassie picks up her bag and walks towards Ric "That is a deal." The pair then walk downstairs and then to the car to join Flynn, Sally and little Pippa for their first holiday as family. It was now three hours later and the group had just collected their bags after arriving in Queensland "Ready for a few days of fun?" Sally, Ric and Cassie smiled at Flynn "Yeah we are." The group then head out of the airport and into a taxi ready for the best weekend they had all had in a while. After unpacking at the hotel Sally and Cassie decided on a girls shopping trip so they headed of leaving Flynn and Ric to their own devices. Sally and Cassie were wandering around the mall when Cassie spotted a dress in a shop window and walked to the shop to look at it. Cassie walked in with Sally close behind her. After looking at the dress for a few minutes it was clear to Sally that Cassie liked it "How about you try it on?" Cassie shakes her head "If I try it on I will want it even more and I can't afford it." Sally could see the sadness Cassie felt when she said that "Try it on and if you like it Flynn and I will get it for you." Cassie turned around "I can't ask that of either of you." Sally looked at her daughter "Cassie I'm offering and besides you are family now so let us help you. Now go try it on." Cassie had the biggest smile on her face "Thank you." She then ran to the change room and after a few minutes came back out with it on and did a little spin "You look beautiful Cassie." Cassie have a massive grim on her face "I love it." Sally nods "You can wear it out to dinner tonight go on get changed and I will get it for you." Cassie immediately runs to the changeroom and gets changed and afterwards Sally then buys the dress. It was after that when they were wandering around the mall trying to find something for Sally to wear when she heard her name "Sally?" This made both Sally and Cassie turn around "Pippa." Pippa walked towards the pair and hugged Sally as Cassie watched on confused which when Sally pulled away from Pippa she realized "Cassie this is my mum Pippa. Pippa this is Cassie she is my daughter." Pippa was shocked with what Sally said "Your daughter? I think you better start talking." Sally and Cassie looked at each other and Sally knew Pippa would have questions including why she didn't know about Cassie. She knew the chat that was about to happen was going to be a long one.
  10. Zig

    Moving On

    Chapter 4 Once the pair were both sitting down and were comfortable, Emmett looked at Bella seriously and Bella knew the question was coming "Why sell your camera?" Bella felt guilty she knew she was letting him down but photography just bought up painful reminders "Because every time I picked up my camera, every time I took a shot, I couldn't stop remembering all the bad things." Emmett clicked he knew what she meant "Nikau and Sienna?" Bella nodded "I hate Nikau for what he did and the thought of then together even now kills me." Emmett looked at Bella knowing there was more "There's something else?" Bella nodded this was a bit she was never prepared to tell Emmett but she knew she had too "If it wasn't for me. You wouldn't gotten hurt that day." Emmett looked at Bella and could see the guilt on over her face "The explodium it wasn't your fault Bella nor was it your fault that I got hurt." Bella shook her head "You wouldn't been there if it wasn't for me. So it is my fault." Bella wasn't holding back her her emotionals and Emmett immediately hugged her and held her tightly. He had no idea she felt guilty about that and knew the camera talk was now going to have to wait as this was just as important to talk about. After getting out of the hug the pair agreed to walk along the beach and chat. After a few moments of silence those Emmett stopped walking and looked at Bella "I didn't even know you blamed yourself." Bella who had now stopped walking sat on the sand "That because I didn't want you too. You were in hospital and then the stuff with Nikau and New York happened ,there wasn't ever a good time to tell you." Emmett now knew that Bella was just as worried about him as he was about her "I get it I do, It was a hard time of both our lives Bella but none of what happened to me or you was your fault. So don't blame yourself for any of it." Bella looked seriously "It just you sacrificed so much for me, for us to work together and then your injury happened because of that." Emmett walked to where Bella was and sat beside her "The injury happened because of a gas bottle not because of you and besides everything worked out for me in the end so stop feeling guilty." Bella reluctantly nods and agrees to stop feeling guilty as Emmett pulls her into a hug which she returns. After a few minutes the pair stand up and head to the diner for a coffee and for what Bella knew would be a chat about the camera and probably Dean. They sat down and as they were waiting for their coffees when Emmett suddenly said something that surprised Bella "I get it why you would want to sell that particular camera Bella but don't stop doing what you love because of one stupid boy." Bella knew Emmett had a point "So what are you saying?" Emmett smiled "I'm saying sell the camera and buy a new one don't give up what you love." Bella nodded "Fine I will do that but if it still the same." Emmett jumps in "If it is I will drop the matter but Bella your talented and I don't want to see you give up on photography." Bella nods "It would be hard to give up. I will get a new camera and hope it helps." The pair smile at each other as their coffees are handed to then. The pair took a sip of their coffees "So how Dean? Bella knew this question was also coming and knew she might even crumble "Not good. He can barely move or walk. He got months of rehab ahead of him but I'm scared he won't do it or take any painkillers." Emmett held Bella hand "Dean is strong we both know that and he will be ok. You just need to be there for him when he needs you or if you need to force him to take painkillers." Bella nods "I haven't been to see him since the first day he was admitted." This admission surprised Emmett "Why not?" Bella started getting a tear down her eye "Because the last time after I saw someone I loved in hospital they cutted me off." Emmett looked at Bella "I know Dean and he won't do that but if it helps I can come with you for support." Bella smiles "You would do that for me?" Emmett looks at Bella "Yeah I would now let's go see Dean." The pair grab their coffees and head out of the diner to go to see Dean.
  11. Zig

    Moving On

    He sure did get blown out let hope Mackenzie gives him a chance and we can hope that Emmett gets through to Bella. He sure did. She does and yeah he is.
  12. Zig

    Moving On

    Chapter 3 Soon after Mackenzie and Emmett walked back to where Logan and Bella were both giving the pair a smile. Emmett looked at Bella as Logan doesn't stop looking at Mackenzie "Bella I'm guessing he still into her?" This catches Mackenzie attention who gives Bella a nod and decides to formally introduce the pair "Emmett meet Logan and Logan this is Emmett." The pair nod at each other. Logan happy he now knew the name of the guy Mackenzie was clearly into. It was about ten minutes later when Emmett and Bella left and Mackenzie handed Logan another beer. Logan was very curious and needed to know "Bella said he isn't your ex." Mackenzie shakes her head surprised at what Logan said "No he isn't. We had a brief causal thing but that it." Logan now understands the reason they seem friendly "Right." Mackenzie still didn't get why he was asking anyway and looks back at him "Why do you want to know anyway?" Logan was caught of guard but he knew he needed to tell Mackenzie the reason "Because I like you Mackenzie and I want us to have a go at things." Mackenzie looks serious "My last relationship was awful and I'm not willing to get into another one. I'm going to go as my shift is over." Mackenzie then walks out of the bar leaving a sad Logan sitting there alone. Once Mackenzie left work, she rushed to Dean hospital room "Aren't you meant to be working?" Her brother question caught up off-guard and she decided to lie "I wanted to spend some time with you that all." Normally Dean would buy that but today he knew better "Mackenzie have something happened? Is it Bella?" Mackenzie could see the concern in Dean's face when he asked about Bella and immediately shook her head "No it isn't and besides she got Emmett taking care of her." Dean looked confused "Emmett is in New York?" Mackenzie shakes her head "I called him and told him what happened and he came back to be there for her." Dean nods "Thank you because if anyone can help her it will be Emmett." Mackenzie nods in agreement as Dean looks at her "So what is it?" Mackenzie sits on her brother bed "Logan says he likes me." Dean was shocked but not surprised "Yeah I could see he did. So what happened?" Mackenzie crosses her arms " I told him we won't happen. I just need to be myself not dating right now." Dean smiles and nods in understanding "That is understandable but remember when your ready, go for it if you like someone. You deserve to be happy Mac" Mackenzie smiles as she reaches over and hugs her brother making sure she doesn't hurt his ribs in the process. Bella and Emmett arrived back at the flat and Emmett looks at the views around then "We have some good lighting around here. How about we go and take some shots?" Bella shook her head "We can't." Emmet looked at his best friend confused "Why not?". Bella knew this was coming and she knew her admission would surprise Emmett "I sold my camera. I just can't take photos anymore." Emmett grabbed Bella hand and the pair walked towards the couch and sat down. Bella knew the pair were about to have a long chat about this and things in general.
  13. Zig

    Now A Family

    Thank you for reading. I hope your liking this storyline.
  14. Zig

    Moving On

    Thank you. They did for sure and I wish we got to see more of it.
  15. Zig

    Now A Family

    Cassie been through allot for sure. Glad your both loving Cassie and Dan dynamic.
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