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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 494



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“I didn’t know it was bring your kid to work day” Greg looked up to see Michael standing in front of him

“Sorry..I just thought since I was only doing a couple of hours it would be alright to just have him play over there” Greg said

“Its alright…sorry, just in a bit of a mood. This paperwork is getting on my nerves” Michael said as he walked into the shed to get some papers that he left

“Stil haven’t figured it out?” Greg said as he watched Michael walk back out of the shed

“No, it was easier before, but since the business has expanded, its just piling up” Michael said and sighed

“Have you thought about hiring an accountant or something?”  Greg said as he worked

“Yeah, butt hose guys cost and arm and a leg” Michael said and sighed

“I guess if I keep looking at the numbers on the page, somehow they will all make sense..see you later” Michael said and he walked away

“Dad, can we go now” Sam said as he walked over to Greg

“Not yet mate, I’m working” Greg said and Sam sighed and walked over to the sand pit he was playing in as Greg watched him. He hadn’t intended to pick Sam up, but when he arrived at the house, Bobby said she was going over to the caravan park and was taking Sophie over there, so he felt it was only right that he had his child with him. Greg sighed then he put the screw driver he had in his hand onto the toolbox . No matter how much he tried to push it out of his mind, he didn’t like Frank being around..


“G’day” Greg looked up to see a familiar face

“G’day Fiona” Greg said and smiled. After seeing him naked he thought things were going to be awkward, but Fiona was nice about it, and it was no longer an issue. He like Fiona, they had exchanged small talk since she cleaned the house.

“I’m having a bit of trouble with my car, I was wondering if you could look at it” Fiona said

“Yeah sure” Greg said

“Stay there mate” Greg said to Sam then he walked the short distance over to where Fiona’s car was

“Is this your kid?” Greg said

“Yeah, his name is Scott” Fiona said

“Hello mate” Greg said and smiled

“Hello” Scott said

“Now lets get this top up and see whats going on” Greg said

“When he opened the hood, smoke came out

“Do you know what’s wrong” Fiona said as she looked at Greg touch different part of the engine.

“Looks like your gasket is bad..you’re probably going to need to replace it” Greg said and Fiona sighed

“Great..another expense to add to the list…” Fiona said and sighed as Greg looked at her.

“I can probably seal it up which will fix it temporarily..maybe for a few months..but it needs to be changed” Greg said

“Thanks, but I don’t think I can afford all that at the moment…thanks anyway” Fiona said and she got into the car

“Where are you going?” Greg said

“I need to get home, I just came to get my wages from Mr Stewart” Fiona said

“Your car isn’t really safe to drive” Greg said

“But I have no other way to get home, Ill just take my chances” Fiona said

“Look…if you can hang around for half an hour, I’ll take you home. I can put a seal on the gasket on Monday and you can pick it up in the morning” Greg said

“Thanks but I cant afford to pay you” Fiona said

“Its ok..the sealing will only take me a couple of minutes. I would do it now, but we don’t have any” Greg said

“Are you sure?” Fiona said with excitement in her eyes

“Yeah, no worries…just hang around, I’m nearly finished and Ill take you home” Greg said and smiled then he walked back to the engine he was working on as Fiona took her son out of his car seat and followed Greg…


Fletcher Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Did Pippa phone?” Bobby said as Steve walked into the living room

“Yeah she did” Steve said as Frank walked into the house with paint brushes

“Well, I don’t think I’m going to need all these but better safe than sorry” Frank said as he lined the paintbrushes on the dining table

“Sophie this is your uncle Steve” Frank said as Steve stood by the dining table. Sophie looked up at Steve. She remembered him. She was looking out of the window and saw him fall off his bike

“Hi Sophie” Steve said as he looked at Sophie who stared at him

“She’s a little bit shy” Bobby said when Sophie didn’t respond

“Oh right” Steve said

“If you’re not doing anything, why don’t you come over and help me paint Sophies room” Frank said as he put the brushes into a bag

“I cant..I got homework to do…and someone needs to stay and look after the caravan park” Steve said

“Its only for a few hours” Frank said as he looked at Steve

“I know but its really busy now with all the tourists” Steve said as Bobby looked at him

“Oh sorry, I hope I’m not interrupting” Finlay said as she came into the house. Steve noticed that She was wearing Franks t-shirt

“No, its fine” Frank said

“Oh, I promise to wash and give your t-shirt back soon” Finlay said and smiled as Bobby looked at her

“No worries” Frank said as he counted the brushes on the table

“Hi Sophie” Finlay said with a big smile as Sophie looked at her. 

“Shes just a bit shy” Frank said looking up

“That’s alright…shes so pretty” Sophie said and Frank smiled like a proud father

“Thanks” Frank said as Lance walked into the house

“G’day” Lance said

“G’day” Frank said as he walked into the laundry room to wash his hands

“Bob when is the diner after dark opening, I need some money” Lance said

“The delivery men are bringing the furniture some time next week. Speak to Carly” Bobby said as Sophie stared at Lance

“Is this the foster kid?” Lance said looking at Sophie

“My daughter not a foster kid” Frank said

“Yeah” Lance said as Bobby looked at Frank

“Do you want to go to the yabbie creek or something?” Lance said

“I’ll give it a miss thanks, I have to paint Sophies room” Frank said as he gently caressed Sophies cheek as she looked at him.

“I thought we were going to the beach?” Finlay said

“ You said you didn’t want to go” Lance said

“Well I changed my mind..Ill go and get my suit” Finlay said and she smiled then she kissed Lance on the cheek. She looked over to see that Frank was not paying attention and sighed as she walked out of the house

“She’s a bit of alright “ Lance said as he nudged Frank twice with his elbow

“See you later” Frank said as he picked up the bag and Sophie got up from the chair

“Come over later” Bobby said as she held Sophies had and walked to the door

“Ill see” Steve said as Bobby looked at him. She knew why he was being distant. She knew it was because Frank was home. Steve could hear Lance talking as he walked to the door and leaned on the frame. He watched as Bobby, Frank and Sophie got into the car and drove away. No matter how much he tried, his guilt always brought him back to the day that he failed to protect Bobby from Morag. However it wouldn’t be long before he was due to leave, and hopefully all the bad memories would stay behind, so he could get on with his life…



Background music ends



St John’s Cemetery- Brisbane


Background music- Fisher family theme


Donald looked to his left, watching his sister cry as David’s body was lowered into the ground. He turned and looked at the vicar who was saying something that Donald didn’t hear. All he could think about was Alan’s funeral, and the time he wasted hating his son instead of getting closer to his son



Stewarts point- Summer Bay


Emma rode to the top of Stewarts point and leaned the bike against a rock, and sat on the rock that her bike leaned against and looked at the view. The weather was nice today. She thought to herself.  She was hoping it was nice in Brisbane too and sighed. She remembered the last kiss that her and David shared here at Stewarts point, it was at midnight and they had previously spent the last few hours talking about their future and all the travelling they were going to do. Now none of that was going to happen. Emma began to cry. David was her first love, the only man who had treated her well, and loved her, and now he was gone. Emma took the backpack off her back, and opened the zip. She took out the single red rose then closed her backpack and put it on the floor. She got up from the rock and walked closer to the edge as tears ran down her cheeks. She gently kissed the rose as she closed her eyes


“I love you David” Emma said as she cried then opened her eyes and gently threw the rose as far as she could hoping it would land in the water and drift away. She sighed and wiped her face with the back of her hand and sat on the rock and closed her eyes and thought about how life was going to go on without David..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 495




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Sophie sat on floor by the door way with her teddy bear as she watched her new dad paint the room. He was painting the last wall white. Her new mum was help paint the wall then she went downstairs to answer the phone

“Hey, take a break”  Bobby said and she put the tray on the floor and sat next to sophie. On the tray were two glasses and a blue cup of lemonade, and slices of cake. Frank put the paint brush down and wiped his hands with a towel on the floor. Frank sat on the floor and grabbed a glass of lemonade and began to drink it

“Its ok Sophie, you can take the cup” Bobby said and Sophie picked up the blue cup and drank most of the lemonade in it

“Thanks” Frank said as he put the glass down on the tray and picked up a slice of sponge cake and bit into it

“Hmm” Frank said and he picked up the plate with the cake on and put it in front of Sophie and winked. She picked up a slice of cake and bit into it. It tasted really good. All the food she had eaten since being with her new mum and dad was really nice

“Do you like it?” Bobby said as she looked at Sophie. Sophie nodded

“Wow, I cant believe you’re almost done” Bobby said as she got up and looked around the empty room

“Still more work to do, got to put the furniture together, get the curtains up" Frank said 

“I don’t think Sophie can sleep in here tonight while the paint dries” Frank said

“That’s fine, she can sleep in with me” Bobby said as Sophie pushed the last bit of cake into her mouth. Bobby walked back over to where Frank and Sophie were seated and sat on the floor

“Its going to be very busy next week…I start my media duties for the NSW council, so ill be spending a lot of time in the city” Bobby said

“That’s fine, I can take care of Sophie…take her to and from school” Frank said

“Yeah, but that’s all going to depend on the interview with the psychologist…you can have another slice of cake sweetheart” Bobby said and Sophie looked at her then she picked up another slice

“Shes going to be fine” Frank said and he looked at Sophie as she ate the slice of cake

“I was thinking we could go and have a late lunch at the resort later” Bobby said

“Ok” Frank said then he drank his lemonade

“Thanks..you know for getting this room ready for Sophie” Bobby said as she looked at Frank. There was something different about him. Apart from looking older with his facial hair, he was a dad..something that she had never seen before.

“You don’t need to thank me…she’s my daughter too” Frank said as he looked at Bobby. Anytime he said that it made her heart flutter..after everything they had been through, they had a daughter…someone that once again bonded them together..a bond that she never wanted to be broken again…


Background music ends


Harris Residence- Kiama


“Just left into here please” Fiona said as Grant turned onto her road

“Is this still Summer Bay?” Greg said as he followed Fiona’s instructions and turned left

“We left Summer Bay when we turned right at the traffic lights..this is my house here” Fiona said as Greg turned left again and parked his truck near a tree and turned the car engine off

“Thanks for the lift” Fiona said as she turned to Greg and smiled

“You’re welcome” Greg said and smiled

“Can I repay you by bringing you a beer before you go?” Fiona said and Greg looked in the back seat to see Sam and Fiona’s son fast asleep. He knew he had to get Sam home, but the longer he could avoid seeing Frank the better

“Sure, why not” Greg said and he got out of the truck

“Sam can stay in there” Greg said then he walked over to the other side and opened the door and picked up Fiona’s sleeping son and followed her to the house. Fiona opened the door as Greg followed behind her

“You can lay him down in his room” Fiona said as she opened the bedroom door and Greg laid the sleeping Scott onto his bed. He smiled as he watched Scotts little chest rise and fall in a deep sleep then he slowly closed the bedroom door.  Greg looked around the living room. The house was small, but very neat and tidy. There were photos of Fiona and her son at various stages of his life on the wall

“I thought we could have our drinks outside” Fiona said as she walked of the kitchen with a tray which had two bottles on it

“Sure” Greg said and he held open the screen door as Fiona walked outside. She put the tray on a

small table on the porch and they both sat down


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“So how long have you lived here?” Greg said as he drank his beer

“About three years” Fiona said

“Did you grow up here?” Greg said

“Yeah, about five miles down the road” Fiona said

“I don’t mean to be nosey but what happened to Scotts dad?” Greg said

“He left us, about two years ago” Fiona said and Greg noticed sadness in her voice

“Sorry” Greg said

“No its fine..I think I’m over it now” Fiona said and sighed

“What kind of creep would leave his son” Greg said then he sighed as he remembered that at one time he was that creep

“You’re son is very lucky to have you around” Fiona said and Greg smiled

“Yeah…thanks” Greg said and smiled then he drank some beer and looked around

“What about you, who helps you with Scott?” Greg said

“I take him to my mums. She looks after him while I work. I cant wait until he goes to kindy full time then I will be able to do a course at TAFE” Fiona said

“Yeah, what do you want to do?” Greg said

“Fashion design” Fiona said and smiled

“I’m not surprised because you always look great” Greg said and Fiona felt herself blushing

“Thanks I make a lot of my clothes…its easier that way..since I don’t have much money” Fiona said and grabbed the bottle of beer and drank it so that Greg wouldn’t see her blush

“This is a nice little place you got here” Greg said  as he drank some of his beer

“Thanks..still needs some work, but I like it” Fiona said “Well if you ever need any help with anything, I’m handy with some tools” Greg said and he and Fiona both smiled

“Thanks, Ill keep that in mind” Fiona said then Greg drank some beer and looked at his watch

“I think I better head back…I don’t want Bobby sending out a search party for us” Greg said and Fiona smiled. She didn’t know Bobby well, but she had seen her around, and she knew that she was one of the owners of the diner..and Greg's girlfriend

“Well, thanks again for the lift” Fiona said as Greg got up

“Yeah no worries…I’ll try to get your car fixed by Wednesday” Greg said then he drank the last bit of beer in the bottle

“Ill try and pay you back as soon as I can” Fiona said as Greg began walking to his truch

“Don’t worry about it” Greg said then he got into his truck

“Hey, I can pick you up on Monday for work if you want” Greg said

“No that’s fine, the bus stop is just over there” Fiona said as she pointed in the direction ahead

“If you’re sure” Greg said

“Yes I am” Fiona said and smiled as Greg started the engine

“Ok, well I’ll see you later” Greg said as he put his car into reverse

“Thanks again” Fiona said

“No worries” Greg said and smiled then he began to reverse. Fiona smiled and she waved as she watched Greg drive away. She signed and walked back to her house. She picked up the two bottles of beer and took them to the kitchen then she put them on the table and walked out of the kitchen and was about to check on Scott when she stopped by the mirror in the hallway. She looked at the dress she was wearing. It was one of favourites that she made not too long ago. She pulled the hairband from her hair as she recalled what Greg said about her , and let her long brown her fall down her back and smiled to herself..


Greg stopped at the traffic light and sighed. He looked in the rear view mirror and Sam was still asleep. He had to admit to himself that he had a great time with Fiona,. Even though they were not talking about anything earth shattering, she was easy to talk to, and it took his mind off the one thing that was bothering him..well, the one person that was bothering him. He knew he was wrong to think this, but he really wished that Bobby and Frank never found Sophie then maybe Frank would go away. Greg sighed then he pressed the accelerator pedal, indicated right and drove away..


Background music ends


Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek


Julie rolled out of her room. Her dad had just walked in from the garden, and her mum was standing in the kitchen

“I want to say something” Julie said and they both turned and looked at her

“I’ve decided that I’m going to take that job in the city” Julie said and she looked at both of them for a reaction

“Julie love, is it a good idea?” Alec Gibson said

“Yes Dad, it is. So much has happened in my life..good things that has lead me to believe that I can live a normal life if I try. If someone told me a year ago that I would have a really good job, and a boyfriend, I never would’ve believed them..no matter how much I wanted it” Julie said

“I know, I’m not going to get your blessing on this, but its something I want to do anyway” Julie said and neither of her parents said anything then she rolled herself back to her room and closed the door. It felt bitter sweet the conversation she just had with her parents. Her life had changed so much in the last few months and was getting better. Julie sighed as she remembered that even though she talked about having a boyfriend, her and Nick had not spoken to each other, and she didn’t know where they stand



Background music- Have you ever been alone


Knock on the door


Julie turned herself around and looked at the door


“Come in” Julie said as the door opened

“Can I come in love?” Alec said

“Yeah, ok” Julie said as her dad walked into the room and closed the door. He sat on the bed and looked around the room and smiled

“I remember when you were a little girl, and now you’re all grown up..with your own life” Alec said as Julie looked at him

“So when does this job of yours start?” Alec said

“I have to tell my manager by Monday if I want it, then I start next Monday” Julie said

“So where are you going to live?” Alec said

“My manager said I can stay at the hotel, until I find a place that is chair friendly. I was told that one of the chefs over there is wheelchair bound, so hopefully they will be able to help me find somewhere ” Julie said

“Sounds like you got this all worked out” Alec said and smiled

“Not really, but I just want to try” Julie said

“I know you do love, me and your mum worry about you….to me you will always be my little girl…but I know this is what you want, so you have my blessing” Julie said and she looked at her dad who had tears in her eyes

“Oh dad..thank you” Julie said with tears in her eyes and she leaned forward and hugged her dad

“Under one condition” Alec said as he wiped a stray tear that fell from his eye

“The first sign of any trouble, you pick up the phone and call me, and Ill come straight to the city to get you…you promise?” Alec said and Julie smiled

“I promise” Julie said and she wiped her cheek and smiled as her dad hugged her again. Then she sighed and remembered she still had unfinished business with Nick, and wondered what would become of them….


Library- Summer Bay


“Thanks” Shaunna said and she gathered two newspapers the librarian gave her in her hands and walked over to a table in the corner that had a single chair and sat down. She put the newspapers on the table and felt her heart beat fast. She opened the first one and remembered the librarian had said page 16. She scrolled through the pages fast until she got to page sixteen. She lifted the paper off the table to get a closer look.

“Obituary of Thomas “Tom” Edward Fletcher” Shaunna said then she continued to read. As she read she was overcome with sadness. He sounded like such a great man..someone who had enjoyed a great life with his family. Shaunna closed that newspaper then picked up the other. She recalled the librarian saying page 10. Shaunna quickly scrolled to page 10 and read the title of the article

“Summer Bay Caravan Park- Under new management” Shaunna said then she read the article while looking at the pictures. There was a family photo of the fletchers and all their children. Shaunna looked at all their faces. She recognized Bobby because she had met them before. She had seen the boy with curly hair around, but she had not met the others. Shaunna looked around and she noticed that the librarian was not at the counter. She looked around and noticed that no one was looking and she quietly tore out the family photo from the newspaper. She quickly folded it up and put it into her pocket and closed the newspapers. When she turned around, she noticed that the librarian was at the counter. Shaunna got up and walked over to her wit hthe newspapers in hand

“Did you find out what you were looking for?” the librarian said

“Yes, thanks” Shaunna said and she gave the newspapers back to the librarian who smiled

“Thank you..have a good day” the librarian said and smiled as she put the news papers in a draw

“Thanks, you too” Shaunna said as she walked out of the library and smiled to herself excited about the future..


Background music ends


Simpson residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Oh Grant, when did you get back?” Greg said as he came into the house

“About 5 minutes ago..hello Sam” Grant said and he gently tapped Sam on the head

“I think I was away far too long, I need to get to the beach right now” Grant said and smiled

“Hey, don’t let us stop you…Is Bobby around?” Greg said

“No, just me” Grant said as Greg sighed

“Oh, her and Frank are probably out with Sophie” Greg said trying not to sound sad

“Whose Sophie?” Grant said confused

“Oh…that’s right..you were in the city..you don’t know what happened” Greg said as Grant looked at him confused



Sands resort- Summer Bay


Sophie watched as the waiter walked over to the table with a cart. It had an assortment of sandwiches, sausage rolls and pastries. The waiter took each plate of food he had on the cart and put it on the table. Next he bent down and picked up a jug of juice and put it on the table, and three glass bowls of dessert

“Can I get anything else for you Ms Simpson” the waiter said

“No this is fine, thanks” Bobby said and the waiter walked away. Bobby used the tongs next to the plate and put one of each of the sandwiches and sausage rolls on Sophies plate.

“I hope you don’t mind, I called and told them we were coming so they got the food ready” Bobby said as Frank ate one of the sandwiches

“No, its fine” Frank said as he watched Sophie stuffing her face with the sandwiches. Frank smiled as he looked at the glass bowl of dessert. Bobby watched as Frank picked up glass bowl and put it in front of him. She watched him pick up a spoon and put some of the trifle that was in the bowl in his mouth. Bobby looked at Sophie. She didn’t know what she was thinking when she asked the waiters to add the trifle to the food order

“My dessert” Frank said and Bobby looked at him surprised that he still remembered

“You remembered” Bobby said

“You told me never to forget” Frank said as he looked at Bobby then he looked down at Sophie. She looked up at him and he kissed her forehead as Bobby sighed…


Simpson residence- Summer Bay

“Sounds like a lot has been going on in the last few days” Grant said and sighed as he listened to Greg tell him about Sophie

“Yeah” Greg said and sighed

“Dad, can you play football with me outside” Sam said as he cam running down the stairs with his football

“Alright mate, go outside, Ill be there in a minute” Greg said

“Ok”  Sam said and he went outside

“You should put a little sun cream on him, it’s a bit hot outside” Grant said

“He’ll be alright” Greg said as he dismissed what Grant said

“Anyway, I better go, I want to catch a few waves” Grant said

“Alright, do you mind if I hang around here” Greg said

“I’m sure Bobby wont mind…see you later” Grant said and walked out of the house. Greg sighed as he looked around the house then he walked up the stairs. He could smell the paint as he got closer to Sophie's bedroom. The entire room was white, a vast difference to the green colour it was painted before. Greg looked around the room, and with each step he took, he hated Sophie even more, but felt guilty at the same time


Knock on the door


Greg walked out of the room and sighed as he walked down the stairs and opened the door to see a woman with short brown hair smiling at him

“G’day” Greg said

“Hello, I am looking for Roberta Simpson, does she live here?” the woman said

“Yeah she does, but she's not here right now..can I give her a message?” Greg said

“Do you know how long she is going to be?” the woman said

“probably not that long..sorry, who are you?” Greg said

“Oh, I’m sorry…my name is Susan…Susan Kennedy, I believe Roberta is fostering my niece Sophie, and I've come to take her home” Susan said and smiled


Background music ends

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Great chapter 

Greg taking Fiona home and having a beer with her

Grant returned and learning about Sophie 

Good Julie dad will support her moving to the city 

Al what have you done sending Susan to get Sophie?

Update again soon  :)


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 496



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Greg, why would you let Sam play out in the sun with no sun cream on?” Bobby said as she came into the house with Sam and Sophie

“He’s alright” Greg said

“No he’s not, hes all red..sweetheart go into the bathroom upstairs and get your cream ok” Bobby said

“Ok” Bobby said and Sam went upstairs as Bobby looked up she saw a woman sitting on the couch and smiling at her

“Who’s this?” Bobby said


Background music - Frank and Bobby's theme


“Oh this is Susan…she’s Sophie's aunt” Greg said and Sophie looked up at the lady on the couch and froze

“Hello Roberta, I hope you don’t mind me coming here unannounced,” Susan said as she got up. Bobby stared at her

“Hello Sophie” Susan said as she smiled and walked towards Sophie

“Sophie go upstairs to my room” Bobby said and Sophie gasped then she ran upstairs. She opened the bedroom door and sat in the corner behind the door holding her teddy bear tight and closing her eyes. She didn’t want to go with that lady. She wanted to stay here with her new mum and dad.

“Actually I do mind…What do you want?” Bobby said

“I just want to make arrangements to take Sophie home with me” Susan said

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Bobby said

“Well legally, I am her relative” Susan said

“And legally so am I” Bobby said as Frank came into the house

“What’s going on?” Frank said as he put the tool box he was holding on the dining table

“This woman said she's Sophie's aunt, and she want to take her home” Bobby said

“How did you know that Sophie was here?” Frank said

“I I found out from the department..look, I shouldn’t have come here…you see, I live in Adelaide, and I didn’t find out that Sophie existed until very recently. My sister, Sophie’s mum and I were not very close, but now that I know I have a niece, I want to make up for all that, and take her to live with me” Susan said. Bobby felt her heart breaking as Susan spoke. Sophie was her and Franks daughter.

“Well that’s not going to happen today” Frank said as he stared at Susan

“Can I at least spend some time with Sophie today..maybe take her for an ice cream?” Susan said

“No, and I would like you to please leave” Bobby said as she walked over to the door and opened it. Susan sighed.

“Alright then…but I will be in touch” Susan said and she looked at Frank and Bobby then she walked out of the house and Bobby closed the door

“I cant believe the department would tell a stranger where I live” Bobby said and she shook her head

“Where is Sophie?” Frank said

“Up in my room” Bobby said and Frank walked up the stairs as Greg walked over to where Bobby was

“Don’t you think you was a bit hard on Susan?” Greg said

“Greg, after everything that little girl has been through, you expect me just to hand her over to a stranger” Bobby said annoyed

“Well she isn’t a stranger is she? She’s Sophie's aunt” Greg said

“And I’m really supposed to take her word for it?” Bobby said

“You know how fostering goes, eventually Sophie will have to go back to her family..might as well be now” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“I want you to leave please” Bobby said

“Bobby..I didn’t mean” Greg was interrupted

“Now” Bobby said and Greg sighed. He bent down to try and kiss Bobby then she moved away. Bobby sighed as she watched him walk of the house



Frank knocked on the bedroom door that was half way open. He looked into the room and didn’t see Sophie. He stepped inside and noticed she was hiding behind the door

“Hi sweetheart, why are you hiding behind the door” Frank said and he bent down and picked her up. She was crying as he carried her over and sat on Bobby’s bed

“Whats all this crying for” Frank said as Sophie hugged his neck

. Frank grabbed some tissues that were in a box besides Bobby’s bed and gently wiped her face

“Is she alright?” Bobby said as she walked into the bedroom

“Yes she’s fine” Frank said 

“I cant believe she came here Frank” Bobby said

“It doesn’t matter…shes not taking Sophie away from us…nobody is taking Sophie away from us" Frank said and gently lifted Sophie's chin up to look at him

“We are your mum and dad…and nobody is ever going to take you away from us ok” Frank said as a tear ran down Sophie's cheek and she nodded. Bobby sat next to Frank on the bed and he put his arm around her and Bobby rested her head on Franks shoulder. They were a family she thought to herself…and nobody was going to break that up….



Susan slowed the car down as the traffic light turned red. She sighed and looked at the watch on her wrist. She knew it was a stupid plan, she knew that there was no way that they were going to hand the girl over. She knew that going back to Al empty handed meant that he was going to get mad. Susan sighed once again then she smiled to herself and turned her traffic indicator to right, she was not going to see Al, he could do his own dirty work. When the light changed to green she exhaled and drove away…


Background music ends


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly opened her eyes. The light shining through the gap in the curtain went straight through her, and she closed her eyes, and covered her face. She turned over to face the other side of the room and noticed the empty bottle of vodka on the floor. She didn’t remember drinking the entire bottle, and she didn’t remember falling asleep.

She turned over and laid on her back and stared at the ceiling. Her head was pounding, she had a hangover and was tired. Before she knew it, she burst into tears and turned on her side again and began to cry. She had been through so much in her life, but this time she didn’t have any strength to fight. She was tired…she was scared…she wanted to be with her family. 

Even though she had warned Ben to never touch her again, she knew that it was only a matter of time before he realized her threats were empty, and start hitting her again. Carly sighed as she wiped her wet cheek wondering when her nightmare would end, and happiness would finally begin…



Beach – Summer Bay


Greg sat on a rock, and threw the tiny rocks he had in his hands into the water and sighed. He had made a really big mistake. He knew he shouldn’t have let Susan into the house, but he figured that with Sophie gone, Frank wouldn’t need to be around anymore. However the plan backfired, and now Bobby was angry with him.

Greg sighed as he thought about what was probably going on in the beach house now. Frank  hovering all around Bobby, and trying to convince her to get back with him. While Sophie just sat there being the centre of attention. Greg hit the side of his head three times with an open palm and shook his head. He was wrong to feel the way he did about Sophie, and he was wrong to let Susan in the house. However what wasn’t wrong was how he felt about Bobby, and he was going to apologize and get his family back…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Steve pulled out his suitcase from under his bed and put it on the bed. He flipped the top open and looked inside. He sighed as he thought about everything he owned, and how he would soon be fitting his entire life into this one suitcase.


Phone ringing


Steve closed the suitcase and rushed to the door and down the stairs to answer the phone


“Caravan Park” Steve said as he answered the phone

“Hello love how are you?” Pippa said

“Fine, how are you?” Steve said

“We are having a great time. I wasn’t expecting anyone to answer the phone…you not going out today?” Pippa said

“I felt like staying at home” Steve said

“Is everything alright?” Pippa said

“Yeah fine..anyway, I was just finishing up some homework” Steve said

“Alright love…give my love to everyone and ill see you tmorrow night.. Alex sends his best” Pippa said

“Tell him I said hello…I might come and see him next weekend or something” Steve said

“Next weekend is Bobby’s granduation, so you will see him them” Pippa said

“Oh, alright” Steve said

“See you tomorrow night” Pippa said

“Ok, see you tomorrow…drive safe” Steve said

“Thank you love, bye” Pippa said then Steve heard the phone go silent. He stared at the receiver in his hand, and them put it down. He looked up and saw the last family photo they took and picked it up from the desk. He remembered the day they took the photo, because Bobby was joining their family. Steve stared at each person in the photo, and wished that he could go back in time where the guilt he felt wasn’t eating him up inside. Steve turned around when he heard a knock at the door. It was one of the guests of the caravan park. He inhaled and exhaled and walked over to the door. In a short while he would be leaving and the bad memories would be left behind…



Vicarage- Newcastle


“Is everything alright?” Pippa turned around to see Reverend Jones behind her

“Yes fine” Pippa said forcing a smile

“Ok well the kids are ready, so we better get on our way to the farm” Reverend Jones said and smiled

“Ok” Pippa said

Philippa, everything is not fine..is it?” Reverend Jones said

“I’m sorry Alex…its just this thing with Steve and Frank. I can hear in his voice that he feels so guilty. No matter what I say, hes got it into his head that its his fault that Thomas died” Pippa said and sighed

“He’s carrying a heavy burden, only he can remove” Reverend Jones said

“He thinks by going to live with his aunt in England he will be able to forget” Pippa said

“Ahh..so that is what this is really about…Steven wanting to leave?” Reverend Jones said and Pippa sighed

“ wish I can say something to him to not go” Pippa said and a tear fell down her cheek which she wiped with the back of her hand.

I know you do…but this is a choice that he made. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but everything is going to be alright Philippa” Reverend Jones said as Pippa looked up at him

“As long as you will also be here” Pippa said

“Always” Reverend Jones said and he felt butterflies in his stomach. Not that he needed any further confirmation that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Pippa. He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Pippa looked at him and smiled. Even though her heart hurt for her son, having Alex with her gave her a sense of calm. She didn’t know what the future would be, but right now, she was happy with Alex, and believed him that everything was going to be alright…


Simpson residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Bobby walked over to the back door and opened it to see Greg standing there

“Hi” Greg said and Bobby turned and walked away

“I got you these” Greg said as he stood at the door with a bunch of flowers in his hand

“I know you’re upset with me about what I said earlier” Greg said as he walked into the house

“Yes I am” Bobby said

“I had some time to think about it, and I shouldn’t have said that” Greg said

“You’re right…you shouldn’t’ve said it. Sophie has been through so much, Frank and I are starting to get her to trust us, how can we just hand her over to a stranger, who knows what will happen” Bobby said and she sighed and turned around and folded her arms. Greg walked over to her and stood behind her

“You didn’t hand Sam straight over to me when I turned up. I wasn’t thinking. I should never have let that Susan woman into the house.” Greg said and Bobby turned around

“I act like an idiot at times, Sophie is like my daughter too, and I should’ve taken that into consideration. I promise I will never do anything like that again” Greg said as Bobby looked at him..


Frank gently caressed Sophie's cheek with his finger and smiled. She was fast asleep It was a little chilly tonight, so he covered her with the duvet and put the book on the chest of drawers in Bobby’s room. He turned around to look at her one more time as he stood by the door. He couldn’t believe that he loved her so much…he would do anything to protect her..she was his daughter. Frank turned the light off and pulled the door to the edge. He walked next door to Sophie's room, turned the light on and stood inside and looked around. The walls and wardrobe were painted and drying. The little desk and chest of drawers were also assembled. Frank smiled as he looked down at the big pink rug on the floor. The room was perfect…just like he had imagined. Frank looked at his watch, it was getting late. He hadn’t slept much since he got back, but was hoping that all the hard work he did meant he was finaly going to get a full nights sleep. There were a few things he wanted to finish up tomorrow like put the curtains up, and fix a shelf to the wall for Sophie's books. Frank turned the light off, and walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. He got to the bottom step and turned and looked up to see Bobby and Greg standing in the kitchen kissing and his heart sank. Frank was just about to turn away when Greg looked up and saw Frank looking at him and Bobby. They stared at each other as Bobby lay her head on his chest. Frank sighed then he turned around and quietly left the house..



Motel- Waldorf Creek


Al lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He was still in pain although he had managed to ties his leg up to stop the bleeding He looked at the watch on his wrist and sighed. Susan should’ve been back by now. Al struggled and got up from the bed and walked over to the window. He slightly opened the curtain and looked outside. It was dark. He looked at his watch again as the seconds went by. With each movement on the hand of the watch Al got angry. He knew he shouldn’t have trusted Susan, she took the money he gave her and did a runner, and now he would have to go back to Summer Bay and get Sophie himself..

Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 497



Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Have you ever been alone


Shannon yawned then reached her arm out, and opened her eyes when she realized that the space next to her was empty. She lifted her head up then she got out of the bed and out her slipper on. She walked out of the room and looked around. The boat was empty. She noticed the door open and she walked out to see Adam sitting on the boat drinking coffee. “Good morning” Shannon said and she wrapped her arms around Adam “Morning” Adam said without looking behind him.

“I’ve got the day off today, do you want to go to the city or something? Shannon said

“Nah, the surf club is having their opening party, and I said to Ben that I would go and help out” Adam said

“Ok, maybe we can go there for a little bit then have some time alone on the beach” Shannon said as she kissed Adams neck. Adam didn’t respond. Shannon gently shook Adam

“Is everything alright?” Shannon said and she stood in front of Adam “Yeah fine…sorry I was just miles away” Adam said and smiled

“I need to have a shower, and head back home to pick up a few things..Ill meet you over at the Surf club later?” Shannon said

“Yeah, ok” Adam said and smiled then Shannon leaned forward and kissed him then he smiled as she walked away. Adam exhaled as his smile disappeared as he wondered if he had made the right decision to be with Shannon…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn raised the mirror and looked at herself as a tear ran down her cheek. She sighed then put the mirror on the table next to her bed and stared at the ceiling. She was trying to put on a brave front that Adam had left her but really she was suffering. After Ben, she never imagined that she would meet someone like Adam. Like the fool that she felt like, she began planning for a future with him thinking that she had finally met the man of her dreams, and that turned out to be false. She wondered if a guy would ever take her seriously, or if she was going to be a big joke and remain single for the rest of her life..


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“I wish I can see you today” Sandra said in a whisper on the phone

“Me too” Revhead said

“What time are you going to court tomorrow?” Sandra said

“9am…and I don’t want you wagging school to come with me”  Revhead said and Sandra sighed

“I want to be with you” Sandra said and sighed

“School is more important..I’ll see you when I get back” Revhead said

“What if they keep you there” Sandra said

“Lets not think about that ok” Revhead said

“Ok..I have to go, I think someone is coming” Sandra said

“Alright, try and call tonight” Revhead said

“I will..I love you” Sandra said

“Me too” Revhead said

 And Sandra smiled then she put the phone down and rushed to the kitchen just before Ailsa walked in behind her

“Good morning love” Ailsa said

“Good morning Mrs Stewart” Sandra said and smiled


Gibson residence- Yabbie Creek


Revhead put the phone down and smiled to himself. Then he heard a noise behind him and turned around to see Julie rolling herself into the living room

“You’re up early for having the day off” Revhead said

“Well this is my last few days here, so I have a lot of things to do” Julie said as she rolled herself into the kitchen

“Are you really going to take that city job?” Revhead said as he followed behind her

“Yes, I am” Julie said as she opened the fridge and took out some milk then she looked at Revhead

“And I don’t care what you think about it. Its my life” Julie said as she rolled over to the kettle, check it had some water in, and turned the fire on. Revhead sighed. Initially he had intended to express his negative opinion but as he watched his sister, he realized that she had changed so much. She was more independent than he had ever seen before

“I think its great…you taking the job” Revhead said and Julie turned and looked at him with a shocked expression on her face

“Really?” Julie said and Revhead nodded

“Yeah..I think it will be good for you, get away from here and live your life” Revhead said

“Thank you” Julie said and she reached forward and gave her brother a hug

“Maybe when I get all this court stuff sorted out, I can come and visit” Revhead said

“You better” Julie said and smiled as she hugged her brother then reality set in…she had been putting it off for a wile but she had to see Nick…tell him she was going. How she was going to do that was something she didn’t know…



Background music ends




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby yawned as she walked down the stairs. She wasn’t expecting any visitors this early, but fortunately for her, she was awakened by Sophie giving her a cuddle


“Hi” Bobby said as she opened the door to see Frank standing there

“Sorry to come by so early, I wanted to get the rest of the room ready before I take Sophie out this afternoon” Frank said

“That’s ok, we were awake anyway..come in” Bobby said as she began to walk towards the kitchen

“I was just about to make breakfast” Bobby said as she turned

“Thanks..ill just go up and get started” Frank said and smiled as he walked up the stairs.



Al made sure to hide himself as he watched the front door to Bobby’s house close. He wasn’t sure of his plan yet, but he knew that he had to get Sophie and leave Summer Bay. Not that he really wanted her, but she was useful to him and he needed her to get out of Summer Bay. The minute he was far away he was going to get rid of her…permanently.



Caravan park- Summer Bay


Steve poured the milk onto the cereal and picked up his spoon and began to eat. The house was quiet. He pretended to be asleep when he heard Frank go out because he didn’t want to have to talk to him.


Phone ringing


Steve put some cereal into his mouth and walked over to the phone


“Caravan Park” Steve said as he picked up the phone

“Hello sweetheart, how are you?” Pippa said

“Fine, how are you?” Steve said

“Yes we’re fine” Pippa said

“When are you coming home?” Steve said

“Well we are going to have a late lunch then hopefully we should be home by the evening…is everything alright?” Pippa said

“Yeah fine” Steve lied. Everything was not alright

“Ok then I just wanted to check on you. We have to get ready for church now, so Ill see you when I get back” Pippa said

“Ok, bye” Steve said as his voice cracked and he quickly put the phone down before he started crying. He was not fine; things were not alright. Everyday his guilt was getting worse and he couldn’t handle it. The sooner he got out of here the quicker he would leave all the bad memories behind…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Hi Dad” Sam said with toast in his mouth as Greg came into the house

“Hello mate” Greg said and he gently tapped Sam on the head

“I better go and finish” Frank said and he wiped hi mouth with a napkin after enjoying a nice breakfast then he kissed Sophie on the head as she finished her breakfast. Frank and Greg looked at each other then Frank walked up the stairs

“A bit early for visitors” Greg said

“He’s taking Sophie out this afternoon, and wanted to come early to get her room finished” Bobby said as she poured hot water into her cup of coffee

“There’s extra toast if you want some” Bobby said

“No, I’m alright…I thought I would take Sam out with me to wash the car” Greg said

“Yeah” Sam said and Bobby smiled

“Why don’t you come with us…we haven’t done anything together for a while” Greg said

“Thanks but I’m a bit tired this morning, and I wanted to make the picnic food for Frank and Sophie” Bobby said

“Why couldn’t he make it himself?” Greg said with annoyance in his voice

“Its not a big deal, Ill just make it..plus I want to do some laundry” Bobby said

“Alright then..dont forget theres that thing this afternoon at the surf club” Greg said

“Oh I nearly forgot, the grand opening” Bobby said

“We’re going together, and I wont take no for an answer” Greg said as he kissed Bobby on the nose and she smiled..


Surf Club- Summer Bay

“Greg, hi” Greg turned around to see Fiona with her son standing behind him

“Fiona, you should’ve told me you were going to come, I wouldve come and picked you up” Greg said and he looked down at her son

“Hello mate” Greg said and smiled

“Oh it’s no bother, we just took the bus…its alright” Fiona said and smiled

“I’ll start working on your car tomorrow..i’ll order the part, and hopefully I’ll have it done by Wednesday” Greg said

“There’s no rush, I quite enjoy taking the bus” Fiona said

“You look great, is that another dress you made?” Greg said

“Yes” Fiona said and blushed

“You’re really talented” Greg said

“Thanks” Fiona said

“Greg, give me hand getting some crates from downstairs” Ben said

“Yeah, sure…I’ll see you later” Greg said and he walked away as Fiona smiled to himself happy about the compliment he gave her


Carly stood at the counter and opened the packet of straws and put them into a container. She then walked over to the table that had the food and put the container of straws on the side. As she turned around her heart skipped when she saw Frank and she rushed over to him

“Frank, you came” Carly said as he came through the door holding Sophie's hand

“Hi Sophie” Carly said as she bent down and smiled at Sophie who stared at her then she gave Frank a hug

“Do you want a drink?” Carly said

“No thanks, we’re not staying long. Sophie and I are going to have a picnic at the beach” Frank said and Sophie looked up at him and he winked at her

“Oh” Carly said with disappointment in her voice

“Hello Frank…well this must be Sophie..hello” Celia said as she walked over to where Frank was standing

“Shes really shy” Frank said as Celia stared at Sophie

“Oh Frank, have you met my husband Michael, he owns the boatshed by the marina?” Celia said

“no I haven’t met him” Frank said as Sophie gripped his hand tight

“Michael this is Frank” Celia said as Michael walked over to where they were standing

“G’day” Michael said and he and Frank shook hands

“I just had a good idea, Frank you’re good at accounts and book keeping aren’t you?” Celia said

“Yeah, why?” Frank said

“Well Michael is looking for someone to take that responsibility on now that his business is expanding” Celia said with pride in her voice.

“Frank used to work at the Macklin Corporation so I know he will be well qualified” Celia said

“I’m looking for someone to come into the boatshed, a couple of times a week for a few hours to get my books straightened out if that’s something you’re interested in” Michael said as he and Frank looked at each other. Frank was surprised because he didn’t expect Celia to be married to someone like Michael

“Yeah, now that I have a daughter, every penny is going to count” Frank said as he looked down at Sophie and smiled at her

“When can you start?” Michael said

“Not for a few days, I can come in on Wednesday after taking Sophie to school” Frank said

“That will be great. We can talk about wages and stuff when you get there” Michael said

“Alright” Frank said and he and Michael shook hands again and he and Celia walked away

“You got a job now…so you definitely have to stay in Summer Bay” Carly said and she rested her head on Franks shoulder and exhaled.


“I better get going” Michael said

“Already” Celia said

“Yes, if I don’t go now, I will get home really late” Micheal said

“Why don’t we all go, make it a family outing? It’s a nice day today” Celia said

“No, maybe another time” Michael said as Haydn walked over to him

“Can I go over to my friends house?” Haydn said

“Yes, but be home for your dinner” Michael said then Haydn ran away

“Ill see you later” Michael said and walked out of the surf club leaving Celia alone. She looked around to make sure no body was looking then she inhaled and exhaled and put a smile on her face and walked towards her brother Alf..


“So have you lived here for long?” Shaunna said as she stood next to the small shop area and watched Adam put crates of coke on top of each other

“Not really, about a year” Adam said

“So you know all the regulars then” Shaunna said

“Not really” Adam said and Shaunna felt herself getting annoyed

“Hi” Adam looked up to see Shannon

“G’day” Adam said

“Excuse me” Shaunna said and smiled then she walked away to the drinks table and poured herself some lemonade. Just as she turned around, she bumped into someone and some of the lemonade spilled on her top

“Sorry” Frank said

“No its my fault I should’ve looked where I was going” Shaunna said and she grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped her top

“I’m Shaunna, the new lifeguard” Shaunna said

“I’m Frank” Frank said and a lightbulb went of in Shaunna’s head

“Is this your daughter?” Shaunna said trying to be calm

“Yeah, this is Sophie” Frank said and smiled

“Shes really beautiful” Shaunna said

“Thanks” Frank said with pride

“Anyway, sorry again about bumping into you” Frank said

“Oh, no problem” Shaunna said then she was about to say something then

“All ready for tomorrow?” Shaunna jumped when she heard a voice behind her and turned to see Alf Stewart

“Yeah, I’m really excited to get started” Shaunna said and smiled as Alf walked away..



Greg put the box he was holding on the counter then he looked over to see Bobby, Frank Sam and Sophie standing together and his heart sank. They looked like a loving family

“He really has a lot of nerve showing his face around here” Greg turned around to see Alf standing behind him

“This is his home as well, and it’s a free country” Greg said trying not to let on that he was bothered

“If I was you, I would tell him to get on his bike…and stay away from my family free country or not” Alf said and Greg looked at him. This was the second time that Alf had given him this advise. He tried to put it into the back of his mind, but maybe Alf was right Greg thought as he walked over to them as Bobby and Frank laughed


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Whats funny?” Greg said smiling

“Oh just Frank and I were remembering a town party we had years ago where Alf and Tom were in drag” Bobby said and they both started laughing again with Greg feeling like the odd one out

“it must’ve been a right laugh” Greg said

“Oh it was, you should’ve been there” Bobby said

“Yeah, sounds like it. Do you want a drink?” Greg said

“No thanks” Bobby said

“We better get going. I have a lunch date with my daughter” Frank said as he looked down at Sophie and she grabbed his hand tight

“I’ll come with you…” Bobby said

“I thought we were going to stay here for a little while, as a family” Greg said and he looked at Frank

“I know, but I don’t feel like hanging around here anyway” Bobby said as Greg looked at Frank. Bobby looked at Greg who was looking at Frank

“You’re right, we did say we were going to come here together…besides, I’m sure Sophie wouldn’t mind having a picnic with just her dad” Bobby said as she cupped sophies face in her hands and kissed her on the forehead

“Ok, we’ll see you later…thanks for making the food” Frank said and smiled then he and Sophie walked out of the surf club.

“Now I have you all to myself” Greg said and he bend down and kissed Bobby as they both smiled then Bobby's smile disappeared as she laid her head on his chest



“Oh no” Frank said as they got to the car to get the picnic basket out.

"I left the keys upstairs" Frank said

“Stay here by the car, and I will just run upstairs and get the keys ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded as she watched Frank run towards the surf club. Sophie looked in the car window at the picnic basket. She knew there was going to be lots of nice food because she saw her new mum putting them inside. She had never been to a picnic before and was happy her new dad was taking her


“Hello Sophie” Sophie turned around and she got the shock of her life to see her old dad standing behind her...


Background music ends dramatically

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