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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Great chapter 

Marilyn finally figured out Adam left her for Shannon 

oh no Frank shouldn’t of left Sophie in plain sight for Al to find uh-oh.

Update again soon :)



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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 498

Surf Club- Summer Bay

Frank threw the keys up in the air and caught them as he walked down the stairs. Bobby allowing him to use her car to take Sophie out was a nice gesture and he smiled to himself as he walked out of the surf club. He continued to throw the keys up and catch them until he got to his car

“I know the perfect place for us to have lunch” Frank said then he looked around and noticed that Sophie wasn’t by the car. He looked around and couldn’t see her

“Sophie” Frank said as he rushed around the car then he looked around

“SOPHIE” Frank said as he rushed over to two tourists walking towards the beach

“Excuse me have you see a little girl wearing a pink t-shirt with brown hair?” Frank said

“No, sorry” One of the tourists said and Frank ran his hand through his hair as he looked around feeling so guilty. It was so stupid of him to leave her at the car


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“SHUT UP” Al screamed at Sophie who was sitting on the floor of the car and crying. Al was a little out of breath and his leg hurt as he tried to start the engine of the car. He turned the engine over a few times but the car wouldn’t start


“THIS STUPID CAR” Al said and looked around and got out of the car. He opened the bonnet and noticed the smoke coming out of the engine. He looked around trying to figure out  how to get away as quickly as possible


“SOPHIE” Frank shouted frantically as he ran along the beach. He thought maybe she might’ve gone to the water and got washed away


Sophie was afraid. She knew what it meant to go back with her old dad. She didn’t want that. She wanted to be with her new mum and dad. She could hear her old dad outside the car. She slowly climbed up and looked outside the window then she wanted to open the car door and run to her new mum and dad but her old dad got into the drivers seat and began to turn the engine over again


“Come on….come on” Al said hoping the car would start.


“SOPHIE” Frank shouted as he ran back towards the car. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He cursed himself for being so stupid. He had to go back to the Surf club and call the police.


“Finally” Al said and he revved the engine and began to drive away


As Frank turned to go to the Surf Club, he and Al made eye contact as Al’s car slowly drove by


“HEY” Frank said and began to run after the car

“SOPHIE” Frank said and Sophie looked through the back window to see her new dad running

“GET AWAY FROM THE WINDOW” Al said and swerved the car as he tried to grab Sophie off the backseat to the floor and hit a gate as more smoke escaped the engine. Frank opened the back door of the car and pulled Sophie out of the car and hugged his daughter tight and exhaled

“Are you alright” Frank said as he hugged Sophie. She hugged her new dad tight and he could feel her nodding her head


Before Frank could start to walk away he felt something hit his arm then his leg and he and Sophie both fell to the floor  

“Get back in the car” Al said to Sophie and began to pull her. Frank looked around and he picked up a big rock and threw it at Al's leg and he let go of Sophie and she rushed back to Frank who was getting up from the floor. Al hobbled back to his car

“Sophie run back to the Surf club..you see.. back there and tell your mum to phone to police” Frank said and Sophie nodded and she ran back to the surf club as fast as she could. Frank tried to get up. Al hit the arm and leg that he broke in New York when he was attacked. Frank got up and he noticed that Al was walking towards him with a knife


“You should keep your nose out of my business” Al said and he began taunting Frank with the knife.

“Sophie is my daughter so it is my business” Frank said.  The knife was close to Frank’s face, but his reflexes allowed him to move away fast before the knife touched him. As Al moved backwards on his bad leg and winced in pain as Frank pushed him over and they began to fight on the floor


Sophie ran up the stairs of the surf club as fast as she could. She ran inside and looked for her mum

“Hi sweetheart, what are you doing back here” Bobby said and smiled. Sophie looked at her as tears ran down her cheeks. She couldn’t speak, she wanted to tell her mum what was going on but she couldn’t

“Sophie what’s wrong?” Bobby said concerned as Sophie struggle to speak

Bobby looked around to see if Frank was behind her but he wasn’t

“Sweetheart where is your dad?” Bobby said and Sophie pointed to the window

“Something has happened” Bobby said

“Like what?” Greg said

“I don’t know…I have to go” Bobby said and she began to follow Sophie out of the surf club. Both ran down the stairs and Bobby followed Sophie as they ran towards Frank and Al fighting. At this point a few tourists were gathered and two tried to break up the fight. Frank was on Al punching him in the face and Al was trying to kick him off


“FRANK” Bobby shouted as she got close

“STAY BACK” Frank said as Sophie stood next to Bobby crying. Someone mustve called the police because the police arrived shortly after Bobby got to the fight and pulled Frank away

“STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY” Frank said as the police officer pulled him off Al.

“Whats going on?” Greg said as he stood behind Bobby but instead of turning around to respond both her and Sophie rushed over to Frank  who was sitting on the floor

“Are you alright?” Bobby said as she bent down next to Frank and gently caressed his face

“Yeah” Frank said as Sophie hugged him

“You’re not, you’re bleeding” Bobby said as she looked at the blood on Franks arm.

“I’m sorry for leaving you…did he hurt you” Frank said and Sophie shook her head no

“What happened?” Bobby said

“I left the car keys upstairs, when I came back Sophie was gone. I noticed him taking her away and I ran after the car. Luckily for me, he crashed and when I got Sophie out of the car he hit me with a stick or something and then we started fighting.

“I cant believe he had the nerve to come back here for Sophie” Bobby said

“Well he better expect the same beating if he shows his face again” Frank said then he looked down at Sophie and gently wiped the tears from her cheek

“Nobody is breaking this family up” Frank said  then he looked up and made eye contact with Greg who heard every word that he said while the words from Alf echoed in his mind…


Background music ends


Army Barrack- Brisbane


“Thanks nurse…do you know when can I get out of here?” Martin said as the nurse  hung his hospital chart at the end of the bed after taking his blood pressure

“I don’t know, you have to check with the doctor when he comes on the ward later today, but you’re healing well, so I wouldn’t think you will be here for much longer” The nurse said and smiled

“Thanks” Martin said and the nurse turned and began to walk away

“Oh nurse?” Martin said

“The other nurse who is usually on around here, where is she?” Martin said

“Which one?” The nurse said

“She’s got long brown hair” Martin said. For some reason he couldnt remember her name

“You mean Nurse Thompson” The nurse said

“Yeah, her” Martin said

“Shes on another ward” The nurse said

“Oh, why?” Martin said

“Sometimes that happens, we move around to different wards” The nurse said  and smiled then she walked away as Martin laid down on the bed as his mind went back to the last conversation he had with Nurse Thompson. He remembers asking her if she had been here for long then he remembered asking her if she knew Lt Lucini and her expression changed then she left. Martin looked at the ceiling and wondered why that happened. It probably didn’t mean anything, maybe they had a falling out over something Martin thought to himself but he recalls seeing fear in the nurse’s eye. Out of curiosity he was going to find out why…



General hospital- Summer Bay


“Thanks” Frank said to the nurse who just finished putting a bandage on his arm just as Bobby and Sophie came into the hospital room

“Hi” Bobby said and Sophie ran over to Frank and he smiled and hugged her

“Hi” Frank said and he looked at Bobby

“How are your arm and leg?” Bobby said

“I’ll live…the arm is just a flesh wound and my leg will be fine” Frank said as he looked at Bobby


Knock on the door


Bobby walked over to the door and opened it to see a police officer

“Frank we need a statement” The police officer said

“Yeah sure” Frank said and he helped Sophie up onto the hospital bed and she hugged Frank

“Ill be back in a minute” Bobby said and she quietly left the room as Frank gave his statement.


“Excuse me, what room is Al Simpson in?” Bobby said as she got to the nurse’s station

“Room 305” The nurse said

“Thanks” Bobby said and she followed the numbered doors until she was outside of room 305. Bobby inhaled and exhaled then she opened the door. Al turned his head when he heard the door open to see his daughter standing by the door. Bobby looked at Al lying on the hospital bed. He had his leg in a cast and he was handcuffed to the bed


Background music – Bobby and Frank’s theme


“What do you want? Come to gloat?” Al said annoyed and turned his heard away as Bobby walked over to the bed

“Why do you hate me so much?” Bobby said and Al turned and looked at her

“I’m not in the mood to answer any of your stupid questions” Al said

“Go on, I want to know…why do you hate me so much? What did I ever do to you?” Bobby said as Al looked away

“You can’t even do that can you?  You can’t even tell me why. Should I tell you why? Because you’re a wimp, gutless, a terrible father and a sorry excuse for a man. I cried my eyes out for years trying to figure out why my own dad hated me so much” Bobby said and Al turned and looked at her as a tear ran down her cheek as she remembered all the sad times she had with her father when she was growing up

“You destroyed my life” Bobby said as more tears ran down her cheeks” Bobby said as Al turned away “To think I almost let Sophie leave Summer Bay with you…I don’t even know if I wouldve been able to forgive myself if I did. You’ve destroyed that little girl just like you destroyed me” Bobby said as she wiped a tear from her cheek

“I’ll get her back” Al said as he turned to look at her

“Frank and I are her parents now, you will never get her back and I hope they lock you up in prison and throw away the key” Bobby said as she looked at Al’s expressionless face then he turned away as she walked out of the hospital room. She wiped her cheek and exhaled. Sophie was her and Frank’s daughter, and nobody was ever going to take her away…


Background music ends




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“And me and Christopher rode the donkeys” Sally said excited as Steve rolled his eyes. Sally had been going on nonstop since they got back from Newcastle about the good time she had.


“Soon shes going to ask you to buy her a donkey” Steve said

“Oi you, don’t put ideas into her head” Pippa said and Steve laughed and the door knocked

“Hello” Pippa said as she opened the door. Shaunna was in shock, here she was standing face to face with Pippa Fletcher

“Umm Hi, my name is Shaunna, I’m the new lifeguard at the surfclub” Shaunna said stumbling all over her words

“Hello Shaunna” Pippa said and smiled. Shaunna stared at her. She was nothing like she had expected. She had such a beautiful smile

“How can I help you?” Pippa said as she noticed the awkwardness of Shaunna staring at her

“Oh, sorry, I was just returning Franks wallet. He must've dropped it on the beach during the fight” Shaunna said

“Fight?” Pippa said

“Oh, I’m sorry, I guess you don’t know” Shaunna said

“No, I was away and I just got back” Pippa said

“There was a fight on the beach, someone tried to kidnap Franks daughter” Shaunna said and Pippa put her hand over her mouth

“That poor girl…please come in” Pippa said as Shaunna stepped into the house.

“Shes fine, Frank got to her in time, but then there was a big fight on the beach between Frank and the guy who attempted the kidnapping” Shaunna said

“Steve call Bobby’s see if Frank is there” Pippa said and Steve walked over to the phone and began dialling

“I’m really sorry to give you this news..especially since you just got home” Shaunna said

“Oh its not your fault” Pippa said as she looked at Steve on the phone. Shaunna felt like she was going to faint, she had no idea that she was gong to be face to face with Pippa fletcher. As Pippa looked at Steve, Shaunna briefly looked around the house then she looked at the little girl sitting by the dining table, and the little boy she had met before sitting on the floor playing with his toys. She noticed some photos by the phone and wished she could see who they were of. When she found the wallet, she was only hoping to get a chance to speak to Frank again, not to be here, in the house.

“Marilyn said Bobby called, they are still at the hospital” Steve said and Pippa began to panic

“I better get to the hospital” Pippa said

“Do you want me to go with you” Shaunna said

“No, its fine. Thank you for returning Franks wallet, Ill be sure to give it to him” Pippa said and smiled

“You’re welcome..bye” Shuanna said and she looked at Pippa one more time before Pippa closed the door. Instead of going, she looked through the window and could see Pippa on the phone then she smiled to herself thinking of another excuse to see and talk to Pippa again…


Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby laid the blanket on the floor and Sophie followed her new mums instructions and put the plates on the blanket. Bobby thought Frank was crazy to suggest going for a picnic after everything that happened, but he promised Sophie a picnic on the beach, and he wanted to keep his promise to her.


Sophie watched as Bobby removed the food from the basket and put them on the blanket. She them took out some juice and poured it into three cups. Sophie pressed her hand hard on her stomach because it was making noises because she was hungry. She didn’t want her new mum and dad to hear incase she got into trouble.


As the sun began to set Frank, Bobby and Sophie ate their picnic food on the beach. They didn’t really talk much, it wasn’t needed. They were all just enjoying the food and just being together as a family.


Frank felt Sophie shiver as she sat next to him

“Sweetheart are you cold?” Frank said and Sophie didn’t say anything

“Its ok if you feel cold” Frank said and smiled and Sophie nodded.

“Here, let me wrap this around you” Frank said as he wrapped the extra blanket around Sophie as she looked at him. Bobby looked at Frank, the more time she spent with him, she noticed that he was different and that he was such a caring father. Frank looked up at Bobby and he took and extra blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders and hers. With Sophie now laying on Bobby’s lap they watched the sun set as a family….like the family they both always wanted..


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Greg got up from the couch as Bobby walked into the house

“Oh Greg…thanks for looking after Sam” Bobby said


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Sophie go upstairs and get ready for bed, Ill be up to read you a story ok” Bobby said and Sophie nodded and ran up the stairs

“I thought you were going to come straight home after the hospital” Greg said

“Yeah, that was the plan but Frank promised Sophie that he was taking her out to a picnic, and he didn’t want to break that promise” Bobby said as she put the picnic basket in the kitchen

“Sam is all tucked in, he went out like a light..I think he’s excited about kindy tomorrow” Greg said

“Thanks, Ill go up in a minute and give him a kiss” Bobby said as she began to unpack the plates in the picnic basket

“How’s Frank?” Greg said

“Good, he just has a flesh wound on his arm, and his leg will be right in a few days” Bobby said

“Leave that” Greg said as he took a plate from Bobbys had and put it on the table and put his arms around her

“I missed you” Greg said and he bent down and kissed Bobby

“I’m glad you did” Bobby said

“How about I come by early tomorrow and we have breakfast as a family” Greg said and he kissed Bobby’s neck

“I can’t, Frank and I have an appointment with the psychologist with Sophie. I was hoping you would take Sam to school in the morning because the appointment is in the city” Bobby said

“Yeah sure” Greg said faking a smile

“Thanks. I better go upstairs and make sure Sophie's alright. I think she's still a bit shaken up after seeing the fight and seeing Frank bleeding” Bobby said and she walked towards the stairs leaving Greg in the kitchen alone





Alf- He really has a lot of nerve showing his face around here

Greg- This is his home as well, and it’s a free country”

Alf-If I was you, I would tell him to get on his bike…and stay away from my family free country or not


Flashback ends


Greg sighed. He felt like he was going to scream if he heard Franks name again. It felt as though Frank had taken over and he was on the outside but he couldn’t just stand by and let Frank walk in and take over the family he and Bobby had together…he had to do something about it before it was too late



Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 499


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“He should’ve gave Frank a good hiding...after what he did to my Ruthie, he deserves it” Alf said as he sat on the couch next to Ailsa

“When did you and Al Simpson become the best of friends?” Ailsa said

“I didn’t say that we are the best of friends, I just said he should’ve given Frank a good hiding...I've a good mind to give him one myself” Alf said


Knock on the door


“A bit late for visitors” Ailsa said and she got up from the couch and walked towards the door

“Good evening Aunt Ailsa, sorry for coming over so late” Lucinda said

“That’s alright love..I thought you and Donald were not getting back until tomorrow..come in” Ailsa said

“Oh no thanks, I wont be staying long, we just got back. Is Emma here please” Lucinda said

“Yes she is, Ill just get her” Ailsa said

“Thank you” Lucinda said and she turned around and looked at the moon. It was very bright tonight


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“Hi” Lucinda turned around to see Emma closing the screen door and walking towards her

“Hi” Lucinda said

“I hope I’m not keeping you from anything important” Lucinda said

“No, I was just doing some reading for class tomorrow” Emma said and lied

“Ok, well I wont be long, I just wanted to hive you this” Lucinda said and she handed a small gift bag to Emma

“What is this?” Emma said confused

“I know that somehow my brother meant something to you, and I wanted to give you something to always remember him by” Lucinda said and Emma looked at her. She wasn’t expecting this, and was trying hard not to cry

“Thank you” Emma said and smiled at Lucinda

“You’re welcome..ill see you at school tomorrow” Lucinda said and she smiled and got into the car and drove away. Emma opened the bag, and took out a scarf. She held the scarf up to her face and breathed in the fabric as she closed her eyes. It smelled just like David and she wiped the tear that was running down her cheek with the scarf. She was just about to put the scarf back into the bag when she noticed there was something else in there. She reached into the bag and took out a brown leather braided bracelet. She wrapped it around her wrist and tied the ends together. Looking at the bracelet on her wrist, she couldn’t help it and burst into tears. She missed him so much. The one person that she had ever loved, and he was gone. Emma sighed and wiped her face with the back of her hand then she folded the scarf and put it back into the bag. She kissed the bracelet and wiped the tears on her cheek and went back into the house.



LAX Airport- Los Angeles


Donavan waited for a space to become available then he parked his convertible car in the space and turned the engine off. He turned to look at Roo and they began to kiss. Roo felt like she was in heaven. She had spent the weekend with Donavan at his home in California, and it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen

“I wish I didn’t have to go” Roo said as Donavan kissed her neck

“Stay” Donavan said

“I have to go to work tomorrow” Roo said and laughed

“Well, come back next weekend” Donavan said as he kissed Roo on her cheek

“I’m moving remember…and thanks for speaking to your friend about the apartment” Roo said and smiled. It was as if Donavan knew everyone. With just one phone call to his friend who was an estate agent, Roo found the most perfect apartment. It was better than the one she was going to move to before. Roo exhaled, she was so overwhelmed by how great things had been going not just at work, but with Donavan. He was a dream come true, and everything she had ever wanted.

“Whats wrong?” Donavan said

“I just want to say thank you” Roo said

“For what?” Donavan said

“You know, for not judging me about my past in Australia” Roo said

“Its in the past right?” Donavan said and Roo nodded

“Then there is nothing to judge” Donavan said and Roo leaned forward and hugged him. Life was so perfect and the year had only just begun. She could wait for the rest of the year, and all the great times she was going to have with Donavan…


Background music end



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Can’t sleep?” Frank turned to see Pippa walking into the kitchen

“Something like that…do you want some tea?” Frank said as he stirred the milk into the cup

“No thank you” Pippa said and they walked into the living room and sat next to each other on the couch


Background music- Bobby and Frank’s theme


“I didn’t even ask, How was your trip to Newcastle?” Frank said

“Fine, Sal and Chris had a great time” Pippa said

“What about you?” Frank said as he sipped his tea

“Yes, I had a good time too” Pippa said and smiled

“You know..I’m very proud of you” Pippa said

“For what?” Frank said

“Today..getting Sophie back” Pippa said

“I don’t feel very proud of myself. I cant believe I was stupid enough to just leave her by the car, forgetting what she had just been through. I don’t think I would've been able to forgive myself if Al took her away” Frank said

“Don’t be too hard on yourself…unfortunately those are some of the mistakes we make as parent..but we learn and we move on” Pippa said and she smile

“I just don’t want to let her down you know…she's already been through so much. I have so much to learn about being a parent” Frank said

“You do..and you will. I would say you and Bobby are on the right track with Sophie” Pippa said and Frank smiled

“I still cant believe it that me and Bobby have a daughter…funny how things turn out” Frank said and Pippa looked at him

“Bobby and I are taking her to the psychologist tomorrow, and if all goes well, we hope to get her into school to start on Wednesday..and Celias husband offered me a job…just a couple of hours a week, doing his book keeping” Frank said

“That’s wonderful sweetheart” Pippa said and smiled

“Yeah…I'm a father now, I need to start earning some money. You should see Sophie's room, I painted it white and shes got pink curtains and a pink rug and I put together a desk and chest of drawers” Frank said with excitement in his voice

“Sophie is very lucky to have you and Bobby as her foster parents” Pippa said

“Yeah, Bobby is a great mum, and we are going to start the process to formally adopt Sophie” Frank said

“So soon?” Pippa said surprised

“After what happened today, I cant see my life without my daughter in it. Bobby feels the same. She's our daughter, and no one is ever going to take her away from us” Frank said and smiled then he sipped his tea as Pippa looked at him trying to disguise her concern



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby tied the belt around her dressing gown and walked out of her room. She walked across the hall to Sam’s room and slowly opened the door. He was fast asleep. Bobby gently bent down and kissed his forehead and pulled his blanket up to his chest. She turned the night light off and slowly pulled the door to a close. Bobby walked back across the hall and slowly opened Sophies room.

The room looked so different in comparison to a few days ago. Frank had down a great job decorating it. Bobby walked over to the curtains and closed them. She then walked over to the bed and slowly sat on the edge and gently moved hair from Sophies forehead and smiled. She loved Sam, but the love she had for Sophie was different. Sophie was her and Franks daughter. Bobby smiled as she remembered the nice picnic they had as a family and watched the sunset. She don’t know what she would've done if Frank hadn’t seen Al driving away with Sophie. It would've broken her heart all over again if she would’ve lost Sophie as well. Bobby smiled as she thought about how great a father Frank was and how far he went to save their daughter.

Bobby exhaled and she gently kissed Sophie on the forehead and pulled her blanket up to her chest and turned her night light off. Bobby walked to the door and turned one more time to see Sophie asleep, and she pulled the door to a close and walked into her room which was next door. Bobby took her dressing gown off and got into bed. She picked up Alan’s bear and hugged it as she looked at the ceiling thinking about how good it would be when Sophie would be hers and Franks daughter permanently after the adoption. They were a family…and nothing was ever going to break that up. Bobby smiled and turned over to her side and closed her eyes to dream about the picnic they had on the beach…


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


. Greg exhaled then he knocked at the door. A few moments later, Pippa opened the door


“Hello Greg, how are you?” Pippa said

“G’day. Sorry to come around so early, but .I was wondering if I could have a word with Frank” Greg said and Pippa looked at Greg then she looked at Frank

“About what?” Frank said

“Sweetheart go and get your bag and tell Steve to hurry up if he wants a lift” Pippa said to Sally

“Ok” Sally said and she ran towards the stairs

“Ill go and change Christopher” Finlay said

“Ill come with you, and get my bag from upstairs” Pippa said and soon it was only Greg and Frank alone.


Background music Greg and Bobby's theme


“what do you want?” Frank said as he drank his coffee

“I want to talk to you about Bobby” Greg said

“What about her?” Frank said as he ate his toast

“My kid heard you and Bobby fighting the other day..what was the argument about?” Greg said

“Why don’t you ask Bobby” Frank said

“I did” Greg said

“So if she already gave you answer, why are you asking me?” Frank said

“Im asking you because I don’t think you understand that Bobby doesn’t want to be with you” Greg said

“You already told me that you won the prize, so why are we having this conversation?” Frank said

“Because I think you are using this situation with Sophie to worm your way back into Bobby’s life” Greg said

“Well she is our daughter, so  I’m always going to be in Bobby's life” Frank said and Greg became frustrated

“Look you had your chance with Bobby, and you shot through” Greg said

“But I’m back now” Frank said

“What is that supposed to mean?” Greg said annoyed and Frank looked at Greg

“I know what this is about…you think that if Bobby and me spend time together, she will realize that she's still in love with me” Frank said and smiled

“She's not, Bobby loves me” Greg said

“If You’re so sure, why are you here?” Frank said and smiled sarcastically which made Greg annoyed

“ Look, I’m only going to say this once, Bobby is with me now..so stay out of her life” Greg said and Frank looked at him annoyed

“You cant tell me what to do” Frank said annoyed

“I just did..STAY AWAY FROM BOBBY” Greg said as he pointed at Frank

“I’m not going to stay away, and if you don’t like it, you can always take your little man and get the hell out of town” Frank said

“RIGHT YOU’RE REALLY ASKING FOR IT” Greg said and he and Frank started pushing each other


“Stop it you two..Greg, Frank, what is this” Pippa said as she got in the middle of them and Greg moved back as Steve, Sally and Finlay stood by the door

“Sorry Mrs Fletcher” Greg said and he walked out of the house

“Frank what was that about?” Pippa said

“Ask him” Frank said and he walked up the stairs as Pippa sighed. Finlay turned and watched Frank go up the stairs. She heard some of the argument. She heard Greg tell Frank to stay away from Bobby. Which meant that he was still in love with her. She felt her heart break, because she wanted Frank to be in love with her..


 Greg got into his car and slammed the door then he hit his hand hard on the steering wheel. He hadn’t intended to lose his temper, but see Frank just made him see red. Greg started the engine of the car hoping that his message had got through to Frank, because he wasn’t giving Bobby up without a fight…


Background music ends


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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 500

Surf Club- Summer Bay


Shaunna smiled as she walked out of the locker room. She then tucked her lifeguard t-shirt into her shorts  as she walked along the hallway

“ Shaunna turned around when she heard a whistle to see Ben smiling at her

“What a beautiful sight this morning” Ben said and he winked

Shaunna continued to smile as she walked over to the desk to sign in. She looked up to see Ben walking over to the little corner shop. Shauna sighed her name on the sheet and looked up to Ben standing over her

“Excited for your first day?” Ben said

“Yeah, I am actually. There appear to be lots of tourists in town, so I expect to see a lot of them on the beach” Shaunna said

“Yeah…if you ever need any help…you know where to come to” Ben said as he gently touched Shaunnas hand

“I’ll keep that in mind” Shaunna said and smiled

“I hope we don’t have any fights like the one we had yesterday” Shaunna said

“What with Frank and that old man?” Ben said

“Yeah” Shaunna said

“Doubt it…that was probably the highlight of of the day for the Sumer Bay gossips” Ben said and rolled his eyes

“Do you know Frank well?” Shaunna said curiously

“Nah, he used to live in America, he turned up at Christmas” Ben said

“Really? Like where in America?” Shaunna said

"Dunno, wherever it was he didnt like it and came back" Ben said 

"Does he have a wife or kids?" Shaunna said 

“Why so many questions about Frank? Ben said

“Nothing” Shaunna said

“ Do you have the hots for him?” Ben said

“No, I don’t even know the guy” Shaunna said

“Well you better take a ticket and wait in line, he’s too busy fighting over Bobby” Ben said and smirked then walked away…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Good morning Donald” Colleen said as he walked into the diner. She had to admit that he looked very handsome this morning

“Morning, just a coffee please to take away” Donald said as he counted the money in his hands

“Will that be all, no breakfast?” Colleen said and smiled as Donald looked at her

“No no, just the coffee” Donald said as Colleen poured the coffee in the white styrofoam cup. How is little Sophie doing this morning? I imagine she is still shaken up after what happened yesterday” Colleen said as Donald gave her the money

“What did happen yesterday?” Donald said


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Al opened his eyes and squinted his eye as the bright light of the sun peering through the window. He looked up to see the nurse walking out of the room. He looked ahead and noticed that she had brought a tray with food on it and placed it on the bed tray. Al lifted his had up and looked down when he remembered that his hand was still handcuffed to the bed. He sighed and laid back on the pillow and sighed. He didn’t sleep much which was a first for him because he was usually out for the count when his head hit the pillow, but last night was different.


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s Theme


He replayed over and over in his mind what Bobby asked him. She asked him why he hated her so much. He didn’t answer her, not because he didn’t have a quick witted response, but at that moment he realized that he didn’t even know why...


“Well well well Mr Simpson, we meet again” Detective Hunt said as he and an officer walked into the hospital room. Al sighed

“I trust the accommodations I requested for you have been satisfactory” Detective Hunt said and smiled as he pointed at the handcuffs on Al’s arm

“Very funny” Al said

“Trying to kidnap a little girl? Tut tut tut, now would you do that?”  Detective Hunt said as he pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down.

"She's my daughter" Al said and for a split second a feeling of guilt washed over him. 

“Tell me what happened at Stewarts point…the truth” Detective Hunt said as he looked at Al. Al stared at Detective Hunt, and for the first time in a long time he knew that he was not going to be able to get out of this. He knew that his past had come back to haunt him in more ways than one

“Alright…but before I do that…I need to come clean about something else” Al said as Detective Hunt said stared at him


Wellness Centre- The City


“Hello can I help you?” The receptionist said as Bobby walked over to the desk

“Hi, we have an appointment with Dr Murphy for 10am” Bobby said and she watched as the receptionist open an appointment book

“Is the appointment for Sophie Simpson?” The receptionist said

“Yes” Bobby said

“Ok, please take a seat  in the waiting room and doctor will call you in shortly" The receptionist said and smiled 

“Thanks” Bobby said and Frank, Bobby and Sophie stepped into the waiting room. Frank sat down and Sophie sat next to him clutching her pink teddy bear. Bobby sat next to Sophie and looked around the room

It was nice and peaceful. There were some toys in the corner and a table with plants in another corner


“Frank and Roberta? I’m Dr Murphy, one of the child psychologists here”  Dr Murphy said as she walked into the room. She was an older lady, on the heavier side but she had a nice smile and a pleasant demeanor

“Hi” Bobby said

“And this must be Sophie? What a pretty young lady you are” Dr Murphy said and Sophie stared at her

“Why don’t you all come into my office” Dr Murphy said with a smile as they followed her into her office. Bobby looked around; it was decorated similar to the waiting room. It was a peaceful room, a bit bigger than the waiting room, and it had more toys in the corner


“Please have a seat” Dr Murphy said and she lead them to a seating area and Bobby, Frank and Sophie sat on a long couch and Dr Murphy sat opposite them and picked up a clipboard that was on a table next to her chair

“Mrs Malloy briefly explained why you would be visiting today. Sounds like Sophie has had an unfortunate time” Dr Murphy said and smiled at Sophie who stared at her

“Ill just explain what we are going to do today. At first we will talk, just so I can find out about you both then I would like to have some one on one time with Sophie while you wait in the waiting area, and then we will have some time together after to talk about my findings” Dr Murphy said

“Ok” Bobby said

“Sophie do you want to go over there and play with the toys?” Dr Murphy said as Sophie looked at Bobby

“Its ok sweetheart, you can go” Bobby said and Sophie got up from the chair and went into the corner and sat down at the desk that had toys


“So, how did the two of you meet? Dr Murphy said and Frank looked at Bobby

“We had the same foster parents” Bobby said

“Oh that’s interesting, so you are very familiar with the foster system” Dr Murphy said

“Yeah, I have another foster child, Sam, he’s 5” Bobby said proudly

“What about you Frank, do you have any children” Dr Murphy said

“Just Sophie” Frank said and Dr Murphy smiled

“So what made you decide to become foster parents?” Dr Murphy said as she looked at Bobby who began to panic. The way the doctor was looking at her, she felt the doctor may know something about Thomas

“We just felt it was the right thing to do, give Sophie a home when she really needed it” Frank said as Bobby exhaled quietly

“Yes, fostering must be very rewarding” Dr Murphy said

“Sophie feels like she is already our own daughter” Frank said and Dr Murphy looked at her clipboard

“Roberta, Sophie is your sister?” Dr Murphy said

“Well, adopted sister. My adopted dad is her biological dad” Bobby said

“How does that make you feel?” Dr Murphy said

“What do you mean?” Bobby said

“ making the transition from sister to foster mother?” Dr Murphy said

“It feels really natural. Like Frank said, Sophie already feels like she is our daughter” Bobby said and Dr Murphy smile

“Are you married?” Dr Murphy said

“No” Bobby said and she felt her heart sink

“So how is the relationship between the two of you? Part of being parents is having a good relationship for your children to see” Dr Murphy said

“Fine..we get on fine” Bobby said and she looked at Frank who was looking at her

“Are either of you married?” Dr Murphy said

“I’m separated from my wife” Frank said

“I’m in a relationship” Bobby said

“What does your partner think of this arrangement?” Dr Murphy said

“He’s supportive..he knows that Sophie is important to Frank and me” Bobby said and Dr Murphy smiled

“Thank you for answering my questions, if you don’t mind, can you please wait in the waiting room” Dr Murphy said and Frank and Bobby stood up. Sophie turned to see Frank and Bobby stand up from the couch and rushed over to them

“Sophie, is it alright if  we play with the toys together” Dr Murphy

“Its ok sweetheart, we will just be outside ok” Frank said and Sophie looked at him

“I promise…we will be right outside” Frank said then Sophie looked at Bobby

“We promise, we are not leaving you here…we love you ok” Bobby said as Sophie looked at Bobby then at Frank then she nodded and watched them walk out of the room

“Come on, lets go over there and play with some toys ok” Dr Murphy said and Sophie followed her and sat down at the table with the toys…



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Revhead whistled as he got closer to the boatshed. Greg looked up

“You’re late” Greg said annoyed

“Michael knows, I had court this morning...hey guess what?” Revehead said as Greg looked at him

“The charges against me breaking into the diner were dropped” Revhead said with a smile on his face

“What?” Greg said surprised

“Yeah, apparently whoever did it confessed so I’m in the clear” Revhead said and smiled

“It feels good to be vindicated. Hopefully the news spreads and everyone will know that I was telling the truth” Revhead said and inhaled deepley and exhaled. Not only because he was innocent, but now he could see his girlfriend anytime he wanted and it was going to be great…


High School- Summer Bay


Sandra was not paying attention to the teacher, her mind was miles away. She looked at the clock on the wall, Maurice was probably still in court. She didn’t know what his fate was, but she knew that he didn’t burgle the diner. Sandra sighed as she looked at the clock again that was moving very slow…


Emma looked at the leather bracelet on her wrist. She hadn’t taken it off since she got it last night. She looked at the braided design, it was really pretty. She used the pen in her hand and gently ran the end over the ends that hung lose after being tied. Emma put her hand up to her chest and rested the bracelet on her heart. She still missed David so much but having the bracelet meant that he was with her all the time..


Steve gently tapped his pen on the desk. He watched as Mr Fisher wrote on the blackboard but his mind wasn’t there, he was just counting down the days until it was tie for him to go then he would leave behind all the memories and guilt to start a new life far way…


Background music ends



Wellness Centre - The City


Bobby and Frank sat outside in the waiting area. Bobby looked at her watch, Sophie had been alone with the psychologist for 20 minutes. Bobby was getting impatient. She wanted to be inside. She wanted to know if her daughter was alright. Bobby sighed as she looked at the ceiling


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s Theme


“Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s fine in there” Frank said and Bobby looked at him

“Yeah, I know…I cant help worrying” Bobby said

“Me too” Frank said and Bobby picked up a magazine and began to flip through the pages

“Your boyfriend came to see me this morning” Frank said and Bobby put the magazine down and looked at Frank

“What for?” Bobby said confused

“He want’s me to stay away from you” Frank said

“We have a daughter together, we have to see each other” Bobby said shaking her head

“That is what I told him” Frank said

“I don’t believe him” Bobby said and she stood up and walked over to the window

“He must be feeling insecure” Frank said

“I don’t know why, he knows that there is nothing going on between us” Bobby said as she briefly turned and looked at Frank then she turned and looked out of the window and sighed. She couldn't believe that Greg went to see Frank after she had told him several times that there was nothing going on between them.

Frank looked up at Bobby as she looked out of the window. He knew her better than anyone else. He knew that right now she would be thinking about why Greg came to the caravan park, and she was going to confront him about it. Frank picked up a magazine on the table and smiled to himself. As far as he was concerned no one was going to break up his family…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 501



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


The bottle dropping on the floor woke Carly up. She rubbed her eyes and felt her head start to ache. She sighed and opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling then at the clock on the bedside table. She started drinking when she heard Ben walk out of the house for work…when he told her she couldn’t be with her family, and mustve fallen asleep when the bottle was finished. This was starting to be a new normal for her, drinking as much as she could when she was alone.  Carly tried to get up but her head started spinning and she dropped back down on the bed again and began to cry. She didn’t even know who she was anymore, nothing felt right. She was stuck in a life she created for herself, one she thought she wanted. Now she was alone with no where to run to…


Background music ends


High School- Summer Bay

“Hi” Sandra looked up to see Revhead at the school gates

“What are you doing here?” Sandra said shocked

“Whoever burgled the diner confessed so I’m in the clear” Revhead said and he and Sandra hugged

“You know what that means?” Revhead said

“What?” Sandra means

“Means I can take my girlfriend out on a date” Revhead said and Sandra smiled. She felt butterflies in her stomach hearing Maurice call her his girlfriend and smiled as he put his arm around her and told her about the plans he had for their first proper date..


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“Hi” Greg turned around to see Fiona standing behind him


Background music – Greg and Bobby’s theme



“The car isn’t ready yet” Greg said

“No, I wasn’t coming to check up on you, I just left my sons toy in the back seat, and was wondering if I could get it” Fiona said and Greg looked at her

“Its your car” Greg said which surprised Fiona. Greg sighed a he stared into the water. He could hear his stomach rumbling but he wasn’t in the mood to eat food. Fiona reached into the corner of the backseat and took out the toy and shut the door and began to walk away

“Look, I’m sorry I snapped at you, just having an off day” Greg said as he turned and looked at Fiona

“Ah, an off day…I know those very well” Fiona said and walked over to Greg

“Tends to happen when I have a lot of things on my mind” Greg said

“I don’t mean to be nosey, but whatever it is that is worrying you, it probably isn’t as bad as you think it is” Fiona said

“Do you ever feel like you are the odd person out? Like you see something but everyone around you refuses to see it?” Greg said

“I cant say I’ve ever experience that” Fiona said

“It’s a crazy feeling…knowing that you know the truth but everyone is is in denial” Greg said and looked at Fiona

“Never mind…I don’t want to bore you with my problems” Greg said

“You’re not boring me..I promise I’m a good listener” Fiona said and smiled as Greg looked at her

“.I ordered the part, it should be in tomorrow morning, so hopefully I’ll have the car ready tomorrow or Wednesday like I said. We have a lot of work to do, but ill try and fit you in” Greg said

“Thanks…I better get back to the shop” Fiona said

“Do you want a lift?” Greg said

“No thanks, the weather is nice, ill walk ” Fiona said and smiled. Greg noticed that she had a beautiful smile

“Ok then..see you later” Greg said and Fiona smiled and waved. Greg watched her as she walked away. For that short time he had forgotten the Frank Bobby him triangle he was in, but reality set in and now he was back in it again…seeing what Bobby didn’t want to see…


Background music ends



Wellness Centre- The City


Dr Murphy looked at Sophie holding her pink teddy bear. She hardly touched the toys on the table, and most of her answers where by way of nodding. Dr Murphy sighed

“I’m just going to ask Frank and Roberta to come back in ok?” Dr Murphy said and she saw Sophies eyes light up and she nodded. Dr Murphy smiled and walked over to the door. A few moments later Frank and Bobby came into the room. Sophie walked over to them and she rested her head on Bobbys side

“Hi sweetheart, we missed you” Bobby said as she sat on the couch next to Frank. Frank picked Sophie up and she sat on his lap and hugged him.  Frank kissed her forehead and rested his head on Sophies head. Dr Murphy watched them and smiled


“Is Sophie going to be alright?” Bobby said


Background music – Frank and Bobby’s theme


“What is very clear to see is that Sophie is very traumatized” Dr Murphy said

“Yeah, the doctor at the hospital said the same thing” Bobby said

“What kind of things did you ask her?” Frank said

“Well, I was using various techniques to get her to open up to me, but I think its too soon for her” Dr Murphy said

“Do you know how long she will take to recover?” Frank said

“At this stage I really cant tell” Dr Murphy

“We were hoping she would start school on Wednesday” Frank said

“I think that is a good idea. The more people she can be around and learn new experiences, that will definitely help her healing process. One thing that is very obvious is that she needs a lot of love” Dr Murphy

“And we are going to give it to her” Frank said and Sophie hugged his neck tighter

“I’m sure you will. I would like to see you all in a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then with Sophie mixing with other children at school, we will be able to start breaking down some of those barriers” Dr Murphy

“Do we have to give her any medicine or anything like that?” Bobby said

“I wouldn’t recommend anything just yet. Lets see how these next few weeks go, and we’ll take it from there” Dr Murphy said

“Thanks” Dr Murphy said

“However I have a sneaky suspicion that Sophie is going to be just fine. She appears to have bonded with you both very quickly, and her eyes lit up when I said I was going to ask you both to come into the room” Dr Murphy said and Frank smiled

“We love her so much already…and cant think of her not being in our lives” Frank said and Bobby looked at him and smiled

“I’m glad to hear that…well please make an appointment for two weeks time with the receptionist” Dr Murphy said as she stood up. Bobby and Frank stood up as well as Sophie stood next to him

“Sophie since you have been a very good girl, I have something for you” Dr Murphy said and she walked over to her desk. She opened a draw and took something out and walked back over to them

“Here you go” Dr Murphy said with a lollipop in her hand. Sophie looked at Bobby

“Its ok, you can take it” Bobby said and looked at Dr Murphy

“Thanks” Bobby said

“You’re welcome. See you soon” Dr Murphy said as Bobby Frank and Sophie walked out of her office. Frank and Bobby stood outside while Bobby made the next appointment. Shortly after, Bobby joined them

“I made the appointment” Bobby said

“Ok” Frank said

“Do you mind driving back, my leg hurts a bit” Frank said

“I was wondering if we could maybe go and have lunch together before we head back” Bobby said. If she was honest with herself, she liked spending time with just Frank and Sophie

“Ok” Frank said and smiled as they walked towards the car just like the family they both wanted.


Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“That’s surprising” Ailsa said

“Why?” Nick said

“I don’t know Al Simpson very well, but based on what I’ve heard about him, I’m surprised that he would even confess to breaking into this place, not with the way he feels about Bobby” Ailsa said

“I guess he turned over a new leaf..see you later” Nick said

“Ok, bye” Ailsa said as Nick walked out of the diner

“That will be some good news for Bobby” Colleen said

“Yes..i’m surprised he wasn’t a suspect in the first place” Ailsa said


Nick walked over to his car and heard over the radio that he had a visitor. He got into his car and drove the short distance back to the police station. He parked the car in the parking space and took off his hat as he walked into the station to see Julie in the waiting area

“Hi” Julie said to Nick. They hadn’t communicated much since Nick turned up at the house to arrest her brother

“G’day” Nick said

“Sorry for coming here, but I called the house and figured you would be here” Julie said

“Yeah” Nick said

“Can we talk?” Julie said and Nick looked at his watch it was his lunch time anyway

“Ok, let me just sign out..its lunch time for me anyway” Nick said and he walked behind the desk. A few minutes later he came back


“Do you want to go and get something to eat?” Nick said

“No…I cant stay long, my dad is outside” Julie said and Nick sighed as Julie rolled herself towards the front door. Nick held the door open and she rolled herself to a bench that was opposite the police station. Nick sat down and Julie rolled herself in front of him


Background music- Have you ever been alone



“I guess you heard about your brother” Nick said

“Yeah, I knew he didn’t break into the diner” Julie said

“I was just doing my job” Nick said

“I don’t want to talk about that…the reason I came here was to tell you that the resort offered me a supervisor position at the city location, and I accepted it” Julie said and Nick sighed. It wasn’t the news he was expecting. He hadn’t spoken to his girlfriend much lately, and here shew as telling him that she was moving away

“Congratulations” Nick said

“Thanks…I was supposed to start next week, but they want me to start training tomorrow, so Dad is taking me to the city” Julie said

“Sounds like life is really working out for you” Nick said

“Yeah, I never expected that meeting you would change my life” Julie said

“Well I wish you all the best in your new job” Nick said

“Is that all you’re going to say?” Julie said

“What else is there to say?” Nick said

“What about you and me?” Julie said

“Long distance relationships don’t work, so there really isn’t any point trying” Nick said as Julie looked at him disappointed.

“I guess that’s it then” Julie said disappointed

“Yeah I guess so” Nick said then he got up and kissed Julie on the cheek

“Take care” Nick said then he walked away. Julie couldn’t stop the single tear running down her cheek. Maybe things were meant to be this way. Maybe meeting Nick was what she needed to be able to be independent. Julie sighed as she rolled herself over to her dads car. He got out and helped her into the car. He put her chair in the back and got in and closed the door

“Is everything alright love?” Alec said as he started the car. Julie inhaled and exhaled and smiled

“Everything is just fine” Julie said and her dad released the break and drove away



Background music ends



Beach- Summer Bay


“How’s it going? Shaunna put her sandwich down and turned to her left to see Alf standing next to her

“Good” Shaunna said. I thought it would’ve been busier today, but its been pretty quiet” Shaunna said

“Now you said that, you know its going to get busier the rest of the day” Alf said and Shaunna smiled

“Anyway, I just came by to make sure you still like the job” Alf said

“I do” Shaunna said and smiled

“Alright then, I’ll see you later” Alf said and he began to walk away

“Mr Stewart” Shaunna said and Alf turned around

“One of the tourists was asking me about the landmarks like Stewart’s point and the caravan park I had no clue, and pointed them in the direction of the library. Can you tell me so that I at least have some information” Shaunna said as she looked at Alf who had a big smile on his face

“Well Stewarts point was actually named after my great grandfather Angus. He was actually the one who founded Summer Bay. He came here on a ship with the rest of his army mates. He was originally from Scotland and over there it was winter, but it was summer here, so as a running joke he named here Summer Bay” Alf said with a big smile


“It must’ve been really cool growing up as a kid knowing that your family found this place” Shaunna said

“It definitely had its perks” Alf said with a wink

“What about the caravan park?” Shaunna said

“Oh the caravan park, I built that when my wife was pregnant with our daughter. I thought it would be a way to get some extra income coming in. However she passed away a few years ago and it became a bit much for me and my daughter, so I sold it to the Fletchers” Alf said


“Any particular reason why you sold it to them?” Shaunna said

“They were moving here from the city, and saw a good opportunity. Pip has done a good job to to keep the place going since Tom died” Alf said


“It must have been really hard for her to lose her husband” Shaunna said as she sighed

“Yeah, it was hard on all of us. He was my best mate” Alf said as his mind drifted to the blokes night out he would have with Tom


“He mustve been a great guy” Shaunna said

“Yeah, one of the best” Alf said and smiled

“Anyway, I better let you get on. If you need anything let me know” Alf said and smiled

“I will, thanks” Shaunna said as Alf walked away. Shaunna exhaled and she picked up her sandwich and stared into the water thinking about how to get another opportunity to speak to Pippa again…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Sophie this is your Grandma Pippa” Bobby said and Sophie looked up at Pippa. She remembered her

“Hi sweetheart” Pippa said as she smiled at Sophie

“She’s still really shy” Bobby said

“That’s alright” Pippa said

“So when do your media duties start? Pippa said as they all sat at the dining table with Sophie sitting on Franks lap

“ Wednesday. This week is going to be really hectic, not only with that but then the graduation ceremony on Saturday. I pushed the media stuff back, so we can get Sophie settled” Bobby said

“Sally, why don’t you Sam and Sophie go up to your room and play a little while, Ill bring you all up a snack in a little while” Pippa said

“Ok. Come on Sophie and Sam lets go to my room” Sally said and Sophie looked at Frank and Bobby

“Its ok sweetheart, you can go, we will be down here ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded then she followed Sam and Sophie up the stairs


“Poor little girl” Pippa said when she hear that all the footsteps had gone up the stairs

“I don’t know what I wouldve done if Al was able to leave with her” Bobby said

“What did the psychologist say?” Pippa said

“ Well she said what the doctor at general said, that shes traumatized and it’s a matter of time to get her to open up. She thinks it’s a good idea for Sophie to start school. Maybe being around the other kids, she will start being more open” Bobby said

“Yes, that is a possibility” Pippa said “I can tell that she has taken to both of you” Pippa said as she looked at Frank and Bobby who were sitting next to each other at the dining table

“Yeah, we love her so much” Frank said

“We have an appointment to fill out all the school forms tomorrow..I wonder if they will let us call her Simpson- Morgan” Frank said curiously

“Does she know that you want to adopt her?” Pippa said

“Not yet. Frank’s foster parent application is still in process. We don’t want to let her down or give her false hopes” Bobby said

“There is no reason why I shouldn’t get approved. Ill appeal if I don’t” Frank said

“I think the most important thing that the department will want to look at is that Sophie is happy in her home, and I can see that she loves you both very much” Pippa said and Frank smiled

“Its so strange that the minute I laid my eyes on her she already felt like she was my daughter. Every time that I hug her feels like I’ve known her, her whole life” Frank said and smiled as Steve came through the door

“Hello Sweetheart how was school?” Pippa said

“Ok” Steve said

“Sophie is upstairs with Sam and Sal” Frank said

“Ill go up and say hello” Steve said and he smiled awkwardly and walked towards the stairs

“Is he alright?” Frank said

“Why do you ask?” Pippa said

“I don’t know, he’s just been really distant since I’ve been back” Frank said

“Maybe its just school, you know how teenagers are” Pippa said

“Maybe…I’m going to make some coffee who wants one?” Frank said as he got up from the chair and walked into the kitchen as Bobby and Pippa looked at each other…


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

“What’s this?” Ben said as he sat down and looked at the food in the plate in front of him

“Spaghetti Bolognese” Carly said and she held onto the table. She knew that the sauce was a bit burnt. She was still hung over and had a headache. She composed herself and used a spoon to sprinkle some cheese onto the meal that Ben was going to eat


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Have you been drinking?” Ben said

“No, I just have a bit of a headache” Carly said

“So why do you smell like alcohol?” Ben said

“I spilled some of the vodka on me when I put some in the sauce” Carly said as Ben looked at her. Carly held onto the table as she walked over to the kitchen and picked up her plate. She was concentrating hard so that she wouldn’t fall over because she felt very light headed. Ben put some of the spaghetti in his mouth, it dint taste great but it was better than nothing

“I need some work done to my car” Ben said and he looked at Carly

“The diner after dark isn’t going to open until the weekend. I wont have any money until then” Carly said and sighed

“You got your trust fund money” Ben said as he looked at Carly and chewed his food

“Ben, I told you I don’t really like using that money” Carly said

“Well you better like it because I said I need some work down to my car” Ben said

“I’ll ask Frank to do it, he will probably do it for free if I ask him” Carly said and Ben looked at her and got angry then he picked up the food in front of him and threw it on the floor. The crashing of the plate made Carly jump. When she looked up she could see Ben walking towards her and she got up but it was too late he grabbed her and she closed her eyes

“Clean the floor” Ben said then he let go of Carly and she fell to the floor. He grabbed his jacket and walked out of the house while Carly lay on the floor and cried…


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Thanks for letting us know..I cant believe he actually confessed” Bobby said as Nick told her about Al confessing to breaking into the diner

“No worries..Bobby can I have a word with you outside” Nick said and Bobby and Marilyn looked at each other

“Yeah, sure” Bobby said and she followed Nick outside


Background music – have you ever been alone


“Whats wrong?” Bobby said

“So I assume you are going to square things with Maurice Gibson” Nick said

“Absolutely not. I wasnt wrong about him breaking into the diner, but no way will I apologize..not after what he did to Sal” Bobby said and Nick sighed

“Sorry..I probably shouldn’t have said anything” Nick said and sighed

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said

“Julie came to see me today…she said she took a job at the resort in the city” Nick said

“Yeah, I heard she was going” Bobby said

“Sounds like you're not happy about it” Bobby said

“Things were not good between us..she sort of blamed me for arresting her brother” Nick said

“That wasn’t your fault, you were doing your job” Bobby said

“I know, but I guess she didn’t see it that way. She didn’t even tell me about the job until she had already made the decision to take it” Nick said and Bobby sighed. It reminded her of the time when she made the decision to go to the city for Uni without talking to Frank about it

“I guess youre not too big on long distance relationships” Bobby said

“They don’t work” Nick said

“They do if two people love each other” Bobby said trying to convince herself

“I don’t want to hold her back..maybe she will meet someone in the city and feel like she is obligated to stay with me” Nick said

“Yeah, I suppose that can happen” Bobby said

“I just wish she had spoken to me about this first..I could have talked her out of it” Nick said

“And  then have her hate you for the rest of her life because you forced her to give up what she wanted to do?” Bobby said and sighed as she felt like she was talking to herself

“Yeah, you’re right, I never thought about it like that” Nick said

“I guess its best that things ended then to be living a lie” Nick said

“Yeah..and you never know…the two of you might end up back together…nobody knows the future” Bobby said

“I’ll see you later” Nick said and Bobby watched as he walked over to his car, got in and drove away. It was starting to get chilly and Bobby folded her arms and she was just about to walk back into the house and she stopped and looked through the small slit in the curtain. She watched as Frank Sophie and Sam sat on the couch watching playschool. Frank and Sam were singing along with the male presenter who had dark hair while Sophie watched and hung onto Frank. Bobby smiled to herself as she thought back to all the arguments that her and Frank had about her wanting to go to Uni. Maybe if she had gone at that time, things would be so different. Her life would be different. Maybe she would be living in the city now, with different friends and a different life. Maybe Frank would’ve left, and never came back

“Bobby come and watch Playschool” Sam sad as he turned to see Bobby walk into the house and close the door. Bobby smiled and she sat next to Sam and put her arm around him. From the corner of her eye she could see Frank engaging with Sophie as she watched the Tv. Bobby smiled to herself thankful that everything happened in her life the way that it was meant to be, and now her and Frank had a daughter. Frank turned to look at Bobby and wink and she smiled as they watched TV like the family they had both always wanted…



Morgan Residence- New York


Roo put the bag of takeaway Italian food on the table as she took her coat off and hung it on the closet door. The apartment was a mess. The once packed boxes where now half open with things everywhere. Roo walked into the bathroom and pulled her hair back with the band around her wrist. She washed her hands and face and changed into some tracksuit bottoms and a sweater. Roo walked out of the bathroom and put her hands on her hips as she looked at all the mess in the room. She shook her head and sighed. She had a week to get packed before she moved into her new place. Roo walked into the kitchen and picked up a plate and fork and went back over to the couch. She sat down and began opening the containers and putting the spaghetti and sauce on the plate


Knock on the door


Roo stopped as he heard the door knock. She wasn’t expecting anyone. She put the container of pasta on the table and licked her finger and walked over to the door.

“Who is it?” Roo said

“Delivery” Roo heard and was confused. She wasn’t expecting anything. She put the chain on the door and slowly opened it to a surprise

“So, are you going to let me in” Donavan said and smiled. Roo closed the door and undid the chain and opened the door again

“Donavan, what are you doing here? Roo said and she leaned forward and hugged Donavan

“I have a few meetings here, and thought I would surprise you” Donavan said as he walked into the apartment and closed the door

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming..this place is a mess” Roo said embarrassed

“I don’t mind about the place, I just wanted to see you that’s all” Donavan said as he kissed Roo then she hugged him and smiled to herself. Her life was perfect, and it was only going to get better…




Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Who would’ve thought that Al Simpson had one decent bone in his body” Alf said as he ate his food

“Well at least he had the decency to confess and that leaves Maurice in the clear” Ailsa said as she looked at Sandra who smiled

“Yeah, he’s really happy about it” Sandra said as Alf looked at Ailsa

“Maybe you can invite him over for dinner..we can properly meet him” Ailsa said as she could see Alf getting annoyed

“Can I? thanks” Sandra said and smiled

“what about you Emma” Alf said and Emma stopped playing with her food and looked up at Alf

“Sorry did you say something?” Emma said

“I said is there a young man that you want to invite over for dinner?” Alf said and Emma squeezed the leather bracelet in her pocket

“No” Emma said and her thoughts drifted away. There was only one man she wanted, and he was gone. She would never want anyone else…



Background music ends




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“It wasn’t like that” Greg pleaded


Background music- Greg and Bobby's theme

“Well what was it like? I cant believe you went over to the caravan park and said anything to Frank. Ive told you that there is nothing going on between me and him. We have a vulnerable daughter..we have to be a family for her sake” Bobby said

“So why do I feel like Franks using that to try and get you back?” Greg said

“Frank knows its over between us, it has been for a long time” Bobby said

That’s the point, I don’t think he knows that” Greg said and Bobby sighed

“Greg, its been a long day…I’m really tired and I don’t want to argue” Bobby said

“I’m not arguing, I just want to know where we stand..” Greg said and Bobby looked up at him

“Well right about now I don’t even know ” Bobby said and walked into the kitchen. Greg sighed and walked into the kitchen and stood behind her

“Look Bobby..I’m sorry I went over to the caravan park..I’m sorry for saying anything to Frank. I just love you so much you know, and seeing him around here, I feel like the new kid on the block trying to get your attention” Greg said and Bobby turned around  

“You already have it” Bobby said and Greg held her hand

“So why do I get the feeling that you’re not saying the same to Frank” Greg said and Bobby pulled her hands away

“If you don’t believe me then there is nothing else to say…” Bobby said and sighed as Greg looked at her then he walked out of the house.

A few moments later Frank came walking down the stairs. Bobby looked at him

“Sorry, you had to hear all that” Bobby said and she sat down at the dining table

“I should be apologizing. It’s my fault..maybe I shouldn’t have said anything” Frank said

“No I’m glad you did, Greg has to accept that you are Sophie's dad, and you are going to be around” Bobby said as Frank sat on the chair opposite her

“If its going to cause trouble, maybe I shouldn’t come over so much” Frank said

“No” Bobby said immediately ..I mean Sophie is your daughter too, you have to be here for her” Bobby said

“Yeah, it would hurt me if I couldn’t see her” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“I cant believe Greg actually went, I thought he would want to stay and sort things out” Bobby said as her and frank sat at the dining table

“Well I’m still here” Frank said and he gently held Bobby’s hands. She knew that this was wrong but she let him. She didn’t stop Frank when he raised his hand and gently caressed her cheek. She didn’t stop him when he got up and sat on the chair next to her. She didn’t stop him when he kissed her cheek. She didn’t stop him when he kissed her neck which made butterflies jump around her stomach. She didn’t stop him when he kissed her lips. She didn’t stop him when he put his arms around her. She didn’t stop herself from sitting on his lap and putting her arms around his neck as she enjoyed kissing him


“Bobby” Sam said from the top of the stairs and they stopped kissing and sighed


“Sweetheart get back into bed , and I’ll come up in a minute and tuck you in” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and they heard him walk back to his room then Frank began to kiss Bobby’s neck again and she pulled away and got up from his lap and he got up and stood behind her

“Whats wrong?” Frank said

“Frank, nothing has changed between us…Greg and I made a commitment to each other” Bobby said and she turned around

“But I’m here and he’s not” Frank said

“Frank don’t do this” Bobby said as she folded her arms. Her emotions where all over the place and she knew that if Frank didn’t go, she would end up doing something she shouldn’t. Frank looked at her and sighed

“I think you should just go” Bobby said and Frank walked over to the door

“Here, take the car” Bobby said as she gave him the keys and their fingers touched

“Goodnight” Bobby said

“Goodnight” Frank said and walked out of the house and shut the door. Bobby held onto the bannister and took a deep breath and exhaled then walked up the stairs to tuck Sam into bed..



Background music ends

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