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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Chapter 508


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Frank sat outside in the waiting room as Bobby stayed in the consulting room with the doctor and nurse as they examined Sophie. A short time after, Bobby and Sophie came out

“How did it go?” Frank said

“Yeah good. Sophies weight has come up a little. Shes gained three pounds. The nurse took some blood, he just wants to make sure her vitamin levels are normal, and all the infection is cleared up” Bobby said  Frank bent down and looked at Sophie

“I’m so proud of you for being a brave girl” Frank said and Sophie hugged him and he picked her up

“He gave me a prescription for some cream for her dry skin, he says it might be eczema” Bobby said

“Is that serious?” Frank said

“No, its just a dry skin condition. He said it will clear up with the cream. We have to make another appointment for next week to get the blood test results. In the mean time he still wants us to continue with the multivitamins” Bobby said as Frank listened attentively

“As long as shes going to be alright” Frank said and they began to walk out of the waiting room

“He asked me if shes talking yet and I said no” Frank said as he felt Sophie squeeze his neck

“She will talk when shes ready” Frank said as he looked at Bobby.

“The doctor said Sophie is looking much better but” Bobby said

“Of course she is. She has two parents who love her very much, and shes going to be just fine” Frank said and he kissed Sophies cheek and she hugged him and they walked out of the waiting area like the family that he and Bobby had always wanted.


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

“You sure you don’t want to come to the graduation” Donald said as he packed his small overnight bag. He was going to stay with Barbra in the city and go from there to the graduation in the morning

“Yes I’m sure. I don’t think I will be good company, and I don’t want to spoil Bobbys day” Lucinda said

“Well, how about I stay here with you and we can do something..maybe go to the cinema. I haven’t been there in a long time” Donald said

“No, you already have plans uncle Donald. Ill be fine” Lucinda said

“Lucinda, I know you miss your brother…there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think and miss Alan” Donald said

“It will get easier..I promise” Donald said as tears formed in Lucindas eyes. And she nodded

“Yes, I’m sure they will” Lucinda said

“So what do you plan on doing for the rest of the evening?” Donald said

“I have a book I want to read, so Ill probably do that” Lucinda said

“Now are you sure you don’t wantr me to stay?” Donald said

“No, ill be fine. Ill see you when you get back tgomorrow” Lucinda said and smiled

“Alright then. Ill see you tomorrow” Donald said then he picked up his overnight bag and walked out of the house. Lucinda sighed and a tear fell down her cheek as she heard her uncle drive away..


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Alright Pip..I’ll see you in the morning” Ailsa said and she put the phone down

“What was that about?” Alf said as he walked into the living room

“Pippa and I were just making sure we had all the food ready for tomorrow” Ailsa said

“Whats tomorrow?” Alf said

“Bobby’s graduation party” Ailsa said and she looked at Alf who made a noise

“You know I’m so proud of Bobby. Just a few years ago she was a snotty nosed kid getting into trouble, and now look at her two businesses, a foster mother and a degree” Ailsa said and smiled like a proud mother

“I bet that mongrel is going to be there pretending to be a good dad” Alf said and rolled his eyes

“What is the matter with you?” Ailsa said

“What? Alf said innocently

“Honestly, you and Don should take your “we hate Frank” double act on the road, you might make a few dollars” Ailsa said and she sighed and shook her head and crossed off a few things from her list

“I really need to get the keys otherwise I wont be able to get in tomorrow” Ailsa said

“How will you get in?” Alf said confused

“Grant and Colleen will be there, they are waiting for the delivery men to bring in the new booth seats” Ailsa said as she put her jacket on

“You sure you wont be interrupting them, you know Colleen is always up for a date” Alf said and winked. Ailsa tried to hide her jealousy

“I think Donald is more her type” Ailsa said

“Well you know how that ended” Alf said and rolled his eyes

“Ill be back shortly love” Ailsa said and she kissed Duncan on the head


Caravan park- Summer Bay

Frank opened the guitar and smiled. It had been a while since he took it out of the case. He checked the strings, they were fine and he played a few cords

“Practicing for tomorrow?” Pippa said as she came into the living room

“Something like that” Frank said and smiled

“You’re going to be great” Pippa said

“Frank can you read me a story tonight” Sally said as she stood next to Frank

“You’re going to be asleep by the time I get home” Frank said and he kissed the side of her head

“Why cant you come home early” Sally said

“Because I have to read a story to Sophie, and by the time I get back, its past your bedtime” Frank said as Sally started getting upset.

“Sal, Ill ready you a story before you go to bed alright..go and tell Stev that Donner is ready” Pippa said

“Alright” Sally said and she went upstairs. Frank put the guitar back in its case

“I feel guilty” Frank said and sighed

“Its alright, Sophie needs you now. Once she gets settled Sally knows you will be at home more” Pippa said

“Thanks..I better get going, I want to get a bit of homework done with Sophie tonight before dinner” Frank said

“Alright love, see you later” Pippa said and smiled as Frank walked out of the house. Shortly after Steve and Sally came into the living room

“Looks like its just the three of us for dinner” Pippa said as she walked into the kitchen

“Pippa, did you say anything to him..you about me leaving” Steve said in a lowered voice so Sally wouldn’t hear

“No” Pippa said

“Thanks..Ill tell everyone in my own time” Steve said

“Well you need to do it soon, because you don’t have much time left” Pippa said and she sighed and walked out of the kitchen leaving Steve to thing about what she said..



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Colleen giggled at the joke that Grant made then she turned around when she heard a knock at the door

“What is Ailsa doing here” Colleen said and she walked towards the door

“Ailsa, I thought you had gone for the day” Colleen said disappointed

“I was until I realized I left my keys. I guess the delivery people have not arrived yet” Ailsa said as she walked towards the office

“Well they called and said they would be here in about 15 minutes I actually thought that was them when you knocked at the door” Colleen said

“Well Ill just get these keys and be out of the way” Ailsa said and she disappeared into the office.  Few moments later, she returned with the keys in her hand

“Oh by the way Ailsa you need to get someone in to look at the lock on the toilet. I got stuck in there the other day when I pushed the door shut. If it wasn’t for Shannon opening the door with the key,, I probably will still be in there” Colleen said

“Oh, I didn’t have a problem when I used it the other day” Ailsa said and she opened and closed the toilet.

“It seems fine to me” Ailsa said

“It gets stuck on the inside” Colleen said as Grant walked over to the door

“Seems fine to me” Ailsa said as she opened and closed the door

“That’s strange, it was completely stuck” Colleen said as Grant walked into the kitchen holding the key

“Seems fine to me” Ailsa said as she stood in the toilet. It might be something with the lock, let let me see” Grant said as he stepped into the toilet with Ailsa and used the key to check the look

“Seems fine to me” Grant said as Colleen watched him

“Try opening and closing the door again Grant..I for one don’t want to get stuck in there again” Colleen said and she pulled the door shut

Grant tried to open the door and it wouldn’t open

“Hold on let me try the key” Grant said and put the key in the lock, but still the door didn’t open

“See, I told you the lock is broken” Colleen said as Ailsa and Grant looked at each other

“Colleen, please call Alf, see if he can come over with his tools to get the door open” Ailsa said

“Shouldn’t I call the locksmith instead?” Colleen said

“At this time and with his prices…Ill try my luck with Alf” Ailsa said

“Righto..dont worry we’ll have you out of there in a jiffy” Colleen said and Ailsa sighed and put the toilet seat down and sat down.

“Sorry, it was my fault” Grant said

“No, its alright..I hope we can get out of here before the delivery guys bring the booths. I would hate to see them leave the booth seats outside. Its suppose to rain tonight” Ailsa said

“Ailsa I just called Alf, he said he will be here soon. He has to go to the shop and pick up his tools from there then he will head straight over here, so he should be here in about 10 minutes” Colleen said

“Thanks Colleen” Ailsa said She took her jacket off because it was starting to get a bit warm in the toilet

“Are you warm? Hold on let me open the window” Grant said as he reached up and opened the tiny window that they usually kept closed

“As Grant stretched up he leaned his body close to Ailsa. His hip brushed her hair

“Sorry about that” Grant said after he opened the small window to let a light breeze in . Ailsa looked up at him and breathed deeply in and out and before she realized what she was doing she began to pull down Grants jogging bottoms. He helped her and untied the waist band which allowed the bottoms to drop down. Ailsa then pulled down his pants and invited his male member into the orifice on her face. Grant closed his eyes as he enjoyed the sensation of his male member being tended to in a delicate but urgent matter.

“I want you inside me” Ailsa said as she stood up from the toilet seat and pushed Grant to sit down. She pulled one leg out of her trousers and underwear and vocally exhaled as she sat on a seat of pleasure. She couldn’t stop herself from letting out a little moan

“Are you alright Ailsa?” Colleen said

“Yes, I just stubbed my toe that’s all” Ailsa said as she moved up and down on Grant. She felt like she was in heaven. Grant gently put his hand over her mouth to muffle any more audible noises. This turned Ailsa on even more. The trill of having sex with Grant, the idea that they could be caught by Alf, and the fact that she knew that Colleen was on the other side of the door made Ailsa reach her peak where she was filled with so much ecstasy. Her mind was floating and she didn’t even realize when Grant joined her in a state of bliss a short time after.


“Ails” The banging on the door brought Ailsa and Grant back to reality. They were both half naked enjoying the bliss of the illicit lovemaking they just did

“Hello love, sorry for getting you out” Ailsa said as she scrambled to put her clothes back on

“Don’t worry, ill have you out in a minute” Alf said as Grant pulled his pants then his jogging bottoms up and he and Ailsa came face to face. Before she was able to say anything Alf opened the door.

“You need to get this door fixed” Alf said

“Yes, I will see if we can get someone in on Monday” Ailsa said

“You’re lucky you were in there with Grant, anyone else and I would think you were having an affair” Alf said and laughed. Ailsa laughed as well and she made eye contact with Grant

“We better get going…oh look, looks like your delivery blokes just arrived” Alf said as he walked to the door

“Perfect timing” Colleen said and smiled at Grant  watched Ailsa leave with Alf..


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow” Sandra said and smiled then she put the phone down. She went into the room to check on Duncan, he was fast asleep then she went into her room. Emma was lying on the bed reading a magazine. Sandra walked over to the wardrobe, opened it and took out the top she was wearing tomorrow for her date with Maurice

“Are you sure this is ok for tomorrow?” Sandra said as she put the top up to her and looked at herself in the mirror

“It’s fine” Emma said and she rolled her eyes

“We’re going to watch a movie” Sandra said as she put the top back in the wardrobe

“Great” Emma said

“You act like you don’t like Maurice” Sandra said

“No I don’t” Emma said

“So why aren’t you interested when I talk about him” Sandra said

“Because I don’t want to hear about your boyfriend every minute of the day” Emma said

“Are you jealous?” Sandra said

"No" Emma said

“You are….you’re jealous that I got a boyfriend” Sandra said

“I’m not jealous” Emma said

“Maybe you should get your own boyfriend then you wont be jealous. Maybe Maurice can introduce you to one of his friends” Sandra said

“I’M NOT JEALOUS DO WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH? I THINK YOUR BOYFRIEND IS A JERK AND I HOPE YOU ARE BOTH VERY HAPPY TOGETHER” Emma said then she threw the magazine on the bed, reached for her jacket and rushed out of the house just before the tears fell down her cheek.


Next day


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Alex is going to meet us at the university” Pippa said as she drank her tea

“Why do we have to go so early? Isn’t the graduation at 12?” Steve said as he ate his toast

“Bobby wants us to get there early so we can take family photos” Pippa said as Frank came into the living room

“Hello sweetheart, there is some hot water in the kettle” Pippa said

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled as he walked into the kitchen. He was tired. He didn’t sleep well, and he was feeling left out because he wasn’t going to the graduation.

“Frank poured the hot water into the cup as he made some coffee for himself

“Frank” Frank turned around to see Carly come into the kitchen and she hugged him

“Are you still ok to perform tonight?” Carly said

“Yeah sure” Frank said as he opened the fridge and poured some milk into his coffee.

“Come on Carly, we need to get going” Pippa said  and Carly walked out of the kitchen. Frank drank his coffee and followed her out of the kitchen and watched Steve Sally and Carly walk out of the house

“We are going over to Bobby’s after the graduation” Pippa said

“Ok..I’ll see you when you get home” Frank said and smiled

“Are you sure you wont come?” Pippa said as she picked Christopher up

“No…there are a few things I need to get done here, besides with all the tourists here, its best for someone to be home” Frank said

“Alright then. There is some shepherds pie in the fridge if you want it for lunch” Pippa said

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled then Pippa kissed him on the cheek. Frank smiled then he watched Pippa and Christopher walk out of the house.

Frank walked back into the kitchen and opened the fridge and took out some bread to make some toast and closed the fridge door. He was still feeling down after the run ins he had yesterday with Alf and Donald, and not getting much sleep. Frank put the toast in the toaster and sighed. He wasn’t up to performing tonight but he didn’t want to disappoint Carly, because it was obvious to him that it was important to her. Frank heard the front door open and walked out of the kitchen and he felt his heart begin to melt

“Hey look at you” Frank said as he looked at his daughter. She was wearing the new dress than he and bobby purchased for her. Her hair was pulled up into a bun, and she looked like a little princess. Sophie walked over to him and he picked her up and she hugged him tight

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled

“Hi” Frank said as he looked at Bobby. She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt suit with black heels.

“You look beautiful” Frank said

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“I just wanted to bring Sophie over so she can show you her dress” Bobby said as Frank sat down at the dinning table with Sophie hugging him

“Thanks…she looks lovely” Frank said as he kissed Sophies cheek as Bobby sat next to him

“After the graduation, we are having a party at my place…you can come if you want” Bobby said as Sophie looked at her dad

“Thanks, but I have a lot to get on with here….and I have to get ready for tonight” Frank said as he looked at Bobby. In a way she was disappointed, she wanted him to come to the graduation, and the party

“I’m really nervous about giving the speech..in front of all those people” Bobby said

“You’ll be fine..I know it” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“I dunno” Bobby said nervously

“Im really proud of you..you know everything that you’ve achieved” Frank said and they stared at each other

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“Hey we better get going if we want to get there on time” Greg said as he came into the house. He looked at Frank and Bobby sitting next to each other..looking at each other, and tried hard not to get angry

“Yeah, you’re right…we don’t want to be late” Bobby said as she fixed the back of Sophie dress. Sophie looked up at Frank and he winked at her

“Ok, lets go” Bobby said as Sophie got down. Bobby fixed the front of her dress as Frank smiled

Frank walked with Sophie holding his hand. He helped her get into Greg’s truck and put her seat belt on.

“Hi Uncle Frank” Sam said

“Hello mate” Frank said and smiled as Greg rolled his eyes

“Ill see you later alright” Frank said and Sophie nodded and she kissed his cheek. Frank smiled and closed the car door

“See you later” Bobby said and looked at Frank

“See you later” Frank said and Greg started the car engine and he and Frank locked eyes and he drove away..



Beach- Summer Bay

Emma walked along the beach. This morning she was feeling a bit better after having a good cry last night. She knew that she shouldn’t have been mean to Sandra, it wasn’t her fault, but she missed David so much. She was going to be working at the Diner later on, but she wanted to just have some time alone walking on the beach. Sandra was already at the diner, but she went early so that she could leave early to get ready for her date. Emma rolled her eyes. Maurice wasn’t like David…nobody was like David

“Oh watch it” Emma said when a ball nearly hit her

“Sorry” Emma heard a voice from behind her say

“You should watch where you’re throwing that ball” Emma said annoyed

“I said I was sorry” Shane said

“Drop kick” Emma said then she walked away

Shane shook his head and walked away


City University


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme

Bobby smiled as the photography took photos of her with different family members. Anybody who was paying attention would know that her eyes were telling a different story from her smile. She was wishing that Frank was here with her…with their daughter


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank- Student of the year

Bobby- I know, can you believe it

Frank- Yes because I always knew you could do it

Bobby- Thank you for believing in me…there were times when I didn’t even believe in myself

Frank- I will always believe in you

Flashback ends


Frank  sighed and washed his hands after fixing the sink in one of the vans. In his heart he really wished that  he could go to the graduation, but he knew that it would only cause problems with both Donald and Greg being there. Besides, he liked doing odd jobs because it reminded him of the times that Tom would teach him how to fix things. Days like this he really missed Tom. Frank wiped his hands when he heard the front door open and walked out of the kitchen

“Oh, I thought you were one of the guests” Frank said as Finlay walked into the house

“Do you want to come to the beach” Finlay said

“Nah, I need to get a lot of things down around here” Frank said

“I can stay and help you if you want” Finlay said and she moved closer to Frank and touched his arm

“Hey Finlay, are you ready?” Lance said as he came into the house as Finlay moved her arm away

“Yes, I just wanted to get a towel” Finlay said and she went into the laundry room

“Frankie coming down the beach?” Lance said

“Not today, I got stuff to do around here” Frank said

“Yeah and you have to get ready for tonight ey” Lance said and Frank smiled

“Ok, I’m ready” Finlay said as she smiled at Lance then kissed his cheek

“Alright…see you later” Lance said and he nudged Frank. Before she walked out of the house, Finlay turned around to look at Frank looking at her then she smiled and walked out. As she walked towards Lance she smiled to herself. Frank was jealous, she could tell. Soon they were going to be together and she couldn’t wait…

Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Hi Emma” Emma looked up from wiping the counter to see PC Parish standing in front of her

“Hi” Emma said

“What can I get you?” Emma said

“Oh just a burger with everything on it, some chips, and a coke” Nick said as Emma wrote it down

“Oh by the way, this is my brother Shane, he's here visiting” Nick said and he tapped Shane on the shoulder and when he turned around he was face to face with the rude girl he met on the beach earlier

Emma sighed. It was the jerk she saw at the beach this morning

“Is there something wrong?” Nick said confused

“Yeah, this is the girl I was telling you about. The one who had the attitude on the beach” Shane said

“I only had an attitude because you nearly hit me with the ball” Emma said

“Alright alright lets all calm down” Nick said

“Shane, apologize” Nick said

“Why should I? I already did” Shane said and Nick looked at him

“Sorry about this morning” Shane said reluctantly

“Emma” Nick said and looked at her

“Apology accepted” Emma said reluctantly

“Good. Now make that two orders of everything I just said. We will be sitting over there” Nick said and he pointed at the new booth seats. Shane and Emma looked at each other with daggers in their eyes as Shane followed Nick to sit down

“I cant believe you made me apologize again to her” Shane said

“You’ll get over it” Nick said and Shane looked over to Emma and they stared at each other..


City University

Background music- Fletcher family theme

Greg put the camera under his arms and clapped and whistled as Bobby finished her speech. He was so proud of her as she stood there wearing her gown and cap. She finished the year being the top of the class, so it was tradition of the university that the top student had to give a speech at Graduation. As Bobby went back to her seat. She was so nervous. At one point, she thought she was going to faint, but luckily she didn’t.

The clapping stopped then the master of ceremony announced that they were now going to give the graduates the diplomas. All the students were seated in alphabetical order and started filing to the side of the stage. One by one they received their diplomas. Pippa’s heart was so full. She was so proud of Bobby, and as each student walked on to the stage she reminisced about all the things that Bobby had overcome. Sophie held her Grandma Pippa’s hand as she watched all the people walking. She didn’t see her mum yet

“Sophie, look there is your mum” Pippa said and she pointed to Bobby who was now walking up the stage to get her diploma. Pippa started to clap and Sophie clapped as she watched her mum. Donald was very proud and clapped hard as he watched Bobby. He started thinking about how their relationship started where she lead the students in calling him “flathead”. He also thought about all the mistakes she had made over the years which he didn’t approve of, but today he stood clapping like a proud father. Reverend Jones smiled as he took as many photos as he could. Even though Roberta wasn’t his daughter, he felt like a proud father today. As Bobby shook the hand of the university dean, he smiled and gave her a diploma. He then stood next to her and they both smiled as the university photographer took a photo.

“Congratulations Roberta” The university head said

“Thank you” Bobby said and she walked across the stage and looked up to where she could see Greg, Sam and Sophie clapping for her.  She could also see her dad, Pippa, Reverend Jones, Ailsa, Carly, Steve and Sally. It was a bitter sweet moment because there was one person missing…the one person she missed the most right now..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 509


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“This is a nice spread” Donald said as he reached for another sandwich

“Dad what was you saying to Frank yesterday” Bobby said as she put some food on a plate for Sophie

“Nothing” Donald said innocently

“Dad, you were having a go at him, weren’t you? “ Bobby said as she put her hand on her hip

“Not at all, I was just asking how Sophie was” Donald said and smiled then he walked away as Bobby sighed. Bobby looked at Sophie, she was sitting by the dining table but she looked sad. When the door opened she turned her head quickly, but it was only Greg coming in. Bobby noticed Sophie sigh and look down at her lap.If Bobby was honest, she was feeling the way Sophie was, expecting someone tshe missed to walk through the door


“Hi” Greg said  

“Hi” Bobby said

“Have I told you that I am proud of you” Greg said as he hugged Bobby

“Yeah about a thousand times” Bobby said and smiled

“Well I want to say it again” Greg said again and kissed Bobby and she smiled at looked at Sophie who was staring at her lap and not eating the food in front of her

“Can you keep an eye on Sam for a while” Bobby said

“Why? Where are you going?” Greg said confused

“I just want to take Sophie to the caravan park” Bobby said

“What now? We’re having a party for you” Greg said annoyed

“I know, but shes been really quiet, I think she misses her dad” Bobby said

“Well she doesn’t talk so of course shes quiet” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“I’m sorry..I didn’t mean that” Greg said and he put his arm around Bobby

“I promised to be more understanding, so if you need to take her over then Ill keep an eye on Sam” Greg said and forced a smile

“Thank you “ Bobby said and smiled then she laid on Gregs chest as his smile disappeared.


"You must be so proud Donald" Ailsa said

"Yes, its been a long time coming" Donald said

"But Bobby got here in the end" Ailsa said

"We all know she could've gotten here sooner" Donald said and Ailsa sighed

"Come on Don" Ailsa said

"You know its the truth Ailsa. Well we can be thankful for small mercies" Donald said

"What do you mean?" Ailsa said confused

"At least he had the decency not to show up today and play his caring dad routine" Donald said and Ailsa sighed



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“The food here is really good” Shane said as he stuffed his face with his burger

“Can I get you anything else?” Emma said as she walked over to the table

“Just the bill please Emma” Nick said

“ Come on Nick, We have to have some desert” Shane said with a mouthful of food. Emma looked at him and made a disgusted face

“Alright, two icecream sundaes and the bill” Nick said and smiled then Emma nodded and walked away

“Food is great but the customer service is terrible” Shane said and rolled his eyes

“Emma is actually a really sweet girl” Nick said 

“If it’s the same girl I met on the beach then I don’t agree” Shane said 

“When you get to know her you will agree” Nick said

“So I can stay here and live with you?” Shane said excited

“No, I meant you can get to know her when you come and visit again” Nick said and Shane looked at him disappointed

“Why are you looking at me like that. I already let you stay here for the weekend” Nick said

“Just forget it” Shane said then he wiped his mouth with the napkin and got up from the table. He locked eyes with Emma then he walked out of the diner while Nick sighed.



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Frank washed his hands. He was proud of himself. He managed to get a lot of work done at the caravan that needed to be done. He liked doing the odd jobs because it reminded him of the times that Tom would teach him how to fix things. Days like this he really missed Tom. Frank wiped his hands when he heard the front door open and walked out of the kitchen surprised

“I wasn’t expecting to see the two of you” Frank said and Sophie walked over to him. Frank picked her up and she hugged him. Bobby heard Sophie exhale as she hugged Frank and she smiled

“I think someone missed you, and I wanted to bring you some food” Bobby said as she put the picnic basket on the table

“Thanks, I was just about to heat up some shepherds pie” Frank said as he looked inside the picnic basket then he sat at the dining table

“Did you have a good time with your mum and Grandma Pippa?” Frank said and Sophie nodded. Bobby started taking the food out of the picnic basket and putting it on the table


“If its alright, can you bring Sophie to the diner tonight? Just for a little while” Frank said 

“Ok” Bobby said as she put some sandwiched in front of Sophie. Sophie sat on her dads lap and began to stuff her face with the sandwiches and Bobby smiled. She put two plates in front of her and Frank then she poured some coke into two plastic cups and she sat down next to him, and for the next hour they sat together and ate like the family that they both always wanted..


Bayside diner after dark- Summer bay

This is very nice here Carly“ Reverend Jones said as he and Pippa sat at a reserved table

“Yes Carly it’s very nice,,,you have done a very good job” Pippa said proudly

“Thanks..I hope you don’t mind sitting here, Frank wanted me to reserve a table for you and Sophie” Carly said 

“No that’s fine” Pippa said

“We get a wonderful first row” Reverend jones said and smiled

“Now what can I get you…on the house of course” Carly said

“Just some water for me please Carly” Pippa said

“What about you Reverend jones?” Carly said 

“Hmm I want to try one of the fruit punches if that is alright with you” Reverend Jones said and smiled

“That sounds good can I have one of those please Carly” Pippa said

“Ok, Ill be back in a minute” Carly said and she walked off

“This is so exciting, watching Frank perform and spending the evening with you..on what I want to say is our first real date” Reverend Jones said and Pippa laughed

“Do we call it that at our age?” Pippa said

“Of course we do” Reverend Jones said and Pippa smiled



“Frank I thought you wasn’t going to make it” Carly said as Frank walked up to the counter

“Why not? I promised you that I would” Frank said and smiled

“Where should I set up?” Frank said

“Ill show you” grant said from the kitchen and walked out to help Frank.


“The amp is a bit sharp so I usually turn it down a bit” Grant said

“I wont be needing it” Frank said as he opened his guitar case

“That’s a beauty” Grant said as he looked at the guitar it was obviously well maintained and top of the range

“Yeah, plays smooth as well” Frank said as Grant gently touched the guitar.

“The finish is superb…mustve cost an arm and a leg” Grant said as Finlay walked into the diner

“It was a gift” Frank said

“Whoever gave it to you must really like you” Grant said and Frank looked at him


“Finlay” Lance said and she looked up

“I tried to save you a seat” Lance said

“Its alright” Finlay said as she looked at Frank who was tuning his guitar


“Whats he doing here?” Greg said as he walked to the diner with Sophie Bobby and Sam

“Carly asked him to perform tonight” Bobby said and Greg sighed

“He thought they were just going to have dinner together, just the four of them

“Bobby” Pippa said as Bobby walked over to the table

“Hi, I’m surprised you got a table, I knew it was going to be busy but no this busy” Bobby said 

“Carly said Frank reserved the table for his special guest” Pippa said and she smiled at Sophie

“Sweetheart sit down” Bobby said and Sophie sat down. She looked around and she noticed that her dad was here. Her eyes lit up when Frank walked over to the table

“Hi honey” Frank said and he bent down and hugged Sophie. Even though she saw him a few hours ago, she loved being with him and loved him so much


“Are you ok?” Frank said as he hugged Sophie. Sophie nodded

“Frank can we get started” Carly said 

“Ok” Frank said 

“I’m going to sing a song just for you ok” Frank whispered in Sophies ear  and she nodded as Bobby sat next to her. Sophie held her mums hand as she watched her dad walk away


“Um good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming this evening. Im very excited to announce tonights performer. Some of you already know him, but if you don’t he plays a mean guitar and hes my big brother…please welcome Frank” Carly said and people started clapping


“Thank you” Frank said and he began playing some cords on the guitar. 

“This first song is one I wrote a long time ago, and tonight, its  dedicated to someone very special”  Frank said and he winked at Sophie. When Frank started playing the introduction to the song, Bobby felt her heart break. She knew what song it was, and she knew who the song was for


Have you ever been alone wondered where tomorrow leads to

Have you ever wondered why Im so glad I found you

I was just a dreamer, going nowhere Just another loser, with no one to care

Have you ever been alone, where tomorrow leads to Have you ever wondered why

Im so glad I found you


As Frank played, he remembered when he wrote the song. It was for Roo. It was when he fell in love with her. However today the song had a different meaning. He was singing it for his daughter. There was a time when he could never imagine his life without Roo..now he can, but he knew in his heart that he could never see his life without his daughter in it. 

Sophie listened attentively as her dad sang. She liked the song, and she loved him very much. Frank winked at Sophie as he watched Greg put his arm around Bobby. Bobby knew that she shouldn’t be feeling upset. It was natural for Frank to still think of Roo, she was his first love and all

“He’s not bad” Greg whispered in Bobby’s ear

“Yeah” Bobby said trying to sound cheerful

As Finlay watched Frank she felt like she was falling for him more than he already had. She smiled to herself as she wondered if the song was for her


I was just a dreamer, going nowhere Just another loser, with no one to care

Have you ever been alone, where tomorrow leads to

 Have you ever wondered why

Im so glad I found you


When Frank finished the song, the customers at the diner clapped.

“thank you” Frank said and he looked up to see Beth standing by the door and he smiled and waved at her. Bobby looked up to see who Frank was waving to and she sighed as she saw Beth. Frank motioned for Sophie to go over to him and she quickly got up from her seat and rushed over to him. Frank kissed her nose as he put the guitar in the case


“We’re just going to take a 10 minute break, and Frank will be back to sing another song” Carly said 

“That was great frank..I always liked that song. I remember when you wrote it for Roo” Carly said 

“Yeah, but tonight I dedicated it to my princess tonight” Frank said and he picked Sophie up and walked over to the door

“Hi” Frank said as he walked over to Beth

“Hi..you have a great voice, and that song was beautiful” Beth said 

“Thanks” frank said and smiled

“Hi Sophie…you look so pretty in your dress” Beth said as Sophie looked at her

“I wasn’t sure if you were going to come” Frank said 

“My flatmate went out, so I thought I would come and see Summer bay at night” Beth said and smiled

“Oh, there appears to be a seat available” Frank said and Beth followed him to a booth seat

“Hello, welcome to the bayside diner after dark, here is a menu. Ill be back shortly to take your order” Shannon said  and smiled

“Thanks” Beth said and she looked at the menu

“So many great choices” Beth said

“Yeah” The food here is excellent. Sophies mum creates the menu” Frank said and he kissed his daughters head

“I want to get a drink before I get ready for the next song..ill see you later” Frank said

“I look forward to it” Beth said and smiled as Frank walked away.


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve looked at the goodbye letter he was writing. He was going to give each one to his siblings. It was easier then facing then to tell them why he was leaving

“Steve I’m bored” Sally said as she came into the living room

“Go and play with you toys or something” Steve said as he quickly put the letter in his folder

“I did that already” Sally said

“Well why don’t you get ready for bed” Steve said

“Its too early. Pippa said I can stay up until she gets back” Sally said

“You don’t know what time shes getting back” Steve said

“Its not fair, I wanted to go to the diner to see Frank sing songs” Sally said as she sat on the couch and folded her arms

“Sal, you’ve heard Frank play loads of times” Steve said getting annoyed

“But I wanted to hear him again” Sally said


“Sorry Sal, I didn’t mean to yell” Steve said and sighed as Sally ran up the stairs to her room. Steve was disappointed with himself.He had never yelled at Sally like that before. Everything was becoming too much for him, and the sooner he left Summer Bay, the better…


Bayside diner- After Dark- Summer Bay

As Bobby walked towards the table she looked up at Beth who was sitting at a booth. She was drinking a fruit punch and focused on Frank

“Thanks” Greg said as Bobby put two glasses of coke on the table. 

“The excitement of the day knocked Sam out” Greg said

“You can lay him down in the office. I put some cushions and blankets on the floor” Bobby said

“Alright, I wont be long” Greg said and he got up from the table with Sam

“You sure you didn’t want anything?” Bobby said as she looked at Pippa and Reverend Jones

“No thank you sweetheart” Pippa said

“I think I’ve had my quota of food and drinks for the weekend” Reverend Jones said and patted his stomach

“That’s a shame, I might as well forget the scones I was going to bake tomorrow” Pippa said

“Well I always room for a scone or two” Reverend Jones said and smiled then he put his arm around Pippa

“Sweetheart are you tired?” Bobby said and she gently caressed Sophies head. Sophie turned and looked at her and shook her head no then she turned around and leaned on the back of the chair to watch her dad

“Shes so in awe of Frank” Pippa said and smiled

“Yeah, she loves him so much” Bobby said trying to sound cheerful and Reverend Jones looked at her

Frank as he began to play some cords on the guitar

“Looks like I got here just in time” Greg said and he sat next to Bobby and put his arm around her. Frank closed his eyes and began to sing


Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you



Frank opened his eyes to see Greg pulling Bobby closer to him and kissed her cheek

Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?


Pippa looked at Reverend Jones and he put his arm around her and she rested her head on his chest and exhaled. Her heart was so full of love for her family and for him


Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Emma closed her bedroom door and took out the gift bad that was under the bed. She took out the scarf that Lucinda gave her. The scarf that belonged to David and she put it up to her face and breathed it in. The scent of David was slowly starting to fade, but it didn’t matter to Emma. She wrapped it around her and laid down on the bed as a tear ran down her cheek..



Take my hand
Take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you



Drive in cinema- Summer Bay


Sandra and Revhead both laughed at the movie that they were watching. Revhead turned and looked at Sandra. She was so beautiful to him. A year ago he was in prison, but now here he was with a good job, and a great girl..one that he was falling in love with. Revhead gently held Sandra;s hand. She turned to look at him and smile. She was so lucky to be with him, and she knew she wa falling in love with him



Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be


“Frank is not a bad singer” Carly jumped as she heard Ben behind her

“I didn’t think you were coming here tonight” Carly said trying to hide her disappointment

“Looks like it’s a good job I came, it appears all the couples are out tonight. You don’t want to be the odd one out do you” Ben said as he put his arm around Carly and she closed her eyes wishing that her nightmare would end..


Take my hand
Take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you



“Today has been a really good day…I don’t want it to end…lets make tonight special” Greg whispered into Bobby’s ear as she locked eyes with Frank


For I can't help falling in love with you


Frank ended the song and everyone in the diner began to clap

“Thank you” Frank said as he looked at Sophie who was half asleep. Frank put his guitar in the case and walked over to the table

“Looks like someone is asleep” Frank said and he gently picked Sophie up. She woke up frightened then when she saw her dad she laid on his shoulder and put her arms around his neck


“Frank you are putting on a wonderful performance” Reverend Jones said

“Thanks Frank said 

“I;ve put some cushions in the office. Sam is already asleep in there

“Ok ill go and put Sophie down” Frank said 

“Ill show you the way” Bobby said and she got up from the chair. Greg sighed as he watched Frank follow Bobby into the office. Bobby quietly opened the door so as not to wake Sam up. 

“You can put her down there” Bobby said and Frank put Sophie down on some coushins and covered her with a blanket. She opened her eyes and began to panic

“Its alright sweetheart” Frank said to calm her down

“Lie down for a little while until we take you home ok” Frank said and Sophie looked around and she shook her head no

“Its ok, I’m not leaving you” Frank said and he picked Sophie up and comforted her until she fell asleep then he laid her down and covered her with a blanket. Frank and Bobby waited until they were certain she was asleep and walked towards the door

“Frank” Bobby said and he turned around immediately. Bobby didn’t even know what she wanted to say. Her emotions were all over the place. Frank stared at Bobby as he waited for her to speak. He was hoping that she would admit to him that she was still in love with him

“You are doing a good job tonight” Bobby said 

“Thanks” Frank said and he quietly walked out the office

“Everything alright?” Grant said to Bobby after Frank walked out of the kitchen

“Yeah why?” Bobby said trying to sound happy

“No reason just checking in” Grant said and Bobby forced a smile and stood at the counter as she watched Frank walk over to Beth


“I noticed you haven’t ordered dinner yet?” Frank said and Beth looked up

“Im spoiled for choice, everything looks so good” Beth said as she sipped her fruit punch

“Well I have one more song to sing then if you like we can tackle the  difficult task for finding you some dinner” Frank said and Beth laughed

“That would be nice” Beth said and smiled..

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 510


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Steve closed Pippas bedroom door. Christopher was fast asleep. He walked up to Sallys room and sighed as he stood outside Sallys room. He knocked then opened the door

“Sal can I come in? Steve said and Sally didn’t respond. Steve walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed next to Sally who picked up the teddy bear that Frank gave her. “Sal, I’m really sorry about yelling at you. I didn’t mean to” Steve said and Sally didn’t respond. “I can read a story to you if you want” Steve said and Sally looked at him

“Ok” Sally said and got up from the bed and picked up a book from the bookshelf and gave it to Steve

“I love you Sal” Steve said

“I love you Steve” Sally said and Steve smiled and hugged Sally and sighed. He missed her already and he hadn’t even left yet. It was going to be hard leaving, bu he knew it was something he had to do…




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Adam stood outside the house and signed. He knew that he shouldn’t be here. He was supposed to be at the diner. Adam looked at his watch, he should’ve been there an hour ago but he had been sitting outside Marilyns house. He knew what he was doing was not fair, but ever since they broke up, he had been wondering if it was the right decision. Adam inhaled and exhaled then he knocked on the door

“Adam, what are you doing here?” Marilyn said surprised to see him

“I was just passing and I wanted to see if you still had my screw driver”Adam said trying to find an excuse

“Your screwdriver?” Marilyn said 

“Yeah, I used it last time to fix your car and I went to use it today and couldn’t find it” Adam said 

“I haven’t seen it, but ill check in my car..if I find it Ill get it to you” Marilyn said as she looked at Adam. She really missed him, and still couldn’t understand why he broke up with her, but he seemed happy with Shannon

“Oh right…thanks. I better go. Are you not going down to the diner?” Adam said

“No, not tonight” Marilyn said 

“Oh right, I better go before Shannon sends out a search party” Adam said and laughed awkwardly. He felt stupid and didn’t understand why he even said that

“Bye” Marilyn said and she closed the door. She sat on the couch and stared at the TV. She didn’t care what was on, she just felt sad and lonely. After what she went through with Ben, when she met Adam, she thought she finally found someone, and now that was over. Marilyn sighed as a tear ran down her cheek and she wondered if she would ever find someone to love..



Bayside Diner After dark- Summer Bay

Background music- Jukebox- Exposé -Ill never get over you, getting over me

I hear you're taking the town again
Havin' a good time with all your good-time friends
I don't think that you think of me
You're on your own now and I'm alone and free


Grant stood in the kitchen and watched Bobby as she watched Frank and Beth having dinner. They looked like they were really enjoying each other’s company.

“Looks like Frank and Miss Armstrong have hit it off” Greg said as he walked over to the counter

“Yeah” Bobby said and faked a smile

“Hmm the desert is really nice. I wouldn’t mind some more” Greg said 

“Do you mind if we go, Its getting late and the kids need to go to bed” Bobby said 

“Its not that late..Is there something wrong?” Greg said confused

“No, its just been a long day, and I’m tired” Bobby said and she faked a smile. Bobby walked back into the office as Grant walked out to the counter with an order for Shannon


I know that I should get on with my life
But a life lived without you could never be right


“Looks like Frank has finally got himself a woman” Greg said to Grant

“Who is she?” Grant said 

“Shes Sam and Sophies kindy teacher” Greg said

“Cute..very cute. Shes been in here before, I didn’t know they were going out” Grant said 

“Neither did I, but now hes got a woman, he can stay away from mine” Greg said and smiled as Grant inhaled and exhaled and watched Frank and Beth


As long as the star
Shines out from the heaven
Long as the rivers run to the sea
I'll never get over you getting over me


“Come on, its getting late and you two need to get to bed” Bobby said and smiled as she gently woke up Sam and Sophie who were lying on some cushions and blankets on the floor. They both rubbed their eyes as they followed Bobby out of the office. Greg picked up Sam and Bobby followed behind. She sighed when she looked at Frank and Beth who were engaged in conversation.

“Sorry to disturb..Frank, I’m taking the kids home and I thought you might want to say goodnight to Sophie” Bobby said as Beth smiled at her. Frank picked up Sophie and she hugged him


I try to smile so my hurt won't show
Tell everybody, I was glad to see you go
But the tears just won't go away
Loneliness found me, looks like it's here to stay


“I really enjoyed my dinner. Frank tells me you create all the menus for here and the resort” Beth said

“Yeah” Bobby said faking a smile

“That’s one thing I wish I could do, cook like a professional…you are really talented. Frank recommend the forever desert, it is amazing” Beth said and she put some desert in her mouth. Bobby was annoyed . She couldn’t believe that Frank would have the nerve to suggest that desert to Beth. The desert she made for him

“Thanks..glad you liked it” Bobby said trying to sound happy


“I’ll come along and read her a story” Frank said 

“No, its alright..its really late..she’ll probably be out like a light the minute she gets into bed. “ Come on Sophie” Bobby said 

“Ill see you tomorrow ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded and he kissed her forehead

“Sweet dreams” Frank said and Sophie yawned then nodded and kissed her dad’s cheek. Bobby stared at Beth who was smiling at Sophie and Frank. 


I know that I oughta find someone new
But all I found is myself always thinking of you


Sophie looked at her teacher Miss Armstrong

“Goodnight Sophie” Beth said and smiled. Sophie nodded

“Night” Frank said and he looked at Bobby

“goodnight” Bobby said and she walked out of the diner with Sophie

“Sophie loves you so much” Beth said and smiled

“Yeah, I love her too. I cant see my life without her in it” Frank said as he looked at Beth. They had spent the last hour talking. They were both interested in what the other had to say

“So what about you, do you want kids?” Frank said 

“Definitely..you know when the time is right” Beth said and she looked at Frank

“Considering you teach them all day, you want to go home to screaming babies?” Frank said and Beth laughed. She had a beautiful smile and laugh

“A lot of people say that, but I love kids, so I wont mind at all” Beth said and smiled. Frank was very handsome. She loved his conversation and was curious where things might lead…


Oh, no matter what I do
It's just a lifetime to live through
I can't go on like this, I need your touch
You're the only one I've ever loved


Bobby put the seat belts on both Sam and Sophie then she closed the door and got into the passengers seat as Greg started the car

“Looks like Frank might’ve found himself a girlfriend” Greg said

“They were just having dinner” Bobby said trying not to sound jealous

“Well they had to start somewhere. That’s how we started remember” Greg said and he grabbed  Bobby’s hand and kissed it as she looked out of the window “ They make a nice couple. Maybe we can have them over for dinner or something” Greg said happily. Bobby stopped listening to him. She didn’t want to hear anymore about Frank and Beth or how they made a nice couple. Today was supposed to be one of the best days of her life…but it was slowly turning into one of the worst..


And as long as the star
Shines out from the heaven
Long as the rivers run to the sea
I'll never get over you getting over me

Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Fletcher family theme


Reverend Jones  put his arm around Pippa as they sat on the veranda. The weather was warm and the sky was beautiful

“Today has been a really nice day” Pippa said as she snuggled under Reverend Jones  arm

“Yes it has, a wonderful day” Reverend Jones said 

“Thank you for being here to share it with us” Pippa said 

“You’re welcome” Reverend Jones said and smiled as he gently caressed Pippa’s cheek. She smiled. When she was around Reverend Jones said she felt like a teenager in love. Pippa looked up at Reverend Jones and they began to kiss until Reverend Jones pulled away

“I’m really sorry about not being able to get the transfer” Reverend Jones said

“Its ok..I know its not your fault” Pippa said and she laid her head on Reverend Jones chest

“I feel like I lied to Frank” Reverend Jones said 

“What do you mean? Pippa said confused

“Well Frank wanted to know how we would make it work if we lived so far from each other. Well I told him I was getting a transfer, and it didn’t happen” Reverend Jones said and sighed

“I’m sure he’s not going to hold that against you” Pippa said 

“I hope not. Out of all your children, I get the impression that he isn’t too fond of me” Reverend Jones

“He just doesn’t know you as well as the others..and when he gets to know you, he will love you just like the others do..just like I do” Pippa said and Reverend Jones smiled. 

“It sounds so good to hear you say it” Reverend Jones said and smiled

“Good because I love saying it” Pippa said and leaned forward and they began to kiss again..


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Safely home with five minutes to spare” Revhead said as he parked the car outside the house

“Thank you for taking me to the movie, I had a really good time” Sandra said 

“Yeah me too. Its nice that I can take you out and we don’t just have to see each other at the beach” Revhead said

“Yeah, I know” Sandra said and smiled then Revhead turned to look at her

“You’re really pretty” Revhead said

“Thank you” Sandra said and began to blush then he leaned forward and they began to kiss. 

“What are you doing tomorrow?” Revhead said

“Just some homework in the morning” Sandra said

“How about I take you out for lunch then you can have your first driving lesson” Revhead said 

“Yeah, ok” Sandra said with a big smile and kissed Revhead again

“Its getting late, you better go in so you don’t get into trouble” Revhead said

“Ok..how about I meet you at the diner at 1?” Sandra said

“Ill be there” Revhead then he they kissed one more time and Sandra got out of his car. 

“Goodnight” Sandra said 

“Night” Revhead said then he waited for Sandra to get into the house and he drove away..



Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“So, what did you think of the diner after dark?” Frank said as he and Beth walked to her car

“I thought it was excellent, the entertainment wasn’t that bad either” Beth said and smiled

“I honestly had no clue that that I was going to sing anything until after I invited you” Frank said 

“Oh really? And I was thinking you only invited me because you wanted me to see you perform” Beth said pretending to be shocked

“No, I just wanted to get my commission from the diner for bringing in more customers” Frank said and Beth pretended to be disappointed then they both started laughing.

“He had to admit he had a really nice evening. He really enjoyed performing and then having dinner and conversation with Beth

“This is me” Beth said and she stopped walking in front of a car

“Nice” Frank said as he looked at her car

“Thank you for walking me to my car” Beth said 

“You’re welcome” Frank said 

“I had a really good time tonight” Beth said 

“So did I” Frank said as Beth smiled at him. There was an awkward pause as they looked at each other under the moonlight. They could both feel that they were attracted to each other. With the moonlight as their personal spotlight,  they both leaned in and their lips gently touched. Shortly after they both gently moved away and stared at each other

“Maybe we can see each other again?” Beth said 

“I’d like that” Frank said and smiled then they leaned in and kissed each other again. Beth opened her purse and took out a bayside diner napkin and a pen. She wrote her number down and gave it to Frank

“Thanks” Frank said 

“Goodnight” Beth said and smiled then she got into her car

“Goodnight” Frank said and smiled as Beth started the engine and drove away. Frank looked at the napkin with her number on it and he folded it into two and put it into his pocket and walked away


Background music ends



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobbys theme


Bobby closed her eyes as Greg kissed her neck and unbuttoned his shirt. In her heart, Bobby didn’t want to do this, but she was upset with what happened at the diner..Frank singing a song about Roo, and being with Beth. But none of that mattered. She had Greg and Sam in her life, and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize their future

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long” Greg said and Bobby opened her eyes and smiled at him Today as been the perfect day, and I know that tonight is going to be perfect. Greg helped Bobby take her top off and unhooked her bra. Greg smiled to himself and began to unbutton his jeans.

“This is going to be so perfect..I know it” Greg said as he pushed his jeans down his legs then he freed his legs by kicking his jeans and pants onto the floor. 

“I really love you…more than I ever thought I could” Greg said as he stared at Bobby then he bent down and started to kiss her

“Do you love me?” Greg said and Bobby nodded

“Yeah, I love you” Bobby said and smiled then they began to kiss again




Greg and Bobby stopped kissing

“Whats the matter Sam?” Bobby said 

“I want a drink” Sam said 

Greg was about to say something and Bobby put her hand over his mouth

“I don’t want to confuse him” Bobby whispered

“He’s had enough today,” Greg said annoyed

“Its alright, ill just get him something to drink and put him back to bed” Bobby said and she got out of bed and quietly exhaled. She reached for her dressing gown and opened the door enough to sneak out and shut it behind her. Greg sighed and laid on his back..


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Alf grunted a few times then he collapsed on the bed next to Ailsa who rolled her eyes

“Sorry about that love…I don’t know what came over me..I’m usually not that efficient” Alf said

“Its alright” Ailsa said 

“Are you sure..this is the second time its happened” Alf said concerned

“Its fine love” Ailsa said and Alf put his arm around her. He made a note to go and see the doctor for a check up

It really was fine Ailsa thought to herself because she knew where she could go to be satisfied. Ailsa smiled to herself and closed her eyes to think about the thrill she felt yesterday with Grant in the toilet..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Reverend Jones made the sign of the cross and got up from the floor and sat on the bed. Today had been a wonderful day. He couldn’t wait until he got back home to develop the photos he took. He really enjoyed spending time with Pippa and her family. It made him feel like he was spending time with his own family


Background music- Fletcher family theme


Knock on the door


 Reverend Jones looked at his watch before taking it off. It was late, and he wasn’t expecting anyone. He walked over to the door and opened it

“Phillippa” Reverend Jones said and Pippa stepped into the van and closed the door

“Is there something wrong?” Reverend Jones said concerned as Pippa stood in front of him and shook her head no

“I don’t want to be alone tonight” Pippa said and looked up at him

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” Reverend Jones said and Pippa nodded her head and smiled

“I love you Alex” Pippa said and she touched his arm and he smiled then he leaned forward and gently kissed her lips

“I love you too” Reverend Jones said it as a feeling of warm came over him then he and Pippa shared another kiss as they began to celebrate their love..


Background music ends





Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Greg sighed as he walked down the stairs and sighed

“Sorry” Bobby said as Greg stopped outside the front door

“Yeah” Greg said annoyed


“It will be the right time for us soon” Bobby said as she put her arms around Greg

“When..I’d like to know” Greg said

“Soon” Bobby said and smiled. Greg looked into Bobby’s eyes and melted then he smiled

“You still love me?” Greg said

“Yes, I do” Bobby said and smiled then they began to kiss

“Its been a long day, Ill leave you to get some sleep” Greg said as he squeezed Bobby tight and she giggled

“Goodnight…and I hope you dream about me” Greg said and he kissed Bobbys cheek

“I will” Bobby said and Greg smiled and winked and walked out of the house. Bobby locked the door and sighe. She was just about to go upstairs when she heard Grant come into the house

“Hi” Grant said as Bobby walked towards the kitchen

“Hi, was a busy night” Bobby said


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Yeah, With all the tourists in town, I think we doubled the takings tonight” Grant said

“That’s great to hear” Bobby said and smiled

“It didn’t hurt that Frank did a great job. We definitely have to have him back again. I 'm sure his fan club will insist upon it. You should’ve seen the women wanting to take photos with him” Grant said and laughed

“Yeah” Bobby said trying to sound happy

"Looks like he was really enjoying his dinner date with that kind teacher as well" Grant said and he looked up to see that Bobby was staring at the floor

“Is there something wrong?” Grant said

“No why?” Bobby said trying to sound confused

“I dunno, I thought you might have a problem with Frank hanging around with another woman" Grant said

“Why should I? Frank is a single man, he can hang around with whoever he wants” Bobby said and smiled as Grant looked her. He didn’t believe what she was saying

“Bobby” Grant was interrupted

“Honest, Frank can do whatever he wants. Greg even suggested we have them over for dinner I think it’s a great idea” Bobby said and faked a smile

“Well if you think it’s a good idea..I just know how much he means to you” Grant said

“Meant to me…its ancient history. Besides, I have Greg and Sam in my life and I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize a future with them…anyway its been a long day, I need to get some sleep..night” Bobby said and smiled then she walked up the stairs and with each step her smile disappeared and she felt her heart ache



Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 510


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Pippa smiled to herself as she made some coffee. She had a wonderful night with Alex. She felt like a teenager creeping into the house this morning. She turned around when she heard footsteps walking into the kitchen

“I didn’t expect you to be up this early” Pippa said as Frank kissed the side of her head

“Didn’t really sleep much” Frank said

“I can imagine the adrenaline is still rushing after last night..you did a great job” Pippa said and smiled

“Yeah probably..thanks” Frank said

“Or maybe you couldn’t sleep for another reason..do you want some coffee” Pippa said

“Yes please…what other reason?” Frank said curiously as Pippa made him some coffee

“A certain young lady you met last night” Pippa said and smiled. Frank rolled hs eyes and smiled

“It was just dinner” Frank said 

“That’s usually how it starts” Pippa said and she gave Frank his coffee

“So tell me about her” Pippa said as they both sat at the table in the kitchen

“Nothing to tell really. She’s a teacher at Sophies school. Shes doing some training so shes spending 6 months in Summer Bay” Frank said 

“Does she live locally, I cant say I’ve seen her around” Pippa said

“No, shes from the city, but she lives in a flat in Shellharbour” Frank said

“Oh right…its very nice over there” Pippa said

“I suppose” Frank said and he drank his coffee

“So when are you seeing her again?” Pippa said and Frank looked at her

“I dunno…shes only here for another month then shes going back to the city” Pippa said

“Well you better get a move on then” Pippa said and smiled then she picked up her cup and walked out of the kitchen. Frank drank his coffee and put his hand in his pocket and took out the napkin that had Beth’s number on it and stared at it… 


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

 Shane washed the bowl and dried it as Nick came into the kitchen. He put the bowl in the cupboard and put the dishcloth on the table

“I was thinking we can go to the city or something before your train” Nick said 

Shane ignored him and packed his sweatshirt into his backpack

“So you’re going to ignore me for the whole day?” Nick said and Shane picked up the remote control and turned on the TV as Nick stood and sighed…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Yeah” Sam said excited and Greg laughed

“So what do you think, let’s have a family day out..I know the kids are going to love the funfair” Greg said

“Greg I don’t know, I have to check with Frank in case he already had plans for Sophie” Bobby said 


Knock on the door


“Ill get it” Greg said as Bobby gave Sophie her vitamins

“G’day” Frank said when Greg opened the door

“G’day” Greg said then he and Frank walked into the house

“Hi princess” Frank said as he sat next to Sophie and she hugged him

“Hello Uncle Frank” Sam said with food in his mouth

“Hello Mate” Frank said

“Hi” Bobby said as she came out of the kitchen

“Hi” Frank said

“Do you want some breakfast?” Bobby said

“No thanks, I had some already. Pippa made us all have breakfast before they went off to church” Frank said

“We were just talking about you” Greg said and Frank looked at him

“What about?” Frank said

“We wanted to have a family day out…you know me..Bobby and the kids, and Bobby wanted to make sure that you didn’t have some other plans with Sophie” Greg said as Bobby looked at Frank

“Yeah, Greg wants to take us to the fair, but if you have something else planned for Sophie” Bobby said

“No its fine…I have plans this afternoon anyway” Frank said 

“Yeah? Anything interesting?” Greg said

“Sweetheart, go and get your homework, lets do a little before you go out with you mum and Mr Greg ok?” Frank said and Sophie nodded and she got up from the table and ran up the stairs

“I have plans with Beth” Frank said and Bobby felt her heart break

“I knew it..I told Bobby last night that you two made a nice couple” Greg said as Bobby looked at Frank. 

“Well good on ya, she scrubs up really nice. I saw a few of the blokes checking her out last night” Greg said and smiled

“Bobby you got any more of this bacon…its really good” Greg said as he got up from the table as Frank and Bobby looked at each other

“Yeah, in the kitchen” Bobby said as Sophie came downstairs with her school bag and gave it Frank. He put the bag on the chair beside him and picked Sophie up. He hugged her and kissed hear on the head as she took the folder out of her school bag. Bobby sighed and she walked into the kitchen

“Have I told you lately that you are an excellent cook?” Greg said as he pushed some bacon into his mouth

“Yeah” Bobby said trying to hide her disappointment

“We’re going to have a good day today as a family..I cant wait” Greg said and he hugged Bobby. Frank looked up as Greg kissed Bobby and he sighed then he kissed Sophie on the head and sighed.


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Sandra looked at Emma when she went into their bedroom. They hadn’t spoken to each other since Emma shouted at her

“Look, about the other day, I’m sorry ok” Emma said and Sandra looked at her and sighed

“Yeah, I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have said that you are jealous of me and Maurice” Sandra said

“Its alright, I guess it might have looked like that” Emma said

“Maybe you should get a boyfriend..then you me and Maurice can go out together” Sandra said

“I’m not really interested in anyone here” Emma said as she played with David’s leather bracelet on her wrist

“What about PC Parrish’s brother? He’s a bit of a spunk” Sandra said 

“Especially not him…yuck” Emma said annoyed and Sandra laughed


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick sighed then he picked up the remote control and turned the TV off

“I was watching that” Shane said annoyed

“And now you’re not” Nick said

“Look, I know you like it down here, but you have to go home. Mum and dad want you home” Nick said

“Well I don’t want to live there” Shane said 

“Its only going to be for a little while, you’re 18 next year then you can do what you want” Nick said

“Next year isn’t this year is it?” Shane said and sighed

“You have the Easter holidays coming up, you can come back and visit then” Nick said

“I don’t want to visit, I want to live with you” Shane said

“Even if I agreed, where are you going to sleep? There’s no space” Nick said

“Yes there is, the shed is big enough to fit a bed in there” Shane and Nick sighed

“Look, this conversation is not getting anywhere…come on lets go and kick the football around on the beach” Nick said

“No thanks, Ill just stay here until its time for me to go” Shane said and folded his arms

“Suit yourself, I’m going for a run, ill be back later” Nick said then he walked out of the house. Shane sighed and banged his fist on the couch. His plan had fallen apart. He opened the corner zip of his bag and pulled out a joint and a lighter. He walked to the back door and out to the garden. He opened the shed and looked around. He was right, it was big enough for a bed and some other furniture. Shane looked around and sat on a paint can and lit his jont. He inhaled and exhaled then smiled to himself. Plan A didn’t work, but he was certain that plan B would.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 511


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Frank looked at his watch, he had about half an hour to get changed and get ready to go and meet Beth in Shellharbour

“The bike looks great” Frank looked around to see Reverend Jones standing behind him in the shed

“Yeah, I just had to fix the chain and give it a good clean” Frank said

“It looks brand new” Reverend Jones said and smiled. He always felt the awkwardness when he was around Frank. He knew that Frank didn’t like him much which made things awkward because he knew Franks real father

“Sophie is such a sweet girl…I know she feels lucky to have you and Roberta in her life” Reverend Jones and Frank smiled

“Yeah, I never expected to love her the way I do. I never realized that having a kid would be this way” Frank said as he cleaned the handlebars of the bike he was fixing for Sophie. Reverend Jones sighed as guilt overcame him, and he was reminded of when he held baby Thomas in his arms and gave him a blessing after he had passed away.

“Phillipa and I are taking Christopher and Sally to the beach. Sally didn’t believe me when I said I was very good at building sand castle. If you don’t have any plans this afternoon, why don’t you come along with Sophie” Reverend Jones said and smiled

“No thanks, Sophie is going to the funfair with Bobby and Greg, and I’ve got plans this afternoon” Frank said

“Oh, anything exciting?” Reverend Jones said and smiled and Frank looked at him

“I know that Pippa already told you that I’m seeing the woman I was with at the diner yesterday” Frank said and he rolled his eyes

“Forgive me….yes she did. I just didn’t want to intrude on your private life. I just think its great that you’re making some new friends and” Reverend Jones was interrupted

“I told you already…just because you’re going out with Pippa it doesn’t give you the right to give me fatherly advice that I didn’t ask for” Frank said then he looked at Reverend Jones and shook his head then he walked out of the shed. Reverend Jones sighed. He felt like such a fool. He doesn’t blame Frank for getting upset, it was his fault. He just wanted to get to know him better that’s all. Reverend Jones inhaled deeply and exhaled and walked out of the shed and closed the door


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“How do I look?” Sandra said as she stood in front of Emma

“You look great” Emma said and smiled. She wanted to make more of an effort. Sandra was her friend, and it wasn’t her fault that David was gone

“You sure you don’t want to come?” Sandra said

“Yeah” Emma said

“So what are you going to do?” Sandra said as she put on her jacket

“Probably watch some TV or something..hang around here”  Emma said

“Are you sure? If you change your mind…me and Maurice will be the diner” Sandra said

“Thanks” Emma said

“See you later” Sandra sid and she walked out of the room and closed the door. Emma sighed then she looked at her wrist and played with the leather bracelet then she smiled and had an idea of how she was going to spend the day…



Manhattan- New York


Background music- Have You ever been alone


Roo looked out of the helicopter window. This was the first time she had been in a helicopter. The view was amazing Donovan was takingg her out somewhere for lunch. This is what she loved about him. He would just turn up and take her to the most amazing places. Roo turned when Donavan nudged  and he gave her a glass of champagne. Roo smiled and took the glass. She felt like she was in heaven. She always dreamed of having a great life...and her dreams were all coming true...

Barrack point- Shellharbour- Australia

Frank and Beth walked along the beach. The weather was nice and warm, and Frank could feel the warm sand under his feet. Beth listened as Frank told her about growing up as a foster child in the city and moving to Summer Bay, and Frank returned the favour when Beth talked about growing up in Perth and moving to the city when her dad got a new job.

“So what do you think of our beaches? Sometimes when Im not rushing, I like to take a drive out here and just watch the sun rise…its so beautiful. I never get anything like this living in the city” Beth said

“ When I was living in America, one of the things I missed the most was watching the sunset at the beach..there’s nothing like it” Frank said

“Do you think you will go back to America” Beth said

“No, not now. I have a daughter, and I couldn’t imagine not seeing her everyday” Frank said

“Do you want more children?” Beth said

“Absolutely” Frank said and Beth looked at him and smiled…


Background music ends 

Funfair- Kiama


Background  music- Frank and Bobby's theme

“Its ok sweetheart” Bobby said as she hugged Sophie who was crying. The funfair was a little overwhelming for Sophie with the clowns, the rides, the games, the music, the people and so many activities. Sophie squeezed her eyes closed and hugged Bobby tight. Bobby felt helpless, she never thought that Sophie would react this way..she didn’t know what was wrong with her. Times like this, she wished Frank was here, because he knew how to calm her down. As she comforted Sophie she looked up to see Greg and Sam on a ride and smiled. Sam was having a really good time. Bobby stroked Sophies hair and kissed her ear and a few moments later Greg and Sam came over to where shew as sitting

“Sam did you have a good time?” Bobby said

“Yeah!” Sam said 

“Is she alright?” Greg said

“I dunno, I think this might be a bit too much for her” Bobby said

“Its only a funfair” Greg said annoyed

“Greg, hi” Greg turned around to see Fiona and her son

“Hi” Greg said and smiled

“”Greg” Scott, Fiona's son said

“Hello mate” Greg said and he gently tapped Scott on the head

“I didn’t expect to see you up this way” Fiona said

“We are having a family day out…you remember Bobby, my girlfriend” Greg said and Fiona felt her stomach drop

“Fiona works at Alfs shop and the surf club” Greg said to Bobby

“Yeah I know..Hi” Bobby said

“Hi” Fiona said and smiled

“Anyway I better go, Scott is going to make sure I go on every single ride” Fiona said

“Alright, well have a good time” Greg said

“Thanks, bye” Fiona said and walked away

“So Sam, what ride do you want to go on next?” Greg said

“Um um um that one” Sam said as he pointed to a ride and Greg opened his eyes wide and shook his head as Bobby smiled

“I didn’t know she had a son” Bobby said

“Yeah, I met him when she brought her car over to the shed to get fixed” Greg said and smiled. He didn’t want to tell Bobby that he went over to Fiona’s house for dinner

“Maybe we should go home, I don’t want to be here with Sophie if she's not settling” Bobby said

“Alright then, Ill just take Sam on this last ride then we can go” Greg said an sighed

“Thanks for being understanding” Bobby said as Greg looked at his watch

“How about we go to the beach after? Maybe get some sandwiches..I still want us to spend time as a family” Greg said

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“Ok come on you little monster” Greg said and he picked up Sam who was giggling

“Wish me luck” Greg said and he pretended to be frightened then he kissed Bobby on the cheek and walked away. Bobby smiled as she watched Greg and Sam walk away. Bobby exhaled and kissed Sophies head. Sophie was still hugging her tight.  She probably misses Frank, Bobby thought to herself then she sighed. If she was honest with herself…she was missing him too



Shellharbour city centre- Shellharbour- Australia


Frank and Beth thanked the waitress as she brought their lunch. Since the weather was nice, they opted to sit outside the bistro. Frank looked around, he noticed that the area Beth chose for lunch was very trendy, he could see a lot of yuppie types walking around and also having lunch. It reminded him of when he moved to the City, and also in New York. Frank smiled to himself, because he remembered a time when he wanted to be like that…like the Brett Macklins of the world

“A toast” Frank looked up at Beth

“Ok, What are we toasting?” Frank said as he grabbed his glass of water

“Umm lets see…to new beginnings and sunsets at the beach” Beth said and smiled

“To new beginnings and sunsets at the beach” Frank said and they clinked glassed. Beth watched Frank as he took the napkin from the table and put it on his lap and smiled. She didn’t know where this was going, but what she did know is she liked Frank and was willing to see what the future would hold for them..

Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Greg parked the car outside the diner. Bobby turned around and looked at Sophie in the backseat

“Sweetheart, stay in here with Sam and Mr Greg, I’m just going to get some food then we are going to the beach ok” Bobby said and Sophie looked at Greg then she nodded

“I wont be long” Bobby said as she got out of the car

“Get some of that dessert, the one from yesterday that I was eating” Greg said which annoyed Bobby. The desert he was talking about was the one she made for Frank.

“If there is any left” Bobby said then she closed the car door and began walking to the diner


Sandra and Maurice held hands as they waited for their food to arrive. They took a walk on the beach first. 

“It feels so good to be able to anywhere with you” Maurice said as Sandra smiled

“Yeah, don’t forget we have to set a date for you to come over to dinner” Sandra said and Maurice sighed

“Are you sure?” Maurice said

“Of course. Mr and Mrs Stewart said you can come over” Sandra said as Maurice sighed


“Hi Bobby, I wasn’t expecting to see you here” Colleen said

“I’ve just come to get some lunch for Greg, me, Sophie and Sam. We’re going to have a picnic on the beach” Bobby said as she tried to figure out what she wanted to get for lunch by looking at the menu

“Oh, well I can take your order after I just take this order over to Sandra and Maurice” Colleen said and Bobby looked up at her and she turned around to see Revhead and Sandra sitting at the booth. Bobby started getting angry and she walked over to the booth

“Get out” Bobby said and Revhead looked at her

“Bobby, I didn’t break in here, I thought the police told you that” Revhead said

“But you did kidnap my sister….get out” Bobby said

“Bobby, Maurice said he was sorry for that” Sandra said and Bobby looked at her

“I want you both out..and you don’t work here anymore” Bobby said as she looked at Sandra who looked shocked as Grant walked out of the kitchen as he heard the noise

“Bobby” Colleen was interrupted

“You can join her if you want” Bobby said annoyed as she looked at Colleen. Grant sighed as he stood by the kitchen entrance

“Come on Sandra, it’s alright, I don’t want any trouble lets just go” Revhead said

“What about this food” Colleen said as she looked at the order on the tray

“They can pay for it and get out” Bobby said as she looked at all three of them and walked into the kitchen ignoring Grant and into the office and closed the door.

Bobby sat on the chair and hit her fist on the arm and sighed. She had a right to be angry at Revhead, but she could admit that she went a bit far with Sandra. Bobby inhaled and exhaled and leaned back on the chair. If she was honest with herself she had been in a mood since last night. She knew why.. Frank was a single man, he could do and see who he wanted. She also knew that she had Greg and Sam in her life now. She wasn’t going to jeopardize a future with them.

 Bobby inhaled then exhaled then she got up and walked out of the office. She was going to spend the rest of the day with her family, and the man she loved..


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