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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Chapter 502

Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“G’day” Grant said as he walked into the house after going for a surf to see Bobby pouring milk on Sam and Sophie’s cereal

“Hi” Bobby said as she walked back into the kitchen

“Do you want the milk out?” Bobby said

“No, thanks, Ill just have some juice” Grant said as he opened the fridge and poured himself some juice

“Busy day today?” Grant said

“Yeah, Frank and I are registering Sophie at school so hopefully she can start tomorrow…then I have to head over to the Resort, and later to the diner, while Sophie gets to spend the day with her dad today” Bobby said and smiled at Sophie who was stuffing her mouth with cereal

“How is she getting on?” Greg said

“Yeah really good. The psychologist said we just need to give her time to open up, but she seems to have warmed up to me and Frank. “Sam, careful you don’t get milk on your shirt ok” Bobby said as she buttered her toast

“Ok” Sam said with a mouthful of cereal

“Do you think she’s ready for school?” Grant said

“Well the psychologist said it’s a good idea for her to be around other kids, maybe she will start opening up to them” Bobby said


Knock on the door


“I’ll get that” Grant said and he walked towards the door

“Grant good morning” Donald said

“G'day Mr Fisher” Grant said

“Is Bobby home?” Donald said

“Yes, come in” Grant said and Donald followed him into the house

“Ill just got and have a shower and get to work before the boss fires me” Grant said and winked at Bobby

“Sorry for interrupting breakfast” Donald said

“No, its alright, do you want some tea or toast?” Bobby said

“No thank you” Donald said

“Sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral, I hope everything went alright” Bobby said

“Well yes, a funeral is a funeral” Donald said as he looked at Sophie

 I just wanted to see if Sophie was alright. I heard what happened at the beach” Donald said

“Hello Grandpa Donald” Sam said with cereal in his mouth

“Hello Sam, hello Sophie” Donald said as Sophie looked at him then continued eating her cereal

“I just came to see how Sophie is doing? I head about what happened yesterday” Donald said

“I’m not surprised…news travels fast in this town. She’s fine, thank goodness that Frank got to her before Al was able to take her away” Bobby said as Donald walked into the kitchen

“At least he has been good for something” Donald said

“Dad, Frank is Sophie's dad don’t talk about him like that in front of her” Bobby said

“I’m sorry but I just don’t understand how you can still be around him after the way he abandoned you” Donald said as he walked into the kitchen

“Dad, that was a long time ago” Bobby said

“I mean, where does Greg fit into all of this?” Donald said

“Dad…if that’s all you’re here to talk about then maybe you should go” Bobby said as she looked at Donald

“Its not, but I’m just concerned” Donald was interrupted

“Didn’t you say you were going to let me live my own life?” Bobby said looking at Donald who sighed

“You’re right..I’m sorry” Donald said as he turned and looked at Sophie who was looking at him

“I also heard that Al Simpson confessed to breaking into the diner” Donald said

“Yeah, who would’ve thought that he had a conscious” Bobby said and shook her head in disbelief


Knock on the door


“G’day” Frank said as he walked into the house through the back door

“Hi” Bobby said as Frank and Donald looked at each other

“Do you want some breakfast? I made some extra toast” Bobby said

“Thanks” Frank said as he walked past Donald

“Donald” Frank said

“Frank” Donald said reluctantly

“Hello Uncle Frank” Sam said

“Hello mate…how is my princess this morning” Frank said and sat next to Sophie as she rested her head on his arm. Bobby smiled as she watched how close Frank and Sophie are. Donald watched Bobby as she watched Frank and Sophie. He was so disappointed that she was even entertaining Frank

“Pippa was saying that the kids normally get a book and supplies list..I’ll pick that up later while you’re at work” Frank said

“Ok” Bobby said as she put some toast and tea in front of Frank. Donald looked on trying to hide his disappointment and disgust with what he was looking at

“Anyway, I better get to the school” Donald said forcing a smile as he watched Frank butter his toast


“I forgot to ask, what are the plans for the graduation on Saturday?” Donald said

“Oh, well the ceremony starts at 11 but I need to get there at by 10 to get into my robe and take photos” Bobby said as she put some marmalade jam on the table. Franks favourite.

“How about we go together..you me Greg, the children..we can go as a family” Donald said and Frank looked up at him.

“I’ll let you know” Bobby said looking at her dad with annoyance visible on her face

“You know, I’m so proud of you deciding to get an education. I’m sure Greg is proud. He doesn’t strike me as the type who would discourage his partner from getting an education” Donald said as he and Frank looked at each other

“Dad…don’t” Bobby said



“Anyway I better be off” Donald said and he looked at Frank with a sarcastic smile

“Bye children, have a good day at school” Donald said and smiled

“Bye Grandpa Donald” Sam said and Donald smiled at walked out of the house. Bobby picked up her plate with toast and sat down on at the dining table opposite Frank


“Sorry about that” Bobby said

“I deserved it” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“You know, you can come if you want…to the graduation” Bobby said

“Thanks for the invitation, but there are a few things I need to get done at the caravan park” Frank said and sighed as an awkwardness filled the air…



General Hospital- Summer Bay


Pippa moved her head so she could see past her fellow classmates who were packing up their things at the end of the class and write the last few sentences on the blackboard. She was in her final week of her programme but fortunately Dr Routledge put a good word in for her to get a scholoarship, so she was going to be starting a specialized course in paediatrics. Pippa made a note at the top of her notepad to study up on some of the terms she learned today


“G’day” Pippa looked up to see Dr Routledge

“I noticed you writing some extra notes down, do you need some help with anything?” Dr Routledge said

“No thanks, I just wanted to look up some of the terms of liver disease..i’ll be fine” Pippa said and smiled

“I’m glad you are taking me up on my job offer, but I have some bad news” Dr Routledge said

“Oh?” Pippa said

“Yes, unfortunately, I was hoping that we would get into the new offices in two weeks, but there is some building inspections that need to be done” Dr Routledge said

“Oh sorry to hear that” Pippa said a bit disappointed because she wanted to start earning an income again

“So am I. Right now the inspectors said we cant get in there for two months” Dr Routledge said

“That is a shame” Pippa said

Its not all bad news, for the time being we can start seeing patients at my house until the building is ready..there is more than enough space”  Dr Routledge said

“Ok” Pippa said

“For the time being, I can offer you part time, that will allow you to be able to complete your pediatrics training then hopefully, full time when you finish” Dr Routledge said

“Thank you Dr Routledge, I really appreciate this opportunity, and recommending me for the scholarship” Pippa said as she looked at Dr Routledge who was staring at her

“You’re welcome” Dr Routledge said

“I’m just heading off to the diner, I really enjoy their toasted sandwiches” Dr Routledge said

“No thanks, I want to do some reading” Pippa said and Dr Routledge  began to walk away

“Oh by the way, I met your daughter last week, she brought a little girl in” Dr Routledge said

“Yes, Bobby, she’s actually the co-owner of the diner” Pippa said proudly

“Is she? Please be sure to tell her that her sandwiches are my favourite” Dr Routledge said and Pippa smiled

“Forgive me for forgetting her name, but how is the little girl getting on?” Dr Routledge said

“Sophie?” Oh she is getting on very well” Pippa said and smiled

“Please ask Bobby to make a follow up appointment. I should’ve mentioned it. I just want to check on Sophie” Dr Routledge said

“I will, thank you” Pippa said and smiled

“Oh, by the way, when are we going to met your daughter?” Pippa said

“ Hopefully during the next school holidays”  Dr Routledge said

“Please forgive me, but I forgot her name” Pippa said embarrassed

“Angel” Dr Routledge said

“Such a pretty name” Pippa said and smiled

“Yes, her mum chose that name” Dr Routledge said

“She made a great choice” Pippa said

“Thanks…I will see you later” Dr Routledge said and he walked out of the classroom as Pippa smiled to herself thinking about how much her life had change, and how she couldn’t wait for all the good things that were coming in the future…



Primary School- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme



The teacher went back inside the classroom after speaking to Frank and Bobby. Sophie held her dads hand tight as they stood outside the classroom. She looked through the window and she could see the children at their desks. She could see Sam drawing and she could see the teacher who just came outside. She had never been to school before and was feeling very scared. Maybe her new mum and dad would leave her here. Sophie sighed as they walked away and went into an office. They all sat down  while Bobby filled out the school form while Frank sat next to her with Sophie sitting  in between them, Sophie watched as the administrator gave Bobby a list of school supplies that Sophie would be needing as well as other important information such as vaccinations which Sophie needed to have, if she didnt. Frank and Bobby thanked the administrator and walked out of the office

“I guess we have a lot to learn about parenting, I didn’t even think to check if she had been vaccinated” Bobby said


“I think we can find out from Mrs Malloy. Maybe she can track down Sophie’s medical records” Frank said

“I doubt she has any, but its worth a shot. I can do that from the resort” Bobby said as they walked to the car

“Ok, well I’ll go and get these school supplies” Frank said looking at the list

“Ok, drop me off at the resort, and you can take the car” Bobby said

“Thanks” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“Come on Sophie, get in so I can put your belt on” Bobby said and Sophie nodded and she got into the car. Just as Frank was about to get into the car he looked up to see Greg driving by and they made eye contact. Greg stared at Frank then he drove away

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said

“No, nothing” Frank said then he got into the drives seat, started the engine and drove away…



Ross Residence- Summer Bay


Celia looked inside her bag. She took everything out and looked inside the empty bag and sighed. She was sure that she had $20 but for some reason she couldn’t find it. Celia put all the things back in the bag and closed it. She just remembered that Alf was looking for the extra lantern so she walked out of the room and into the garage. Celia looked around the garage for the lantern. It was a tight squeeze with their dads old car in the way. Celia looked and could see the the lantern in the back. She stretched her arm out and as she grabbed it, a box fell, and the pictures that were inside well on the floor.


“Oh bother” Celia said and she bent down and proceeded to pick up the photos.



Background music- Stewart Family theme



As she picked up each photo and looked at them, they reminded her of different times in her life. A  photo of her and her sisters sitting on the beach, a photo of her as a bridesmaid at her sister Debra’s wedding, a photo of her on the last day of high school, a photo of her and her fiancé Les. Celia felt like time had stood still as she looked at the photo. She remembered the day they took the photo, it was the day left for Vietnam. Tears came to Celia’s eyes as she remembered the day she got the call telling her that Les had been killed. It was a day that changed her life forever..in ways that she would never ever forget…


Background music ends



Summer Bay


Frank stopped at the traffic light. He made a note to make sure to get Bobby some petrol. He had not intended to go to Yabbie Creek, but some of the things on the supplies list were out of stock locally, and he wanted to make sure Sophie had everything she need to start school tomorrow. Frank looked through the rear view mirror at Sophie who was sitting in the back and smiled. He knew that he always wanted to be a parent, but he never imagined he would feel the way he does for Sophie.


“How about we go and see your mum and have some lunch” Frank said and Sophie looked up and nodded. Frank smiled. He loved his family…he loved being a dad, and no one was ever going to break that up. Frank smiled as the light changed to green and he drove away…


Harris Residence- Kiama


Greg parked the tow truck outside the house. He looked around, and was sure this was the right place. He got out of the car, and walked up to the front door and knocked. He stood there for a few moments and figured he might’ve had the wrong house. He was just about to turn away when the door opened

“G’day, I thought I got the wrong house” Gregg said and smiled at Fiona

“Sorry, I was just in the kitchen” Fiona said as she wiped her hands on her apron

“I brought your car back” Greg said

“Oh thanks, I wasn’t expecting it back until tomorrow” Fiona  said surprised

“Yeah, the part came in early, and I thought you might need it” Greg said

“Oh, thank you” Fiona said

“Ill just take it off the truck” Greg said as he walked back over to the truck while Fiona stood by the door and watched him.


“All done” Greg said after a few minutes

“Here is your key”Greg said as he handed the key to Fiona

“I really don’t know how to repay you for doing this” Fiona said

“Honestly its fine” Greg said

“Look, we’re about to have dinner…that’s the least I can offer you for being so kind” Fiona said as Greg looked at her. As he looked at her, he thought about seeing Frank and Bobby together earlier looking like a family

“Ok, thanks” Greg said and smiled as he followed Fiona into her house


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay 


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Sophie sat on the bed as she watched her mum and dad pick out her clothes for school tomorrow. She hugged her teddy bear. She was scared and didn’t want to go. Maybe her new mum and dad would leave her there


“Do you think she will need the whole packet of crayons” Bobby said as she put some crayons in Sophie's pencil case

“Probably not, just put a few in” Frank said then he looked up to see tears running down Sophie's cheeks

“Sweetheart, what’s the matter” Frank said and he went over to the bed and hugged his daughter

“I wonder if she’s nervous about school tomorrow” Bobby said as she sat on the bed

“Sophie are you excited for school tomorrow” Bobby said and Sophie shook her head no and Frank smiled

“Its going to be ok” Frank said as he gently patted Sophie on the back

“Frank, what if all of this is too soon” Bobby said concerned

“I know, but you heard the psychologist.  It’s a good idea for Sophie to start mixing with other children” Frank said trying to convince himself

“Maybe I should just cancel my media obligations tomorrow..we can keep Sophie home for one more day” Bobby said concerned

“No don’t do that, I know your work is important to you” Frank said

“And so is Sophie” Bobby said and sighed

“Alright, lets wipe these tears away” Frank said and he gently wiped Sophie's cheek with his finger the he raised her chin up to look at him

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Tomorrow is going to be really good..you're just going to be there for a little while. Sam is in your class so you can play with him, and your mum is going to make you some nice sandwiches. The teacher is really nice, and when you finish school, i'll pick you up and we can go and get some ice cream ok”  Frank said and Sophie wiped her face and looked at Frank then she nodded and  layed her head on Frank’s chest as Bobby gently patted Sophie's back

"Thank you for being here for our daughter" Bobby said 

"Ill always be here" Frank said as he gently rested his hand on Bobby's and rested his chin on Sophie's head and looked out of the window as Bobby looked at Sophie and Frank feeling grateful for the family she always wanted...


Harris Residence- Kiama


“This is really good, thanks” Greg said as he ate the sheperds pie that Fiona gave him for dinner. Her cooking wasn’t as good as Bobby’s but it was still really nice

“Thanks” Fiona said and smiled

“Oh, better tuck your napkin in, or you’ll get food on your shirt” Greg said as he wiped Fiona;s son’s mouth and tucked a napkin into his t-shirt. Fiona looked at the interaction and smiled. It had been a long time since her son’s father left and it was nice to have a man around..even if it was just for dinner….


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Nick took his hat off and put it on the table. It had been a long day. He sighed as he took a bottle of beer out of the fridge. If he was honest with himself, he didn’t know how he was feeling. He was disappointed because he thought that he had finally found someone he loved, but she decided to walk away. As Nick opened the beer he thought that maybe he should try a long distance relationship, but as he drank the beer reality set in, he knew it wasn’t going to work


Knock on the door


Nick drank the beer as he walked towards the front door. He opened the door and got a shock, almost choking on the beer as he swallowed


“What are you doing here?” Nick said

“I’m in trouble Nick, you got to help me” Shane, Nicks younger brother said as Nick sighed


Background music ends








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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 503



 Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“Alright…I’ll sort it out…I love you too..bye” Nick said and he put the phone down and looked at his brother who was sitting on the couch

“Well? what did mum say” Shane said

“You’re going back on the first train tomorrow to face up to what you did” Nick said

“Oh please Nick…I cant go back, they’re going to put me in jail and it wasn’t my fault” Shane said

“It never is your fault” Nick said annoyed

“I know I’ve been in trouble in the past, but this time, I’m being honest I had nothing to do with the stuff that got stolen from the shop…you got to believe me” Shane said as Nick looked at him, and before he said anything Shaunna walked into the house


“Hi” Shaunna said and Shane looked at her wide eyed

“G’day, how was your first day at work?” Nick said

“Good..pretty quiet” Lucinda said as she noticed Shane staring at her

“Shaunna, this is my little brother Shane..I hope you don’t mind, but he just turned up…and is staying here for the night” Nick said

“Fine by me…nice to meet you Shane” Shaunna said as Shane stared at her

“Hi” Shane said dazed by Shaunna’s looks

“I’m just going to have a shower…see you later” Shaunna said and smiled as she walked to her room

“She lives here? What a Sheila” Shane said as he got up from the couch and watched Shaunna walk away

"Oi, behave yourself" Nick said 

“I’m going to really like living here” Shane said and smiled

“Nobody said anything about you living here” Nick said

“But you just said” Shane was interrupted

“I said you are staying here for the night. Tomorrow, I will find out whats going on, then you are headed back home..I’m going to change, then I’ll make some dinner” Nick said as he walked out of the living room. Shane looked at his brother annoyed then he smiled to himself and sat on the couch and looked around his new home..


Harris Residence- Kiama


Fiona walked into the kitchen to see Greg washing the plates and giving them to her son to dry

“You don’t have to do that” Fiona said

“It’s the least I can do for that lovely dinner” Greg said and smiled

“You’re welcome” Fiona said as she put the left over apple pie in the fridge

“All done” Scott Fiona’s son said and she smiled. She could see that he was really excited to have Greg in the house

“Darling, why don’t you go into your room and play with your toys” Fiona said

“Ok” Scott said and he ran away

“He’s a good kid” Greg said as he dried his hands

“Thanks” Fiona said

“Would you like some tea?” Fiona said as she put the kettle onto the stove

“Thanks, that would be great” Greg said and sighed

“I assume what ever was bothering you the other day, is still bothering you?” Fiona said as she poured the hot water into two tea cups. She took milk out of the fridge and put it on the table. She then took some sugar out of the cupboard. Greg put some milk and sugar in one of the tea cups and picked up a spoon and stirred it. Greg sighed as he followed Fiona out of the kitchen. They walked over to the couch where Greg sat on the three seater and Fiona said in an armchair opposite him. Greg drank some of his tea as Fiona looked at him


Background music – Greg and Bobby’s theme


“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to be nosey…its just that I noticed your mood change” Fiona said

“No its fine, you’re not being nosey…its just that things are bit rocky with my girlfriend at the moment” Greg said and Fiona felt herself getting sad. She knew that Greg had a girlfriend, she saw them at the Surf Club

“I’m sure its nothing that can’t be resolved by talking” Fiona said

“I don’t think she wants to talk to me right now” Greg said and sighed

“I shouldn’t bother you with this, its not your problem” Greg said

“Its no bother at all..I did say I was a good listener” Fiona said and smiled



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as she kissed a sleeping Sam on the forehead and pulled the blanket up to his chin. She had no answer for him when he asked where his dad was, because she didn’t know..right now she wasn’t even sure if she cared…not after what happened the other night.

Bobby put the book she reading to Sam on the bookshelf, turned the light off and pulled the door to a close. She quietly walking over to Sophies room, and stood by the door to see Frank pulling the blanket over her. He put the book he read on the side table and turned the light off. Frank turned around to see Bobby standing at the doorway

“I hope she’s going to be alright tomorrow” Bobby said as they both walked down the stairs

“Yeah me too” Frank said

“Are you sure you can pick her up from school tomorrow?” Bobby said

“Yeah..I can pick up Sam too if you want” Frank said as Bobby looked at him

“Oh, I think its best if I make other arrangements for Sam” Bobby said

“Why? You think Greg would have a problem with me picking him up?” Frank said

“I just think its best..you know” Bobby said


“Well Greg really has to get used to me being around since we are going to be working together” Frank said and Bobby looked at him

“What do you mean?” Bobby said curiously

“Michael gave me a job at the boatshed doing the books for him. Its just a couple of days a week” Frank said as he looked at Bobby. Bobby sighed wondering if it was a good idea considering how Frank and Greg felt about each other

“What? he offered, and I wasn’t going to say no. I have a daughter, I need to start working” Frank said

“I didn’t say anything” Bobby said

“But I know what you were thinking..wondering if it’s a good idea working in the same place as Greg” Frank said and Bobby looked at him

“Remember, I know you better than anyone else” Frank said as he stared at Bobby who felt butterflies in her stomach

“I better go” Frank said and he walked over to the door

“Here, take the car” Bobby said and she picked up the keys from the table and handed them to Frank. They looked at each other as their fingers touched

“Ill see you in the morning” Frank said

“Ok..goodnight” Bobby said as she watched Frank open the door then she closed it behind him and leaned on the door. A few moments later Grant and Marilyn came into the house. Bobby inhaled and exhaled and walked towards them

“How was the movie?” Bobby said

“It was really sad Bobby the ending” Marilyn said then she put her hand over her mouth

“I better not say anymore, I don’t want to spoil it for you..I’m going to change, ill be right back” Marilyn said and Bobby smiled as Marilyn walked up the stairs

Bobby walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on

“Don’t tell Marilyn I told you, but the movie was awful” Grant said and Bobby laughed

“Grant can you do me a favour?” Bobby said

“Yeah sure” Grant said

“Can you pick up Sam from school tomorrow and keep him at the diner until I get back from the city?

“Yes of course..is Greg busy?” Grant said and Bobby sighed

“Is everything alright?” Grant said as he leaned on the kitchen counter

“Greg and I had an argument the other night because he’s got a bee in his bonnet about Frank being around” Bobby said and she looked at Grant

“Oh” Grant said

“I’ve told him several times that there is nothing going on between me and Frank..we have a daughter together…that’s all” Bobby said as Grant looked at her

“I can understand why he would be feeling insecure…you and Frank have history, and he’s the new kid on the block” Grant said

“Ancient history, and I’m not about to revisit and jeopardize everything I’ve done to rebuild my life. If Greg can’t understand that, then maybe we shouldn’t be together” Bobby said as Grant looked at Bobby as she poured the milk into her cup and sighed..


Harris Residence- Kiama


Fiona and Greg walked to the tow truck

“Thanks for dinner and letting me bore you with my problems..it was nice to just get away for a little while” Greg said

“You didn’t bore me at all, and you’re welcome here anytime. I am glad you got a chance to talk about how you feel” Fiona said

“Yeah, I really should apologize to Bobby. I am being really selfish with this whole Sophie thing. She didn’t ask to be brought into all this…and well if Frank is her dad, I just have to accept that” Greg said

“I think it does more harm not accepting it than it does when you do accept it” Fiona said

“Are you sure you want to do design? You should think about counseling instead” Greg said as he got into the truck and looked at Fiona who smiled

“Well Thanks again..night” Greg said

“Good night” Fiona said as she watched Greg  start the car and reverse out of the drive way. She waved him with one hand then she folded her arms and watched him until his car was far off in the distance. Fiona sighed then she went into her house and closed the door. She put the lock on and walked towards her son’s room. She opened the door and picked up the book that Greg read to him and put it at the end of the bed. She bent down and kissed him and walked out of the room. She sighed as she took the clip out of her hair, and let her hair fall past her shoulders. She walked into her room and changed into her nightgown then she got into bed, and turned on off the light and closed her eyes hoping that tomorrow she wouldn’t feel the way she does about another woman’s boyfriend…


Background music ends



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Frank hi” Frank turned around to see Finlay walking towards him

“Hi” Frank said as he walked towards the house

“You up for watching a movie” Finlay said

“No, its been a long day, and I’m tired. I have to be up early” Frank said as he got to the front door

“Frank” Finlay said and Frank turned to look at her

“I can spend the night if you want” Finlay said and she rested her head on Franks shoulder and he moved away

“I told you…I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m really not in the right head space to get involved with anyone right now” Frank said

“It doesn’t have to be serious” Finlay said and ran her finger along Franks facial hair

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea….goodnight” Frank said and he opened the door and closed it behind him. Finlay sighed as she walked towards her van. She had spent the last few hours with Lance. He was alright, but he wasn’t Frank. She didn’t understand why Frank went cold on her all of a sudden after things were going so well. Finlay opened her van and locked it and sat on her bed. She had to find a way to get Frank to want her…she knew he wanted her..but she just had to make him realize that he did…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Greg and Bobby's theme

“Hi Greg” Marilyn said as she opened the front door

“G’day is Bobby around?” Greg said as Bobby walked down the steps

“Sam is asleep” Bobby said

“Ok..I was hoping that we could talk” Greg said as he looked at Marilyn

“Ill just head up to bed..goodnight” Marilyn said and she walked up the steps as Bobby waked into the kitchen

“I thought we said everything yesterday” Bobby said

“I’m sorry about everything I said yesterday. Its just that I was feeling jealous . The way Frank looks at you, seeing you two together with Sophie, I just feel so left out” Greg said Bobby sighed. Maybe Greg was right, maybe it did seem like she was neglecting him and Sam, but it was to make sure Sophie was not taken away from her and Frank.

“Maybe some of this is my fault. I know I’ve been putting Sophie first, buts only because we need to get her settled. The department needs to know that Frank and I can look after her…otherwise they will take her from us..its really important that Frank and I make this work” Bobby said. Thomas was taken away and she didn’t want Sophie taken away too. Greg noticed tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m sorry..I guess I didn’t realize how important this is to you…but I should’ve known, considering I saw how you fought to keep Sam with you when I turned up” Greg said then he bent down and kissed Bobby on her cheek 

“I promise I’ll be more understanding from now on” Greg said hoping that he would be able to contain his jealousy, and hatred towards Frank

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled as she reminded herself that she loved Greg and she loved  Sam, and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize the future with them..

“ I wasn’t sure if you were going to come here today…Sam asked for you”  Bobby said

“Did he..I just went for a drive…you know to think things through..but I’m glad I realized how stupid I’ve been…I don’t want to lose you Bobby..I love you” Greg said and he put his arms around Bobby

“I love you too” Bobby said and Greg kissed her and smiled…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 503


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma threw up once more into the toilet then she flushed it. She closed the toilet lid and sat on it. She felt awful. It was  the pie she brought from the school canteen she thought to herself. It was probably not cooked all the way through


“Emma..are you alright” Ailsa said as she knocked the bathroom door. Emma got up from the toilet and opened the door

“Yeah. I got a pie from the canteen at school yesterday, and I think I got food poisoning” Emma said

“Oh no…do you want to stay off school? Ill let Mr Fisher know”  Ailsa said

“No, I have a test this morning” Emma said

“Are you sure?” Ailsa said concerned

“Yeah” Emma said

“Alright then, but if you get worse later on, make sure you come straight home” Ailssa said

“Ok, thanks” Emma said and smiled then she closed the bathroom door and leaned against the door and sighed. ..



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“You sure you don’t mind him being here?” Nick said as he and Greg stood in the kitchen looking at Shane who was fast asleep on the couch

“Of course not mate, he’s you little brother” Greg said as he drank his coffee

“He’s a little pain in the neck, that’s what he is” Nick said and rolled his eyes as Greg laughed. Nick turned and looked at him

“You’re in a good mood this morning” Nick said

“Yeah, I talked to Bobby last night and everything is alright between us. It really was my fault..I was jealous over this whole Sophie thing and Frank being around when I didn’t have any need to be. You know I feel kind of stupid thinking about it. Bobby loves me and I love her...anyway, I better get to work” Greg said

“Alright mate, see you later” Nick said as Greg walked out of the house. Nick sighed as he stood in front of the couch and shook his head as Shane snored


“Oi” Shane said and opened his eyes and raised his head up. The cushion hitting his head woke him up

“Get up” Nick said

“Ahh come on, its too early” Shane said and laid back down

“I said get up. You’re not going to lay around all day” Nick said and he threw another pillow at Shane

“Ok ok ok, this is worse than living at home” Shane said and he sat up

“Don’t get comfortable here, you’re heading back home later on” Nick said then he walked away and Shane laid back on the couch, sighed and looked at the ceiling…


Kindergarten- Summer Bay


“Sam, your dad will pick you up later ok?” Bobby said then she kissed the top of his head

“Ok” Sam said then he ran off into the school building.

Frank bent down in front of Sophie who had her new backpack on her back and was wearing her new clothes and shoes.

“Ok so you got your lunch” Frank said and Sophie nodded reluctantly

“You got your pencil case and your book” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“Bobby smiled like a proud parent as she watched Frank asking Sophie if she had everything she needed for school

Frank hugged her and kissed her on her forehead then Bobby bent down and kissed her on her forehead too

“Hello Sophie” Sophie looked around to see her new teacher standing behind her

“I’ll take her in now” The teacher said as she gently held Sophie's hand. Sophie didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to leave her new mum and dad. She was scared to go to school and see all the other children.

“Its ok sweetheart, I’ll be back to pick you up later on ok” Frank said and he could see that Sophie didn’t want to

“She’ll be fine..come on Sophie” The teacher said and Sophie didn’t move.

Frank bent down and then he whispered something into her ear and she nodded then he kissed her cheek then she walked away with the teacher

“What did you say to her?” Bobby said curiously

“I just reminded her that I’ll take her for an ice cream later on that’s all” Frank said and smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said

“You don’t need to thank me, she's my daughter too” Frank said as Bobby looked at him

“Anyway, I better go..I have to get to the city for this interview” Bobby said

“You look great” Frank said as he looked at Bobby who was wearing a dark blue suit

“Thanks” Bobby said and blushed

“Ill give Sophie her dinner, and bring her home later on” Frank said

“Ok” Bobby said

“Good luck today..you know with your job at the boatshed” Bobby said as she got into the car

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure not to spoil Gregs good looks when I beat him up” Frank said

“Frank” Bobby said

“Ok ok, Ill behave myself” Frank said

“Good..oh I nearly forgot” Bobby said as she reached into the backseat of the car

“ I made you some lunch..if you want it” Bobby said and she gave Frank a Spiderman lunch box, one of Sam's lunch boxes that she had bought for him when he first started school. Frank smiled. When he was younger, Spiderman was his favourite. He was surprised that Bobby even remembered.

“Thanks” Frank said

“Ill see you later” Bobby said then she started the engine and drove away..


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Nick rolled his eyes at as he watched his brother slurping the milk as he ate his cereal

“Alright..thanks” Nick said and he put the phone down

“Well?” Shane said

“I spoke to the officer in charge and he said one of your mates confessed that you had nothing to do with it” Nick said  and Shane began celebrating

“See I told you I had nothing to do with it. I knew you would get me out of trouble” Shane said with a big smile on his face

“Now you’re in the clear, I’ll book you on the first train home” Nick said and Shane's smile disappeared

“Nick I don’t want to go back” Shane said

“But you cant stay here, there isn’t enough room, besides you have to go back to school. This is an important year because you’re doing your HSC next year” Nick said

“If I go back, all I’m going to do is keep getting into trouble with my mates or at home. Dad never lets me do anything” Shane said as Nick looked at him. He remembered how strict his dad was when he was growing up. Both his parents were always interring in his life, so he jumped at the opportunity when his uncle told him about the job here. Nick sighed.

“The only reason I get into lots of trouble  with my mates is because you’re not at home anymore” Shane said and Nick started feeling guilty

“I miss you so much Nick” Shane said and Nick sighed

“Alright…you can stay until the weekend” Nick said.

“Thanks…you’re the best big brother” Shane said with a big smiled

“I’m going to get changed, then we can go and kick a footy on the beach” Nick said

“Yeah” Shane said as he watched Nick walk away then he began laughing and shaking his head

“Too easy” Shane said and smiled as he ate his cereal.


Diner- Summer Bay


Ailsa reached to get the napkins that were put on the top shelf in the pantry.

“Here, let me get it” Grant said and he reached up and grabbed the packet of napkins then he looked down at Ailsa

“Thank you” Ailsa said as she looked at Grant

“Sorry about that. I put them up there because there wasn’t enough space” Grant said and smiled. As Ailsa looked at him she could feel her body wanting to be with him, and before she knew it she grabbed him and began to kiss him. It was dangerous, but she didn’t care


“Ailsa, phone call for you” Colleen called out and they stopped kissing

“Ok Colleen, I’ll be right there” Ailsa said and she looked at Grant

“I better get that” Ailsa said and she walked out of the diner and wiped her mouth. Grant sighed as he stood in the pantry. If he was really honest with himself it wasn’t that he was attracted to Ailsa, he just missed being close to someone, and having a relationship. He knew Megan was around, and she was a nice girl, but they were not compatible..not like he was with Bronwyn…the only woman he ever loved…



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

“Great, thanks” Michael said as he walked out of the shed and Greg looked up and got a shock

“What..what’s he doing here?” Greg said as he noticed Frank sitting at a desk in the shed

“He’s going to be helping out by doing the paperwork and the book keeping. I tried but I’m hopeless at this stuff” Michael said

“You’re joking right?” Greg said annoyed

“No..why?” Michael said confused

“You know who he is right?” Greg said

“look I’m not interested in being a referee for you two, if you cant take him being here, well you know what you can do” Michael said and Greg looked at Frank

“Ok..I have no problem” Greg said

“Good..I’m going to the wholesaler I’ll be later” Michael said and he walked away as Greg and Frank made eye contact with each other…


TV Station- The City


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby smiled as the presenter thanked her for the interview, wished her all the best in her career and the desert she had  made for the presenters. She couldn’t focus, and she hoped it didn’t come across on TV. Not that she was nervous, she had done so many interviews. She was concerned about Sophie and wondered if her and Frank did the right thing letting her go to school so soon. She also hoped that Frank and Greg wouldn’t have any problems at work. Bobby smiled and nodded as her guide from the NSW council informed her of other interviews she had this week, but none of that mattered…she wanted to be home…with her family right now…


Primary School- Summer Bay

Sophie took out her bag from her cubicle and took out her lunch box. She put the bag back into the cubicle and went into the kindergarten lunch room. All the other children were talking and laughing. None of them spoke to her today. She could even see Sam sitting at another table eating lunch with his friends. Sophie sat on a chair in the corner and opened her lunch box. Her mum had made her sandwiches and she had some apple juice and water, an orange and some chocolate. Sophie wasn’t hungry. She didn’t want to be here, Sophie thought to herself as a tear ran down her cheek. She wanted to be at home with her new mum and dad..


Diner- Summer Bay

“Greg” Greg turned around to see Ailsa coming out of the diner. She walked over to him and wiped down the table next to him

“How are you?” Ailsa said

“Good” Greg saying forcing a smile

“Its really exciting about the graduation on Saturday..It just feels like yesterday that Bobby was a snotty nosed kid, and now here she is with a degree” Ailsa said proudly

“Yeah” Greg said forcing a smiled

“Do you know what  Bobby has planned for after the graduation..I was thinking of having a party. I spoke to Pippa and we thought we could do it at the caravan park if you don’t have something planned ” Ailsa said and she sat opposite Greg

“I was hoping that Bobby and I would has some alone time in the city..but I don’t think there will be much chance of that now” Greg said and sighed

“Why, is there something wrong?” Ailsa said

“No..its just that with Sophie here, I think Bobby wants to spend as much time with her” Greg said

“I can imagine..poor girl has been through so much” Ailsa said as Greg could feel the green eyed monster attempting to rear its head

“Yeah, Frank and Bobby are doing a good job with her” Greg said

“Yes, and I’m proud of them both..anyway, I better get back inside and leave you to your lunch”  Ailsa said and smiled and went back inside the diner. Greg looked at the sandwich on the table. He lost his appetite. He picked the sandwich up and put it in the bin and began to walk back to the boatshed…



Boatshed- Summer Bay

Frank put his his pen down. He felt like he had been working none stop. He was actually enjoying himself, sort of reminded him of when he was working for Macklin's. Michaels accounts were all in a mess. It was going to take him at least a few days of working here to catch up. Frank looked at the lunch box on the side of the table and picked it up. He smiled as he opened it. Bobby had packed him a lunch of sandwiches, a can of coke, and a packet of crisps. As Frank unwrapped the sandwiches  his mind started drifting


Bobby- Hi

Frank- Hi, what are you doing here?

Bobby-  I just wanted to bring you lunch

Frank- Thanks, I’ve been so busy here I almost forgot

Bobby- That is why I am here to remind you

Frank- You spoil me

Bobby- Because I love you, and I always will


Flashback ends


Frank bit into his sandwich and closed his eyes as he chewed. It was a perfect ham and cheese sandwich. Perfect just like everything else that Bobby cooked


“Frank” Frank opened his eyes to see Revhead standing by the door

“I should kick your face in right now” Frank said

“I know..you should, and I wouldn’t blame you. Look if we’re both going to work here, I thought I should at least apologized for what happened” Revhead said

“I don’t want any apology from you. Stay away from me, and my family or I will kick your face in” Frank said and Revhead sighed then he turned around and walked away. He walked over to a car he was working on and picked up the spanner. No mater how hard he tried, it was really difficult to get everyone to give him a second chance. Revhead began to smile as he thought about Sandra, and how much they liked each other. That made being in Summer Bay worth it…


High School- Summer Bay

Emma sipped the water in the bottle and sat on the bench. She was still feeling ill. Even though she was hungry, she had not eaten anything incase she felt like being sick again


“How are you?” Emma looked up to see Sandra sitting next to her

“Alright” Emma said

“Its really good that Maurice is off his curfew now, we’re going out on a real date on Saturday…to watch a movie” Sandra said

“Good for you” Emma said

“I can ask Maurice if he has a friend for you” Sandra said excited

“No thanks” Emma said and rolled her eyes

“Can you borrow me something to wear?” Sandra said

“Why cant you wear your own clothes?” Emma said

“I’ve never been out with anyone older before..I just don’t want to look like a kid….and your stuff id way cooler than mine” Sandra said as Emma looked at her and sighed

“Alright” Emma said as the school bell rang.

“Come on we better go or we’ll be late for Mr Fisher” Sandra said and both girls stood up and began to walk into the school building


Background music ends

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