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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Great chapter 

things need to change with Ben and Carly poor girl

Shannon spying on Adam poor girl 

Colleen being the town gossip again 

Update again soon :)


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 491



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank came down the stairs as he buttoned his shirt

“You going out Frankie?” Lance said

“Just over to Bobby’s” Frank said as Finlay came into the house. She wore a knee length dress and her hair was hanging loose down her back

“Oh right…you got a foster daughter now” Lance said

“Yeah” Frank said and smiled

“We’re just going to the movies” Lance said as Finlay smiled as Lance put his arm around her.

“STEVE COME ON” Frank said as he walked over to the stairs

“We better get going or, we’re going to be late” Finlay said then she kissed Lance on the cheek who raised his eyebrows and smiled

“Yeah, we better get going” Lance said and smiled and winked at Frank. Finlay looked at Frank but he was buttoning the cuffs on his shirt as Steve came down stairs

“I I’m not coming to Bobby’s” Steve said

“Why not?” Frank said as he looked at him

“I’m not feeling too well, and I got homework” Steve said

“What’s wrong?” Frank said

“Just a stomach ache..thats all” Steve said

“Did you take anything for it?” Frank said

“I’m going to take something now” Steve said

“I’ll tell Sophie her uncle Steve will come and see her tomorrow” Frank said and smiled

“ ok” Steve said

“I also haver to tell her that Grandma Pippa will see her on Monday” Frank said

“Pippa didn’t see her?” Steve said

“No, she was running late…so shes going to come over when they get back from Newcastle” Frank said as Steve nodded. He wished that he had went with Pippa to Newcastle”

“See you later..Lance give me a lift to Bobby’s?” Frank said as he walked towards the door

“Yeah” lance said as Steve watched them walk out of the house. He closed the door and sighed. There is no way his guilt would allow him to be with Bobby and Frank…he just couldn’t do it. Steve sighed as he walked towards the stairs, soon he would be going to start a new life…one he hoped would help him forget the one he currently had…



Gibson Residence- The city


Julie looked around the dinner table. Her parents and brother were eating, nobody was saying a word. Julie was disappointed. She just shared with them her good news, and as usual they were not happy for her. When Julie entered her managers office earlier, she honestly didn’t know why, she thought that with her luck, she was going to be sacked, but it was the opposite. Her manager was really happy with her, and they wanted her to transfer to the city for a supervisory role. Julie sighed then she put the fork on the plate and folded her arms. Her dad looked up at her.

“So no congratulations?” Julie said

“Maybe we should talk about this later love” Alec said

“No, I want to talk about it now” Julie said

“Why is it that anything I do in this family is never good enough? Why do you treat me like I’m a child” Julie said

“We don’t love” Alec said

“Yes you do, you think I can’t live on my own…take care of myself?” Julie said

“You cant, that’s why you came back home after being with that copper” Revhead said

“That was only because his home wasn’t adapted for a person in a wheelchair” Julie said

“And you think the flats in the city are?” Revhead said and Julie sighed. This was a constant battle with her family, them not thinking that she can take care of herself, and to some degree, they were right, but Julie this was an opportunity for Julie to be on her own..live the life she always wanted. Julie sighed then she began to roll away from the table

“Love, come on we’re having dinner” Alec said as he watched Julie roll herself into her room and close the door

“Let her go, this is just like everything else she does, she gets a silly idea in her head then when it doesn’t work out, she comes running home. This is going to be no different…no different at all” Joanne Gibson said then she got up from the table and walked over to the kitchen as Alec looked at the closed bedroom door and sighed.



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Greg put the mash potato on his fork into his mouth. He watched as Bobby and Frank made plans for Sophie. They were taking her to see a psychologist on Monday then to register her for school. Frank was going to get her room ready tomorrow, and fix an old bike in the shed at the caravan park for her. Greg looked down at Sam who was in his own world eating his dinner. Then he looked at Sophie who was sitting between Frank and Bobby eating her dinner.

Greg didn’t like Sophie. Not that it was intentional, but her being here was the reason why Frank was here. Frank being here meant that Bobby had pushed him, and Sam to the side. Greg watched as Sophie began to cry when Frank said he would take her to the beach for a picnic on Sunday, and he pushed his chair back and she got up and sat on his lap. Greg watched as Frank kissed her forehead and wiped her tears away with his finger as Bobby gently stroked her hair. Greg and Frank locked eyes. Greg sighed, as he remembered what Shauna said about being insecure if he said anything about the way he was feeling, but he was really struggling now, and didn't know what to do..



Vicarage- Newcastle


Pippa smiled as she watched Alex cut up the potatoes on Christopher's little plate so that he could eat it. She looked down at Sally who was sitting next to her eating, and talking about the animals they were going to see at the nearby farm tomorrow. Pippa inhaled and exhaled and smiled to herself as she thought about all the trouble that Alex had gone to. He brought Christopher a high chair and put enough toys and games in the bedroom for him and Sally. They had all been there before but this time is was different…they were different..they were in love. Pippa smiled feeling like a teenager in love for the first time. It was going to be hard with Alex not getting the transfer, but they were going to make it work..she was sure of that…



Cameron Residence- Summer Bay


Shannon and Adam ate the Chinese takeaway in silence. She looked at the food on her plate then she looked at Adam who seemed to be miles away. She didn’t want to mention that she saw him coming out of the resort, she didn’t want him to think she was following him.

“I’m not very hungry..I think I’m going to go home” Shannon said and Adam looked at her

“Why?I thought you came back, because you were staying here tonight?” Adam said

“I did, but I thought maybe you wanted to some time alone or something” Shannon said

“Why would I ask you to come here if I did…come here” Adam said and Shannon got up from her chair and she sat on his lap and bent down and kissed him

“Does that kiss feel like it came from someone who wants to be alone?” Adam said and smiled. Shannon smiled and shook her head no then she hugged Adam whose smile disappeared as he thought about Marilyn…wondering if she was alright…



Morgan Residence- New York


Roo bit into the slice of pizza in her hand and laughed at the programme on the TV. She was glad that she made the decision not to go and see Donavan, it was for the best.  She didnt want what happened in Summer Bay to happen here. One of the characters in the TV show she was watching was called Alf then she made a note in her mind to ring her dad, because she knew how worried he was about her. Roo put the slice of pizza down on the plate and picked up the newpaper and looked at the apartments she had had circled. Even though her lease was running out, her landlord was kind enough to let her stay another month to find somewhere. Roo picked up the pizza slice again, and bit into it. She picked up a napkin and wiped the stay piece of cheese that had fallen onto her pyjama top.


Knock on the door


Roo looked up from the newspaper, at the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone. She put the newspaper down and walked over to the front door. She put the chain on then she opened the door and got a shock


“Are you not going to let me in?” Donavan said and smiled at her..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 492


Morgan Residence- New York

Roo opened the bottle of beer and put it in front of Donavan and she sat down next to him. She looked at him as he picked up the bottle and drank some of the beer, and then put the bottle down on the table and looked at her


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“So, am I going to get an explanation for you standing me up?” Donavan said

“I didn’t mean to…I just didn’t think it was a good idea us seeing each other…you know after what happened with Nancy” Roo said and sighed as she felt guilty

“Its over with me and Nancy..she cant tell me who I should and shouldn’t date” Donavan said and Roo stood up and walked over to the small window by her bed and sighed

“Nancy was my friend…she really helped me out a lot since I started at Edison…she was so in love with you..I feel soo bad about all this.…I just don’t want to go through all this again” Roo said as sighed and sat on the bed. Donavan got up from the couch and sat on the bed next to her.

“What do you mean go through all this again?” Donavan said and he gently touched Roo’s cheek and she looked at him with tears in her eyes. Roo sighed then she started to tell Donavan about Frank..how things didn’t work out with them initially and he married Bobby..then eventually he left Bobby for her. As Roo spoke a tear ran down her cheek. It was as if everything happened yesterday. She remembered telling Frank to go and work things out with Bobby but he insisted he wanted to be with her. Donavan got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom, a few moments later, he appeared with some tissue and wiped Roo’s cheeks.

“Thanks” Roo said and she took the tissue from him

“I guess you must think I’m a horrible person” Roo said as she looked at Donavan

“No, you were in love with the guy” Donavan said

“The way that people treated me because of that…people I had known my whole life…I just don’t want to go through that again…not here…not with Nancy” Roo said

“New York isn’t a small town in Australia..people dont care about things like that” Donavan said

“But I do..Nancy was my friend” Roo said

“Look..I spoke to Nancy, I took responsibility for everything..she doesn’t blame you for anything” Donavan said as Roo looked at him then she stood up and folded her arms

“But I have to see her everyday at work” Roo said

“You wont have to see her” Donavan said and Roo looked at him

“What do you mean?” Roo said

“Shes going to be working out of the Texas Edison office for a while…knowing her, she will meet a billionaire oil tycoon, and forget about all this” Donavan said as he stood up and looked at Roo who stared at him

“Maybe I should talk to her…you know…apologize” Roo said

“Like I said, she doesn’t blame you for anything, I took all the responsibility, so there is nothing to apologize for” Donavan said and he pulled Roo close to him. She looked at him and her heart melted as she stared into his blue eyes

“So, that dress hanging up on the closet door..was that for me?” Donavan said and Roo smiled and nodded

“I think you should put it on…and join me for dinner like we planned” Donavan said and he kissed Roo’s cheek and she smiled. Even though it would take some time for the guilt to go away, she felt better knowing that Nancy didn’t blame her

“Well” Donavan said and he kissed Roo’s other cheek then he kissed her mouth and she smiled

“Ok” Roo said then she kissed Donavan and hugged him and smiled to herself because maybe now this was the real beginning of a new life in New York for her…


Flight 3454 JFK Airport- New York


Nancy sat in her business class seat and stared out of the window. She knew that at one point she was going to leave New York..well it was supposed to be when her and Donavan got married. She exhaled and looked down at her lap to stop a tear from running down her cheek. She picked up her bag that was on the seat next to her and opened it. She took out a white envelope and put the bag on the seat next to her.

She took out the two photos in the envelope. One was a photo of her and Donavan..it was the one she liked from the engagement photoshoot they did. Nancy stared at it, she could see all the love in her eyes, and how much she wanted to be Donavan's wife. Something she had wanted since the very first day she met him. Nancy put the photo facedown into her lap and she looked at the second photo in the envelope. It was a photo of her and Ruth, taken at an event they did together. She smiled as she remembered when Ruth first joined the agency, she was pretty ,and young, and Nancy was happy to take her under her wing. She was cheering for Ruth as she came into her own, and began working on her own accounts to eventually get promoted from being a junior PR exec to a fully fledged PR exec.

Nancy ran her finger gently along Roo’s cheek in the photo and remembered calling some of her single friends to find Roo a date, so she could be happy like her and Donavan. As Ruth stared at the photo flashbacks of new years eve began to fill her mind..walking into the room and finding Ruth and Donavan having sex are images she had not been able to get out of her mind since it happened.



“Please fasten your seatbelt”


Nancy put the photo on her lap and fastened her seatbelt then she picked it up again and looked at it and smiled as she remembered Donavan coming to her apartment, the argument they had…him telling her that he wasn’t in love with her which made Nancy stay in her apartment and cry for days. Nancy could feel the plane start to move which meant that in a short while she would be leaving New York. Nancy inhaled and exhaled then she looked at the photo of her and Ruth one more time

“I will never forget what you did..karma is a bitch” Nancy said then she put both photos in the envelope and put it in her bag then she put her designer sunglasses on and exhaled as the plane took off with one memory that Nancy didn’t want to leave behind..



Background music ends…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music - Greg and Bobby's theme

As Greg read the story he looked up and noticed that Sam was fast asleep. He smiled to himself and stopped reading. He put the book down in the bed and covered Sam with his blanket then he got up and put the book on the shelf. He was just about to walk out of the room when he stopped by the door and noticed that Bobby was standing by Sophies room door watching and smiling as Frank read her a story. Greg wanted to come out of the room but he just stood there and waited. A few moments later, he watched as Bobby went into the room, he assumed to kiss Sophie goodnight. He then moved back into the room as he watched Bobby and Frank go down the stairs. He inhaled then exhaled and went down the stairs

“Is Sam asleep?” Bobby said

“Yeah, he didn’t even get to the end of the book” Greg said and smiled

“Oh that’s a shame, I wanted to kiss him goodnight” Bobby said as Greg and Frank looked at each other

“I better go” Frank said as he walked to the door with Bobby following behind him

“Thanks for dinner” Frank said when he turned around and looked at Bobby

“You’re welcome” Bobby said as she looked up at him then Frank gently bent down and kissed her cheek

“Night” Frank said

“Goodnight” Bobby said as she stared into his eyes then he walked out of the house and Bobby closed the door and walked towards the kitchen

“Dinner was really nice” Greg said and Bobby smiled as she opened the back door to put the rubbish out.

“Its really nice tonight” Greg said as Bobby tied the rubbish bag and put it outside

“Yeah it is” Bobby said

“Let’s sit out here for a while..I feel like we haven’t had much alone time lately” Greg said and he pushed two chairs together and they sat down

“I know…sorry…its just going to be a bit hectic for a while, until we get Sophie settled" Bobby said as she sat next to Greg

“I think its great what you’re doing..you know taking her on” Greg said

“She doesn’t have anyone else” Bobby said

“Well she has me…and Sam as well” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said and her and Greg kissed then he put his arm around her still feeling uneasy about Frank being around as Bobby stared at the moon and smiled to herself grateful that her and Frank had a daughter…


Vicarage- Newcastle


Pippa closed the bedroom door where Christopher and Sally slept and walked into the living room and sat next to Alex

“The kids are fast asleep” Pippa said

“Oh good, I was hoping that bed would be alright for Sally” Reverend Jones said

“I don’t think she even noticed” Pippa said and smiled then she yawned

"I think I'm also ready for bed" Pippa said as Reverend Jones looked at her and smiled

"Can I make you some tea?" Reverend Jones said

"Thanks" Pippa said and smiled

“I just want to say…thank you…for all of this” Pippa said

“All of what?” Reverend Jones said as he looked at Pippa confused

“The kids love it here, you went out of your way to make us feel welcome..I know you do it all the time, but this time it feels different” Pippa said

“I guess because it is different…we are different” Reverend Jones said as he put the cup in front of Pippa and she reached for his hand and smiled. He leaned forward and they began to kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She couldn’t believe her and Alex were here. She felt like a teenager.. then Reverend Jones pulled back

“Is there something wrong?” Pippa said confused

“Phillippa, I want things to be perfect between us” Reverend Jones said

“They are” Pippa said as she put her head on his shoulder and smiled to herself

“…I don’t want to rush you..to do anything you’re not ready to do” Reverend Jones said

“You wont be rushing me” Pippa said as she hugged Reverend Jones. She knew she was ready to be with him intimately…this is what she wanted.

“I will make it special…for us” Reverend Jones said and Pippa smiled

“Can I lie in your arms tonight?” Pippa said as she looked at Alex

“There is nothing that I would want more” Reverend Jones said and smiled then he got up and reached out his hand. Pippa gently grabbed his hand and they walked to the bedroom and closed the door..



Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 493

Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Nick ran along the beach as fast as he could then he slowed down to an eventual stop and wiped the sweat on his face with his t-shirt. In the distance he could see the resort then he sighed. He hadn’t spoken to Julie…well he tried, but she was not returning his calls. Nick began to walk along the beach as he tried to figure out how things went so wrong. All he was doing was his job when he arrested Maurice. He wasn’t taking side, but trying to convince Julie of that was a fight he wasn’t not winning. Nick sighed then he felt a tap on his shoulder when he turneda round it was Shauna

“G’day” Nick said

“Hi..I didn’t expect to see you out here do early” Shauna said as she wiped her brow

“I usually come and run when I get back from working nights..helps me to sleep” Nick said

“Oh right” Shauna said

“So, do you still like Summer Bay?” Nick said

“Yeah, all the people I’ve met so far have been great” Shauna said

“When do you start your job?” Nick said

“On Monday……..so don’t worry Ill be able to pay the rent” Shauna said

“No I didn’t mean it” Nick was interrupted

“I know, I was just joking” Shauna said and smiled

“by the way, there is a little party at the surf club tomorrow..a sort of welcoming and grand opening..come along if you are free” Shaunna said

“Thanks, Ill see” Nick said. He wasn’t in the mood for parties

“Ok..ill see you at home” Shaunna said then she was about to run off then she turned and looked at Nick

“Hey by the way, did you ever meet Pippa Fletchers husband?” Shauna said

“No, I think he died before I came here..why?” Nick said

“No reason..see you later” Shaunna said and smiled then she ran away reminding herself to try and bump into Celia Ross soon…



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay



Emma opened her eyes. The bedroom door was open, so she could hear Sandra and her aunts voices in the distance. She rolled over to her back Today was the day. David’s funeral. Emma hadn’t slept much, because all she could do was think of him and how much she missed him

“Oh you’re awake” Ailsa said as she walked into the bedroom. You better get a move on if you want to come with us to the diner” Ailsa said

“Auntie Ailsa, if you don’t mind..I don’t want to come in today. I have a lot of homework I need to do” Emma said as she sat up in the bed

“Are you alright love? I noticed that you have been really quiet lately” Ailsa said as she walked over to the bed

“Yeah, I’m fine” Emma said as she forced a smile

“Ok then…maybe come by for lunch or something” Ailsa said

“Ok” Emma said and smiled as she watched her aunt walk out of the room and pull the door to an almost close. Shortly after she hear her aunt, Duncan and Sandra leave the house and close the door. She got out of the bed and stood by the window and watched as they got into the car. She didn’t like lying to her aunt, but there was no way to tell her the truth about what was really going on. Emma watched as her aunt started the engine and drove away. Emma sighed as she closed the curtain and walked out of the room to get ready to say goodbye to David in her own way…


Marriott Hotel- New York


Roo crept into the bathroom trying not to wake Donavan who was fast asleep. She quietly closed the door and turned on the light. She tied the hotel rope tighter around her waist and pulled her hair back into a ponytail with a hair band around her waist. Roo looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Last night with Donavan was wonderful. If she was honest with herself, this is how she expected her life to be in New York when her and Frank first arrived. Nice accommodation, expensive food and wine. Last night was the first time her and Donavan were together, in the open without having to hide. Yesterday was the first time she felt no guilt for being with him and feeling the way she does about him. Ever since she was a little girl, she knew that she was going to live in a big city, have lots of money, and be with a rich man..and now her dreams were coming true. Last night Donavan gave her a taste of what her future was going to be like…and she couldn’t wait…



Background music ends




Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly quietly sighed as she washed the breakfast dishes. She was disappointed because the diner after dark was supposed to be opening up tonight but the furniture company wouldn’t be able to deliver the booth seats until next week. Carly dried her hands then she walked over to the couch and put her jacket on


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Where do you think you’re going?” Carly jumped as she head Ben behind her

“Just over to the caravn park. With Pippa away for the weekend, I said I would go over there and help out” Carly said

“Don’t you think you should ask me first?” Ben said

“I didn’t think you would mind..since you’re going to work” Carly said

“You’re not going anywhere” Ben said

“But I have to, Frank is going to be busy, and Steve is there on his own” Carly said as Ben began walking towards her. Carly started to panic and she began to slowly walk backwards utill the back of her leg hit the dining table. She was trapped, she couldn’t run, and Ben was right in front of her as her heart beat fast.

“I said you’re not going anywhere” Ben said then he kissed Carly gently on her cheek then he walked away. Carly breathed a sigh of relief as he closed the front door. She walked back over to the kitchen and opened the cupboard under the sink. She pushed her hand into the corner and took out a bottle of vodka. She closed the cupboard door and walked over to the couch and sat down.. Carly opened the vodka and she put the bottle to her lips and began to drink the liquid. The burning at the back of her throat from the liquid going down didn’t bother her anymore. Carly put as much alcohol as she could into her mouth then she swallowed. She secured the top onto the bottle and put the bottle on the coffee table in front of her as she laid on the couch.  She was trapped in her own home..she was trapped in her marriage…she was trapped in her life. Carly lifted herself up and opened the bottle of vodka and drank some more. At least when she drank, she was able to escape for a short while…not long enough…but a short while to be back to a place when she was happy…


Background music ends



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank was fixing the locks on of the caravan doors when he saw Bobby’s car driving up. There were a lot of tourists in town, so the caravan park was going to be busy this weekend. His original plan was to get to Bobby's to start painting early, but he was a few hours behind schedule . As the car got closer Frank smiled. If someone would've told him a week ago, he and Bobby would have a daughter he never would've believed it. Now here they were, and he was a father. Frank closed the van door and picked up his tool box and walked towards the car. He noticed that there was something going on, Bobby was in the back, and Sophie was screaming and crying. Frank put the took box down and rushed over

“Whats wrong?” Frank said

“I don't know…as soon as we got here, she started crying and screaming, and she didn’t want to get out of the car” Bobby said feeling helpless

“Hey sweetheart, whats the matter?” Frank said as Bobby moved out of the way and he sat inside the car. Sophie moved away and sat on the floor in the corner and cried. She remembered this place..this is where she lived with her dad…this is where he hit her. Her new mum and dad were bringing her back to her dad


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank moved over to try and touch her and she shuddered away from him and hid her face. Frank looked at his daughter, she was obviously very distressed about something and it was breaking his heart.

“Sophie, sweetheart its alright” Bobby said as she kneeled on the front passenger seat looking into the back

“It’s the van” Frank said

“What?” Bobby said

“I think shes frightened because of the van” Frank said

“What do you mean?” Bobby said confused as Frank got closer to Sophie

“You don’t have to be frightened Sophie…your dad isnt here..this is my home…you don’t have to go into the van, we’re going into the house…there is nothing to be scared of” Frank said and he gently touched Sophie’s arm and she lifted her head up

“Its ok…no one is going to hurt you here…I promise…your dad is not here..I’m here” Frank said as Sophie looked at him. She wanted to believe him, because he had been so nice to her

“Sophie its ok…we are going to take care of you now” Bobby said and Sophie looked up at her. She wanted to believe her because she gave her nice food and brought her nice clothes like in her dreams

“We love you Sophie…and no one is going to hurt you here” Frank said as he looked into the eyes of his daughter. He was trying to hide his anger…his anger at Al Simpson for hurting the two people he loved the most. Sophie wiped her face with the back of her hand

“We love you sweetheart..ok?” Bobby said as Sophie looked up at her then she nodded. She believed them..they loved her.

“Come on, lets go inside the house so I can get the brushes to paint your room ok?” Frank said and Sophie nodded then Frank helped her out of the car. He picked her up and she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She felt safe..

“I don’t know what I would've done if you weren’t here..I think I have a lot to learn about parenting” Bobby said

“I'll always be here for you” Frank said as he looked at Bobby and she smiled as they walked into the house together like the family they both always wanted..


Background music ends




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Great chapter 

Nick’s relationship with Julie is on the rocks 

poor Carly feeling trapped and Ben is a grade A A-hole

Poor Sophie glad Bobby and Frank could calm her down.

Update again soon :)



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