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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Hello Friends, 

I cant believe we are on part 6! I hope you are still enjoying reading as much as I am enjoying writing. I am so excited for you to read what I have in store!


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Story Title:  Homecoming Part 6

Type of story: Not sure how long this fanfiction is going to be, this is my first time writing a fanfiction

Main Characters: Frank, Bobby, Roo, Floss, Ailsa, Carly, Sally Pippa, Alf, Nev

Background Characters  Most of the characters who appear in the early years, Mr Greyson, Andy and a few others to be added later

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before 1992

Any warnings: Sexual content, 

Summary:  The aftermath of Tom Fletcher's death prompts a former Summer Bay resident returns home and the impact this return has on the lives of the people he left behind.



Chapter 487 :)



Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


Matt sat opposite Lucinda in the kitchen as he drank his coffee

“Thanks for coming” Lucinda said

“No worries…how are you doing?” Matt said

“It doesn’t feel like its real…one minute we were home enjoying Christmas and now he’s gone” Lucinda said and she wiped a tear from her cheek

“When is the funeral?” Matt said

“Tomorrow..Uncle Donald and I are driving home later today. David’s body is being taken there by helicopter” Lucinda said then she burst into tears. Matt sighed and he got up and walked over to Lucinda and comforted her. He remembered when his brother Shane died and how he felt. Lucinda grabbed a tissue and wiped her face.

“I don’t feel like being indoors, can we go out?” Lucinda said

“Glad you said that, I brought my board hoping I can catch a few waves” Matt said and smiled.



Yabbie Creek Shopping centre


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Sophie looked around at the shop as Bobby and Frank spoke to the shop assistant about a cream for her skin. They had been at the shopping centre for a while and purchased so many things for Sophie and her bedroom. Sophie watched as Bobby paid for the cream and other things in her basket and picked up the bag and they walked out of the shop. Sophie gripped firmly to Franks hand as she looked at the different shops. They walked into one shop and Sophie looked around. The shop had lots of nice dresses and pictures of little girls and boys on the wall.

“We should’ve brought Carly, I’m useless at this kind of thing” Bobby said

“Hello, how can I help you?” The shop assistant said as Sophie looked at her

“Hi, we just wanted to get some clothes for our daughter…she’s going to be starting school soon” Bobby said and she looked at Frank who was looking at her. That was the first time she had called Sophie her and Frank’s daughter that out loud…and it felt good saying it

“Ok, what size do you need?” The shop assistant said

“I’m not sure…probably a size smaller than what she is wearing” Bobby said as the assistant looked at Sophie and she tried to reach for Sophies top to check the size and she pulled away and grabbed Franks leg

“Its ok, let the lady check” Bobby said and Sophie looked at the shop assistant then she nodded. After the assistant checked, Bobby. Frank and Sophie walked around behind her as she picked out different tops, dresses and jeans for Sophie

As they picked out clothes, Sophie looked at all the pretty dresses hanging on the rail behind her. She didn’t want to touch anything because she didn’t want to get into trouble.

“Thanks…Sophie lets go and try some of these on, make sure they fit ok” Bobby said and Sophie nodded her head and followed Bobby to the changing room. Bobby watched as Sophie tried on the clothes which were fitting fine then they came out of the changing room

“Is everything ok?” Frank said

“Yeah, they fit fine…let me just get some more of these vests and underwear” Bobby said as Frank watched her. He had never seen her this way before, as a mother then his heart sank as he thought about the child they were planning to have.


“Is there anything else?” The shop assistant as Bobby looked around

“Yes, I think we better get Sophie a dress for my graduation” Bobby said as she walked over to the rack with party dresses hanging on them. Bobby picked out two from the rack

“Ok, which one do you like?” Bobby said as she showed the dresses to Sophie who didn’t respond

“Its ok..you can choose the one you like” Bobby said as Sophie looked at the dresses then she started crying

“Its alright sweetheart” Frank said and he picked her up and she hugged him tight. She wasn’t crying because she was sad, but because she dreamed about Bobby would buy her a nice dress like she saw other mummys doing, and here today her dream was coming true.

“Are you ok?” Bobby said and she  put the dresses back on the rail and took a tissue from her pocket and wiped Sophies face and she nodded

“You going to tell me which one you like?” Bobby said and Sophie pointed to a pink and white dress that had some sequins

“I like that one too” Bobby said and she smiled then she walked over to the counter and paid for everything and they walked out of the shop.

“I think we need to go and put these bags in the car again…” Frank  said

“Alright, I think we have everything…the furniture is arriving tomorrow, so unless you can think of anything else” Bobby said

“Just the paint, but ill get that from the hardware store” Frank said

“If its alright with you, can we go to the diner, get something to eat” Bobby said

“Yeah that’s fine” Frank said as Sophie hugged him as they walked out of the shopping centre looking just like the family they both always wanted…


Background music ends



Summer Bay

Carly could see the diner in the distance as she walked on the road that led in that direction. She sighed as she thought about her life, and how much of a mess it was. As she got closer to the diner she saw someone who looked familiar…as she got closer and closer her heart started to beat faster…the person was familiar…it was Matt and he was with Lucinda. Carly wanted to turn around, but it was too late, Lucinda had seen her, and in a way Carly felt guilty because she had not seen Lucinda since David died. Carly inhaled and exhaled as she got closer to them

“Hi” Carly said and she looked at Lucinda and Matt

“Hi” Lucinda said

“G’day” Matt said as Carly looked at him. As he looked into her eyes, he could tell that there was something different about her

“Sorry about your brother..I was going to come over but..well” Carly said

“Thanks, its alright, I know you are still recovering…how are you?” Lucinda said

“Ok” Carly said as she could feel Matt looking at her

“Bobby said the funeral is tomorrow” Carly said

“Yes, Uncle Donald and I are leaving later today. We are driving to Brisbane” Lucinda said as Carly looked at Matt

“I better go..see you when you get back” Carly said then she looked at Lucinda then at Matt then she walked away. After a short distance, Carly turned around and locked eyes with Matt then she sighed and turned back and walked towards the diner.


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Michael walked out of the boatshed with some papers in his hands and he shook his head

“I’m starting to get over my head with this paperwork. With all the extra work, its starting to pile up. Are you any good at accounts and stuff like that?” Michael said and he looked at Greg who ignored him

“Greg” Michael said and Greg looked up at him

“Did you say something?” Greg said

“I said are are you any good at accounts and stuff like that, I’m starting to get over my head with this paperwork” Michael said

“No” Greg said and he looked down as he continued his work as Michael looked at him and sighed

“Look if this thing with Bobby and her ex is bothering you that much, say something to her, and get it over and done with” Michael said

“I don’t know what to say to her” Greg said

“Well figure it out because you’re starting to get on my nerves walking around here looking miserable” Michael said and he walked away as Greg sighed.


Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“Hmm this is really nice” Revhead said as he bit into the sandwich that Sandra made

“its just ham and cheese” Sandra said and smiled

“Still tastes nice” Revhead said

“Thanks” Sandra said shyly

“Sorry that I cant take you anywhere nice for lunch” Revhead said

“No, its alright” Sandra said then Revhead reached for her hand and kissed it then he looked at her and smiled as butterflies filled Sandra's stomach confirming that she was falling in love with him…


High school- Summer Bay


Emma slipped into David’s old office when she noticed nobody looking. It was just as empty as it was when she came there yesterday…and they day before…and the day before that. Emma sighed and she sat on the chair by the desk and stared at the wall




Emma- Are you sure you want to be with me

David – Yeah, why not?

Emma- I dunno, because I’m young

David- You’re very mature for your age

Emma- I guess because I’ve been through so much

David- Yeah you have and you’ve come through all of it, and the future is going to be great

Emma- As long as you’re in it”


Flashback ends


Emma closed her eyes and when she opened them tears were running down her cheeks just like they did yesterday…and they day before…and the day before that. David was not coming back, there was no future..and she wasnt even going to get a chance to say goodbye….


Steve sat on a bench on the school grounds and took the letter out of his pocket. The other students were eating lunch, but he wasn’t hungry. Steve sighed then he opened the envelope and took out the letter and began to read it


My dear Steve,

Happy new year. It was wonderful to receive the letter from you with the good news that you will be coming to live with us. I’ve already put your name down to start our local school. Let me know what colours you would like your room painted so that it will be ready for you for when you get here.  If it is alright with you, my husband and I will be visiting next month , we arrive on the 25th so you will be able to return with us. Thank you Steve for giving me this gift. I know I will never replace your mother, but I am glad that you are giving me a chance..well it’s a chance for both of us to be a family

Love Always

Auntie Donna


Steve sighed when he finished reading the letter. It was finally real, he was leaving. Although this was the letter that he had been waiting for, doubt began to creep into his mind. He was going to be miles away from everyone who had become like family to him yet that was also the reason why he had to leave. Steve put the letter into the envelope and pushed it into his pocket and sighed as he began to count down the days..



Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Hi” Adam said as he looked up to see Marilyn walking towards the diner

“Hello” Marilyn said

“What happened to your eye?” Adam said

“We had a burglar at the beach house, and I caught him in the act and he hit me” Marilyn said

“Are you alright?” Adam said as he tried to touch Marilyn’s face, but she moved back

“I’m fine” Marilyn said

“Did they catch the guy?” Adam said

“No..not yet” Marilyn said

“Are you sure you are alright…do you need anything?” Adam said

“No..I don’t need anything, I’m fine…excuse me” Marilyn said as she walked into the diner. A few moments later Adam walked in behind her as Shannon sighed while Adam walked to the counter

“G’day” Adam said

“Hi” Shannon said

“Is there something wrong?” Adam said

“No…I need to serve a customer” Shannon said and she walked away as Adam looked at her confused


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Surprise” Ailsa and Colleen said as Bobby, Sophie and Frank walked into the diner

“Oh Ailsa, you didn’t need to do all of this” Bobby said as she saw the table in the corner with a cake, and sandwiches and decorations on the wall with a banner saying Welcome to Summer Bay Sophie

“Of course I did, we have a new resident in town, and we want her to feel welcome” Ailsa said and she bent down and looked at Sophie and smiled

“Hello Sophie how are you?” Ailsa said and Sophie looked at Bobby

“This is Mrs Stewart” Bobby said and Sophie looked at her as Ailsa stood up

“Sorry, she’s still really shy” Bobby said

“Don’t be, I understand” Ailsa said

“Hi” Carly said as she saw Frank then she looked at Sophie

“Sophie this is your Auntie Carly” Frank said as Sophie looked at Carly. She remembered seeing her before because she had lots of curly hair

“Such a pretty little girl” Colleen said as she looked at Sophie and smiled

“Looks like I’m interrupting a party” Donald said as he walked into the diner

“Ailsa wanted to give Sophie a little welcome to Summer Bay party that’s all” Bobby said

“What time are you leaving?” Bobby said as Donald followed her into the kitchen

“After school ends, I will be going home and meeting Lucinda then we will be making our way to Brisbane” Donald said

“Sorry I cant come” Bobby said

“Yes, I see, you have your hands full” Donald said and Bobby looked at him

“I better go and say hello to my new foster grand daughter” Donald said and he walked out of the kitchen and over to where Frank Carly and Sophie were sitting. Marilyn looked at Carly  who avoided her, while Adam stared at Marilyn.


“Hello Sophie, I’m your granddad Donald” Donald said as he looked at her. Sophie just looked at him then she looked at Frank.


“Carly, tell Bobby to hurry up, so we can eat” Frank said and Carly got up from the table and walked towards the kitchen as Greg came into the diner.

“G’day” Greg said as Bobby walked out with a tray of drinks

“, Hi” Bobby said as Greg kissed her cheek

“I didn’t know there was a party going on” Greg said

“Neither did I. We just got back from Yabbie Creek and Ailsa and the others did all this” Bobby said as she walked over to the table and put a milkshake in front of Sophie and cokes in front of her and Frank. As Bobby put the milkshake in front of Sophie she began to cry. Not because she was sad, but because she had dreamed that Bobby will buy her a nice food and drinks and her dream was coming true.

“It’s alright Sophie” Bobby said and Sophie got up and sat on Bobby’s lap and hugged her tight

“Is she alright?” Donald said

“Yes, Mrs Malloy said she will get emotional sometimes because of everything she’s been through” Bobby said as she gently caressed the back of Sophie's head

“Yes I can imagine, the poor girl has been through a lot” Donald said

“She has, but now she has a new mummy and daddy to take care of her, so everything is going to be just fine” Bobby said and she kissed Sophie's head as Donald and Greg both looked at Frank who smirked at them…


Background music ends


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 488





Police Station- The City


Jeff sighed as he sat down. A few moments later Detective Hunt walked into the room and sat opposite Jeff

“Well, did you get him?” Jeff said as Detective Hunt looked at him

“No, he is on the run” Detective Hunt said and Jeff sighed

“See, he is guilty…everything I told you is true, otherwise why would he run?” Jeff said

“Even if we catch Simpson, and he confesses, you are still looking at prison time” Detective Hunt

“I thought we had a deal?” Jeff said

“The deal was I would think about seeing what we can do about your case” Detective Hunt as Jeff looked at him

“I’ve given you a killer, on a plate and all you’re going to do is think about it?” Jeff said

“Alright, alright…I will see what I can do about getting any prison time reduced…that’s only IF we get Simpson” Detective Hunt said and he looked at Jeff then walked out of the room, closed the door and walked over to his desk

“What should we do next?” A police officer said as he walked over to Detective Hunt desk.

“He’s probably not in Summer Bay” Detective Hunt said and he took out a map and looked at it

“Lets start searching in this area here, Waldorf Creek” Detective Hunt as he circled the map

“and this area here, Yabbie Creek” Detective Hunt said

“He’s probably injured after the accident, so we need to check out the hospitals as well..we need to get him..and soon” Detective Hunt said as the police officer nodded and walked away. Detective Hunt sat down and looked at the circles on the map and smiled to himself, he had to get Albert Simpson, this was going to be huge for his career, and he wasn’t going to stop until he got him..


Motel- Waldorf Creek


“You took your time” Al said as he pulled on the woman’s arm to pull her inside the room

“I told you I had something to do” Susan said. She was a woman that casually dated Al many years ago

“Yeah, alright..I need you to do something for me..if it works out, there is a $500 in it for you” Al said as Susan pulled out a packet of cigarettes from her bag and lit one and blew the smoke out of her mouth

“It better not be anything illegal, I’m trying to go straight Al” Susan said

“Of course not, what do you take me for” Al said

“Al Simpson don’t forget I know you very well” Susan said as Al rolled his eyes

“Its not illegal, just shut up and listen” Al said as Susan sat on the bed puffed on her cigerette and listened to Al…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Frank carried Sophie into the house as Bobby and Carly went upstairs with the shopping bags. Frank smiled as he laid Sophie on the chair and covered her with a blanket that was on the chair next to her as Carly and Bobby came down the stairs

“Is she still asleep?” Carly said

“Yeah…I better get down to the hardware store, get some paint for her room” Frank said

“Ok, here are the keys to the car” Bobby said

“Thanks…I wont be long” Frank said as he took the keys and walked out of the house.  Carly walked over to Sophie and sat on the couch and gently moved her hair away from her face

“Don’t worry..soon you and Ben will have your own baby” Bobby said and smiled as Carly looked at Sophie and sighed…



St Peter’s church- Newcastle


Pippa turned the car engine off. She looked behind to see that both Sophie and Christopher were fast asleep. Pippa smiled. She got out of the car and walked towards the front door of the vicarage, and knocked on the door. A few moments later Reverend Jones opened the door and they both smiled

“Hello” Reverend Jones said and leaned forward and kissed Pippa 

“Hello” Pippa said and exhaled as she hugged Reverend Jones

“Where are the children?” Reverend Jones

“Fast asleep in the car” Pippa said

“Ok, lets get them into the house” Reverend Jones said as they walked towards Pippa’s car

“How are you?” Reverend Jones said

“Happy to be here” Pippa said and smiled

“Me too” Reverend Jones said

“Reverend Jones, I’ve put everything away” Les Morgan said as Reverend Jones turned around

“Thank you Les…you remember my lady friend Philippa” Reverend Jones said

“Yes, nice to see you ma’am” Les said and he took off his hat as Pippa smiled

“Hello there” Pippa said

“I’ll just go and wait for the van” Les said

“Oh, hold on a second” Pippa said and she rushed to the boot of her car. She opened it and opened a plastic container and grabbed some napkins that where in the boot of her car

“Please help yourself to some scones” Pippa said and she looked at Les who took a napkin from her and picked out a scone from the plastic container

“Thank you…thank you very much” Les said and smiled as Pippa looked at him

“You’re welcome” Pippa said

“Good day” Les said and he walked away

“Now I hope there are enough scones left for me” Reverend Jones said as he looked at Pippa

“Yes” Pippa said and smiled

“Good” Reverend Jones said and smiled as he opened the car door and took Christopher out of his seat and he looked at Pippa

“Is there something wrong?” Reverend Jones said

“I know I’ve said it before, but Les, I feel like I have seen him before somewhere” Pippa said as Reverend Jones looked at her

“Let’s get the children into the house” Reverend Jones said and smiled then he watched Les as he walked away…


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Background music - Fisher family theme

Emma hid behind the tree as she watched Lucinda put her bag into the back seat and closed the door. She watched as she opened the passenger side door and got in and closed the door. A few moments later, Donald got into the car and started the engine and reversed the car out of the driveway as Emma moved back so she wouldn’t be seen as the car drove past her.

“Hopefully with no traffic, we should hopefully get there late tonight” Donald said

“Yes, Mum is expecting us” Lucinda said as she put her seat belt on and reached into the back to get a book out of her bag when she saw Emma walking away from the house

“Is there something wrong? Did you forget something?” Donald said as Lucinda looked behind her

“No..nothing” Lucinda said as she grabbed her book and turned ahead..

Background music ends...

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 489




Sands resort- Summer Bay


“We will see you then…goodbye” Julie said and she put the phone down and wrote doen the reservation she just took from the customer. Julie exhaled and put the pen down and smiled to herself. A few months ago she was working at the bingo hall, and had no direction, now she was working at a top resort, and she had a life. Julie sighed then she remembered that all things in her life where not perfect. Her and Nick had not spoken much, not since he arrested her brother. Deep down she knew it wasn’t her fault, but she thought that Nick wouldve at least given her brother a chance, but she felt like he didn’t. She still loved Nick, but she didnt know if they had any kind of future with the way that she felt.

“Julie” Julie looked up to see her manager standing by the desk

“Can I speak to you for a moment in the office” The manager said

“Ok” Julie said and followed the manager to the office hoping that she wasn’t going to lose her job…


Surf club- Summer Bay


Alf walked in as Ben finished putting the last nail in the shelf

“You’ve done a great job with those Ben” Alf said as Ben looked behind him

“Thanks. Everything is ready for the opening on Monday” Ben said as he put the hammer down and sighed silently because he knew that Alf was not going to have any other work for him when the surf club opened.

“Ill just clean this up and be out of your way” Ben said as he proceeded to clean up the sawdust on the floor

“Err, I was thinking, since you’ve been a part of getting this place together, would you be open to working here as a manager?. I don’t have the time to be here, and at the shop” Alf said as Ben looked at him

“Yes..yes, I would definitely be open” Ben said

“Good. I have to get to the wholesalers, but see me tomorrow, we can work out the details” Alf said

“Great, thanks” Ben said and smiled. He would also be working with Shaunna, and he couldn’t wait

“Good…see you later” Alf said then he began to walk away then he turned around

“By the way, I should’ve asked, when are you going back to the army? I have to have someone who can be here long term…or at least for the next six months” Alf said

“Oh, I have a leave of absence, so I can be here as long as you need me” Ben said and smiled..


Army Barracks- Brisbane


“Thanks” Martin said as Nurse Sarah fluffed the pillow behind his bed

“I feel really helpless” Martin said

“Its alright, its part of my job to help my patients” Sarah said and smiled

“Don’t worry, hopefully I should be out of your hair soon, so that’s one less patient to worry about” Martin said and sighed then he shook his head

“Is something wrong?” Sarah said

“Just trying to figure out why I was attacked. I thought I was ok with everyone, stayed out of trouble, gave respect to everyone ranked above me. Even if I did know why I was attacked,  I wouldn’t dob. I just want to know because it just doesn’t make any sense.” Martin said as he looked at Sarah

“Anyway, I guess it really doesn’t matter..as long as I am alive, that’s all that counts” Martin said and Sarah smiled.

“Look at me gabbing on about me, how long have you been here?” Martin said

“Two years…but it feels like twenty” Sarah said and smiled

“Yea, I can imagine…seeing all the same faces here must give you a headache” Martin said and laughed

“I enjoy it, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, and I like the people I work with here” Sarah said as Martin looked out of the window

“Where are you originally from?” Sarah said and Martin didn’t respond

“Martin” Sarah said and then turned around

“What did you say?” Martin said

“I said where are you originaly from?” Sarah said

“Summer Bay…its about an hour from the City” Martin said

“What’s it like?” Sarah said

“Its great” Martin said and smiled as he thought about the short trip he took home, and seeing his friends and family

“I’ve never heard of it” Sarah said

“, it’s a small seaside time..most people haven’t heard of it, but we have great fish and chips…I was just there for Christmas seeing friends and family..you know what..Its funny I actually bumped into one of the lieutenants there which was surprising because I never expected to see anyone from here, over there” Martin said

“That mustve been a surprise” Sarah said

“Yeah, it was..I never thought I would see one of my trainers, Lieutenant Lucini there” Martin said then he looked up at Sarah whose face had gone white..like she had just seen a ghost

“Are you alright…you look like you’ve just seen a ghost” Martin said

“I I I have to go and see…umm see other patients” Sarah said then she rushed away as Martin watched her go with a confused look on his face..



St Peter’s church- Newcastle


Pippa and Reverend Jones drank lemonade as they watched Sally and Christopher play in the little children’s area on the church grounds

“You haven’t said anything” Reverend Jones and Pippa turned around and looked at him

“I know you must be disappointed” Reverend Jones said

“I am, but I know that not getting the transfer was not your fault” Pippa said and sighed. She was really hoping that Alex would be able to get the transfer to Summer Bay, so they could be together

“I feel like its going to change things between us” Reverend Jones

“No it won’t..we’ve waited for this…for us for a long time” Pippa said

“I know, I feel guilty because we had plans” Reverend Jones

“Those plans haven’t changed Alex..not for me anyway” Pippa said as she looked into Reverend Jones’s eyes as she fell in love with him even more

“Not for me either..I just want you to be happy” Reverend Jones

“I am happy” Pippa said

“Reverend Jones, can you push me on the swing please” Sally said

“Duty calls” Reverend Jones said and got up and Pippa smiled as she watched him walk over to Sally and began pushing her on the swing. She watched as Christopher laughed at Sally’s reaction of going higher, and then she looked up at the sky and smiled because now she was going to have all her dreams come true…


Motel- Waldorf Creek

Susan sighed as she looked at Al

“You sure this is legal Al, I told you, I don’t want any trouble” Susan said

“Of course its legal, I would go myself, but I can’t” Al said as Susan looked at him. She had known him for many years, and nothing he ever did was legal.

“Look, I don’t want to get mixed up in this…maybe you should ask someone else” Susan said and she got up from the bed and tried to walk away. Al grabbed her arm and turned her around to him

“Look, you owe me…remember” Al said as Susan stared at him. He was right, she did owe him a favor. She really needed the money, but didn’t want to get herself in trouble with the police

“Ok..ok, Ill do it…just tell me when, and where I need to go” Susan said and smile

“That’s a good girl” Al said and he loosened the grip on Susan’s arm and began to kiss her neck as Susan put her arms around his neck and they began to kiss…

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Great chapter 

oh I hope Julie hasn’t lost her job or anything 

does Sarah know Ben?
Al what are you up too?

The Rev is good with Sally and Chris
Update again soon :)



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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 490



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Shannon” Ailsa said and she gently touched Shannon’s arm

“Sorry Mrs Stewart, did you say something” Shannon said

“I was just saying the delivery company just called, and they wont be delivering the booth seats tonight, so you don't have to work late” Ailsa said

“Oh that’s a shame, I know you wanted to get the diner after dark up and running again” Shannon said

“Yes I know” Ailsa said

“Did they say when they would be delivering the booth seats?” Shannon said

“No, apparently the truck has broken down, so they are estimating some time next week” Ailsa said as she looked at Shannon

“Is everything alright?” Ailsa and Shannon smiled

“Yes, why?” Shannon said

“You just seem like you have a lot on your mind” Ailsa said

“No, I’m fine..I’ll just clear the tables outside” Shannon said and forced a smile and she walked away.

“Of course she has a lot on her mind…taking another woman’s bloke does that to you” Colleen said as Ailsa watched her wipe down the counter

“I’m surprised she has the nerve to show her face around her after what she did to that poor Marilyn” Colleen said

“Now come on Colleen, we don’t know the full story” Ailsa said

“I don’t need to know the full story, I know a home wrecker when I see one..you should know too” Colleen said and she walked way to wipe a table while Ailsa shook her head..


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Thanks for picking Sam up from School and keeping him entertained for a while” Bobby said as Greg and Sam came into the house

“Yeah, no worries” Greg said as he kissed Bobby

“Sam how was school?” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said

“Well go upstairs and get changed, and Ill make you a little snack ok” Bobby said and she kissed the top of Sam’s head

“Ok” Sam said and he rushed upstairs as Bobby walked into the kitchen. Greg put his arms around her

“I feel like we haven’t had any time together” Greg said as he followed Bobby into the kitchen

“Yeah I know, it’s been busy” Bobby said

“I can’t wait for next week, I found a great hotel in the city” Greg said and he kissed Bobby’s ear then suddenly they heard screaming and crying. Bobby ran out of the kitchen and to the couch where Sophie  sat up and was crying

“Its ok…was you having a bad dream?” Bobby said as Sophie hugged her and cried

“Its ok” Bobby said and a few moments later, Frank came down the stairs as Greg watched him

“What happened?” Frank said

“I think Sophie might’ve had a bad dream or something” Bobby said as she stroked the back of Sophies head who still cried. Frank kissed her head then he picked her up as she wrapped her arms and legs around him tight. Greg and Bobby watched as Frank whispered words of encouragement to Sophie and she eventually stopped crying. Bobby walked over to them and took a tissue out of her pocket.

“Let me wipe your face. How about a snack before dinner? Bobby said as she gently caressed Sophies cheek. Sophie nodded as Bobby walked into the kitchen and Greg followed her and watched Bobby and Frank with Sophie. They looked like a happy family. Greg sighed as he watched Bobby walk back to the kitchen

“I didn’t know Frank was here” Greg said

“Yeah, he’s going to decorate Sophie's room. He just got back from the paint shop” Bobby said as she poured milk into two glasses

“I could’ve done that” Greg said

“I know, but you’re busy working..do you want some milk?” Bobby said

“No” Greg said

“Hey, how about I cook us dinner tonight” Greg said with a big smile on his face

“That would be great, but we are having dinner tonight, as a family…you know for Sophie” Bobby said

“Sophie is pretty popular already” Greg said

“After everything she’s been through, we just want to make her feel welcome” Bobby said as she put chocolate chip cookies on two small saucers and put them on the dining table

“Are you sure you want me here?” Greg said

“don’t be silly, why wouldn’t I want you here” Bobby said and laughed as she walked into the kitchen as Greg and Frank stared at each other…


Background music ends


Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Sandra and Revhead kissed by his car then she pulled away and hugged him and sighed

“I wish I could take you out somewhere really nice…special..just the two of us” Revhead said

“I know, but this is ok…soon the truth will come out, and everyone will know you didn’t break in to the diner” Sandra said and Revhead sighed and walked away and stared at the sand

“Even when that happens, the people around here are still going to hate me” Revhead said

“Why do you care about what they think” Sandra said and Revhead looked at her

“Yeah, you’re right..I only care about what you think” Revhead said and he turned and looked at Sandra

“And I think you are great” Sandra said and smiled then Revhead out his arms around her

“I think you’re great too” Revhead and smiled then they kissed as the butterflies continued to flutter in Sandra’s stomach



Fletcher Residence- Summer Bay


Steve read the letter from his aunt one more time as he laid on his bed. It was really real…this was the letter he had been waiting for, and now it was really here…he was really going. Steve sighed and he put the letter on the bed next to him and looked at the ceiling. Then he looked over at the spare bed in his room. It was Frank’s bed…




Steve- I wish you didn’t have to go

Frank- My life in New York awaits me

Steve- When can you come back?

Frank- I dunno, probably not for a little while.  I have to work, and save money and stuff

Steve- Oh

Frank- But I’m always at the other end of the phone

Steve- I know, but its not the same

Frank- Steve

Steve- I know I know

Frank- I’m leaving you in charge…make sure you take care of everyone

Steve- Ok, I will..I promise

Frank- Look after Bobby for me

Steve- I will

Frank- And you can wipe that silly grin off your face

Steve- I’m not grinning

Frank- I love you mate

Steve- I love you too Frank


Flashback ends


Steve sighed as a tear ran down his cheek. If he had a choice, in his heart he wouldn’t go, but he made a promise to Frank, and there was no way that Frank was ever going to forgive him…so he had no choice…he had to go.


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma wiped the tear that ran down her cheek, and she sat on her bed.




Emma- Are you sure you want to be with me? you can like get into trouble

David- That is why we have to keep it a secret..can you do that?

Emma- Yes

David- Good


Flashback ends


Emma burst into tears, her heart was broken, and she couldn’t tell anybody about it. She lost the love of her life. Even though they had not been together long, they made plans…they were going to be together..and now all that was gone. David was gone, and she wasn’t even going to get a chance to say goodbye…



Edison Agency- New York


Roo stared at the clock on her desk. She didn’t know how long she had been doing that for. She had been distracted for most of the day. He stomach rumbled because she barely ate


“See you on Monday” Roo looked up to see one of the other PR reps waving at her

“Yes, have a good weekend” Roo said and smiled. She was just about to look back at the clock then she glanced over to the empty desk next to hers. Nancy’s desk and Roos guilt flooded her mind. She sighed and got up from her desk and looked at her watch. She had a few hours to go home, get changed and meet Donavan. Roo sighed as she remembered all the  stares and comments she got in Summer Bay when people accused her of having an affair with Frank, and how it made her feel because she wasn’t having an affair. She pushed him away because she didn’t want that. Now here she was, actually having an affair. She didn’t want to go through what happened in Summer Bay..not here in New York, somewhere that she had made her home. Roo inhaled and exhaled, then decided that she wasn’t going to meet Donavan…she didn’t want to go through that again. Roo exhaled feeling good about her decision then she picked up her bag, put on her coat and smiled to herself as she walked out of the office thinking about what she was going to eat tonight…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Marilyn swept the floor of the salon. It had been pretty quiet today considering there were so many tourists at the hotel

“Hi” Marilyn looked up to see Adam standing by the door

“Hello” Marilyn said as she continued sweeping

“I just came to see if you’re alright” Adam said as he watched Marilyn sweep

“Oh, you didn’t need to do that..I’m fine” Marilyn said trying to avoid eye contact with Adam

“Did the police catch the guy who broke into your place?” Adam said

“No…not yet” Marilyn said then she looked up at Adam and there was an uncomfortable pause.

“Do you want me to wait and take you home?” Adam said

“No, I’ll be alright by myself” Marilyn said

“Alright then…I better go then” Adam said and Marilyn looked at him

“See you later” Adam said

“Bye” Marilyn said and Adam walked out of the salon, and Marilyn sighed as she watched him walk away..


Shannon sighed as she saw Adam walk out of the resort and watched him walk away. She didn’t mean to follow him, but when she saw him walking in this direction she was curious to know where he was going. She knew why he went to the resort, there was no other reason other than to see Marilyn. He assured her that things were over with Marilyn, but she couldn’t help but notice the way he was looking at her earlier at the diner. Shannon sighed, and wondered if this relationship with Adam was really worth it…


Background music ends



Ross/Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Michael grunted as he threw his pen down and looked at the papers on the dining table

“Michael, you have to clear the table, we are going to have dinner soon” Celia said

“Are you any good at this?” Michael said

“At what?” Celia said

“Accounts and book keeping” Michael said

“No, but you can ask Alfred, he has been doing it for years” Celia said

“Your brother is the last person I want to get advice from” Michael said

“It was just a suggestion” Celia said and sighed.

“ Ill figure it out myself” Michael said and sighed then he picked up the pen, and tried to make sense of what he was reading…



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


“Where are you going?” Ben said when he came out of the room. His voice startled Carly

“To Bobby’s she’s having a family dinner for Sophie, and I said I would go” Carly said

“Why would you do that when you have a family right here” Ben said

“Since its at Bobby’s I thought you wouldn’t want to go” Carly said

“Why are you making decisions for me” Ben said

“I’m not. I made you some dinner” Carly said as she put on her jacket

“Take your jacket off, your’re not going anywhere” Ben said

“But I promised Bobby that I would go to her place” Carly said

“So you’re married to Bobby now?” Ben said as he took a bottle of bear out of the fridge

“No” Carly said


Background music- Carly’s theme


“So take off you’re jacket, you’re not going anywhere” Ben said as he stood right in front of Carly then her heart started beating and she began to walk backwards

“I said take you’re jacket off, you’re not going anywhere” Ben said

“I don’t want to “ Carly said then Ben dropped the glass bottle on the floor and the shattering of glass frightened Carly

“Now look what you made me do…now you have to clean that all up” Ben said


Knock on the door


“G’day Alf” Ben said with a smile as he opened the door

“Yeah good day, I wanted to give you the recipet for the rent..I heard something smash on the floor” Alf said

“Yeah, Carly dropped the bear bottle on the floor, she’s a bit clumsy at times” Ben said and laughed

“Careful mate, you don’t want to end up sleeping on the sofa tonight” Alf said and he and Ben laughed

“Thanks again for the job” Ben said

“Yeah, no worries…you’ve done a great, and I trust you so no one better to give the manager job to…you hear that Carly, you got a great bloke here…one of the good ones..I better be off…see you later” Alf said as Ben smiled

“Bye” Ben said and he closed the door. His smile disappeared as he looked at Carly. He walked around the glass on the floor and took another beer out of the fridge and turned on the TV and sat on the couch. Carly picked up the bigger pieces of glass bottle from the floor and put them in the bin. She bent down and picked up the smaller bits of glass, and a piece cut the side of her finger. She watched as blood seeped out of the tiny cut and a tear ran down her cheek. She felt trapped…she was unhappy..she knew that Frank being here would protect her, but she didn’t know how long. She didn’t know how long she could keep all this together…she wanted a way out..any way out, because she had no more fight left in her….

Background music ends

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