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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Chapter 504



Diner- Summer Bay


Marilyn felt her heart break as she walked out of the diner to see Adam and Shannon kissing

“Sorry, excuse me” Adam and Shannon stopped kissing and moved out of the way for Marilyn to walk out of the diner. Shannon watched Adam as he watched Marilyn walk away

“I better get back to work” Shannon said and sighed and Adam didn’t respond

“Adam” Shannon said

“Hmm did you say something?” Adam said and turned around to look at Shannon

“I said I better get back to work” Shannon said

“Yeah me too” Adam said as he looked at his watch

“I’ll see you at home later on?” Shannon said

“Yeah” Adam said and Shannon leaned forward and kissed him then she turned and walked into the diner. Adam turned around to notice that Shannon was gone then he ran to catch up with Marilyn

“Hi” Adam said and Marilyn turned and looked at him

“Hello” Marilyn said

“How are you…you know after the break in?” Adam said

“Fine” Marilyn said and she continued to walk

“I heard they got the guy” Adam said

“Yes they did “ Marilyn said

“I’m glad because I was really worried you know” Adam said as Marilyn felt her heart ache. She was not Adam, no matter how much she tried to convince herself that she was.


“Adam” Adam turned around to see Ben walking towards him

“G’day” Adam said and Marilyn froze when she saw Ben

“Bye Adam” Marilyn said as Ben smiled at her and she tried to walk away as quickly a she could

“You up for a blokes night out tonight? Ben said

“I cant mate, it’s a school night” Adam said

“Come on, it wont be a late one, I have to go to work tomorrow as well” Ben said as Adam thought about it

“Yeah, alright then” Adam said and smiled

“Alright then, Ill tell the others. We can meet at my place at 7” Ben said

“Alright, see you later” Adam said and smiled as Ben walked away. He really liked Ben, he thought he was a great guy, and they had a lot in common. The blokes nights out were always a laugh with him and Adam smiled because he knew that tonight was going to be no different…



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“This is fantastic Frank thanks” Michael said as he looked at how Frank had organized the desk and labeled where the accounts recievables and accounts payables would go

“So when the invoices come in, just put them here so it makes it easy to see what needs to be paid out” Frank said proud at the progress he had made in the last few hours

“This is going to make a big difference. I’m really glad to have you on board” Michael said

“No worries” Frank said and he looked up to  see Greg looking at him

“Look, I know that you and Greg are not the best of friends, but I feel like I need to say this to you as well. I don’t want any problems between the two of you” Michael said

“You wont get any problems from me” Frank said as he looked at Michael

“I know that being around Maurice is going to be hard for you, considering what happened with your sister” Michael said as Frank exhaled and looked over at Revhead

“You wont get any problems from me” Frank said as he looked at Michael

“Good..can we make your days Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Michael said

“Yeah, that will be alright” Frank said

“Now the hours” Michael said

“As long as I can take my daughter to school, and pick her up, any time between that works for me..but I still have a lot of the book keeping to do, to get you up to date” Frank said

“Alright, how about we continue with 9-1?” Michael said

“Alright” Frank said

“And well..if you don’t mind, can you pay these guys and yourself on Fridays?” Michael said

“Yeah, no problem” Frank said

“Ill show you where the cheque books and banking information are on Friday” Michael said

“Ok…do you mind if I head off now, I can pick up where I left off on Friday. It’s my daughters first day at kindy, and I want to get home and do a few things before I go and pick her up” Frank said

“Of course. You’ve already done so much today, I cant believe how everything is so organized” Michael said as Greg looked at them trying to hide his annoyance

“I’ll see you on Friday” Frank said as he walked away making eye contact with Greg…



City Prison- The City


Jeff watched as the vistors walked into the visotrs room. Hen breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Narelle walking towards him

“Hi” Jeff said as Narelle said opposite him. She wasn’t even sure why she was here. When she got his letter she initially threw it away.

“Thanks for coming” Jeff said as he went to grab Narelles hand. She moved her hand away leaving Jeff disappointed


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“I  wasn’t sure if you wanted to see me” Jeff said as he smiled at Narelle

“I don’t, but I only came here for one reason” Narelle said

“What?” Jeff said

“Why did you leave me alone when I was overdosing? I could’ve died…and you just left me there” Narelle said as tears formed in her eyes

“I panicked…I was scared..I didn’t know what to do…I was stupid…and I’m sorry for what I did..I truly am” Jeff said as Narelle looked at him. Here she was sitting across from the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with…her dream man. However he wasn’t any of that..he forced her to do drugs and left her when she overdosed

“I love you Narelle” Jeff said and Narelle shook her head no

“No you don’t..you know, Ive dated a lot of guys and meeting you…I thought I had finally met the man of my dreams. You were everything I wanted in my life. I was thinking aout our future..where we woul d live..the kids we would have” Narelle said as a tear ran down her cheek

“We can still have all of that. I made a mistake Narelle, but I love you” Jeff said and Narelle wiped her cheek and shook her head no

“No you don’t..if you loved me you never wouldve left me alone” Narelle said

“What can I do to make it up to you?” Jeff said

“Nothing…its over between us. Please don’t write to me again” Narelle said and she stood up

“Narelle please” Jeff said and Narelle turned and looked at him

“Goodbye Jeff” Narelle said and she walked away as a tear ran down her cheek.  As Jeff watched her walk away flashbacks of how they met at the new years eve party in Summer bay and all the good times he had with her flooded his mind…and now all that was gone and it was his fault. He failed everyone who he was responsible for. His brother…and now Narelle

“Let’s go Samuels” The prison guard said. Jeff got up from his seat as the guard put handcuffs on him and a tear ran down his cheek as he walked back to his cell.


Caravan park- Summer Bay


“Sorry for interrupting” Frank said as he walked into the house to see Finlay and Lance kissing on the couch

“Oh sorry” Finlay said as she pushed Lance off her and got up from the couch

“G’day Frankie” Lance said and smiled

“Where’s Chris?” Frank said annoyed

“Taking a nap” Finlay said as she watched Frank go into the kitchen

“Do you want me to make you some lunch” Finlay said as she got up from the couch

“Nah, I ate already” Frank said as he opened the fridge and took out a can of coke

“Frankie, do you wanna go out later?” Lance said

“No thanks…has Carly been here?” Frank said

“No, not today” Finlay said then Frank walked away holding his coke and the lunchbox as Finlay watched him walk away. She smiled to herself…maybe he was jealous she thought.

“Come on, he’s gone now” Lance said as he pulled Finlay’s shorts

“No, I think you better go now..I feel funny with him in the house now” Finlay said

“Why? Do you have the hots for Frankie boy?” Lance said

“No..its just that I’m supposed to be looking after Christopher, not laying on the couch and kissing you” Finlay said

“Yeah well, waste of time having the hots for him, he only loves Bobby” Lance said as he walked out of the house leaving Finlay jealous about what he just said….



Lucini Residence Summer Bay


“Thanks Mrs Stewart” Carly said and she put the phone down. And rested her head on the back of the couch. She mustve fallen asleep, because the phone woke her up and now she had a headache. Carly sighed as she put her hand up to her forehead and closed her eyes. She wished that when she opened them again, this nightmare she was living would be over, and she would be back to being in a happy place….


Background music ends


Diner- Summer Bay


“G’day Mrs Stewart” Ailsa looked up to see Nick and a young man

“Hello Nick, what can I get you?” Ailsa said

“Just two chocolate milkshakes to start” Nick said

“Coming up” Ailsa said

“Oh by the way this is my brother Shane..he’s visitng for a few days” Nick said

“Hello Shane…welcome to Summer Bay” Ailsa said

“G’day” Shane said and smiled

“Why don’t you have a seat, and ill bring over your milkshakes” Ailsa said and Nick nodded and he and Shane sat at an empty table and chair

“I thought you wouldve lost your touch” Shane said

“Never, footy is in the blood” Nick said

“Two milkshakes?” Shannon said

“Thanks Shannon” Nick said as she put the two milkshakes on the table as Shane stared at her

“We’ll be ready to order in a few minutes” Nick said

“Alright, I’ll bring you over some menus” Shannon said and she walked away

“Who is that?” Shane said as he looked at his brother

“No one you need to get to know…you’re going home soon…remember” Nick said as he drank his milkshake. Shane looked at him and rank his milkshake..he wasn’t going anywhere he thought to himself and smiled…



Primary School- Summer Bay


Frank waited by the gate as the children came out, he looked at the door to see if Sophie was coming

“Hi Uncle Frank” Frank looked down to see Sam holding his school bag and a picture he drew

“Hello mate” Frank said

“Are you picking me up today?” Sam said

“No, your dad will be here in a minute, go and wait inside” Frank said as Sam looked at him

“Ok” Sam said and he turned and walked back into the school. A few moments later, Sophie came out

“Hi sweetheart. Did you have a good day?” Frank said and bent down as they got closer. Sophie immediately wrapped her arms around her dad. She was happy to see him

“Hello are you Sophie’s dad” Frank looked up to see a teacher smiling at him

“Yes” Frank said as he stood up. Sophie wrapped her arms around his waist

“I’m Beth Armstrong, one of Sophies teachers” Beth said and put her hand out. Frank shook her hand and immediately noticed how soft it was

“Frank Morgan…is there something wrong?” Frank said

“Sophie had a little bit of a hard time mixing with the other children today..I understand that she is new to the school, and it will take some time” Beth said

“Yeah” Frank said

“However, there were times where she would sit under the table, she didn’t want to talk to anybody , she cried a few times..” Beth said and Frank sighed

“Her mum and I were concerned about this” Frank said feeling disappointed that he was not doing well as a parent

“And based on the little we did today, shes a bit behind in terms of where she should be in writing the alphabet and numbers…I don’t want to alarm you but I suspect she might have a learning disability” Beth said in a whisper and Frank sighed

“How do you know?” Frank said

“Just based on the way she wrote…but it may be a bit too early to tell” Beth said

“So what can we do?” Frank said

“Well here is some homework I would like you to try. Maybe Sophie will be a bit more comfortable doing this at home” Beth said and she gave Frank a green folder. He opened it briefly to see some papers inside

“Thanks” Frank said

“I also want to suggest something else” Beth said

“What?” Frank said

To make Sophie feel more comfortable, can you or her mum maybe come and assist with the class for few hours over the next few days.?” Beth said and Sophie looked up at Frank

“I’ll talk it over with her mum” Frank said

“We used to do this at my old school with new students. We find that it helps to get used to being left at school, especially kindy” Beth said

“Right..so you’re not from here?” Frank said

“No, I’m from the city. I took a six month secondment here after I finished my Masters degree” Beth said

“What about you?” Beth said as she looked at Frank.

“I just moved back here from America” Frank said

“Welcome home” Beth said

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled

“Ms Armstrong” Frank turned around to see Greg standing behind him

“We better get going, bye” Frank said then he looked at Greg and walked away with Sophie..



Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Thanks” Frank said as he took the icecreams from the seller. He and Sophie walked the short distance to the bench and they sat down. Frank gave Sophie her icecream and he removed her backpack from his shoulder and put it down next to him. He watched as Sophie began to devour the ice cream and he smiled

“Sweetheart, we need to talk about school today” Frank said and looked at Sophie and she stopped eating the ice cream and sighed

“You want to tell me why you were upset today at school” Frank said and looked at Sophie who didn’t respond

“Did you play with the other kids?” Frank said and Sophie shook her head no . It hurt him to know that his daughter was not happy, and that she might have a learning disability. He thought about what the teacher said about him or Bobby coming to the school. He would jump at the chance to be in school all day with his daughter, but he thought that doing that might make things worse

“Come here” Frank said and he picked Sophie up and sat her on his knee

“I know you had a rough day today, the first day of school is always a rough day…but tomorrow is going to be better ok” Frank said Sophie looked at him. Frank sighed. Maybe Mrs Malloy was right, maybe he and Bobby were not experienced enough to deal with Sophie, but he loved her too much not to try

“I promise things are going to get better ok” Frank said as Sophie looked at him. He gently kissed her nose and looked at her then she nodded

“I love you ok?” Frank said and Sophie nodded and began to eat her icecream as Frank thought about the future, and vowing to never do anything to hurt his daughter….


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“I think this is the outfit for my date” Sandra said as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was going to wear some jeans and one of Emma's tops and jacket

“What do you think?” Sandra said and she turned around when Emma didn’t respond

“Yeah, it looks alright” Emma said

“Are you sure?” Sandra said

“Yeah” Emma said

“I was thinking of doing my hair like this” Sandra said and she pulled her hair into a high ponytail which made her look older

“Yeah, its nice” Emma said noticing how different Sandra looked with her hair up and the clothes she was wearing.

“Dinner is ready” Ailsa said as she walked into the room

“Sandra, I nearly didn’t recognize you” Ailsa said and Sandra smiled

“Maurice is taking me out to the movies on Saturday, and this is what I’m going to wear” Sandra said as Ailsa forced a smile. She wasn’t happy about Sandra dating someone who was much older than her

“How are you feeling Emma?” Ailsa said

“not much difference” Emma said

“Well let me know if you get worse, you might have to go to the doctor” Ailsa said

“Ok” Emma said

“Did you tell Maurice that we would like to have him over for dinner?” Ailsa said

“Yes, he said thanks, he will come” Sandra said

“You sure you don’t want to invite anyone Emma?” Ailsa said

“No” Emma said

“Nick Parrish has a younger brother, I met him today. He’s probably about your age” Ailsa said

“I’m not interested in anyone right now Aunt Ailsa” Emma said

“Well he’s in town for a few days in case you change your mind. He seems like a really nice young man” Ailsa said and she winked at Sandra and walked out of the room.

“Why not Emma?” Sandra said

“I’m just not interested” Emma said

“It will be fun, maybe we can all go out together” Sandra said


“Sorry, I was just trying to be helpful” Sandra said and she shook her head and walked out of the room. Emma sighed. She didn’t mean to bite Sandra;s head of but she wasn’t interested in anyone..the only person she wanted was David and he was now gone…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Hi” Bobby said as she came into the house. Sophies eyes lit up when her mum came into the room. She hadn’t seen her all day and missed her

“Hi sweetheart” Pippa said as Bobby walked into the house and over to Sophie

“Hi Honey” Bobby said and she kissed Sophie on the head and looked at Frank

“Hi” Bobby said

“Hi” Frank said

“Do you want some dinner?” Pippa said

“No thanks” Bobby said as she sat next to Sophie who rested her shoulder on her mums arm

“I was going to bring Sophie home after dinner” Frank said

“I know, but I was passing so I thought I would just come over” Bobby said and smiled

“How were you rinterviews? I was trying to catch the one this morning during break” Pippa said

“I think I;m starting to get used to them, so they are not that bad. The station will get me copies of the interviews like last time” Bobby said

“Please make sure to get me a copy for my collection” Pippa said proudly and Bobby smiled

“How was school today” Bobby said and Sophie put her fork down and hugged Bobby

“Today was a bit of a tough day” Frank said and Bobby sighed

“Frank  maybe we should’ve kept her at home longer” Bobby said as she stroked Sophies hair

“I don’t think that is the solution..anyway, I spoke to her teacher and she gave some ideas , we can talk about it later” Frank said

“I’m going up to do my homework” Steve said

“But you haven’t finished your food” Pippa said

“I’m not really hungry” Steve said

“Alright..Ill wrap your dinner up, maybe you might be hungry later on” Pippa said as Steve got up from the table

“Thanks” Steve said and he walked away. When Frank heard him close the bedroom door he looked at Pippa

“Is he alright?” Frank said

“I think so…why?” Pippa said

“He seems very different since I got back” Frank said

“Hes a teenager, I recall going through the mood swings with both of you” Pippa said and smiled as her and Bobby looked at each other..


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1 hour ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Keeping Sophie at school is probably the best thing.

Yes I agree.

Shane interested in Shannon.

Emma biting Sandra’s head off

Update again soon :)


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 505



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“This place is amazing…that Sheila at the diner, she is the best looking I’ve seen, I reckon. I’m going to love living here” Shane said as he ate his mash potatoes

“You’re not going to love living here because you wont be living here” Nick said

“But you said” Shame was interrupted

“I said you can stay here until Sunday, then you’re going on the train back home” Nick said

“You sound just like dad. All I want to do is be here with you, my big brother, my idol, and you don’t want me around. You just want to send me home because you cant be bothered” Shane said then he got up from the chair as Shaunna walked into the house

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything” Shaunna said

“No you’re not” Shane said then he walked out of the house and slammed the door and Nick sighed

“Is everything alright?” Shaunna said

“Yeah, just my little brother acting like a little brat as usual…there’s enough dinner if you want some” Nick said

“No thanks, I ate already..I’m just going to take a shower and get to bed” Shaunna said as Nick looked at his watch

“A bit early?” Nick said surprised

“I know, but I want to get in a workout before I start work tomorrow” Shaunnas aid

“How is the job going?” Nick said

“Yeah, pretty good. The beach is quieter than I thought which is surprising since there are a lot of tourists around

“Yeah, it will probably pick up at the weekend” Nick said

“I hope so” Shaunna said

“I better go and look for Shane, he doesn’t know anywhere here, and I don’t want him getting into any trouble” Nick said as he took the two plates to the kitchen

“Alright, I’ll see you later…and..go easy on him..even brats have feelings too” Shaunna said and smiled and Nick nodded as Shaunna walked away…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Pippa knocked on the slightly opened bedroom door

“Can I come in?” Pippa said

“Ok” Steve said as he put the book he was reading on the bed

“I brought you some dessert” Pippa said

“Thanks” Steve said as Pippa put the apple pie and ice cream on the bed and sat down

“Are you alright?” Pippa said as Steve began to eat the dessert

“Yeah” Steve said

“I promise, things will get easier” Pippa said as Steve at the dessert then he put his spoon on the plate and put the plate on the bed


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“I guess I should tell you now…My aunt will be arriving month, I’ll be going back to England with her when she goes” Steve said as he looked at Pippa

“I thought maybe you would want to finish the school year” Pippa said disappointed

“No..besides, the education system is different over there. My Aunt said the school will look at my marks, and I should be able to do my exams over there with everyone else in June then in September, start Sixth form college to do my Alevels to get into Uni” Steve said as Pippa looked at him

“Sounds like you researched all of this and know what you’re doing” Pippa said

“Yeah, I’ve been reading up about it at school” Steve said

“I wish you didn’t have to go” Pippa said

“I think its for the best..I’ll keep in touch..write and send pictures and stuff” Steve said and Pippa smiled. She knew that it probably wouldn’t be that way. Once Steve settled into his new life, he would forget all about them


“ Well, I better let you get on with your reading” Pippa said as she stood up and smiled while holding the tears in then she turned and walked out of the room and closed the door. Steve sighed and le layed on the bed and stared at the ceiling. In his heart he didn’t want to go. This was his family, but the guilt he felt inside was eating him up, so going was his only option…


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Do you think it’s a good idea? Bobby said as she made some tea in the kitchen

“Well it can’t do any harm” Frank said as he leaned on the counter and folded his arms as they talked about the teachers suggestion for them to come and help out with the class

“I will rearrange my media stuff so I can be with her on Friday” Bobby said as she poured some milk into her tea

“You don’t have to…I know your work is important..I’ll talk to Michael and see if I can go in later or something” Frank said

“I want to…she’s my daughter as well..I just want to be part of this” Bobby said

“I wasn’t trying to leave you out..I just know you worked really hard and stuff” Frank said

“Yeah, I know but my family will always come first” Bobby said and she looked at Frank

“ I booked the doctors appointment at 4 o’clock on Friday” Frank said as they both heard Greg walking down the stairs

“Sam is out like a light” Greg said as he walked into the kitchen

“I better go” Frank said as he looked at Greg

“You sure you don’t want some tea?” Bobby said

“No thanks..I’m a bit tired...I’m going to see if I can get some sleep tonight” Frank said as he walked towards the door

“Are you not sleeping well?” Bobby said as she walked behind him

“Not really” Frank said

“Maybe you should see a doctor they can give you something for that” Bobby said as Frank opened the door

“Nah, I don’t want to get addicted to that stuff” Frank said and he turned and looked at Bobby

“Here, take the car” Bobby said and she took the keys out of her pocket and gave them to Frank. They looked at each other as their fingers touched. Bobby looked up at Frank. His heart melted. He wished he could tell her that the reason he wasn’t sleeping was because she wasn’t sleeping next to him

“Thanks…night” Frank said and he bent down and kissed Bobby on her cheek. She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent. As Frank pulled away they looked at each other

“Goodnight” Bobby said trying not to blush then Frank walked out of the house and she closed the door and walked back to the kitchen to see Greg stirring his tea

“Alone at last” Greg said as Bobby put the milk back into the fridge


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Its bad enough that I have to see him around here, now I have to see him at work…can you believe that Michael actually gave him a job” Greg said

“I know” Bobby said as she walked into the living room

“I guess you would know” Greg said as he and Bobby sat on the couch

“What is that supposed to mean?” Bobby said and Greg sighed

“I dunno, its just that everytime I turn around, he’s there” Greg said

“I thought we talked about this already..you said you were fine with everything” Bobby said

“I am, but I just didn’t expect to see him at work as well” Greg said

“Michael needed someone to do the books, and Frank is good at that stuff” Bobby said

“So you’re sticking up from him now?” Greg said

“No, I’m not..I’m just saying why Michael would hire him that’s all” Bobby said

“I just wish he never came back” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“Greg, he’s Sophie’s dad…if you’re going to keep talking badly about him then maybe we should just call it a night” Bobby said and Greg looked at her

“Ok..I’m sorry. This is just really hard for me…harder than I thought because I know how he feels about you” Greg said and Bobby sighed

“And he knows how I feel about you” Bobby said and she touched Gregs face

“How do you feel about me?” Greg said

“I love you” Bobby said they smiled at each other

“I love you too” Greg said hugged her. Bobby laid her head on Greg’s chest as her smile disappeared


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“Where have you been?” Nick said as Shane closed the front door

“What do you care, you don’t even want me here”  Shane said

“That’s not what I said” Nick said

“No? but that’s what you meant” Shane said

“No, it wasn’t” Nick Said

“Whatever..can you just borrow me the money for the train ticket, I want to go home tomorrow” Shane said

“You don’t have to…I said you can stay until the weekend” Nick said

“I don’t want to stay where I’m not wanted” Shane said and he walked over to the couch and picked up his bag from the floor and began putting his things inside

“Look, wait” Nick said and Shane stopped and looked at him

“I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that I didn’t want you here. Why wouldn’t I want you here, you’re my baby brother. It was just a bit of a surprise you turning up here out of the blue. I should’ve given you a chance instead of making assumptions” Nick said

“That’s what everyone does when it comes to me” Shane said

“Give me another chance. I’ve got the next few days off..lets spend some time together like old times” Nick said and Shane looked at him and smiled

“Ok” Shane said and smiled as Nick walked towards him and hugged him. Shane smiled wider..this was easier than he thought..his plan was working well and he was going to be the newst resident of Summer Bay

Background music ends


Primary School- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme

“Did the teacher tell you what you have to do today?” Bobby said as Frank parked the car outside the school

“I guess I’m just helping out today” Frank said then he got out of the car. He opened the back stead and undid Sophie and Sams car seats and they both got out of the car

“Here” Bobby said as she reached under the seat and gave Frank the spiderman lunch box

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled

“Sam do you have your lunch and your homework?” Bobby said

“Yes Bobby” Sam said

“Ok, be a good boy..I’ll pick you up later” Bobby said and kissed Sams head then he ran off towards the school building. Bobby turned and knelt in front of Sophie

“Do you have your lunch and your homework?” Bobby said and Sophie nodded. Her dad was staying at school with her today and she was really happy about it

“I got my lunch too” Frank said and Bobby shook her head and smiled

“Have a good day ok” Bobby said and Sophie hugged her. Bobby hugged her back. For some reason she felt really emotional today. She wished that shew as staying in the school with Frank as well. Bobby kissed the side of Sophies face then she stood up

“Have a good day” Bobby said looking at Frank

“Thanks, you too” Frank said and he held Sophies hand and they walked towards the school building. Bobby waited until she saw Frank and Sophie go inside then she got into the car and started the engine and drove away..


Background music ends


Diner- Summer Bay

“Thanks” Marilyn said as Grant gave her coffee and a breakfast sandwich to take away

“You mustve left the house pretty early, I didn’t even hear you” Grant said

“Yes,, we had some deliveries this morning, and the workmen came in to fix the ceiling” Marilyn said and yawned

“Anyway, I better get back” Marilyn said and she turned around and came face to face with Carly

“Hi Carly” Marilyn said. She hadn’t seen Carly for a while.

“Hi” Carly said and she walked past Marilyn and into the kitchen. Marilyn turned around and looked at Carly then she made eye contact with Grant then she walked out of the diner

“Hi Carly” Ailsa said as she came out of the office

“Hi Mrs Stewart. I just wanted to ask a favour about the grand reopening on Saturday” Carly said

“Yes of course” Ailsa said

“Oh before that, are the delivery men sure their going to be here tomorrow?” Carly said

“Yes, they actually called again this morning to confirm” Ailsa said

“Do you mind if I be here, just to make sure?” Carly said

“Not at all, Grant will be here as well” Ailsa said and Carly sighed

“Now, what is the favour?” Ailsa said

“I was wondering if you had anyone extra to spare since I think we will be busy not only because we have been closed for a few weeks, but there are a lot of tourists in town

“I’ll ask Shannon, I know she could do with the extra money…so what do you have planned?” Ailsa said

“I’m going to ask Frank if he can sing a few songs” Carly said as Grant looked at her

“Frank is a singer? I never knew that” Grant said

“Yes, he;s actually really good. He was in a band with a few of the locals. Pippa Fletcher was their lead singer at one point” Ailsa said

“Wow..well it sounds like I wont be needed on Saturday night” Grant said

“No, you wont be…Bye Mrs Stewart” Carly said as she walked out of the diner

“What was the about?” Colleen said as she walked into the kitchen

“I don’t know” Ailsa said

“If you ask me, She’s always been up herself has Carly Morris” Colleen said as Grant sighed. He knew the real reason for Carly’s attitude and he wished that she would wake up and realize it too before it was too late..

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Frank staying with Sophie has some sense to it but hopefully it'll only be temporary.What's Shane planning?

 I agree with this re Shane.

Frank staying with Sophie at school 

Update again soon :)


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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 506


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Just stepping out for a bit love, I wont be long” Alf said as he walked out of the shop. By the time Fiona came around the corner she noticed Greg walking towards the counter

“G’day” Greg said and smiled

“Hi” Fiona said and smiled as she walked Greg walk around the corner and back with a can of WD40

“Honestly, we go through this like water” Greg said and Fiona smiled

“How is the car?” Greg said as he handed Fiona money

“Yeah, good. I really cant thank you enough” Fiona said as she gave Greg some change

“You did with that great dinner” Greg said as he remembered the evening he spent with Fiona when he just wanted to get away from the Frank and Bobby situation

“Well, you are welcome anytime” Fiona said

“Thanks” Greg said

“By the way, I know its none of my business, but did you talk to Bobby…you know about how you were feeling?” Fiona said

“Yeah, we talked about it. She also said she felt bad for pushing me and Sam to the side…but I understand, she wanted to get Sophie settled” Greg said

“See I told you…a good conversation can solve everything” Fiona said and smiled

“Yeah…you really helped me out” Greg said

“Oh I wasn’t talking about the conversation with me” Fiona was interrupted

“I know, but you really helped me out a lot as well” Greg said and Fiona smiled

“Well I’m glad I was able to help” Fiona said

“Me too…ill see you later” Greg said and he waved and walked out of the shop. Fiona sighed and walked over to the door and watched as Greg walked away. She knew she was wrong for feeling the way she did. He was another womans boyfriend..something that she had to remember…


Surf Club- Summer Bay

“Hello Shaunna” Shaunna turned around to see Mrs Ross. Shaunna smiled because she was hoping she would bump into her again

“Hello Mrs Ross” Shaunna said and smiled

“Is Mr Stewart here? Celia said

“No he isn’t..can I help with anything?” Shaunna said

“I wanted to ask him if we could use the meeting room for the bake sale next week” Celia said

“I can check the schedule to see if anything is booked” Shaunna said

“Oh could you? That would be fine…thank you” Celia said

“Sure, no problem..ill just get the schedule I wont be a moment” Shaunna said and she walked into the office. A few moments later she came out with the schedule

“What day is the bake sale?” Shaunna said

“Saturday morning” Celia said

“Its free from 9-12” Shaunna said

“Wonderful. Can you please reserve it for the ladies auxillary” Celia said

“Sure” Shaunna said as she wrote some details on the schedule

“Thank you..I better get on” Celia said

“Me too” Shaunna said

“By the way Mrs Ross..you didn’t finish telling me about Summer Bay history” Shaunna said

“Oh I would love to stay and chat but I am very busy this morning” Shaunna said

“Maybe I can come over to your place later..after work?” Shaunna said

“Yes that will be fine…my address is 107 Lipton Road”  Celia said

“Oh that’s just around the corner from my place Shaunna said

“Yes it is…well ill see you later on” Celia said and she rushed out of the surf club as Shaunna smiled to herself and thought of a way she could see Pippa Fletcher again


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“So we’re opening up again?” Lance said

“Yes. I think we are going to be really busy with all the tourists in town, so Mrs Stewart said she was going to ask Shannon if she can work. I called Lucinda, she said she is working, so we should have enough staff” Carly said as she looked at the notepad she had in her hand. It had been a while since she worked, and was excited. Being at work meant she got to stay away from home…away from Ben.

“I’m going to ask Frank if he can sing a few songs” Carly said

“Frank is a singer?” Finlay said immediately

“Yeah, we were in a band a few years ago” Lance said proudly

“You wasn’t, you just carried their stuff” Carly said

“So, I was still in the band” Lance said disappointed and Carly rolled her eyes

“Just don’t say anything to Frank, until I ask him…just in case he says no” Carly said

“Righto” Lance said as Carly walked to the door

“Cally” Carly turned around as Christopher ran towards her

“Hey little brother” Carly said and she bent down and gave him a hug. As she picked him up, she noticed that he was wet

“Have you changed Christopher’s nappy lately?” Carly said

“I was just about to do it when you came” Finlay said and smiled as Carly looked at her

“Well you better do it now” Carly said as she kissed Christopher on the head and put him down then she walked out of the house

“What is her problem?” Finlay said as the door shut behind Carly

“Dunno, she’s really up herself” Lance said and shrugged

“So you used to be in a band with Frank” Finlay said

“Yeah…and Marty..and Roo. Roo left and Mrs F was the lead singer” Lance said

“So Frank is a good singer?” Finlay said as she thought about Frank writing songs for her

“Yeah…come and watch on Saturday” Lance said

“I think I will” Finlay said and smiled..



Military Base- Brisbane

Martin walked up and down the hallway on his crutch. The doctor said he had to start walking around and getting used to the cast on his leg. He would be leaving the hospital soon with a broken arm and leg, but he would be on office duties until both were healed. As Martin walked he tried to piece together what happened the night he was attacked. He remembered arriving home, but not much more after that. Martin sighed and realized that he was getting tired so he turned around to go back to the hospital room

“Oh Sorry” Martin looked down to see a familiar face

“Sarah..I mean Nurse Thompson” Martin said

“Hi” Sarah said and quietly exhaled

“I haven’t seen you in a while” Martin said

“Yes Ive been working on another ward” Sarah said and forced a smile

“I’m on the mend” Martin said and smiled as he lifted up his crutch and Sarah again forced a smiled

“I better get going” Sarah said and she began to walk way

“Hey” Martin said and Sarah turned and looked at him

“Is there something wrong?” Martin said

“No..why?” Sarah said

“I dunno, its just that you were working on my ward then you disappeared” Martin said

“They rotate us around the hospital” Sarah said as Martin looked at her. He knew he wasn’t the smartest person in Australia, but he got the impression that Sarah wasn’t telling the truth

“Right” Martin said

“I better get to my patients” Sarah said and she forced a smile and rushed away. Martin sighed and walked back to his ward. Sarah slowed down and turned back to look at Martin walking away. She exhaled and closed her eyes then walked away.


Primary School- Summer Bay

Frank covered Sophie with her blanket and smiled. All the kids were having a nap. He walked around to where Sam was and covered him as well then he walked out of the room

“I hope today is not boring for you” Frank turned around to see Beth standing behind him

“No not at all. The more time I get to spend with my daughter the better” Frank said and smiled

“How do you think Sophie is getting on today?” Frank said

“Shes definitely happier now that you’re here, I can see that. Based on the homework, she has a lot of catching up to do” Beth said as her and Frank walked over to her desk and sat down

“Yes, we noticed that when we were doing the homework, but her mum will be here tomorrow…we are willing to do what ever to get her comfortable in school..and all the homework to get her caught up” Frank said

“That’s great, Sophie is a sweet little girl” Beth said

“Yes she is, her mum and I love her so much..we just want her to be happy” Frank said

“Yes, I can tell from her actions..the way she is attached to you..wants to constantly be hugged that she might have gone through some trauma?” Beth said

“Yeah, shes been through so much already” Frank said

“Sorry to hear that…but she has a dad who loves her to pieces so I know she will be fine” Beth said

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled

“You were talking about a learning difficulty that Sophie might have” Frank said

“Well, its what I suspect, and maybe I was a bit premature in making an assumption..I think its best to see how she gets on in the next few weeks .Anyway, I printed out these resources that I think will help” Beth said and she got up and walked over to her bag and took out a folder with various exercises and handed it to Frank. Frank opened it and looked at the different reading, writing and math exercises

“Thanks, this is great” Frank said as he continued to look through the folder

“You’re welcome”

“Bobby and I will definitely work through these with Sophie” Frank said

“I thought Miss Simpson was Sam’s mum” Beth said

“She is” Frank said and Beth looked at him confused

“It’s a long story” Frank said and Beth smiled. He noticed that she had a very pretty smile

“So what do you think of Summer Bay?” Beth said

“Great..its great being back home” Frank said

“That’s right, you said you had lived away for a while” Beth said

“Yeah, but I definitely missed home though” Frank said

“I would too. I’m from the city, so being here is definitely a big change” Beth said

“Do you drive in everyday from the city? Frank said

"No, I have a short term Flat in Shellharbour. The education department organized it for me" Beth said 

"Oh its not too far away" Frank said

"Yeah its great, I can get to work in under 15 minutes. I share the flat with another teacher who works in Shellharbour, but shes hardly ever there so it feels like I live on my own" beth said 

“So how long are you here for?” Frank said

“Just until the end of the month, I’ve already been here for five months” Beth said

“Time always flies when you’re having fun” Frank said as he looked at Beth

“Yeah I know” Beth said and smiled. There was an awkward silence as Frank and Beth looked at each other. They could feel an attraction to each other…


Diner- Summer Bay

“I wanted to have a big do for Bobby..you know in the city” Greg said as he sat at the counter and ate his lunch

“A party here is also good” Ailsa said

“I know..but I wanted to spend some alone time with Bobby. Things have been really hectic lately. I wanted us to spend a night in the city just the two of us” Greg said disappointed

“I can imagine. But there there will be more time for that when things are settle with Sophie” Ailsa said and Greg forced a smile

“Hello Ailsa” Donald said

“Hello Don, we were just talking about Saturday” Ailsa said

“Yes, its all very exciting” Donald said proudly

“I know..a few years ago, Bobby was a snotty nosed little brat and here she is graduating early with a degree” Ailsa said

“Yes I’m very proud of her…if it wasn’t for some people, she wouldve done this earlier” Donald said and Ailsa rolled her eyes

“Come on Don, at least she has done it now” Ailsa said

“Yes, I suppose..I’m sorry but everytime I see Frank, it just infuriates me…especially now that he has latched himself onto Sophie” Donald said

“Donald be fair..from what I have seen, that little girl loves him” Ailsa said said

“Maybe so, but does he love her? We all know his track record…he has proven to be unreliable when it comes to affairs of the heart” Donald said and Greg smiled to himself as he drank his coffee. He really enjoyed the bashing that Donald was giving Frank

“Now hang on Don, do you really think Frank would walk out on a little girl he has committed to looking after? Ailsa said

“Well he did walk out on two wives he was committed to” Donald said and Ailsa sighed. Don did have a point

“Frank loves Sophie” Grant said as he walked out of the kitchen

“I don’t recall anyone involving you in this conversation…this is none of your business” Donald said

“You’re right…no one did, but you have to see Frank and Sophie just for two minutes to know how much he loves her” Grant said. Even though this wasn’t his business, he couldn’t stand by and let Donald trash Frank. He knew that it would hurt Bobby to hear that.

“As I said this is none of your business” Donald said as he looked at Grant who sighed

“I’m just going to wholesalers” Grant said and walked out of the diner

“Don, that wasn’t fair” Ailsa said

“Well I didn’t say anything that was wrong. It isn’t his business. I just hope that Frank gets fed up with playing dad just like he did at playing husband and decides to leave Summer Bay. The sooner the better” Donald said as Ailsa looked at him and sighed


Primary School Summer Bay

Background music- Bobby and Franks theme

Bobby parked the car and got out and walked towards the school building. She finished her interviews early and drove as quickly as she could to get home. The NSW council were a bit disappointed that she had to postpone her interviews for tomorrow, but being with her daughter…her and Franks daughter was more important. Bobby looked at her watch, the kids would be getting out in about five minutes. She looked into the classroom and smiled as she saw Sam playing. She looked around and noticed that Frank was sitting with Sophie. She was holding his hand while he was reading to her. Seeing them together made Bobby feel so emotional. Frank was such a good father, he was very patient, and she could see in his eyes the love he had for Sophie..their daughter. Bobby exhaled as tears began to form in her eyes as the guilt came over her. She walked out of the school building. She was feeling guilty because she knows that she should’ve told Frank about Thomas. Maybe if she did, Thomas would still be alive. She robbed Frank of the opportunity to know that he had a son...their son. That is something she had to live with for the rest of her life…the decision to not tell Frank. A decision she knew he would never forgive if he found out. Bobby inhaled and exhaled and wiped her face and turned around

“Bobby” Sam said as he came out of the school building

“Hello sweetheart, did you have a good day?” Bobby said as she hugged Sam

“Yeah, I got a gold star for my homework” Sam said

“You did? Good job” Bobby said and smiled

“Hi honey” Bobby said as Sophie ran over to her and hugged her tight

“I missed you, did you have a good day” Bobby said and Sophie nodded

“Hi” Frank said

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled

“Did you have a good day?” Bobby said

“Yeah.. I got to spend the day with my daughter, so its always a good day…what about you?” Frank said

“Glad I’m home” Bobby said and smiled. She really was glad to be home...with him..with Sophie..their family

"I told the teacher, Miss Armstrong that you would be in tomorrow" Frank said 

"Thanks I'm actually looking forward to it" Bobby said 

“Well to celebrate, how about we go and get some chocolate cake. I think we deserve it ” Frank said

“Yeah” Sam said excited and Bobby smiled

“What about you Sophie…do you want some Chocolate cake?  Frank said as he picked Sophie up. She nodded then snuggled into her dads neck. She had a nice day with him being at school. She loved him and her mum so much.

“Alright then the decision is unanimous…chocolate cake all around” Frank said and Sam giggled and they walked away towards the car like the family that Frank and Bobby had always wanted..


Background music ends

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 507


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Thanks for the lift” Emma said and she closed Revheads car door and walked towards the house. She still wasn’t feeling too good. She was tired and was hungry after she threw up the lunch she had

Revhead waited until Emma went inside then him and Sandra began to kiss

“Do you want to come inside?” Sandra said

“I don’t think that’s a good idea..what will your foster parents say?” Revhead said

“They invited you for dinner” Sandra said and smiled

“Are you sure? Or you’re just saying that” Revhead said

“No I’m serious, they said they want to get to know you better” Sandra said

“I bet Alf wants to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself” Revhead said and laughed

“What do you mean?” Sandra said

“His daughter, Roo, she got pregnant when she was your age and was supposed to get married to Stevo’s brother” Revhead said and Sandra looked at him shocked

“Wow..I didn’t know that” Sandra said surprised

“That’s probably the reason why he wants to invite me for dinner” Revhead said and rolled his eyes

“I want you to come…so they can get to know you like I do” Sandra said

“Yeah, maybe next week…but I want to have our proper date first” Revhead and Sandra smiled as she got butterflies in her stomach. She was so in love with Maurice, and felt like a grown up when she was with him

“I cant wait” Sandra said and they kissed as Alf watched through the window…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Thanks Nurse” Frank said as Pippa changed the bandage on his arm

“Its healing nicely” Pippa said as she put the bandages in the first aid kit

“Yeah, it’s a bit itchy but” Frank said

“Yeah that means its healing” Pippa said

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled

“Has Carly been here?” Frank said

“No, I haven’t seen her for a few days” Pippa said

“Alright, Ill go by her place before I go to Bobby’s. We’re going to have dinner then do homework with the kids” Frank said

“I almost forgot to ask, hoow was it at the school?” Pippa said

“I got to spend the day with my daughter, so it was definitely a good day” Frank said

“You know..I always wanted kids but the way I feel about Sophie, I never thought I could feel this way” Frank said

“Yes it’s the way Tom and I felt when we first met all of you…we knew that you were going to be our children” Pippa said

“Yeah, I cant imagine my life with Sophie not in it” Frank said and Pippa smiled

“But I have so much to learn about being a parent” Frank said

“It will come with time” Pippa said

“Yeah, Bobby is a great mum so its nice to learn all this with her” Frank said and Pippa looked at him

“I know you was concerned about me and Bobby being Sophies foster parents…but we are really going to make it work” Frank said

“I know you are sweetheart..and I am proud of you both” Pippa said

“Thanks” Frank said

“Are you coming to the graduation on Saturday” Pippa said

“No..Ill just stay here. I have a few things I need to work on. I thought I would use Saturday to do it” Frank said disappointed. He wanted to go, but he knew he should stay away

“Oh that’s a shame, I’m sure Bobby wouldve wanted you to be there” Pippa said

“I think its for the best..besides, I’m sure Sophie wouldn’t mind having a bit of a break from me” Frank said and smiled



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“I don’t think its right Ails” Alf said in a whisper as they stood in the kitchen

“Shes to young for him” Alf said

“Be helpful and grab the bread” Ailsa said and Alf picked up the bread and walked into the dining room and put it on the table

“Ails I’m really not happy about this..look what happened the last time when I trusted an older boy with a daughter” Alf said  as Ailsa put the pie on the table

‘Come on Alf, we don’t know that is going to happen again” Ailsa said

“It might” Alf said

“Alf..Sandra isn’t Roo” Ailsa said

“What is that supposed to mean?” Alf said annoyed

“Roo was sneaking around to be with Frank, Sandra has been very open and honest with us. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt” Ailsa said and Alf sighed

“Maybe I should have a talk to him..Revhead..what kind of stupid name is that” Alf said

“His name is Maurice” Ailsa said and Alf rolled his eyes

“Just don’t go making things worse than it already is. This is probably Sandra first love, lets not make things worse, otherwise she might end up sneaking around with him then what you think might happen will happen” Ailsa said then she walked back into the kitchen as Alf sighed.


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

“You have a visitor” Ben said as he walked back into the house annoyed

“Frank” Carly said as he walked into the house. She walked over to him and hugged him tight

“We haven’t seen you for a few days so I just came to say hello, and see your place” Frank said as he looked around

“We were just about to have dinner, do you want some?” Carly said as she walked over to the kitchen section of the flat

“No thanks, I’m just going to Bobby’s. We like to eat together as a family for Sophie” Frank said

“Oh…how is she getting on?” Carly said

“Yeah, just takin gone day at the time. I spent the day at school with her..just to get her used to it” Frank said

“Must have been torture since you never liked school” Carly said and pked her tongue out. Frank shook his head and smiled

“Anyway, I’m glad you came over, I wanted to ask you something” Carly said

“Ok” Frank said

“We are having the Diner after dark reopening on Saturday. When Roo was here, she sang a few songs..and I was hoping you would do the same” Carly said as she looked at Frank. Frank was taken aback. It had been a while since he had sung anything or touched his guitar

“I’ll understand if you say no..its just that” Carly was interrupted

“Anything for you” Frank said

“Thank you” Carly said and hugged him as Ben rolled his eyes

“Frank, how about a game of cards, give me a chance to win that money back” Ben said

“Not tonight…I have to go and have dinner with my family” Frank said as he looked at Ben

“I better go, I don’t want to be late..See you later ” Frank said

“Alright, Ill walk out with you” Carly said as she followed Frank out of the house. Ben walked over to the window and opened the curtain and looked at Frank and Carly standing by the car

“Not tonight, but I will definitely get my money back Frank…you can bet on that” Ben said annoyed then he walked away from the window


Ross/Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“That was amazing Mrs Ross, thank you so much for dinner” Shaunna said as she smiled as Haydn walked into the kitchen

“You are welcome. Sorry my husband wasn’t here…Haydn dinner is ready” Celia said

“So Haydn, would you be interested in joining junior lifeguards” Shaunna said and Haydn looked at her. He had seen her at the beach doing lifeguard stuff

“what is that programme about?” Celia said

“Its just a six week programme to teach the kids some basic lifeguarding skills. We used to do it at my other beach, its really fun, and it gives the kids something to do on Saturday mornings” Shaunna said and smiled

“That sounds like a great idea..what do you think Haydn” Celia said and he shrugged

“Put his name down, It sounds like a great idea” Celia said as Haydn took a can of coke out of the friddge and some cake and walked out of the kitchen. Shaunna saw the disappointment on Celias face. When Celia noticed that Shaunna was looking at her she smiled

“So you wanted more history about Sumner Bay?” Celia said as she got up from the table and picked up the plates

“Yes, please let do the dishes, that’s the least I could do after that great meal” Shaunna said

“How about we do them together and we can talk” Celia said and smiled. She was having a nice time with Shaunna. It felt like old times when she would have Ruth over for dinner.

“Sounds like a plan” Shaunna said and smiled as she picked up the dishes and followed Celia to the kitchen. She was having a really nice time with her. They were talking as if they had known each other for years. She recalled a few people saying she was the town gossip, but she was a nice woman she thought.

“Right where did I get to?” Celia said as Shaunna put on the rubber gloves, and she put Michael’s dinner in the over

“You were talking about your grandfather discovering Summer Bay” Shaunna said as she began to wash the first plate

“You have a good memory” Celia said and smile as Shaunna listened attentively….


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“That movie was fantastic..I know Dad would be mad if he knew we saw it” Shane said as Nick turned on the lights in the house which meant nobody was home.

“Well we better not tell him then” Nick said and he winked

“I’m starving” Shane said

“After all the hot dogs you just ate?” Nick said

“Only two..besides I’m a growing teenager, I need my strength…and a pizza” Shane said as Nick looked at him and shook his head. He had to admit to himself that he was having a good time with his brother

“Alright, let me just go over to the takeaway and get a small pizza” Nick said

“Yeah” Shane said and raised his arms to celebrate

“I wont be long” Nick said

“Extra cheese please, and some garlic bread” Shane said

“At this rate I better get a second job” Nick said as he walked out of the house as Shane laughed. Shane waited until he heard Nick start the engine of the car then he stopped laughing and walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver and began to dial

“Its me…yeah I know..what was I supposed to do?..if I got into trouble again I would go to prison..besides it was only your first offence..relax..see I told you..not a problem..it wont even go on your record” Shane said as he walked over to his bag and took out the joint that was in the corner pocket andn the lighter. Me? well ive been able to convince my brother to let me stay out here..yeah..guilt trips are always the best..” Shane said and he walked to the back door, opened it and lit the joint and began to smoke it and smiled..


Next day

Primary school- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank parked the car and Bobby got out and unlocked Sophie and Sam’s seat belts and they got out of the car

“I think its my turn to do this today” Frank said as Bobby looked at him confused

“Sam have you got your homework and your lunch?” Frank said and Bobby smiled

“Yes Uncle Frank” Sam said

“Alright mate, have a good day” Frank said and Sam ran off towards the building

“Now..sweetheart have you got your homework and your lunch?” Frank said as he bent down in front of Sophie and she nodded

“Ok, have a good day” Frank said and he hugged her and kissed her forehead. He was sad that he wasn’t spending the day with her.

“Have a good day at work” Bobby said and was just about to turn and walk away

“Wait ” Frank said then he walked over to the car and opened the boot . Bobby watched as he leaned in and took something out then he closed the boot and walked back towards her

“Now you have your lunch as well” Frank said and he gave Bobby a pink lunchbox with a princess on it

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled. She was in such a rush that she didn’t even pack her own lunch. Sophie looked up at her mum. She was spending the day with her at school today and she was happy

“Have a good day” Frank said and Bobby smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said and her and Sophie walked towards the school. Frank waited until the two people he loved more than anything walking  into the building  then he got into the car and drove away..


Background music ends


High School- Summer Bay

“Oh I didn’t know anyone was in here” Adam said when he opened the office door

“Sorry, I was just leaving” Lucinda said as she wiped the tear from her cheek

“Are you alright?” Adam said and Lucinda nodded


Background music Fletcher family theme


“I just miss my brother sometimes” Lucinda said

“It must be hard” Adam said

“Some days I’m alright…but being here..at school..its always hard” Lucinda said

“Have you thought about working somewhere else…maybe that might make things easier?” Adam said

“I don’t know…jobs are hard to come by these days” Lucinda said

“When my mum died I left the town we lived in. I just couldn’t cope with the memories. I felt like every corner I would turn, I would see her there. Its easier now….living here because I know shes not going to be around a corner. Shes here, in my heart” Adam said as Lucinda looked at him

“I feel like what you just said. I expect to pop my head in here and see him sitting at this desk” Lucinda said as a tear ran down a cheek

“It will get easier…anytime you feel like crying, or sad. Think about a good memory, something that will turn your tears into smiles” Adam said and Lucinda was quiet then a few seconds later she began to smile

“I just thought about the time we went camping and David put up the tent then it just collapsed” Lucinda said and she started laughing. Adam smiled at her

“That’s a start” Adam said and Lucinda smiled. Emma wiped a tear from her cheek as she stood outside the door listening to Adam and Lucinda. The suddenly she felt sick again. She probably still had the food poisoning. She rushed to the bathroom and got to a stall intime to be sick. When she finished, she flushed the toilet and walked over to the sink. She washed her face with cold water and wiped her face dry with some tissues, and looked at herself in the mirror. Mrs Stewart did mention that she needed to go to the doctor if she wasn’t feeling better. She had been sick for a few days, maybe she needed to get some medicine for the food poising…


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart Family theme


“Dad I’m sure I’m fine” Roo said

“Are you love? You sound like you’ve been crying” Alf said

“Dad I promise I haven’t. I was just going over some paper work for a client” Roo said

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come and visit you for a little while…you know just until you get over this Frank situation” Alf said

“Dad, what is there to get over. I told you I’m fine…everything is fine” Roo said

“I know you’re trying to not make me wory. Everytime I see that mongrel around I think of how he just left you there with all the rapists and murderers” Alf said

“Dad, Frank didn’t leave me here, I chose to stay here. And don’t give him a hard time, he doesn’t deserve it” Roo said

“He deserves more than a hard time” Alf said

“Dad, look everything is fine here. The minute I feel homesick, or unsafe ill take the first flight back home. I promise” Roo said

“I guess I have no choice but to accept that” Alf said and sighed

“Now I should be asking you if everything is alright” Roo said

“Yeah, its just this thing with Sandra” Alf said

“What thing?” Roo said

“Well shes gone and got herself a boyfriend and hes five years older than her. You know him, he used to hang around here with a bunch of no hopers. His name is ragehead or something stupid like that” Alf said


Morgan Residence- New York

“You mean Revhead from the panel shop in the Yabbie Creek?” Roo said and her stomach dropped. She remembered when she almost got assaulted by him and his friends. Bobby saved her life that night..just like she saved her life by asking her to go and find Frank.


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Yeah that’s the block. Looks as stupid as his name is” Alf said

“I’m surprised you and Ailsa are letting her go out with him..look what you put me and Frank through” Roo said

“That is what scares me. I know that things are fine with you now, but I just don’t want to have to go through that again…see another grandchild given away” Alf said


Morgan Residence- New York

“Dad..it was the right thing to do” Roo said and sighed

“I know love..I’m not trying to make you feel guilty, it was just a tough time to go through” Alf said

“Dad, I’m not telling you and Ailsa how to raise Sandra, but since I’v e been through it, can I give you some advice?” Roo said

“Ok” Alf said

“Sandra is a good girl, give her some benefit of the doubt. I admit, there was a lot of things I shouldn’t have been doing when I was her age, but that was because you thought I was perfect and I just wanted to do what everyone else was doing. I’m not saying having a baby and not passing my HSC were a good thing, I just think if you allowed me to be a teenager, like my friends, I wouldn’t have been sneaking around with older boys” Roo said and sighed. As she talked all the sneaking arouns she would do with boys then there was the sneaking around with Brett and Frank. Maybe her life wouldve been different if her dad had been more trusting


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“I guess some of it is my fault. After your mum died…I just wanted to protect you..you know keep you away from anything bad. I didn’t know how to be a dad when I was also still grieving the loss of my wife” Alf said


Morgan Residence- New York

“Dad I love you for everything you did for me. You are the best dad” Roo said


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Thanks love..it means the world to hear you say it” Alf said and smiled

“I better let you get on” Alf said

“Yeah, I need to finish reading this paper work..and Dad…please remember what I said about Sandra. Shes a good girl…she just wants to be a teenager..give her the space to do it” Roo said

“I will love, thanks. I’m so proud of the woman you have become” Alf said

“I have a great father to thank for that” Roo said and Alf smiled

“Thanks love, Ill talk to you soon, I love you” Alf said

“I love you too dad…bye” Roo said

“Bye love” Alf said and smiled and put the phone down. He heard the bell above the door and his smile disappeared when he saw Frank walking towards him

“What do you want?” Alf said

“I just need to get some pens and a note pad” Frank said as he walked around the corner

“Well hurry up and get what you want and get out” Alf said annoyed as Frank sighed. He picked up two pens and a notepad and went to the counter

“I was just on the phone with Ruthy” Alf said

“How is she doing?” Frank said as he took money out of his pocket

“If you didn’t walk out on her you would know” Alf said and Frank sighed

“Alf it wasn’t like that” Frank said

“According to you” Alf said as he snatched the money from Frank

“I don’t know why you don’t just do us all a favour and leave. The sight of you makes me sick” Alf said and he threw the change on the counter

“Go easy” Frank said

“Just get out of my shop…and take my advice, just leave. Nobody wants you here” Alf said as he stared at Frank. Frank sighed and he picked up the change from the counter and walked out of the shop. Alf sighed. His daughter just told him not to give Frank a hard time and he just did the exact opposite. As far as he was concerned Frank ruined his daughters life and the sooner he got the message to leave town, the better…


Background music ends


Diner- Summer Bay

“Oh Shannon, I forgot to ask you, Carly wants to know if you can work tomorrow night. With the reopening of the after dark, she is anticipating a big crowd, and wants more staff” Ailsa said

“Yeah that will be great, I need the extra money. Mrs Stewart, I’m really sorry but I wont be able to stay tonight. Adam made plans for us, and he just told me last minute” Shannon said

“I can stay..I need the extra money myself” Colleen said

“Alright then” Ailsa said

“Thanks Mrs Smart” Shannon said

“Thanks colleen. Grant will be here as well” Ailsa said

“I know..who wouldn’t pass up an evening with a strapping young man” Colleen said and winked and did a sexy hip shake as Ailsa smiled and started feeling jealous..


 Primary School – Summer Bay


Frank parked the car and yawned. He was really tired today. He didn’t sleep much last night, and he was still annoyed about the run in he had with Alf. Frank got out of the car and closed the door.


Background music ends


“Frank” Frank turned around to see Donald walking towards him and he sighed

“I’m really not in the mood for an argument Donald..I’m going to pick up Sophie from School” Frank said

“Well this won't take long ” Donald said as Frank looked at him

“Look, you’ve already told me you don’t want me messing up Bobby’s life. I’m not going to do that, she with Greg now which I’m sure makes you happy” Frank said

“Well he's a better man than you are ” Donald said and Frank sighed

“Its not Bobby I’m talking about…its Sophie” Donald said

“Sophie is not your business. You have no right to to talk about my daughter” Frank said annoyed

“That’s just it though Frank..shes not your daughter…and when you get tired of playing dad you’re going to walk out on her just like you walk out on everyone else” Donald said and Frank made a fist. He wanted to punch Donald so hard in his face but he knew that hitting Donald meant that he might lose his rights as a foster parent, and affect his chances of adopting Sophie.

Why don’t you just do the little girl a favour and go now, and save her the heartache…God knows she already been though so much already with a monster of a father already . Spare her more pain” Donald said then he walked away as Frank sighed and turned to walk back towards the school building. What Donald said stung Maybe it was abuse he deserved…maybe Donald was right..


“Uncle Frank look what I drawed today” Sam said as he ran towards Frank

“That’s great mate” Frank said as he looked at Sams drawing

“Hi sweetheart” Frank said and bent down to hug his daughter. She hugged him back and it felt so good to him

“What were you and my dad talking about?” Bobby said

“Nothing” Frank said as he picked up Sophie

“Did you have a good day today?” Frank said and Sophie nodded and snuggled into her dads neck

“Frank was he having a go at you?” Bobby said

“No” Frank said and Bobby sighed. She knew he was not telling her the truth, but she didn’t want to force the issue. As Frank walked to the car, he noticed Donald looking at him through his office window and he hugged Sophie harder

“I love you sweetheart, and I will never leave you ok” Frank whispered to Sophie. She looked at him and nodded then Frank kissed her forehead, Sophie was his daughter and he was never leaving her. No amount of abuse was ever going to change that. Frank strapped the kids into the backseat and got into the car

“I left my lunchbox at school” Sam said

“Its alright, Ill go and get it” Frank said and smiled then he got out of the car and rushed over to the school

“Hi” Frank said as he saw Beth inside

“Hi” Beth said and smiled

“Sam forgot his lunchbox” Frank said

“Oh right, ill just get it for you” Beth said and walked away. Frank watched her walk away. She was wearing a light blue blouse and a dark blue skirt. She had her brown hair pulled away from her face

“Here you go” Beth said when she returned with Sams luncbox

“Thanks” Frank said as Beth gave him the lunchbox

“Have a good weekend” Beth said and she began to walk away

“Hey, in case you haven’t got any plans, the bayside diner after dark is reopening tomorrow night..they have live music and good food” Frank said

“Thanks for letting me know. I have had lunch at the diner, so I can imagine how good their dinner meal is” Beth said as her and Frank looked at each other. They could both feel the attraction they had for each other.

“Have a nice weekend” Frank said

“You too” Beth said and she smiled at Frank then she watched him walk away…

Background music ends



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Great chapters

Frank and Beth having a nice chat.

I hope nothing comes of it but maybe if it did Greg wouldn't be jealous of Frank

Update again soon :)


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