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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 516




Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Frank yawned as he buttons his shirt and walked down the stairs. As he walked into the living room he noticed the bags on the floor

“Looks like you’re all moving out without me” frank said and he kissed Sallys head as she sat on the table eating breakfast

“Sorry sweetheart, I forgot to tell you, we’re going to see Alex this weekend. The church is having a carnival, and I think I need a break after todays last exam” Pippa said with a smile.

“Yeah and all the animals are coming” Sally said excited 

“Why don’t you come? There is more than enough space at the vicarage” Pippa said

“Thanks but I want to do a few things around here, take Sophie to the Farm, and help her learn how to ride the bike” Frank said 

“Oh never mind…maybe next time” Pippa said and smiled. She was so proud of frank, he was a wonderful and caring father

 “Stevo’, how about I show you have to fix the lighting this weekend”  Frank said 

“Thanks…but I’m going with Pippa” Steve said and Pippa looked at him. 

“Oh alright then..I better get over to Bobby’s then to work. Mrs Malloy is coming over later for a visit" Frank said

"Good luck" Pippa said

"Thanks, Ill tell you about it when you get back” Frank said and he kissed Sally on the head, he gently tapped Christopher on the head and he kissed Pippa on the cheek then he walked out of the house. Steve exhaled and closed his eyes. He just had to cope for a little while longer then he would be leaving to England and leaving his guilt behind…


Beach- Summer Bay


“Yeah..I was just in the library..I just came out to phone you…yeah Nick is great..I havnt been in any trouble or anything since I got here..yeah its great…alright I’ll let Nick know..yeah Ill be home next week..alright..I love you too..bye” Shane said then he put the phone down and sighed. He had no intention of going back. He was actually surprised that his mum hadn’t figured out what he was doing. Nick was always her favourite so anytime he said Nick said, he knew his mum would believe him. He put his hand on his stomach as he heard it rumble. He was starving. He waited around to see if he saw the shiela from the other day but she didn’t come to the beach. Shane sighed again. He had to find a way to get some food. He stepped out of the phonebox and put his hat on his head and pulled it low as he walked past some tourists then he got an idea and smiled to himself as he quickly walked away from the beach


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Sweetheart can you go and play in your room for a little while so we talk with Mrs Malloy?” Frank said and he kissed Sophie on her head. She nodded as she chewed the doughnut in her mouth. Then she drank the last of the milk in her cup, and walked up the stairs to her room


“I cant believe that is the same little girl I met almost three weeks ago” Mrs Malloy said with a shocked look on her face

“Yeah, shes changed a lot” Frank said proudly

“And shes doing really well at school. She was behind, but we…well Frank mostly has been doing extra work with her, so shes all caught up now” Bobby said as she looked at Frank

“That is great to hear” Mrs Malloy said as she smiled at Frank

“I gather shes still not talking yet” Mrs Malloy said

“Not yet, but she will talk when she’s ready” Frank said

“I hope so. So how have things been otherwise?” Mrs Malloy said

“What do you mean?” Bobby said

“Look, I know I made no secret of the fact that I had concerns about the two of you taking her on since Sophie is a difficult case. I just want to make sure that things are not overwhelming for the both of you” Mrs Malloy said 

“Everything is fine” Frank said immediately

“Yes…we love our daughter” Bobby said and smiled as Mrs Malloy looked at her

“Do you mind if I spend a few minutes with Sophie?” Mrs Malloy said 

“Sure..up the stairs and second on the right” Bobby said 

“Thank you, I wont be a moment” Mrs Malloy said and she went up the stairs as Bobby and Frank looked at each other


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Hi Sophie” Mrs Malloy said as she stood by the door of Sophies room. Sophie was sitting in the corner playing with her doll, her teddy and a tea set. Sophie looked up at Mrs Malloy and she grabbed her teddy bear and held onto it tight

“Are you giving your teddy some tea?” Mrs Malloy said and smiled and Sophie nodded

“Do you like living here with Bobby?” Mrs Malloy said and she noticed that Sophies eyes lit up and she nodded

“Do you like your new dad Frank?” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie nodded as Malloy looked around the bedroom. It was nicely decorated, neat and clean

“Your room is very nice did your mum and dad do it for you?” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked around and she nodded

“Can you tell me about school?” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at her

“Its alright, maybe you can tell me another time” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at her

“Are you happy?” Mrs Malloy said as she looked at Sophie who nodded

“And you want to stay here?” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at her teddybear as tears filled her eyes and she nodded. She loved her new mum and dad and wanted to be here with them

“Alright Sophie, I’ll see you next time” Mrs Malloy said and she smiled and walked out of the room. Mrs Malloy walked down the stairs to see Frank and Bobby sitting at the dining table



“Well I have to admit that I was wrong in having my concerns about how you two would cope with Sophie, and the fact that you are not a couple” Mrs Malloy said and sat down

“Sophie is doing really well, she wants to stay here, and when I asked her if shes happy she nodded yes” Mrs Malloy said and Frank smiled


“Any update about Franks application to be a foster parent?” Bobby said 

“I’m glad you brought that up. Frank what are you doing for work?” Mrs Malloy said

“I have a job at Ross boatshed” Frank was interrupted

“He’s the accountant over there…doing the books and stuff” Bobby said as Frank looked at her

“Good” Mrs Malloy said 

“So when do you think we will find out about my application? We want to adopt Sophie as soon as possible ” Frank said

“Usually it take some time for foster parents to take the plunge and adopt” Mrs Malloy said

“Yeah, but we cant see our lives without her in it” Bobby said as Mrs Malloy looked at her

“As soon as I hear a decision about your application, I’ll let you know. Since we placed Sophie as an emergency case, I don’t imagine it will be too long, but I will update your file with your work information” Mrs Malloy said

“Great, thanks” Bobby said

“How is Sam?” Mrs Malloy said

“He’s fine. Greg took him out so we could have this meeting” Bobby said 

“Has the adoption for Sam been finalized yet?” Mrs Malloy said 

“Any day now” Bobby said and smiled

“I’m very proud of you Bobby..and you too Frank” Mrs Malloy said as she looked at them

“It wonderful to see when young people are able to make a good life for themselves despite being in the foster care system” Mrs Malloy said and smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said 

“Anyway I better get back on my rounds” Mrs Malloy said and she got up and walked towards the door

“Ill be touch once I hear about your application Frank” Mrs Malloy said as Frank got up

“Ok thanks” Frank said

“Bye” Mrs Malloy said and she let herself out of the house

“SOPHIE” Frank said and shortly after Sophie came down the stairs. Frank picked her up and she hugged him

“Ok…lets do a little homework then ill take you out for an ice cream ok” Frank said and Bobby smiled. Frank was such a patient father Bobby thought to herself as she watched him practice Sophies spelling

“If its aright, I want to take Sophie over to the farm at Jamberoo tomorrow” Frank said 

“I didn’t know they had a farm over there” Bobby said 

“Neither did I, Beth told me about it” Frank said as he looked at Sophie practicing her spelling as Bobby sighed silently

“Oh right” Bobby said. As far as she knew. Frank had not been alone with Beth and Sophie outside of school, but she expected it to happen, and she couldn’t be annoyed about it because Greg was around Sophie when he came over. Going together with Beth probably meant that Frank and Beth were getting serious Bobby thought.

“Is that a problem?” Frank said 

“No, not at all” Bobby said faking a smile

“Let me know what it’s like, Ill let Greg know, maybe we can take Sam or something” Bobby said 

“Ok” Frank said as he watched Sophie. He was really proud of her improvements. He had a wonderful weekend planned for them. Tomorrow he was going to take her to the farm, and on Sunday finally going to teach her how to ride a bike.


“Do you want a drink or something” Bobby said

“No, I’m taking my little princess out for some ice cream because she has done an amazing job at school this week” Frank said and smiled and kissed Sophie on her forehead. Bobby wanted to go with them. She was just about to say it then she heard the door open.


Background music ends


“Hi Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Sam and Greg coming into the house

“Hello sweetheart, are you ok?” Bobby said as she hugged Sam

“Yeah” Sam said 

“Frank was just saying that there is a farm over at Jamberoo” Bobby said 

“Where is that?” Greg said confused

“Not far from Kiama, where the funfair is” Bobby said

“Yeah, I’m taking Sophie there tomorrow” Frank said 

“Oh right..maybe we should take Sam…you know go as a family” Greg said as Frank looked at him


Knock on the door


“I better get that” Greg said and he walked over to the front door

“Hello sorry to bother you, I’m Detective Hunt,  this is Detective Smith. I’m looking for Roberta Simpson” Detective Hunt said


“Yes” Bobby said as she walked towards the door

“Hello Ms Simpson, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your dad..Albert Simpson” Detective Hunt said and Sophie grabbed onto Franks leg. He picked her up and she started to cry. The men were coming to take her back to her old dad..she didn’t want to go to her old dad. She wanted to stay with her new dad

“Hey sweetheart, whats all this crying for” Frank said as Greg rolled his eyes

“Ill just take her out” Frank said as Sophie hugged his neck. Bobby took a tissue from the box on the dining table and wiped Sophies face

“Ill see you in a little while ok” Bobby said and Sophie nodded

“I love you ok” Bobby whispered in Sophies ear and she nodded and laid her head on Franks shoulder then they walked out of the house.


“Sorry for causing the disruption” Detective Hunt said

“Sam lets go and play some footy outside” Greg said 

“Ok” Greg said and shortly after it was only Bobby and the detectives in the house

“Please have a seat” Bobby said as they all sat at the dining table

“Can I get you a drink?” Bobby said and the detectives declined

“So what is this about?” Bobby said 

“We have charged Albert with the 1985 murder of Shane Wilson” Detective Hunt said as Bobby looked at him surprised. She knew that Al was a lot of things but she never knew that he was a murderer

“You look surprised” Detective Hunt said

“Not really, Al Simpson is the scum of the earth. Shane was a mate that’s all” Bobby said 

“How did you know it was him?” Bobby said after a short pause

“We received information from someone…that’s all I can say at the minute” Detective Hunt said

“So what does this have to do with me?” Bobby said

“Al confessed to burgularizing your diner, and we have added that to his charges..however what we really need is some cooperation from Al’s daughter Sophie…I believe you are her guardian” Detective Hunt said

“How can she help you?” Bobby said

“We belive that Al was involved in the burgulary of a mini mart. An eye witness said they saw a little girl with him in the mini mart earlier in the day. We just need to ask Sophie if she remembers anything” Detective Hunt said

“Well I dunno…she came to us really traumatized after being with him. She’s not talking right now, so I’m not sure how much help she would be” Detective Hunt said

“We have a child psychologist who is willing to work with her” Detective Hunt said

“I dunno..she’s already been through so much. You saw how she reacted when you said his name. I just don’t want to put her through any more trauma” Bobby said

“I promise we will make the process as easy as possible” Detective Hunt said

“I cant make this decision on my own, I need to talk to her other guardian about it” Bobby said 

“Alright. Here is my card. The trial starts on Monday at waldorf creek court, hopefully we can get some information from Sophie that will help” Detective Hunt said as he gave Bobby his card

“If we decide not to let Sophie help…will that hurt the case?” Bobby said 

“Well we are convinced that he will be found guilty of Shane Wilson’s death, this would just be the icing on the top” Detective Hunt said and smiled. What he really meant is that this would guarantee a big payrise with the promotion he was about to get

“I’ll let you know” Bobby said 

“Look Ms Simpson…there really shouldn’t be anything to think about. Sophie will be well taken care of. We work with the best psychologists. I will guarantee that there will be no trauma to her” Detective Hunt said

“Like I said, I cant make this decision on my own..Ill let you know” Bobby said as she looked at the detective

“Ok, please do.we’ll let ourselves out…good day” Detective Hunt said and he and his partner walked out of the house just as Greg came back in


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“What was that about?” Greg said 

“They wanted to know if Sophie to give them some information to help a case they are building against Al Simspson” Bobby said and Greg laughed

“They definitely came to the wrong place for help” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“Greg that’s not funny” Bobby said and she began to walk away from Greg

“ok, ok..I’m sorry” Greg said and he grabbed Bobby’s arm

“So are you going to let her help?” Greg said

“I don’t want to put her through that, but I have to speak to Frank and see what he says” Bobby says

“You don’t really need his permission for that do you?” Greg said 

“He’s Sophie’s dad” Bobby said 

“I was thinking…since we have made a commitment to each other, maybe I can be a foster parent to Sophie as well” Greg said

“I appreciate you wanting to, but the department wont allow that unless Frank gives up his guardianship” Bobby said and Greg rolled his eye

"And lose his chance to be near you every day..he would never go for that" Greg said

"Greg" Bobby said as she looked at him

“It  was just a joke..besides, It was just an idea..but I have a better idea..I cant wait until you and me can have our own little children” Greg said and he put his arms around Bobby

“Yeah that will be nice” Bobby said and smiled. She knew that she wanted more children in a future. 

“How about another boy and another girl” Greg said 

“Yeah” Bobby said

“I want our little girl to look just like you” Greg said

“And our little boy will look just like you” Bobby said 

“With your brains I hope” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“I love you so much” Greg said 

“I love you too” Bobby said and smiled as she laid her head on his chest and thought about Frank, Beth and Sophie going to the farm together…


Background music ends


Next day 



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly quietly got out of the bed and began to walk to the door

“Where are you going?” Ben’s voice startled Carly who turned and looked at him

“I promised Bobby that I would help her with a catering job today..a lunch. The extra money will come in handy” Carly said

“If its lunch why are you sneaking out now? Ben said 

“To help her cook the food” Carly said 

“You cant cook” Ben said and he turned over and started laughing. Carly sighed then she walked out of the room..


Stewart/Ross residence- Summer Bay


“Oh good morning Shaunna” Celia said as she opened the front door

“Hi, sorry to come around so early, I just wanted to see if Haydn was still coming to junior lifeguards” Shaunna said 

“Unfortunately he decided against it this morning…he went to work with his father” Celia said disappointed

“Oh ok..well there’s always next week” Shaunna said 

“Yes, maybe” Celia said trying not to sound disappointed

“Ok then, I wont keep you..see you later” Shaunna said 

“Oh, if you don’t have any plans, would you like to join me for lunch? How about I bring some sandwiches to the beach?” Celia said

“Yeah sure, sounds great..I should be done by 12:30” Shaunna said 

“Wonderful..Ill see you at the beach then…goodbye” Celia said 

“Bye” Shaunna said and smiled as she began to walk away. She always had a good time with Mrs Ross, and the great thing was she had no problem volunteering all the information that Shaunna wanted…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Thanks” Frank said then Nick walked out of the house. Frank sighed. One of the caravans was broken into yesterday. Things like this were bad for business even though all the guests are advised to keep their vans locked when they are out

“What did the police say?” Frank turned around to see Finlay standing behind him

“Not much, we don’t have any cameras around and there were no witnesses” Frank said as he wrote a report in the book

“I wonder if it’s the same person that attacked Carly” Finlay said concerned

“I hope not. The police are going to do hourly patrols, and in the mean time you need to be careful when you are here in the daytime with Chris. Keep the doors looked, and try not to stay outside the house and lock up after you” Frank said 

“I’m feeling scared now” Finlay said

“Don’t be…whoever it is, is probably already long gone by now” Frank said as he continued writing the report for their log


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Shane counted the money in his hand. It was $100. He also looked at the watch that he found on the table of the caravan he broke into. It looked expensive, he could probably sell it for a few buck in the city Shane thought to himself. He pushed the money into his pocket, and put his jumper on and put the hood over his head. He was getting out of Summer Bay for the day, and was looking forward to it. He opened the shed door and looked around to make sure the neighbours were not about. He closed the shed door and walked down the side of the house until he was on the road. Shane looked both sides, and when he didn’t see anyone coming he put his hood on and ran down the road towards the bus stop.


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“That’s out of the question” Frank said in a lowered voice as Bobby told him what the detectives wanted. Sam and Sophie were watching cartoons and eating breakfast in front of the television.

“I told the detective that I would need to talk to you about it first” Bobby said 

“This is not even a discussion, the answer is no” Frank said

“I cant believe that Al Simpson killed Matts brother” Carly said as she walked out of the kitchen

“I know..well at least finally Matt and his family will get some closure. You know I remember when it happened. I was still really young but it was the first time that someone I knew had died. Matt didn’t come to school for a few days. I remember my mum taking a casserole over to his mum” Bobby said and sighed

“Even though Al’s not my dad..I feel guity you know..for what he did to Matt’s family” Bobby said and Carly looked at the floor. She hadn’t heard Matts name in a while. Just hearing it brought up memories

“Ill just check on the sausage rolls” Carly said and she went into the kitchen

“So what did Nick say about the break in?” Bobby said

“Not much..some cash and a watch was stolen. I offered to give the guests another day free, and they accepted, so at least they wont bad mouth the caravan park

“Does Nick have any idea who it was?” Bobby said 

“No…there were no witnesses either, so it mustve happened in the day time” Frank said as Carly closed the oven and drank some of her tea

“I just hope its not the same bloke who attacked Carly” Bobby said and the loud crash startled Frank and Bobby and they turned around

“I’m so sorry…Ill clean it up” Carly said as she knelt down and picked up the pieces of broken tea cup from the floor

Frank looked at his watch

“Come on Sophie, we better get going..we need to stop over at the shop to get some wellington boots” Frank said and Sophie got up from the couch and walked slowly over to him

“I made you a packed lunch..if you want..I made extra sandwiches for Beth as well” Bobby said 

“Oh she isn’t coming…its just me and my princess” Frank said and he picked up Sophie. Bobby silently sighed

“Sweetheart are you alright?” Bobby said as she looked at Sophie who didn’t look her usual self. Sophie didn’t want to get into trouble, so she nodded

“Sweetheart, if youre not feeling well, its ok” Bobby said as Sophie looked at her

“is anything hurting?” Bobby said and Sophie tugged at her ear. Carly wiped the kitchen floor as she watched Frank and Bobby interacting with Sophie

“Oh, she might have a bit of an earache…let me give you some medicine..to make you feel better ok” Bobby said and smiled as she stroked Sophie back and she nodded

“Maybe we shouldn’t go to the farm today if Sophie isn’t feeling well” Frank said as he hugged Sophie. He hated that his daughter wasn’t well


 “Sweetheart do you still want to go to the farm” Frank said and he kissed Sophies head as Bobby smiled. Sophie nodded. Her dad said the farm would be fun, and she would see all the animals she saw in her homework. Bobby gave her some medicine and closed the bottle

“Alright then, the farm it is” Frank said as Bobby handed him the bag with the packed lunch

“Frank give her some of this in about 4 hours” Bobby said as she put the bottle in the bag

“Alright” Frank said  

“Bye sweetheart, have a good time with your dad” Bobby said and she kissed Sophie head. Sophie nodded then she put her head on her dads shoulder as Frank looked at Bobby

“Good luck with your catering job” Frank said 

“Thanks…see you later” Bobby said and smiled then she watched as Frank walk out of the house.


“Sorry about dropping the cup” Carly said

“Ill forgive you..just this once” Bobby said as she turned the oven off and took out the Sausage rolls she had made earlier

“Frank is a really good dad” Carly said and Bobby smiled

“Yeah, he’s great..I don’t know what I would do without him” Bobby said as she stood in the kitchen and looked around at all the food she had made for the catering job. She looked up to notice that Carly was standing in the kitchen and staring at the counter

“I’m sure that Ben is going to be a good dad too” Bobby said and smiled

“Yeah” Carly said and faked a smile as Bobby looked away then she looked down at her stomach and quickly caught the tear that was about to fall from the corner of her eye…

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3 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Lot going on. Shane getting into trouble, police finally cottoning on to Al, and the main love dodecahedron continues to be tense...

I totally agree with this....

Shane has not thought this one through.

Poor Carly and Sophie.

Update again soon :)


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thanks for reading :)


Chapter 517



Stewart shop- Summer Bay


Sandra put the last can on the shelf and put the box in the stockroom. Mrs Stewart said she was that she was going to speak to Bobby about getting her job back, but Bobby said no, so Mr Stewart gave her a job instead. If she was honest with herself, she actually liked working here better. Even though there were no tips, she didn’t have to deal with complaining customers.


“Ill be back in half an hour love” Alf said as he walked towards the front door

“Ok” Sandra said as she heard the door close as she walked out the stockroom. The shop was empty as she wiped the counter then she heard the bell above the door ring. When she turned around it was Revhead

“Hi what are you doing here?” Sandra said surprised. They were going to see each other later on in the evening

“Mr Ross let me go early, so I wanted to come and say hello before I head home

“Glad you did” Sandra said and she put her arms around Revhead and they began to kiss.

Alf sighed and tapped his forehead with his hands when he realized he left his keys in the shop. He turned around and began to walk back. He was just about to open the door when he noticed Sandra and Revhead kissing. Alf sighed. He didn’t agree with them being together, Revhead was far too old for Sandra and he knew it would only end in heartbreak or with Sandra pregnant


“Can you believe I forgot my keys” Alf said as he came back into the shop as Revhead and Sandra step away from each other. Alf looked at Revhead as he walked towards the counter

“G’day Mr Stewart” Revhead said

“Yeah g’day” Alf said reluctantly

“Here they are” Sandra said as she reached behind the counter and gave Alf the keys

“Thanks” Alf said as he looked at Sandra then at Revhead then he walked out of the shop

“He doesn’t like me” Revhead said

“He doesn’t know you..I told you they want you to come over for dinner. When they get to know you, they will love you just like I do” Sandra said then they began to kiss again then Revhead looked up and noticed a car stop outside the shop with people he knew. He made eye contact with the driver then a few moments later the driver drove away..


Jamberoo Farm- Jamberoo


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Sophie held Franks hand tight as they went around the farm and looked at all the animals. At first she was a bit overwhelmed, but Frank kept encouraging her. As they approached each animal, Frank used it as an opportunity to remind Sophie of the animals she had seen in her homework. Sometimes Frank would say the name of an animal and Sophie would point. He was so proud of her Frank thought as Sophie pointed to a chicken. He knew that she was scared but eventually she was becoming more comfortable.


“Good job sweetheart” Frank said and Sophie looked up at him


“Lets go and look at the donkeys” Frank said and Sophie nodded as they walked the short distance trying not to walk in the muddy path


“Hello” The donkey attendant said

“G’day” Frank said


“Do you want to say hello to Rider?” The attendant said

Frank smiled as Sophie shied away from the donkey and laid her head on Franks leg

“It’s ok” Frank said and picked her up and he whispered words of encouragement to her and eventually she stroked the donkey after watching him do it

“See its not scary” Frank said and Sophie stroked the donkey again and nodded



“You daughter can have a ride if she wants” The donkey attendant said

“That would be great” Frank said

“Its $2 if you want a photo” The attendant said

“Yes please” Frank said excited

“No worries, Ill just get her a helmet” The attendant said and she walked away

“Sweetheart do you want to ride on the donkey? See that little girl is doing it” Frank said as he pointed to another girl riding a donkey with another attendant. Sophie shook her head no

“Its ok..its not scary” Frank said and a few moments later the attendant returned with two helmets and another attendent holding a camera

“I brought two helmets so we can see which one will fit” The attendant said as Sophie hugged frank tight. “Its ok sweetheart, its not scary..Ill be right here” Frank said as Sophie looked at him, then she looked at the donkey. She looked over her shoulder at the other little girl on the donkey then she nodded

“Good girl” Frank said

“Alright lets see which helmet fits” The attendant said and tried a helmet on Sophie

“Looks like this one is perfect” The attendant said

“You ready?” Frank said as Sophie looked at him and nodded then Frank lifted Sophie up onto the horse and the attendant strapped her on

“We just do a circuit and when I get back, we can take the photo” The attendant said

“Ok…sweetheart, Ill be right here ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded. She was scared, but she wanted to try, and she didn’t want to get into any trouble.

Frank smiled as he watched Sophie on the donkey. He was so proud of her. Being a father is everything he thought it would be and more. Maybe if he and Roo had a baby he probably would have stayed in New York and tried to make things work even though he and Roo didn’t get on.


Frank sighed as he thought about the fact that he and Bobby had a daughter. He remembered when they talked about having kids. They had a plan to have a baby and move to the City so Bobby could go to uni. Frank sighed and looked at the mud on the floor disappointed because none of that happened. He must’ve been in deep thought because when he looked up Sophie was almost back. Frank smiled as the donkey approached

“Sweetheart did you have a good time?” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“We can take the photo now” The attendant with the camera said and the horse attended head onto the donkey leash and moved away so she wouldn’t be in the photo

“Thanks Frank said as he lifted Sophie off the horse and onto the ground and took off her helmet

“You can pick up and pay for your photo at the reception in about half an hour” The attendant said

“Thanks” Frank said and he and Sophie walked away

“How about we have some lunch before we look at the rest of the animals” Frank said and Sophie looked up at him and nodded. Frank winked as his heart melted. He loved his daughter so much, and nothing was ever going to keep him away from her..


Background music ends


St Peters Church- Newcastle


“I thought I might find you here” Steve looked up to see Reverend Jones walking over and sitting next to him. The carnival the church was having was ok, but he wanted to be alone and escaped to the little garden in the back of the church that Reverend Jones showed him last time

“I hope you don’t mind..you know me being here, I just wanted to be alone” Steve said

“Oh Ok, Ill give you some time” Reverend Jones said and he was about to get up

“No, its alright..that’s if you want to stay” Steve said and Reverend Jones smiled



Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Thank you” Reverend Jones

“So not long left now” Reverend Jones said referring to Steves departure from Australia

“Yeah, my Aunt is coming at the end of next month…its actually the anniversary that my parents were killed in the fire” Steve said

“Oh, sorry to hear that” Reverend Jones said

“It feels like it just happened yesterday” Steve said and sighed

“Have you told the rest of your family that you’re leaving?” Reverend Jones said and Steve shook his head

“No..but I will though..at some point” Steve said and Reverend Jones silently sighed. He felt bad that Steve carried a burden that wasn’t his, and he knew how much Philippa was hurting at the thought of losing one of her children.

“I’m sure they are all going to miss you” Reverend Jones said

“Yeah, I’m going to miss them too…but I need to do this” Steve said. He didn’t want to go. If he had a choice he wouldn’t go, but the burden of being responsible for baby Thomas death was one that he couldn’t bear anymore. Anytime he saw Frank he felt like he was going to be sick

“Will you come back and visit?” Reverend Jones said and he looked at Steve

“I don’t know” Steve said and shrugged

“Well a postcard from time to time will be fine” Reverend Jones said and smiled.

“Well I'm going to head back to the carnival, and give you some peace. Phillippas scones are also calling me” Reverend Jones said and smiled then he got up

“Reverend Jones” Steve said and Reverend Jones turned around

“Thank you..you know for always listening to me and being my friend” Steve said

“You are welcome” Reverend Jones said as he felt his heart flutter. He loved Phillipa’s children like they were his own, and to know they had some admiration for him made him happy. Before Reverend Jones knew it, Steve had gotten up and was giving him a hug. Reverend Jones smiled and exhaled and hugged him back. It felt as thought he was hugging his own son. Steve rested his head on Reverend Jones shoulder. Even though Reverend Jones wasn’t his dad, Tom, or Frank he felt a connection to him , and he was happy that Reverend Jones was in his life. Steve wished that he didn’t have to go, but leaving was the only way he would get some peace of mind and leave his guilt behind….


Background music ends



Burger spot- The City


Shane thanked the assistant and picked up the tray of food and took it to a corner table and sat down. He was starving as he looked at the food on the tray. Hot dogs, burger, chips, a milkshake and some doughnuts. He bit into a hotdog and began to chew then took out the receipt from his pocket. It was the receipt from the pawn shop where he was able to get $30 for the watch. He thought it would get some more. He took all the money out of pocket and put it on the table and began to count it. He had $110 left which would be more than enough for him to last for a few days. He made a note to get some biscuits and crisps so he had snacks for when he got back to the shed. Shane smiled as he put the rest of the hotdog in his mouth and looked at the money on the tray. He knew there was more money where that came from and he couldn’t wait to go back and get it…



Beach-Summer Bay


Shaunna listened intentively as Mrs Ross told her about the time Pippa Fletcher sang lead at the church hall after breaking into the building

“I was very surprised that she was involved in all of that” Celia said

“So what happened?” Shaunna said curiously

“Well, in the end, I asked Sgt Barnett, Nicks uncle not to press charges. It was the Christian thing to do even though Pippa and the others had broken the law” Celia said as Shaunna chewed her cheese and pickle sandwich.

“What about Pippa’s husband, you said she was married” Shaunna said as she drank some lemonade

“Yes, Tom..very tragic what happened to him” Celia said

“What happened?” Shaunna said

“Well, he was driving some of his foster children and unfortunately he had some kind of attack which caused the car he was driving to off the road. He was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived” Celia said and suddenly Shaunna felt her heart ache

“That is the official story, but I never believed it” Celia said

“Why? What do you think happened?” Shaunna said

“Well, I’m not one to gossip…but Bobby Simpson was in the car and where she goes trouble follows” Celia said in a whisper

“Are you saying Bobby caused the accident?” Shaunna said

“Well I wouldn’t be surprised if she had something to do with it” Celia said as she drank her lemonade as Shaunna stared at her..



Bayside Diner after dark- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly froze. She thought she was hearing things when she heard Lucinda say Matts name. She wiped her hands and turned around and she noticed Matt, and his cousin, Shannon’s brother going to sit at a booth. It had been a few months since she saw him last. As he smiled Carly felt butterflies in her stomach. Matt looked really good, just like he always looked. She was wondering why he was in town…who he came to see. Then she realized that none of that was her business. Carly sighed as she remembered that she had moved on with her life, and so had Matt. Just as Carly was about to turn around Matt looked at her and for a few seconds it felt like they were the only ones in the diner. Matt nodded at Carly and she slightly smiled. She wished that she could go over to him and talk to him, just like they used to, however she figured that he wouldn’t be interested in anything she had to say. There really wasn’t mch to say Carly thought to herself. She put the napkin in her hand on the counter and walked into the bathroom and closed the door. She took out the small bottle of whiskey in the front pocket of her apron and drank some then she wiped the tear that ran down her cheek as the whiskey ran down the back of her throat..


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Here you go sweetheart” Frank said as he gave Sophie some medicine. She still had the earache and had now developed a temperature “This is going to make you better ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded.

Bobby stood behind frank as she watched him put the bottle and spoon on the bedside table. He was such a caring and patient father and times like this she felt guilty for not telling him about Thomas. Bobby watched as Frank read Sophie a story. She smiled to herself as she remembered Sophie coming into the house with mud on her pink wellington boots. She couldn’t verbally say it, but Bobby could tell from the way that Sophies eyes lit up that she had a good time with her dad at the farm. Bobby looked at what Frank was wearing. He was wearing a shirt that she had never seen before. It was nice..probably one he used to wear a lot in New York Bobby thought to herself. She could also faintly smell his aftershave. He still had facial hair which made him look older and more mature.

Greg was across the hallway reading Sam a story. They were going to watch a movie that Greg had rented from the video shop . Frank was going out to a party at his girlfriends house. Bobby sighed quietly she felt jealous as she thought about Frank and Beth having a good time together. Bobby sighed as she quietly walked out of the room and down the stairs into the kitchen. Grant was at the diner, and Marilyn had gone to visit her cousin for the weekend. The house was quiet and Bobby reached for the photo of Sophie  that was on the dining table and walked over to the couch. She smiled as she looked at her daughter in the riding helmet sitting on on a donkey She made a note to buy a frame so she could put it on the mantle next to other photos.


A few minutes later Greg came down the stairs. “I didn’t even get to finish the story and Sam was out like a light” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Hows Sophie?” Greg said as he sat next to Bobby

“Frank gave her some medicine, hopefully shes alright by tomorrow” Bobby said

as Frank came down the stairs

“Is Sophie asleep” Bobby said and she got up

“Yeah, she was coughing a little bit” Frank said

“Its probably a bug or something…you know kids pick things up at school” Greg said and he got up and stood behind Bobby

“I feel guilty leaving her to go to a party” Frank said

“No mate, go out and have a good time with your girlfriend” Greg said as Frank looked at him as Bobby sighed silently and looked at Frank

“Yeah, I’ll go up and check on her in a little while” Bobby said trying to sound upbeat

“ok..Ill see you later” Frank said and he walked out of the house

“Now its just you and me” Greg said as he put his arms around Bobby and kissed the back of her neck and ear as she sighed..


Bayside Diner after dark- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Hi Carly” Matt said as he walked over to the counter.

“Hi” Carly said trying not to sound excited

“The diner is busy tonight” Matt said

“Yeah, its tourist season” Carly said

“Yeah” Matt said as he looked at Carly. She looked different, not like how she used to look. Carly could feel Matt loking at her as she pretended to arrange the napkins

“So what brings you to town?” said eventually

“I’m going to Al Simpsons trial on Monday. I thought I’d come early, and get in some surfing” Matt said

“Are you staying at your cousins place?” Carly said

“No with my grandparents in waldorf creek” Matt said

“I was actually going to stay at the caravan park, but I don’t think my grandma would forgive me if I did” Matt said and Carly smiled. He had missed that smile


“Hi honey” Carly froze then she looked up to see Ben walking towards the counter

“Hi” Carly said pretending to be pleased to see Ben

“Matt right?” Ben said

“Yeah” Matt said as he looked at Ben. There was something about him that he didn’t like..aside from being jealous that he was married to Carly

“Hows it going?” Ben said

“Good” Matt said as Ben leaned forward and kissed Carly

“Is Frank at the caravan park? I want to go and say hello” Matt said

“ He;s gone out” Carly said

“Ill try and see him tomorrow” Matt said

“Ok” Carly said

“Anyway, I better go” Matt said as his cousin walked up behind him

“Shannon, Ill see you tomorrow” Matt said as Shannon walked around the counter with her orders

“Ok” Shannon said then she walked away

“Yeah it was nice to see you” Ben said as he put his arm around Carly and she forced a smiled. Matt nodded then he looked at Carly one more time then he and his cousin walked out of the diner


“Did you invite him here?” Ben said as he watched Carly look at Matt

“No, Bobby’s dad killed his brother, so he’s going to the trial on Monday” Carly said

“But he just had to come here and see you” Ben said

“No, his cousin Shannon works here remember” Carly said

“Shut up, just get me some food” Ben said and he walked away as Carly sighed and she looked at the door even though Matt had already gone and she walked into the kitchen..


Background music ends


Armstrong residence- Shellharbour

Background music- Have you ever been alone

Frank looked around the room as he drank from the beer bottle in his hand. Being here reminded him of when he was in New York, when he would go out with Roo and her friends from her office. He felt out of place, just like he did now. There were not that many people here, most of them were either teachers or worked in some capacity in education. He did manage to make some small talk in the two hours he had been here with a few people, making his job at the shed seem way bigger than what it was.

Frank looked over at Beth she was laughing as she stopped to speak to a few of her friends on the way back from getting herself a drink. She was beautiful Frank thought to himself. She was wearing trousers and a halterneck top, and her long hair was away from her face. Frank turned and looked out of the window. They were on the fifth floor and he could see Shellharbour at night. He sighed. His mind couldn’t settle. He couldn’t stop thinking about Sophie and the earache and temperature she had. Frank took another sip of his beer. He felt guilty that he left her to be here

“Sorry I took long…lets go out on the balcony…the view is even better there…come on” Beth said and Frank followed her as they stepped out onto the balcony. The weather was warm as they both stood and looked at the view

“Shellharbour is beautiful at night” Beth said as she drank from the bottle of beer she was holding then she rested her head on Franks chest. Beth took another sip then she looked up at frank who appeared to be staring into space

“Frank is there something wrong?” Beth said and Frank sighed then he turned and looked at Beth

“I’m really sorry…I got to go” Frank said

“Its still really early…I was hoping you would stay” Beth said and she put her arms around Franks neck

“Its just that Sophie is running a bit of a temperature, and she has an earache.  I am really worried about her” Frank said as Beth tried to hide her disappointment

“Oh, sorry to hear that..I hope its nothing serious” Beth said

“ don’t think so, but I don’t know..Im just worried you know” Frank said and Beth smiled

“I can imagine…and I understand if you have to go” Beth said as she looked at Frank. As she stared into his eyes she felt herself falling deeper for him

“Thanks for understanding” Frank said

“that’s why I like you…you’re a great father” Beth said and smiled

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled then Beth leaned forward and kissed him

“Ill call you tomorrow” Frank said and Beth nodded and smiled then Frank put the beer bottle on the table on the balcony and walked away.  


Pizza palace- Summer Bay

“I’m stuffed” Sandra said as her and Revhead walked back to his car

“Yeah, the pizza was great” Revhead said as he and Sandra both opened the car doors, got into the cars and shut their doors. Revhead turned the radio on then just as he was about to start the car engine he noticed a car pass with three people in it, and stop infront of him. Revhead and the driver of the car looked at each other then the car drove away.

“That’s the same car from the other day” Sandra said

“Yeah” Revhead said

“Who is it?” Sandra said curiously

“Just some guys I know from home”  Revhead said

“If they are your friends why don’t they say hello?” Sandra said confused

“I dunno” Revhead said

“What do you want to do now? Lets go and watch the sunset at the beach” Sandra said and she touched Revhead’s arm

“Nah, I’m feeling a bit tired, I’ll just take you home” Revhead said

“Have I don’t something wrong?” Sandra said confused

“No, Its just been a long week, and I have to help my dad with a few things tomorrow” Revhead said then he leaned over and gave Sandra a kiss and smiled

“Alright then” Sandra said and Revhead started the car and drove away..



Simpson Residence- Summer bay

Bobby closed her eyes as Greg kissed her neck and unbuttoned his shirt. She started thinking about Frank and Beth and how they were probably having a good time together at the party. But none of that mattered. She had Greg and Sam in her life, and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize their future

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long” Greg said and Bobby opened her eyes and smiled at him as he unbuttoned his shirt. Greg helped Bobby take her top off and unhooked her bra. Greg smiled to himself and began to unbutton his jeans.

“This is going to be so perfect..I know it” Greg said as he pushed his jeans down his legs then he freed his legs by kicking his jeans and pants onto the floor. 

“I really love you…more than I ever thought I could” Greg said as he stared at Bobby then he bent down and started to kiss her

“Do you love me?” Greg said and Bobby nodded

“Yeah, I love you” Bobby said and smiled then they began to kiss again


“Knock on the door”


“Greg I think someone is at the door” Bobby said

“I didn’t hear anything” Greg said as he kissed Bobby’s décolletage


“Knock on the door”


“Greg, I hear it, someone is knocking the door” Bobby said as Greg kissed Bobby’s shoulder

“Ignore it, whoever it is will probably go away” Greg said as he kissed Bobby’s neck


“Knock on the door”


“Greg it might be an emergency” Bobby said and greg stopped kissed her and sighed

“ For once let someone else get it” Greg said annoyed

“Its just us and the kids remember..Grant is at the diner and Marilyn has gone away” Bobby said as Greg laid back on the bed

 “I better go and see who that is” Bobby said as she got up and picked up her dressing gown and put it on

 “Knock on the door”


 “Ill go…it might be an axe murderer at this time of night” Greg said and he got up and put his jeans on and walked out of the room


“Knock on the door”


“Okay okay keep your hair on” Greg said as he walked to the bottom of the stairs. When he opened it both he and Frank were shocked to see each other


“Greg who is it?” Bobby said as she came down the stairs tying her dressing gown and was shocked to see Frank. Frank felt his heart break even though he knew that Bobby had chosen Greg over him. It still hurt to know that they were together in every way

“Frank, is there something wrong?” Bobby said shocked and in some way relived


“Sorry for interrupting, I just wanted to see how Sophie was..if her temperature had gone down” Frank said


“She was asleep when I check on her” Bobby said

“Is it alright if I see her” Frank said

“Of course..” Bobby said and Greg looked at Frank and he opened the door wider for Frank to go upstairs. Frank stared at Bobby as he walked by her on the stairs. For some reason Bobby felt embarrassed and pulled her dressing gown tighter around her body as Frank walked up the stairs


Frank slowly opened the bedroom door and sat on the edge of the bed. His daughter was so beautiful and she melted his heart. Frank smiled as he thought about how Sophie would be when she was a teenager. How she would probably have him wrapped around his little finger like how Roo had Alf wrapped around her finger. Frank smiled and gently caressed Sophies cheek. It was really warm. He touched her arm and lifted the blanket and touched her leg, it was also warm then Sophie started to cough

“BOBBY” Frank said annoyed, shortly after Bobby came into the room

“Shes burning up..feel her” Frank said and bobby touched Sophies head, she was warmer than she was earlier

“I thought she was alright when I checked on her” Bobby said as Sophie opened her eyes

“Hi Sweetheart, come here” Frank said and he picked Sophie up

“You obviously didn’t check well enough, you probably couldn’t wait to get back into bed with him” Frank said as he began to walk around the room with Sophie

“Frank that’s not fair” Bobby said surprised

“Go and call the doctor” Frank said annoyed. He was so angry with Bobby right now that she would put Sophie in jeopardy like this

Bobby sighed and she walked out of the room. A few minutes later Greg came in

“Is everything alright?” Greg said

“This is none of your business” Frank said annoyed as he looked at Greg and sat down on the bed with Sophie who was hugging him tight. Greg looked at Frank, the night as ruined again and he walked out of the room. Frank kissed the side of her Sophies ear

“You’re going to be alright sweetheart, ok” Frank said and he could feel Sophie nodding. He would never be able to forgive Bobby if something happened to Sophie…he would never be able to forgive himself. A few minutes later Bobby came back holding a bowl and some towels

“Dr Routledge will be here in 15 minutes..he said in the meantime to just put some cold towels on her to help bring the temperature down” Bobby said as she put the bowl on the bedside table

“Sweetheart lie down so we can put this towel on you ok?” Frank said and Sophie nodded and she laid on the bed. Frank snatched the towels from Bobby who looked at him in shock and dipped  them in the bowl of water and put towel one Sophies head and another on her legs while Bobby stood by the door and sighed..


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Adam sighed as he picked up Shannons tops from the bedroom floor. He liked to keep the boat neat, she wasn’t neat. Adam tried not to make a big deal out of it but it was annoying that he had to pick up after her everyday. Just like it was annoying that she didn’t wash the dishes after she ate giving the excuses that she had been washing dishes all day at the diner. Adam sighed and flopped onto the bed. He also didn’t like that Shannon was forcing him to think about selling the boat ad getting a proper flat like other couples do. Adam sighed. Marilyn never used to ask him to do that, and Marilyn always offered to wash the dishes after they ate. Adam sighed and he got up from the bed and walked onto the deck. The sun was setting and he sat on the front of the boat and stared at it. He remembered when he and Marilyn would sit in that same spot just holding each other. They didn’t need to talk. How they felt about each other did all the talking…now all of that was gone…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby poured hot water into a cup on the kitchen counter

“He’s really got some nerve showing up at this time” Greg said as he walked into the kitchen

“He does have a right" Bobby said

“Yeah but hes taking advantage of that” Greg said

“Greg, don’t start” Bobby said as she walked over to the fridge, took the milk out and poured some into the cup on the counter

“Why are you always defending the guy” Greg said annoyed

“”I’m not. He’s  Sophies dad, he can see her when he wants” Bobby said

“I know, I just wish he was a bit more considerate you know…interrupting us” Greg said

“Sophie is not well and that is all you can think about?” Bobby said

“No its not, that’s not what I mean” Greg was interrupted by the knock on the door

“Its probably the doctor” Bobby said and walked out of the kitchen as Greg leaned on the counter and sighed



Stewart Residence- Summer bay

“So, what do you think?” Sandra said as she got into bed

“About what?” Emma said

“Maurice..do you think he wants to break up with me?” Sandra said

“Why? Because he brought you home early?” Emma said

“Yeah”  Sandra said

“No, maybe he was telling you the truth. Mechanics work really hard you know and he said he had to be up early to help his dad out” Emma said

“Are you sure?” Sandra said

“Yeah” Emma said as she got into bed and opened the magazine that was lying on the bed next to her as Sandra sighed and looked at the ceiling



Simpson residence- Summer Bay

Frank sighed as he gently pulled the door to a close. He wished he didn’t have to leave his daughter. He breathed a sigh of relief as he remembered what the doctor said, he said Sophie probably caught a bug and that she would be alright in a few days, and they were to take her to the hospital if her temperature wouldn’t come down. However, Frank noticed that it was coming down after he put the cold towels on her. Frank was disappointed because he was hoping to surprise Sophie tomorrow with the bike and teach her how to ride it.

As Frank took each step down the stairs he felt conflicted, he knew that he shouldn’t have taken out his feelings on Bobby. She wasn’t to know that Sophie had a bug yet he was annoyed seeing her and Greg half dressed. As Frank got to the bottom of the stairs he knew he had to apologize to Bobby but again he locked eyes with Greg as Greg and bobby stood in the kitchen hugging.


Frank sighed then he quietly let himself out of the house. He walked the short distance to the car, got in and closed the door. He sighed as he rested his head on the head rest as so many emotions flew through his mind. He knew all of this was his fault..the fact that Bobby was with someone else instead of him, and it really hurt his heart. There wasn't anything that he could do because Bobby had made her mind up.  He sighed once more then started the car and drove away.


“Come on lets go upstairs and finish what we started” Greg said and Bobby pushed him away

“Not tonight Greg..I’m really tired and my head is all over the place” Bobby said as Greg sighed

“Where does Frank get off by saying you’re not a good mum” Greg said

“That’s not what he said…he’s right, I should’ve been paying more attention to Sophie” Bobby said and sighed

“Hey, listen to me, its not your fault that shes sick..shes a kid, they pick things up from each other” Greg said as he gently held onto Bobbys shoulders and she looked at him. What he said wasn’t making her feel better. Combined with thinking about Frank and Beth being together, it was just a terrible day. Greg leaned forward and gave Bobby a kiss

“I’ll let you get some rest..I tell you what, tomorrow, ill take Sam off your hands. He can come to the boatshed with me, I’m going to work on the boat its needs some adjusting to the engine, then ill take him fishing” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Maybe we can go as a family when Sophie is better” Greg said

“Ok” Bobby said and smiled…



Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay


Background music- Jukebox Human League, Human



Come on baby, dry your eyes
Wipe your tears
Never like to see you cry
Won't you please forgive me


Carly let the alcohol run down the back of her throat. It didn’t burn as much as it used to. She closed the bottle and leaned on the bathroom door

“Carly I have another order” Lance said as Carly put the small bottle of vodka in her front apron pocket.

“I’ll be out in a minute” Carly said annoyed then sighed then she wiped the tears from her face with her apron and flushed the toilet and ran the tap. She looked at herself in the small mirror abpve the sink. She didn’t even recognize herself anymore..not that it mattered then she inhaled and exhaled and opened the bathroom door to go back to a life that she hated



I wouldn't ever try to hurt you
I just needed someone to hold me
To fill the void while you were gone
To fill this space of emptiness


Armstrong Residence- Shellharbour


Beth turned the kitchen light off and walked the short distance to the living room. She used the elastic band on her wrist to tie her hair up and away from her face. This was something she always did before she went to bed. Her flatmate really liked the going away party, however she opted to stay at her boyfriends house tonight. Beth smiled as she looked at all the cards and going away gifts that still needed to be opened that were placed on a chair in the corner.


Knock on the door


Beth wasn’t expecting any visitors and was just about to go to bed. She walked over to the front door

“Who is it?” Beth said

“Frank” Frank said which surprised Beth as she wasn’t expecting him back. She unlocked the front door. Frank noticed that Beth was wearing pyjama bottoms and a thin strapped top

“Sorry..I guess you’re going to bed” Frank said

“No its alright.come in…I wasn’t expecting you to come back” Beth said and smiled

“So you don’t mind?” Frank said

“I don’t mind at all” Beth said and she put her arms around Frank and they began to kiss


I'm only human
Of flesh and blood I'm made
Born to make mistakes



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby buttoned her pyjama top and put her slippers on then she walked out of her room. She quietly opened Sams bedroom door. She walked over to the bed and bent down and kissed him. He was fast asleep. She quietly walked out of the room and pulled the door to a close. She walked back across the hallway and quietly opened Sophies room. She was fast asleep. Bobby gently pulled the blanket back and stroked her face. She wasn’t as warm as she was earlier. A tear ran down Bobbys cheek. The tear was from guilt. Frank was right She should’ve been more attentive to Sophie..she didn’t know what she would do if she Sophie like she lost Thomas.

Bobby sighed and she pulled the cover back a bit further and she got into the bed next to Sophie. Sophie opened her eyes to see her mum getting into the bed with her. Sophie cuddled her mum as Bobby who wiped the tear from her cheek and smiled


“I love you sweetheart” Bobby said and Sophie nodded then they both closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep…



So many nights I longed to hold you
So many times I looked and saw your face
Nothing could change the way I feel
No one else could ever take your place

I'm only human
Of flesh and blood I'm made
Born to make mistakes
(I am just a man)


Armstrong Residence- Summer Bay


Frank stared at the headboard then he closed his eyes as he thrusted. Beth put her arms around him, and kissed his neck in between vocally exhaling. Frank didn’t know how he ended up here. He was so angry, upset and hurt when he left Bobby’s place that when he started the engine he just began to drive. He was so tired of how he was feeling..the constant emotional struggle he had with Bobby. His heart hurt because he loved her so much, but she was in the arms of someone else. He just wanted some happiness..some comfort..


“I love you” Beth said and kissed Franks ear. Frank opened his eyes and sighed…




Please forgive me

(The tears I cry aren't tears of pain
They're only to hide my guilt and shame
I forgive you, now I ask the same of you
While we were apart I was human too



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Even though her eyes were closed, a tear escaped Carly’s eye and ran down into her ear. Ben vocally exhaled and rolled onto his back. Carly sighed silently, it was finally over. She didn’t even bother to fight back anymore, or make a noise because it hurt so much. Everytime, it reminded Carly of what happened years ago when a stranger did the same thing to her. Carly gently got out of bed and put a t shirt on that was lying on the floor, and  began to walk out of the room

“You better be pregnant” Ben said as he watched Carly go out of the room. Carly walked the short distance to the bathroom, went inside and closed the door. She quietly locked it. She reached into the bathroom cabinet and took out a bottle of painkillers. She opened the laundry basket and took out a small bottle of vodka then she sat on the floor behind the bathroom door. She opened the bottle of vodka and drank some then she looked at the bottle of painkillers in her hand then she leaned her head back on the door and stared at the  bathroom ceiling as tears ran down her face. She was so broken, so hurt..she just wanted all this pain she was feeling to stop. She looked at the bottle in her hand and opened it. She poured the tablets into her hand and stared at them as tears ran down her face…



I'm only human
Of flesh and blood I'm made
(I am just a man)
Born to make mistakes




Background music ends

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3 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Hmm, I suspect Revhead's "old friends" are going to bring trouble...

I totally agree with that 

Poor Frank blaming Bobby for Sophie getting sick.

Ben is a grade A-hole

Update again soon :)


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 518





Armstrong Residence- Shellharbour


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Frank stared at the ceiling. He hadn’t slept because so many thoughts were going through his mind. He was thinking about his daughter and if she was alright. He was thinking about seeing Greg and Bobby last night, and how they probably made love when he left. He felt a leg move on his and he looked to his left to see Beth snuggling under his arm and he sighed. He was overcome with guilt remembering that Beth told him that she loved him, and he knew he didn’t feel the same. He didn’t expect things to get this far with Beth, but last night he was looking for some comfort..someone to make him feel good. Although he got what he wanted, he wasn’t sure he had done the right thing, and if anything had changed….well, he knew for a fact that his feelings for Bobby had not changed…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby opened her eyes to Sophie giving her a hug. Bobby smiled and she put her arms around Sophie and kissed her head. Sophie looked at Bobby

“Hello sweetheart, are you feeling better today?” Bobby said and Sophie nodded. Bobby felt her head. It was considerably cooler than it was last night. The doctor was right, Sophie must’ve picked up some bug. Bobby smiled as Sophie laid her head on Bobby’s chest as she thought about last night, and how she neglected Sophie. Frank was right, she should’ve known better. She wouldn’t have been able to forgive herself if something happened to Sophie…just like it happened to Thomas. She couldn’t let that happen again..she wouldn’t let that happen again…


Lucini Residence- Summer bay


Carly opened her eyes as she heard banging on the door. She looked around and realized she was still in the bathroom. The empty bottle of vodka was in her hand, and painkillers were all over the floor


Banging on the door


Carly quickly picked up the painkillers from the floor and put them and the empty bottle in the laundry basket.


Banging on the door


Carly flushed the toilet and rinsed her mouth with mouthwash then she opened the bathroom door


“I thought you were going to be in here all day” Ben said annoyed

“Sorry” Carly said as she slowly walked out of the bathroom feeling the effects of drinking all the vodka and she walked into the bedroom, laid on the bed and closed her eyes wishing that she did have the courage to take all the painkillers last night…



Matt parked his car and looked at Stewarts shop. He was up early to surf, but somehow he had found himself here. Shannon told him that Carly and her husband were living above the shop. Matt sighed. If he was honest with himself, he didn’t need to be in Summer Bay. Waldorf Creek had a beach. It wasn’t like Summer Bay, but the water still had waves and the beach had sand. Seeing Carly confirmed what he knew all along..he still loved her. So much had happened between the two of them, and he took for granted that maybe one day they would have a chance again, but now that was gone. Matt sighed then he stared his car engine and drove away..



Background music ends




Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“You like going there” Sandra said as Emma told her she was going to spend the morning at the animal shelter

“Yeah, its really nice being around the animals” Emma said as she looked in the wardrobe for a sweatshirt

“Do you think I should call Maurice..you know after last night” Sandra said as Emma fought the urge to roll her eyes

“No, I think you should you know just act normal…he said he was going to call you right?” Emma said as she put the sweatshirt on

“Yeah” Sandra said as Emma took out a pair of jeans that were on a hanger. She took the jeans off and put the hanger back

“Well there you go” Emma said as she put the jeans on and struggled to zip and button them as Sandra laughed

“Looks like you’ve been eating too many crisps and chocolates” Sandra said as she pointed to the empty chocolate wrappers on Emmas bedside table

Emma poked her tongue out at Sandra who laughed and began to make her bed. Emma tried again to button the jeans and when she finally did she felt uncomfortable. She took them off and threw them back into the wardrobe and pulled out some leggings and put them on instead

“Come on, its our turn to make breakfast” Sandra said as she walked out of the room.

“Ok, Ill be there in a minute” Emma said as she walked over to her bed and sat down. She opened the draw of her bedside table and took out the leather bracelet and put it up her face and kissed it and smiled then she put it on and walked out of the room..



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby poured some juice into a cup for Sophie as her Greg and Sam sat and ate breakfast


“Its nice having breakfast…you know with just us” Greg said as he ate his scrambled egg and toast as Bobby quietly sighed

“I still cant believe what Frank said last night” Greg said

“Greg just leave it” Bobby said and Greg sighed

“Sweetheart finish your toast” Bobby said and Sophie nodded

“I told you Sophie probably had a bug, she looks much better today” Greg said

“Yeah, she said she’s feeling better..but we still need to keep an eye on her” Bobby said as she snuck a look at her watch. Frank would normally be here now. He was probably still angry with her after last night


“Hey, why don’t you and Sophie come with me and Sam to the boatshed. When I fix the boat we can go for a ride” Greg said

“Thanks but Frank will probably come for Sophie, and I have a few things to do at the resort” Bobby said as she drank her tea

“How about later, we can have lunch or something if we meet you at the resort” Greg said

“Ok” Bobby said and forced a smile as she heard Grant come into the house


“Grant there’s eggs and bacon if you want it” Bobby said as she got up and walked into the kitchen. She made it for Frank, but he probably wasn’t coming

“Great..let me just take a quick shower and I’ll be back to dig in” Grant said and he smiled and walked into the bathroom

“Hmmm that was great as usual” Greg said as he kissed Bobby’s cheek and began to wash his plate

“You don’t have to do that” Bobby said

“That’s the least I can do for that lovely breakfast. I cant wait until we can wake up together and make breakfast together” Greg said and smiled as Bobby faked a smile then Sophie started coughing

“Oh sweetheart are you alright?” Bobby said as she rushed out of the kitchen. Sophie nodded her head. Bobby touched Sophies forehead, it was not as hot as it was last night.

“Let me give you some medicine ok” Bobby said as she walked back to the kitchen

“Dad I finished my breakfast” Sam said as he brough his plate to the kitchen and gave it to Greg

“Well done mate, go and get your shoes and jacket on, we’ll go in a minute” Greg said as Sam rushed up the stairs. Greg washed the dishes and watched as Bobby fussed over Sophie. He felt guilty for thinking it but he really disliked her. Having her around meant that Frank was around, and he was not happy about it considering Frank accused Bobby of being a bad mother.


“You know, what Frank said last night about you..I’m not happy about it” Greg said as Bobby came into the kitchen

“Greg just drop it” Bobby said

“No I won’t he cant talk to you like that” Greg said

“Greg that’s between me and Frank, just leave it” Bobby said annoyed

“I’m ready” Sam said as he came downstairs. Greg looked at Bobby as he wiped his hands

“Alright mate lets go” Greg said as he faked a smile for Sam

“See you later” Greg said and he looked at Bobby

“Ok” Bobby said without looking at Greg who walked out of the house


“Is everything alright?” Grant said as he came out of the bathroom

“Yeah, fine” Bobby said as she faked a smile and walked out of the kitchen and sat next to Sophie. She kissed Sophie on the head who was drinking her juice

“Are you ok?” Bobby said and Sophie looked at her and nodded

“Ok go and get your jacket and shoes, and we can go and see your daddy” Bobby said Sophie nodded and she went upstairs as Grant sat down with his breakfast

“ Is everything OK?” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“you asked me that already, and I said everything is fine” Bobby said and faked a smile as Grant looked at her. He knew that Bobby wasn’t being honest with him


Background music- Greg and bobby’s theme


Bobby picked up Sophies plate and cup and took it to the kitchen. She placed them in sink

“Leave that, Ill wash it with mine. That’s the least I can do for this lovely breakfast” Grant said

“Thanks” Bobby said and walked out of the kitchen and sighed as she sat down

“Bobby what’s wrong?” Grant said and Bobby sighed

“Its just that Greg is still having a hard time with Frank around” Bobby said

“Well its not the ideal situation for him” Grant said

“Yeah I know, but he knows how important Sophie is to me and Frank, and he knows that’s the only reason why Frank is around” Bobby said

“Have you told him all of this?” Grant said

“Its like I have to tell him every week” Bobby said

“Put yourself in his shoes for a second. One minute hes making plans for the future with the woman he loves, next minute her ex turns up and they begin fostering a daughter together how is he supposed to feel?” Grant said

“The same way as he always felt. My feelings for him haven’t changed…why cant he understand that?” Bobby said

“But the situation has changed..you are pretty much having a relationship another guy in front of him. That’s a lot for any man to take” Grant said and Bobby sighed. She had to admit that he was telling the truth.

“The relationship between Frank and I is because we have a daughter. Nothing else” Bobby said and sighed as Grant looked at her

 “You know, maybe some of this is my fault. Things have been really hectic lately with my media obligations and getting Sophie settled. Its funny because a year ago I didn’t know where my life was heading, now I’m just overwhelmed” Bobby said and Grant smiled

“So what are you going to do?” Grant said

“I’ll try and make it up to Greg. I owe it to him. I don’t want to do anything to jeopodize our future together” Bobby said as Sophie came down the stairs

“You ready to go and see Daddy?” Bobby said and Sophie nodded

“I’ll see you later” Bobby said

“Righto” Grant said as he ate his breakfast

“Thanks…you know for making me see sense” Bobby said

“You’re welcome” Grant said as he watched Bobby and Sophie walk out of the house. A few minutes later they came back in

“That was quick” Grant said as Bobby walked over to the phone

“I got a flat tire” Bobby said

“I’ll just call Greg and see if he can come back and change it” Bobby said

“No, its alright, just let me finish my brekkie and Ill do it for you” Grant said

“Are you sure?” Bobby said

“Absolutely” Grant said and smiled..


Background music ends



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“This is getting ridiculous” Frank said to Nick

“That’s two burglaries in two days” Frank said as he shook his head. When he got back from Beths the police were at the caravan park. One of the guests had reported that items had been stolen from their van while they were out last night

“Yeah I know..it has to be someone local because based on what some witnesses said, it happened after the patrol car left” Nick said and Frank sighed

“What do we do? I’ve told all the guests to keep their doors locked when they go out” Frank said


“What happened?” Finlay said as she came into the house

“Another burglary” Frank said

“Again? When did it happen?” Finlay said

“Sometime last night” Frank said

“I don’t know if I feel comfortable being in the van alone knowing that someone is out there breaking into the vans

“You can stay in the house until whoever it is gets caught” Frank said as Finlay felt her heart skip

“you should consider getting some camera around” Nick said

“Yeah, its expensive, but its something that we definitely need to think about” Frank said

“Well in the meantime, we’ll increase the patrol and just tell your guests to keep an eye out ro anyone suspicious and to keep themselves safe..Ill let you know if there is any update” Nick said

“Ok, thanks” Frank said

“See you later” Nick said

“See you later” Frank said and he walked in the kitchen. The water in the kettle was now warm. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to boil it again

“What you said about me staying in the house..does that mean” Finlay was interrupted as she touched Franks arm

“It means you can stay in the spare room until the burglar is caught” Frank said

“I want to stay in your room” Finlay said and Frank sighed

“I’m going to have a shower” Frank said and he walked out of the kitchen. Finlay sighed as she leaned on the kitchen table then she smiled to herself as she thought about how she would be able to sneak into Franks room during the night thanks to the burgular..


Barnett Residence-Summer Bay


A noise in the garden woke Shane. He froze. He didn’t normally hear anyone in the garden. He quietly got up from his makeshift bed and slowly walked towards the door. He checked and noticed that the shed door was still locked from the inside. He leaned on the wall when he heard someone trying to open the door. He looked at the door as it vibrated, but didn’t open. Shane started to panic. If it was his brothe, he would be in so much trouble

“Go away” Shane said under his breath as he heard the person on the otherside try to open the door again

“Go away” Shane said again under his breath and a few moments later he heard footsteps of someone walking away then the backdoor to the house closing. Shane exhaled and walked back over to his makeshift bed and sat down. He opened the side of his bag and took out the $200 he stole from the van last night. He knew that he couldn’t stay here forever, he had to have a plan and quick…


Gibson Residence- Summer Bay


“When is mum getting back?” Revhead said to his dad as they fixed the garden wall

“Oh you just reminded me” Alex Gibson said as he looked at his watch. Her train gets in, in about 15 minutes. I better get to the station or she’ll never for

“Looks like Julie leaving ended up being the best thing for everyone” Revhead said

“Yeah” Alec said and smiled

“Its nice to see them getting on” Alec said as he wiped his hands on a nearby towel

“I might go and see Julie soon” Revhead said

“Maybe you can take your new girlfriend” Alec said and Revhead smiled

“So when do we get to meet her?” Alec said

“Soon” Revhead said

“Well I hope we don’t have to wait too long” Alec said as he walked towards his car, got in and drove away. Revhead smiled as he thought about Sandra remembering that he told her he was going to call her today. He pushed the remainder of the bricks near to the wall and was about to go into the house when he noticed a truck slowing down and he sighed then he began to walk towards the truck at the same time that the passenger window rolled down

“What do you want Brax?” Revhead said

“That’s not the way to speak to an old friend” Darryl “Brax” Braxton said and smiled as Revhead looked into the truck to see two other members of the River boys. Boys he grew up with, got into trouble with.

“Look, I told you I’m not into any of that stuff anymore” Revhead said

“What stuff?” Brax said in a dramatic shocked voice

“So what do you want then? You’ve been following me for the past two weeks” Revhead said

“So I cant come and say hello to an old friend?” Brax said

“You’ve said hello, now what do you want?” Revhead said

“Since you’re not in the mood to be friendly..I guess I will see you later..lets go” Brax said and the truck drove away as Revhead sighed and walked towards his house.



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Bobby felt Sophie hold her hand tight as they walked towards the house

“Its ok sweetheart, we are just going to see daddy ok” Bobby said as she looked at Sophie and Sophie nodded. With every step Bobby took she began to get nervous. She didn’t know how things would be with Frank. Bobby inhaled and exhaled and when she went to try the door, it was locked from the inside. Bobby knocked the door. A few moments later Frank came out of the kitchen and opened the door

“Hi” Bobby said

“Hi Frank said and he looked at Sophie

“Hi honey” Frank said and he picked Sophie up and she hugged him tight

“I thought I’d bring Sophie over because you didn’t come for breakfast this morning” Bobby said as Frank sat by the dining room table hugging Sophie

“Yeah, I was going to come over. Are you feeling ok today?” Frank said as he kissed Sophies cheek and she nodded

“Her temperature has gone down. Dr Routledge was right, she probably caught a bug or something. Greg said the same thing this morning” Bobby said and Frank looked at her as the door opened

“Frank is it alright if I move my stuff in now? Hi Bobby” Finlay said holding two bags

“Hi” Bobby said as she looked at Finlay

“Yeah” Frank said

“Thanks” Finlay said and she smiled and went upstairs

“I thought she lived in a van” Bobby said

“We had another burgulary last night. She didn’t feel safe being out there alone so I said she can live in the house until the person is caught” Frank said as he hugged his daughter. Sophie closed her eyes as her dad hugged her. She loved him so much. Bobby could tell that Frank was still upset with her as there was an awkwardness in the air

“About last night..I’m sorry. You were right, I should’ve been paying more attention to Sophie” Bobby said as Frank looked at her

“I should be apologizing. You know for what I said. It wasnt your fault. You are entitled to have your private life” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“I know, but my daughter comes first” Bobby said

“Sweetheart, since you’re feeling better, I have a surprise for you, do you want to see it?” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“Well I better get going” Bobby said as they both stood up

“I thought maybe we can both show her the surprise..if you’re not busy” Frank said

“No, I’m not busy” Bobby said immediately then they both smiled and walked out of the house to the shed

“Ok, I want you to close your eyes” Frank said and Sophie closed her eyes

“You sure your eyes are closed?” Frank said and Sophie nodded as he smiled. Bobby opened the shed door and smiled. The bike was beautiful. It was pink and purple with a pink helmit on the handle bars

“Ok…you can open your eyes now” Frank said and Sophie opened her eyes. Bobby could see the excitement in Sophies eyes. Sophie was shocked. She never had a bicycle before. She used to see other children riding them and hoped that one day she would get one

“Do you like it?” Frank said and Sophie nodded then she burst into tears

“Oh sweetheart” Frank said and he picked Sophie up and hugged her.

“Are you ok?” Bobby said as she rubbed Sophies back and Sophie nodded


Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme


“Do you want to learn how to ride your bike?” Frank said and Sophie looked at the bike and nodded

“Ok, lets wipe these tears” Bobby said and she took a tissue from her pocket and wiped Sophies face then they all left the shed with Bobby pushing the bike out

“Ok lets put your helmet on first” Frank said and he put the pink helmet on Sophie and fasted it.

“Ok, lets get you on the bike” Frank said as Sophie climbed onto the bike with training wheels. Then slowly he guided her to ride the bike. Bobby sat on the bench and watched as Frank guided his daughter on the bike

“Should I let go?” Frank said and Sophie shook her head fast and he smiled. Bobby loved watching Frank when he was with Sophie. He was such a patient and caring father. Even though she had things to do at the resort, their daughter came first, and she wanted to be here..with her family

“Ok I’m going to let go now” Frank said and he let go of bicycle handle and Sophie started riding slowly by herself as Bobby smiled. She was so proud of her daughter

“Are you ok?” Frank said as he moved out of the way. Sophie nodded. She couldn’t believe that she was riding a bike, her own bike that her dad got for her. Keep riding sweetheart, I’ll be sitting right over there with your mum” Frank said as Sophie continued to ride around the back yard

“You didn a great job Frank, thank you” Bobby said

“You don’t have to thank me, shes my daughter too” Frank said as he kept watching Sophie

“She’s really getting the hang of it now, I can probably take the training wheels off soon” Frank said as he leaned back on the bench to where his back was touching the attached table. As he moved he and Bobby accidently touched hands then they looked at each other as they interlocked their fingers until they were holding hands. They looked at their hands together then they looked at each other and smiled then they looked at their daughter and smiled. Happy to be together like the family they had both always wanted…


Finlay put her closed in the chest of drawers of the spare room and opened the curtains to let some light in. She was just about to walk away from the window when she noticed Sophie riding her bike. Finlay smiled. Sophie was such a sweet girl, and the way Frank doted on her, make Finlay like him even more. Finlay opened the curtain wider and opened the window then she felt her heart drop and her smile began to disappear when she noticed Frank and Bobby sitting next to each other and holding hands. Frank was hers..living here was going to be her chance. She loved him, and she knew that he would love her too, and nothing was going to get in the way of that. She was going to make sure of it..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 519


The next day


Primary school- Summer Bay

Frank parked the car outside the school, and looked through the rear view mirror at Sophie. Since she had been doing so well at school, they had made a deal that today she was going to be a big girl and be in school by herself without her parents. Bobby got out of the car and opened the door and unbuckled Sam from his seat and he picked up his school bag. She kissed him on the head

“See you later sweetheart” Bobby said

“Bye Bobby” Sam said and he ran into the school. Frank unbuckled Sophies belt and she got out of the car. He put her back pack on and kneeled in front of her

“So you got your home work” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“You got your lunch” Frank said and Sophie nodded as Bobby stood next to Frank

“You’re going to be a big girl today and be in class without mummy and daddy” Frank said and Sophie was hesitant then she nodded

“Good girl” Frank said and he hugged Sophie and she squeeze his neck tight as Bobby smiled

“Hi” Bobby and Frank both looked up to see Beth walking towards them

“G’day” Frank said and smiled awkwardly. This was the first time he had seen, or spoken to Beth after they slept together. He was supposed to call her but he hadn’t.

“Hi Sophie” Beth said as Sophie looked at her

“Sophie is going to be a big girl today ,and be in class without her mum and dad” Bobby said as Sophie looked at her. She wanted to be a big girl because she didn’t want to get into trouble

“That is great Sophie” Beth said with a smile then she looked at Frank. He was just as handsome as she remembered from Saturday night when they took their relationship to the next level.

“Ok sweetheart, we’ll see you after school ok” Frank said as he kissed Sophies forehead and she nodded

“Bye sweetheart have a good day ok” Bobby said and she hugged Sophie who looked like she wanted to cry

“Come on Sophie lets go inside” Beth said as she held Sophies hand. Sophie looked at her mum and dad. She didn’t want to go

“Its ok, everything will be ok” Frank said and eventually Sophie nodded

“She’ll be fine..I’ll see you for lunch?” Beth said in a lowered voice as Bobby looked at her

“Sure..but not the diner” Frank said in a lowered voice

“How about I’ll get some sandwiches and we have lunch on the beach, that little spot we found the other day” Beth said in a lowered voice  as Bobby felt her heart breaking. She felt trapped. She knew she shouldn’t be listening to this conversation, but she felt her feet were stuck to the floor

“Ok” Frank said and smiled

“Bye sweetheart” Frank said and he smiled as Sophie and Beth walked away

“Do you want me to give you a lift to the boatshed?” Bobby said

“No its alright, I’ll walk” Frank said and Bobby felt a bit disappointed. Seeing Beth caused frank to have all the feelings of confusion again

“Ok..Ill see you here after school” Bobby said

“Ok..have a good day” Frank said

“Yeah, you too” Bobby said faking a smile then she got into her car and started the engine and and was just about to drive away then she saw her dad

“DAD” Bobby said and Donald walked towards her car

“I thought you would be at the court by now” Bobby said

“Yes that is what I thought, but it appears the case has been adjourned until tomorrow morning” Donald said

“Oh right, the detective came over again last night trying to convince us to let Sophie testify, but Frank said no” Bobby said

“So Frank makes all the decisions?” Donald said

“No, but I agree with him. We don’t want to put Sophie through all that” Bobby said as Donald tried not to roll his eyes

“What about you? I half expected to see you there..at least to see Al finally get his come uppance” Donald said

“I don’t think I want to see him again” Bobby said

“Well I’m not surprised” Donald said as Bobby looked at him

“Anyway, I better get to the diner, I’ll see you later” Bobby said and smiled then she drove away..


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Matt sighed as he parked his car outside the shop. Hearing that the case had been adjourned until tomorrow was annoying, but it also meant he got the chance to spend more time in Summer Bay and surf. Matt got out of the shop, and closed the door and as he walked towards the shop, he noticed the side door open and Carly came out. As Carly walked towards him, he noticed that she had lost a lot of weight and was just like her sister now. Carly put her keys in her bag then she looked up to see Matt and felt her stomach flutter. She didn’t really have anywhere to go, but decided to go to the diner to see if she needed to get anything ready for tonight.

“Hi Carly” Matt said

“Hi” Carly said as she looked at Matt. He looked more handsome than she remembered. She felt embarrassed that he was staring at her because she knew she looked terrible

“Can I give you a lift anywhere?” Matt said

“its ok, I’m just going to the diner” Carly said

“Just give me a second to get some board wax and ill take you there..i wouldn’t mind getting something to eat, I haven’t eaten today” Matt said as he looked at Carly

“ok” Carly said

“Alright, I wont be a minute” Matt said

“Ok” Carly said and smiled as Matt went into the shop..



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“I hope you don’t mind me staying in the house” Finlay said as she helped Pippa with the breakfast dishes

“Of course not. I’m happy that Frank suggested it” Pippa said

“Yeah, I don’t feel safe knowing that there is someone out there breaking into vans” Finlay said

“Yes I know. The quicker he is caught, the quicker we can get back to normal” Pippa said

“I agree…umm since you are off this week, I wanted to know what you wanted me to do..I mean with Christopher” Finlay said


Phone ringing


“Hold that thought” Pippa said and she walked over to the phone

“Hello Caravan Park” Pippa said with a smile then her smile disappeared…


Ross boatshed- Summer Bay

Greg couldn’t concentrate on the engine he was working on. He looked ahead of him to see Maurice working on a car and he looked to his left to see Frank in the shed. Greg sighed. Even though Bobby told him not say anything, he felt like Frank was taking advantage with the Sophie situation. Greg knew that if he was going to be with Bobby that meant Frank would always be in the picture. He had to set some boundaries otherwise things were going to get out of hand. Greg inhaled then exhaled and walked towards the shed

“Frank” Frank looked up to see Greg standing by the entrance of the shed

“We need to talk” Greg said

“About what?” Frank said and he put the pen he was holding behind his ear

“What you said to Bobby the other day about her not being a good mum wasn’t fair” Greg said

“That’s not what I said, and its none of your business” Frank said and he took the pen from behind his ear and continued on with his work

“When its to do with Bobby, it is my business” Greg said

“And when its to do with our daughter, its not your business” Frank said annoyed

“Why don’t you just admit it, you’re just using Sophie to be around Bobby” Greg said and Frank laughed and shook his head and put the pen he was holding on the table and looked at him

“I thought you told me that you already won the prize” Frank said as he got up from his chair and stood in front of Greg

“I have, but I just think we need to set some ground rules like you not coming over whenever you feel like it” Greg said

“Its not your house, and its where my daughter lives” Frank said

“That doesn’t mean you can turn up in the middle of the night” Greg said

“I have that right” Frank said

“No you don’t..and another thing, since Bobby currently is Sophies foster parent, and you’re not, you need to check with us before you make any plans for Sophie.  ” Greg said annoyed and

“Why because you don’t want me and Bobby spending time together with our daughter?” Frank said

“No” Greg said

“Yes it is..you know in your heart that the more time Bobby spends with me, she will realize that she still loves me” Frank said and smiled

“She doesn’t, that’s why shes with me” Greg said

“I don’t think you’re sure of that” Frank said

“RIGHT I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU” Greg said and he pushed Frank

“YEAH WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT” Frank said and he pushed him back as Revhead looked up wondering if he should get involved


“Greg walk away and cool off” Michael said as he got in between them

“WHY SHOULD I WALK AWAY ITS ALL HIS FAULT” Greg said pointing at Frank

“I saw you push him first. Just take an early lunch so everyone can calm down” Michael said and he looked at Greg who looked at Frank annoyed then walked away


Michael turned and looked at Frank who went back to the desk to sit down

“Look Frank, when I gave you this job, I told you I didn’t want any trouble between you and Greg

“As you saw, he pushed me first. For some reason he has the chip on his shoulder. Look I don’t want to cause any trouble, so if you want to fire me that’s ok” Frank said and Michael sighed. Frank had been a huge asset since he began working there. All the accounts were up to date. He didn’t know how he was managing with out him

“No, I need you here. I’ll talk to Greg about this” Michael said and walked away as Frank smiled to himself…


Beach- Summer Bay

Carly rested her chin on her knees as she sat on the sand and watched Matt surf. As she watched him, her mind drifted to when they were together, and she would come to the beach and watch him. He was still as good as he was.


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly watched as Matt got off his board and began to walk to where she was sitting on the beach. He picked up his town from the sand and dried himself then he unzipped his wet suit and took his arms out. He laid the towel on the sand and sat next to Carly

“One of the downfalls of living in the city, there are no beaches” Matt said

“Yeah” Carly said as she looked at Matt open the bag of doughnuts they brought, and he bit into one

“Hmmm they don’t make them like this in the city” Matt said as he chewed his doughnut and drank his chocolate milk. He pointed the doughnut bag to Carly and she shook her head no

“No thanks” Carly said

“I thought you liked these” Matt said and Carly looked at him surprised that he still remembered

“Yeah, but I’m trying to cut back” Carly said as she remembered the times that Ben had called her fat. Matt didn’t respond. He knew how sensitive Carly was about her weight considering her sister was a model. If he was honest with himself, he preferred how she looked before.

“So what time is the case tomorrow?” Carly said

“9 am” Matt said and sighed

“I still cant believe it you know” Matt said

“Believe what?” Carly said

“That Al Simpson killed my brother. I remember when him and Bobbys mum came over to our place and brought a casserole. He even took my dad out a few times to get a drink. He was probably doing all that out of guilt because he knew what he did” Matt said and sighed

“Bobby said she feels really bad about what happened…considering it was her dad” Carly said

“Its not her fault” Matt said and sighed then he looked at Carly

“I’ll understand if you say no, but can you come with me tomorrow…you know for moral support? My family cant handle another court case going wrong” Matt said as Carly looked at him. She felt torn. There was no way that Ben would understand, and if she tried to lie to him, he would find out

“Please Carly…you’re the only one I want to be with me” Matt said as he and Carly stared at each other and Carly sighed

“Ok” Carly said before she realized what she said

“Thanks, I really appreciate it” Matt said and smiled.

“I think I changed my mind about the doughnut” Carly said and Matt smiled and gave her the bag. She took one out and bit into it and closed her eyes as she chewed. She didn’t remember the last time she had anything like this. As she chewed reality began to set it. She couldn’t believe that she just told Matt that she would go with him. She was beginning to regret it already, but didn’t know how she was going let Matt down…


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Bobby stared out of the window. She was thinking about what her dad said earlier about going to the trial of Al Simpson. As far as she was concerned, she said everything that she needed to say at the hospital, and hoped he was found guilty so he would rot in jail


Knock on the door


“Greg I wasn’t expecting to see you now” Bobby said as she looked at her watch

“Yeah, I thought I would come for an early lunch” Greg said as he sat opposite Bobby in the office

“I only had breakfast a few hours ago” Bobby said and smile then she looked at the paperwork on the desk

“I think we need to get a computer, the one at the resort helps me to get my work done quicker” Bobby said then she looked at Greg who was staring at her

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said and Greg sighed


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“I better tell you the truth because Frank’s probably going to tell you anyway” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“Tell me what?” Bobby said concerned

“That we got into a fight, and Michael asked me to walk away and cool off” Greg said and Bobby sighed

“Why Greg?” Bobby said

“He had it coming to him, I just couldnt stand the way he spoke to you the other night” Greg said and he looked at Bobby who got up and walked over to the window then she turned around

“I don’t believe you” Bobby said

“I also told him that since he isn’t really Sophies foster parent, he didn’t have the right to show up when he felt like it or take her out without asking” Greg said and Bobby felt herself getting annoyed

“you don’t have the right to say any of that.. I told you to stay out of it” Bobby said annoyed

“How can I stay out of it when you are my girlfriend” Greg said

“What goes on between me and Frank is none of your business..I told you that” Bobby said

“So I’m supposed to sit back and let him call you a bad mother?” Greg said

“He didn’t say that” Bobby said annoyed

“Why do you always stick up for him?” Greg said

“I’m not” Bobby said

“Yes you are..its like he cant do anything wrong” Greg said frustrated

“I’m not, I’m just telling you that he didn’t call me a bad mother” Bobby said

“Ok what about him turning up whenever he feels like it like he owns the place?” Greg said annoyed

 “He’s Sophies dad, and he has just as much right to her as I do” Bobby said as Greg looked at her and sighed then he shook his head

“:Thats always the excuse isnt it...he's Sophies dad so he can do whatever he likes" Greg said and he shook his head "You know..I’m starting to think that Frank was right..maybe you are still in love with him thats why you won't give him any ground rules, and thats why you drop everything and go running off to be with him and Sophie” Greg said and Bobby stared at him, as she thought about what he just said

“You know that we are trying to be united for Sophie” Bobby said

“And how long is that going to go on for? Everytime I turn around he’s just there” Greg said

“Until she’s settled” Bobby said and Greg shook his head

“You know I just don’t know if any of this is worth it anymore” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“What are you saying?” Bobby said

“I dunno, I just need some space” Greg said and he got up and walked out of the office. Bobby sighed and she sat down on the chair

“Is everything alright” Bobby looked up to see Ailsa at the door

“Yeah..fine” Bobby said and faked a smile.

“I’ve got a bit of a headache..I’m just going to head off home before I go and get the kids from school” Bobby said

“are you sure everything is alright? Ailsa said

“Yeah fine..Ill see you later” Bobby said and faked a smile then she walked out of the diner. Her emotions were all over the place. Seeing Frank and Beth together then having the blue with Greg. She was trying hard not to jeopodize her future with Sam and Greg, but now that future was in jeopody.

“Oh you got to be joking” Bobby said as she got to the car to see another flat tire. The day was already going wrong and now she had another flat tire. She kicked the tire and opened the door and got into the car and slammed the door before a tear could run down her cheek..

Background music ends


Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Frank stared at the water as Beth sat next to him and talked. He could here her, but he wasn’t concentrating on what she said. They were sitting on a bench at the other end of the beach not far from the marina. It was a spot they found while they were walking on the beach one evening. It was secluded and the bench was hidden behind a huge rock

“Sorry did you say something” Frank said after Beth gently touched his arm

 “I said I hope you don’t ham and cheese. You cant go wrong with ham and cheese” Beth said and smiled as she took a small bite out of her sandwich

“Yeah, its fine” Frank said and and smiled as Beth slipped her arm through his and laid her head on his shoulder

“This is such a beautiful view” Beth said and sighed. She never expected to fall in love one month before she was due to end her secondment, but she had.

Frank sighed silently. He knew that being here with Beth was wrong because he didn’t feel the same way about her. There was only one woman he loved and being with Beth, and knowing that it isn’t her was making him feel so guilty. Frank looked at his watch

“I need to get back to work” Frank said and sighed. He really didn’t want to see Greg again

“It’s a shame you only get 30 minutes for lunch” Beth said

“Yeah I know, but this job is only part time” Frank said as he put the sandwich back in the bag, because he hadn’t eaten much of it.

“Anyway, ill see you later” Frank said as he looked at Beth and she smiled then she put her arms around him and they began to kiss then Frank pulled away

“I better go” Frank said and he smiled and walked away. Beth felt her heart beating fast as she walked towards her car. She got into the car, closed the door and smiled. She was in love, and couldn’t wait for a future with Frank. She started the engine, smiled to herself and drove away



Highschool- Summer Bay


Revhead parked his car a little distance away from the school

“So what do you think?” Sandra said

“About what?” Revhead said

“About the present I am going to get for Mrs Stewart for her birthday” Sandra said

“Oh yeah…it sounds good” Revhead said

“Is there something wrong?” Sandra said. She noticed that Maurice had been a bit distant the last few days

“No, nothing” Revhead said

“Have I done anything wrong?” Sandra said

“No, why?” Revhead said confused

“Its just that the last few days you’ve been off with me” Sandra said

“No there is nothing wrong” Revhead said then from the corner of his eye he saw a car slowly pulling up and he turned and sighed

“We have to stop meeting like this” Darryl "Brax" Braxton said as he looked at Revhead then he leaned forward and looked at Sandra

“G’day” Darryl "Brax" Braxton said

“Hi” Sandra said

“You better go, otherwise you’re going to be late for school

“Ok, Ill see you later” Sandra said and she kissed Revhead’s cheek, got out the car and rushed to the school gates

“Bit young for you..but I can see why..shes nice” Darryl "Brax" Braxton said as he watched Sandra run away

“So you’re following me now?” Revhead said

“It’s a feee country” Darryl "Brax" Braxton said

“Brax what do you want?” Revhead said as brax looked at his watch

“Would you look at the time, we have to be somewhere..see you real soon” Darryl "Brax" Braxton said and smiled then the car drove away as Revhead sighed. He had known Brax since they were little. He had lost count how many times they had gotten into trouble together. Since he got out of prison, he wanted to keep that life behind him, and that is what he was going to do Revhead thought to himself then he drove away…




Background music ends



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Finlay opened the chest of drawers and gently ran her fingers over the shirts and t-shirts neatly folded in the draw and took out one of Frank’s t-shirts.  She sat on Franks bed, and felt the t-shirt in her hand then she raised it up to her face and breathed it in. It felt so clean, and just like Frank. She laid back on the bed and hugged the t-shirt around her imagining that it was Frank wrapping his arms around her. Finlay sat up when she heard someone come into the house. She quickly got up from the bed, and pushed the t-shirt in the draw and quickly rushed out of the room and down the stairs


Frank sighed as he closed the door behind him. He looked at his watch, and smiled. He had about half an hour before he went to pick up Sophie from school

“Oh Frank, I’m glad you’re home” Finlay said as she came downstairs and hugged Frank and she smiled as she laid her head on his chest

“Whats the matter?” Frank said

“I thought I heard someone around the back of the house just before you came in the house” Finlay said pretending to be frightened

“I’ll go and check it out” Frank said and he walked out of the house. A few minutes later he returned

“Doesn’t appear to be anyone there. I’ve locked the back door. Lets keep the door locked until we catch the creep doing the break ins

“Its just really scary being in the house by myself” Finlay said and she hugged herself

“Where is Pippa?” Frank said

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you. She got a phone call earlier, her dad is in hospital, so she left with Christopher. She said she will call later on” Finlay said

“Did she say what is wrong with him?” Frank said

“No she didn’t “ Finlay said

“Alright…I’m going to pick up Sophie, I’ll be back soon. If you’re staying in the house keep all the doors locked” Frank said

“Ok” Finlay said and she smiled as she watched Frank walk out of the house and smiled to herself.


Phone ringing


Finlay walked over to the phone

“Hello Caravan Park” Finlay said with a smile then her smile disappeared

“I told you not to call me on this number” Finlay said annoyed…



Summer Bay


Greg sighed as he stopped at the traffic light. He could believe that Greg asked him to go all the way to the Yabbie Creek to pick up parts, but he knew why. It was just an excuse to keep him and Frank apart. He felt like he was the one being punshed even though he didn’t do anything wrong. For some reason Frank could never do anything wrong..not even in Bobby’s eyes. He couldn’t understand why she stuck up from him even though he just walked away from her. Greg sighed and he looked to his left and saw a familiar figure at the bus stop

“FIONA” Fiona looked up to see Greg at the traffic lights

“Hows it going?” Greg said

“Good” Fiona said with a smiled

"Is that car giving you trouble?" Greg said

"No, I just felt like taking the bus today" Fiona said and smiled

“Where you off to?” Greg said

“Just going home” Fiona said

“Well jump in I’ll give you a lift” Greg said

“Are you sure?” Fiona said

“Absolutely…come on before the light turns to green” Greg said and Fiona smiled and rushed over to the truck and got in and closed the door just as the light changed and Greg drove away..




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly tried her key in the door but it wouldn’t open

“That’s strange, the door must be locked fom the inside” Carly said to Matt then she knocked the door and looked through the window. A few moments later Finlay opened the door

“Why was the door locked” Carly said as her and Matt walked into the house

“Frank told me to lock it because I heard someone walking around out back” Finlay said

“Is Frank home?” Carly said

“No you just missed him. Hes gone to pick up Sophie” Finlay said

“Sophie, is that his foster daughter?” Matt said

“Yeah, shes really sweet. This is Finlay, shes Christophers nanny” Carly said

“Hi” Finlay said and smiled at Matt. She thought he was goodlooking, but not as good looking as Frank

“G’day” Matt said

“Is Christopher taking a nap?” Carly said as she looked around

“No. Sorry I should’ve told you. Pippa got a phone call, her dad is in hospital, so she left for the city this morning” Finlay said

“And she didn’t tell anybody?” Carly said

“No, she just said she would call when she gets to the hospital” Finlay said

“Do Frank and Bobby know?” Carly said

“Frank knows. I told him before he left..he said hes coming straight back home to wait for Pippas call” Finlay said

“You can hang around and wait for him if you want” Carly said

“You sure its alright?” Matt said

“Yeah sure” Carly said and smiled.



 Primary School- Summer Bay

Bobby looked at her watch, the school would be finished in a few minutes. She got out of her car and began to walk towards the school.

“Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Frank walking up behind her. She turned around then turned back and began to walk

“Bobby” Frank said and Bobby stopped walking and turned around and looked at Frank. He could tell that Greg had told her about the fight

“So Greg told you we had a blue and now you’re ignoring me” Frank said and Bobby sighed

“Why was you winding him up?” Bobby said

“Me? You only heard one side of the story and suddenly its all my fault?, but that doesn’t matter right now. Pippa’s dad is in hospital” Frank said

“When? What happened?” Bobby said

“I dunno, but Finlay said Pippa got the call this morning and she left with Christopher. Shes going to call so I’m taking Sophie to the house. Ill give her, her dinner” Frank said and for some reason Bobby was feeling jealousy. She wanted to be with Frank and Sophie, but she remembered what Greg said about her always wanting to go off and spend time with frank and Sophie

“Ok” Bobby said and they walked to the school building just as the children started coming out. “Hi Bobby, Hi Uncle Frank” Sam said as he came running out and into Bobby;s arms

“Hello mate” frank said and smiled. He remembered a time when he disliked Sam, now those feelings were going away

“Hello sweetheart, how was school?” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and a few moments later, Beth came out holding Sophies hand

“Hi sweetheart” Frank said and he picked up his daughter and she hugged him

“How was she today?” Bobby said

“Sophie was a big girl, she did all her work, and she even played a little bit a breaktime” Beth said

“Did you do all that?” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“I am so proud of you” Frank said as he hugged his daughter. Bobby looked at Beth. She was looking at Frank and smiling then she put her hand on sophies back like Sophie was her daughter which annoyed Bobby

Frank looked at his watch

“Sal will be out soon, I’ll go around the back and wait for her” Frank said and he walked away

“Ill come with you, I need to go to that building anyway” Beth said and bobby watched as Beth and Frank walked away. From the back they looked like a happy couple which made Bobby jealous. She felt so torn right now. She was jeopodizng her future with Sam and Greg, yet she was starting to feel left out of her daughters life…



Harris Residence- Kiama


“So do things seem any clearer after talking?” Fiona said as she put a beer in front of Greg, and sat opposite him. They had just finished eating a late lunch. Greg drank some of the beer then he shook his head

“I dunno. As long as Frank’s in the picture, I just don’t see a future for us” Greg said and he sighed. He enjoyed Fionas company. She went with him to pick up the parts in the yabbie creek. She was home alone today because her son was spending the night with her mum.

“I feel like I always dump my problems on you” Greg said

“No you’re not. I don’t mind listening. Besides you’re keeping me company since Scott is with my mum” Fiona said and smiled

“I have an idea that will take your mind off everything that’s going on” Fiona said and Greg looked at her curiously

“What?” Greg said as Fiona got up and reached for her bag

“Come on” Fiona said

“Where are we going?” Greg said

“You’ll see..come on” Fiona said and she reached her hand out. Greg looked at her hand then he looked at her and he reached for her hand, got up from the couch and they left the house.




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“I’ve been meaning to get up to the city to see Narelle” Bobby said as she made a fruit salad for a snack for Sophie Sam and Sally

“You’re a mum now, so I know it must get busy” Matt said

“Yeah” Bobby said and smiled then there was an awkwardness in the kitchen

“I’m really sorry, you know about what my dad..I mean Al did” Bobby said

“It wasn’t your fault, and hes not even really your dad anyway” Matt said

“I know but he was at the time..I just feel guilty because I knew Shane, and I know how much it hurt and stuff” Bobby said and Matt smiled

“Thanks” Matt said


“Did the doctors say how long he’s going to be in the hospital for?” Frank said as he sat by the desk and talked to Pippa as Steve walked into the house.

“Steve, Pippas dad is in the hospital, shes gone to the city” Sally said as he walked over to the couch area

“Matt you’re back in town” Steve said and they shook hands.

“Just for the trial” Matt said

“Sorry about all that” Steve said

“Thanks” Matt said as Steve looked at Carly. They didn’t really get on like they used to because she had become really up herself since she got married

“Steve I left some fruit salad in the kitchen if you want some” Bobby said

“No thanks, Ill just go to my room, and do my homework” Steve said as Frank put the phone down

“What did Pippa said?” Carly said

“Well she said her dad was at home then he collapsed. He was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. He;s stable right now” Frank said

“Well at least that’s good news” Bobby said

“When is Pippa coming home?” Sally said as she walked over to the couch area

“Shes going to stay in the city for a few days to be with her mum” Frank said

“I should call reverend Jones and tell him” Bobby said as she went to reach for the phone

“He knows..he’s at the hospital” Frank said

“That’s really sweet the way he drops everything for her..maybe they will get married” Carly said

“Not if I have anything to do with it” Frank said and he walked away to the dining table to check on Sophies homework as Matt, Carly, Steve and Bobby looked at each other…



Roller skating Rink- Kiama


Background music- Roller rink jukebox – Bucks Fizz- The land of make believe



Stars in your eyes, little one
Where do you go to dream
To a place, we all know
The land of make believe



“Are you going to spend all day tying your laces” Fiona said as she looked at Greg

“I don’t know why I let you talk me into this” Greg said as he got up and held onto the side as Fiona smiled. The roller skating rink was half empty.


Shadows, tapping at your window
Ghostly voices whisper will you come and play
Not for all the tea in China
Or the corn in Carolina
Never, never ever
They're running after you babe



Fiona stepped on to the rink and began to skate. She used to love skating as a child. Greg held onto the side and smiled as he watched Fiona skate. He had to admit that she looked stunning as she glided on her skates and the wind blew her hair always from her face.

“You still holding onto the sides?” Fiona said as she stopped in front of Greg

“You should’ve told me that you are an expert” Greg said

“I skated as a child” Fiona said

“You’re great out there” Greg said

“Thanks” Fiona said and smiled

“Come on…take my hand” Fiona said

“I think I’ll stay here and watch thank you” Greg said


Run for the sun, little one
You're an outlaw once again
Time to change, Superman
He'll be with us while he can
In the land of make believe


“Come on, I wont make you fall..I promise” Fiona said as she looked at Greg then he slowly took her hand and they slowly made their way around the rink with Fiona's heart beating fast as she tried to keep herself from falling for him...




Into the blue
You and I
To the circus in the sky
Captain Kids
On the sand
With the treasure close at hand
In the land of make believe


Background music ends



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