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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Couldn't believe it when Dean said Colby had changed.  Come on.  Interesting seeing Ziggy as an outsider of that group but to me doesn't seems as though she fits in.

Once again don't like John at all but given how Marilyn was acting towards him before he had the stroke, I couldn't help feel satisfied that she's effectively being made redundant.

Willow: "Why are you in here? Is this some kind of power move?"
Amber: "What's it gotta do with you?"
Willow: "I'm the manager"
Amber: "You serious.  Some lunatic left you with the keys to this place"

Yep! 😂

I would like to know how long Amber was at John's for.  The impression I got, was that it was all day.  The carers I've known in the UK will have quite a few clients and some clients may have multiple carers.  Have to admit, I did like Amber's reaction when she saw Colby was a cop.


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I think Bella might have been eight when she went missing: Six seems too young given the references to what she and Colby and his friends got up to before she disappeared. I am 99% certain that Dean didn't tell Colby to go: I can remember the conversation they had when Colby first turned back and it was Colby insisting that he had to leave Dean and Jai (Willow mentioned his name, not sure anyone else did until recently) in order to go after Bella.Anyway, a relief to get a break from that because it was getting very deja vu: Dean and Willow browbeated Bella into accepting Colby's role in her father's death, now they seemed to be trying to do the same with Amber over her brother's death.

I nearly said yesterday that I didn't think Willow would be bothered that Amber slept with Dean, so her "And?" was the perfect response.That said, I did think Amber's behaviour towards Mackenzie was a bit too rude. (Then again, Willow, Ziggy and Bella all started off as mouthy troublemakers.Jasmine not so much.) Bella and Nikau...They were inoffensive and maybe even a bit sweet here, but I still find them a rather meh pairing at best.Not sure what their talk about "their generation" was about: Okay, it's a reasonable way to refer to Nikau's uncles, but Willow and Dean are Bella's brother's friends and Nikau's practically the same age as them! Anyway, Willow's "life and soul of the party" bit was pretty good.

Tane just walking out of work without a word because he was on a promise is not a good start. The fact Mackenzie is acting more like she's jealous than like an employer he's let down is also not a good start.

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Again I found Tane Mac and Ari very boring to watch so hopefully this story ends soon and they find something else for these characters to do. Mac never seems to be with Dean much


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I absolutely loathe Marilyn.

I'm glad that Ziggy is so far an outsider of Dean and co's clique, she's worth ten of them!   When the **** hits the fan I hope she's there not letting it drop and they have no-one to blame but themselves,


they can only protect Colby/Bella for so long until it goes tits up and who will be scapegoated?   Angelo?  Ziggy?   Someone else in the show?   A random extra LOL.


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You could be right there Red, memory playing tricks on me  again, I think Colby got a tip off.

Amber can certainly put it away and Willow wasn't far behind her, replay of the night Jasmine, Willow, Colby and Jasmine had a 'party'.   Haven't seen Willow that drunk for a long while - no sympathy for how she felt next morning though.  

To be fair to Amber it has been a long, long time since she knew Willow as the wild one so it would come as a surprise to learn she's the manager and a qualified instructor at a gym! Willow still has trouble getting her head round it and being respectable. Mind you Amber is now a qualified carer so she's come a long way too.   I'd forgotten about the bike Willow roared up into Justin's garage on and that cliched tossing of her long black hair when she took her helmet off.   Be very interesting to see what Amber's reaction would be if Willow decided to tell her she now bats for the other side? 

Amber  doesn't appear to spend all day at John's, depends on how good their local heath authority is and how they are funded which is what it comes down to.  I think I heard her say she had another patient to see. On that point, hope Amber wasn't seeing John - or anyone else for that matter -  first thing after her heavy night out - for one thing she would have been in no fit state to drive to them let alone help them the way she is being paid to. 

What was with Amber's attitude to Mac, absolutely no reason for it.  Her having been out of the loop for so long she wouldn't know who Dean's biological dad is and that Mac is his half sister and how they reconnected. 

Tane showing his real colours there and what Ari  had said about him and women hadn't been an exaggeration.  Really though first night on the job and he walks off because Amber gives him the green light.:rolleyes:  That's how I felt about Mac's reaction,  but she's seen for herself now - he couldn't even remember Amber's name - and apart from some flirting nothing happened between them so no way could they be called an item even a casual pairing. Wonder if Amber remembered his name? :D

I think Bella is good for Nikau  - was her first day at TAFE from what she said the day before. She makes him happy and so good to see him smiling and laughing, he's even getting on better with Ari which has to be a god thing.  Gemma has bought up well as he can cook and looked like he went to a lot of trouble with that meal for Bella.  Don't blame either of them for getting out when Tane brought Amber back, neither of them seemed bothered about the din they were making.  Rather sweet of Nik to walk Bella home and he is respecting her wishes to take it slow.  Bella, though, went from one  noisy situation to another thanks to Willow and co. I was under the impression Nik was only 19/20/21 whereas Willow, Dean are in their late 20's so not exactly in the same age bracket,  though Ziggy is only 22. 

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Part of me was hoping for Willow to be more out of shape when Amber told her about sleeping with Dean.

Wasn't sure what to make of Amber and Tane.  I assume she and Willow had been drinking quite a while.  She was pretty drunk and presumably Tane was sober as he was at work  and took her home, although I do think Amber had a higher tolerance than Willow judging by the next morning.

Mackenzie's face when Amber came out of Tane's room and her reaction seeing them chatting the next morning was wonderful.  Jealous much!

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Nikau should have taken Bella at her word instead of spending the day panicking that she didn't like the date.She possibly would have liked the picnic if it had actually had some food she liked rather than fancy stuff. (She'd probably have preferred pizza!) Going out in a rowing boat...not so much. It seemed a bit out of character for Ryder to try and put the blame on Nikau in order to justify him being pushed in the water, because otherwise he was just trying to help out.I seem to remember Ari said Nikau was 25 when they first turned up, although I do wonder if the show's forgotten that (or indeed if they've forgotten him hooking up with Jade now he's suddenly awkward around girls), whereas I think Dean and Willow are about 26/27.

The Mackenzie/Tane situation is an odd one.Despite his initial stuff-up, Tane does seem to be trying to make the job work, whereas Mackenzie seemed to be snapping at him out of jealousy and then flaunting Ari in front of him, although I do think she likes Ari as well.It was good to see Bella involved too and providing a very good confidante.

Justin has to go outside what he's comfortable with again to help out others, although it wasn't too big an ask.I do think Irene's overreacting: I can understand she's worried about Jasmine but she knows she's safe and well and being looked after so..?

I take it we're meant to assume Evan's dead even though no-one actually said so.It's a shame that's probably Bella and Nikau used up their episodes because Ryder could do with some friends to support him next episode.

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