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  2. Sophie's enjoying her holiday in America.
  3. Loving the Diggy scenes! Can't believe I am saying this, but I actually enjoyed some of the Robbo/Tori/Jasmine scenes.
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  5. ''Diggy'' should clearly be the shows new IT super couple IMO. It just works, the potential is there and their fun interaction with each other is hilarious. Their sexual attraction to each other is obviously hot and intense and their emotional chemistry is obvious. Sophie and Patrick just own it in their scenes together.
  6. Another cute baby Sophie picture that she's posted. Paddy O'Connors reply to her post is hilarious!
  7. Colleen was fun, where as the other three can be fun, but are also more serious. You needed a character to provide a bit of light relief and Colleen sure was that and she definitely had charisma. Colleen was nosey, but the other three take it to extremes when it comes to always being in other peoples business and then they suddenly want privacy when something happens in their private lives. Leah is guilty of this all the time in particular, no wonder she's cursed.... I prefer John to Marilyn, at least he doesn't pretend he's a saint...
  8. Hopefully now the Producers/Writers know that the ''Diggy'' pairing has taken off and become very popular due to the characters intense and hot emotional/sexual chemistry and also the fantastic on screen partnership between Sophie/Patrick that whilst it won't all be plain sailing obviously as relationships are obviously aren't that straight forward that whatever drama is thrown their way they try their best to stick together through it all. I feel as if the show could be onto something special with this coupling as their dynamic is just so fun and I definitely want no cheating.
  9. It sure was helpful, thank you!
  10. I only started watching the show again a few weeks after the reveal of Brody/Simone's affair and of course I really felt for Ziggy. I just wanted to know if anyone can give me a summary of what the episodes after the initial reveal were like please? I can't find any clips etc on the net obviously, which I am guessing is due to copyright reasons that the broadcasters are obviously clamping down on various sites.
  11. I really miss Colleen Smart. She was always my favourite out of the iconic, older group of characters. She could be funny, she could be sassy and she could be serious and also Smart (pardon the pun). Lyn Collingwood's sense of Comic timing was hilarious and she could do the serious stuff too. I really miss her lighter presence.
  12. Leah is truly the black widow of the bay! She's cursed and has no good luck, her love interests either end up dead, cheat on her, leave or have no bad luck themselves after getting involved with her. I'd run a mile. Going back to the original question Vinnie was the love of Leah's life. That era was iconic H&A for me and Ada/Ryan had electric on screen chemistry. Other than that only Dan comes close because Ada/Tim worked fantastic and I also enjoyed their work with Holly Brisley. I enjoyed Amanda's vicious put downs of Leah at the time when they couldn't stand each other before Amanda changed her ways and the Belle drama etc happened.
  13. I prefer Bella to Raffy. Josh West was one of the shows best and most controversial villains, he was horrible and didn't care what others thought until it caught up with him in the end. I did love his relationship with Amanda Vale too until he cheated on her and Project 56 obviously didn't happen. Marilyn's fab, but she's a bit too sickly sweet for my liking. Sometimes it's overkill.
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