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  1. Paddy's post on Instagram. Sophie is so beautiful!
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  3. Each to their own. I can't stand them now, they just bore me despite having liked them together previously. Leah for me is such a pointless character now, yes she's iconic and I was a big fan of her back in the day, but she could leave tomorrow and I wouldn't even bat an eye lid. And I find Justin really irritating now and he's being written really bad currently IMO.
  4. I still can't stand Justin and Leah. I much prefer Robbo and Jasmine. Ryder is overrated and an utter dullard of a character. I still like Bella. I still haven't warmed to Mac.
  5. https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/home-and-away/a29719660/home-and-away-sophie-dillman-patrick-o-connor-relationship-ziggy-dean/ Love this!
  6. I'm glad there is some drama for Ziggy/Dean soon after a happy spell, it can't always be plain sailing for them, but their chemistry gets hotter every episode.
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  8. I hope Coco comes back soon. I hope Ziggy puts herself first for once soon instead of tending to everyone elses needs. I'm actually preferring Jasmine/Robbo to Justin/Leah currently. The whole Jasmine/Robbo/Tori/Justin/Leah etc storyline still bores me and the characters involved, it's dragging the show down.
  9. I agree that depression just doesn't go away, you can seek help and hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel for Ben and I do sympathise with him, but I thought he was really rude to Maggie today! She's struggling to in terms of what to do about trying to help her Husband because she loves him and cares for him and everytime she tries to do something he just snaps at her like everything she does or says is wrong, so I do feel for her in that sense, plus she is trying to keep the family afloat financially, emotionally and she also needs someone to turn to and to confide in about her worries and about what to do in terms about trying to help Ben. I get that he doesn't want to be pitied, but I did really feel for Maggie today and to be honest I was more on her side.
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