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  1. I don't get the Ryder hype...
  2. Sophie and Patrick! I'm loving Ziggy being in a more supportive role to her family and Dean recently, plus interacting with other characters, but I hope she gets some drama of her own soon. It's nice seeing her happy though, but it doesn't last long in soaps... More of Paddy's pics, ha ha!
  3. I like them all, they're all interesting and complex Ziggy is my favourite. I think she's a good feisty, vulnerable, fun character. I love the pairing of her and Dean too, the characters work so well together and their emotional/sexual chemistry is hot. Sophie/Patrick work amazing together also. I also fancy Sophie/Ziggy too, ha ha. By default I chose Ben as my least favourite.
  4. RIP Ben Unwin and thoughts with his loved ones at this sad and heartbreaking time, it's so distressing that he saw suicide as the only way out. Ben was a good Actor and I liked Jesse when he was in the show.
  5. Yes. I like that about Maggie too. She's a fantastic Principal, she's respected in the community, she's intelligent and well liked, she's a Mother, Wife and I like that she isn't stereotyped into just filling the Mother hen role by the show. Ben is very family orientated, he's got a stubbornness and temper to him, but he is also well respected and liked by the family and is also career focused too. The Astoni's have definitely been given a lot to do, but it's not been at full throttle unlike the Morgan's, who I think have had a lot thrown at them and sometimes TPTB end up over exhausting the characters and their popularity dwindles because of it or story telling, writing decisions or choices etc.
  6. Who is it? Mine are the Astoni's. I find them very interesting, likeable, complex, grounded, intriguing and charismatic characters. Ziggy is my favourite, but Ben and Maggie are great too and I hope Coco pops back soon and stays longer, she's fab. I hope some more family members are introduced at some point. Their family scenes are fantastic and I love the on screen rapport Sophie/Anna has with Kestie and Rohan.
  7. Jasmine, Robbo, Tori, Leah, Justin. Yawn. Bore off.
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  10. None. Vinnie was the love of her life, but she and Dan really did love each other too.
  11. John is my favourite of the older characters.
  12. Update: 1) Ziggy 2) Dean 3) Colby 4) Bella 5) Maggie. Special Mention for Willow and Ben, who just miss out. Least Favourite 1) Mac- Vile, fake, unlikeable. I liked her initially, can't take to her now. 2) Jasmine- Well acted, but the repetitive scenes/storyline with Robbo and Tori make me zone out, it's going around in circles 3) Robbo- Same reasons as Jasmine 4) Marilyn (Too sickly sweet for my liking with the constant innocent butter wouldn't melt routine, it grates on me) 5) Leah (Same reason as Marilyn).
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