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  1. Mac is friends with Ziggy. I like their friendship a lot, it feels natural and not forced, maybe it's because Sophie/Emily socialise a lot IRL and get on so well that their scenes just to me come across that way. I like Mac/Ari together too.
  2. I think Tori's character has run her course and hope she leaves next year. Penny McNamee is lovely though. I like most of the divisive characters... Ziggy, Dean, Bella, Jasmine, John. I find them more complex, entertaining, fun, interesting and intriguing to watch. Ryder is extremely overrated and so bloody irritating/dull. I much prefer Nikau. Justin is slightly more tolerable when he isn't around Leah or Tori, gawd I loathe those two harridans. I'm liking Dr Green already, he has chemistry with Tori, she deserves some happiness, but I hope she doesn't bring down his character. Jasmine deserves some happiness, hint hint. I hope 2021 will be a big year for Willow. Sarah Roberts is so underrated and I am loving Willow/Ziggy's friendship. The writing for Mac is so inconsistent, one minute I like her, next I don't or not sure, but again loving her friendship with Ziggy and I much prefer her away from Dean even though they're siblings. Hoping the show mixes the character interactions next year. I'm bored of seeing the same characters interact with one another, the show needs to give some cast members, who rarely get the chance to work together the chance to work together more, but with a logical reason in terms of the storylines. For example i'd love to see Jasmine interact with Ziggy Justin with Ari Leah with Mac.
  3. I loved Jasmine/Robbo together. Sam/Jake worked so fantastic together, loved the complex, fun, dynamic, interesting, divisive dynamic between the two characters.
  4. In the scenes that Sam Frost has with Penny, James and Ada I actually think she's been out acting them. Sam has been amazing and Jasmine is one of my favourite characters, she's complex, flawed and what I like about her is that she's fun and what you see is what you get, she isn't holier than thou.
  5. I liked Diggy together a lot, but I will enjoy seeing them apart now. It'll be interesting! https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/home-and-away/a34413934/home-and-away-spoilers-sophie-dillman-ziggy-dean-split/
  6. Sophie is such a beautiful soul https://www.instagram.com/p/CGgNPQcpwka/
  7. I'm sure the Actress who plays her is lovely, plays her well and I think it's a shame if she's getting stick from some fans, who can't separate fiction from reality. The character of Amber to me just comes across as vile, nasty, bitter, shallow, unlikeable, there is nothing redeemable so far if the show is keeping her around for a while, there is no depth there. If they're going for a bad girl to good girl arc and we're meant to like her eventually well I don't. I still think there will be a twist and that Jai will turn out not to be Dean's and it'll be too late for Dean in terms of trying to get back with Ziggy.
  8. Can you vote on the poll please? I've just set one up.. I was working out how to do it! I like them all, they're all complex and have their different flaws, personality traits. Ari is definitely my favourite though.
  9. No it's not. I am not offending anyone, just stated my opinion about the fictional character. How is that offensive? I've not been rude to anyone, mentioned anyones name or intending to. Is it a rule on here then that Leah must not be criticised on here then or any of the longer term cast? No it's not. Characters are allowed to be criticized as long as we all agree to disagree if we differ on opinions and keep polite. But it seems to me on here that there is exception when the long term, iconic characters are called out for some of their behaviour, but the younger characters are fair game to be criticized, it's like double standards.
  10. Leah takes this title by a landslide. Most of the Men she's been with have had a lucky escape, she's vile and insufferable. Truly the black widow of the Bay.
  11. I still like Colby. I still like Bella. I like John I like the Parata's. I cannot stand Tori, Justin, Leah and Marilyn. Irene is the best of the older cast. I much prefer watching the younger cast. Willow's friendship with Ziggy is better than the one she has with Jasmine. Jasmine would be so better if she was away from Tori/Justin/Leah etc, they drag her down and I think she would be so much fun with the younger cast. I don't care about Ryder or his storyline. Mac/Ari are better for the longer term.
  12. I'm loving Mac and Ziggy's friendship, although I like Ziggy's friendship with Willow the best. I prefer Willow's friendship with Ziggy to the one she has with Jasmine. I wish Jasmine/Ziggy had more scenes together. I prefer Jasmine away from Tori/Justin/Leah and feel like they drag her down. Jasmine would be so much more fun with the younger crowd.
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