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I'm not Justin's biggest fan but I didn't like the way he was made out to be the bad guy just because he was understandably pleased (Although he didn't show it, I would go as far as saying over the moon) that crazy Jasmine did a runner.  He warned them from the beginning (when Jasmine started to get possessive and obsessive) that this probably wouldn't end well but because Tori didn't want to hurt Jasmine's feelings, she allowed her to have a significant part of Grace's life.  Given how Jasmine has acted I don't blame him.  Was disappointed with Leah.  I bet Marilyn must be pleased Jasmine has gone as she couldn't get to spend as much time with Grace when Jasmine was around.

To repeat what I mentioned previously, Tane is as dodgy as ****.  I would like to know what he did exactly to get the money to pay the rent.  I mean, how far is he prepared to go?  It's amusing seeing how Mackenzie has to fight the attraction she has to Tane anytime she's in close proximity to him.  As I said before, I do find it funny when Tane tries to hit on her.  I don't mind it as a joke however, I think she is a good influence on Ari and he seems a little bit milder with her so it would be a shame if Tane was to ruin that (especially considering that aren't at war with each other at the moment) and Ari will go back to being angry most of the time.

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Bits of that were hilarious.There wasn't really any reason for Ryder to be in this episode (other than contractual obligation) but everything sparkled, from his dirty looks and wry comments to Mackenzie, to his attempts at workplace banter with a bemused Tane, to the oddly heartfelt moment where Mackenzie snapped at him and then realised he's worried about Evan and apologised.Same with the brilliant sibling relationship between Mackenzie and Dean, with him clearly wishing he was anywhere else as she monologued about Ari and Tane.I don't think Mackenzie's done anything wrong here, she hasn't actually acted on her attraction and helping Tane out does help Ari and Nikau out.

I'm confused at the way John and Marilyn were portrayed.Marilyn does talk of having a fresh start once John has a carer but otherwise it seemed like business as usual.(Well, she's got experience of fresh starts: She's been married just as many times as Leah, and all her husbands are still alive.) I'm cautiously appreciative of Amber. I wouldn't like someone stopping me eating muffins, but brusque and no-nonsense may be exactly what John needs.It's just a shame that she happened to misread the situation and mention a touchy subject.And she knows Dean! He can't be too offended at her assuming he'll sleep with her, since he did exactly the same with Willow when he turned up and found her dating Justin.And he didn't give her advance warning either...

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Although not exactly all light and fluffy it was good to get a less heavy storyline after Jasmine who most of us know isn't crazy.  

I think we can attribute Mac's snapping at Ryder down to her 'secret' over Tane.  He's got her all of a fluster and she's a level headed business woman.   The look on Dean's face when she 'confessed' - definitely a case I don't want to be here.😱 No she hasn't done anything wrong, just because you are with someone doesn't mean you can't fancy someone else as long as you don't act on it.  There is a saying 'you can look at a menu but you don't have to eat'.  Is having Tane near, although it would be helping Ari and Nik really a good idea?  Problem is I think Tane knows she fancies him and is teasing to see how far he can push it.  He clearly hasn't done any proper jobs - all casual and cash in hand - via friends and friends of friends.  He can't serve any alcoholic drinks, he has no experience at waiting on tables, not a chef.  Didn't seem to bother him a man 10(?) years younger than him had more going for him. Not  a lot left, clearing tables, pot washing, or is it more loading dishwasher, shame they stopped the pizza delivery service.  I actually don't think Tane has got into anything really dodgy yet and he was having doubts over Snowy's message about 'one more job' yeah right.

Naturally Dean confided in Ziggy what Mac had told him and was her comment about women falling for bad guys meant to be serious - pot, kettle love.  She  did clarify it by saying he was very bad. Nice little mention of Maggie and Ben getting drunk at vineyards.  I know her warning Dean that if he ran out on her she'd drag him back and tie him to the bed was a joke, but now Amber an ex girlfriend or close, very close friend has pitched up.   Dean very quickly told her he was waiting for his girlfriend so I'd introduce them pronto. 

Hadn't John been moaning his previous wanna be carers had been too fawning and wishy washy, now when he gets one aka Amber with some gumption and who didn't just let him sit there he doesn't like that.  But  although John can be  a stubborn git he  has had his confidence knocked.  I actually think she will be good for him, she did have him on his feet, which he had been, briefly,  at Maggie & Ben's leaving do with little help from Ben and Justin.  I'm sure he did take a couple of steps towards her too but didn't realise it.  Is she going to be a live in carer?

Seems Amber also knows Colby going by the hello punch she gives him!  Not his week is it, scratched by one woman and punched by another. 🤣   

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Given how most of the episodes this week have revolved around crazy Jasmine, it was good to have something different.

I found the scenes with Tane and Mackenzie, really funny.  The best thing was the reactions of the bystanders such as Ryder, Dean and Ziggy.  Mackenzie really needs to watch herself though as it's starting to become quite obvious that she likes Tane.  I mean, even Tane asked what the logic behind her hiring him was.  I did really like Ryder's sus looks especially considering she wasn't even looking for staff and Dean initially asking about why she was overreacting to Tane declining her job offer (Where you'd thought he rejected going out on a date with her).  Also, liked  the way Dean and Ziggy were talking about it after Mackenzie admitted she liked Tane.  Tane showed just how much he likes Mackenzie as there was no reason for him to accept her job offer when another opportunity for him to make a lot more money came through.  Not sure I agree with Dean that Ari would absolutely take Tane in a fight.

As it's only been one episode, I'm going to reserve judgement of John's carer.  Don't get me wrong, it's good to see someone put John in his place but it was the first time she met him and she seemed to lack patience and empathy which I feel is a prerequisite for stroke sufferers.  Maybe, she had prior information about how difficult John is and decided to immediately adopt a different approach.  Her scene at the end with Dean was interesting.  I guess Ryder is going to turn into the bar man who people confide in.

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Alf's episode count:Suspended. I guess this is why he appeared in a lot of episodes in a short space of time!

So, right on the back of Colby giving Bella another lecture to stay away from the Paratas, we get another reminder that he is the family she should be staying clear of.Amber gives him the same greeting Willow did when he showed up, and for pretty much the same reason.He tries and makes out it's not as simple as him leaving her brother to die but, actually, yeah, it is exactly that simple.He might justify it in his head by saying he had to look for Bella, but given that he was no further along eight or so years later, that's a feeble excuse at best.Sadly, if she's sticking around, I suspect she'll fall in line with regards Saint Colby like Willow and Dean have. Nice to get a bit of Ryder and Bella together and I like the idea of them being TAFE car poolers, even if we probably won't see much of it. Hadn't Bella already been referred to as attending TAFE? I'm sure she was doing an assignment at one point.How much does she know about Jai? I seem to remember she simply referred to him as "the other one" or something similar when she first turned up, which doesn't quite match her familiarity with Amber here.

It looks as though Amber has learned the way to Grumpy John's heart: Gossip! He loves being in the thick of the drama.It was kind of good she confided in him, and she seems to have made enough chinks in his armour for him to double-team Leah with her.I kind of enjoyed the sheer chutzpah of him stubbornly insisting on giving Ziggy the credit for something Dean did, in a "It's John" kind of way.

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7 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

I kind of enjoyed the sheer chutzpah of him stubbornly insisting on giving Ziggy the credit for something Dean did, in a "It's John" kind of way.

I did find that funny. Also found it strangely satisfying that they acknowledged it was the first time Dean had set foot in that house (presuming it actually was and there wasn't a previous occasion that's been forgotten) - with John's first reaction being to warn Dean not to touch anything 😄

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Speaking as someone who has carers I remember those days before life got boring Anyway I'm not sure about Amber's approach haha Clever way to write Into the story though. 

It's a shame she's mostly going to be with the group of characters I don't like though. 

What esle Tori is a bit dim not expecting Jasmine to kick off  after going though a hosptail plan and then taking a AVO out on her

I'm not bothered about Tane or Ari Mac their quite boring 

But I don't know why Colby didn't stop Gemmas passport especially when she didn't give her fingerprints


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