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2020 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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I actually really enjoyed parts of that episode.

I have to admit, Amber aint bad looking at all.  Would definitely smash it.  I don't like the fact that she's a tease though.

Tane seemed very at home at that club.

Mackenzie wreaked of the Green eyed monster throughout most of that episode.  The promo made Amber throwing the punch a lot worse than it was as it didn't show Mackenzie push her first.  Not that I'm justifying it but at least it wasn't a case of Amber just hitting someone after saying she didn't like her which was what I originally thought.  I can definitely see Mackenzie not liking Amber considering Amber was rude to her when they first met but they were at a night club and Mackenzie was complaining about everything Amber was doing (Even Ziggy thought she was going a bit too far).  If Willow had been in Amber's position then she wouldn't have had a problem if Tane defended her like that.  Again I don't like how Amber conducted herself dancing against that guy then complaining when he put his hands on her.

I think Ziggy is a lot tougher than Mackenzie and I reckon if that punch had hit Mackenzie she would have been on the floor.  So add Amber and Willow to the list of people who know she likes Tane.  That scene the morning after when Amber called Mackenzie out about it was hilarious although I didn't like the way Amber was gloating when she saw Ziggy's black eye.  I also really liked the way Ziggy was there as a bystander.  Firstly in the club when Tane spoke to Mackenzie and Ziggy half acknowledged him after and when Mackenzie confided in Ziggy the next morning.  This isn't going to end well.

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Evan would have most likely been cremated and set free over jump rock backed with some of Daddo's music (Yes, Red, I see you rolling your eyes 😁)

But burying him upstate makes more sense.

Not excusing Amber but you'd think Ziggy woulda taken dodging lessons from Tane who made a fool out of that guy!😁 

"Which way did I go?" "Hit me if you can!" "Now you're embarrassing yourself, Brah." 🤣🤣

(Parata dialogue writes itself)

I'm in super-mode tonight😁


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Kind of felt like a bit of a filler episode, with a rather small cast consisting mostly of minor players.Dean and Ziggy's rather desperate attempts to save Mackenzie from herself while combatting the effects of hangovers and trying not to get on Ari's bad side were at least quietly amusing.Mackenzie is not doing well at resisting temptation but being honest with Ari might help.

Why was Nikau pretending that Ziggy's older than him? It feels like the show really doesn't want us to notice how much older than Bella he is.(Then again, the show has always tended to place Ziggy in the wrong age group, eg pairing her up with Brody even though she was younger than Mason.)It makes sense that Nikau would want to avoid Colby (no mention of the fact that he doesn't really need to try very hard to pin something on him...), and I'm not sure he really needed Ari putting the fear into him.His chat about traditions with Bella was nice and it's not very often that she's allowed to say something even vaguely positive about her own father.We finally get to see their reaction to the news of Evan's death and Ryder's out of town...

CURS: Why did we have to see so much of Ryder helping Nikau set up the date? There was no mention of it in the episode. (See also Monday's episode making us sit through Marilyn meeting Amber, who then isn't seen or mentioned.)

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It's no wonder nowadays that guys get accused of inappropriate behaviour when girls like Amber are giving them mixed messages - "it's OK for me to feel you up and rub my body up against you but don't dare touch me".  Was it done so Tane would step in and 'defend' her?   A lot of pushing and shoving between Mac and Amber!  Bit of  cliche with Willow saying "It's Amber, that's the way she's always been".:rolleyes:  She's not a teenager anymore and OK she has a responsible job but Willow has managed to tone her behaviour down while still having fun.  

Mac has resisted temptation, so far,  in that she hasn't followed up on her crush/lust. I think she doesn't really want to go there, it's just the excitement of the thought of it and if Tane did make a move she'd back off.   Amusing the way Ziggy explained to Dean on how she got a black eye, caught a punch meant for Mac. :D  Neither of them did a very good job of dodging Ari's perfectly reasonable questions, just aroused his interest in why they were being so odd around him.  Then of course he overhears that conversation.   Someone mentioned Tane being 'with' Mac, Willow, Amber and Ziggy at the club, but he wasn't, he just happened to turn up at the same place. 

My own error spotted - Ziggy hadn't just twigged about Mac's crush - Dean had already told her. 

Pretty sure I heard Mac tell Tane to go home earlier - and we all know why -  but he was still there later when they had their chat. :unsure:  

Perhaps that clip of Ryder having fun and a laugh was to tie in with Bella finding out he had gone to his dad's funeral and she admitted she had no idea Evan had even died, it was that same day after all, though it was short notice Ryder had  gone to the funeral, he only decided that morning.  Nice that her and Nik rang Ryder, even if it was a one sided conversation.  

Might be splitting hairs but Ziggy is older than Nikau even if it is only by  a year.  The three years between him and Bella isn't as much of an issue than it would be if she was younger but she is 18 so an adult. There were six years between Ziggy and Brody. 

Some don't but I like Nik and Bella together, they both seem so happy in each other's company, she's relaxed because she can trust him not to overstep the boundary and he just likes being with her - she called him my boyfriend.:wub:  That was beautiful Nik explaining the Maori traditions and their belief in the gods of the sea, sky and earth  and how his dad used to take him fishing and followed the tradition of throwing the first fish back.   Bella kept her experiences with Ross vague about from the learning to use a cross bow to kill game.   She nearly used it to kill Colby when they first saw each other again!

Maybe Ari was being over cautious but at least Nik didn't jump down his throat which he would have done a few months ago.  Bella is, as said before, an adult now and even in fact instigated the evening knowing Dean would be out, Colby would be at work and Ziggy had crashed out for the night, so In fact technically they wouldn't be alone.  

:offtopic:Tane is the Maori god of forests and birds. 



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Starting to feel a bit sorry for Ari.  He's obviously going to get hurt.  Whilst I liked Tane hitting on Mackenzie before, he will be fine without her and won't have an issue getting another girl.  Ari is obviously quite into Mackenzie and it will probably hit him hard if she got with Tane.  The way Ari was with Ziggy, the anger is still there though (I think he didn't go overboard because she's female).

Bella and Nikau seem to be getting closer and closer.  I'm sure it's not going to be very long until Tommy is a distant memory.

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Alf's episode count this week:Four.Justin was also in four, although he wasn't credited on Wednesday so that scene was probably moved from Tuesday.And yes, we finally got a week where all the regulars appeared! Not that they appeared much: Only Irene, Marilyn, Roo and Mackenzie got three episodes.

I'm continuing to hold out hope that nothing's going to happen between Mackenzie and Tane, while suspecting this wouldn't have been introduced and dragged out so long if it wasn't leading somewhere.Or, being optimistic, maybe it was leading to what we saw here, Mackenzie challenging Ari to commit to her, because I do think that's what she wants.

And Marilyn finds someone else to look after her.She's never really grown up and no-one's ever really let her.Among my many other problems with this development is that it's very much a backward step (but not as backward as her moving in with Irene and opening a salon in the Diner, which gets suggested occasionally). Before Marilyn married John, she was a pointless character, just there to add an extra body to scenes at the caravan park hour or the Diner.And now she's right back there, and I'm back to thinking that if no-one's actually got a plan for the character then she shouldn't be on the show.I remain bewildered that such a surefire winner of an idea as John and Marilyn becoming foster parents got messed up so badly.

Again, according to the age we've been given on-screen, Nikau is three years older than Ziggy and 7-8 years older than Bella. Maybe that was a mistake, but it's a mistake that no-one seems to want to correct.The problem with him and Colby clashing is that they're both right. Nikau did steal Tori's car and put Grace in danger (however inadvertently) and has basically got away with it: Maybe it was a one-off but it doesn't give a favourable impression and he does seem to want to cut and run whenever there's trouble. But as Dean and Bella point out, Colby has done a lot worse and got away with it, more than once, so isn't in a position to judge. Which leads us to that cliffhanger, with the literal skeleton in Colby's past being unearthed. I would love to see everything unravel for him, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he still got away with it, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Oh yes, and this episode Irene and Bella were actually in the same room, and must have seen each other, yet still don't talk! I think either that letter is going to resurface at an inopportune moment or the showmakers have actually forgotten about it.

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Good to see Alf back and giving us an update on the funeral and what Ryder and Roo are up to, arranging a tribute do for Evan sounds right, it'll give Ryder more chance to get to know his dad's friends.  

OK after hearing that conversation Mac didn't really have much choice but to tell Ari what had been going on - or rather not going on - better that than Amber gleefully telling him nor him overhearing others talking about it. She was as honest with Ari as she could be as regards her 'feelings' for Tane considering she's not sure of them herself. Mac was right in a way her and Ari had started off as casual and neither of them have suggested to the other to make it  a more serious relationship.  So after listening to good advice about fighting for him she told Ari it was him she wanted, maybe then her crush was a good thing as it helped her decide which Parata brother she did want to be with. 

What's a mic - oh you mean a mike.

Nikau just doesn't come across as someone who is supposed to be in his mid 20's, 21 is definitely more like it which is what I've read he is on another source.  It would also make sense the way Ari and Tane  treat him as well as Gemma did, OK I'll let that go, mum's mostly  still treat their grown up offspring as kids.  It was the way Colby addressed him too when talking about the hI-jack , implying he wasn't much younger when he had his car incident so made the choice, rightly or wrongly to let it go.  There seems to be a phrase creeping into a lot of soaps - the "Don't make me choose" one - Bella being the latest one to use it.  Colby does have some say, the flat is his so can decide who he wants in it, never mind that Bella is 18, but I'm glad he decided to trust her judgement but not without giving that old age warning to Nik not to hurt her.  

Marilyn, to be fair to her, did keep it quite she had left the marital home, Alf learnt that from John,  and was staying in the motel.  It was Alf himself who decided she should move into his house, is she going to have Leah's old room?  Talking of whom, wasn't her moving into Alf's meant to be temporary but turned into years, now she's moved into the Morgan's, seems a long time since she lived in her own place. 

That was quite a change of direction with that last scene of the police finding Ross' body, what prompted that - was the site where he was buried being excavated as a building plot and the digger disturbed his remains? No spoiler, as we saw him in the trailer, Angelo has returned and who is now a detective. We also saw him deliver the 'bad' news to Colby and Bella. As far as I can recall the only people who would remember him from last time is Alf, Irene, Marilyn and Leah. Have I missed anyone?  Of course the discovery is going have repercussions for at least four folk in the bay. 

I must have blinked and missed Bella and Irene being in the same place.:D

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On ‎06‎/‎09‎/‎2020 at 15:29, H&Alover said:

Have I missed anyone?

John and Roo: Roo even shared a house with him! (Those are the six you always have to look at, unless it's someone from a really really long time ago.)

Oh dear. Amber was doing so well, but by the end of the episode she's well on the way to being a fully paid-up member of the Saint Colby Fan Club. Not for the first time, Bella badgers someone with a complete bogus argument about how Colby doing the wrong thing was somehow him doing the right thing and inexplicably they fall for it: Last time was with Chelsea, and she certainly lived to regret not trusting her immediate instinct as to what Colby was. The episode presents it as Colby choosing to save Bella instead of Jai, when in effect he chose to save no-one, or rather he chose to leave Dean and Jai for dead because there was a million to one chance he could catch Ross' car on foot. But hey, at least Colby's apparent victory was just setting him up for the reveal that the other death he thought he'd got away with causing has suddenly come back to bite him. Sergeant Cooper: Is he meant to be McCarthy's replacement then? Might be for the best, given McCarthy's tendency to swallow Colby's **** and bull. Ironically, the actor was last seen as one of the heads of the infamous people smuggling operation.(Doubly ironically given that Angelo, the man who arrested him, is on his way back to town!)

Ziggy getting her divorce certificate felt like a bit of a nothing storyline but I guess it served a similar function to have Dean looking positive about the future only to be reminded he could be up as an accessory to murder.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Marilyn ends up staying on with the Stewarts but at least she's making some effort to look for a place of her own rather than just falling back into old patterns.And I'm glad she admitted to John that her behaviour changed after the siege, rather than trying to blame it on him for mistrusting the Paratas.

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