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I would have liked a bit more of Bella and Ryder together but hey, quality not quantity, and he had his hands full with Nikau for most of the episode.And Roo made a decent substitute: She's usually good at handling Bella and actually had a normal teenage girl problem to deal with for once.When she said she was so nervous she threw up on a boy when she was Bella's age, pretty much my first thought was "You were pregnant when you were Bella's age", so I suspect she's not being entirely honest there.Anyway, Nikau and Bella's chat on the pier and subsequent kiss was quite sweet.

After her not-entirely-justified treatment of Ari last episode, Gemma scored a big win here, matching John stubbornness for stubbornness and knowing the best way to get his attention is free drinks.She definitely wrong-footed him by pointing out she does know what it's like to lose everything and made a connection there.And she even managed to shove Marilyn out of her bubble.With John no longer denouncing the Paratas as demons from hell, they might actually manage to talk this time.

Elsewhere, more of the same really with regards Ben, Maggie and Marco but it looks as if Maggie is ready to open that can of worms and deal with the consequences.

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too ūüėõ

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

This could be the turning point for Marilyn and John now. And I do hope so. As you say Red, Gemma pulled it out the bag today in terms of getting John to meet his maker. I'm really liking Gemma so far. 

Another big Astoni Friday cliff hanger. And I'm loving them! Last week it was slimeball Marco with his blackmail and threats this week it looks like Maggie is about to spill. Whilst I initially thought this whole storyline came a tad from the left field, I love the villainous quality to Marco, albeit subtle, he's shook the Astoni's up a bit and made it all a little more exciting over there on the farm. I have to say though quite early on, it was obvious Maggie was going to be the one to unravel the whole secret because she couldn't keep it together. 

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Ryder, meddling again, but this time it worked out and he was just getting two rather embarrassed(?), shy even, people together so they could have a proper talk. Roo approved and  then she and Ryder just left them to it.  May have been TMI for Roo to tell Bella the real reason why she threw up.  It probably just helped Bella to know that the confident Roo she knows now wasn't always like that.    Loved Bella's 'tell me what he said, no don't tell me, yes tell me' to Ryder.:D    Bella is so lovely when she smiles shame she doesn't often enough.  Agree, Red, that first kiss was so sweet and it was Bella that instigated it.:wub:   Ryder will be there for her, but let's hope Colby doesn't overdo the big brother cum cop duty and trust Bella to know what she is doing and doesn't follow them to make sure everything is OK and that Nik behaves himself. 

Gemma has kept herself out of Marilyn and John's trouble so far, but she's realised enough is enough and John needed to hear it from her and her families side.  Surprisingly John told Gemma  about him losing Gina and how he felt as it happened so suddenly.  Not quite the same way as Gemma losing Mikaere but still sudden.  She must have done something right as she convinced Marilyn to ring him and invitation from Maz to John to take Grace for a walk together looked promising. If Nik can learn to behave himself and not treat the Palmer's hose as a doss house there could be hope.  Gemma wasn't happy about Ari seeing Mac, the cop's ex,  so wonder how she will feel about Nik dating the cops sister.:unsure:   Has John died then 630si if he's met his  maker?:unsure::lol:

Maggie has decided to bit the bullet and tell Ben what occurred during their separation - hate the word break when it applies to a couple splitting up for a short time - hope she makes it clear to him that is when it happened.  She wisely took him out of the juice bar/surf shop so he won't be able to smash it up. as of course as we see Ben takes it well!  Bet he accuses Marco of taking advantage of Maggie when she was vulnerable, well that's partly true. While Marco was safely keeping his distance she could forget about it, but him being back has revived it all.  It may do a lot of damage to her family but living with a secret like that would have torn her apart waiting for Marco to either turn the screw even more or tell Ben himself anyway.  

Seems Leah is in for a rocky week.  That bloke calling her sweetheart which in normal times could just be seen as sexist, was, unfortunately for him, the wrong term to use.  


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Well, Maggie told the truth and it was the right thing to do. Marco's tried to put the blame for the resulting upset on her, but if you're going to make a threat, you need to think about the consequences of it being carried out. Ben did indicate that it was the fact Maggie's lied to him for so long that hurt, not the fact she slept with someone else while they were broken up.And Ziggy did the maths, or rather recognised the significance of the maths.It's hard to believe that neither Marco nor Maggie has thought of this before, but they've probably buried it along with everything else.

John and Marilyn talked, and they both apologised, so that's good, I guess.Marilyn didn't really say anything earth-shattering and I think John's chat with Gemma probably gave him more insight than this, but there's a road map for them moving forward.

And Jasmine seems to be on top of the world, which even a gym crisis can't dent.I am liking the friendship between her and Tori but it feels like she's channelling everything into this baby and it could blow up on her.

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Marilyn apologised to John first about inviting the Parata's to stay in their home without consulting him first, which was good, as that was the catalyst for their problems.  Their talk seemed to go well and John seems to accept that she needs more time to get over the events at the hospital without him being too pushy.  It was nice of him to thank Roo for looking after them both.

I don't know where I stand on the whole Maggie-Marco business.  It looks as though she has never considered that Ziggy's paternity could be in any doubt before now.  Ben said that she had lied to him for all of their marriage but I'm not sure that that is true or fair.  She made a mistake on that night and drink more than played a part (but not so as she didn't know what she was doing).  Maybe Ben would find it easier to accept if it had been anyone other than his brother?

You can tell that Jas is feeling much better because she has started wearing make-up again.  I enjoyed her scenes with Tori.

As an aside, I thought the picture quality was exceptional today but I was watching on a bigger screen than normal.  There's been some discussion in the Aus episode thread that they have recently upgraded to Super 35 digital cinema cameras and the results may already be on screen in Aus, so I'm wondering if this was the start of it.

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I thought today's episode was really good.
The scenes with John and Maz were quite touching actually. Ive criticized John for perhaps not empathising with Marilyn about her ordeal in the seige in the past as I feel like that's where a lot of their frustration with each other started. Anyway, It seems today the penny dropped for him and he came across very sincere towards her. Thought his little chat with Roo asking her to watch out for Marilyn was cute.


Maggie's reveal of her one night stand with Marco and the subsequent fall out kept the pace up for the rest of the episode. Big DUFF DUFF moment from Ziggy there, questioning her paternity. Can't wait for tomorrow to see how Maggie explains this one. Genuinely loving all the good cliff hanger endings of episodes recently. 

i hadn't noticed the enhanced picture, but then again I think the show looks amazing on screen anyway. The way the show is shot and especially on 5HD channel just looks fantastic. Will pay closer attention tomorrow to see if I can tell any difference

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One marriage being slowly healed another imploding.  

Marilyn also apologised to John for not consulting him about her looking after Grace.  It was mentioned briefly when Tori said she was going back to work, then it all went quiet, he was concerned about her losing her wage from the Diner. But Tori said she'd pay Marilyn for her time.  It did seem they had reached an agreement and he's going to accept her need for space, he's still feeling guilty at not being there, but will be there at a distance and lovely he's roped in Roo to keep a discreet eye on Marilyn.  That is the John I like to see. 

Just how far is the Farmhouse from the beach:unsure: - I thought it was normally a car drive or bus ride yet it appeared Maggie and Ben walked back.:unsure:   He did restrain himself from smashing up the living room and took himself off - back to the beach.  We got a bit more background, Ben had dumped her, then a few weeks later(?) she went to a party where she saw Ben chatting up another girl, she got drunk, very drunk, Marco was also there and he saw how upset she was and comforted her.  Did he take advantage of her being drunk and upset, how drunk was she, she did know what she was doing.  She avoided Marco after that night - imagine the uproar if a bloke had done that to a woman.  Her and Ben got back together Marco was seen by Ben arguing with Maggie and that is when he hit him.  Was Marco pressing charges against Ben part revenge against  Maggie? Ben and Marco did have a quieter talk later and still no blows exchanged.  As we then found out at the end Ben & Maggie got back together, they marry and nine months later Ziggy is born.  That was one hell of a leap by Ziggy that a one night stand could potentially mean Marco is her dad. Technically not a lie - more lying by omission.  More nit picking but Ben and Maggie weren't together when it happened, for all we know Ben could have slept with someone during that time, but as Ben pointed out Marco is his brother and his sleeping with his, admittedly ex, isn't something brothers (or sisters) do, too close to home.  It's a tight time line and maybe just me but the look on Maggie's face does indicate, she's never been sure herself.   While Marco hasn't been on the scene, only occasionally, she's been able to forget it but now he's there in her face not so easy - Ziggy is very like Ben in character, hot headed, love of surfing, her blonde colouring comes from someone else back in the family though.   Wonder if it's ever crossed Marco's mind?  Totally irrelevant really but who is the older brother? 

I'm actually worried about Jasmine and whether or not she is pregnant.  No mention has been made if she has seen a doctor to confirm the pregnancy and to find out her likely birth date.  I was waiting for Tori, who as a doctor would ask, to ask those very questions but zilch.  Has Jas convinced herself she's pregnant and it's a false one?  She is so upbeat and was overjoyed when Tori offered to give Grace's crib, it will be heart breaking if that turns out to be the case. :cryingsmiley:  The mind is tricky like that - can play games with your body. 

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I guess Maggie's maths of the situation is that one time with Marco versus possibly dozens of times with Ben means that he must be the father.But of course, a slim chance is still a chance, especially if you're in a soap opera, and Ziggy wants to know for sure.Ben handled things well with her, and so did Dean actually, by pointing out that a few reassigned blood relationships wouldn't change what they are to each other.Marco seems to be trying to be the reasonable one but it's too little too late and he's still trying to put all the blame on Maggie for his plan backfiring.

Leah's returning to work but doesn't seem particularly confident.It's hard to tell whether that phone call putting her out of sorts is responsible for her doubts or not.Justin is doing his best not to pressure her, although that in itself could influence her decision.He did his best to put both sides to her anyway.At least she doesn't have a trial to get through but the victim impact statement might help her.I'm trying to remember if there was a reference to her seeing a counsellor?

Willow overreacted with Stella: It was a relatively simple mistake and Willow was just looking for someone to take it out on.So now she needs a replacement and she doesn't have Alex around to help her find one this time.

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On 25/05/2020 at 23:57, 630si said:

Maggie's reveal of her one night stand with Marco and the subsequent fall out kept the pace up for the rest of the episode. Big DUFF DUFF moment from Ziggy there, questioning her paternity. Can't wait for tomorrow to see how Maggie explains this one. Genuinely loving all the good cliff hanger endings of episodes recently.

For some reason, that plot device never seems to get old even though they've been doing the "He's not the father" routine since Sons and Daughters and our own Roo Stewart did a very famous con-job in 1988.

Personally, I don't even know why Ziggy wants to bother with a DNA test.  Ben is her real father in every way that counts (and, on the whole, I think he's been a pretty good one).  Marco is a scumbag.  What else does she need to know?

Another thought that occurs is that this situation is a What Goes Around Comes Around for Maggie.  She was horrible to Simone when her affair with Brody came out (anyone else remember the wicked smile that appeared on her face every time she spoke to her?).

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Poor Colby.  He was copping it from all sides today.  I thought Dean was unfair.  Ari came over as a bit of a meathead.

I think Leah has made the right decision to give her witness statement in court.  Seeing Douglas again but knowing that he is going straight to prison will help her get over this sooner.

It's always funny to watch Bella hustling at pool.

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