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Did Maggie really say she'd only slept with Marco once  so he couldn't be the dad, when being an intelligent woman she should know that is all it can take, were her and Ben being 'careful' before her one off with Marco?  Ziggy was a wild child herself but I can see why she's so surprised at Maggie being so irresponsible she sees her as she is now, her mum, the steady one,  not a teenager, you tend not to think of your parents having a youth of their own. The whole 'whose the daddy' thing comes down to timing.  Glad Dean arrived back in time to be there for Ziggy and he dealt with it  very well, wisely leaving Ben and Ziggy to talk it over, he ca be very sensitive when he needs to be. Marco may be Ziggy's biological father but Ben has been her dad through the good and the bad, and  there were plenty of those, times. They've had almighty rows but that's because they are so alike, another pointer to her being his daughter in every way.  Loved Ben saying it didn't matter to him if she was or wasn't. There's no clues in their colouring because all of the  Astoni's are dark apart from Ziggy who is fair which could come from further back in the Astoni family tree or from Maggie's side. It appears Marco did have his suspicions and his contacting Ben was genuine.  

Where would soaps be without the whole 'real' dad or mum turning up?

Simone and Brody were a full blown affair and they weren't silly teenagers.:D

As happens just as a character is getting over a traumatic event, something comes along to throw them off  course, this time Leah being asked to give a victim impact statement.  It will reopen it all for her but could help the healing process Thought it sweet when she took Justin's hand when they were standing on the wharf.  It's got to be her decision in the end, it helped Irene, I don't recall if her actually seeing a counsellor was mentioned either.  As much of  a scumbag Douglas is he did plead guilty so spared Leah the agony of the trial. 

I thought Willow was harsh on Stella too, but then Willow hasn't had any experience of being in charge of anything or anyone before and maybe her still fretting over Alex wasn't helping her to think clearly.  I hope it doesn't rebound and Stella claims unfair dismissal. 



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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Okay, let me just process this: Blake, last seen being taken away by the police after trying to drug Maggie and fearing retribution from his abusive father, is just standing there in the surf club playing pool, with no mention of that storyline aside from a throwaway remark from Bella that he deserves to be hustled? That is pretty terrible storytelling that destroys the impact of his previous ambiguous exit.Are we to assume he got the usual Summer Bay slap on the wrist and, er, his dad was suddenly fine with him becoming a bum when he left school? Anyway, that bit of irritation aside, Bella and Nikau continued to be good fun and even Colby wasn't bad in that storyline.

Which is more than can be said for elsewhere. As annoying as he is, I prefer when they portray Colby as a jackass rather than trying to make out he's some good old boy.His "Why would you let someone like that date your sister and not someone like me?" was so deluded that I was almost punching the air in delight when Dean pointed out that Colby is no great catch. Ari has served his time and is trying to stay on the straight and narrow, while Colby has done a lot worse and caused two deaths yet always runs away from the consequences. And now he's turning into that ex who won't take no for an answer.

Anyway, everything was building for Leah throughout the day and she finally snapped.She seemed to regret it immediately, or at least as soon as Irene stepped in, but despite the Diner losing a customer, it was probably good in so far as it's caused her to realise she can't avoid dealing with Douglas.

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19 hours ago, English Invader said:

For some reason, that plot device never seems to get old even though they've been doing the "He's not the father" routine since Sons and Daughters and our own Roo Stewart did a very famous con-job in 1988.

Personally, I don't even know why Ziggy wants to bother with a DNA test.  Ben is her real father in every way that counts (and, on the whole, I think he's been a pretty good one).  Marco is a scumbag.  What else does she need to know?

Another thought that occurs is that this situation is a What Goes Around Comes Around for Maggie.  She was horrible to Simone when her affair with Brody came out (anyone else remember the wicked smile that appeared on her face every time she spoke to her?).

I agree I don't think I would bother with DNA test either if I were on Ziggy's shoes but can understand why she would want to know because it would eat away at her. That little thing niggling away in the background. 

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Leah seemed to have taken a backward step with what she said in her impact statement ☹️.  It was difficult for Justin to hear that but it's lovely how supportive he is / has been.  Glad that Leah felt able to kiss him. 

Nice to see Willow smiling again.  She seems to be over the grumps.

Looks like Mac is having second thoughts about Colby, after their interlude.

Was there a continuity blip?  Bella got rid of Colby and texted Nik to say "come over" but the next thing she was at the caravan park.  It would have been ages after by the time Nik got to the flat.  Anyway.  I think Bella is rushing things.  Not sure why she is in such a hurry.  Nik's body language suggested he was surprised too.

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I didn't recognise it was Blake, though I kind of thought his face seemed familiar, no names were mentioned!  What sort of punishment did he get - good behaviour bond, has his dad set him adrift?  It makes sense now then that comment of Bella.  That was brilliant her and Nik hustling Blake and his mate. Her wide eyed innocent look and cracking on she was rubbish at pool drawing them both in. "Oh does that mean we won?" Then still pretending she was a novice while knocking them for six. "Oh does that mean we lost?"  Handy Willow was handy to lend them the $50.  That's the Bella I like to see. Wise words there Dean that they should make  a quick  exit.  The meet up with Nik and Bella wasn't made any easier as Colby just happened to be there not being an embarrassment in anyway.  Guessing, even if John wasn't there, Bella and Nik are unbarred. 

His little face when he saw Mac coming up the beach smiling in what looked like his direction but it was Ari she was  actually looking at and meeting.  Dean did look surprised when Mac admitted she and Ari had been, um, seeing each other so did his big brother thing about 'warning' her but she already knew everything, including the part about him and Ari had been cell mates - off screen that bit.  

Did Colby really use John's "We don't know anything about him" line?    Ah but Dean did  and Dean had few little digs at Colby - he wouldn't have been in prison if it hadn't been for Colby,  a mate doesn't ask you to help bury a body and keep quite about it.  Giving Ari credit for him being there now, as Ari looked out for him inside.  The first death was to give Colby some credit  an accident whereas Ross' was murder.   A stand off with Ari and Colby which didn't win him any favours from Mac. 

Leah was OK helping back in the kitchen, it was when she had to step up to the counter she started to struggle as she was face to face with customers  which included unknown men. The poor bloke who innocently used the wrong word when he addressed her.  It did serve to make her realise she had been wrong to think she could just forget about it all and she had to face her demons - well demon in her case in the form of Douglas. 

I meant to say the other day when Ziggy said to him if Marco was her dad it would mean Coco would only be her half sister and Dean said he had a half sister, he actually has another one plus a half brother. It wasn't made clear when Dean said to Colby he had to see Ziggy if Colby knows anything about what's occurring with the Astoni's. 

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So the Mac and Ari thing.
Still seems to me to be in the rebound/casual mode if you ask me, As she's blown Ari off and gone all weird since the run in with Colby. If Ari had any sense he'd tell her to rack off now as it's clear he's aware of unfinished Colby business. As BayWatcher says, is she having second thoughts again now? Or fourth thoughts should I say? Not sure Ari will though, even after Gemma and her voice of reason gave him a ticking off.

Leah still seems to really be struggling and you can understand why. Giving her impact statement just made me feel for Justin. How is that bloke able to wake up in a morning after what's happened to him lately, thought his little smile and reaction to Leah giving him a peck at the diner afterwards was a positive sign. I just feel for the guy!

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Yes, I thought the same, baywatcher, I'm pretty sure those scenes were flipped.Bella gets rid of Colby and texts Nikau to come over, then next scene she finds him at the caravan park and instead of saying "Why didn't you answer my text?", she suggests they hang out later.Almost certainly, those scenes should have been the other way round.(I forgot to say at the time but there was another odd scene sequence on Tuesday when we cut from Dean and Ziggy on the Salt balcony to Ben arriving at Salt, looking around...and just as I was expecting him to go and join them, he sat down with Marco instead.Was there meant to be a time jump between the exterior and interior scenes or did they just not see each other?)

Anyway...Bella is rushing things.I can't really fault Willow's advice, she did her best to make Bella stop and think but she was like an out of control train.It's as if she thinks, because she's started dating later than girls often do, she's got to catch up.I also wonder if she's lulled herself into a false sense of security: She told Willow and Ziggy at the time that she was worried that Tommy forcing himself on her was her first kiss, and now she's had her first consensual kiss and been pleased that it was nothing like that, maybe she wants to replace the rest of those memories with pleasant ones? Nikau hasn't done anything wrong but I will reserve further judgement until next episode.

I'm not sure what to make of Mackenzie here.She seemed pretty done with Colby last episode, yet he manages to act like a bit less of a tool for a few seconds and suddenly she seems to be considering going there again and is giving Ari the brush-off. I do wonder if, contrary to what it appeared at the time, Ari's marking his territory with Colby put her off him a bit, although she still went back to his.Anyway, I'm still not keen on Gemma trying to tell Ari not to see her. I think Dean deliberately kept Colby in the dark about the Astonis' issues, although I think there's been enough public arguments by now for people to be asking questions.

That must have been pretty hard for Justin to hear but at least he knows.Leah did well, although I'm not sure how helpful saying all that has been to her emotionally.She knows the situation and hopefully she can come to terms with things.

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Mac says its casual, but does Ari think that or does he think it could lead to something more serious. :unsure:  After the Ari/Colby standoff although she went back to his, she was in a hurry to leave next day citing she had to go to work.  I think Colby's casual attitude when she picked up his wallet threw her, mayhap she was expecting him to go all gooey again.  It was an innocent chat but Ari clocked it and her reaction to it, he's nor dumb. Never mind worrying about Ari and Mac Gemma, Ari is seeing the cops ex and they are fully grown adults, whereas Nik has just started seeing the cops baby sister and he may be an adult but Bella isn't, that's far more of a worry.  I felt a bit sorry for Ryder the day before when Nik and Bella went off together and he was left alone but it was good to see Bella and Ryder back on such easy terms the next day his gentle teasing about her and Nik and him saying he was the one to thank for getting them together. 

I liked that Bella asked Willow's advice and she'd remembered the talk she'd had with her and Ziggy about her real first kiss and that it was different.  If I recall it right she kissed Nik. Seemingly at the same time Colby was talking about Bella and Nik with Dean and how it feel from a big brother's point of view and that she wouldn't be asking him any questions.   Willow listened and did give good advice but Woaw Bella you have only just met Nik, you been on what one proper date, it's not a competition, no-ones keeping score.  So she's behind on having/giving her first kiss, well second or third by now, savour them.  Willow could have tried harder to discourage Bella but gently because we all know Bella doesn't take kindly to being told point blank no, but what advice she did give was good, make absolutely sure you are ready, if you feel you're not OK with it stop.  Of course make sure there is protection - namely Nik is wearing a condom.   Mixed up scenes aside, it was typical Bella the way Bella got rid of Colby, hope Willow was either in on it or twigs why Colby has come to cheer her up.   For all his brashness with others Nik came across as quite sensitive when Bella made her reason for inviting him to the flat plain.  He asked her a couple of times if she was sure and seemed touched he was her first choice. There will be a point of no return for Nik  though that will be not of his control.  

That must have been so hard for both Leah and Justin when she was giving her victim statement, for her it would have brought it all back and Justin was hearing for the first time what Douglas subjected her to.  saying it all out loud made it made it all real again and that it did happen. The relatively small things like making sure all the cutlery was in the right place, what to wear, being careful not to say or do the wrong thing in case it set him off. Poor Justin when she said his touch made her skin crawl, it wasn't anything to do with him personally, but the memories.   The fact she reached over to give him a kiss in the Diner must have given him hope they could get back to where they were and they had told each other they loved each other the other night. 

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Oh Bella.  My heart really went out to her.  She does need more intensive help though.  Another great performance from Courtney.  She always knocks it out of the park.  Why she hasn't won awards is beyond me.

Ryder didn't know what he could do to help Bella but he has been a real friend to her.  I enjoyed his scenes with John and it was touching that they went to change her bed sheets.

Nik's panic was understandable but as Gemma said, running away would achieve nothing and he hadn't done anything wrong.  He did the right thing going to the hospital and clear the air with Colby.

Maggie is persona non grata with her family.  I felt sorry for her.

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Another traumatic episode for Bella, she really does get put through the wringer.She took things way too fast and possibly for the wrong reasons.Willow said she'd have discouraged her if she realised, but frankly, if Bella's asking questions like that, there's a good chance it's imminent.I can't fault Nikau's behaviour with Bella, maybe he could have exercised more caution instead of just accepting the green light but there weren't really any warning signs.And he did right in getting Ryder.He didn't exactly cover himself in glory by trying to run away from the situation though.I guess I should be more sympathetic since he's another messed up youngster, but he needs to let go of the mentality of police being the enemy or he'll end up going down the same road as his father.I think if Colby had gone for Nikau the way Ryder did I'd be spitting feathers, but it always feels like Ryder's concern for Bella comes from a good place, even if his anger was somewhat misdirected.When John wandered through Nikau's scene, I thought that would be it, his token cameo to make up his episode count, so I was pleased when he instead became Ryder's mentor figure (a role he plays quite well, especially when Alf's not around) and took him to clean up the flat.Colby had his annoying moments, and there's still that feeling that he's part of the problem, but he gets points for his handling of things with Nikau.

I do feel somewhat sorry for Maggie, but she must have known things would go like this once she confessed, and her expecting it'll all be over once they get the paternity results does suggest she's missing the point. That said, I do hope Ben and Ziggy work through their anger and forgive her.

Sadly, there are awards that a character like Bella and the actress playing her are never going to win, especially the ones decided by popular vote: Many of the demographic the show attracts don't seem to think about why the character is the way she is or admire the performance but just complain that she's annoying. Still, I hope someone includes the right names on the Logie nomination forms this year.

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