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Justin is doing what he is doing from a good place as it's based on love, but from Leah's point of view it is another form of control.  Some control freaks, unlike Douglas, he was about control from the outset,  do start off that way convincing the victim they are doing what they are doing because they love them and don't want them to get hurt.  It was her decision not to go to the party as she didn't feel ready to see so many people in one hit  so she knows her own limits.  Him suggesting she go home when after they bumped into Jasmine and Leah wanted to go to the Diner with Grace didn't go down well as was seen on the look on her face and sound of her voice.    It was good to see her hug Irene, more relief I think, and Justin agreed to got to work which would have focused her mind and helped her, until Justin insisted she go home with him as she was doing too much. She wasn't happy about that either and I guess it's good in a way she felt confident enough to tell Justin enough was enough. She was having flashbacks again and the two - Justin and Douglas - were merging into one, maybe have been harsh her comparing him to Douglas but hopefully it's woken him up as to how it must seem from her point of view. Maybe her staying with Irene and talking it through with her will be a good  for them both, Irene can tell her how what he really went through and he can let her have as much space as she needs but still be there for her when she needs him to be.

It was under two years ago Colby and Chelsea married and split, they married in the 2018 finale, 13th December, their time to be exact,  but in Australia you have to wait until you have been married for at least a year before applying for a divorce.  Seeing as he had only just come home that day that would have been the first time h'e'd seen his mail and OK he did what so many do and left important/private correspondence lying around but what business was it of Mac reading on and then to say to Willow he hadn't signed them yet!  Maybe he wanted to speak to Chelsea to say he wasn't ignoring them as he'd only just got them as he'd been in hospital  and perhaps ask how she is.

Mac  wants Colby out of her head - again!:rolleyes:  :angry: so obviously the first thing she does is go into full throttle flirt mode with Ari, what has he done to deserve that?  Totally not right to use him to get herself over Colby. To quote John - sorry - but "we don't know much about him".  He seems to keep to himself, normally a quiet, decent man, though he does have a temper.  Did he have a love life before he came to the Bay and before he took on responsibility for Gemma and Nikau?  Mac and Ari didn't have much to do with each other at the hospital, he was looking after Marilyn and she was looking after Bella.  Much as I like  Mac on her own or with others it's when she's with Colby that drives me mad, they are just not suited. 

Liked that talk between Colby and Jasmine about Robbo and how and  bad she felt about not having thought about him.  She did give the drinks do a go but her heart  wasn't in it. 

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

I wouldn't call Justin a control freak but yeah, he overstepped the mark a couple of times. Anyway, a bit of a chat from Tori helped him get a bit of perspective and realise that he needed to let Leah do what she felt she could rather than second guess her.It was nice that Leah quickly realised she'd gone too far comparing him to Douglas and talked it over with Irene.

Marco could have gone either way until now but yeah.He's now very obviously threatening Maggie and holding their past over her.It's a shame because Ben's so glad to have his brother back in his life but it seems he should have gone with his first instinct.If Marco's this desperate to get Ben to invest, then it's obviously not the surefire thing he's made it out to be. And the last thing Ben needs is another deal that's too good to be true.

And it seems Jasmine's pregnant!Bittersweet if it's true: She and Robbo were talking about trying for a baby but of course he isn't here to enjoy it.

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Justin was being a little too over-protective and you could see Leah building up to her outburst.  I'm glad they sorted it out really quickly though and I thought their shoulder bump was nice.

Irene seriously over-egged how worried everybody other than Justin was about Leah's disappearance.  They barely noticed for several weeks and then when someone did start to show concern it was Roo & Maggie.

Marco seems like a right slimeball.

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Leah had recovered enough from being with Douglas to fight back against what she thought of Justin's controlling her, the old Leah there, though it took Justin by surprise.  Luckily he did recognise what he was doing could be seen as that.  To be honest, though not controlling more  helicopter behaviour, look how he was when Raffy was first diagnosed with epilepsy, always asking how she was, wouldn't let her out of his sight when she was staying with them,  even when she had it more under control,  If I remember right he was the same with Mason after his accident, being reluctant for him to do things himself, Tori and Brody too underwent the Justin 'caring' treatment.  Great he and Leah sorted things out and they are back on track.

Now we know the real reason Marco wanted to build fences with Ben - he wants Ben to invest in the family, well his now, business - do we know what that is btw?  Their dad had been the head of it now Marco is in charge.  Ben, luckily, didn't say anything about his breakdown to Marco, that would have been something he would likely to use to his advantage. 

Lovely that Jasmine has discovered she could be pregnant - hopefully being a nurse she will have  a proper test.  Her realising she's missed a period could have been put down to the grief and stress she's been under since losing Robbo.  It was Tori saying she'd make  a lovely mum that got her thinking. I do remember they did have  a last night of love:wub: before he went off on his last mission.  It will be bitter sweet  for her and like Tori she'll be  a single mum but she'll have Tori, Irene and others to support her.  


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I'm finding Marco more and more bewildering.Maybe the business isn't in trouble after all, although he seemed reluctant to let Ben talk to their parents.It seems it's not entirely about the money, and he still feels a lot of bitterness towards Maggie for choosing Ben over him after their night together.Ironically, once Ben had sobered up he seemed less than keen in investing only for Maggie to suddenly start making the opposite argument.From the references, I think they run some sort of building firm, which would tie in with the job Ben was doing when he first appeared.

Jasmine was sensible in realising it wasn't the right time to tell her news.So, just as Justin, Leah and Tori were all back on an even keel, another bolt from the blue hit them.I do appreciate the continued reference to Mason, but the visit to the grave of the unknown murder victims reminded me again of just how much that family's gone through and how cruel it is that another one of them's been murdered.It's a shame they couldn't have found a way for Brody and Raffy to make a proper appearance instead of just being on the end of a phone.Still, Leah gets to do what she felt guilty about not doing and be Justin's rock.Her potentially going back to work is good for her but not necessarily for Gemma...

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Maggie needs to tell Ben ASAP and at least she wants to and knows it's the right thing to do.  I just hope that the writers aren't going to ruin a happy marriage for the sake of some cheap drama (speculation not spoiler).

I thought the scenes with Mason's ashes interment were very touching, especially the idea of putting him with his parents.  Tori was right though,  he wouldn't have wanted them to be moping about.  The idea of turning his room into a nursery for Grace was nice.

Leah seems to be getting back to her old self, which is good to see.  Good that she was able to be there for Justin and felt able to hug him.

I do like Willow and I want her to find someone to love, who loves her back but her woe-is-me act was annoying and Dean was right, that isn't her.   

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I'm worried Jasmine may not be pregnant but is just hoping she is, so she has something to look forward to, stop faffing girl and have the test already, you know it doesn't take long.  Hope she is and it's not anything serious, that would be so unfair. She's never been insensitive and was immediately supportive of Tori and Justin but took her leave to when it felt right to do so so they could take it in, it really was over for Mason.  Good point made by Justin that whoever sent them could have written or emailed them to warn them so they would have been prepared - well as much as you can be. The not being there role has been reversed with Leah feeling guilty she wasn't there for Justin when he needed her. Lovely suggestion by Tori that they scatter Mason's ashes in between their parents graves so he'd always feel safe.  Why did you refer to them as the graves of unknown murder victims Red?  It was very quickly arranged though there was time for the cross to be made.  More of the 'ceremony' tonight.  

Leah is only going back part time so Gemma won't be pushed out yet, does Leah know about her yet?

Marco really showed his true colours and feelings last night, he's  never forgiven Maggie for 'using' him all those years ago, not that she denied the accusation and told him to get over it.  We don't know how it came about, plainly her and Ben had a fight, she finished with him/he finished with her or they both flounced off in opposite directions.  She turned to Marco, he comforted her, gave her a shoulder to cry on which turned to more,  cough, cough.  But Marco could also be accused of taking advantage of her being upset so he's not an innocent.   As to the elephant in the room, she was either (a) already pregnant with Ziggy, (b) her one night fling with Marco resulted in Ziggy or (c) she quickly made up with Ben in the best way possible. She said she was 19 and Ben is a couple of years older,  is Marco older than Ben?  She's also told Marco about Ben's breakdown and depression.  Marco was making some could call obtuse remarks about Ziggy and how she takes after Ben, then the 'it's in the genes' comment. He's got to be thinking 'is she mine'. 

I'd be very, very careful about what is involved in investing however much  money in the business, family or not, sometimes it's family you have to watch more closely. How much is needed what are the conditions of the investment, is there a  get out clause, a cooling off period, what would you be responsible or liable for.  Marco said Ben would be a silent partner but that could cover a multitude of sins an may not help if anything goes wrong. 

Sorry to keep banging on about it but WHY does Grace have to wear  a woolly hat indoors - it's Summer Bay in the summer - it's hot.  Even outside they could put the hood on her buggy up to keep the sun off her head. 


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Whilst I accept he was trying to do the right thing, I hated the way Ryder kept hanging around every time Bella and Nikau were together and got annoyed when Ryder told Nikau about Tommy.  I did feel sorry for Bella when Nikau gave her the cold shoulder but I'm glad they are good.

I've made no secret about the fact I don't like Maggie.  I find her to be arrogant and someone that looks down on people.  So I have to admit initially I quite relished the fact that Marco's very presence clearly bothered her.  Now though I think Marco is just such an unpleasant person, made worse by the fact he's a good actor.  I really think Maggie has to come clean.  Even before he said he wanted to get back at her for hurting him, it was obvious the blackmail wasn't going to be the end of it.  It wouldn't surprise me if Marco bolted after he gets his money from Ben.  And then what?  Is Maggie going to keep quiet.  Don't get me wrong, Ben is going to be devastated but at least if she tells him now, then Marco won't get his hands on their cash.  Ziggy is going to hit the roof, especially given what happened with Brody (even though Ben and Maggie were on a break).  Does Marco actually know Maggie had cancer?

Very happy for Jasmine now she's pregnant.  Just a shame Robbo isn't around to see it.

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5 hours ago, Helena said:

I was just wondering if channel five are showing the same episode as 5 star because the episode with tori wanting to make masons room into a baby nursery was on 5 star last night.

Yesterday's evening episode on 5STAR aired on Channel 5 today.

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