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Willex - :puke:  

Leah has had other things on her mind than wonder where Mason is and if she has maybe she's thinking he's staying out of the way to give  her room.  Justin will need to tell her, gently, pretty soon in case she asks Tori where he is and also asks Jas about  Robbo.  Typical Leah that when she heard all the police could charge Douglas with was his assault on Colby, that she didn't know about,  that she decided to give her statement.   Justin saying all they could hope for was for Douglas to confess, yeh of course he is.  In his eyes and other guys like him he's done nothing wrong.  Rather  a lot more than disdain Slade I would have said, more like scorn or deep rooted hate. His old fashioned belief that a woman was a second class citizen and her  place was in the home, was his childhood like that, mum stayed home, dad went to work and he expected it to be like that when he married?  Leah must have recognised the name of Douglas' ex not as if she'd dash off on hearing an unknown name. He collared her before she made it into the hospital and she soon learnt not to disobey him.  McCarthy didn't ask, but Justin did if there had been any sexual assault which Leah confirmed there hadn't been but she knew once their marriage had happened it would which why she made her bid for freedom.  I hope she follows her own advice and gets counselling when she's ready of course.  

EPG has got itself sorted now.

Who died and made John sheriff?😡   He's entitled to have his opinion on Ari but he can't order him out of town.  Ari hasn't done anything illegal since he's been in the bay, he's gone face to face with John a couple of times and now he's got rough with Dean again, but Dean can look after himself and Ari believed him when he said he hadn't said anything, especially to John.  Did I hear Ari say he wasn't even at the shoot out?  It's certainly not going get Maz back on side.  He said to Marilyn he was the same guy he'd always been and he was a bully and  a know it all when he first arrived in the bay.  I remember he even bullied Gina's son Brendon who has autism, but had mellowed over the years thanks to Gina and Marilyn.  Can't believe the only reason is because he's jealous of Ari and the fact he helped Marilyn when he wasn't able to.   He's taking it out on Gemma and Nik too.  He can't keep using the same argument "We know nothing about them". Wonder he hasn't revealed all to everyone by plastering posters all over town.  Not that he would, he just wants a  quite life, but Ari could go and report John for harassment.   His stance is just making Marilyn dig her heels in even more.   

The number of times Willow changed her mind was making me dizzy.  At least this  way Willow hasn't torn herself from her friends and all she knows only for it not to work out, Alex may not have known her long but long enough to recognise Willow wasn't as ready as she thought she was.  Did Alex leave the conventional way or sneak out the window?

Big return for both Tori and Jasmine, Tori may not have been there when Mason died but Jasmine was there when Robbo died so more dramatic for her.  Still odd that ED is not on the ground floor.  Wasn't Jas going to be one of Grace's babysitters when Tori was at work?   Talking of Grace is there reason why she wears a woolly hat indoors?


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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

I don't think John ever really said anything to or about Brendan. Brendan didn't like him back then (there was at least one reference to them meeting off screen while John was married to Gina), but that was because of the way John spoke about Hugo.

I'm beginning to suspect they have characters appear to be behaving unreasonably in the promos so when we see it in context it's not as bad as we were expecting.Colby really should have given Bella's proposal some more thought before giving a blunt no, which I guess he did do in the end.His condition that Bella continue counselling was a correct one, so it's a shame that she seems to be avoiding it.After their falling out last year, Mackenzie is back to being one of the most positive influences on Bella.It's probably a good thing that she's got Ryder there at TAFE as well.It looked for a moment as though Dean's "Do as I say, not as I do" rant would come back to bite him, but he ends up as the fairy godfather again. So Ziggy's advice didn't turn out that badly after all.

It was perhaps inevitable that Tori and/or Jasmine would have teething problems returning to work but they seem to be pushing on through it.As annoyed as I am at the way he was written out, I like that we're still getting references to Mason, as with the chat between Tori and Ziggy here, and he hasn't been quickly forgotten.

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Colby kept insisting he only wanted the best for Bella, but what worked for him wouldn't necessarily work for Bella, she's not him.  He also said he just wanted her to be happy and if going to TAFE is going to make her happy problem sorted - simples. Normal, for want of a better word, school isn't for everyone, she won't be the first pupil to discover that.   Ziggy if I remember from what has been said between Ben and Maggie was never pupil of the year, any year. Bella really had done her homework - no pun intended - about her subject and once he had calmed down and read the prospectus from cover Colby was convinced she was serious. Ziggy had nothing to reproach herself for, she did give good advice, Bella didn't have to take it. Impressed she listened to Mac who informed her Colby had tried to follow her and persuaded her to go back and give him another go.  Dean is going to pay for her to go, wondered if he had any money left.  Although she looked guilty about cancelling her appointment with Patricia she didn't feel that guilty.  She will only be able to bluff her way round it for so long, Ryder's already worked it out, unless she confessed to him.  Besides, it will only take Patricia ringing Colby to ask how he is doing and mentioning Bella cancelled another appointment as he needed her to blow her lie out of the water. 

Jasmine and Tori were making a good team, laughed at Tori throwing Bella's Dr. Obvious back at her.  All going well until that guy was brought in reminding Jas of when Robbo was brought in. Poignant mention of Mas and Tori saying she kept expecting  to see him about, it's little throw away comments like that that bring it home more rather than big declarations. 

Interesting girly chat between Marilyn and Grace with Marilyn confiding in Grace about her problems with John.  Rather sweet Jasmine ringing Marilyn as Tori didn't want to appear too clingy a mum.:wub:  Lovely little scene of the four girls at the Diner and Tori saying Robbo would be proud of how they are doing. 

Mac definitely flirting with Colby which Dean picked up on, not sure Colby was aware of it though.:unsure:

From what we saw Bella and Nik are getting close.  

I don't know if it has been forgotten or I've missed it but did the pier complex ever get sold and if it did do we know who the new owner(s) is/are? 

Good to see Ben really getting back on track (or surf board) but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know something is going to awry with the plans Maggie is making for his birthday. Anyone who remembers the 'coming up' trailers will get what I mean.

6pm screening  of H&A back next week. 

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Poor Ryder.  He is concerned about Bella and is just looking out for her.

I enjoyed the Astoni family scenes.  I'm glad that Ben changed his mind about the party.  It will do him good.

Will we ever see Coco again?  (Sorry o.t. I know but every time I see Maggie in those earrings it reminds me of the wire that goes around the cork on a sparkling wine bottle 🙂).

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Maggie and Ben definitely sold the pier, we saw them signing the contracts.

I don't know why but I feel a bit uncomfortable watching Bella and Nikau together.It's not that I don't trust him or think he'd hurt her, but he doesn't really feel like an appropriate target for her first crush.Maybe it's because he seems a lot older than her; maybe it's because even though in some ways they come from a similar background, in other ways she's led a sheltered life and I'm not sure he understands that; maybe it's because it's getting in the way of her friendship with Ryder.(Why were Bella and Nikau hanging out at the caravan park without him? I doubt they were visiting Ari. Is it a free-for-all now?) I can understand Ryder's concern but he needs to either tell Nikau something or not tell him something.He was so vague he made it sound like Bella's transgender. Mackenzie refusing to serve Bella alcohol confirms that she's not eighteen yet.What happened to Nikau being banned from the surf club?

Even though she's been reduced to a voice on the end of a phone, it was nice to get some acknowledgement of Coco and at least try and explain why she's not coming back for the birthday: She's already done her HSC, so I guess the reference to studying refers to some sort of college course.I think Ben would have been better off agreeing to the trip away.It seems like he's only going for the party because he doesn't want to let Maggie and Ziggy down, which could backfire.

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Thanks for the reminder Red, I guess it's because we've never  seen the new owners is the reason I'd forgotten it had been sold. 

I love how Ryder is looking out for Bella, but he's in a very difficult position - naturally he doesn't want to betray Bella's confidence but equally he doesn't want her and Nik's friendship to be ruined if he moves in for an innocent kiss because of course Nik has no idea of what she went through with Tommy. If Ryder was a young woman she'd have the same dilemma whether to say anything or not.   If Bella was in an enough of a  receptive mood he could talk to her and alert her as to what guys Nik's age are like but she gets too defensive. Nik wouldn't be doing anything wrong but Bella would freak and Dean would want a piece of him. The same dilemma Nik clearly likes Bella he suddenly become very animated when Ryder said Bella was coming over. Ryder was very ambiguous with Nik about how Bella is not like other girls - the only thing I  think he could have said is she  hadn't had  much experience with boys without making her sound like a geek.  I'm glad he talked  it over  with Roo who to be honest wasn't much help.  In one way it's good Bella feels so comfortable around Nik and she did admit to Ryder she was flirting with him but I don't think she realises where that could lead and that it's giving Nik the wrong message. I'm guessing as you say Red  it's because Nik is new in town and has had a similar life to her  and being older and more worldly  makes her drawn to him. Clever of Ryder to work out she hadn't been for her counselling session. Seeing that John wasn't  in the Surf Club is the reason both Nik and Bella - who was also banned - were. Btw did Bella and Nik spend nearly all day at Salt and the Surf Club?

I'm surmising  it might be a significant Birthday if Maggie wants to make such a deal out of it.:unsure:  It appeared him overhearing Ziggy and Maggie talking is the reason why he changed his mind about a party but you're right Red, he's only doing it to make them happy of course it'll backfire - this is soapland.:wink: While in the main and business wise he's back on the right road an evening of him being in the spotlight maybe too  much.  Of course the Astoni's have a surprise visitor and not a good one by the look on Maggie's face.:angry:

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3 hours ago, H&Alover said:

I'm surmising  it might be a significant Birthday if Maggie wants to make such a deal out of it.:unsure:

Ben is 41. Ziggy mentioned it was his “big one” last year but they didn’t celebrate it then so they are doing in now.

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Well that packed a punch.  I'm not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye.

Great that Leah felt up to going to the Diner and agreeing to go to Ben's party.  Also good that she was able to hold Justin's hand and hug Irene.  She felt so bad that she wasn't there for Justin 😢

Speaking for myself, I think that Ryder did the right thing confiding in Nik about Bella.  He didn't go into any detail and Nik was grateful that he had done so.

Interested to know Marco's story.

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It looks as though I may have been wrong about Ben not being into the party: After his initial reluctance, he seems to be well and truly into the swing of things. Still, having avoided a visit from Diana (top bit of teasing from Maggie there!), he finds another unwelcome relative in the house. Viewers with long memories will recall it was mentioned when the Astonis first appeared that Ben has a record for assault after beating up Marco for harassing Maggie. They may also share my suspicions that Maggie’s getting Ziggy’s birthdays mixed up: I think it was the 20th where they had the party in the garden and her 21st was the one last year where she was too down about her break-up with Brody to celebrate and just had beers with Dean at the caravan park.

Being me, I paused on that shot of the photos in the garage to see who was there: It looked as though the one at the far end was of Justin and Willow, in which case he needs to change it! But yeah, Leah finds out about Mason and is as devastated as you’d expect. (No mention of Robbo though. Has she got that to come?) She seemed to be improving with regards people touching her, taking Justin’s hand and hugging Irene, but then she flinched away again.

Ryder was kind of damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Roo is right that it wasn’t his place to say anything, but if him being quiet resulted in Bella being hurt then he’d obviously feel guilty. Telling Nikau part of the story was a kind of compromise. He told him enough for him to get the point, but in a way he also told him enough to guess the rest or at least have a fair idea what it must be. Either way, I can’t see Bella being happy about it.

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Justin was back into when to tell Tori about Robbo territory here with him not having told Leah about Mason, he'd been lucky no-one else had accidentally let it slip.  There was no way he could avoid it after she asked him outright where Mason was, although we didn't see him telling her the whole story it would have brought it all up again for him.  Maybe he thought telling her about Robbo would have been too much in all one go.  Leah is getting there in stages, she's up for holding Justin's hand and hugging Irene, but not up to Justin putting his arm around her.  Also revealing gradually what happened during her time with Douglas, taking back Justin's roast as it wasn't what he asked for. Just as she was fretting about not being there for Justin when they lost Mason, he'd been fretting about not being there for when she needed him.  Nice scene in the garage when he decided yes she could help sort out the accounts.  Justin's a bloke, probably hasn't even given that photo of him and Willow a second thought, he hasn't been there a lot has he. :rolleyes:

Shame Willow is off screen at the moment she would have been the right person to talk to Bella about not to let Nik get the wrong idea, even if her actions are  unintentional on her part.  Do we believe Nik when he says he's not interested in Bella that way, just likes her as a friend. :unsure:  We'll have to hope Nik is intelligent enough to be careful round Bella without her wondering why he appears to have backed off. 

Marco's name was brought up when Ben thumped Brody which is why Ben was detained on remand.  Of course once people start talking about things going right for a change you can be sure that has the kiss of death on it.  I've found out who Marco used to be but I won't spoil it for anyone else, but I'm sure you know Red.:wink: 

Must mention the make up department haven't got rid of Leah's cuts and bruises.

We're back to five episodes this coming week too. 

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