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  1. I actually quite like the resolution they came up with. So simple. Just stay the way they are and drift between the two places together. Neither of them had to sell up and they get to enjoy both places. It never actually occurred to me that it was as simple as not doing anything.
  2. This Angelo seems to be very different to the one we had before. More ruthless and vindictive. If memory serves, he left the Bay with Nicole and her baby to raise a family and set up another restaurant. They still haven't told us what happened with Nicole or how he got back in the police force after letting Hugo escape.
  3. I don't think her ex-husband was much of a loss to her. He leaves her to raise 3 kids on her own, rocks up in the Bay 10 years later and after persuading Irene to give it another go he blows it when she catches him sexually harassing Selena.
  4. I don't see what the objection to crime is. We've had some good stories in relation to that lately. One thing I've noticed is that H&A hasn't done gay male relationships like Neighbours has. We had Ty's "coming out" story and Willow's lesbian fling but the show has never explored male homosexuality in a significant way. Maybe that's an area where the show could do something different. But, on the whole, I'm happy with the show as is (that's why I watch it every day and maybe catch the last 10 minutes of Neighbours sometimes while I'm waiting for it!) and I'll just wait to see
  5. 33 years and the sole remaining character from the original pilot episode. I think Alf moving to Merimbula is the best compromise all round and the only way for his marriage to survive but I don't want it to happen.
  6. And Bella and Jasmine have never been rude and unlikeable? I like Amber. She has already proved her worth in the community by the way she's helping John Palmer. And Amber is completely WYSIWYG which Jasmine certainly hasn't been of late.
  7. I think Colby's time is up on H&A. Amber has the potential to be a very loose cannon. She is the only person in that group who doesn't know that Colby killed Ross and has plenty of reason to want to see Colby in jail. If Willow's tongue becomes loose during one of her and Amber's drinking sessions, I can see things getting very messy very quickly.
  8. I think she wanted a friendly and familiar face to try and defuse the situation as amicably as possible. Lawyers are expensive and the threat of a lawsuit or an injunction would only increase the animosity between them. In any case, pretending to be Grace's mother on an online forum and using an online profile to defame Tori is definitely getting into criminal territory (although Tori doesn't know about this yet). In the UK, I believe those behaviours would be classed as Stalking under the 2012 Stalking Act and Australia seems to have a similarly pro-active policy in that area.
  9. I can't see that ending well - probably something along the lines of irreparable damage to her friendship with Tori or even with Tori yelling "Stay away from us, you psycho!" I can't see her doing a Marilyn and abducting Grace (Jasmine isn't that selfish) but there may be some resentment along the way with something like "Grace should have been mine instead of yours!" and it'll probably end with Jasmine needing to stay away from Grace and Tori for her own sake as well as theirs. Few things are more divisive between women that having children and not being able to have them.
  10. For some reason, that plot device never seems to get old even though they've been doing the "He's not the father" routine since Sons and Daughters and our own Roo Stewart did a very famous con-job in 1988. Personally, I don't even know why Ziggy wants to bother with a DNA test. Ben is her real father in every way that counts (and, on the whole, I think he's been a pretty good one). Marco is a scumbag. What else does she need to know? Another thought that occurs is that this situation is a What Goes Around Comes Around for Maggie. She was horrible to Simone when her affair with Br
  11. Is there anyone else here who is annoyed at Marilyn's appropriation of the Palmer (formerly Austin) residence. I don't think it's ever been properly clarified whether Gina left the house to John or whether it belongs to Xavier and he's just allowing John to stay there out of respect for his mother's wishes but, in either case, surely John has a stronger claim to the property than Marilyn so why is he the one moving to the caravan park? And this situation isn't without precedent (John moved out when Marilyn said she couldn't live with him after he came out of prison - another double standard
  12. A few years ago, I remember browsing on the official H&A site and it said you could send a letter and a stamped addressed envelope and you could get a signed photo from a cast member. My very non-tech-savvy girlfriend wants to get a signed photo of Demi Harman (Sasha) and I can't seem to find the relevant web page anymore. Would someone here be able to either point me in the direction of the relevant page or confirm that Home and Away/Channel 7 no longer takes requests for signed photos?
  13. I think The Early Years ends when Debra Lawrence takes over as Pippa.
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