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Levels Of Tragedy

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Oh dear poor Kyle I can't believe phoebe did that I actually thought that after everything it would have been casey to push Kyle I hope that Kyle will be okay I hope after this that casey feels guilty the brothers are going to be so angry with phoebe keep updating good job

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Great chapter, very dramatic! 😀

I understand why Pheobe was upset, Kyle could have at least called her once to see how she was going, but she went way too far! I hope that Kyle will be alright and I will be very interested to see the other Braxtons' reactions will be when they find out, especially Casey. 

Update soon.

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Chapter 10

3 Hours and 12 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital

"Kyle, what are you doing?" Lydia asks her friend as he starts to move.

"Getting up so I can discharge myself." Kyle answers.

Alex who was also in the room looked at Lydia then turned to Kyle: "Come on mate, don't be stupid!"


"Yeah, you were knocked out and your head was bleeding so I think you should sit back down."

"Well I'm not staying here, anyway Lydia you heard the doctor say I was fine."

"Yeah I did Kyle but she also said that she wants to keep you in for twenty-four hours due to the concussion you suffered."

"I don't need to as I will be fine." Kyle says to his mates as he puts his jacket on "If I feel worse I will tell my brothers but for now I'm discharging myself and going back to the hotel."

Alex watches his friend walks towards the nurse's station: "I think we should stop him."

"Well what do you suggest because he won't listen, you know that." Lydia replies "All we can do is keep messaging him to make sure he's ok."

With that both Alex and Lydia follow Kyle as he walks out of the hospital into the cold night air in the brightly light streets of Melbourne.

25 minutes later…

Street in Melbourne

"Kyle, I really think you should have stayed in the hospital." Lydia tells her friend as the two walk along the street.

"Sorry Lydia but you know how I feel about hospitals besides its not the first concussion I've had remember." Kyle reminds her.

"Yeah I remember but that's not the point." Lydia says as she shivers from the cold.

Taking off his jacket and handing it to his friend, Kyle says: "Can we just drop it please. Where was Alex going anyway?"

"He wanted to go see Pheebs and apologise for shouting at her." Lydia explains then goes on to say "Thank you for the jacket by the way."

"No problem can't have my lifesaver freezing to death can we." Kyle says causing both of them to laugh. "Anyway here's the hotel, keep the jacket and I'll pop round tomorrow and grab it."

With that Kyle disappears inside the hotel.

Next morning…

Hotel – Kyle's Room

Kyle was still asleep when a knock at the door woke him.

"Coming!" Kyle shouts as he rolls out of bed rubbing his head where five stiches now resided.

Walking over to the door he opens it surprised to find Casey on the other side. Casey doesn't say anything instead he barges past Kyle and into the room.

"Do you mind?" Kyle says closing the door.

"Not really." Casey answers "Where were you all night?"

"With my friends."

"Including Phoebe?"

"Casey, what is this about?"

"Well I just want to know if your cheating on my Tamara!"

"Your Tamara?" Kyle says shocked "Mate, she's not your property. Also, no I would never cheat on someone I love."

"She's my girlfriend not yours. On the cheating front, you are after all Dad's son so I wouldn't be surprised." Casey sniggers.

Kyle not happy with what Casey was saying, said: "How dare you?! I'm nothing like that monster and don't you ever compare me to him again!"

"Really? Well you did kidnap me which is something he would've done given half the chance! You also tried to kill me and Tamara!"

Hotel – Corridor

Brax and Heath were up and had decided to go check on Kyle.

"Do you think he will be ok this morning?" Heath asks "You know with him spending some time with his friends and away from Casey?"

"I hope so otherwise I don't know what else we can do." Brax replies just as he hears shouting coming from Kyle's room "What is that?"

"I don't know!" Heath answers as he follows Brax who barges into Kyle's room to find both him and Casey punching each other again.

Hotel – Kyle's Room

Rushing over, Brax pulls Casey off Kyle who scrambles backwards in case Casey goes for him again.

"What's going on in here?" Brax demands to know while holding Casey back.

Casey speaks first: "Kyle is cheating on Tamara!"

"No I'm not!" Kyle shouts.

"Yes you are. He got back at like 3am which makes me think why would you stay out so long if you aren't cheating on her."

"It has nothing to do with you how long I stay out for!"

Heath quickly grabs Kyle and pushing him over to the bed before he can do anything: "Kyle, ignore him."

"Ignore him Heath! Really that's everyone's answer to the whole situation. None of you know how heard it is to ignore him especially when he calls you a cheat like dad and a monster like dad!" Kyle tells his older brothers as he sits down as he was starting to feel sick.

"What did you just say?" Brax asks his younger brother as he wasn't quite sure he heard him right.

"He said I was a cheat and a monster just like dad was." Kyle repeats himself then stands up "I think I'm going to be sick."

With that, Kyle quickly runs to the bathroom and throws up, which leaves all three brothers puzzled.

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Great chapter 

Kyle really should of stayed at the hospital 

Whoa can’t believe Casey attacked Kyle

Update again soon :)



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I hope Kyle will be okay he should have stayed in hospital when they find out where Kyle really was they will be concerned but angry that nobody told them

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Great chapter

Oh dear. Kyle should have stayed at the hospital

Can't believe he and Casey has a fight

I wonder how Brax and Heath, Casey will react when they hear what happened to Kyle 

Update soon xx

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Great chapter. 

Oh no Kyle should have stayed in hospital! 

Casey really needs to lay off Kyle, how dare he just barge into his room and accuse him of cheating on Tamara. 

I wonder how his brothers will react when they find out what happened! I really hope that Kyle’s going to be okay! 

Can’t wait to read more! 

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Chapter 11

10 minutes later…

Kyle was still in the bathroom throwing up and both the older Braxtons were starting to become concerned.

"Do you think he's ok?" Heath asks.

Rolling his eyes, Brax says to his brother: "That's a stupid question even for you Heath. Of course I don't think he's ok considering he has spent the last ten minutes throwing up and is till in there."

"I was only asking." Heath huffs as they here the toilet being flushed and the tap turning on.

"Why are you both bothered anyway?" Casey says spitefully.

"Casey I've had it up to hear with you and your snide remarks." Brax tells him as he points to above his head "Obviously our brother isn't feeling well which is why we are bothered. We would all be the same if it was you and I can guarantee Kyle would be too!"

"No, he wouldn't he hates me which is why he stole MY girlfriend!" Casey informs his brother.

"I'm getting so sick of your behaviour at this rate we will be packing our stuff and going straight home and then I will let Heath kill you as you're the one who is currently ruining this stag weekend!" Brax replies just as Kyle appears from the bathroom.

"Sorry about that I think I drank more than I had thought last night." Kyle lies to his brothers knowing full well it's the concussion making him sick.

Heath obviously showing concern which was his way of trying to hide the laughing, says: "It's ok mate as long as you're not seriously ill that's all that matters."

"No I'm definitely not seriously ill just hungover." He lies again.

Brax decides to say something before Casey can be rude to Kyle again: "So, do you still feel good enough to come out with us today are would it be better for you to stay here and get some rest?"

"Well I've got to go and get my jacket from Lydia because the last thing I remember before Casey knocked on the door then barged in was giving it to her because she was cold." Kyle informs them.

"I'll take that as your fine then?" Brax asks him.

"Yeah just give thirty minutes to get ready and I'll meet you all at the little café down the street for some breakfast." Kyle tells them all.

With that Brax grabs Casey's arm and shoves him out the room with Heath following.

55 minutes later…


"Where on earth is he?" Brax wonders loudly.

Heath rejoins the table after giving up waiting for Kyle they had decided to order.

"He probably went to throw up again." Casey laughs.

"Stop it Case! He might just be taking his time after all Brax he needs to find the strength to deal with this one." Heath suggest while pointing at Casey.

"Yeah your probably right if he's not here by the time we finished out food then I'm going to go check on him." Brax answers.

At the same time…

Melbourne – Apartment Complex

While his brother's were waiting for him at the café, Kyle was on his way up to the sixth floor of the building in which both Lydia and Phoebe shared a flat.

Walking up to the flat he knocks on the door. The knock is answered with a shout saying: "It's open Kyle!"

Apartment Complex – Lydia and Phoebe's Flat

"Hey Lyds!" Kyle says as he closes the door behind him.

"Hey, how are you feeling this morning?" Lydia asks him as she finishes putting her lunch in her bag.

"I'm ok I promise."

"You're not lying to me are you Kyle?"

"No I'm not Lydia I swear on my life."

"Good! Anyway here's your jacket." Lydia says as she hands it over.

"Thank you." Kyle replies "I take it your at work today?"

"What give it away?"

"Oh I don't maybe the outfit choice." Kyle laughs "Well I better go so you can finish getting ready."

"Why don't you stay and wait for Phoebe? She didn't come home last night as she decided to stay at her dad's in case I was angry with her."

"No it's ok I don't fancy taking the risk of running into Mark." Kyle tells her as he walks back towards the door.

"Ok then if your sure I will tell her you said hi." Lydia tells him before going back to getting ready for work.

1 hour and 11 minutes later…

Hotel - Lobby

"Well he wasn't in his room." Brax says as he walks over to his brothers.

"Then where is he?" Heath asks.

"I know where he is." Casey tells them while laughing knowing his brother was about to get in trouble.


"Right behind you." Casey points.

"KYLE!" Brax shouts to his brother as he walks past them.

Kyle stops walking and looks around as soon as he hears his name being shouted. As he turns his head he spots all three of his brothers sitting down.

Walking over to them, Kyle says: "What you all doing down here?"

"Looking for you?" Heath informs him.

"Why? I thought we weren't doing anything till this afternoon."

Brax looks at his brother curiously, then says: "No Kyle, you said to us over an hour ago that you would meet us for breakfast in the café down the street."

"No, I didn't because this is the first time I have seen any of you this morning." Kyle lets them know "Once I woke up I got ready then went to collect my jacket from Lydia."

"Kyle, are you sure your ok?" Both the older Braxtons ask him.

"Yeah why?"

"Because you said you were going to collect your jacket after we had eaten Dumbo!" Casey laughed.

"ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR?!" Kyle shouts at his brother which attracts the attention of everyone in the lobby.

Apologising to everyone, Brax turns to his brother and says: "Kyle no one is calling you a liar. Do you not even remember throwing up this morning?"

"Did I?"

"Yeah you did mate." Heath jumps in "You told us you were hungover, after we caught you and Casey fighting again."

Kyle looks at them and quickly decides to cover his tracks by saying: "Got you! I was messing with you all haha sorry. Lydia had text just as I was coming out the lift to say if I wanted to get my jacket I would have to do it this morning as she started work at 11."

Confused as to why Kyle had done that, Brax says: "That wasn't a funny joke Kyle."

"I know sorry. I thought I would lift the mood a bit considering this is meant to be Heath's stag weekend."

"It wasn't funny though Kyle." Heath says to him.

"Sorry I won't do it again." Kyle replies "Anyway what do you fancy doing today then?"

"Well I want to know more about the place in which you come from so why don't you control the plan for today." Brax tells him brother which receives a nod.

"Cool, well let's get going then." Kyle says as he turns back round and makes his way back out of the hotel with Casey following.

Both of the older brothers hang back for a couple of minutes to talk.

"Is it me or was that totally weird?" Heath asks Brax.

"No that was totally weird. It was like he didn't even remember." Brax says to him.

"I thought so because there was no way he could have ben joking because that was to serious even for him." Heath points out "What shall we do?"

"Nothing we can do apart from keeping an eye on him. We better go before them two kill each other." Brax reminds him.

With that the two remaining Braxtons leave the lobby for a day of sightseeing.

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Oh dear poor Kyle I hope that he will be okay memory loss that sounds serious I can't wait to read more

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Chapter 12

3 hours and 24 minutes later…

Somewhere in Melbourne

"Dude, what's with all the statues?" Heath asks his brother as they walk past what felt like the fiftieth statue.

"Well they are meant to be pieces of art around the city Heath. You know to brighten the streets up and make it look nice." Kyle says as he rolls his eyes.

"Well there's no need for so many of them is there?"

"Yeah there is." Kyle tells him "If they didn't have them all some grey, tall building would probably be in it's place."

"I'd rather look at that." Heath says which makes the other two brothers laugh.

Coming to a stop beside a fountain, Kyle turns and says: "What would you rather do then Heath? As you were the ones that wanted to see where I came from so you have."

"We know we did Kyle but we thought it would be more interesting than this."

"What Heath is trying to say is we thought we would be getting a local's perspective of the city not an actual tour guide." Brax says to try and defuse the tension.

Casey who was bored and hungry decided to suggest: "Why don't we stop then and get something to eat?"

"Case that's a pretty good idea." Brax tells his brother "Kyle where would you suggest?"

"How about tacos down on the beach? That way you can all pretend your back in the Bay." Kyle suggests to them.

They all nod and follow Kyle in the direction of the beach.

25 minutes later…

Beach – Pier

The four Braxton brothers were currently sat on the pier with their tacos talking when Heath stops eating and looks at the water.

"I thought you said this was a beach?" Heath says with a mouth full of food.

"There's sand and water, what else does it need?" Kyle jokes.

"It's not a beach you can't surf in that!" Heath points to the water.

"Of course you can't Heath this isn't Summer Bay it is a small beach town. Melbourne is a city where the population is my then ten times of the population in the Bay."

"Kyle is a right Heath." Casey says before taking another bite of his taco.

The other three brothers stop what they are doing and look at Casey with a shock on their faces.

Looking up to meet his brothers' faces, Casey quizzes: "What?"

"You agreed with Kyle on something!" Brax says loudly still in shock.

"Because he was right when Heath was wrong."

"Ok, who are you and what have you done with the real Casey Braxton?"

"Oh haha very funny Brax!" Casey sarcastically says to his brother.

"Thanks for saying I was right Case!" Kyle smiles at him.

"Just because you were right about that doesn't mean I think your right about everything else or like you!"

"CASEY!" Both Heath and Brax shout.

"What?" Casey says to them "It's true."

With that Casey stands up and walks over to the bin to put his rubbish in. The other three Braxtons still in shock from how one second Casey was being nice to the next minute he was back to being horrible.

"So where to now?" Brax asks.

"How about a drink?" Kyle says to them.

"YES!" They all shout.

Kyle nods to their reply, then with his brothers following walks off to the nearest bar, which just so happened to be where his friend Mack works but he wasn't going to tell any of them that.

4 minutes ago, [email protected] said:

Oh dear poor Kyle I hope that he will be okay memory loss that sounds serious I can't wait to read more

Thank you for continuing to read my fanfic and you can now read the next chapter which is a filter chapter

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