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Levels Of Tragedy

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Great chapters. 

Aghhhh Casey needs to grow up, he’s getting on my nerves. But I’m glad that Brax and Heath realise that Casey is the big problem.

I hope that their trip isn’t ruined because of the fighting. Although since your title is ‘Levels of Tragedy’ I’m thinking something else will. 

Liked how Kyle got to see his friends as well and I hope that he and Phoebe can become friends again. 

Can’t wait to read more please update soon. 

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Chapter 8

4 hours and 12 minutes later…

Restaurant beside the Hotel

"So, I thought someone else was joining us Kyle?" Heath quizzed his brother.

"Yeah well I won't hold your breath." Kyle answered.

Jumping in Lydia said to her friend: "Come on Kyle there's always a chance she will turn up."

"She?" Casey said.

"Yeah our friend Phoebe, she's Kyle's…" Alex stops mid sentence when he sees Kyle's face.

"She's Kyle's what?"

"Casey leave it alone." Brax tells him knowing it would fall on deaf's door.

"No Brax I want to know who she is?"

Kyle knowing Casey wasn't going to drop it, blurted out: "She's my ex."

"Oh so you invited your ex for dinner?" Casey said with a smirk.

"Don't start Casey just because you think its something you can use against me in your stupid game to get Tamara back." Kyle says to his brother "Because you can't as I already told her and she was fine with it."

Lydia and Alex just look at each other and from the way the two brothers were speaking they understood what Kyle meant when he told them the situation was confusing and complicated.

"Right you two stop just stop!" Brax demands "We are meant to be here to celebrate Heath's stag do and I don't think your friends Kyle will want to witness you two arguing and fighting so just stop."

Both brothers look a Brax then apologise to everyone at the table except each other which no one expected to happen.

10 minutes later…

"So I guess Pheebs isn't coming?" Alex says to them.

"I guess not, let's just order instead." Kyle suggests.

With that everyone orders their food and start to enjoy the rest of the night.

1 hour and 59 minutes later…

Hotel – Kyle's Room

"I see what you mean about Casey now." Alex says to his friend as he sits down on one of the chairs.

"Yep." Kyle says as he throws his stuff on the bed.

The two friends were currently in Kyle's hotel room trying to escape Casey. They had plans to go meet Lydia, who had decided to leave to see if she could find Phoebe and agreed that she would meet them at their usual bar in an hour.

"So, he's always like that?"


"Come on Kyle, can you not say yep to everything."

"Sorry my mind is just on other things right now."

"Like what?"

"Well obviously this whole Casey and me fighting think. Then factor in the fact that Phoebe wants nothing to do with me, so I already know she won't join us for drinks."

"Well stop thinking about the fighting as it will blow over eventually and Lydia is going to tell Pheebs it will just be them two and me as you had to stay here with your brothers."

"Easier said than done on the fighting front and what about when I do show up, how do you think Pheebs is going to react?"

"Well that's easily sorted, all we have to say is that your brothers said you could leave as its not everyday you get to see us."

"And your really think she is going to fall for that because I don't know if you realised but Pheebs isn't stupid?"

"Yeah I do so shut up." Alex says then looks at the message he just got on his phone "We better go as Lydia has convinced Pheebs to go for some drinks."

Kyle sighs then says: "Fine but if this blows up our faces I telling her it was all yours and Lydia's idea."

With that the two friends leave the room to head for the bar for some long awaited beers.

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I wonder what is going to happen between Kyle and phoebe will casey ever get along with Kyle I'm glad that brax is stepping up and being a good brother I'm so glad that brax is strict

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Great chapter

Wonder what will go down between Kyle and Phoebe

Glad Brax told Casey and Kyle to stop fighting.

Update again soon :)

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Great chapter! 😊

This is a very good story, I love that in Melbourne the brothers get a chance to explore Kyle's past, I think that was something they should have done in the show during Heath's stay night. 

I really like the inclusion of Alex and Lydia, they are both very good friends to Kyle, and the stuff between him and Pheobe is very interesting, it's a shame she's acting so cold, but I can see her reasons. I wonder what will happen with those two in the next chapter.

Casey is very annoying here, just because Tamara has feelings for Kyle instead of him doesn't give him the right to push Lyle around. At least Brax and Heath are able to deal with the two.

Update soon. 😀

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Hey guys, the author here just wanting to say thank you for the lovely comments as per usual. I'm glad to know tat you are all still reading my fanfics. So here's the next chapter.

Chapter 9

28 minutes later…

Unknown Cocktail Bar

"So how was the meal?" Phoebe asks as she finishes here cocktail.

"It was good except…" Lydia says in reply.


"Well Kyle and his brother Casey were arguing and their older brother told them to stop."


"Well Kyle is dating Casey's ex and he thinks that she still loves him when she doesn't."


Realising what she just said, Lydia says: "Oh Pheebs I'm so sorry I forgot."

"It's not your fault Lyds. I guess part of me hoped that wherever he was he still loved me."

"He does though Pheebs and he always will just you two drifted apart that's all."

"Drifted? Is that what we are calling it now?"

"You know what I meant."

"Yeah I do so it's a good job." Phoebe laughs then turns her head and notices Alex walking over and Kyle "Great!"


"I though you said Kyle wasn't coming."

"I did!" Lydia responds.

"Well then you must have been lying." Phoebe states then stands up.

The two boys walk over to the table just as Phoebe grabs her stuff.

Alex watches his friend then asks: "Phoebe, what are you doing?"

"Leaving!" She replies.

"Please don't leave because of me Pheebs." Kyle begs her.

"Don't call me Pheebs, only my friends are allowed to call me that and your certainly not one of them."

"Look I'll leave and just go and sit in my hotel room but you have to stay."

Jumping in both Lydia and Alex tell both their friends to sit down because no one is going anywhere.

"Phoebe, I did tell you the truth about Kyle not meant to have been here I promise." Lydia states.

"Lydia is right Pheebs." Alex says in agreement "I was getting up to leave the hotel to come and meet you two when Brax told Kyle that he should come with me as it's not everyday that he he gets to see us."

Kyle just stays quiet, knowing that no matter what he said she'd never believe him.

"Fine I'll stay." Phoebe says.

"Kyle?" Lydia asks.

"Yeah, I'll stay too." Kyle replies.

1 hour later…

Phoebe had been ignoring all of Kyle's attempts to talk to her for the last hour, when she decided to ask him a question.

"What's up with your brother's ex?" Phoebe asks.

Shocked that she had actually said something to him, Kyle quickly says: "She lost here memory while my brother was in a jail cell for a crime he didn't commit and because she couldn't remember Casey and I was helping her she sort of grew an attachment to me and when my brother found out he wasn't too happy but I had tried to get her to not like me but nothing I did made the slight bit of difference."

Thinking it was best to leave their two friends to talk, Alex and Lydia decide to go and get them all some more drinks.

"That's messed up, you do know that right?"

"Don't worry everyone has been telling me that but it's not my fault."

"No, it never is your fault."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well you up and left without a word. You didn't answer your phone or return any of my messages and I bet if I ask you now why you would say the same thing you always have said since we first met."

"Come on Phoebe stop being like this." Kyle says to her.

"Why? It's true."

"I understand that I hurt you Phoebe but this is getting ridiculous now. You know what I'm going to leave as I can not stand being around you when you get like this" Kyle says to her, then stands up and turns around.

"Getting ridiculous! How's this for ridiculous?" Phoebe says under her breathe as she pushes Kyle, who collides with the small coffee like table.

Kyle lands with a thud as his head bashes of the cold, hard floor of the cocktail bar.

Alex and Lydia were returning with drinks when they saw the altercation between both Kyle and Phoebe.

Dropping the glasses, which shatter as they hit the floor throwing the liquid that was inside of them everywhere. The two friends run over to Kyle at the same time as one of the bar staff.

"Kyle, can you here me?" Lydia asks as she kneels beside her friend.

Kneeling down beside her, the member of staff says: "I think you better not touch him love as he could be seriously injured."

"Well unfortunately I need to touch him to assess his injuries!" Lydia spats as the bar staff member.

Alex tells the guy that Lydia is a nurse so she knows what she is doing, he then turns to Phoebe: "What were you thinking?"

"I'm so sorry he said I was being ridiculous and I wasn't going to stand for it." Phoebe says as watches what Lydia is doing with a worried look on her face.

"So you thought you would push him when he wasn't looking instead of handling the situation like a mature adult?!" Alex shouts back and gets no reply.

"Kyle, can you here me?" Lydia asks again.

"Why isn't he responding?" Alex asks her.

"He must have hit his head pretty hard because he is unconscious, that's why Alex." Lydia tells him "Have any of you called for an ambulance?"

The bar staff member tells her he will go do it now. She then goes back to checking Kyle over.

8 minutes later…

"I think we should call his brothers, to let them know what is going on."

"Not yet Lydia, we should hold off on calling them until we know exactly what is wrong with him."

"I don't think that's a good idea but fine we will hold off calling them." Lydia tells him just as the paramedics arrive.

Lydia explains what happened then they putting Kyle on the trolley and take him to the ambulance.

Outside the Cocktail Bar

"I want to go with him." Phoebe demands to her friends as Alex holds her back.

"Not happening considering you did this besides the best person to go with him is Lydia." Alex tells her as he watches the ambulance leave the street.

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Great chapter 

Seemed like Phoebe and Kyle were going to make amends.

Poor Kyle I hope he will be alright why Phoebe?!

Update again soon :)


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Great chapter.

I really hope that Kyle is going to be okay. But he seemed to take quite a big hit on the head. I think that they should have contacted the boys and not wait for a bit as they do need to know and I don’t think that they’ll be too happy when they find out what happened to Kyle. 

I get that Pheobe was angry but she shouldn’t have pushed Kyle. 

Cant wait to read more. 

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