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  1. D.B

    Returned from the dead

    Damn, that would be a great storyline! Now all we have to do is wait for VJ to come back and dig her out!
  2. D.B

    Shoot & Save

    Shoot Angelo Save Nate Chelsea/Kat
  3. That might have happened. Or Ross would have been successfully captured and taken to justice, and Bella would be given proper help. You're right in saying that we don' know what would definitely happen in a "What-if" scenario- but if you look at it logically, getting the police involved would have been a much better option than Colby going on his own, since he did just that, and it hasn't really made Bella 100% safe, and is still in danger since because of Colby's actions, Ross is on the loss, and knows that the police is onto him.
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  5. D.B

    Shoot & Save

    Save Alf (every time) Shoot Fisher Colby/Kat
  6. Oh no no, I do agree that Bella would be safer with Colby than with Ross, but that wasn't exactly the point to me; my opinion is that the point is that there was a much better way for him to go around this that could have gotten Bella back to him and put Ross out of the picture. But instead, he decided that only himself and Dean are capable of doing it (even though all the past points to the opposite), puts those he cares about at risk because of his recklessness, and doesn't even seem to care about the realistic consequences.
  7. Well, as anyone with half a brain would have suspected, Colby and Dean's abduction of Bella (because that's what it is, even if he's family or if Bella's better off with them than with Ross, which I think she is but that's beside the point) hasn't has gone as smoothly as they had hoped. The fact remains that even if Colby is correct in thinking that Bella is "safe" now (as in being held in an abandoned house which we have seen has already caused another child serious injury (Seriously, what the hell were they thinking bringing her there, assuming they were thinking at all) and not being allowed to leave 'safe', and assuming that Ross won't come looking), he compromised the police investigation into his own father's murder, allowing a dangerous man on the loose, placed the freedom of Dean and Willow at terrible risk and now attempting to place Chelsea's integrity and job at risk too! And what's worse is that he doesn't even seem to care about any of the possible consequences (it's almost as if he read the writer's script for the rest of the year), just as long as he gets to keep Bella. Well, he's certainly feeling the consequences from Chelsea now that she's made her position clear. Now that I've seen these episodes, I really don't understand all the claims of others that Chelsea was being unreasonable and annoying, when she's pretty much being the definition of reasonable in this situation. She's given Colby chance after chance again, and he's still breaking the law and keeping her in the dark. I think she was well in her rights to walk out on him, though, if I'm honest, I did feel some sympathy for him when Bella was talking about how their mother "walked out on them", makes you wonder what other lies Ross has been telling her. I honestly forgot to comment on the John and Ben rivalry, which was actually a bit of fun, even if John was being unbearable towards Ben. Thankfully Alf intervened, and in the most intimidating and hilarious way that Alf could have. The scene with Alf and Roo on the pier, whom we haven't seen much of together this year, was veyr nice and needed, and the banter with Ben and Maggie was sweet to watch as well. I have to give Ben points, he has matured over the last year; a while ago, he wouldn't have handled John's interference as well as he did. That's what this who[e thing with Colby, Dean and Bella reminded me of! I was watching and was sure that I saw something like it before. And you're right, even if what Colby did was the same as Brax, he should have known and behaved better since he's the police. But wasn't Oscar taken with them as well? I remember that he wasn't as brainwashed as Evie was, but didn't the Braxtons have to take him too?
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  9. The Martha storyline from last year had me thinking, if there were any deceased characters you would wanted to be brought back alive, who would it be? My two main options would be Hannah and Oscar, as in my opinion, they both deserved happier endings.
  10. D.B


    I'll admit I was reluctant to even consider the idea of them being written out, mainly out of respect of the old guard rather than actually liking the characters, but yeah, John and Marilyn;s behaviour when it came to foster children in the last year has just been done so wrong.
  11. Okay, after me giving him some leave way yesterday, I am absolutely fed up and disgusted with Colby's behaviour. He literally shows no consideration or respect in the police force he was so eager to join up again and to manipulate and abuse their trust of him, and shows no respect for Chelsea, who he's getting married to and promised not to lie to, and yet he brings Willow into his plan to distract her. "They'll just send in a single stupid cop to arrest him; we have to do this ourselves!"- yeah, Colby, because you going alone in the past has gone so well before, you moron. Red said it true, this is a murder investigation of a senior police officer, it's not investigating littering! I think that the police, no matter how useless they have been in the past, would be working their arses off to give their murdered comrade justice. Dean's been no help either, either not realising that sending in the River Boys would only be worse and 85% most likely result in the two of them being arrested (making all of Ziggy, Willow and Justin's hard work to keep him out of jail pointless), or just doesn't care, which makes it worse. And as I expected, things haven't gone as smoothly as they had hoped, with who I'm presuming to be Bella holding him at crossbow-point. No matter how stupid and criminal they are, I didn't expect that reaction from Bella when Colby said his name. There's probably more to it, which the writers will probably get into- while ignoring any real-life consequences for Colby and Dean, because...why not, at this point? As for Justin giving Raffy back to John and Marilyn- no. Just no. I refuse to comment on this ridiculous situation other than Raffy should be with her family. Marilyn's words "Oh please don't take her from us"- that just proved mine and Red's confirmation. Shame on you, John and Maz. And shame on the writers for persisting on this. No, no it's fine! I didn't take anything from it at all. I understand why it would be frustrating on how quiet the forum can be, which I have noticed as well and was slightly disappointed by it. All I meant was that with all the stuff that I'll have to do this year, I won't be able to comment as much as I had last year. But don't worry, I'll still show up.
  12. Sorry Red, I've been incredibly busy this year and will continue to do so, but I'll try and comment when ever possible. But I have noticed that in a whole, a lot of other forums have gone quiet as well. Well, this Simone seems to have trouble written all over her in my opinion. Maybe I'm speaking too soon, as she just arrived, but she just seems like she desperately trying to flirt with Brody, who surprisingly hasn't noticed, as to my memory in his first year, he seemed rather good with this kind of stuff. And while I agree with Ziggy that Brody should really draw the line (Which he thankfully did) with Simone, Ziggy should give Brody more trust than what she is giving him. I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but I do have a rather sneaky suspicion about how the door was locked. But in any case, the situation was settled- for now at least. Now Justin and Willow breaking up- never thought I say this, but it's probably for the best, since that relationship has gone extremely toxic. Mason tried to be a good brother (though I think in the morning afterwards he could have done more than just look at his brother's drunken state and leaved Tori to actually wake him up), but honestly the state Justin was in, flirting with Leah and getting completely wasted at Irene's, while sad, was hilarious. Tori loosing the baby- terrible, honestly tragically terrible. I honestly didn't expect the show to take this route with this story (mainly because they've done it many times before), but still horrible. Robbo's reaction to it was so sad as well, I mean, this is the third time something along this line has happened to him (and two of them happening with less than a year between them!). Still, thankfully they both had Jasmine to look after them, who is still continuing to show what a lovely person she is (so much I'm really failing to understand all the hate she gets). Tori just wanting to try again just immediately after the fact is surprising, but I wouldn't be surprised that Robbo isn't all for the idea. It was nice that she had Leah, Mason and the rest of her family- with the notable exception of Raffy. I actually have to agree with Red here in terms of her and Marilyn, why I wouldn't go as far and say she was brainwashed, I do think that Marilyn seems to take every option available to keep Raffy in her arms rather than her actually going back to her family, and the attitudes of the older crowd is not helping. Raffy saying that there's so much drama going on in the Morgan's house is overdramatic, to say the least. Seeing her struggle in school is sad but realistic, so good that she has Ryder and Coco to rely on, though Coco's new news may cause some friction. I wouldn't go so far as to call Raffy a brat with her behaviour, she has just dealt and is still dealing with a traumatic event, so I can understand that her emotions tend to run a little high, but I do think she can be more accepting of family and friends who just want to help her rather than just stick onto to Marilyn and John. Her kiss with Ryder...while I do understand why the writers would go with it, given how much chemistry there is between them, but I would like it for once where there is a friendship between men and women without feelings emerging, Now time for Round Two of Red vs D.B.'s arguments about characters (though this won't be much of an argument, given that I do agree with a lot of your assessment of Colby, just not with a few points): While I do agree that Colby was wrong to, as you said, bully Karen (who does seem very much better than we last saw her and thankfully we saw a nice scene between her and Dean) before he found the truth about his mother; everything after that, to me, just seemed the emotions of sorrow that was affecting him when he asked it after Karen told them. As for him not caring about his mother, I'd have to disagree with that one as well, given the state he was in when Chelsea gave him a hug when they came back, him "banging on about finding Bella" was, in my view, as him, in his time for grief, making sure that Bella wasn't murdered as well; if she had, he would have definitely lost it, and as for the claim that he saw his mother as weak, has this been confirmed before? (though I would admit that Colby has barely given his mother in his search a thought at all, if I remember it clearly). You are right in that he did a very bad job in trying to find them before and if he just got the recording it would have been better (though we're not entirely sure when she died, so it might have been too late for her), and going around the 'River boy' approach is definitely (even if I think that Ross, after all he said in the recording, deserves a punch) the absolute wrong thing to do (and it makes you think about whether allowing him to wear the uniform is a bright idea), but I'm more sympathetic towards him- he just learned that some harrowing about his parent's deaths, no-one would be thinking rationally at that moment, so while it's wrong, it's sort of understandable. Police can't just take off their emotions when they put on the uniform. But thankfully Chelsea prevailed as the cooler head, so now we just have to see if Murray's lead will lead to any results- or will it just be another waste of time?
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  15. D.B

    Expanded storylines of past and forgotten characters.

    Ooh, I really like the idea of this! Okay, let's see... Indi: met Liam again and begun a relationship. Kyle: got out of prison early because Isla turned herself in and fell in love again with Tamara. Heath and Bianca: had another kid and are living the straight life. Evie and Matt: after doing their work in Vietnam, began to explore the rest of the world, and then became married officially. Maddy: moving to London and becoming a nurse. Hunter: knocked overboard on the trip to Vietnam (one could only hope! LOL)

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