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  1. Well, look's like Dean wasn't in his right mind when he posted the letter, so I was disappointed when he decided to get rid of it and dragged Ziggy into it, but then again, by the looks of the letter it looks like Dean was going to take the whole blame for it which I wouldn't like either. If I'm going to be 100% honest, I did find the scenes with Colby and Bella at Ross's old house sweet. But for Colby's suggestion that the house may be sold, may I ask to whom? Would people really want to live in a house where a woman was murdered and a girl was mentally held hostage by the murderer? But anyway, it gave Bella some closure, and I'll give Colby this, he really cares for Bella, just not enough to tell her the truth apparently, as the moment she goes to the diner or to bed, he's just back to conspiring to cover up a murder. And while I actually like the little family-unit the two have with Willow and Dean, I was ten seconds away from hitting my head against a wall when Colby decided to rejoin the police and act like nothing's happened. I have literally no sympathy for him, and frankly he's got better friends than he deserves. That said, I don't have much sympathy for Dean much now either, he's in a really bad place, and I am sorry for that, but he is entirely ignorant of what damage he's causing himself (or what Colby's actions are causing him, but I digress). I feel that Willow ought to be more supportive of Dean rather than Colby, but if he's refusing help, there's not much else she can do. I've heard some other people on other threads said that Jackson Heywood must have done something to p*** off the writers to make him so unrecognisable, but I'm only now beginning to see that. Obviously his apparent romantic gesture to Simone wouldn't work to anyone with morals, which luckily for both of them, they lack. The fallout of this is going to be so bad for Ziggy, since she's really considering their future without knowing that Brody will abandon her. I wish that Justin would man up and tell her the truth, or at least that he'd be more resistant towards Brody's plans with Simone, but I guess he's just tired of this pointless drama. I know I am. The most likeable Morgan nowadays appears to be Mason, who's absolutely a delight with him enthusiastically helping Raffy with her project, who, while I feel sorry for her, had a bit of an over exaggeration when wanting to drop school again. I can't judge her really though, this is really hitting her hard. I'm just glad she has her family, Ryder and Maggie (and I guess Simone), to support her. Martha's mental disorder appearance, while tragic and to me unexpected since she's been really calm since she arrived, is realistic, particularly after just dealing with Marilyn's worry for Jett. Alf acted very responsibly here, but it's a shame that Martha wants to leave the Bay now. John and Marilyn were very supportive here, and I'm glad that Alf told her actually how he felt. Actually, I thought the opposite. While Jasmine seemed more distant towards Tori and she gave what I felt to be a little dig when she said "I never do" when Tori told her not to take no for an answer, she looked very concerned for the victim, and she did a very good job, working well with Tori. She even put her anger out of the way to help Tori in the end, as it looks like something's seriously wrong with the baby.
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  3. Well to start off, I have a question: does Jasmine know that Leah knew about Tori's secret? Because if she did, she's handling being around Leah much better than she is with Tori. That said, I'm glad that two have come to a sort of truce, because even though on one hand, I love Jasmine ranting at Tori and it must be irritating to having to be civil with Tori, who's still continuing to be unbearable, on the other hand, they do need some sort of cease-fire if they're going to work together. And honestly, I actually like Jasmine's anger in all this; before this storyline Jasmine has really been a bubbly all-around nice person, which I liked about her, but it's good to see this justifiable other side of hers. I didn't expect Bella to return to Ross's house, but the fact that she did, as well as the house isn't actually as bad as I expected, makes me think that despite that she was unknowingly held hostage by her psychopathic father and the fact that her mother's grave was literally in the backyard, which is just a terrifying thought, her life before Colby found her was actually alright for her. But at least Colby acted like a good brother here, this time given her the patience she needs, I'll give him that. But now Dean is going to confess, if I am correct that McCarthy's name was on that letter, you really have to look close to see it, didn't you? Now I say that he is confessing is good, except that he didn't really seem fully aware of the situation.
  4. Okay, let me get this straight: Colby is now not only keeping the truth from Bella, leaving her in a state of fear and insecurity, but now he's refusing to let her receive help from an actual professional, keeping by his usual stance that 'we'll take care of this ourselves,' and then lashes out at Simone when she, in all fairness to her, was only trying to help her student, telling her not to make Bella more insecure when that's he's being doing this whole time! Brother of the year everyone! *Sarcastic clapping*. Honestly, I would be glad he's choosing to leave the police, if he wasn't just using Bella as an excuse and now has resulted in her leaving? That said, I'm not really sure about why he's making this choice. Really the only option I see before me is that he's leaving because now he got what he wanted; Bella. If that's true, then that's a disappointment, even now. Before when I used to like Colby and made excuses for him, I said before that he shouldn't leave because he wanted to help people. But obviously now, that seems farthest from the truth. On a side note, I think this is the first time that we've seen McCarthy (Who's being a much better boss than Colby deserves) in non uniform clothing. Not saying much about Brody's situation, which he brought on himself, other than he needs a kick in the teeth. Exactly. Given Ziggy's usual moral stance (with Justin's ultimatum and when Olivia cheated), as well as the fact that before she did seem like very close friends with Jasmine, you'd think she'd would have been more critical of Tori's actions. But still. I'm guessing that news of a baby would overshadow that for some people I guess.
  5. Now, this may be cynical of me, but I was expecting more backlash for Tori as a result from Jasmine's reveal, and I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't. It was a bit grating to see her celebrating it with actual good people and Brody (it pains me that I can no longer include him in that category!) when I think she ought to get a severe talking to, instead of a real lack of criticism other than from Jasmine and Irene, that actually might get her thinking about her actions (though mind you, Justin and Leah tried doing that to her multiple times and it hasn't worked), though I guess that it's not much of a surprise that Brody or Ziggy weren't that critical, or that Justin was now more accepting. Family usually looks out for each other. I wish we did see Raffy and Mason's reactions to it other than Raffy's initial exclamation on Thursday, and I love to see Mason begin questioning Tori on her previous decisions. So yeah, overall disappointing. The stuff with the packages for Jett and the troops was really the only highlight of the episode. I love that the older crowd are getting more scenes and storylines now, and I now love anything with Alf and Martha together, they work really well. I mean, they were married so I guess that is expected but still. Well, now we know what Bella said that made Maggie and Simone concerned, and even though you said it much better than I could Red, it's very much Colby's fault. he's seriously messed up the situation for Bella, the one he is supposed to do right by, and is allowing her to live in fear because of his own choices and him covering up his own crimes! Bella really deserves better than him, so I'm glad she had Irene to turn to, who is a much better person to look after her than Colby is.
  6. Was Rocco planned? I can't remember.
  7. Tori can go take a hike, and never return. That would very much please me. Even now, she still wants to talk to Robbo, after all of her actions have driven him out of town, and yet she continues to take no responsibility for it, as her conversation with Irene shows. Speaking of, while I love Irene's fiery side, I feel like her message to Robbo was a little harsh, because Jasmine isn't fully innocent here and Robbo is suffering. But apparently it worked, with Robbo finally calling, even if Colby and Mason got very little off him other than stuff for the gym (Which I have to add, fair game for Willow and Mason struggling to keep the gym up with Robbo gone AWOL). Now, I don't think Robbo is gone forever (or rather I hope), but right now, I completely understand why he feels like he can never return, I would feel the same. Meanwhile, did anyone else cheer when Jasmine called Tori's secret out to everyone at the diner? Because I did. Jasmine was completely in the right to be angry and expose her and I'm glad that she didn't hold back. More Morgans: It's a shame that Mason wasn't able to talk either Tori or Justin around to his idea. Had to laugh when Raffy kissed Ryder in the hall to keep him quiet about the drugs. While I love Ryder's caring boyfriend personality coming out, neither him and Raffy really thought the idea of self-medication through, so thankfully Mason was able to intervene. While I think that his initial reaction maybe was a bit much, considering that he unintentionally inspired the idea, I'm glad he talked calmly with them at the diner and I love him as a protective brother. Can't really say much on Dean's situation, other than he is seriously not well, and tell Willow what's going on. He's not doing anyone any favours keeping it quiet, less of all Ben, who's been more Meanwhile, I loved seeing Maggie sticking it to the ed. department, though as others had pointed out, if Simone's secret came out it probably would mean trouble. Actually, I did like Simone's scenes with Bella. Yes maybe she should have figured more about where she's at, but I guess that perhaps she's just trying to be easy with her for their first session. But apparently, from Maggie and Simone's worried looks at her file, not all is well.
  8. Okay, firstly, I never said that Ross wasn't a 'low-life scumbag'. He was. Obviously what Ross did was wrong, what he did to Michelle and he was wrong to lie to Bella about it, I never questioned that nor disagreed with that. But that wasn't the point I was making. The point I was making that Colby is lying to Bella about something he did that he should be in prison for, just as Ross did. Secondly, if Bella really did tell it 'as she saw it', then Colby and Dean would have faced charges for kidnapping and obstructing a police investigation into a murder. She didn't tell McCarthy the truth about what actually happened at the house, Colby and Dean sure as hell didn't want her to tell them the truth, so that left me with an impression that they made sure she knew what to say. Thirdly, yes in hindsight, perhaps telling Bella the truth would done her more mental harm than good, but however, I feel that Bella deserves the truth, and Colby is refusing to give it to her for his own means. That is how I see it.
  9. I'm pretty sure that one could make a reasonable argument that Colby's pretty much done the same as Ross has done in terms of Bella. Remember when Bella went to the police station? She pretty much told them was Colby wanted her to say, and earlier scenes with Colby and Dean worrying about what Chelsea told the police left me with a strong indication that they kept Bella reporting to the police more to protect themselves rather than protect her. And now he's lying to her about Ross, allowing her to live in fear because he doesn't want to be ratted out on.
  10. Personally, I think he did come a lot more sympathetic than Brody, as while he did cover up the truth, he did show extreme remorse about it, and in that case, one could make a justifiable argument that Leah pushed Zac away first, dividing up the blame between the two of them, but now, Brody and Ziggy had no problems beforehand, and the affair only occurred because Brody was just bored of married life, I guess? And you're right, that Brody could redeem himself by ending the affair and coming clear, but given his attitude, it would still be a long road for him. As it is right now, all of my sympathy lies with Ziggy right now. Again she is left to believe that what ever's happening between her and Brody is her fault, while Brody struggles to keep both his partners happy. It's really hard to take either him or Simone easily: both knew what they were getting into, and neither could complain about sneaking around if they want to continue the affair. I wish that Justin could just wash his hands of the pair of them and tell the truth. Meanwhile, in better news, great to see Jett again! I loved his scenes with John memorising, though I found it weird of the apparent brother-sister relationship shown with him and Raffy: being friends is just find, but the show's just trying to make them look like they've known each other their whole lives, even though I don't think Jett met Raffy the last time he was here, and also as Red pointed out, Raffy already has brothers! But now it looks like Jett is being deployed. I understand John and Maz's distress and worry at that, but Marilyn's statement 'he can't go', yeah, there's not much she can do about that, I fear. I liked how we got a scene with Alf and Jett about the army, I felt that would be very important and I did enjoy his last scenes with his parents. So let's just hope and pray that this isn't the last time we hear of Jett. The scenes with Alf and Martha were good as well, I'm happy that they addressed their time during when Alf was conscripted given the relevance right now. Meanwhile, Dean continues to spiral downwards, but I'm surprised at the end, digging up Ross's grave. Is he going to confess? Meanwhile, Jasmine is worried about Robbo, which is understandable and I love that she still is, though she ought to watch the number of times she calls in sick for the hospital. I get that she doesn't want to be civil with Tori, I wouldn't want to either, but still. Still loving her friendship with Willow.
  11. D.B


    Haha, Great Chapter, Steve, I love it! Ash: Definitely the best description of Kat's character! LOL! Yeah, and Colby thinking that Ash is the best person to defend the station from the ghost- amazing! Raffy having the visions of the murder is a great idea of yours! It'll probably be more useful than whatever the police thought of! Meanwhile, Coco is just herself and Ryder making Scooby references to Buddy- I'll bet there will be a lot more! That is, if Ryder makes it out alive from his 'man-to-man with conversation' with 'Maggie'! Don't worry, I'll start my chapter soon!
  12. D.B

    Shoot & Save

    Save Angelo. Shoot Colby. Raffy/Coco
  13. D.B


    Oh, I'm so sorry about that! I misunderstood where he was, I thought he was cooking the carrots at Salt! Yup, the police here are just as useless here as on the show! And to be fair, if there were Summer Bay brochures, the leas they could do is warn any visitors of the high chance they have of getting killed! Haha, I love that you all enjoyed that! I thought it would be entertaining to see Ryder having to choose between the two, given that he has dated both of them at this point. Yes, Alf's secret button will play a major role later on... That would be a great story to write about, wouldn't it?! Thanks Steve, I'm glad that you enjoyed all of my silly ideas. I look forward to your chapter next. Thanks Red and Kristen for reading and enjoying my crazy chapter. I hope that you'll continue to enjoy it.
  14. Well, Colby is definitely continuing on the road towards being a sociopath. He continues to show no remorse, which is bad enough, but continues to be completely ignorant, as Red said, about what his actions are putting his best mate through. The fact that during his conversation with Willow, he shows more concern about what Dean will tell McCarthy rather than his emotional state, really tells us a lot about him. Meanwhile, we got some small, but still more, information about his father and mother and it was a bit satisfying what McCarthy said about Ross's tactics made Colby uncomfortable, but otherwise, it looks like ultimately it leads to nothing. Willow continues to be the only sole voice of reason in this situation, telling Colby off and wanting Dean to receive help. Dean's scenes however with Bella were fun to see, and I did feel some sympathy for Bella in school for probably the first time, even though she did seem intent on pushing the teacher's nerves. Great to see Karen again, and in a much better state than before she got some help. I actually enjoyed their scenes together,it had a really nice touch too it and the actors did an amazing job, but unfortunately look's like Dean is making the wrong decision here. Simone's got some nerve, hasn't she? Seriously, who the hell would be so open to taking a job from the mother of the woman she's stealing her husband from. And Brody still needs a good hard punch in the face before I can look at him again. It's unbelievable that they argue about having to sneak around, and yet still want to keep it secret. Meanwhile, poor Ziggy's left feeling jealous again, though I feel more sympathy this time for her.
  15. Well, there's a lot to talk about. To start, I feel a lot of sorry for Robbo, having been betrayed by the two people he trusted the most, I completely understand his rage, and to be honest, I applaud his decision to not have anything to do with Tori or the baby: she went behind his back, why would he want anything to do with it? And I felt really sorry for Jasmine as well, she didn't mean to hurt anyone, having been forced between two people she really cared about, and now she's paying the price, but, even though I hate that he did it, I understand why Robbo called off the engagement. She made a wrong decision, and she feels horrible for it and even there only felt for what Robbo felt, but now there's something to pay for it. Tori, however, continues to be delusional and unlikable. How the hell can she believe that even if they all took some time, Robbo would want just forgive and work with her? Or Jasmine? You're right Red, it's like that she doesn't have a clue about what she caused. Jasmine was in her rights to slap her hard. Willow was a good friend to her and I loved how she put down Tori. But now Robbo has left town, hopefully not for good. I just feel so sorry for him and Jasmine. Also, does anyone else get reminded of when Ash left for a short time last year (ironically because of Robbo)? And even though I've gone off him recently on a massive scale, but I did sort of like Colby's scenes with Jasmine and Robbo, trying to be a comforting friend, but still a bit discomforting. Dean's breakdown continues to be rather interesting, and also shows how much of a character he has developed from when he first came to the Bay, given since he arrived to help kill a man, but now he's suffering remorse for it. Though unfortunately, Willow has been dragged into it yet again. Though I think he's wrong to do so, I do still have to admire Dean's loyalty and honesty to both Colby and Willow. I have nothing to say for Brody and Simone, other than I hope their disgusting activity gets caught out soon other than Justin, who unfortunately again, has been forced to hide another secret. While I loved his disapproval towards the two of them, especially since Ziggy is left to believe that she's responsible and Brody continues to be reduced into a scumbag not even considering how his wife might feel, I wish that he gave Brody a more severe rant than what he gave Simone, because I feel that Brody deserves a thrashing more. Probably the best highlight this week, was Mason's scenes with Raffy. I surprisingly loved their scenes together (maybe because Mason appears to be the only Morgan able to be in contact with their sister, and also because Mason's acting like a really good brother here). I'd admit I was a bit nervous during his talk with Leah, I thought that he was going to get his secret chemistry set out! But his cannabis idea seems to have mixed receptions (I have no idea about that kind of thing, so I won't say much on it other than if it is legal, and it would be in the proper medical amount, then surely it's worth a try), but however I found two things grating here: firstly, anything Tori had to say on it. She may have some proper concerns, but it's hard to take her seriously with taking to Mason about responsibility after these recent weeks, and secondly, Marilyn and John asking Raffy at the Morgan house, you know her actual home, if she wanted to 'go home', meaning their house. Yes, I am still banging on about it, I know! Ryder was a very sweet boyfriend, and I'm glad that he was able to reassure Raffy about their relationship, I did feel sorry for her feeling like he wouldn't want anything to do with her. I also enjoyed their scenes with Bella, who appears to become the third member of their friendship, only hopefully continuing to be more likeable than Coco. The Alf and Martha scenes I enjoyed as well, despite little relevance to the past, they seem to work off well with each other. And, now it appears that Colby's secret is at jeopardy with McCarthy's little text at the end. And still no sympathy from me.
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