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  1. I agree completely with all of your suggestions, I feel the exact same way, especially with the problems with Brax and Ricky. I'm also annoyed at the way they just shoved Brody aside just so the show can have Dean and Ziggy. For myself, I would say Hunter and Olivia. Probably due to my dislike for Hunter, but I could never stand the pair together on screen. Ash and Tori. It was just another boring, overdone example of "professional woman falling for bad boy", and they were on and off all the time, I never took them seriously as an actual couple. Andy and Hannah. Dear Lord... (Though from what I've seen, they may not be the most popular). Kyle and Phoebe- mainly because I felt like Tamara and Kyle were a better fit back in 2014, and I was just bitter that the show runners didn't go with it. Speaking of... Casey and Tamara. Honestly I preferred Casey and Sasha, but just me. Kat and Robbo- I'm not sure why, but I feel like they jumped Kat into another troubled relationship waaay too quickly. Again, my dislike of Kat also played a role. Matt and Maddy- I didn't dislike them as a couple, but I didn't really understood all the hype between the two, particularly since I always thought Oscar and Maddy were more suitable. Josh and Evie- A big fan of both characters, but I wasn't at all too keen on the circumstances of how they got together. Indi and Romeo- same as above, I feel like they were hyped too much for me to like them. Aden and Nicole and Oscar and Skye. Now, of course if you like any of the couples above, that's great. But I never could find it in myself to invest in it.
  2. That's what I always felt as well! I felt the two really kicked off together at the start, then the writers apparently forgot about them until two or three years later. I agree, they should have focused on Matt and Evie together earlier and longer, the show really did a good job with them. Anyways, I hope you are all well and safe during these very troubling times.
  3. Well, after the shocking past few weeks we've had, I greatly enjoyed this. And it makes perfect sense: If Mason was going to give one final farewell to any of his siblings, it would definitely by Raffy. You did a really great job writing all of them in character, as well as combining a sense of humour and tenderness in their conversation. I especially enjoyed the return of Beth, so at least Mason got to see her again. Good job! ,
  4. Nicole Franklin Chris Harrington Martha Mackenzie Celia Stewart Duncan Stewart Sasha Bezmel VJ Patterson Luc Ashford Evie MacGuire Zac MacGuire Matt Page Tony Holden Rachel Armstrong Xavier Austin All the rest I would like to return due to them being among my favourites.
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  6. I don't remember that- I do remember that Colby had stubbornly refused the idea of letting Bella see a therapist when Simone brought it up.
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  9. Have a Lovely Christmas everyone!!!!
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  14. Again, if Leah just agreed to take Irene's share, then all of the pressure on Bella to testify would have been avoided. While I did enjoy the motivation Leah's vlog gave Irene, it still would have been better for Leah to just agree to give Irene a bit of peace of mind. Also it would be better if things took a turn for the worst. That's all I'm saying, but again, Lynne's acting was stupendous. I'll be honest, I was unsure about the idea of Bella testifying about what happened, as it would mean how hard it would be for her to be in the same room with Tommy again, and I am truly aware, how hard it would be for someone to talk about such a traumatic affect, so I am grateful that before Thursday, no-one was forcing her to testify. On Friday however, I was open to the other side of the argument, that of course testifying would be the right thing to do to make sure Tommy gets locked up, and that Bella would have been devastated if she did nothing and Irene was found guilty. I have to agree with Red, Mackenzie was very impressive with her talk with Bella with her past of her former best friend (if only she gave that advice to Dean), so overall, I am very proud of Bella agreeing to testify and do the right thing for Irene. Dean offering Ben a job was nice, and hopefully Ben won't be seeing it as just charity, just Dean trying to make things right by him, so hopefully it works out.
  15. I know that I've been silent lately, given how busy I am this year, but I'm giving an update on my thoughts now. Shocked to see Ben arrested, especially since to us viewers it's clear as daylights that he's innocent. I hope he escapes this, as well as the black hole he's falling into. That said, frankly I am very impressed with how the show took this storyline. It's been done very delicately and realistic, with Ben feeling abandoned and hopeless. Some real great acting from Rohan recently. I feel really sorry for him, though I am glad that his family (Even if Maggie has been pushing it at times) and the rest of the community from Alf to Ryder is doing their best to have his back, even if we do have to deal with John's rather brash statements. Meanwhile, it's good to see Mackenzie and Dean actually trying to be siblings, while my sympathy went switching between Dean with Colby and Mackenzie going behind his back (Colby didn't really prove himself here with either of them), and then to Mackenzie, who I felt did mean well but had to deal with Dean's cold attitude a lot of the time. Meanwhile, Ryder and Raffy split up. I felt rather sad at this, and also I just didn't think it was needed. Raffy may have been a bit needy these past few weeks, but Ryder needed to put more in the relationship as well, yet the way he treated Raffy here was hard for me to support him. Also, while it's good that they'll (hopefully) remain friends, it's just mirroring Ryder and Coco, in my opinion. These past few weeks have not been good to Raffy, haven't they? I am surprised at Justin wanting to start the cannabis trial again on his own (considering how much grief he gave Mason over it). And even her attempt to try and live with her condition ended up with her being worst. Thank God for Dr Alex, who actually gave her some really good advice about living with epilepsy, as well as making sure that John, Marilyn and the Morgans don't coddle her. She's really made a good impression on me, especially with her conversations with Jasmine about responsibility in the hospital, and I hope that this will start a brighter chapter for Raffy. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I found that Justin was very unfair to Robbo those couple of weeks ago, blaming Robbo for Tori's position. I mean, Robbo ought to remind him that it was Tori who went behind everyone's back to get pregnant and ignored all of Justin's advice: it's her own fault that she's in this mess, now Tori has to deal with it. I know he's worried, but Justin calling out Robbo is unfair and not true. Also, the way he's putting it, Robbo and Jasmine just abandoned Tori in the middle of nowhere, when she's at a safe house with a federal agent protecting her, who would be able to call on medical assistance if something happens with the baby. They've done more than enough for Tori, they aren't her personal carers. That said though, I don't think Robbo did such a great job with Jasmine either, and I feel more sympathy for Jasmine than anyone else here. As I said before, Jasmine has no idea how this whole thing works, and Robbo didn't really do a good job with properly explaining to her how and why she can't do certain things. And now Robbo's going off on his own, taking unnecessary dangerous risks or just going to the pub whenever he wants, leaving her in the loop, which definitely is one of the worst ideas he could think of, especially given her history. And the other problem I have is the same one that's been said throughout all the forums, is how incredibly confusing and dragged out this story has become. I mean some criminals we have never knew before or their connection with Robbo shows up, takes him to a hidden hideout, question him about Dylan Carter (thought I will say this, I am looking forward to getting some answers about that crooked cop. What can I say, I'm a simple man), then leaves him in the middle of nowhere unconscious in a boat? I mean, that's just one problem among others. Though at least thanks to Coulson (the dead criminal, not the Agent of Shield) Robbo and the Feds now know that Carter's alive and are trying to put the pieces together. I just hope Robbo doesn't pull a Colby and throw his life away just to get revenge. And that this will end soon. Now, the one that has caught most of my emotional attention: Irene and Bella. I feel like Irene turning herself in was the right thing to do, just for the sake of revealing Tommy for who he is and to rid herself of the guilt and trauma, though it is really distressing to see her still emotionally suffering and that a disgusting low-life Tommy is finding more ways even now to mess up her life. I am glad that Bella is finally getting some form of counselling in the form of Irene's support group, and that she has the support of her family (yes even Colby), but sadly she's still affected by it all, seen with her outbursts. It's just horrible to see her having to suffer like this, at her age. I liked the sister support from Willow and Bella with Ryder today really brought tears to my eyes, it was so wonderful that she was able to confide with him and that he asked if he could hug her, just to make her feel comfortable and safe. And some incredible acting from Lynne these past few weeks, particularly with her video explaining her past and what she did. However, I didn't like that now Bella's going to have to testify. I liked that Irene previously wanted to keep her away from that at all, and was even prepared to sell her share of the Diner to protect Leah and the others, which I'd really admire. Frankly, I think Leah should have just took it; it would have meant less hassle for Irene and there wouldn't be as much pressure on Bella now. Leah's really been a supporting friend, even if I felt like previously she had no right to tell Justin about Irene's past, and that at times her and Marilyn have been meddling, but I didn't feel like she was doing right by Irene here, even if she was being optimistic about her chances. Now Colby: I will admit I did feel a lot of sympathy for him at the start, finding out what happened to Bella, and despite his anger, I felt like he really controlled himself well when he arrested Tommy. And I'm happy to admit, he is trying to be there for Bella, and feels guilty that he doesn't. And then he goes off contemplating murder again like it's the normal for him, even after reassuring Bella that murderous rage wasn't part of him, and goes threatens Ryder for a misunderstanding and I'm left with Wow, why did I think he'd be a good cop again? Ugh. Also on a sidenote, Willow mentioning being shot and the after effects, why couldn't we get a storyline about that? That would have been so interesting, and original, because I feel like PTSD hasn't been really shown on the show before.
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