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  1. Both of them really care about each other, but both of them remain emotionally scarred by past events, so as much as Zac is frustrated by not being able to help, he's just as scared as Evie of pushing the conversation. I was always going to follow what happened with Evie and the money in the show, because I felt like her giving the money to charity and getting involved in that work was a right direction for her and I do believe it would fit her character to do so, but I also wanted to depict that even a good decision like this wouldn't be immune from her insecurities and self-loathing. T
  2. Thanks Red. I'm becoming ever more nervous about writing each chapter, because I don't want to sound repetitive, but once anyone gets trapped inside their own head in such an awful way, it becomes almost impossible to not only recognise the good things around them, but that they deserve it. As a result, Evie's making a lot of bad decisions right now, and even though she still cares for everyone else, who can notice something's up, but not the full story, which complicates things. She can't recognise anything she did before as good or what she's going through as serious, yet she doesn't think s
  3. Well, firstly, Happy New Years to you all! Honestly at this point I've had the conclusion I had back in 2018, when Ash was hunting for Robbo. There's no one to really root for here except the innocents caught up in this mess (which at this point consists of Ziggy, Nikau, and... I'm not sure who else). I mean, I want Colby to get arrested, but I agree that Angelo's looking pretty bad here too.
  4. Thanks Red! Your comments always help. I felt it was important to emphasis that Evie still has people who love her, but as you said, they don't expect her deeper issues to be as bad as they are and they wouldn't be sure what to do. This combined with Evie's own conviction that she shouldn't open up to them, and as a result doesn't tell them the full truth, makes things more difficult for everyone involved. Hunter... yeah, maybe his scene was a bit overdone, but I do believe if this ever happened to him in the show, his history would definitely be used against him. Some of the law details
  5. This was a lot of fun to watch! Huge thanks to Dan, Red Ranger, Chair and everyone else for contributing to this, it's truly brilliant. Merry Christmas to you all.
  6. With Christmas next week, and a time where we all deserve love and peace, I was extremely tempted to just skip past everything else I had planned for this story and go straight to the recovery and happiness that awaits Evie in this god damn fic. Unfortunately, I can’t and I gotta stick with the whole journey. Every detail, even the ones I wish I didn’t have to write, is important with this topic. Evie’s suffering from this mental agitation that fixed her own perspective against herself, it’s going to take more chapters for her to accept that the majority of bad stuff in her life weren’t her fa
  7. Haha, Buddy. Honestly was kind of hoping to see him in the top 10! Really nice to see Rosie, Sid, Ben, Tony, Robbie and April made it. It's good to see they haven't been forgotten. Not surprised to see Alex here, and I'm really glad that she got as high as she did. Honestly I expected both VJ and Chris (one of my all time favourites) to get much higher on the list, both really memorable characters. And then we have the person who got my 7 points: Evie. I'm glad to have voted for her, but as above, I wish that she gotten higher, as one of my past favourite characters.
  8. I do agree about Colby, he did lose a majority of popularity given his recent actions (he lost mine a year ago!) but I do think he still has some fans here, and that they like him too much to vote for him. I already voted for Jasmine, so she'll probably make it.
  9. Thanks so much Dan, and everyone else involved in this, it's truly wonderful to see this again! Really great to see Maddy, Sasha, Natalie, Xavier, Gemma, Gina and Robertson made it, though part of me was hoping some of them would have gotten higher. I also found the bit about Sophie hilarious (and not all wrong). I didn't expect Scarlet to make another appearance, but you know what? Good for her. She really should have stuck around longer. I guess with Kit on the list again, not doing an Avengers joke would be a missed opportunity! Well done! Can't wait for the next rou
  10. Thanks Red, I'm glad you're still liking the details of what's going on with the other characters, everyone still has their own stories and stuff to figure out so I feel glad to highlight that. I really enjoyed writing Chris because even though he was one of the more light-hearted characters I could write, I still wanted to show he's still coping with his own issues. He just manages to be the perfect combination of sincerity and lightly comedic. Evie... yeah, her own mental balance is really only worsening, with her now thinking that it's okay for her to hurt herself, and it was really g
  11. So it begins!! And keeping with tradition, my vote for Ben Murray, one of the few competent cops around recently (at least compared to all the other ones), made it. I'm honestly surprised to see Andy, Kat and Josh actually made it on the list, and frankly, I wouldn't have minded not seeing them. I'm surprised to see Zac, Angel and Lynn to have gotten so low on the list, I expected to see them higher up on the list (or hoped in the case of Zac). As for the current cast who didn't make it: I think the main stays are all safe. Dean, Ziggy, Nikau, Christian, Ryder and Jasmine ar
  12. Thanks again for everyone’s feedback (with huge gratitude towards Quiet Achiever), and sorry for the longer wait for this chapter, life has been really hectic the last two weeks, and also this chapter was very hard to write. It took a lot to write and edit, but also I honestly had trouble sticking with it. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Evie was one of my favourite characters, and she went through too much during her time on the show, and yet here I am, adding more pain to her story!! I know her struggles here are important to this story, and I really care about depicting her me
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Thank you so much Lunar! I'm really grateful that you're enjoying this story. Evie's trauma was something I wanted to see explored more too (because really no one could go through the things she has and come out perfectly fine, or at least without some pent up issues), so I'm really nervous about coming across the right way in my writing, but your kind feedback (as well as that of everyone else) is really helpful, so thanks. I'm glad to know that I'm on the right track when writing about these issues. I'm really glad you liked all the different character interactions, because they've all
  15. Thanks Red. It's clear that Zac has a good idea of what's going on, but he's really unsure of how to approach this, and Leah's feeling the same (As well as figuring out her own problem with VJ), and I really thought I should continue getting their perspectives. I'm glad you liked Evie's scenes with VJ and Maddy, it was really interesting to write how they've both got their own difficulties they're trying to make the best out of, and Evie trying to be supportive for them amidst the bubble of her own emotions (and without being obliged to). Yeah, I wanted to show how Evie can briefly let h
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