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  1. I always enjoyed the friendship they have had on the show. I'm less certain about them being a couple, but I remain open to the idea.
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  4. Okay, what just happened? Willow's behaviour was just plain weird, considering not long ago she was saying that she thought that Dean was the one for her, so why is she upset about Justin? I guess that at her conversation near the end about how she has no luck with men, but still weird. I'm glad we saw Raffy's response to Justin and Leah's kiss, and I loved Roo's banter with Leah. Despite my previous belief that a further exploration of a casual relationship would be nice, it was also nice to see Justin and Leah being open and proud of their relationship. Good for them, I mean that. She's still adjusting to everything, so she still has some sympathy, but seriously, Bella really needs to check the attitude. Roo actually apologised and actually tried to figure her out, but instead Bella just blew her off. And what makes it even worse was the news of Raffy's assignment being delayed, showing that other people were affected by Bella and yet she still doesn't care, as her conversation with Willow showed. Maggie's decision to suspend Bella, while the proper response, I'm less sure if it will actually solve the problem. But in any case, it's better than Colby's approach. Cause I mean.... ugh, what the hell? He's seriously going to put her in a cell? Seriously? Bella, a victim of mental abuse and was mentally held hostage by a murderer, and yet he's pretty much threatening to lock her up? Colby, listen, you presumably have a brain in that head of yours, Use it! Even if we pass that (which is a big if), is he even allowed to leave her in the station, let alone the cell? What the hell would he tell McCarthy? What if they Why doesn't he call Willow to look after her, or Dean, we haven't seen him in ages, I mean what's he doing that he can't look after Bella? Are we supposed to be rooting for Colby right now, because if anything, all he's doing is make me feel more sympathy for Bella. Ugh. That was deeply frustrating. The only plus side was that Alf returned, and I did feel sorry for him just coming back only for Roo and Ryder to just walk out the door. Yeah, of course, you're right, all those men got off lucky. I was just joking with Justin possibly dying to the Leah curse, but of course, it's possible that he makes it out alive. I was just kidding!
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  6. Well, we definitely learned a great deal about Jasmine's past than we previously knew. I'm glad that they've given her a back story, because, while I really do like the character, when you come down to it, there's not a lot we knew about her. My heart broke for her this week, it really did and it really clears up the reasons for her recent actions, because, losing one parent through a tragic accident and then another abandoning her both at a very young age, you never really move on from that. It must have token some fierce strength from her to get on with her life, and being the overall nice person that she is. And also, as a side note, thinking way back to when she first arrived on the show, the overreaction she had to Kat's death in a car accident, given this new information, also makes a lot of sense, it may have brought up bad memories. Despite thinking that Tori very much deserved the snapping that Jasmine gave her at the diner, I liked how supportive Tori was of both her and Robbo. I'm glad that Jasmine finally opened up to Robbo, and hopefully this means that she'll try and receive help for this, and also hopefully, the rift between her and Robbo can be mended back once again. Meanwhile, I loved that Tori and Justin both pretended to be happy for Brody and Simone when they first said that they were moving, and then completely dropped the facade when they left. Though it does leave the question, why did they pretend to be accepting, if they were just going to try and talk Brody out of it in the next scene? Were they trying to spare Simone? Still, they did bring some very reasonable (and dare I say right) objections: Brody (and the rest of the family) put so much effort in getting Salt back, and he's throwing it all away, and it's hard to take him seriously when he says that this is the right thing to do for him, when it wasn't much long ago that he though Ziggy was the right thing. But Brody continues to be completely self-absorbed and refuses to listen, even though they're just concerned for him, and even has a go at Mason when he just approaches him. Ugh, the Brody I knew and loved is dead and now we have this impostor in his place (Yeah I'm seriously in denial here). It is a bit surprising to see Mason take his side here, but he does make a good point: it is his life and he can do what he wants, and if it fails (it probably won't but I honestly hope it does), Brody might actually learn from this. I'm not sure about the whole family dinner at the end, it does bring a nice touch, but it's kind of grating to see that the Morgans just accepting Brody and Simone as a normal couple. Though, family's got to look out for each other, I guess. The fact that Justin and Leah feel like they can't properly talk to each other as friends anymore, I didn't previously think about that. While they were able to have some normal conversations during their arrangement, I guess that the whole thing can kind of become uncomfortable. As for their decision to become a couple, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that they're happy, but it would be nice to see a casual relationship being shown without it becoming serious. But I guess cracks have been shown, what with Justin a lot of the time acting like he wants more. Speaking of, I know I already said this, looks like with Brody going soon, Mason and Tori will have to start preparing a grave stone for Justin if history repeats itself! I wish we saw Raffy's reaction to them kissing at the diner, because out of her, Marilyn, Ryder and Ben, she was the only one of them who knew about the relationship. I was hoping for a supportive smile from her to them. And there's Bella. When she felt that it was her fault for Brody and Simone leaving, I did feel sorry for her, (while thinking it was a bit of an extreme reaction from her) and I was glad to see Raffy quickly make it clear that it wasn't. However, her behaviour and attitude today really tested me, though not entirely. She was very rude towards Roo who really is just trying to help, was acting way out of line in class and when she set off the fire alarm, wasting everyone's time, and even made me feel sorry for Colby today. She needs to show a bit more patience and understanding towards the people who are taking the time out of their day to help her. However, I haven't totally gone off her yet, because I am bearing in mind that she has had it more difficult than most teenagers her age would (I mean, most teenagers in the Bay have already gone through something traumatic, but I digress), and that there's a wide variety of complex reasons as to why she's acting out. But seriously, she needs to grow out of this, and I think that the adults need to start wondering as to why she's acting like this (the fact that they aren't is another reason why I still feel a bit sympathetic towards Bella).
  7. I'm not so sure about that, as there was more trauma that she faced weeks or months after, such as when she was imagining Oscar after the plane crash, or when she panicked after the fire at the garage.
  8. As I believe that both had a part to play in saving him, I would have preferred it if Robbo said that some people never gave up on him.
  9. While I am sympathetic towards Ziggy, her deteriorating attitude last week has been frustrating to watch, and unfortunately it took Dean rocking up at her door bruised and battered for her to realise the effect it is having for other people. That Mark turned out to be a nasty piece of work, didn't he? Thankfully Dean decided to keep an eye out for Ziggy. And while I am it, I might weigh in on the whole is Dean a good guy debate: He has made questionable decisions at best and out right stupid or illegal ones at worst during his time on the show, too much to make him a favourite for me, I fear. But I am not blind to the fact that there is more to him than that and he has a decent heart many times shown, such as yesterday when he got the old car for Ziggy to fix in an attempt to cheer her up. However, I was left with the impression that he unintentionally is causing Willow to feel insecure again when he deflected her questions at Salts. John and Marilyn did as good as they could with Jett this week. Jett was acting rather distant this week, only to snap out at the two, which while understandable, is hard to see. Him wanting to move out does seem like a good idea if he was mainly doing it because he feels like a burden (which always breaks my heart whenever he refers himself as such ). What I really enjoyed was his scenes with Robbo (though I am left wondering and sceptical as to when did Robbo remember about his trip to Afghanistan, presumably when he was training again with Lance, and while I liked that John told Jett of Robbo's past, I can't help but remember when he was practically second in line for the mob to run Robbo out of town), especially with their heartfelt conversation about guilt and responsibility, and I'm glad that it inspired Jett to finally reach out for professional help. Jasmine's behaviour continues to be concerning, and her claims that she doesn't need Willow's help just seemed forced on her part. I liked that Robbo refused to give up on her and that he wants to make amends, but however, he was a bit full-on, and I think that contributed to her collapse at the end, Robbo should have known better than rush how much time she needs, though given her constant running and refusal for help, it probably would have happened regardless.
  10. To this day, I am still extremely confused as to why anyone, on God's green earth, give the rights to a child to Ash, who at the time lived in a van with a partner who wasn't 100% behind the idea and a brother suffering from PTSD, and had major anger issues (hypocritically, the exact thing he was condemning VJ for). I hated him during that storyline, it would have killed Billie all over again to see all the people she cared about rip each other apart over her daughter.
  11. Wow, that was a hard one. In the end, however, I suppose I went with Ricky, as she did give Brax a family.
  12. Hi guys, look's like I have a lot to catch up on. Sorry for the delay, I had exams. To start, I have been enjoying Dean and Ziggy together, but I'm still out on them being a couple, as their friendship is a good thing right now. Willow being jealous was kind of annoying and I was left thinking when she said that she always felt like her and Dean would end together, then what about Justin? I think we all know by now that Willow and Dean just don't work as a couple. She hasn't really been reacting to any of this well, and while I do think that in this case he meant well, Colby's advice wasn't helping. If Dean doesn't want him and Willow to be together, then Colby should respect that, and know better than suggest that Willow "fights for him", which wouldn't and didn't end well. That said, Dean's reaction to Willow naked in his bed, while very uncomfortable, was some-what funny. But at least after a long conversation, the two are on the same page now, and hopefully this is the last we see of Willow's jealousy. It is very sad to Ziggy return to her wild reckless behaviour that she had when she first arrived at the Bay, and Ben was right in trying to get her to calm down a bit. From personal experience, I did feel sorry for Ziggy being accused of something she didn't do by Maggie, but on the other hand, it wasn't hard to see where Maggie was coming from; she hates Simone, has been drinking and acting recklessly, and this would seem like something she would do in her state. But still, I felt more sorry for Ziggy, especially after her outburst at Salt. And I might as well talk about the graffiti. I felt Raffy was really unreasonable for the most part through this story, yes she does have a right to hate Simone, but there's no reason whatsoever to exclude Bella just because she likes working with Simone. The one time I felt she wasn't unreasonable was when she was angry at Bella for lying to her about where she was, but given her previous attitude, she didn't really give Bella much of a choice. I was really disappointed that Bella gave in easily to the peer pressure that Raffy was doing, and that she decided to go to such extremes as to use graffiti on Simone's door, though it does leave the question: how the hell did Bella have the keys to get into the school? The only possible suggestion that I can see is that maybe as Senior Constable, Colby would have keys to such public places and she just stole them when he fell asleep? Speaking of, while I did enjoy him being a big brother towards Bella, I gagged at the bit when he made her admit responsibility because... yeah, to prevent another argument, just look at my previous comments on Colby and responsibility. I was really impressed by Maggie's professionalism throughout this whole thing, while not liking Simone, is accepting that the graffiti was a step over the line, and I enjoyed Ryder's maturity as well with his defending of Bella to Raffy, and his disagreement with the graffiti. At the risk of being unpopular, I did feel sorry for Simone this week, especially when she found out that it was Bella, one of the very few in the Bay who she could actually work with, though I rolled my eyes at the bit when she said that she couldn't deal with it, well yeah, maybe she should have thought of that before she slept with a married man. Still though I felt more sorry for her than I did with Brody throughout, who continues to be self-absorbed and condescending of anyone else's opinions that don't agree with his. I found his failure to get a house because of his drug use and Mason's entire unsympathetic view hilarious, as well as Simone's reaction when she found out when Maggie gave her a good review. Karma, eh? Meanwhile, while I do get how Brody was able to keep his drug history a secret to Simone (even though it just shows how deranged this whole relationship is), how did she not know about the Witness Protection? Remember when that made headline news two years ago? Either Simone was out of the country at the time and never heard about it, or else Summer Bay has a different paper than to the rest of Australia. The only time I did agree with Brody was when he commented on how Tori was in no place to judge about secrets, and as to her claim that it cost her, it cost her what, precisely? She got what she wanted, only had to deal with Jasmine's anger for at least three weeks at best, and now even has Robbo on board as a co-parent with no consequences for herself. I was kind of hoping that Simone would walk away from Brody and leave him with nothing, but in any case, looks like they plan to get off my screen very soon. When that happens, I'll pop out the champagne. More awkward stuff with Justin and Leah. I did like Roo prompting the two on, though it looks like that Justin is again hoping for more in this relationship. I actually like where they are, so I hope that not much romantic feelings would get in the way, though in the last episode, they weren't exactly being subtle together. As for Colby and Jasmine's kiss, I'm glad that it was just a drunken thing and neither were looking for more, I'm glad that they talked through it like adults. I am aware that not a long time ago I did like the idea of them being a couple, but that was before I saw how badly the two together were, also by now I think that Jasmine can do better than Colby. I really liked how mature Robbo was when it was revealed, and I do give Colby credit for admitting it. Now, the Jett storyline is by far the most riveting storyline so far. While I was really nervous at the idea of Jett being interviewed by the army and might have possibly got the blame for the incident, I do understand that it's just normal procedure for them and it is important, Jett was the commanding officer, they do need his story on what happened to reduce the likelihood of another situation. I liked how sympathetic the officers were towards Jett's situation. I felt so much for Jett in these last few episodes, it must be so hard for him dealing with all that guilt and responsibility. I loved how he wanted to go to the funeral of his comrade, really shows how much he cares, but God, that last line yesterday "It should have been me in that coffin"- the pain and guilt he must feel must be indescribable if he feels like that, I feel so sorry for him and for John and Marilyn to hear that. Some really great acting from Will MacDonald. The Robbo-Jasmine storyline is very interesting as well. While I think Robbo should have known better than go AWOL and just expect everyone to be happy with his return, I did feel sorry for him, because he's suffering from this as well, and everyone just seemed to forgot that, particularly Irene, whose remarks against Robbo I feel are mostly undeserved. He wants to make things right with Jasmine, she ought to give him that. I did like that Tori wanted to help the two, knowing that she is responsible, and I like how she was there for Jasmine. Jasmine's behaviour was alarming, from acting all bothered with Colby at the surf club, then running away from Robbo when he got too close and then acting distant the next day. She looked like she was in a different time and place during her conversation with Robbo, that combined with her panic attack seems to suggest abandonment issues. I really feel for her, and I look forward to see where they go with this. Also, on a side note, on last week, Robbo mentioned having parents. Can I ask, where were they when Robbo was believed to have been a murderous hitman, and on the trial for his life?!
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  14. I've always found Chris funny, which made him one of my favourites.
  15. To start, I again enjoyed Jasmine and Jett's scenes. I get why he was uncomfortable with Jasmine changing his catheter, but she again was very caring here, showing Jett how to take it off himself. I felt really bad for him when he was watching the guys outside the club playing, that must have been really tough. I felt it was a good idea that Mason was helping him at the gym, he knows what Jett is going through, minus the possible PTSD. I again enjoyed Marilyn and John today being really supportive. Justin again looks like he's expecting more from his relationship with Leah. On one hand, Leah was right in that they don't have to be together in every decision they make, they're not a real couple, but on the other hand, she really should have known better than post it if she wanted to keep it a secret. Her statement of how they don't need one of them falling in love with the other just seems to be a prediction. Roo was really funny here prompting the two on yesterday, and Justin blabbering excuses to Tori was beyond hilarious. Speaking off, does anyone else think that Tori was a bit unintentionally insensitive about wanting Robbo here to Jasmine. Yes this is a hard time for her, with the father not around, I get that, but it's a lot worse for Jasmine, since it's 85% Tori's fault Robbo was AWOL, and Jasmine has been extremely patient and helpful in return. And Robbo has returned to us, though it's bewildering and infuriating that he returned for Tori and the scan instead of his fiance. Apparently Justin has forgotten that Robbo's the one hurt here, as he seems rather judgemental towards him when questioning whether he'll be around. Tori was the one in the wrong here, Justin's judgement is not warranted here. At least Tori did apologise, and actually seemed sincere here. While I'm glad to see Robbo again, I'm just as glad to see Jasmine leaving him hanging; yes she did betray his trust, but he could have at least have called back and told her he was okay. He really messed up here, and he should have known better than to just expect her to welcome her back.
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