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  1. This is just me looking back four years ago during the pandemic, but does anyone else think they missed a huge opportunity with Evie back in 2016? Just hear me out: Now Evie still remains one of my favourite past characters, but I've been thinking about it, and I feel as though they could have explored her story involving an honest depiction of depression or mental struggle, and her fight to get out of it with her (remaining family and friends) following the string of traumas that affected her that year. Looking back, the show actually opened up some doors towards that possibility, such as when she was believing she could see Oscar's ghost (or at least I think so, it was four years ago) looking after her, or her still trying to love Josh even after knowing what he did, etc, but they never really went anywhere with her in that direction, when I really believe they could have and it would have worked. I still enjoyed some of the directions they took with Evie, such as her increased involvement in charity work for example, and Phillipa Northeast still did an amazing job with what she was given, but I still think her grief and struggle could have been utilised a lot better to make her character more interesting. What does you guys think?
  2. Poor Ray, that must be terrifying. I hope he will be looked after, and that he gets well soon.
  3. Well Dean came back, and while I do understand he's got a lot of issues going on, Ziggy and John did not deserve that bellowing match from him, especially John, I mean, how was he suppose to know? Also, I know a lot of people don't like Amber, but she does raise a very good point concerning Dean and Jai: Dean's got more responsibilities, he can't just run off without telling anyone. I do appreciate him apologising to Ziggy and her, as well as him disapproving of Colby trespassing to threaten Ziggy. I hope he'll confront Colby tomorrow about it, though with Jai in possible trouble, it wouldn't be the best time. I admit, I did smile to see Dean's scenes with Jai, he is trying, but some things were out of his control. I hope Jai will be alright. Also, I did find Ziggy calling her parents in Italy rather touching. Meanwhile, I enjoyed Ryder and Alf's scenes, they were very nicely done. I also really liked the moment when Ryder was considering picking a good path for his life. I also liked how Tori didn't overreact when she found out about Jasmine. I felt like her removing the AVO was inevitable, but I didn't expect it to be so soon. Then again, as Red said, it was long past time. I hope that they continue with Jasmine's recovery, she's really improved, but I want to see it continue. I have mixed feelings about Tori and Dr Christian Grey. On one hand, I did find Tori's awkwardness funny and light-hearted compared to the majority of other stories, but I did cringe at a lot of Grey's 'pick-up' lines. I guess I'll have to wait and see what will happen between them.
  4. Well, this episode was a rather nice one compared to the previous ones this week, but unfortunately it's the one I don't have much to say about it. I really enjoyed the Jasmine and Justin scenes, I'm glad they were able to rekindle their friendship. I did fear from the promo that there would have been a confrontation between Leah and Jasmine, but both were behaved cool during it and Leah didn't make a big deal out of it, which I'm grateful for. And to give Jasmine credit, she didn't volunteer to look after Grace, it was Justin who asked for her to look after Grace, (though surprising since I would have thought he would have definitely remembered the AVO, which personally I still don't like, but whatever). I mean, I think he felt it was just going to be for a few minutes, but I thought he would have been a bit more serious about it. So far, I'm really liking Jasmine's recovery, it's one of the few highlights of this year, though from Tori's reaction in the next promo, things may turn sour between them. Well, I'm glad we found what was going on with Owen. Compared to what I was fearing from yesterday, I thought Ryder handled it pretty maturely, when he could have taken it the wrong way. I really felt bad for him feeling guilty about not knowing about Evan (which I forgot that both him and Owen are twins), and especially sorry for Owen, especially since he never shared a birthday with Evan. I mean, I felt really bad for Evie a couple of years ago when she celebrated her first birthday since Oscar died, but at least she shared 18 of them with him, Owen never had that chance. I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous when Roo and the others ambushed him at the house for the celebration, it was a nice touch, but there was a chance he would react badly to it. Still the episode had some really nice scenes at the end with Ryder and Owen with the guitar, and I have to admit I did laugh when Ryder called Alf out for being intimidating. Just weighing in, yeah I definitely agree with Red. Colby has already been a bad cop long before he killed Ross. I mean, I felt at the start he had some good moments as an officer, but overall looking back, there was a lot of stuff he did or was responsible for I felt I was making excuse for or else couldn't ignore that was very bad.
  5. Sorry, I should have been more specific, didn't mean that at all. I meant how she mistakes Colby as a good guy in general, and her comment that Bella was """"lucky""" to have Colby as a brother, which I took as her falling for his good guy act, as Red said. My point was more on the fact that she thought Colby was a good brother to Bella. I now get how wrong that can come across, really sorry about that. Didn't mean to sound weird there, Eww!
  6. I might as well have my say, it may be a bit confusing so just bear with me. I went from liking Colby to detesting him at least two years ago, especially during the show's desperate attempts to victimise him and vilify Bella, as well as his sociopathic tendencies that were quite noticeable back then (not as much as it is now but visible), but for some reason I'm still rather shocked and appalled by just how blatantly arrogant and bullying he's been this year. I did see something like this coming and I too found him irredeemable given his actions last year, but it still makes me grit my teeth more than before when I see him on screen, mainly because I didn't think they could make him even worse than what him and his attitude was before. I mean, there's no way the show expects us to root for him at all (not that some of us were at all). Well, Colby's continuing to be Ross 2.0 (I'm not apologising for that). There is literally no way to describe his behaviour towards Bella (Which again was already bad) other than abusive. As I feared, he's dictated what she's allowed and not allowed to do, and he contradicts himself a lot today, either claiming that what he's doing is best for "the family", or that it's all Bella's fault. Of course, this is not the first time Colby mentally strong-armed Bella into feeling guilty about things in order to keep her quiet, him and Dean did it a lot last year when she was struggling with the emotional trauma of recent events, and as Red said above, it also isn't the first time Colby lied about things for his own ends. What he's doing is straight up manipulating her into thinking that she could only rely on him, again pretty much like Ross. I'm still liking Bella, who isn't taking any of Colby's bull and is still standing her ground, and is acting in a more rational manner. Again, I really also feel sorry for her, while she is still being brave in standing up to Colby, she still looked terrified after he grabbed the camera off her. I also do feel sorry for Taylor, as it appears as if she's just looking for some actual romance with her marriage falling apart, which is why she accepts Colby's good guy act rather easily. The only light I've found in this episode was Owen and Alf's argument about fish, and even that's soured by Owen's aloof dismissal of Roo the next day.
  7. Damn, I didn't think I would find someone as punchable as Hunter or Andy, but Colby fits right in. I mean, I already didn't like him and I really couldn't stand his scenes with Bella last year acting as if he's best for her when the best thing for Bella is to get at least a hundred miles away from him, and he was just despicably manipulative with Taylor, but now he's just plain despicable. He keeps on bragging how he's protecting his 'family' when all he does is think about himself, when he's the one who's gotten all of them into this (I know Dean was involved and that shouldn't be ignored, but at least Dean is showing some standards). I don't even know if he knows what his endgame is with Taylor or if he's just continuing it just to have a go at Angelo. Just by his arrogant behaviour recently I would say it's the later. He basically guilt-tripped Bella into leaving his relationship with Taylor alone by saying she's never on his side, (oh yeah Colby, like you've done so much for her), and outright threatens Ziggy with Dean, with Colby fully aware of how Ziggy still cares for Dean. I was honestly hoping Ziggy would have slapped him in his smug face (no worse than what he did to Dean before). I think one of the worst things about this is that only now Willow and Dean have really woken up to the kind of person Colby actually is. I would wonder why exactly Bella was walking in the middle of the night just to come across Colby and Taylor but I'm just glad she caught him. I actually rather enjoyed her toying with Colby, acting as if she doesn't know he lied to her again, but The sooner he gets caught, the better it will be for all involved, especially Bella. I guess that makes sense in terms of story, but it doesn't help that Thorne is really getting hard to watch (I mean, I already found him rather unlikeable last year too, but now it's somehow worse).
  8. I haven't been watching much of what's happening this year, but I've seen enough of Thorne (too much for my likening) for me to completely agree with everything you've just said, Red. Any chance of any redeeming part of him has gone out of the window in recent months (though then again, given what he did, it was already a very low chance). I don't think you're "getting at Colby" at all, the way he's been behaving this year (and for the majority of last year as well), especially towards Taylor, has been infuriating to watch. The sooner he gets caught, and the sooner Bella, Dean and Willow realise how far he's gone and drop him like a hot potato, the better.
  9. I'm honestly really excited because I want to compare them with the results back in 2018 and see who gets remembered, who gets higher than they did before, and who just got forgotten.
  10. 1. Evelyn Maguire 2. Jett James 3. Jasmine Delaney 4. Morag Bellingham 5. Alex Neilson 6. Sasha Bezmel 7. Ben Murray
  11. Honestly, I'd have to say that my favourite, most memorable character development in recent years were that of Jett James and Evie Maguire. At the same time I felt both characters were at times not utilised to their most potential (we could have explored more of Jett's recovery and struggle last year, same way we could have explored depression and mental health recovery with Evie back in 2016, which would have been really, really investing to watch). However, despite that, I still really loved their development into two investing and honestly great characters.
  12. My favourite at the moment remains to be Jasmine. My least favourite- definitely Colby.
  13. Hi! Thanks so much for this, it will be one of the few silver linings this year! I also have a question. Is it possible for us this year to include characters that were only guests if we felt they made a great contribution to the show?
  14. I know I haven't been as active as I used to be, so hope everyone's healthy and safe. And with that said, here's my personal legendary characters who made their appearance within the last decade or close enough to it that left an impact: The Braxtons Marilyn, John and Roo. Dex Walker, Sid Walker and Sasha Bezmel. Evie and Oscar Maguire. Billie Ashford. Justin and Tori Morgan. Jett James. Ben, Maggie and Ziggy Astoni. Matt Page. Robbo. Charlie and Ruby Buckton. Ryder Jackson. Maddy Osborne. Chris Harrington. Tamara Kingsley Couples (whether I liked them or not): Romeo and Indi Dex and April Matt and Evie Zac and Leah VJ and Billie Brody and Ziggy Phoebe and Kyle Heath and Bianca John and Marilyn Alex and Willow Brax and Ricky Casey and Ruby
  15. I have nothing against Justin and Leah together, but I felt more chemistry from Zac and Leah.
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