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  3. I am really liking Mackenzie. She's really intriguing and devious.
  4. Really good start, Christine. Though it looks like all isn't well with this family. I wonder what this Luke has done for Theo to greatly dislike him for, and I liked Leia's cheeky dialogue. I look forward to seeing more.
  5. Oh no! I hope that Ray will be okay! Wishing all the best.
  6. I was never really invested in Romeo and Indi. I had my ups and downs with Brax, and usually I liked him, but I was rather disappointed when Ricky chose him over Nate, after Brax abandoned her.
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  8. Absolutely lovely photos! Congratulations and the very best of luck to both James and Sarah.
  9. D.B

    Shoot & Save

    Save Roo Shoot Irene Martha/Roo
  10. Jasmine, for me, has become one of my current favourites right now. She's been a great support for both Robbo and Tori (except during Tori's deception), and overall is a generally nice person, even if her storylines aren't as interesting as many (including myself) would hope. And, again a very unpopular opinion, but I'm really enjoying her relationship with Robbo, which makes me rather confused by people's claims that she has "ruined" him.
  11. Mackenzie's becoming a bit more mysterious, with her refusal to answer her dad's call and her rather insistent questioning of Dean's past with Colby and Willow. I don't know if she's a forgotten past acquaintance of his or what. I still like her but for once, she ought to listen to Colby about where she parks her car. For all her efforts in the previous episode to make a good impression, it would all be wasted if she keeps up antagonising him. Dean today way exaggerated his argument with Ben, it's not as if Ben doesn't trust him, but the fact that he just shows up with that much money and yet refuses to tell Ben where it came from would make anyone suspicious, even though it would be very useful for the boards. Ben was nervous enough with the order without anything dodgy coming into it. That said, I am surprised that the money from Dean's father was remembered, and I felt that Ziggy rather excepted Dean's explanation rather quickly. I expected that Dean would have told the truth about the money, so I was a bit bemused that Ben just excepted it, but still, good for them. I really enjoyed the light banter between Robbo, Jasmine and Tori when it came to the baby's gender. But the news about Tori having a premature birth was very worrying indeed, though hopefully the hospital will do their best to prevent it. I was worried in the next episode that Robbo went AWOL again, but thankfully he did the sensible thing in calling Aiden to talk about his fears. I really felt bad for him this week, it's as if he can't get a moment of reassurance with nothing terrible happening, and for Tori as well. Again Jasmine was being great support for the pair of them, which is always nice to see. And I loved the scene at the end with Robbo and Tori's reactions to the baby's a girl. As everyone else said above, Mason is well meaning, but an absolute idiot. Yes, the fact that Raffy had another seizure is concerning, but he really needed to be patient with her getting on the trial. And getting himself in trouble would not only mean throwing his life away, but causing more trouble for Raffy. I am glad that he didn't go ahead with it (though I thought the whole exchange was a bit awkward, especially when Mason drove away and his dealer went "meh" and just walked away). And while I still appreciate his concern for Raffy, I really do, he lost me with his attitude towards Leah and Justin. Great news though that Raffy made it on the trial, thankfully it means that Mason will start using his head a bit more. Okay, after giving him the benefit of the doubt before, John's behaviour was terrible to everyone who was picking up the slack while he was away, especially Alf and Ryder. I feel bad for Marilyn, with having to deal with John not even able to spend less than a minute, though I am glad that he made it up to her and that hopefully he will be more organised with his comings and goings to and from the city. As a side note, I really admire Ryder planning to save his earnings for his car. Look, I'm still deeply upset over last week, but still the Roo and Bella scenes were actually enjoyable. Roo's refusal to give up on Bella's education and her patient attitude towards her work was refreshing to see and really worked for Bella, who really hasn't seen much patience from adults even after she came to the Bay. That said, I'm rather concerned about this new contact of hers on the student forum, which was a good idea (and I was rather impressed by the way they made the words float on the screen) but spilling everything about herself to a literal stranger is hardly the best idea. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
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  14. Matt and Evie really should have stayed longer. It would be nice to see more of them as a couple.
  15. Also, forgot to mention yesterday, the call for Ben at the end obviously has to do something to with Dean's multiple calls, I'm betting. I'm interested to see who Dean was talking to and what he's planning.
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