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Levels Of Tragedy

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wolf creek is the outback where you get murdered there's a movie and a tv series I think

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Great chapter

I hope all four do come back from Melbourne!

Bianca do you have superpowers? :lol:

Update again soon :)


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Great chapter

Hahaha at Bianca supposedly having superpowers, lol. :P

I had seen the movie Wolf Creek at the cinemas a long time ago. Really scary for me. I am not a fan of horror movies at all.

Update soon please xx

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 Great chapter.

I  hope that the Braxton’s stick together whatever is waiting for them but It doesn’t look like Casey and Kyle will fix this anytime soon but I hope Kyle does come back with them as he is part of their family and that they really do want him there.

I’m loving this so far. I absolutely love Kyle stories. 

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Hello, the author here, I just want to say thank you for the kind reviews so far and I can't wait to read some more soon. Sorry it has taken me so long to update this fanfic but between work and exams I haven't found any time to write but now I have all summer to write more chapters. Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 3

5 hours and 42 minutes later…

A road leading to Melbourne

The boys were currently on their way to Melbourne again after stopping for petrol and lunch.

Brax and Heath were discussing the things they wanted to do while they're in Melbourne and away from the girls. While they were talking about that, Casey was still trying to get a reaction out of Kyle who so far had managed to ignore his 18-year-old brother, but it wasn't going to last much longer as he had forgotten to charge his iPod and it was nearly dead.

10 minutes later…

Kyle was in the middle of listening to his music when his iPod went dead: "Crap!"

"What's wrong, Freak boy?" Casey laughed "Has the Freak's music stopped playing?"

"CASEY, leave him alone and grow up!" Brax says to his brother as he continues to drive along the road.

"Maybe we should stop and pull over for a bit Brax?" Heath suggests, as he thought that they could all do with another break to stretch their legs.

"Why not? I can sure use the break from driving for a bit, and it looks like they have a forest in the area with a walking trail according to the sign we just past." Brax replies to his brother.

"Do we have too?" Casey asks.

"Aww what's wrong Casey, not a fan of walking?" Kyle asks his brother.

"No, I love walking!" Casey protests "You on the other hand, will probably hate it considering you stay indoors most of the time!"

"That might be due to the fact that I have a job which requires me to be indoors!"

"On your days off you stay indoors too."

"Yeah because me and Tamara find it easier to stay inside that way we can't bump into you and…" Kyle stops talking when he catches the glare coming from Brax through the rear view mirror.

"So basically your scared of me essentially, Freak Boy?" Casey laughs.

Pulling into the car park of the forest and parking the car, Brax turns and says: "Right just stop Casey!"

"What for?"

"Because we all getting sick of the way you're going on. Just leave Kyle alone for once!"

"Why? He's the one that stole my girlfriend?!" Casey quizzes.

"No I didn't!" Kyle butts in as he gets out the car slamming the door behind him.

As Brax and Heath got out the car, Casey pushed Kyle and he fell on the floor.

"CASEY!" Both Brax and Heath shouted.

"WHAT?!" Casey yells back.

Heath puts his hand out for Kyle so he can get back up: "You ok mate?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Kyle replies "No damage has been done, so we can still enjoy your stag weekend."

"Shame!" Casey shouts from where he was sat on the bench beside the car.

Ignoring what his brother had just shouted, Kyle says: "Brax, looks like there is an information office over there. Maybe they have a map and can tell us which is the best walking trail?"

"That's a good idea Kyle." Brax tells him "Why don't me and you go and ask while Heath and Casey stay here?"

"Ok!" Brax's free younger brothers said at the same time.

5 minutes later …

Information Office

Brax and Kyle entered the office and walked over to the desk.

"Hello, how can I help you?" The woman behind the desk says to them.

"Hi, me and my three brothers noticed the sign for walking trails and we wanted to know if you had a map and could possibly tell us which trail is the best?" Brax replies.

"Yes we do have a map if you give me a couple of minutes I will have to pop out back to get one as it seems we haven't restocked them yet." She explains then leaves the desk.

Outside in the Car Park

While Brax and Kyle were inside getting some information, Heath and Casey were sat by the car waiting for them to come back.

"So, are you going to leave Kyle alone at some point?" Heath asks.

Casey who had be watching a couple go off in the direction of one of the trails, turns back to her brother and said: "Why should I?"

"Maybe because he's your brother."

"Not by choice!"

"For God sake Casey, Kyle did nothing wrong here."

"Excuse me?!" Casey shouts "He did nothing wrong? Ok then, how about the time he kidnapped me and left me for dead? What about the fact that he has stolen my girlfriend?"

"Kyle apologised for the kidnapping, he was upset after dad died and he wanted justice for that." Heath replies "Also the thing about him stealing your girlfriend is ridiculous. Tamara lost her memory and because Kyle was helping her and add the fact she couldn't remember you, Tamara was the one that had kissed Kyle first."

"And that makes it all ok? Even after everything he had done to both me and Tamara she still wants to be with him."

"Kyle told Tamara that they couldn't be together but she wouldn't take no for an answer and I know that because I was there when he told her. He also told her about how the two of them original met and she still wanted to be with him so in the end you just have to suck it up and move on. There's plenty of fish in the sea and all that."

Before Casey has a chance to reply, Brax and Kyle walk over to them.

"Right got a map and be told what the best trail is for us, so let's get going." Brax says.

With that Brax heads off with his younger brothers following him.

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Oh dear I hope casey and Kyle make up soon I feel sorry for Kyle its really not his fault 

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Great chapter 

I hope Casey leaves Kyle alone soon.

its not Kyle's fault Tamara lost her memory 

Update again soon :)

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Chapter 4

15 minutes later…

Walking Trail #3

"Do you think they will ever learn to get along?" Heath asks Brax while watching his two younger brother pushing and shoving each other as they walked up the trail.

Brax who had also been looking at what the youngest Braxtons were doing turned to his brother and said: "I want to say yes but at the moment I don't think that will happen anytime soon."

"What give you that idea?" Heath laughed.

"I forgot to tell you earlier something that Ricky told me." Brax says to his brother as they continue walking "You can't say anything but Kyle told Ricky last night when he got back from work that once we were in Melbourne, instead of coming back to the Bay with us he was just going to stay there."

"WHAT?!" Heath exclaimed "Why would he say that? I thought he liked living in the Bay?"

"Well, Ricky says that he thinks none of us want him there and when she told him me and you do, he didn't believe her or that is the impression that she got anyway."

"Has this got anything to do with the fight that happened between both him and Casey the other day?"

"Ricky thinks so as Kyle thinks we just keep taking Casey's side on everything which I don't think we do."

"Maybe we don't think we do but to Kyle who didn't really have anyone between his mum dying and finding dad then us maybe he didn't really have anyone looking out for him which might be why he feels the way he does now because he's not used to people being on his side." Heath explains to Brax.

"How do you know about him having no one and about his mum?" Brax asks curiously?

"He told me. We do talk to each other you know, even though we had different up bringing's we both have a lot in common."

"Oh well at least he has one brother he feels confident enough to confide in." Brax says to Heath. "What on earth are they doing?!"

While Brax and Heath had been talking, Casey and Kyle's pushing and shoving had turned into them punching each other again while calling each other names. Running over to their younger brothers, Brax and Heath once again pull them apart.

"Stop it Casey!" Brax says as Casey tries to grab a hold of Kyle.

"Why he started it?" Casey shouts.

"Here we go again, blame me like you always do instead of taking some responsibility for your own actions for a change!" Kyle shouts back.

"Unlike you I do take responsibility for my actions!"

"You so do not, I had overheard you a week after you shot dad saying that you should just runaway that way you would get away with it!"

Heath and Brax just look at each other and were speechless as neither of them had known or even thought that Kyle might have been around after the shooting. Just as Brax was about to say something both Casey and Kyle broke free from their brothers' hold on them and charged at each like bulls in an arena.

Casey runs straight into Kyle and sends him flying into the tall grass beside the path.

"CASEY!" Both Brax and Heath shout at the same time.

"WHAT!" Casey yells back at them with a smirk on his face.

Heath goes over to where Kyle had landed after Casey pushed him: "Kyle you ok?"

Kyle nods his head then slowly stands up.

"Kyle, are you ok?" Heath asks again.

"Yeah Heath I'm fine. However, I might have a couple of bruises later on." Kyle laughs.

"Nice to know you haven't lost that sense of humour." Brax says to him "I think we should head back to the car now and get back on the road."

They all mumble in agreement then start walking back towards the car so they could hit the road again.


Chapter 5

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Garden

While the guys were leaving the walking trails, the girls were sat in the garden of the Braxton house with their friends and Bianca's sister April, going through bridal magazines for inspiration.

"So Bianca, have you decided on the style of dress you want?" Leah asks her.

"Not really, as long as it makes Heath speechless then I'll be happy." Bianca laughs. "I know I don't want it to look like my last one that is for sure."

"So no princess gown this time then, your royal highness?" April asks her older sister.

"No I certainly do not want a princess gown and I'll take that as a compliment, thanks April." Bianca replies "I wonder how the guys are getting on?"

"Well Casey and Kyle are probably fighting like usual and Brax and Heath will be trying to separate them like usual." Ricky answers her friend.

"Oh I hope they aren't."

"Brax told Kyle not to mention Tamara in hopes that it would be one less thing to cause an argument."

"That not fair on poor Kyle though." Irene says to them.

"No Irene it is not but I think Brax is trying to think of anything that will stop them to arguing, even if that means banning the mention of Tamara." Ricky says just as Tamara rejoins them all in the garden after getting a drink from the kitchen.

"What's this about Kyle being banned from talking about me?" Tamara asks politely.

"Oh sorry Tam, we didn't know Kyle hadn't said anything to you."

"No Ricky, he certainly did not mention that on the phone this morning. What have the two of them done now?"

"It was just there usual fighting don't worry I'm sure that this trip away is just what the two of them actually need to help them get over themselves." Ricky answers her totally unaware that was definitely not the case.

1 hour later…

Motel in the middle of nowhere – Kyle's room

Thank God, some peace and quiet away from Casey. He's starting to really get on my wits end and there's nothing I can do about it. Ouch! My side really hurts from where I landed on that rock. Maybe I should have said something other than I was fine when Heath asked me. Although, that would have just given Casey something else to wind me up about.

Kyle was interrupted from his train of thought from someone knocking on the door and he hoped it wasn't Casey as he couldn't be bothered to deal with that right now.

Opening the door, Kyle find Brax on the side of it: "What's up Brax?"

"We are popping over the road to that café for dinner so grab you phone and room key." Brax tells his younger brother.

"You three go as I'm not really that hungry. I'm might just have a shower then hit the hay as I'm pretty tired out from today and I'll just meet you by the car in the morning."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah Brax I'm sure plus I need to make sure I actually charge my iPod this time." Kyle laughs.

"Well ok but if you change your mind you know where we'll be." Brax tells him then walks away.

Kyle watches his brother walk away then closes the door. Wandering over to his bag he takes his iPod and puts it on charge, then grabs his shorts and top and heads into the bathroom.

Outside the Motel

Heath and Casey were stood outside the motel when Brax came out.

"Where's Kyle?" Heath quizzes his older brother.

"Not coming as he said he wasn't hungry but in my honest opinion I think he just wanted to get away from Casey for a bit." Brax explains.

Casey, who had been listening spoke: "I can hear you both, you know?"

"Good to know. Anyway let's go I'm starving." Heath says to them both.

22 minutes later…

Motel in the middle of nowhere – Kyle's room

Kyle had just finished drying himself and was about to put his t-shirt on when he noticed his side through the steam covered mirror.

I was right in telling Heath I was probably going to have some bruises. This must be why my side hurts a lot as it already I nice shade of purple and its just going to get worse before it gets better.

Kyle thinks to himself as he puts his top on then places the towel on the radiator and exits the bathroom.

Walking over to the bed Kyle grabs his stuff and puts it on the chair beside the little table that was in the room then gets into bed making sure he put his alarm on so he would get up in time. He then places his head on the pillows and goes to sleep.

Café across from the Motel

Meanwhile in the café, the other three Braxtons were stuffing their faces.

"So has Kyle gone to bed without dinner like a naughty child?" Casey asks while laughing.

"No Casey he hasn't and speaking of Kyle." Brax says to him "For the rest of this trip just lay off him because me and Heath would like to enjoy this weekend and we can't very well do that with you two at each other's throats."

Jumping in before Casey can speak, Heath says: "Yeah Case he's right and before you say anything Kyle is doing his best to not talk to you therefore you are the one aggravating him."

"I am not the one causing this, and if he doesn't like it he knows what he can do!" Casey says stuffing chips into his mouth.

"What's that then? Dump Tamara?" Brax asks.

"Got in one." Casey answers then goes back to eating.

Brax and Heath don't say anything as they both know it would be pointless, instead they just go back to eating in silence, before heading back to their rooms at the motel.

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I always loved casey in home and away but right now I just can't believe how harsh he is being he should be ashamed of himself

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