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  1. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen and Helena for your comments it means a lot. Chapter 70 Kyle and Haley were sitting on the couch laughing as Kyle’s brothers were panicking. Their family would be here soon. “You guys need to calm down, look I’m ready to see my family. I want to see my family.” Kyle smiles. “I don’t know if you are Kyle! There’s going to be a lot of people here, how many are coming?” “Sixteen.” Kyle shrugs. “But they’re my family. I’m ready for this.” “Fine, but you promise me that if you feel uncomfortable at any time you will go to your room for some quiet time.” Brax instructs. “Fine, okay, but this is my family.” Kyle says rolling his eyes. The girls all suddenly run in with many bags. “Okay we have chicken and buns with coleslaw.” Bianca smiles. “Thanks Bee... thanks girls. ” Kyle smiles as he kisses Bianca on the cheek. “It’s no trouble Kyle, I can’t wait to meet your brothers and sisters! I’m looking forward to hearing all the stories about you!” Bianca squeals excitedly. “There’s not many.” Kyle shrugs. “Oh please, there’s the story where you made all the meals for Jazmin after she got her wisdom teeth out, there’s all the times you helped Jacob and Bella with their homework. Even Kevin and Oliver at times. You were a little sweetheart.” Caleb smirks. “Shut up!” Kyle grunts through his teeth, he doesn’t want his brothers to know these things. “Of course not everyone loved Kyle, Ethan used to beat him up all the time, he was nearly as bad as Jake, he loved to torment Kyle.” Caleb added on. “Yea but he had issues, you know he once sat on Kyle until he nearly suffocated! The only reason Kyle is alive is because Theo and Oliver came in.” Haley explains kissing Kyle on the cheek. Flashback Kyle was sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter when Ethan comes in and smiles when he sees that no one else is home. “Hey geek!” Ethan laughed and gave Kyle a wet willy. “Ugh gross Ethan! Do you have to do that! I already got one of those today.” Kyle grunted. “Oh yeah! Your bullies! Ha! Those guys are great, oh but look! They didn’t rip your tightie whities today! Haha!” Ethan smirked and grabbed Kyle’s briefs and maked Kyle stand up. “No no no Ethan please! I already got one, I just got changed into new ones when I got home. Please that gave me an atomic and it really hurt!” Kyle protested. “What more than this?” Ethan laughed and he pulled up hard causing Kyle to cry out. “Lemme go!” He squealed. “No way geek! You deserve everything you get.” Ethan laughed as he continued to pull until they ripped. “Owwwww!!” Kyle cried. He was about to yell out for help before Ethan can do anything else but his ripped briefs and quickly shoved in his mouth and he was pulled over to the couch and made to lie down. Ethan suddenly jumped on his so that he was sitting right on his chest. Ethan was at least 90 kgs and he was 18 where as Kyle was only 14 and weighed only 35 kgs. He was being squished! “Mmmm.” Kyle tried to yell out but the pressure on his chest was too much he was struggling to breath and the underpants in his mouth weren’t helping. “What was that geek? You want me to block your nose? Well okay!” Ethan laughed as he blocked his brother nose. Kyle tried to knock his brothers hand away but it didn’t work. Luckily this was when Theo and Oliver came in. It took when a while to see what was happening. That was when Theo punched Ethan and tackled him to the ground. Oliver pulled the underwear out of Kyle’s mouth and tried to calm him down. Suddenly Marcus came in. “What’s going on?” He asked. “Ethan nearly suffocated Kyle!” Theo yelled as he shoved his brother. Racing over to his son Marcus ran his hands through his hair. “You okay pup?” He asked. Kyle shook his head. That had been terrifying. “Ethan! Room now!” Marcus yelled. Ethan rolls his eyes and went to his room but not before giving Oliver a wedgie. “Ethan! Now!” Marcus yelled. Kyle was sobbing in his arms and Marcus kisses the top of his head. End of flashback “He was such a monster! No one was safe, he even used to beat up his sister! I’m glad he’s locked up.” Haley grunts. “Yeah he was my least favourite. I hated him!” Kyle grunts. “You know once he walked past while Jake was beating me up and all he did was take a video.” “What are your other family like?” Heath asks nervous. He’s hoping this one kid was the only bad egg. “Awesome! You’ll love them!” Kyle smiles. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door.
  2. Great chapter! Oh no I knew it wouldn’t turn out well with Cheryl at the bbq. Poor Kyle was so confused, then she slapped him. My heart broke for him, it was so sad. Then he had a seizure! I really hope that he’s going to be okay. Can’t wait to read more.
  3. Great chapter! Like Heath I’m glad that Kyle is wanting to talk to others. I love how the family are so supportive of Kyle and how they’re having a BBQ in celebration for him. But I’m nervous about Cheryl. I feel that it will affect Kyle a lot more than it used to.
  4. Ohh I loved this chapter! It was great! The scenes between Kyle, Sasha and Tamara were great and I love how Sasha is on to Casey, it means he will have someone to protect him from Casey. Oh no Casey thinks that Kyle is faking, that means he might try and prove it, only to make things worse. looking forward to reading more.
  5. Loved the two chapters. Wow Kyle got accepted into uni! That’s amazing! I’m just surprised he didn’t tell anyone, maybe he was afraid Casey would tease him for it. Kyle and Tamara are so cute together!! i love how his memory is coming back, but I’m nervous about Casey. He seems really annoyed that Kyles memory is coming back, which means he might hurt him more soon, before Kyle gets enough memory to come back and remembers everything! I love Kyles character in this. I also love the conversations that he’s having with the people in the bay. I also love the fact that he reads. I remember when he first arrived he said he didn’t bring ‘ a library bag’ because he didn’t know how the boys would react. Once again great chapters! Sorry for my babbling, just loved these chapters so much! There is so much to talk about. Can’t wait to read more!
  6. Great chapter! Yay! Kyle’s remembered something! That’s great. I’m starting to wonder whether Kyle will be different after this. Like how he felt that he wasn’t good enough to be manager. I just wonder if he’s going to be more insecure from now on, or maybe just until he gets his memory back. I just hope that he doesn’t get hurt again by one of Casey’s plans. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
  7. Great chapter! I’m glad that Kyle seems okay. I think it was a good idea for him to get some fresh air. I’m just worried something is going to go wrong. I wonder what Casey’s next evil plan is and when someone will figure out what is going on. Can’t wait to read more!
  8. Great chapter! I’m glad that Kyle is okay. A rebellious Kyle is interesting but I’m glad that he’s going back to normal now, I think his curfew will be a bit early for a while until Brax calms down, can’t wait to read more
  9. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen and Helena for your comments it means a lot. Chapter 69 Kyle walks into the house and is immediately pulled into a hug by Haley. “Baby!” She smiles.she then pulls back slightly. “Baby you’re all wet...” she frowns with worry. “Why’s he all wet?” She glares at the boys. “I can answer that.” Kyle interjects, annoyed that his girlfriend asked the boys why he was all wet and not him. ”You stay out of this.... Caleb why’s he all wet?” She asks again. ”i was only.... ow!” Kyle starts only to be hit by Haley. she doesn’t want to hear it from him, she wanted to hear it from her brother. ”I told you to shut up.” Haley glares. ”Look Issac had him under water for like a minute, he’s okay.” Caleb explains and looks at Kyle who is rolling his eyes. ”You didn’t tell me?” She yells at Kyle. ”I just walked in the door!” Kyle yells back. ”You’ve been back for a minute! You should have told me right away!” Haley barks at her boyfriend. ”oh I’m sorry. Next time I’ll walk in and say ‘hey baby guess what! My former bullies nearly drowned me today. Wanna coffee.” Kyle huffs and stares at his girlfriend. He knew that she is worried but frankly he thinks she’s over reacting. Haley lowers her head, okay she was over reacting, but she was worried. ”I’m sorry.” Haley whispers. “I’m just worried about you baby! So how’d it go?” “They’re gone.” Kyle grins.. “it’s over.” ”Baby!” Haley smiles and pulls him into another hug. “Baby that’s incredible... Mum! Dad!” She yells as she steps away from her boyfriend. ”Hey kids! Is it over?” She asks. She looks at Kyle who nods and smiles. “Yes!! My little baby boy!” She grins and quickly walks over to Kyle and kisses him over and over again on the face. ”Mummm!” Kyle moans lightly. He knows his Mum is happy but he really doesn’t want to be kissed over and over again by his Mum. ”Shut up you.” Pip laughs as she gives her boy one last kiss on the cheek. “It’s over sweetheart, now we need to focus on getting you back to normal.” ”Starting with group counselling. Come on, there’s one in an hour I’ll drive you.” Marcus smiles as he pulls his boy into a hug and kisses the top of his head. Kyle turns to his brothers slightly embarrassed but none of them are even laughing. They all just look happy. ”Okay, I’ll go.” Kyle smiles. Now that his tormentors are gone. He feels more free to talk about it. “Okay so go have a shower and get dry.” Marcus orders as he runs a hand through his sons hair. ”Okay.” Kyle replies and he runs upstairs. Marcus turns around and shakes his head. ”Well that’s a good sign.” ... Kyle runs down the stairs and straight away goes for Haley. “Wanna come?” He asks. He would love it if his girlfriend could be there with him when he was at counselling. ”Why wanna show them that a nerd like you can get a beauty like me?” Haley grins up at Kyle smirking. She knows that he knows that she’s kidding. ”Hey, I’m adorable.” Kyle smirks. ”i think you mean a-dork-able.” Haley says and then burst out laughing. ”Oh you’re are hilarious! My sides hurt.” Kyle smirks and kisses her on the cheek. “So wanna come?” He asks again and looks down on her with big puppy dog eyes. ”I think this is something that you should do alone baby. Besides you need to be strong and having me there will make you more comfortable but it won’t always be that way because sometimes I won’t be there and you will have to talk about it.” Haley rambles, she has to find a way to get out of this. ”Huh?” Heath asks, he didn’t understand that. ”Don’t worry I understand.” Kyle grins and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. “I love you.” He whispers in her ear. ”Love you too.” ”You’re both adorkable!” Heath huffs and pulls his brother away ”See you soon baby.” Haley smiles and waves at her boyfriend as he walks out the door. ... Kyle walks into the room and immediately sees Beau. ”Hey mate.” He smiles and walk over to him. ”Hey Kylie.” Beau smirks. “You seem happy.” ”I was until you called me Kyle.” Kyle chuckles and puts on a fake annoyed face. ”Sorrrry.” Beau grins. “So how’s things...you feeling okay?” He asks with a more serious look on his face. ”Yea I’m okay.... They got arrested.” Kyle grins, he can’t stop smiling it’s so great to feel free. ”That’s awesome dude!” Beau grins. He then awkwardly looks up at Kyle. “So how’s that gorgeous friend of yours?” He asks cheekily. ”Single.” Kyle smirks back at Beau. “And might I mention keen on you.” ”I’m asking for a friend.” Beau smirks. ”Sure you are.” Kyle smiles and then turns to Beau he had a serious question to ask now. ”Have you slept with anyone since Tyler?” ”No, why?” ”I’m having trouble sleeping with my girlfriend. I want to... But I can’t.” Kyle sighs. ”You will bro, just give it time.... and put in a good word with Caleb will ya.” Beau smiles. “I’ll try, but I’m a bad liar.” Kyle grins. ”Funny.” Beau replies. ... Haley is pacing up and down and holding her phone. ”I just don’t think that he’s ready for it yet, sure they are gone but he’s still hurting.” Caleb sighs rubbing the back of his head. ”Caleb they’re family.” “Yeah but then we will have Jazmin, Theo, Kevin, Oliver, Belle, Jacob. Plus all of their partners. Plus Jazmin has two kids, Theo has one and so does Kevin. That’s a lot for Kyle to deal with.” Caleb sighs. ”Woah, you’ve got a big family!” Heath gasps. ”Yea well Jazmin and Eric have twins, Sky and Louie. Kevin and Melissa have little Mark and Theo and Annabelle have Becky. Plus Oliver’s fiancée Ashley is pregnant with twins and they are both going to be boys. They’re planning to call one Kyle and the other name is to be decided. Oliver thought Kyle was the coolest guy ever. They got on really well.” Caleb explains. ”So wait, we will have sixteen people here.” Heath gasps. “Caleb’s right that might be too much for Kyle to handle.” Suddenly Haley’s phone beeps. “That might be a problem.” She sighs but can’t help but smile. ”Why?” ”They are about the board the plane.” ”They’re what?!” The boys all yell. They aren’t too sure how Kyle will handle this. In less than three hours Kyle will have his whole family here, they all just look at each other and hope it’s not too soon,”
  10. Great chapter! Glad that Kyle is okay and that he knows that he should have listened to Nate. Loved how he still asked when he could go home. Classic Kyle! Loved the ending to this idea and looking forward to reading more!
  11. Great chapter. Oh no Kyle collapsed! I just hope that someone will find him soon. I get that he is frustrated but he has to let people help him. He really should listen to Nate and his family and friends. Looking forward to reading more.
  12. Great chapter! Oh Kyle, why does he always do this. He has just put himself in danger of getting sick! I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next. Looking forward to reading more.
  13. Great chapter! I’m so glad that they found Kyle! Although I’m worried that he’s not going to hospital considering that he had a seizure. I just hope that he will tell them about it so they know. I can’t believe this happened though! How could Casey? I mean I know he doesn’t like Kyle but this could have killed him!
  14. Great chapter! I’m so glad that Tamara still doesn’t trust Casey. I just hope they find Kyle soon and that he still has that note from Casey telling him to go to the restaurant, as this will cause others to get suspicious.
  15. Great chapters! Oh no! I can’t believe Casey did that, I mean I knew that he was going to mess with Kyle and that he wanted him gone but getting him lost on his very first day back in summer bay is something that I didn’t expect. I really hope that someone finds Kyle and also finds out what Casey is doing before this gets worse. Poor Kyle he’s so confused and so sick, I guess he’s going to end up in hospital again. I just hope that someone will find him soon.
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