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  1. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen, D.B and ~JarlieFanEver for your comments it means a lot. I'm so sorry that it has taken me so ridiculous long to update. I'm going to try hard to update more regularly from now on. Sorry it’s short as well but I just liked where the chapter ended. Chapter 65 Kyle enters the house and as soon as he does Haley walks up to him and hits him on the arm. “You are the biggest idiot ever!” She hisses hitting him once more. She was so mad how could her boyfriend do that to her she was worried sick, with everything that is going on your think that he’d tell her where he was. “Sorry Ley, I had to do something.” Kyle apologises and leans in for a kiss only to be pushed away. She was really mad! “Without telling me and why didn’t you answer my calls.” Haley demands. Her boyfriend had not only not told her where he was going but he also didn’t even bother to answer her calls. “Because it was a secret.” Kyle smirks and manages to steal a kiss on the cheek. “Secret?” Haley asks. She was now intreged. “Yea, walk with me?” Kyle asks looking down at her with his puppy dog eyes. “You’re lucky you’re cute.” Haley smiles and grabs ahold of his hand and lets him lead the way. “Be careful Ky, Issac will be fuming!” Caleb yells to his best friend knowing that Issac would be furious that Kyle had punched him and would be looking for revenge! “Yea Yea I know.” Kyle says way too excited over what he was about to give to Haley to care. They start walking out but Kyle is pulled back by Brax. “And where do you think you’re going?” He asks and smiles at Kyle. “To the beach.” Kyle smiles and tries to get away but is pulled back once again by Brax. “Great I’ll go get my surfboard.” He replies and gets his surfboard. He knew that Kyle wouldn’t want him there but if he did happen to run into those idiots he wanted to be there. “Brax Haley and I want some alone time.” Kyle sighs, trying to convince his older brother to stay home. “Hmmm let me think about that no I’m coming with you in case you run into them.” Brax instructs and points to the door. “I’ll even walk five meters behind you.” Brax sighs realising that his brother was allowed space but not too much. “Twenty.” Kyle protests. “Ten.” Brax sighs crossing his arms over his chest to show that he wasn’t going any higher. “Deal.” Kyle smirks and grabs ahold of Haley’s hand and starts running. “Kyle! Get back here!” Brax yells and starts running out of the house. His brother was certainly getting better. “I’m going to kill him! When I get my hands on him he’s going to wish that he was never born!” Issac hisses. “I still can’t believe he actually knocked you down.” Jake laughs. “He actually punches hard! Turns out he’s not that much of a wimp anymore.” Issac huffs rubbing his jaw. “Whatever, the five of us will destroy him.” Jake laughs punching his fist into his hand. “Yea we will.” Carter smirks and then smiles at Pheobe who is looking at her phone. “What do you think Phebs?” “I still just want to get out of this dump but if we have to finish him off to do that so be it.” Pheobe sighs lightly. “Good. We’ll wait then we get get the chance we’ll do it.” Jake hisses frustrated that he had not already killed Kyle yet. “I bags first hit, that punks going to pay for punching me.” Issac hisses. Brax was currently sitting on the san watching his brother and his girlfriend sitting a few meters infront of him. He still couldn’t believe that all of this was going on. His brother had such a terrible life and he had somehow come out the other side to be a great guy. He smiles lightly as he sees Kyle lean over and kiss Haley’s cheek and whisper in her ear, she immediately starts laughing and shoves Kyle into the sand and kisses him. His brother sure did know how to dig himself out of the dog box. Brax pulls out his ringing phone and quickly answers it when he sees his girlfriends name on caller ID. “Ley, I have something to ask you?” Kyle asks, he was more than a little nervous. He knew that Haley was not Phoebe but he was still frightened about what her response would be. “Yes I forgive you, you idiot!” Haley laughs, thinking that her boyfriend was going to ask for forgiveness. Kyle chuckles lightly and stands up. “Na that’s not it. I was going to ask if you would except this?” Kyle asks as he pulls out one of the necklaces. This meant everything to him and he just hoped that Haley would accept it. “Ky! It’s beautiful!” Haley beams and stands up grabbing it off him. “Kyky and LeyLey forever.” She reads off it. “Yeah.” Kyle blushes lightly as he quickly looks at feet before looking up again. “I’m not ready just yet to propose but this necklace is a promise that one day very soon I will.” He smiles. As soon as he does Haley launches herself at him and kisses him. “You’re so sweet, of course I’ll accept it.” Haley smiles widely and puts the necklace on. She looks up and sees that Kyle is wearing one too. “So Haley Jasmine Davies I promise that one day I will ask you to marry me.” Kyle announces as loud as he can causing people to look at them including Brax who is still on the phone to Ricky. It also causes Haley to blush and pulls her boyfriend down. “Kyle Daniel Braxton I promise to say yes.” Haley whispers and kisses Kyle and runs her hands through his hair.
  2. Great chapter!! Glad that they managed to get out, but it doesn't sound so good for Kyle. I hope he will be okay!!! I'm happy that Casey is worried about him as well, maybe he does care about Kyle. I hope that they will get along better from now on. I love the brother relationship with Heath and Kyle. I can't wait to see what happens. I really hope that Kyle's going to be okay. I also hope that somehow those guys get caught!
  3. Great chapter! Oh no what is going to happen on the way home! I love the ‘don’t hey Brax me!’ Classic! Never fails to make me laugh whenever that is done! Can’t wait to see what happens next!!
  4. Great chapter. Oh no why can’t Kyle just tell his brothers what is going on! I really hope that they don’t go home either! I thought it was pretty mean for Brax to mention to Heath that Kyle has to harden up. But I’m glad that Heath stuck up for Kyle. Can’t wait to read more, please update soon.
  5. Great chapter. Casey is really pushing it and I’m both happy and sad that Mack had a word to him. Good because she really had a piece of him as he deserves it for all he says to Kyle but bad because it had no effect at all. I can’t believe he called Kyle the devils spawn! I wish that Kyle would just tell the truth about how he is feeling! He has a great group of friends! And two brothers who care about him. Ohno I really hope that he will be okay! I wonder who will find him. Cant wait to read more!
  6. Great chapters. Oh dear I don’t like the sound of Kyle forgetting seeing his brothers. Casey almost was nice to Kyle but then he had to go and be mean again. I wonder how the brothers will react when they find out that Kyle has sneakily lead them to Mack, they will have to keep a close eye on him in case he mentions that he wants to move back in with her since Casey’s giving him such a hard time. Can’t wait to read more!!!
  7. Great chapter. Oh no Kyle should have stayed in hospital! Casey really needs to lay off Kyle, how dare he just barge into his room and accuse him of cheating on Tamara. I wonder how his brothers will react when they find out what happened! I really hope that Kyle’s going to be okay! Can’t wait to read more!
  8. Great chapter. I really hope that Kyle is going to be okay. But he seemed to take quite a big hit on the head. I think that they should have contacted the boys and not wait for a bit as they do need to know and I don’t think that they’ll be too happy when they find out what happened to Kyle. I get that Pheobe was angry but she shouldn’t have pushed Kyle. Cant wait to read more.
  9. Great chapters. Aghhhh Casey needs to grow up, he’s getting on my nerves. But I’m glad that Brax and Heath realise that Casey is the big problem. I hope that their trip isn’t ruined because of the fighting. Although since your title is ‘Levels of Tragedy’ I’m thinking something else will. Liked how Kyle got to see his friends as well and I hope that he and Phoebe can become friends again. Can’t wait to read more please update soon.
  10. All amazing one shots and I loved reading them all. I also love how they are all different with a different situation and a different aged Kyle in each. Makes it really exciting and you wonder what you’re going to get next. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to the next one.
  11. Great one shot! i love the fact that Brax gave Kyle his kidney, I hated how Brax was a match for Kyle in the show but he couldn’t get the transplant done or he didn’t even know about it, so sad! I also loved how Brax got mad at Ash for not letting him know sooner about Kyle! You never stand between Brax and his family . Can’t wait to read the next one!
  12. Great chapter, nice chat between Denny and Ricky, poor Ricky is so lost! I love Kyle and Tamara as a couple, Can’t wait for the nect chapter!!!
  13. Great chapter! Poor Ricky so sad that Brax ignored everyone and went after Jake! Now he’s on the run and his family have to live without him. At least they have eachother. Can’t wait to read more please update soon.
  14. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver for your comments it really means a lot. Chapter 64 Kyle and Caleb were in the mall about to eat their lunch after getting the necklace rings done so that Kyle could give one to Haley and keep one for himself, he just loved her so much and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her but he couldn’t propose again, not just yet. He just wasn’t ready. ”Haley will like this right?” Kyle nervously asks his best friend holding up the one that he was going to give to Haley. He was so nervous. He couldn’t handle the rejection again! ”No, she’ll laugh in your face,” Caleb replies only to smirk at Kyle and ruffles his hair lightly. ”She’ll love it.” He smiles at him and shoved him away lightly. Only to be shoved back by Kyle. “Wanna try that again?” Caleb asks smiling at Kyle and daring him to push him again, which he did. Within seconds Kyle is in a headlock and has Caleb ruffling his hair. “Dude!! Come on let me go!” Kyle laughs and tries to push himself away from Caleb. “Dudeeee.” He moans. People were staring at them. “Oh come on, have some fun.” Caleb laughs. He always messed around with Kyle like this before he left and he was enjoying being able to mess around again. “People are staring.” Kyle moans all he wanted was for Caleb to let him go. “No ones staring Ky.” Caleb laughs lightly and continues to ruffle his hair. “Hey Kyle.” Someone’s smiles at Kyle, Kyle couldn’t quite see who it was so Caleb lets him go. “Hey Beau.” He smiles when he sees who it is. He shoves Caleb away lightly and straightens his shirt before fixing his hair. There are two older guys standing on either side of Beau. Kyle guessed that they were his brothers, they looked like older versions of him. “This one of your brothers?” Beau asks laughing lightly. He thought the scene in front of him was hilarious. “No this is Caleb my foster brother also my best friend and also a major pain in my butt.” Kyle rolls his eyes at Caleb who just pokes his tongue out at him. “These are my brothers Gregg and Jason. They’re twins.” Beau smiles lightly smiling at Caleb. “I’m Caleb.” Caleb smiles, he had had a mind blank when Kyle was talking and he hadn’t heard him this guy was cute. “I’ve said that already.” Kyle laughs lightly only to get a punch in the arm. “Ow!” He moans lightly grabbing ahold of his arm. “Hey Kyle. Little Beauie here couldn’t stop talking about how cool you were. I’m Gregg the better looking brother.” Gregg smiles, him and his brother were identical twins. Kyle couldn’t help but laugh. There was no difference between them. “We’re identical idiot.” Jason huffs but laughs along with his brother it was a common joke between them. “Yea haha that jokes getting old and I already told you to stop calling me Beauie!” Beau groans. “Don’t bother older brothers never stop, at least you aren’t called a girls name.” Kyle laughs lightly. He hated when Jake and his gang called him Kylie but he could handle it from his brothers. “Kylie!” Beau asks and can’t help but smile. “Yea sadly my brother are much older.” Kyle shrugs lightly smiling at Caleb. “So Caleb, you’re a great friend to Kyle if you are able to….” Beau starts only to stop when a big guy who he doesn’t recognise stand behind Kyle. “Oi baby! Turn around loser.” He barks and Kyle immediately recognises it as Issac, turning around Kyle is immediately shoved down to the ground. The necklace rings fell out of his pocket and are immediately picked up by Issac. ”Well isn’t this sweet. Kyky and LeyLey forever even a little love heart isn’t that sweet.” Issac laughs down at Kyle. “You got a problem dude?” Jason barks he didn’t have a clue who this guy was but he was sure that Kyle had done him no harm. “Yea, this loser here is still alive.” Issac laughs down at Kyle. “I might take these to the others so that we can laugh at you.” Issac laughs and goes to turn away but is pulled back by Kyle who spins him around and punches him hard causing him to fall to the floor. Picking up the necklaces Kyle stares down at Issac who is holding his jaw. He was furious he knew that they loved picking on him but Issac crossed a line by bringing not only Haley into it but his mums rings as well. He turns back to Caleb who is smiling lightly at him. “You’re dead nerd!” Issac growls and tries to make his way to Kyle only for Caleb to shove Kyle back to Beau and he, Jason and Gregg stand in front. “Back off!” Caleb hisses. He was very protective of Kyle and felt like he could protect him with these two helping. “Says who faggy!.” Issac barks glaring at Kyle holding his tongue on his bloody split lip. “Us! Now back off, before you get more than just a split lip.” Gregg hisses. He was not only angry about this guy shoving his little brothers new friend down but his way to describe Caleb’s sexuality especially since Beau was gay as well. “Fine, we’ll all see you later Kylie, you just better hope that aren’t alone.” Issac barks and walks in the opposite direction. “Thanks.” Kyle shrugs lightly. He was thankful that they had stepped in, Sure he threw a punch but if it went any further, Issac really would have hurt him. “He one of the guys?” Beau hisses lightly, he had heard Kyle get everything off his chest and that was hard enough but seeing it in front of him was just horrible. “Yea, that’s Issac.” Kyle sighs, he puts the necklaces back in his pockets. “Come on Cal, lets get some lunch.” Kyle smiles lightly and starts to walk to the food court again. “Yea mate, you guys keen?” Caleb asks smiling at Beau in particular. “Yea sounds good!” Gregg smiles and nudges Jason as Beau and Caleb are smiling at eachother. The two of them rush to catch up with Kyle so that the two of them can talk alone. “Looks like someone has a crush.” Jason smiles as he reaches Kyle and points back to the two other boys. “Yea or someone’s.” Kyle smirks lightly. He turns back and smiles lightly at them. Caleb deserved to be happy and so did Beau. “Where are they?” Haley wonders her boyfriend and brother had been gone for ages. Only to be given a shrug by Brax. He didn’t know where the two of them went “Honestly where are those two idiots.” Haley moans and sits down on the couch next to Brax. “Just relax, Kyle will miss you soon enough, he can’t last too long without you, I bet as soon as he gets home he will kiss you,” Brax sighs as he watches the footie. “Can you give him a call please!!!” She begs him shaking his shirt, Kyle and Caleb both weren’t answering her calls or replying to her texts. ”I’m not calling my 23-year-old brother to see where he is.” Brax sighs. Sure Kyle had been through a lot but he had Caleb. “Even after everything that has happened.” Haley points out trying to get Brax to call her boyfriend. “He’ll be fine. If something has happened then he would call us so that fact that he hasn’t means that more than likely he is okay.” Brax sighs, he knew that Haley was allowed to be nervous after everything that had happened but Kyle was 23 and he had got to the point when if he needed help all he had to do was ask, he didn’t need babying anymore. “But Brax!!” Haley whines lightly. She was so used to getting her way with both her brother and her boyfriend letting her have it most the time. “Call him yourself Haley.” Brax sighs lightly, he just wished that this conversation could end. “He won’t answer my calls. They both won’t.” Haley mumbles and looks at Brax with pleading eyes. “Fine!” Brax huffs and dials his brothers number. “Hello.” Kyle answers as he puts down his cheeseburger that Caleb had bought him. He could manage small meals now, he was slowly getting better. “Answer your girlfriends calls you idiot! She’s been hassling me and she’s also been panicking for the last ten minutes.” Brax huffs, why on earth did he answer him the first time but not answer Haley! “Sorry, I’m trying to keep a secret from Haley.” Kyle smiles apologizing to his older brother . He knew that if Haley pushed him enough then he would accidentally slip out what he was doing. “Is he alright!” Haley questions reaching for the phone. “Yea he’s fine.” Brax replies to Haley “Where are you Kyle?” Brax questions his brother. “Mall, Brax please if you put her on I won’t be able to keep the secret.” Kyle begs, he loved Haley but he struggles to lie to her and he didn’t want to ruin the surprise. “Give me the phone Brax!” Haley demands, she was more than a bit angry with her boyfriend. “Sorry Ley, He’s gone.” Brax smiles lightly as the call ends. His brother loved Haley and if he was going to surprise her then he didn’t want to ruin that. “Well if he calls back tell him that at the rate he’s going he’s going to be sleeping on the couch.” Haley smiles at Brax, making herself not yell. Why on earth didn’t her boyfriend want to talk to her! She walks to hers and Kyle’s room and slams the door. Leaving Brax to laugh lightly at the situation his brother is in. “This surprise better be good Kylie.” Brax smirks and turns back to the tv. “Oh come on!” He groans as the other team scores. Back at the mall, Kyle turns to Caleb and cringes slightly. “I think I might be in the dog box.” He mumbles and smiles nervously at him. “Have fun.” Caleb laughs. He knew that as soon as Haley saw the necklaces that she would forgive Kyle but until that point, he really was in trouble. “Oh and Kyle, you hurt her and I’ll hurt you.” He laughs loudly knowing that Kyle was never going to hurt her, he just had to use the big brother line. “Funny.” Kyle huffs as Caleb, Beau, Jason and Gregg all laugh at him.
  15. Great chapter. I hope that the Braxton’s stick together whatever is waiting for them but It doesn’t look like Casey and Kyle will fix this anytime soon but I hope Kyle does come back with them as he is part of their family and that they really do want him there. I’m loving this so far. I absolutely love Kyle stories.
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