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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading!! :)
  2. Great chapter! i really enjoyed this chapter and can’t wait to see how it ends.
  3. Great chapter. I love how much Maddy is helping Kyle and not leaving him.
  4. Great chapter. That was so close but this is not good now they are really being followed! i hope that they’ll be okay but how is this going to end? Kyle can’t go back to prison he’ll be killed! But he will have to! I don’t think it was a good idea to run from the police.
  5. Great chapter. I think it was a good idea for Kyle to tell his brothers to stay away but I have a feeling that they won’t for too long. I’m so glad that Maddy is still lying to protect Kyle, although I’m still worried the wrong person will find out and let the guys know where they can find Kyle. I wondering what is going to happen when this all ends. He’ll have to go back to prison to serve the rest of his sentence but he’ll also get longer for escaping. I found it really sweet how Kyle asked to kiss Maddy. After what happened last time, I’m sure he was surprised when she said yes. I do think they’d be cute together. can’t wait to see what happens next.
  6. Great chapter oh no this does not sound good. I really hope that Kyle will be okay and that he doesn’t get caught. Im really happy that Maddy is helping him.
  7. Great chapter. Im so glad that Kyle is awake, but by the sounds of it, he is not out of danger yet. Hoping that Brax and Heath will make an appearance later even though Kyle said not to call them. Although he's right they will make a huge fuss! Liked how Maddy and Kyle were talking Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  8. Great chapter Like Maddy working at the hospital. And how Kyle happened to go to that exact hospital. I hope Kyle will get better soon and I wonder who beat him up! Looking forward to reading more!
  9. I love this! I can't wait to read this, I love fan fictions with Kyle .
  10. Great one shot. I love Kyle and Hunter together and how they talked about Charlotte. They are quite cute! I’d love to see more of them together. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Great chapter, nice chat between Denny and Ricky, poor Ricky is so lost! I love Kyle and Tamara as a couple, Can’t wait for the nect chapter!!!
  12. Great chapter! Poor Ricky so sad that Brax ignored everyone and went after Jake! Now he’s on the run and his family have to live without him. At least they have eachother. Can’t wait to read more please update soon.
  13. Great chapters and great finish to the fanfic I have loved it. (Of course it is a Kyle fanfic so why wouldn’t I) so glad that Kyle is okay and I loved when Pheobe slapped Kyle it was so funny and I can actually imagine it happening. I am loving your one shots as well and cannot wait to start to read your next fanfic.
  14. Great chapter. Love it so much. So happy that Kyle got his happy ending with both Phoebe and a baby! He’s my absolute favourite character and I hated that he srnt to see him prison so reading a fanfic where he gets out is great. Thank you so much for sharing
  15. Great one-shot glad that Kyle got out and that everyone welcomed him back. Sad that Matt and Evie broke up and poor Ellie for having to go back to Aunt May. Once again a really good read
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