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  1. Great chapter. Im so glad that Kyle is awake, but by the sounds of it, he is not out of danger yet. Hoping that Brax and Heath will make an appearance later even though Kyle said not to call them. Although he's right they will make a huge fuss! Liked how Maddy and Kyle were talking Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  2. Great chapter Like Maddy working at the hospital. And how Kyle happened to go to that exact hospital. I hope Kyle will get better soon and I wonder who beat him up! Looking forward to reading more!
  3. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen and Helena for your comments it means a lot. Chapter 67 Kyle and Haley are sitting on Kyle's bed watching the end of The Notebook when there is a knock on the door. "Yea?" Kyle asks as he pauses the movie. He hopes he gets pulled away to do something. He can't stand this movie. "Hey mate, is it all good if we talk. It’s really important?” Brax asks as he opens the door and sees his little brother lying on the bed with his girlfriend. “Yea, I’ll be back soon babe and then we are watching Batman.” Kyle says and starts to follow his brother when he is stopped by the sound of his girlfriends voice. “What is it with you and Batman? He doesn’t even have superpowers.” Haley laughs. “He’s still awesome, besides he’s got gadgets!” Kyle argues completely forgetting that his brother wants to talk to him. “So Superman can fly and Batman has gadgets. Wow!” Haley says, smirking at her boyfriend. “There’s more to it than that!” Kyle argues. Brax rolls his eyes, this two are exhausting. “Come on Romeo.” He huffs and pulls his brother into the lounge leaves Haley laughing. When he gets to the lounge Kyle sees all his brothers, Caleb and his foster dad. “Umm what’s going on?” He asks. They are all looking at him and it’s quite nerve wrecking. “We’re going to find Jake and the others. And we’re going to make them pay.” Brax says and Kyle immediately rolls his eyes. ”We tried the cops, it didn’t work!” Kyle argues. Why are they bothering? “We’re not going to the police Kyle, we’re going to make sure that they leave.” Heath exclaims. “You know that they are never going to do that right?” Kyle huffs. There is no way that they will leave. “Oh they will, they are going to be severely outnumbered!” Heath says smirking. “Huh? There are six of us, six of them. How will we put number them?” Kyle asks. How could they get those numbers so wrong. “We have the River Boys.” Brax says. “But they don’t know me, and I was never apart of their gang.” Kyle says shrugging. How could the River Boys help if he isn’t one of them. “Kylie, you’re our little brother! We told them to help us out and we didn’t take no for an answer because we want you to be able to feel safe again, and we won’t you to get better.” Heath smiles and ruffles Kyle’s hair. “Thanks.” Kyle beams. It means so much to him that the boys went to their gang that he had nothing to do with and got them to help him with this. “It’s all good mate, it’s our job to protect you.” Brax laughs and puts his arms around Kyle’s neck. Suddenly the door opens and three river boys walk in. Kyle immediately recognises one. “Taylor.” He smiles. He remembers the day that Taylor had saved his butt after he got in an argument with the two guys in a pub all those weeks ago after Phoebe had turned down his proposal. That really meant a lot to him and so does this. “Hey Kyle, this is Lincoln and Paul. The others will meet us later, once we tell them where to meet.” “Nice to meet you mate, I’m Paul. Heaths told me heaps about you. He’s says your awesome.” Paul says as he holds his hand out for Kyle to shake. “Really?” Kyle laughs. “When did he tell you that?” He asks as he shakes Paul’s hand. “About a year ago. He says that you got a good head on ya and that you’re a sick guitar player.” Paul smiles. “You said that? All that time ago? You told your River Boy mates that I was awesome?” Kyle gasps as he turns back to his older brother. Heath shrugs lightly. “You are, I tease you all the time but I think you’re awesome. I could never do books as well as you do or play guitar as well as you do.” Heath shrugs. Kyle can’t help but smile. His older brother thought that he was awesome all that time ago and he had told his friends that he thought he is awesome. “He’s right about you being a pretty boy as well.” Lincoln shrugs lightly, this causes the whole room to burst out laughing. “Yea sounds about right.” Kyle says. Heath comes up behind him. “See Kyle, no matter how much I tease you, I think you’re awesome. Now we need to get rid of these guys so that you can see yourself as awesome again.” Heath explains. Kyle awkwardly ruffles the back of this head. “I’ve never seen myself as awesome.” He admits. ”Well we will make sure that you will soon.” Paul smiles. Caleb comes up behind Kyle and wraps his arms around him in a bear hug. “I think you’re awesome Kyle.” He laughs as he squeezes Kyle. “Thanks Cal.” Kyle says as he is being squished by his foster brother. “Right, lets get this done.” Brax orders as they all walk out of the door. With Paul giving Kyle a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “Kyle text Phoebe and say that you are going to meet them on the beach.” Brax explains and then turns around and looks at the frightened look on his brothers face in fact, everyone does. “Don’t worry. We will be there, we just need to trick them.” Paul explains. “Okay?” Kyle smiles and sends a text to Phoebe. He then follows the others out of the house. ... Phoebes phone lights up and she sees a contact come up that she never thought she’d see again. She reads the message and raises her eyebrows. Kyle must have a death wish. “Baby?” She yells. Jake comes into the room not long after and Phoebe immediately hands him her phone. Meet me at at the beach in twenty minutes. “Boys! We’re going!” He yells as the boys all come into the room. “Let’s finish this.” Jake laughs evilly and they all walk out the door. Little did Jake know that the Braxton’s have many contacts and they no longer have the upper hand.
  4. Great chapter, I love all the brotherly banter! Can't wait to see how this all plays out!
  5. I love this! I can't wait to read this, I love fan fictions with Kyle .
  6. Great one shot. I love Kyle and Hunter together and how they talked about Charlotte. They are quite cute! I’d love to see more of them together. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Great chapter. Why is Casey like this? Loved the scene with Heath and Casey. But sad to see that Heath is so clueless. Can’t wait to read more.
  8. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen for your comment it means a lot. I'm so sorry that it has taken me so ridiculous long once again to update. Here is the next chapter. Chapter 66 Kyle, Haley and Brax all walk back into the house. Kyle and Haley immediately walk to Kyles room. “They are sickeningly sweet.” Brax moans and grabs the controls and turns the TV on. “So he managed to get himself out of the dog box.” Ricky laughs. Brax had called her while he was at the beach with Kyle and Haley and had mentioned that his brother was in deep trouble with his girlfriend. “She forgave him right away.” Brax laughs as he hears laughter from Kyle and Haley’s room. “He gave her a ring necklace. It was his mums.” Brax explains. Ricky smiles lightly. “He’s so sweet. Do you think that he’s getting better?” Ricky asks as she looks in the direction of Kyle’s room. Brax smiles widely as he follows his girlfriends’ gaze. “Definitely.” He laughs. He has missed his little brother. Sure he was never really an open book or an extremely happy person, but he has never seen him this broken, and he hoped he wouldn’t again. ... “Kyle, are you sure. You managed last time, but you freaked out. I know you did.” Haley whispers as Kyle takes off his shirt. “Kyle, you’ve been hurt so bad. I can’t push you.” “Haley, I love you okay and last time just brought up some bad memories, I can do this. This ring right here promises it.” Kyle smiles as he holds up his ring and begins to kiss Haley passionately as he pushes her down on the bed. Haley runs her hand down Kyle’s chest but pauses when she goes past his ribs and can feel them sticking out, she pulls away from Kyle and look him in the eyes. “Baby, you need to eat. It’s not healthy.” Haley sighs, she knows that Kyle will probably get mad, but she has to say it. “Haley, I don’t want to talk about it. I’m eating more now okay?” Kyle grunts and goes in to kiss Haley again only to be pushed away. “Kyle, I know that you ate today, but I don’t think you’re one hundred percent yet. Let’s wait.” Haley mumbles, and she can see Kyle’s face drop, she had really hurt him with those words. “But I love you, please Haley. I’m okay. I need this.” Kyle begs as he bends down and kisses her. “Kyle, Don’t push yourself; I love you. I love you more than I have loved anyone before, but I don’t think we should. You thought you were ready last time, but you weren’t. I’m doing this for you.” Haley says as a tear escapes from her eyes, She knows that she is hurting Kyle, but she knows that he would be worse off if this backfired. “You... You don’t want to.” Kyle mumbles as he runs his hand through Haley’s hair. “I do, but I just don’t want to hurt you. You’re too special to me. I can’t lose you.” Haley whispers and pulls him down so that he is lying next to him inside of being above her. She then pecks him on the cheek and wraps his arms around her so that she is snuggling into Kyle’s chest. “I love you to Ley,” Kyle whispers as he pulls her closer to his chest, closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep. ... Kyle woke up in the morning and smiled as he tightens his hold on his girlfriend. “Morning Ley.” He whispers in her ear. He is so happy that she had stopped him. He was delighted after she had said yes to the promise rings and he felt like it, but in the end, he knows that he would have freaked out. “Morning, do we have to get up? Can’t we lie here all day and watch some movies?” Haley asks as she turns to look at Kyle. It is pouring with rain outside and lying in bed all day is just so tempting. “I don’t see why not. I’ll get us some breakfast. how do pancakes sound?” Kyle asks. He pushes himself up and quickly puts on a pair of shorts. “Chocolate chip?” Haley asks. “Are there any other kind.” Kyle laughs as he leans down and kisses Haley on the cheek. “I’ll be back soon. You pick a movie. But it better not suck.” Kyle smiles at his girlfriend as he walks away. “You suck,” Haley smirks at him as he walks away. “Love you too, Ley!” Kyle yells as he walks into the kitchen. Smiling to herself, Haley goes on Kyle’s laptop and happily picks The Notebook. She then laughs, knowing that Kyle wouldn’t like it. ... “Morning, Kyle,” Heath smirks as he sees his brother approach the kitchen. “Morning, how’d you guys sleep?” Kyle asks as he starts to get the ingredients out to make the pancakes. “Yea, alright. What about you?” Heath asks as he raises his eyebrows. “Ow!” He moans as Bianca hits him. “I slept very well thank you, Heath, and just to let you know. Nothing happened last night.” Kyle grins and starts to make the batter. “Really, so why are you the poster boy for sunshine and happiness today?” Heath asks grinning. He knows that Kyle knows that it is just teasing. In reality, he is so happy that Kyle is happy. “Because Heath, my dear big brother. I have the best girlfriend in the world.” Kyle smiles and turns back to his cooking. Heath turns to look at Bianca and laughs. His brother is getting a lot better. ... Brax and Ricky are lying in their bed. Brax turns to look at Ricky and sighs. “I need to find these guys. I don’t want to wait for them to make their next move. He’s finally happy Rick.” Brax mumbles. “I know, you could get Caleb to point them out. And the boys could hunt them down.” Ricky suggests. “I don’t really want to bring the River Boys into this, they act first and think later.” Brax sighs running his hands through his hair. “You can only try Brax, and who knows. You could be waiting for ages for them to show their faces.” Ricky shrugs and kisses her boyfriend on the cheek. Brax continues to think about this and decides that Ricky is right, if he wants this fixed, He has to do it himself.
  9. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen, D.B and ~JarlieFanEver for your comments it means a lot. I'm so sorry that it has taken me so ridiculous long to update. I'm going to try hard to update more regularly from now on. Sorry it’s short as well but I just liked where the chapter ended. Chapter 65 Kyle enters the house and as soon as he does Haley walks up to him and hits him on the arm. “You are the biggest idiot ever!” She hisses hitting him once more. She was so mad how could her boyfriend do that to her she was worried sick, with everything that is going on your think that he’d tell her where he was. “Sorry Ley, I had to do something.” Kyle apologises and leans in for a kiss only to be pushed away. She was really mad! “Without telling me and why didn’t you answer my calls.” Haley demands. Her boyfriend had not only not told her where he was going but he also didn’t even bother to answer her calls. “Because it was a secret.” Kyle smirks and manages to steal a kiss on the cheek. “Secret?” Haley asks. She was now intreged. “Yea, walk with me?” Kyle asks looking down at her with his puppy dog eyes. “You’re lucky you’re cute.” Haley smiles and grabs ahold of his hand and lets him lead the way. “Be careful Ky, Issac will be fuming!” Caleb yells to his best friend knowing that Issac would be furious that Kyle had punched him and would be looking for revenge! “Yea Yea I know.” Kyle says way too excited over what he was about to give to Haley to care. They start walking out but Kyle is pulled back by Brax. “And where do you think you’re going?” He asks and smiles at Kyle. “To the beach.” Kyle smiles and tries to get away but is pulled back once again by Brax. “Great I’ll go get my surfboard.” He replies and gets his surfboard. He knew that Kyle wouldn’t want him there but if he did happen to run into those idiots he wanted to be there. “Brax Haley and I want some alone time.” Kyle sighs, trying to convince his older brother to stay home. “Hmmm let me think about that no I’m coming with you in case you run into them.” Brax instructs and points to the door. “I’ll even walk five meters behind you.” Brax sighs realising that his brother was allowed space but not too much. “Twenty.” Kyle protests. “Ten.” Brax sighs crossing his arms over his chest to show that he wasn’t going any higher. “Deal.” Kyle smirks and grabs ahold of Haley’s hand and starts running. “Kyle! Get back here!” Brax yells and starts running out of the house. His brother was certainly getting better. “I’m going to kill him! When I get my hands on him he’s going to wish that he was never born!” Issac hisses. “I still can’t believe he actually knocked you down.” Jake laughs. “He actually punches hard! Turns out he’s not that much of a wimp anymore.” Issac huffs rubbing his jaw. “Whatever, the five of us will destroy him.” Jake laughs punching his fist into his hand. “Yea we will.” Carter smirks and then smiles at Pheobe who is looking at her phone. “What do you think Phebs?” “I still just want to get out of this dump but if we have to finish him off to do that so be it.” Pheobe sighs lightly. “Good. We’ll wait then we get get the chance we’ll do it.” Jake hisses frustrated that he had not already killed Kyle yet. “I bags first hit, that punks going to pay for punching me.” Issac hisses. Brax was currently sitting on the san watching his brother and his girlfriend sitting a few meters infront of him. He still couldn’t believe that all of this was going on. His brother had such a terrible life and he had somehow come out the other side to be a great guy. He smiles lightly as he sees Kyle lean over and kiss Haley’s cheek and whisper in her ear, she immediately starts laughing and shoves Kyle into the sand and kisses him. His brother sure did know how to dig himself out of the dog box. Brax pulls out his ringing phone and quickly answers it when he sees his girlfriends name on caller ID. “Ley, I have something to ask you?” Kyle asks, he was more than a little nervous. He knew that Haley was not Phoebe but he was still frightened about what her response would be. “Yes I forgive you, you idiot!” Haley laughs, thinking that her boyfriend was going to ask for forgiveness. Kyle chuckles lightly and stands up. “Na that’s not it. I was going to ask if you would except this?” Kyle asks as he pulls out one of the necklaces. This meant everything to him and he just hoped that Haley would accept it. “Ky! It’s beautiful!” Haley beams and stands up grabbing it off him. “Kyky and LeyLey forever.” She reads off it. “Yeah.” Kyle blushes lightly as he quickly looks at feet before looking up again. “I’m not ready just yet to propose but this necklace is a promise that one day very soon I will.” He smiles. As soon as he does Haley launches herself at him and kisses him. “You’re so sweet, of course I’ll accept it.” Haley smiles widely and puts the necklace on. She looks up and sees that Kyle is wearing one too. “So Haley Jasmine Davies I promise that one day I will ask you to marry me.” Kyle announces as loud as he can causing people to look at them including Brax who is still on the phone to Ricky. It also causes Haley to blush and pulls her boyfriend down. “Kyle Daniel Braxton I promise to say yes.” Haley whispers and kisses Kyle and runs her hands through his hair.
  10. Great chapter!! Glad that they managed to get out, but it doesn't sound so good for Kyle. I hope he will be okay!!! I'm happy that Casey is worried about him as well, maybe he does care about Kyle. I hope that they will get along better from now on. I love the brother relationship with Heath and Kyle. I can't wait to see what happens. I really hope that Kyle's going to be okay. I also hope that somehow those guys get caught!
  11. Great chapter! Oh no what is going to happen on the way home! I love the ‘don’t hey Brax me!’ Classic! Never fails to make me laugh whenever that is done! Can’t wait to see what happens next!!
  12. Great chapter. Oh no why can’t Kyle just tell his brothers what is going on! I really hope that they don’t go home either! I thought it was pretty mean for Brax to mention to Heath that Kyle has to harden up. But I’m glad that Heath stuck up for Kyle. Can’t wait to read more, please update soon.
  13. Great chapter. Casey is really pushing it and I’m both happy and sad that Mack had a word to him. Good because she really had a piece of him as he deserves it for all he says to Kyle but bad because it had no effect at all. I can’t believe he called Kyle the devils spawn! I wish that Kyle would just tell the truth about how he is feeling! He has a great group of friends! And two brothers who care about him. Ohno I really hope that he will be okay! I wonder who will find him. Cant wait to read more!
  14. Great chapters. Oh dear I don’t like the sound of Kyle forgetting seeing his brothers. Casey almost was nice to Kyle but then he had to go and be mean again. I wonder how the brothers will react when they find out that Kyle has sneakily lead them to Mack, they will have to keep a close eye on him in case he mentions that he wants to move back in with her since Casey’s giving him such a hard time. Can’t wait to read more!!!
  15. Great chapter. Oh no Kyle should have stayed in hospital! Casey really needs to lay off Kyle, how dare he just barge into his room and accuse him of cheating on Tamara. I wonder how his brothers will react when they find out what happened! I really hope that Kyle’s going to be okay! Can’t wait to read more!
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