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  1. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen and Helena for your comments it means a lot. Chapter 70 Kyle and Haley were sitting on the couch laughing as Kyle’s brothers were panicking. Their family would be here soon. “You guys need to calm down, look I’m ready to see my family. I want to see my family.” Kyle smiles. “I don’t know if you are Kyle! There’s going to be a lot of people here, how many are coming?” “Sixteen.” Kyle shrugs. “But they’re my family. I’m ready for this.” “Fine, but you promise me that if you feel uncomfortable at any time you will go to your room for some qui
  2. Great chapter! I’m glad that Kyle is okay. A rebellious Kyle is interesting but I’m glad that he’s going back to normal now, I think his curfew will be a bit early for a while until Brax calms down, can’t wait to read more
  3. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen and Helena for your comments it means a lot. Chapter 69 Kyle walks into the house and is immediately pulled into a hug by Haley. “Baby!” She smiles.she then pulls back slightly. “Baby you’re all wet...” she frowns with worry. “Why’s he all wet?” She glares at the boys. “I can answer that.” Kyle interjects, annoyed that his girlfriend asked the boys why he was all wet and not him. ”You stay out of this.... Caleb why’s he all wet?” She asks again. ”i was only.... ow!” Kyle starts only to be hit by Haley. she doesn’t want to hear it from him, she w
  4. Great chapter! Glad that Kyle is okay and that he knows that he should have listened to Nate. Loved how he still asked when he could go home. Classic Kyle! Loved the ending to this idea and looking forward to reading more!
  5. Great chapter. Oh no Kyle collapsed! I just hope that someone will find him soon. I get that he is frustrated but he has to let people help him. He really should listen to Nate and his family and friends. Looking forward to reading more.
  6. Great chapter! Oh Kyle, why does he always do this. He has just put himself in danger of getting sick! I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next. Looking forward to reading more.
  7. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading!! :)
  8. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen and Helena for your comments it means a lot. I can’t believe it took me so long to update! Honestly this year has gone so fast! Chapter 68 Kyle is standing on the beach shuffling his feet. He knows that his family and the river boys are right there but he still doesn’t feel safe. ”Oi Kylie!” Jake yells. Him and all of his boys are coming towards Kyle. Kyles stomach drops and he immediately feels sick. As soon as Jake reaches him he grabs him by the throat and pulls him in close. ”I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long Braxton!” Jake laughs
  9. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen and Helena for your comments it means a lot. Chapter 67 Kyle and Haley are sitting on Kyle's bed watching the end of The Notebook when there is a knock on the door. "Yea?" Kyle asks as he pauses the movie. He hopes he gets pulled away to do something. He can't stand this movie. "Hey mate, is it all good if we talk. It’s really important?” Brax asks as he opens the door and sees his little brother lying on the bed with his girlfriend. “Yea, I’ll be back soon babe and then we are watching Batman.” Kyle says and starts to follow his brother when he
  10. Great chapter, I love all the brotherly banter! Can't wait to see how this all plays out!
  11. I love this! I can't wait to read this, I love fan fictions with Kyle .
  12. Great one shot. I love Kyle and Hunter together and how they talked about Charlotte. They are quite cute! I’d love to see more of them together. Thank you for sharing!
  13. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen for your comment it means a lot. I'm so sorry that it has taken me so ridiculous long once again to update. Here is the next chapter. Chapter 66 Kyle, Haley and Brax all walk back into the house. Kyle and Haley immediately walk to Kyles room. “They are sickeningly sweet.” Brax moans and grabs the controls and turns the TV on. “So he managed to get himself out of the dog box.” Ricky laughs. Brax had called her while he was at the beach with Kyle and Haley and had mentioned that his brother was in deep trouble with his girlfriend. “She forgave him
  14. Suzza101

    Marry Me?

    Thank you, Kristen, D.B and ~JarlieFanEver for your comments it means a lot. I'm so sorry that it has taken me so ridiculous long to update. I'm going to try hard to update more regularly from now on. Sorry it’s short as well but I just liked where the chapter ended. Chapter 65 Kyle enters the house and as soon as he does Haley walks up to him and hits him on the arm. “You are the biggest idiot ever!” She hisses hitting him once more. She was so mad how could her boyfriend do that to her she was worried sick, with everything that is going on your think that he’d tell her where he w
  15. All amazing one shots and I loved reading them all. I also love how they are all different with a different situation and a different aged Kyle in each. Makes it really exciting and you wonder what you’re going to get next. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to the next one.
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