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Levels Of Tragedy

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1 minute ago, [email protected] said:

I always loved casey in home and away but right now I just can't believe how harsh he is being he should be ashamed of himself

I liked Casey but when Kyle entered the show he got replaced haha. Also i felt this is what the two of the characters might have been like off screen even though we did see them argue on screen quite a bit at the start

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Great chapter 

Casey really should lay off Kyle he’s being very childish 

Update again soon :)

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Chapter 6

Next Morning…

Motel – Brax and Heath's Room

Brax and Heath were currently putting their things back into their bags so they were ready to go.

"Do you think we might get a break from the fighting today?" Heath asks.

"Not a chance mate but we should however get to Melbourne today so I'm thinking it might be a good idea to just relax in the hotel and tell Kyle he can go off and do whatever he wants." Brax answers him.

"Is that such a good idea?" Heath asks worriedly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well you know what with him telling Ricky he's thinking of just staying there when we leave?"

"Mate, he won't miss your stag weekend even if he did end up attempting to do that."

"In that case then it might be a good idea as we will get a break from the fighting and Kyle can go and see some friends."

"Exactly as long as he doesn't see that Mac it will be fine."

"I kinda liked her she was funny." Heath remembers the first time they had met Kyle's friend Mac.

"Oh yeah she was hilarious." Brax answered "Anyway, if your finished packing your stuff we better get the other two and hit the road."

Motel – Casey's Room

Casey was also finishing packing up his stuff after having a goodnight's sleep and feeling slightly grateful that Brax got him and Kyle separate rooms as he didn't think he would have coped being stuck in the same room as a loser.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, which alerted him to the time, which meant that one of his brothers was knocking on the door as they were ready to leave.

Checking the room over one last time, Casey grabbed his stuff and left the room.

Motel – Kyle's Room

Kyle was fast asleep and his alarm had been going off for the last hour, without waking him up. However, Kyle was woken by the loud banging and shouting coming from the other side of the door.

"KYLE, COME ON MAN!" Heath's shout rang out.

Kyle looked around as he reached out to stop the alarm on his phone, then quickly got out the bed and ran over to the door.

"Sorry Heath, slept through the alarm." Kyle said as he answered the door.

"Nooo really? I would never have guessed." Heath laughed "Hurry up and get ready so we can hit the road."

"Ok I won't take long I promise."

"While you get ready, we'll pop over to the café to grab something to go. What do you want?"

"Nothing, it will only take a couple of hours to get to Melbourne so I will just grab food there." Kyle says to his brother.

"Ok then, meet you at the car." Heath says as he turns and walks down the corridor.

Closing the door, Kyle hurries to get ready and meet his brothers.

2 hours and 56 minutes later…

Road leading into Melbourne

Eventually what had felt like forever the four brothers were arriving in Melbourne.

"There the welcome to Melbourne sign!" Kyle said with a smile on his face.

"Great!" Casey mumbles.

"What was that Case? I don't think anyone caught what you said." Brax says to him.

"I said cool." Casey said knowing it was best to play nice otherwise he won't be able to get away from them all and wander round on his own.

"So Kyle are you excited to be coming back to Melbourne?" Heath asks.

"Oh yeah its so nice to be home." Kyle tell them "Hey, Brax would it be ok if while we are here I go and see some of my mates?"

"Great minds think a like." Brax said.

"I don't get it."

"Me and Heath were talking this morning and we thought it would be a good idea to go the hotel and then me, Heath and Casey can just chill in the hotel till dinner and you can just go off and see your mates then meet us later."

"Are you being serious right now?"

"Yeah, considering you probably haven't seen them all in a long time."

"Your right I haven't plus I don't obviously have that many friends in the Bay." Kyle says "Thank you Brax!"

"No problem mate." Brax says, happy that his brother is going to be able to see his own friends again.

Brax continues driving past the Welcome to Melbourne sign all the while happy knowing that there won't be much arguing today.

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I love that brax is going to let Kyle see his friends I hope that there will be no more fighting between casey and Kyle

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Great chapter

liked Brax letting Kyle see his friends 

hopefully Casey has laid off Kyle for now and they will stop fighting 

Update again soon :)

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Chapter 7

45 minutes later…

Hotel – Car Park

After driving through Melbourne and having Kyle point out loads of different buildings and places they can go, the four brothers eventually pulled into the car park of the hotel in which they would be staying at during the trip.

Getting out the car, Kyle is shoved back into it by Casey as he goes past making sure that it looked like Kyle had stumbled back into the seat.

"Watch what your doing loser!" Casey laughed as he took his stuff out the boot of the car.

Mumbling under his breath, Kyle says: "I was!"

"Have you all got everything as I don't fancy coming back down to the car during the middle of the night because someone has left something that they need in the car." Brax says while looking at Casey who the night before had left his tooth brush in the car by accident.

They all say yes then make the way to reception to check in.

8 minutes later…

Hotel – Reception

"Brax is ok if I dump my stuff in the room then head off?" Kyle asks politely.

"Sure mate, just make sure your back by 7 as we want to go for food then." Brax says to his brother.

"Cheers Brax." Kyle says as they enter the lift.

45 minutes later…

Residential Street – Melbourne

After dumping his stuff in the room Kyle had texted one of his friends then took off, turning into the all familiar street Kyle thought to himself that it was good to be back.

Walking up the path of one of the house on the street, Kyle knocked on the door.

The door was flung open: "Kyle, mate its so good to see you again."

"It's good to see you to Alex." Kyle says to his best friend "Can I come in?"

"Of course you can mate but be warned the others are here."


"Yeah, the others and one extremely annoyed soon to be famous rock star."

"Phoebe is here?" Kyle says quietly as he enters the house.

"Yep, she's in the living room with everyone else." Alex tells his friend "Just go through I'll grab you drink. Beer, ok?"

"Yeah that's fine mate, thanks again." Kyle says then enters the living room.

Alex's House – Living Room

Kyle walks into the living room and is greeted by everyone saying his name at the same time, well except for one person who Kyle could tell was obviously not too happy to see him.

"Hey guys!" Kyle replies "Hey Pheebs."

The young girl just glared back at him with out saying anything.

"Come on Phoebe all you need to do is say hello." Alex said as he enters the room handing Kyle his drink.

Phoebe stands up then says: "Why should I? He never said anything before he left."

With that Phoebe barged past Kyle and Alex and left the house while slamming the door behind her.

"Sorry Kyle." Lydia says to her friend once Phoebe left.

"It's fine Lydia." Kyle tells her "She was right though I'm sorry for not saying anything before I left and not just to Pheebs but all of you. You're my friends and I couldn't even say goodbye to you all."

"We don't mind Kyle after all you had just seen your dad for the first time in god knows how many years and he offered you the chance to go on a road trip with him. Even I couldn't turn that down if I was in your situation." Alex says.

"Thanks Alex your really are my best mate." Kyle laughs.

Lydia looks at her two friends and thinks about how good it is for them all to be back together but curiously interrupts the pair to question Kyle: "So Kyle, what really brings you back to Melbourne as the last time we heard from you, you were enjoying living in Summer Bay?"

"Always so nosey Lydia!" Kyle points causing Alex to laugh "Well if you want to know, the real reason I'm here is for my brother's stag do."

"Which one?"

"Oh right sorry it's Heath's. If you want, you can meet them later if your both free."

"Well I am definitely free and I'm sure Phoebe is free too." Lydia tells them.

"I'm free to." Alex throws in to the conversation "Would you be ok with Phoebe going though?"

"Of course I would be although I don't know how Tamara would feel when she finds out that I had dinner with my ex." Kyle thinks about his girlfriend.

"Tamara?" Both Alex and Lydia ask the same time.

"Yeah Tamara, my girlfriend." Kyle points out "Who also happens to be my younger brother, Casey's ex girlfriend and he would love to ruin our relationship."

"Woah, rewind your dating your brother's ex girl?" Alex says.

"Yeah but if it helps at first we were just friends and she lost her memory and due to her hanging out with me a lot while Casey was in jail for a crime he did not commit, we started developing stronger feelings for each other and as she couldn't remember Casey I told her about him even showing her photos but she still wanted to be with me."

"That's messed up dude." Alex tells his friend.

"Cheers Alex! Anyway Casey hates me even more now and ever since he got out of jail and found out about us too we have been constantly arguing and fighting that Brax and Heath are getting sick of it." Kyle tells them both.

Lydia had been listening to what Kyle told them, says: "Kyle, what matters more to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, who matters more Tamara or Casey?"

"They both do which is why this whole situation is frustrating as I love Tamara as I can be myself around her but me and Casey were just starting to get on before all this happened now we are back were we started."

"Well then you need to find away to make both relationships work don't you." Lydia tells him.

"Your right but at the moment that just seems impossible." Kyle tells them. "Anyway I should let Brax know you two are joining us for dinner."

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Great chapters

Casey needs to back off and leave Kyle alone

Liked how Brax let Kyle go and see his mates

Liked how you brought Phoebe into this fanfiction

Update soon please

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I loved how Kyle got to see his friends I can't believe phoebes reaction casey really needs to leave Kyle alone

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Great chapter 

Casey really needs to leave Kyle alone

Liked Kyle going to see his friends can’t believe Phoebe’s reaction 

Update again soon :)


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9 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

Casey really needs to leave Kyle alone

Liked Kyle going to see his friends can’t believe Phoebe’s reaction 

Update again soon :)


will be updating this one again in a couple days as i will be updating my one-shot fanfic over the next two days or try to anyway. check it out if you have time as i actually did just post a new chapter to that

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