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Levels Of Tragedy

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Great chapters

oh no poor Kyle not remembering seeing his brothers 

Haha Casey agreeing with Kyle

Update again soon :)

Edited by Kristen
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Nice to see Kyle and Casey getting along keep updating I love reading and reviewing your story

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Great chapters. 

Oh dear I don’t like the sound of Kyle forgetting seeing his brothers. 

Casey almost was nice to Kyle but then he had to go and be mean again. 

I wonder how the brothers will react when they find out that Kyle has sneakily lead them to Mack, they will have to keep a close eye on him in case he mentions that he wants to move back in with her since Casey’s giving him such a hard time. 

Can’t wait to read more!!! 

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Hey guys the author here, just wanting to say thank for all the lovely reviews so far. Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 13

17 minutes later…

Melbourne – Temple Bar

"Dude this place is cool!" Heath says as they walk through the door of the Temple Bar.

Kyle, sits down at the table and grabs a drink menu: "So even though it's a cocktail bar you still like the place?"

"Yeah it has booze and that's all that matters!" Heath says which causes them all to laugh.

Suddenly at shout from across the room grabs their attention: "KYLE!"

Looking at each other Brax says to Heath: "Please tell me that didn't sound like who I thought it sounded like?"

Before Heath had a chance to answer, Kyle was up out of his sear and rushing over to the person who shouted his name.

"What you doing here?" Mack asks her friend.

"Well first off hello to you too Mack!" Kyle tells her with a smile on his face "Secondly, I'm here for Heath's stag weekend."

"The cute one?"

Laughing, Kyle replies with: "Yes the cute one. Why don't you come over and say hello considering the place is a bit quiet?"

"Sure!" Mack tells her friend.

The two friends walk back over to the table to find Brax and Heath with unhappy looks on their faces and Casey curious to know who this girl is.

"Woah you two certainly don't look happy to see me!" Mack points out "Now I know these two but who are you?"

Casey turns away from his brothers to answer the girl's question: "I'm Casey. Brax and Heath's brother. Who are you?"

"So you aren't related to Kyle? That's odd I though these two said that Kyle was needed to help HIS brother. Also, I'm Mack. One of Kyle's longest friends as we met through our dad's having dodgy business deals together."

"Well nice to meet you Mack and I'm not related to Kyle considering he is the devil's spawn." Casey says as he makes a dig at Kyle.

"What did you just say?"

"He's the spawn of Satan!" Casey says again.

"How dare you?! Kyle is certainly not that!"

"Mack just leave it!" Kyle jumps in.

"Just leave it?! Kyle, he's being rude."

"Yeah, I know he is but it's fine I'm used to him being like that so just leave it be as I can handle it."

"Kyle is right Mack. He's a big boy doesn't need his friends helping him!"

"CASEY! Get out now!" Brax shouts at his younger brother which attracts the attention of what little customers there was in the bar.

Standing up, Casey says: "Fine, I didn't want to come in here anyway!"

"Sorry about that Mack. Casey and Kyle have been having some problems lately involving a love triangle or whatever it's called." Brax informs the girl.

"Love triangle? Who have you been talking to?" Heath laughs.

"Ricky said it."

"Okay if you say so. I'm going to go after Casey make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." Heath says then leaves.

"Are you ok on your own mate?" Brax asks his brother "As Casey is more likely to listen to me than Heath."

"Yeah go I'm good here." Kyle tells his brother, who then also leaves the bar. Turning to Mack "Well that didn't go to plan."

"Are you ok?" Mack asks her friend.

"Oh yeah I'm fine although I think I could use a drink right about now."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah my usual wouldn't go a miss."

"Fine but you have to tell me what's been going on." Mack says as she leads her friend over to the bar.


At the same time…

Summer Bay – The Diner

The girls were currently sat in the Diner enjoying lunch when Tamara walks in.

"Hey Tam." Ricky says.

"Oh hey, I didn't see you both." Tamara says to her.

"That's ok, how have you been?" Bianca asks her future brother-in-law's girlfriend.

"Apart from missing Kyle like crazy and wondering if both him and Casey have killed each other yet, I'm good. What about you two?"

Both women agree with Tamara that they are missing their other halves two and hoping the two youngest Braxton's haven't killed each other yet.

"So how's the wedding planning coming along?" Tamara asks Bianca.

"Good we have gotten a lot done but there is still so much to do." Bianca informs her.

"I can imagine." Tamara laughs while looking at her watch "I'm going to have to go as I'm meant to be meeting Maddy and Sasha so we can study."

With that the girl leaves the Diner and both Ricky and Bianca go back to their lunch and wedding plans.

21 minutes later…

Melbourne – Temple Bar

Kyle had just finished explain the whole Casey situation to his friend.

"I don't like him." Mack states.

"I would never have guessed by the way you had ago at him." Kyle laughs then takes another sip of his drink.

"Do you blame me Kyle?"

"Not really but I can handle the situation."

"Really from what Alex told me it doesn't."

"Hang on, you already know?"

"Yeah, I just wanted to see if you would tell me everything before I said something."

"Great!" Kyle sighs "What else did he tell you?"

"Well he told me what happened last night, if that's what you're on about." Mack reminds him "Do your brothers know?"

"He had no right to say anything. Also, no they don't know what happened because there's nothing wrong with me I swear." Kyle tells her while rubbing his head.

"You should tell them in case something else happens." Watching her friend, Mack goes on: "Kyle you don't look to good."

"I just have a bit of headache, I might just head back to the hotel and chill." Kyle says as he puts money on the bar to pay for the drink.

"That might be a good idea. I'll call you later!" Mack shouts as he leaves.

He's hiding something but what? I better put a reminder in my phone that I'm going to call him later so I don't forget.

15 minutes later…

Melbourne – A Small Park

Having eventually managed to catch up to Casey, the three brothers were now sat in a park talking.

"Why would you say that?" Brax demands to know.

"Because it's true Brax. I'm sick of you all treating him like he isn't!" Casey replies.

"We treat him the way we do because we enjoy making up for the years we missed out on getting to know Kyle." Heath jumps in.

"Why though? He's not like us and never will be. I mean the guy doesn't surf for god sake."

"He is like us though Case just in different ways and he probably doesn't surf because unlike us who grew up around a beach that had big waves, Kyle grew up in the city and did thing that most city kids would have done." Brax points out to his brother.

"See you even have an excuse for him!" Casey shouts.

"That wasn't an excuse Case." Heath says to his baby brother "The matter of the truth is you really need to grow up and get over it because right now I'm thinking about cancelling this trip and heading back home!"

That shuts them all up as both Brax and Casey don't know how to respond to that.

1 hour and 4 minutes later…

Hotel – Kyle's Room

After walking back to the hotel, Kyle had eventually made it back to his room and had immediately ran to the bathroom to be sick. He was now lying asleep on the bed.

Suddenly, Kyle was woken up by his phone going off.

Ring Ring

Ring Ring

Kyle: "Hello."

Mack: "Hey Kyle's its me Mack."

K: "I gathered by the fact your name came up on caller ID. What can I do for you Mack?"

M: "Oh right my bad. Anyway I was just wanting to check in and see how you were feeling."

K: "Thanks Mack I'm feeling a bit better now."

M: "Good, anyway I better go as my boss is calling for me as my break is over. Bye!"

K: "Bye!"

With that the phone hangs up and Kyle sit's up and decides to go try and take a shower.

As he stands up, his legs buckle beneath his and he falls flat on his face. Attempting to get back up Kyle throws up again, then suddenly his body starts to fit due to how hot Kyle was feeling.

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Great chapter. 

Casey is really pushing it and I’m both happy and sad that Mack had a word to him. Good because she really had a piece of him as he deserves it for all he says to Kyle but bad because it had no effect at all. I can’t believe he called Kyle the devils spawn! 

I wish that Kyle would just tell the truth about how he is feeling! He has a great group of friends! And two brothers who care about him. 

Ohno I really hope that he will be okay! I wonder who will find him. 

Cant wait to read more! 

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Great chapter

Can't believe Casey was so rude and called Kyle  the devils spawn and in front of Mack.

I hope Kyle will be alright.

Update again soon :) 

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I really wish that casey would just grow up and let it go I hope Kyle will be okay I think that his brothers would of understood if he had told them the truth about being in hospital keep updating can't wait to read more

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Can you please update I have kept on checking for updates since it was last updated I just love this story so much

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Chapter 14

37 minutes later…

Melbourne – A small park

"Kyle still isn't answering his phone." Heath says walking back over to his brothers.

"He's probably got it turned off." Brax suggests.

"Maybe he decided to delete our numbers and leave us alone." Casey mutters under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing Brax." Casey lies.


"Maybe he's back at the hotel." Heath says to them.

"That's actually a good point." Brax says agreeing with Heath "Let's head back to the hotel and see if he is there."

The two oldest Braxtons started walking in the direction of the hotel with Casey slowly walking behind them while muttering to himself how he wished Kyle would just disappear for good.

At the same time…

Hotel – Kyle's Room

Kyle had eventually stopped fitting and was currently still unconscious on the floor, unaware that his brothers were trying to call him.

1 hour later…

Hotel – Outside Kyle's Hotel Room

"Where are you going?" Brax asks his brother, as he spots Casey walking to his own hotel room door.

Stopping outside the door to his hotel room, Casey turns and says: "I'm going to get changed and head to the pool. Is that ok with you?"

"Enough of the cheek Casey." Brax states getting sick of his younger brother's attitude "It's fine with me. We will meet you up there once we have found Kyle."

"Oh goodie!" Casey replies as he walks into his room and shuts the door before Brax has a chance to reply.

Watching their brother disappear, the two oldest Braxtons turn their attention back to Kyle's room.

They knock on the door but get no answer.

"I wonder if he is still with that chick." Heath says with a smile.

"I don't know but whatever it is he is dead when I get my hands on him." Brax answers.

"Give him some slack Brax. It's the first time he's been back since he left so maybe he's enjoying seeing his actual friends instead of being stuck with us to and the Brat."

"But he is meant to be spending time with us celebrating your stag do as well!"

"He has spent time with us though, he only leaves when Case is horrible to him."

"Not enough time in my books. He also needs to learn to toughen up and take what Casey says to him like we do."

"Jesus, will yea listen to yourself."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Kyle is tough enough Brax and like you keep saying he was raised differently to us so of course he will probably have emotions and stuff."

"Emotions and stuff?"

"Yeah you know taking things to heart."

"You've been around your missus to long." Brax laughed "Anyway he obviously isn't here so lets just wait for a bit and go hang out with Casey and just relax."

"No I have not!" Heath grunts and then agrees with Brax that they should hang out with Casey by the pool for a bit.

With that both brother's head off to their own hotel rooms totally unaware their brother was in the hotel room.

2 hours and 52 minutes later…

Hotel – Pool and Outdoor Bar Area

Heath and Casey were messing around in the pool while Brax had decided to sit back and watch.

Suddenly his phone beeped to let him know he had a message. Quickly grabbing his phone, Brax was disappointed to see that the message wasn't from Kyle.

Text Message

Ricky: Hey, how's the trip going?

Brax: Hey, apart from Casey and Kyle arguing and Kyle disappearing on us the trip is going great so far.

R: They still arguing?! What do you mean by disappearing?

B: Yep, still arguing only thing that's different is the State. I mean just that he keeps going off and we don't know where he is.

R: Part of me hoped they would have sorted it out by now. Well Brax he is technically back home so give him some slack it's the first time he's been back to Melbourne since leaving so maybe he just wants to catch up with all his friends.

B: We are trying to sort it but not working so far. Heath said the same thing. However, I'm a little worried about him.

R: Good because remember I said want you all to come back! Great minds think alike even if it is Heath haha. Why you worried, he is a grown boy after all plus you are all in his back yard so he won't be lost or anything.

B: Yeah I remember don't worry. I'm going to tell him you said that, even if it was funny. I'm worried because this morning he was acting really odd.

R: Odd, how?

B: Well when we went to get both him and Case up for Breakfast the two of them were in Kyle's hotel room arguing, Casey had apparently barged in. Anyway while we were all in their Kyle started throwing up for like 10 minutes but we put that down to him being hung over. The thing that made me the most worried was the fact that he said he would meet us in the café down from the hotel but never showed, so after eating we went back to the hotel and he wasn't there only for him to show up while we were in the lobby. He said that he thought we weren't doing anything till this afternoon, even though he was the one that said he would meet us at the café. It was like he had forgotten and had no memory of what had happened that morning because he could even remember arguing with Casey. He passed the whole thing off like with a joke.

R: Well, I certainly wasn't expecting a paragraph haha. Maybe he was just hungover and with the forgetting maybe he genuinely had forgot after all you know what it's like to have a hang over. The argument he probs just didn't want to remember having that as I would be the sane if I was in his position.

B: I don't know Rick have a bad feeling.

R: Not you as well.

B: What you on about?

R: Bee says she has a funny felling that this trip is doomed.

B: But that's just her I honestly have a feeling something is wrong with him but I don't know what.

R: Give him sometime and he will tell you when he's ready. Anyway I better go as the restaurant is starting to get busy. Love you.

B: Love you too.

Brax stops texting Ricky just in time to see Kyle walking over to him.

1 hour and 5 minutes earlier…

Hotel – Kyle's Room

Slowly but surely, Kyle was starting to come round. Moving his head slowly he noticed he was lying in his vomit and didn't know for how long.

Ugh what happened? Why am I lying in my own sick? Something is really wrong with me but I don't know what.

Getting up, Kyle grabbed his phone which he had put on silence and noticed all the missed calls and texts from both Brax and Heath.

Crap they are going to kill me. Oh wait this text from Brax says to meet them at the pool. If I'm quick maybe they will still be there.

Kyle quickly but carefully started to clean his vomit of the floor and get ready to head to the pool where he probably going to be killed by Brax.

Present time…

Hotel – Pool and Outside Bar Area

"Where have you been?!" Brax demanded to know as Kyle sat down.

"Sorry Brax decided to go for a walk to clear my head after I left the bar." Kyle answers while watch his other two brothers.

"Could of answered your phone!"

"I turned it on silent so if I got a message from Casey I wouldn't know."

"Well I'm glad you eventually showed up." Brax states to him "Are you feeling better after this morning anyway?"

Lying through his teeth, Kyle replies with: "Yeah I'm feeling much better now."

"Good because I'm thinking actually me and Heath were thing of heading back to the bay."

"What? Why?"

"Because we are getting sick of you and Casey arguing to the point were Heath's stag weekend is ruined." So after dinner we are leaving.

"I'm going to stay then." Kyle informs him.

"No you're not even if I have to drag you home myself." Brax say without giving his brother an option to argue.

Kyle shuts up as soon as Brax says that knowing there was no point arguing with him. Instead Kyle went back to watching his brother messing around.





2 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Can you please update I have kept on checking for updates since it was last updated I just love this story so much

sorry i write better when it the middle of the night and because i had posted a lot of chapters i decided to give myself a break so i could go out clubbing to celebrate one of my friends turning 20. Anyway i have now updated, please don't ask me like this again as i'm giving myself a couple nights off lol. Considering i go back to uni in september and will be writing none stop.

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missed something out

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