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  1. Oh dear Kyle is going to meet up with his dad. I loved how Kyle got teased for seeing the Leonardo DiCaprio film with Phoebe. I do think that Kyle should tell Phoebe what he is up to instead of giving her a letter. Looking forward to reading more.
  2. I was just wondering if channel five are showing the same episode as 5 star because the episode with tori wanting to make masons room into a baby nursery was on 5 star last night.
  3. I loved the fact that Kyle got home from the hospital and he is healing. I loved that they had a party a lovely scene with Ruby, Sean and Mila. Ruby made the right decision to give Kyle the letter from Phoebe without his brothers being there and poor Kyle got upset over the letter. I also loved the mention of what the other Braxtons were doing. Looking forward to reading more.
  4. Oh no Phoebe left at least she had Ruby and Mark killed himself. Thank goodness Kyle is now awake, I wonder if he will remember him. I loved the scenes with Nate and Darcy, I also loved the scenes with Ruby and Casey and Xavier and friends on the beach and eating gelato. Looking forward to reading more.
  5. I think that Alex was in the trailer for the next episode on 5star if that helps.
  6. I'm glad that Phoebe found out the truth and got her dad arrested. I hope that Kyle wakes up soon. Looking forward to reading more.
  7. I know it's sad about willow and alex I loved them together there is unanswered questions about leah how did this guy get leahs mobile number.
  8. I saw tonight's 5star episode I didn't like that man leah was with at all he is so controlling I really enjoyed the rest of the episode.
  9. Okay thanks I wondered why tv times had five episodes showing for this week.
  10. Oh no poor Kyle has had a seizure and Cheryl had no right to shout at him. I hope that he will be okay at least the barbecue was going well until then I'm glad that Casey wasn't like this in the show. Looking forward to reading more.
  11. Fantastic two chapters oh no casey is going to bring his mum despite knowing that Kyle and her don't get along wow Kyle's memory is coming back really quickly look forward to reading more.
  12. It's fantastic that Sasha is suss about Casey and that his memory is returning, look forward to reading more.
  13. I loved Tamara and Irene talking such a pity that Kyle's plan to stay away from other people didn't work out oh no casey wants Tamara back I'm really enjoying this story.
  14. I'm glad that Kyle is beginning to remember things casey seems annoyed at Kyle remembering his past looking forward to reading more .
  15. No problem you should be proud of yourself I hope that you are talking care of yourself.
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