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  1. I really enjoyed what you have wrote of this so far can't wait to read more
  2. I loved this chapter especially heath trying to bring humor to the situation can't wait to read more
  3. Helena

    Marry Me?

    I really enjoyed this chapter can't wait to read more
  4. Welcome to the forum
  5. I barely recognised Maggie I think that the actress who plays her has changed her hair
  6. Thank goodness that Kyle woke up I really love these updates
  7. Oh dear poor Kyle heath being his usual self although it wasn't the time for jokes can't wait to read more
  8. oh dear poor Kyle I can't believe that Kyle can't remember anyone else except for Tamara keep updating I really love this story
  9. I know however I think that Irene is doing well without a love interest
  10. The last love interest of Irene Roberts was Greg snelgrove tanks father
  11. I record it on 5 star at 6.30 I love watching home and away
  12. Please say that Kyle is actually waking up I'm so glad that the only thing wrong with Kyle is his head injury
  13. Oh no poor Kyle I hope that everything will be okay I can't wait to read more
  14. I really agree with you I think that Brody and Simone should leave the bay and never come back I feel so sorry for ziggy she doesn't deserve to be treated like this at all I can't believe that Justin knew and I also agree with mason being angry with Brody and Justin also if Simone does leave then it will affect both raffy and Bella
  15. I really enjoyed this chapter it was nice of Tamara to make a joke about the coffee and also for her and Lydia to have a conversation
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