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  1. Oh dear Phoebe got kicked out of the motel, at least she still has a friend in Ruby. Looking forward to reading more.
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  3. Helena

    Marry Me?

    I'm so glad that Kyle's ordeal is finally over and that his family is coming to see him. Looking forward to reading more.
  4. Oh no I don't like Phoebe in this story, she is horrible flirting and kissing other people's boyfriends and starting fights. Can't wait to read more.
  5. So Ash walked in and caught Phoebe out. I'm glad that he said all those things to Phoebe she deserved it. I really hope that Ash finds his sister and I'm glad that Bianca confronted and slapped Phoebe. How dare Phoebe say such mean things about Darcy. Looking forward to reading more.
  6. I would like Ash to find Billie. Loved the interaction with Kyle and his niece and nephew. It didn't take Phoebe long to move on. Looking forward to more chapters.
  7. Thank God that Kyle is alright. It's not Brax's fault that he didn't see Kyle and Phoebe shouldn't have shouted at Brax. Hopefully this time Kyle will listen to everyone and stay in hospital.
  8. Oh dear Kyle collapsed I get how annoying it is for Kyle when no one will let him breathe nagging him every five minutes I get that their concerned I can't wait to read the next chapter.
  9. Poor Kyle I can't believe that he overheard the whole outburst from Phoebe. I also can't believe that Phoebe threatened to hit Darcy and that she miscarried. Can't wait to read more.
  10. I understand that everyone wants to help Kyle but he does need some time to himself. Not a good idea for Kyle to storm out by himself, so much for Brax keeping an eye on him. Look forward to reading the next chapter.
  11. What a horrible person Phoebe is. Poor Kyle is having a hard time, at least Brax has managed to calm Kyle down a bit. Look forward to the next chapter.
  12. Oh dear poor Kyle is drinking and shutting himself away from the world so now everyone knows and Phoebe lied to her friends. Looking forward to the next chapter it is a pleasure to read and review your story.
  13. Poor Kyle, he doesn't deserve this all he has done is support and be a good boyfriend to Phoebe. I don't think that drinking is going to help. I hope that his family comes and finds him. Look forward to reading the next chapter.
  14. Oh no Phoebe's affair has been exposed everyone is going to hate her. At least Kyle has his family and friends. Looking forward to reading more.
  15. Thank god that they found Kyle I don't blame him for being scared of hospitals I can't believe that Casey did all this.
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