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  1. Oh dear I hope that things work out for Kyle good job the police were tracking the van or Kyle could have been kidnapped I wonder is maddy going to get into trouble for helping Kyle escape looking forward to the next chapter
  2. Oh no I can't believe that Chris pretended on maddy and Kyle's side looking forward to reading the next chapter
  3. Oh dear I wish that Kyle would call brax and heath he doesn't realise but he needs them more than he needs maddy can't wait to read the next chapter
  4. Oh dear that's a terrible decision to run from the police I had a feeling that the receptionist would phone the police can't wait to read more
  5. I'm glad that Kyle phoned brax and wow at maddy and Kyle can't wait to read more
  6. No I listened and it was definitely maternity I'm never wrong I have super hearing
  7. I watched it with subtitles and she said maternity leave
  8. Oh dear I think that this is a bad idea especially not calling Kyle's family can't wait to read more
  9. Oh dear maddy lying to the police about Kyle I wonder who the two men were can't wait to read more
  10. Oh dear that's a terrible decision to do a jail break I can't wait to read more
  11. I'm so glad that Kyle is awake and doing better I can't wait to read more
  12. I really enjoyed this first chapter great job I can't wait to read more
  13. I really felt sorry for raffy she didn't deserve to be treated that way all she wanted was for Ryder to give her more attention
  14. Helena

    Marry Me?

    Looking forward to reading more I can't believe that heath said nice things about Kyle
  15. I really enjoyed what you have wrote of this so far can't wait to read more
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