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Levels Of Tragedy

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Chapter 18

10 minutes later…

In the end, Brax and Heath had decided that they felt they could not wait for help to arrive as they worried that Kyle was starting to struggle every time he took a breath.

So instead the plan they came up with was they need to get Casey out first so that they don't cause him anymore pain.

"Right Casey, I'm going to help you get out the car." Brax tells his baby brother while Heath was in the backseat talking to Kyle as an attempt to keep him awake.

"Why? I'm fine here until help arrives." Casey responds.

"Because we need to get Kyle out but we can't if your still sat in the front seat."

"Kyle will be fine for god sake! My leg is killing me and I can't move it!"


With that Casey went quiet and told Brax he can move him. Brax, careful not to make his brother's leg worse or any other injuries that he may have that they didn't already know about, picked his brother out of the car and placed him down on the ground up against a tree that was located a safe distance away from the car but not to far that he couldn't see him.

"What is wrong with him?" Heath says when Brax returns to the car.

"God knows but you'd think he would take this more serious that he was wouldn't you?" Brax replies.

"Yep! Anyway we should start getting Kyle out of here." Heath says with Brax nodding in agreement.

Carefully the two brothers start trying to get the branch out from the seat without it hurting Kyle anymore than it already was.

20 minutes later…

After all the pulling to get the branch out of the seat, the two oldest Braxtons smiled but then realised they still had to do something about it still being stuck in Kyle's side.

"Well it's out of the seat but what should we do now?" Heath asks.

"BRAX!" Casey shouts from where he was sat watching his two brothers trying to free Kyle.

"NOT NOW CASEY!" Brax shouts back "I don't know but if we just pull it out of his side we could leave a part of it in there plus he could just bleed out."

"BRAX!" Casey shouts again trying to get his brother's attention.

Ignoring Casey, Heath suggests: "Well is there not something in the boot that we could use to cut the part of the branch imbedded in Kyle's side so we aren't pulling that bit out just the main branch?"

Brax rolled his eyes while wondering what on earth his brother was thinking: "Why on earth would you suggest something like that?"

"Because it's a good suggestion."

"Only one small flaw in your suggestion."

"What's that?"

"The only things in the boot is our luggage!" Brax yelled at his brother.

"Oh I didn't think about that one." Heath says.

"Didn't thin think about wh what?" Kyle coughs which alerts his brother to the fact he is awake again.

"Dude your awake!" Heath says with a smile.

"What hap happened?" Kyle asks them.

"We were in a car accident but we will be ok." Brax informs his brother calmly.

Heath becomes confused as he had told Kyle while Brax was helping Casey out the car that they had been in accident.

"Heath what's with the confused look?" Brax quizzes him.

"Kyle, we will be right back." Heath tells him then gets out the car.

Following his brother, Brax stops and asks: "What wrong Heath?"

"I already told him that we were in an accident." Heath told Brax.

"Mate he's seriously injured he's going to forget."

"No, I don't think that's the problem."

"What you trying to get at here?"

"Well you saw how he was after the first night in Melbourne how he kept forgetting stuff."

"Yeah but he gave us an explanation for that."

"I know he did but he threw up only this morning and then he couldn't even remember seeing us or fighting with Casey. Plus, his jacket had blood on it."

"I'm still not getting what you're on about."

"I think the reason he is forgetting stuff is due to the blood I spotted on his jacket."

Brax continues to look at Heath.

"I think he hit his head when he had gone out with his friend on the last night."

Suddenly, it clicks in Brax's head that his brother might actually be right for once.

"Brax, what is it?"

"It could be nothing bit when I went to get Kyle earlier the girl said she was there to apologise for the argument her and Kyle had. What if that argument resulted in Kyle hitting his head?" Brax explains to his brother.

"BRAX!" Casey shouts again which interrupts the two brothers.

Sick of Casey shouting his name. Brax raged: "WHAT?!"


The two older brothers look at each and then run to the front of the car., where they see smoke creeping out from under the bonnet.

"We need to get Kyle out now!" Brax screams as he goes over the branch.

"What about the branch that's still protruding out of his side?" Heath inquires as he follows but climbs into the back of the car instead.

"Heath lets just think about getting him out and worry less about what more damage we will cause!" Brax shouted.

Heath decided to do what his brother said and without thinking pulled the branch out of Kyle's side just as flames started to appear at the front of the car.

"HURRY UP AND GET HIM OUT OF T!" Casey yelled to his brothers stopping mid-sentence as a loud bang rang out….

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Great chapter 

Heath finally figured out Kyle has a head injury 

I hope everyone will be alright.

Update again soon  :)



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I'm so glad that it was heath who found out about kyles head injury and I hope that everything will be okay but I'm not sure about that it sounds like the car just exploded

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Hi, the author here. Firstly, I apologise for not be updating in a while just been so busy with family life and exam resit (which I passed thank goodness). Secondly, thank you for the lovely comments so far and I enjoy reading them. Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 19


Casey sat staring at the car in front of him that had just exploded.

"BRAX!" Casey shouts while panicking.

When he gets no reply, Casey starts to lower his head when suddenly out of the corner of his eye there's movement…

5 minutes earlier…

"Heath, hurry up!" Brax shouts as Heath finally gets the branch out of Kyle's side.

Seeing that Heath had got the branch out Brax started to move away from the car knowing that Heath would be right behind him.

Watching Brax move away, Heath quickly unbuckles Kyle's seatbelt. However, as he tries to pull Kyle out he finds Kyle's left leg seems to be stuck under the front seat. Pulling as hard as he could the leg doesn't budge.

Before Heath has a chance to shout for Brax the car explodes with the two middle Braxtons still inside.

Present time…

Casey notices that the movement from the corner of his eye was coming from Brax who was standing up looking at the car. He then realises that neither Heath or Kyle are not beside him.

"HEATH!" Brax shouts at the car.

From the other side of the now exploded car there's a shout: "BRAX, I NEED YOUR HELP!"

When Brax hears the voice he sighs with relieve then quickly follows the voice, where he finds Heath holding onto Kyle.

"Are you ok?" Brax quizzes as he approaches them.

"Well I am but he isn't!" Heath says loudly while pushing down on Kyle's side "There's too much blood!"

Taking of his jacket, Brax passes it to Heath: "Here, take this and use it to put pressure on his side. I need to check on Casey."

Heath grabs the jacket off Brax and watches as he moves back round to where Casey was.

"Hey Case, how you holding up?" Brax asks his little brother.

"I'm fine. How's Heath and Kyle?" Casey replies.

Shocked that Casey had actually wanted to know how Kyle was, Brax said: "Well Heath is fine mate but Kyle is not looking to goo…"

Brax stopped mid word as he heard sirens in the distance. Quickly Brax moved away from Casey and up to the road, so the ambulance couldn't miss them.

Heath had also heard the sirens: "Oh thank God. Hey Kyle, help is here."

"Th that's good." Kyle said quietly just as a trickle of blood slipped out of his mouth.

"Yeah mate that's good. It means you will be okay." Heath says looking back down at his brother and noticing the blood on the side of his mouth.

"Wi will you te tell Tam th tha that I lo love her!"

"I don't need to mate as you can tell her yourself when we get to the hospital."

"Pl ple please Heath prom promise me you wil will tell her."

"Sure I tell her but you can still tell her yourself. You just need to hold on a bit longer."

"I'm tired Hea…" Kyle starts to say just as his eyes start to close.

"Kyle? Kyle, you need to open your eyes right now!" Heath demanded just as a paramedic arrived at his side pushing him away.

5 minutes later…

Road in the middle of nowhere

Kyle was being loaded into the ambulance just as the paramedic asked the two oldest Braxtons which one was going with them.

"Heath you go with Kyle and I'll go with Case." Brax told his brother.

"Are you sure?" Heath quizzed.

"Yeah go with him. He'll probably want you with him knowing that you tried to help him the most." Brax said as Heath nodded his head and climbed into the ambulance.

As soon as Heath had got into the ambulance it quickly drove away. Brax walked over to the other ambulance, where Casey was still sat on the gurney.

"Are you sure that Kyle is going to be okay?" Casey questioned.

"Yeah he's going to get help so he will be fine." Brax answers.

With that Casey was taken into the ambulance and then Brax climbed in after, praying that Kyle was going to be ok.

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I'm so glad that brax and heath managed to get Kyle out of the car it's also good that they are all going to the hospital now Kyle can get proper treatment I can't wait for the next chapter

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Great chapter!!

Glad that they managed to get out, but it doesn't sound so good for Kyle. I hope he will be okay!!!  

I'm happy that Casey is worried about him as well, maybe he does care about Kyle. I hope that they will get along better from now on.  

I love the brother relationship with Heath and Kyle.  

I can't wait to see what happens. I really hope that Kyle's going to be okay.

I also hope that somehow those guys get caught! 

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Great chapter

Oh good Heath was able to get Kyle out of the car.

Hmm Casey is worried about Kyle that's good to know maybe he does love him after all

Update again soon :) 


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