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Levels Of Tragedy


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Story Title: Levels Of Tragedy
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Kyle Braxton (Centric), Heath Braxton, Casey Braxton, Darryl (Brax) Braxton and other characters from the show that i haven't decided on yet.
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy/Drama
Does story include spoilers: Not really
Any warnings: Violence
Summary: When tragedy strikes, will the way two brothers treat each other change for the better or will a certain relationship continue to cause a rift between a family who are bonded by the words All or Nothing.


Hello, the author here, this is the first chapter of my brand new fanfic and before you ask yourselves who is going to be the main centric character, you should all know by now that it would be Kyle Braxton just like my other fanfics, haha. I will still be taking one-shot requests for my Kyle Braxton: One Shot Series. Anyway I really hope you enjoy this one and stick with me throughout, here's the first chapter.


Chapter 1

Braxton House – Garden

"Come on then!" Casey shouts.

Kyle looks at Casey then lunges towards him, knocking Casey straight to the floor.

"That's where you belong, on the ground!" Kyle says as he stands up and goes to walk away.

Standing up, Casey shouts: "THAT'S IT NERD BOY!"

"Oh so now we have resorted to name calling like a we are primary school!" Kyle laughs before getting a fist in his face.

As the two brothers continue to fight, Brax and Heath come running out of the house. Seeing their younger brothers at it again they run over and literally pull them apart.

"When are you two going to stop fighting?" Brax asks.

"When he dumps Tamara!" Casey shouts, while glaring at Kyle.

Kyle yells back: "Not a chance in hell is that going to happen!"

Just then, Casey manages to break free from Brax's tight grip and goes straight to Kyle, who manages to duck just in time to miss his younger brother's fist, instead the fist connects with Heath who isn't to happy to get punched by Casey.

"THAT'S IT CASEY!" Heath says as he charges at his brother.

Suddenly Bianca and Ricky appear from the other side of the gate: "STOP!"

All four brothers stop what they are doing and look at the two girls.

"What on earth is going on here?" Ricky asks them.

Bianca rolls her eyes and says: "Well take a wild guess Ricky."

"True, I probably already know what's going on and you know what Bee?"


"I'm sick of it!"

"Me too!" Bianca agrees with her friend "Heath you need to let Casey go right now unless you want to sleep on the couch tonight!"

"But he just hit me!" Heath tells his fiancé.

"To be fair, I was aiming for freak boy over here!" Casey adds.

"Well I don't care!" Bianca says to her soon to be brother-in-law "You and Kyle need to find away to get over this whole Tamara thing because it's annoying everyone around you!"

"I will Bianca, as soon as he dumps Tamara!"

"That's not going to happen Casey!" Kyle says with a smirk on his face "We love each other!"

"Kyle stop winding him up!" Ricky tells him "Now I have an idea that will help, well hopefully it will help not only Casey and Kyle get on but give Brax and Heath a break."

Brax looks at Ricky then asks: "What is this idea of yours, then?"

"Why don't you four go away for Heath's stag do?"

"And where do you suppose we go Ricky?" Brax asks.

"I don't know, but somewhere, anywhere that isn't here!" Ricky says to her boyfriend.

Kyle who had been listening to the conversation, speaks up: "I know somewhere we could go!"

"Where's that Freak?" Casey asks "Loserville!"

Ignoring what Casey had just said to him, Kyle says: "We can go to Melbourne. There's some great places there that we could go to!"

"Could be fun?" Brax says to the others "What do you think Heath?"

"Yeah why not, there has got to be more nightclubs there than there is here." Heath says with a smile on his face.

Bianca who is not happy about the idea, says: "Great, so instead of Casey and Kyle killing each here in the Bay they can just kill each other in a different state!"

"Come on Bianca, there's every chance they will bond." Ricky laughs.

"Some how I don't believe you." Bianca says as she turns and walks into the house.

3 hours later…


Kyle was at the restaurant; the place was packed which was nothing new lately considering there was a lot of tourist in the Bay due to schoolies.

Kyle was in the middle of making a customer's drinks when Brax entered the restaurant and makes his way over to where his brother is at the bar.

"Hey Brax." Kyle says to his older brother.

"Hey mate!" Brax replies "How's the eye after Casey punched you?"

"I'll live. Anyway what you doing here, I thought it was your night off?"

"Well, I came to get some pizzas for dinner and to sort out the rota for while we are in Melbourne."

"Oh cool, I managed to book a hotel earlier as well so we can leave first thing tomorrow."

"Good and I think it might be best if you don't mention Tamara while we on this trip?"

"Fine, I won't mention Tamara but you got to get Casey to stop winding me up because I'm sick of it!"

"Unfortunately Kyle, I don't think that will be so easy but if it helps Casey will be sitting in the front with me and you can sit in the back with Heath."

"Great, he can still annoy me from the front!"

"Well, you can always plug your earphones in and listen to music. Well the stuff you 20 year olds call music!" Brax laughs.

Kyle who was also laughing from that comment, says to his brother: "At least it's better than what you old people listen too!"

Both brothers continue laughing and talking till Brax's order is ready, then he says bye to Kyle and heads home.

4 hours and 25 minutes later…

Braxton House – Living Room

It was nearly half 11 at night by the time Kyle got home from the restaurant after doing all the paper work and locking up.

He quietly closes the front door and locks it, then places his bag on the chair closest to the door.

"How was work?" came the voice from the dinning room table.

"Hey Ricky!" Kyle replies "It was ok, busy but that's due to schoolies."

"Well that's good at least the business is making money. Anyway, how are you feeling after what happened earlier?"

"What, before or after Casey attacked me and Brax said not mention Tamara while we are away?"

"Brax said what?!" Ricky asks.

"Yeah he told me not to say anything about her."

"He's probably trying to limit what you and Case say to each other."

"Maybe? I just feel like…"

"Feel like what?"

"You promise not to say anything?"

"Of course, I promise! Now what is it?"

"It's just I feel like neither of my brothers still want me here." Kyle tells her, as he sits down on the sofa.

Ricky walks over to the sofa and sits beside Kyle: "Kyle, no matter what you think, they do want you here. Casey will just need sometime then he will be ok."

"See you say that Ricky but nothing has changed since I came to the Bay!" I apologised for kidnapping Casey and helping dad but that hasn't done anything. Brax and Heath are both taking Casey's side in this and it makes me think that they just don't want me here.:

"Kyle, they do want you here. You just need to give them all time."

"I have given them time but it didn't help." Kyle says while looking at his hands "I think that when we go to Melbourne, I might just stay there. Then once I have a place to stay you can send me the rest of my stuff."

Ricky just looks at Kyle and says: "You do that and I'll hunt you down and punch you myself! Now I think we should both get some sleep."

Kyle agrees and says goodnight to Ricky then heads to his bedroom to get some sleep before tomorrow's road trip to Melbourne.

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Great Chapter. Casey and Kyle need to start getting along before they completely annoy their family. It seems constant with these two, Casey with the teasing and Kyle winding him up n return. They need to understand that they are brothers and that they need to start getting along. I wonder if this trip will be any help. I hope that Kyle doesn't stay there, this is his family! Laughed when Ricky said that she would punch him herself if he did that. I also laughed when Casey punched Heath accidentally. Can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon.  


Ps I don't think that any of the brothers are going to enjoy the car trip to Melbourne 😂

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On 3/25/2018 at 22:31, pembie said:

You say Kyle is your favourite In that case we will see how many Levels Of Tragedy you get him to suffer through until the end of this story eh? :wink:

for all you know there might be no levels haha

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Hello, the author here, I just want to say thank you for the good response so far and I can't wait for you all to read the rest of the fanfic. Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 2

Next Day…

Braxton House – The Flat

Heath was currently packing his bag for the trip.

"I still think this Stag Do in Melbourne is going to be a bad idea, what with Casey and Kyle arguing none stop." Bianca says coming out of the bathroom.

Heath stops what he is and doing and looks at her: "Come on Bee, it will be fine. Me and Brax will keep an eye on them and stop them from killing each other."

"What? Like you did yesterday?"

"Well we did try to stop them fighting, it's not my fault I snapped after Casey punched me in the face! What did you want me to do woman?"

"You could have just taken it like a man and not charge at your brother the way you did!"

"But he punched me!"

"I don't care! You need to show Casey and Kyle how to behave instead of acting the same way, you're the older brothers."

"I will apologise to Case. Just please don't take this holiday way." Heath laughed.

"Ok, fine but make sure you do apologise to Case. However, I still have a bad feeling about this trip even if you don't." Bianca says as she heads back into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

"WELL KEEP THAT FEELING TO YOURSELF!" Heath shouts over Bianca slamming the bathroom door.

Braxton House – Garden

Casey was in the garden waxing his surfboard after sneaking out for an early morning surf.

Why do I have to go on this stupid trip?! Being stuck in a car with Kyle is not my idea of fun! I swear if he even says Tamara's name, I will kill him!

With that Casey stops waxing the board and puts it back in its place beside the shed, then heads back inside to finish getting sorted for the trip.

Braxton House – Brax and Ricky's room

"Are you sure that's what he said?" Brax asks his girlfriend.

"Yeah he said that once he's in Melbourne, he might just stay there instead of coming home as he thinks none of you really care about him anyway." Ricky replies as she finishes making the bed then sits done on the end of it.

"I just thought we had got past all this though?"

"Well obviously Kyle hasn't Brax. I personally think it's because of this whole love triangle situation that's going on between himself, Casey and Tamara."

"Love Triangle?" Brax asks confused.

"Yeah you know when a relationship has three people in it as two people are in love with the same person." Ricky laughs.

"Well if that's what it means then I think your probably right. Maybe we just need to reassure Kyle that we do want him here despite what he thinks and feels!" Brax tells her "On this trip I'm determined to get Casey and Kyle to stop fighting and make Kyle feel like we do want him here in the Bay with us."

"Just make sure you do Brax because I don't want four people going to Melbourne and only three people coming back!" Ricky states as gets up off the bed and leaves the room.

Braxton House – Kyle's Room

Right, everything is packed that way they will have no problems when they send my stuff on to me in Melbourne. Hopefully they will give Tamara the letter, that's if someone other than Casey finds it first. I'm gutted that I am going to have to leave my guitar here, as its my way of escaping from everything when life gets to much. Maybe I shouldn't have told Ricky what I was planning on doing because knowing her, she has already told Brax everything I said last night.

Kyle stops thinking and checks his bags to make sure he has the essentials that he will need until he gets the rest of his stuff back. He then goes back to thinking about where he will still in Melbourne:

Maybe I could stay with Max again, although I could stay with someone else for a change. Anyway I have time to think that when it comes to it.

Suddenly Kyle is interrupted from his train of thought by a knock at the door and someone shouting: "Kyle, we need to get going if we going to get to Melbourne by tomorrow morning!"

Kyle quickly grabs the stuff he is taking with him then shouts: "COMING!"

Braxton House – Driveway

"No way is all four of us and our stuff going to fit in this car!" Heath shouts.

Brax walks over and manages to get all the bags in the boot of the car and smiles: "What were you saying?"

"Fine you win that one Brax." Heath laughs "Now, are we really going to stick them two in the back together?"

"No we aren't! I'm going to drive with Casey in the front. We will get Kyle to sit behind him as it will make harder for Casey to him him. Then you can sit behind me."

"Well you say that now but you can guarantee Casey will try and find away!" Heath says as he gets in the car.

Brax watches his brother get in the car then turns to his youngest brothers: "Let's go you two! Casey you're in the front with me and Kyle you're in the back with Heath."

"Aww Kylie is sitting in the back like a…" Casey stops speaking as both Ricky and Bianca slap him.

Casey gets in the car quickly, just in case the girls decide to slap him again.

"Kyle, just stick your earphones in like I said yesterday that way you can't hear him and Casey will stop because he won't be getting a reaction, ok?" Brax tells Kyle.

"Ok!" Kyle replies as he gets in the car too.

Brax then goes to get in but is stopped by Ricky who reminds him about how she wants all four of them coming home not three.

With that in mind Brax gets in the car, buckles his seatbelt then pulls out the drive and out of the street.

"MELBOURNE HERE WE COME!" Heath shouts loudly.

1 hour later…

The Beach

Ricky and Bianca are at the beach discussing the wedding plans when Bianca stops and looks at the waves.

"Bee, what's wrong?" Ricky asks her best friend.

Bianca replies: "I don't know; I just have this feeling that this trip is going to end badly."

"I hope not otherwise Brax is in trouble, if Kyle doesn't come back with them."

"No, I don't mean that."

"Then what do you mean?"

"I think something bad will happen to all four of them." Bianca says "I just don't know what!"

"It's probably nothing so don't worry about it." Ricky tells her "All you should be worrying about is whether or not you are going to have roses of lilies for the wedding flowers."

"Your right, the wedding should be my main focus right now and not what's happening or going to happen on that stag do!" Bianca laughs as goes back to the wedding plans unaware of what is going to happen over the coming days.

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Those are some magical mystic waves in that sea allowing Bianca to turn all fortune teller :P I would understand her concerns if they were visiting oh I don't know somewhere like Wolf Creek the levels of  tragedy would be sky high there  but Melbourne should be safe enough

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49 minutes ago, pembie said:

Those are some magical mystic waves in that sea allowing Bianca to turn all fortune teller :P I would understand her concerns if they were visiting oh I don't know somewhere like Wolf Creek the levels of  tragedy would be sky high there  but Melbourne should be safe enough

Yep haha and whats wolf creek? It wasn't safe for kyle when he played poker on the show

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