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Levels Of Tragedy

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Hey guys, first of I'm so sorry I haven't updated this story since the middle of September that's been due to my 22nd birthday, getting a new job alongside the one I already have plus going back to uni for my final year I haven't found a chance to write till now. Secondly, here's the next chapter and I hope you like it.

Chapter 20

30 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital

"What have we got?" Doctor Murry asks the paramedic.

"This is Kyle Braxton aged 23. He was the backseat passenger when the car he was in was reared off the road he became impaled on tree branch which had made its way into the car and also put pressure onto his chest." The paramedic replied.

"Someone page Nurse White as I think we are going to need all help on deck." Doctor Murry shouted.

Being pushed out the way, Heath watched as his brother was wheeled away from him just as a nurse ran into his arm.

"Sorry." The nurse says to him then looks at the man "Hang on I know you."

"Yeah we met the other night, one of Kyle's brothers." Heath answers her.

"What are you doing here?" Lydia asks quite shocked to see him stood in the hospital corridor.

"There was an accident and Kyle is seriously hurt."

"Oh my God. That must be why I've been paged." Lydia says just as she notices another nurse come out of the resus room and wave her over.

Quickly saying goodbye she runs off to help save her friend.

10 minutes later…

Heath was pacing up and down the corridor outside of the resus room, when Brax and Casey entered the hospital.

As Casey is wheeled away, Brax spots Heath and walks over to him: "Where's Kyle?"

Pulled away from his thoughts Heath turns to see his brother: "He's in there and before you ask no I don't know anything."

"Did you not ask?"

"Brax, he's been in there for 10 minutes and no one has been out the room for me to ask. How's Casey?"

Remembering about Casey, Brax sighs: "Well he seems to be alright they've taken him straight for an X-Ray…"


"What do you mean by but?"

"Well you have that look on your face that suggests you have more to say."

"I'm still kind of shocked to be honest."

"Shocked about what?"

"Well Casey seems genuinely worried about Kyle?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah the whole way here, he kept asking me if Kyle was going to be ok."

"Maybe he might start being nice to Kyle now." Heath says to his brother.

"Maybe he mig…" Brax stops midsentence.

The doors to the resus room suddenly open and Kyle is wheeled out and straight to the nearest lift.

Doctor Murry approaches the oldest two Braxton brothers: "Heath and…"

"Brax." Brax tells the doctor.

"Well Heath and Brax, your brother has suffered some serious injuries but our main concerns are the area where the tree penetrated into his abdomen."

"Why?" Heath asks.

"Well, that area is where the liver resides inside our bodies and unfortunately the tree branch has punched Kyle's liver causing internal bleeding which we won't be able to stop until we have got up to surgery. That's where he is currently going now but I wanted to inform you of what was happening to keep you in the loop." Doctor Murry explained.

"I'm sorry Doc but you said main concerns and you've only told us one." Brax reminds the doctor.

"I was just about to get too that, the other concern we have is the fact that we weren't getting any response from your brother whether this is due to the internal bleeding we can't tell."

"So you don't know why he won't respond?" Heath quizzes the doctor.

"Not until he wakes up I'm afraid but right now I need to get upstairs to stop the bleeding first." He replies then walks away leaving the two Braxton brothers watching him leave to help their brother.

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Great chapter

Casey is still worried about Kyle.

I do hope Kyle will be alright.

Update again soon :) 

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On 14/11/2018 at 01:17, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Great chapter

Surprising that Casey is worried about Kyle

Hoping Kyle will be okay 

Update soon please xx

I will be updating soon as i've updated the one shot series

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Hey guys, I'm so sorry I haven't updated till now, but I have been super busy with trying to pass semester one and Christmas. Doesn't help that I went to Belfast for a weekend to work on my dissertation and then went to Dusseldorf with my uni. Secondly, I wanted to update the one-shot series which I know was like only one chapter, but it needed updating. Anyway, here is the next instalment of Levels of Tragedy.

 Chapter 21

25 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room

While Kyle was currently in surgery, the other three Braxton brothers were gathered in Casey's room.

"So, the doc reckons that you will be back to surfing in no time." Brax says to his brother.

Casey just nodded his head.

"Jese, these people give the hospital back home a run for their money." Heath expresses as he enters the room after been checked over for no major injuries.

"I take it they were thorough with the check up?" Brax asked while laughing.

"Yeah they were." Heath answered him then looked at Casey "What's up with you?"

Casey just ignored his brother and continued to look at his leg which was now sporting a new accessory.

"Casey?" Brax said.

"What?" Casey eventually responded.

"Heath asked you a question."

"Nothing is up with me Heath." Casey tells him then looks at Brax "Happy?"

"Ok, now I know something is wrong." Heath laughs.

Casey says again that nothing is wrong.

"Has this got anything to do with Kyle?" Brax quizzes his brother.

"No. Why would I care about that freak?"

"Want to try that again?"

"Ok fine. I'm worried that he's not going to be ok."

"Seriously!" Heath shouts.

Both Casey and Brax just look at him out of curiosity.

"What?" Heath says then realises why they are looking at him like that "I only said that because if we had known before that it all it would take for Case to be nice to Kyle was something like this then maybe we could have done something before now."

"HEATH!" Brax yells at his brother then quickly stops in case someone comes running in.

"Come on Brax! You have to admit of we known before then we could have done something before now."

"No Heath, I personally wouldn't have just to get them to be nice to each other." Brax tells him.

Casey just listens to his brothers then speaks up: "Have you two told the girls about what has happened yet?"

"CRAP!" Both Brax and Heath say at the same time.

Taking their phones out of their pockets both brothers send a text to their respective halves informing them about what had happened. Brax also asked Ricky to explain to Tamara about the accident as well because she needed to know.

5 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room

"RICKY!" Bianca screams as she enters the main house.

Running into the living room, Ricky says: "I assume you also got a text too."


"Bee stop yelling!" Ricky tells her.

"Sorry, I knew that something was going to happen to them all, but no one listened."

"I know and I'm sorry but right now we need to let Tam know what has happened."

"Your right we should also pack our bags and head down there." Bianca suggests to her friend.

"Good idea." Ricky replies.

With that the two friends go to pack their bags and assuming that the guys would have nothing with them, they decided to pack their stuff too.

15 minutes later…

Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom

After packing her own stuff plus clothing for Brax and Casey, Ricky heads to Kyle's bedroom.

As she opens the door, she is shocked to see that Kyle hadn't listened to her and had packed everything up and labelled it all.

He's in so much trouble when I see him! I told him that he was coming home to the Bay and yet he still does this. Although I suppose it makes it easier to grab his clothes as they are in a box.

Quickly, Ricky locates the box labelled clothing and opens it, taking out some spare clothes then leaves the room.

23 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Leah's House – Living Room

"Oh my God!" Tamara says out loud once Ricky had finished explaining.

"Tamara, I'm sure Kyle will be fine." Leah tries to reassure the teen.

"How can you know that for sure?" Tamara asks.

Bianca decides to let Tamara know what her and Ricky were going to do: "Look me and Ricky are going to head to Melbourne on the next flight out and we managed to get three tickets just in case you wanted to come with us."

"Just give me a couple of minutes and I'll pack my bag!" The young girl says automatically as she runs from the room.

"I'd take that as she's coming with you two." Leah says to her friends.

Ricky laughed then sent a quick text to Brax to inform him that they were coming and there was nothing they could do about it.

"Let's go!" Tamara urged as she said goodbye to Leah.

3 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room

"Well that was Ricky." Brax says as he puts his phone away.

"And?" Casey asks, "What did she say?"

"They have managed to get seats on the next flight out here, so we can expect the three of them in about two hours."

"Great! Bianca is probably going to say she was right and that I should have listened to her." Heath threw into the conversation.

"What you on about?" Casey and Brax ask their brother.

"She said before we left that she felt something was going to happen and that we shouldn't come but I said nothing was going to happen. I wish I had listened now." Heath says as he sits down in one of the chairs located beside the bed.

Casey watched as Brax did the same, then says: "I wonder how Kyle is doing?"

Both the older Braxtons agree with Casey and the three of them stop talking and just sit in silence.


Melbourne – Hospital – Operation Theatre 1

"This bleeding doesn't seem to be stopping." Doctor Murry says loudly "Suction please."

Suddenly the alarm goes off and Kyle's heart rate plummets.

"Not again! Charge to 360!" Doctor Murry shouts to one of the nurses.

Kyle's body lifts a fraction of the table, but his heart rate doesn't go back up.

"Charge to 360!"

This time, they manage to get Kyle back. Everyone in the room works more efficiently but still carefully as they try to save Kyle's live.

At the same time…

Melbourne – Hospital – Waiting Room

Lydia was currently stood in the Waiting Room informing both Alex and Phoebe about Kyle.

"But he's going to be ok though?" Phoebe worriedly asks her friend.

"I don't know Pheebs. Kyle was pretty bad when he came in." Lydia answers her.

Alex wondering about his best mate's brothers, turns to her and says: "What about his brothers? How are they?"

"Well the oldest one, Brax is fine other than a knock to the head from hitting it on the steering wheel. Heath has some bruising and cuts but nothing major."

"And the one who keeps fighting with Kyle?"

"Well he has a broken leg but apart from that he seems to be ok." Lydia informs them.

"Well at least they don't seem too bad I suppose." Alex spoke.

Not caring about Kyle's brothers, Phoebe questioned: "How bad is bad?"

"Sorry?" Lydia responds not understanding what Phoebe was asking her.

"Well you said he was pretty bad when he came so I want to know what you mean by pretty bad."

Knowing that phoebe was just going to keep pressing her until she answered, Lydia spoke: "From what we can gather from Heath and paramedics, Kyle was trapped in the car by a branch which had gone over his chest and imbedded itself in to Kyle and the seat. This meant that not only was Kyle impaled on the branch but due to it lying over his chest it made it harder for him to breathe. So, when he came in, we had to hook him up to a ventilator as he couldn't breathe on his own."

"Oh God!" Phoebe screamed as tears escaped and slid down her face.

"Pheebs, he will be fine after all this is Kyle we are talking about." Alex say to her "Right Lydia?"

"Yeah Alex is right. Kyle will pull through this Pheebs just wait and see." Lydia tells her.

Suddenly the door opens, and another nurse comes in saying that there was three women at the Nurse's Station looking for the Braxtons.

"I better go but I will let you know more about Kyle when I hear." Lydia tells them.

She leaves the room and Alex is left to comfort Phoebe while she cries over Kyle.

Melbourne – Hospital – Nurse's Station

"Hello, I heard you are looking for the Braxtons." Lydia says as she approaches the women.

"Yes, we are we are their girlfriends." Ricky says to the nurse.

"Well if you follow the corridor round to room number 4 you will find them."

Ricky says thank you and then they follow her directions.

3 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room

The door to Casey's room is flung open and in walks Ricky, Bianca and Tamara.

"You are in so much trouble!" Bianca says as she slaps Heath's arm.

"Oww woman!" Heath shouts.

"You deserve so much more than that Heath Braxton! I told you this trip would end badly but you didn't listen to me!" Bianca yells at her fiancé

"Okay Bee, I think you need to calm down." Ricky says to her friend who was clearly angry about the situation.

Bianca calms down and gives Heath a hug.

"Brax, how is he?" Tamara asks the oldest Braxton.

Brax, who up till that point didn't notice she was standing there, answers with: "We don't know Tamara. He's been in sur…"

Just as Brax was explaining to Tamara what was happening with Kyle, the door reopens and Doctor Murry enters the room…

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Great chapter 

The Girls automatically rushing off to Melbourne 

I hope Kyle will be okay and Doctor Murray isn’t delivering bad news.

Update again soon :) 


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Chapter 22

...Doctor Murry looks at the people in the room and wondered where the three women came from.

"Doc, how is he?" Brax asks the doctor who had been operating on Kyle.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Doctor Murry replied: "We managed to stop the bleeding which had been my mine concern…"

"But?" Casey says when the doctor stops speaking.

"However, we nearly lost your brother three times during the surgery. So, although he is stable, I have moved him to the ICU as he is still critical." Doctor Murry explains "Also, there is still the fact he wasn't breathing on his own, therefore he is still on the ventilator until his oxygen stats show some improvement."

"So, I take it there is still no response then?" Heath questions.

"No there isn't but like I told you earlier that could just be down to the laceration to his liver and the internal bleeding that came with it. Until, he shows improvement we won't know if this was the exact reason why."

Tamara, who had been listening carefully to everything the doctor told them, spoke up: "I'm sorry but from the way your talking it sounds like you don't know the exact cause for Kyle not responding."

"Who are you?" Doctor Murry asks.

"Tamara. Kyle's girlfriend."

"Oh, forgive me I wasn't aware that he had a girlfriend." Doctor Murry apologise for the mistake "With a patient in Kyle's situation it can be hard to determine the exact reason until they wake up."

"That's ok and are you sure?"

"Yes I'm am. Anyway, you can go and see him now but only two people at a time as it is the ICU." He tells the group of people in front of him "Now if you will excuse me, I have other patients to go and see."

With that Doctor Murry turns on his heels and exits the room.

"I'm going to go see my boyfriend and you lot can argue over who will be joining me." Tamara says to everyone as she walks out the room in search of her boyfriend.

10 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

In the end, it had been decided that Brax would go and see Kyle first with everyone else swapping with him later on.

Tamara was sat holding Kyle's hand when she said: "Do you think he can hear us?"

"Sorry?" Brax responds to the girl.

"Well you know how they tell you that people can hear you when they are unconscious, I was wondering if you think it was true?"

"Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe he can, why don't you give it a try and I will go get us some coffees." Brax tells her as he stands up.

Tamara watches as the oldest Braxton walks out the room and then turns back to Kyle: "Hey, I don't know if you can hear me, but I thought I would give it ago. We all here and we love you. Even Casey seems to be worried which in away kinda makes me worried that he might actually be up to something."

28 minutes later…

"I wonder how long it really takes to get coffee? I mean Brax left nearly thirty minutes ago." Tamara says as she looks at the doorway "Oh well his loss I suppose, it would be so funny if you woke up right now and he wasn't here. Please wake up Kyle."


Melbourne – Hospital – Canteen

"Tamara is going to be wondering where you are." Ricky reminds her boyfriend.

"I know, but I thought she would rather be with him without any of us there with her." Brax replied.

"Your probably right. I feel so sorry for her, when you consider everything, she has been through in the last couple of months."

"She doesn't blame you for what happened to her and you know that."

"I know but I still take the blame for it."

"You tried to protect her, and she is doing fine now."

"Yeah due to me, Casey and Kyle are back to square one with the arguing."

"Look them two arguing has nothing to do with you so get that thought out of your head right now. Kyle has had feelings for Tamara for a while and after what happened Kyle helped her as he felt he was doing something for Casey. That girl fell for Kyle after spending time with him and getting to know him. Casey just can't take that for once a girl no longer wanted to be with him instead, she wanted someone else."

"But I didn't help any of it."

"Rick, they have forgiven you, so you need to forgive yourself."

"If you say so."

"I do and besides I think we might finally have come to the end of them two constantly arguing."

Looking at Brax, confused with what he means, Ricky quizzes him: "What you on about?"

Setting his coffee back on the table, Brax answers: "Casey seems genuinely worried about Kyle."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Oh, we are most definitely sure. All he keeps asking is whether or not Kyle is going to be ok."

"Well that's odd for him."

"I know I think for once them two might come to understanding and make up."

"Well let's keep our fingers crossed. Anyway, shouldn't you be getting back to Tamara now." Ricky laughs as she crosses her fingers.

"Yeah, why don't you go and join everyone else back at that hotel you said you had booked and get some rest." Brax instructs her.

"Only if you're sure." Ricky answers and gives Brax a kiss goodbye.

At the same time…

Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room

While Tamara was sat with Kyle, Ricky and Brax were in the canteen and everyone else was at the hotel, Casey was all alone thinking to himself.

I can't believe they actually have fallen for the "I'm really worried about Kyle." routine. Brax and Heath are so gullible its actually quite funny. Now just to try and keep this act going for long enough until Tamara either doesn't want to be stuck with the Freak anymore or he dies. I personally would prefer the second option!

Casey continues to think his plan through for another ten minutes before drifting off to sleep.

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missed two words out

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I hope that Kyle wakes up and I can't believe that casey is just pretending to care about Kyle

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