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  1. Please can you all make sure to read Chapter 30 – Watching Over You. Otherwise you won't understand what this chapter is going on about as it's going to be a follow up. Also read chapters 33 and 34 as they are the first and second parts to this chapter. This is also the final part. Idea by Joycechanxo (Fanfiction): You could try and do a spin-off of this and how Kyle discharged himself early, like he does in the soap, but in the story, his condition could get worse and maybe collapses like Phoebe and Nate predicted Chapter 35 - Against Advice Can End Badly - Part 3 (3:17pm) 1 hour and 19 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Outside/Living Room Brax and Ricky approach the front door to the main house. As Brax goes to open it, he notices that it was locked. "Hmm." Brax says out loud. "What?" Ricky asks from behind him. "I never locked the door." "Maybe Kyle did." "Yeah maybe." Brax says as he unlocks the door and enters the house "Kyle?" There was no sound from the house to indicate there was anyone else there. "He might have gone for a walk to get some fresh air." Ricky suggests as she goes to put the kettle on. "I'm just going to check his bedroom to make sure he isn't in there." Brax says as he wanders out the room. (3:24pm) 7 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's bedroom Opening the door, Brax looks around the room. His eyes go to the bedside cabinet but doesn't see Kyle's phone. Turning back round he leaves the room, not realising Kyle was actually on the floor on the other side of the bed. (3:28pm) 4 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living room "Was he in there?" Ricky asks as she places the cup of coffee on the table. Sitting down beside his girlfriend, Brax tells her: "No he wasn't in there. Neither was his phone, so I guess he has gone for a walk." "Well then, he'll come back soon." "We promised Pheebs we would keep an eye on him." "You can't help the fact you had to go for a bail check-in." Ricky reminds him "Phoebe, will be fine as long as Kyle comes back." "Ok." Brax replies then picks up his cup and has a drink. (5:34pm) 2 hours and 6 minutes later… "So, Phoebe called." Ricky says walking back into the main house from the flat. "And?" Brax quizzes her. "Her and Denny have decided to go into Yabbie Creek for dinner and movie. Apparently, Denny thinks Phoebe needs a girly day and night." "I suppose that's good then." "Yeah considering Kyle still hasn't come back yet." Looking round, Brax notices a set of keys on the kitchen table. "What is it?" "If Kyle went out and he locked the door, why are his keys on the table?" "That's impossible he can't have. Which means…" Before Ricky has a chance to finish what she was saying Brax pulled out his phone. "Can you hear that?" Brax says as he listen to the sound of a phone ringing from somewhere within the house. "It sounds like it's coming from one of the bedrooms." Ricky tells him. Hanging up the phone, Brax runs out the room. (5:47pm) 13 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom Brax flings his brother's bedroom door open and as he scans the room that's when he notices a foot sticking out from the other side of the bed. "RICKY!" Brax yells as he runs over to his brother and bends down. Running into the room, Ricky asks: "What do you need?" "Call an ambulance now!" Brax tells her without looking up "Kyle, can you hear me?" Tapping his brother's face makes no difference when he notices that his brother's chest isn't moving. "NO no no! Kyle, don't do this not again." Checking his brother for a pulse he panics when he can't find one. Grabbing his phone, Brax rings Nate. RING RING RING RING Nate: Brax? Brax: Kyle isn't breathing. N: What? B: We got worried when we couldn't find him. Found him passed out in his room not breathing. N: Have you called an ambulance? Are you doing CPR? B: Yes, and Yes. It's not working though. N: Right keep doing what you're doing help will be there soon. B: Not soon enough Nate. Suddenly, two people appear on either side of Brax and push him out the way and start to work on Kyle. N: Brax? You still there? B: Yes, the paramedics are here now. N: Good, I'll make sure everything is ready at my end. With that the phone call ends and Brax quickly follows the paramedics and his brother out the room. (6:07pm) 20 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Resus "Kyle Braxton, aged 23 found by his older brother unconscious and not breathing. CPR was performed before arrival." The paramedic tells Nate as they transfer Kyle on to a hospital bed. Waving them off, Nate turns to the nurse and says: "This may have something to do with the accident so let's keep that in mind whil…" BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP "HE'S CRASHING!" Nate yells as soon as he hears the flat line tone coming from monitor. (6:22pm) 15 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Outside Resus Brax and Ricky were currently stood outside Resus when the door opened, and Nate came rushing out. "Nate!" Brax says causing the doctor to turn round "What's going on?" Looking at the oldest Braxton and his ex-girlfriend stood in front of him, Nate knew he had to tell them: "His heart stopped." "But they had got it started again while in the ambulance." "Yeah I know but just as the paramedics left the room he stopped breathing and his stopped again." "He was fine though." Brax tells Nate. "Are you sure? Because I told both Kyle and Phoebe that he needed to be back here, but he didn't listen." Nate informs them "So if he was showing any symptoms, one of you needs to tell me now." "Wheezing." Ricky says to no one in particular. "What?" "Kyle was wheezing this morning. He was asleep on the sofa and I went to check on him and you could hear it." "Anything else?" "A persistent cough and he has been tired. He slept the whole of yesterday pretty much away." Brax remembers "He got back from the restaurant with Phoebe after she left went to his room only came out for lunch didn't seem him again till dinner." "Tell me about the cough?" Nate asks them. "Not much we can tell you about it except it seemed to be getting worse." Ricky jumps in with: "He was slurring his words this morning when we woke him." "Slurring?" Nate says but before he gets a chance the sound of alarms ring out again. BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP Nate quickly runs back into the room leaving Brax and Ricky just standing there both seriously worried for Kyle. (6:39pm) 17 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Resus "This is no good." Nate says to the nurse as he tries to get the tube down Kyle's throat "Get me the next size up now!" With the bigger tube in hand, Nate manages to it down Kyle's throat to help him breathe. "Hook him up to the vent. Also get him up to CT, so we can find out what the hell is going on!" Nate demands then turns to another nurse "Get a rush on his blood work, I want to make sure there was no toxins in his blood stream." With that, Kyle is wheeled out the room and straight past both Brax and Ricky. (7:45pm) 1 hour and 6 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room Ricky was sat stroking Kyle's hair and Brax was pacing the room, when suddenly the door was flung open. "OH MY GOD!" Phoebe exclaimed as she saw her boyfriend. "Pheebs." Brax says to her. "What happened?" Phoebe demands to know "You said, you would look after him while I was out!" "I had to go for my bail check-in." "So, you didn't think to take him with you!" "He was in a mood Pheebs. We weren't going to be long, so I thought he'd be ok." "So, when you got back you didn't think to check on him?" "The door was locked so I want to check his room and his phone wasn't where he puts it. Me and Ricky assumed he had gone for a walk." "Well obviously he didn't!" "We know that now. Don't you think I feel guilty enough Phoebe?" Brax tells the girls with a look of guilt all over his face. "Well you should feel guilty!" Phoebe shouts at the man "He's in here because of you!" Thinking now was a good idea to say something, Ricky shouts: "STOP! JUST STOP!" Both Brax and Phoebe stop and look at Ricky who was still stroking Kyle's hair. "It's no one's fault. All we need to focus on right now is getting him better and that can't happen if we are all arguing, so just shut up or get out!" Ricky tells them both. Phoebe goes to say something but thinks better of it and instead walks over to the other side of the bed and takes a hold of Kyle's hand. "Nate said they are just waiting on the results of his blood tests to determine what is wrong so until then, let's just be thankful he's still lying here in front of us." Ricky informs Phoebe. (7:56pm) 11 minutes later… Eventually Nate enters the ICU room to inform them all about Kyle. "So, what did the blood test reveal?" Phoebe asks him before he has a chance to say anything. "The toxins that hadn't completely left Kyle's system before he discharged himself, were still there." "How?" "Well because he discharged himself it meant he wasn't getting the drugs to help counteract them. Which meant they were just attacking his body from the inside." Nate informs them "So the wheezing which was probably caused by the persistent cough. Also, the tiredness were all side effects of the issue." "When he was trapped under the bus he wasn't wheezing or coughing?" Brax says remembering how Kyle was that night just under two weeks ago. "That's got something to do with that fact that help got that sooner and the toxins hadn't had the chance to travel through the blood stream. However, he has had two days where he hasn't been monitored." "So that's why he wasn't breathing?" Phoebe asks curiously. "Exactly." "So now what?" "Well, I've decided that the best course of action is too keep Kyle in an induced coma." "So, we're back at square one?" Brax huffs. "Unfortunately, yes we are. But this is a good thing." Ricky not understanding how this could be a good thing, asks: "How?" "Because it gives us a chance to make sure that there are no toxins left in Kyle's blood when we wake him up." That's when it clicks in Phoebe's mind: "Is this so we don't have a repeat of this situation?" "Bingo!" Nate says causing them to laugh "Look, if Kyle had done what he was meant to in the first place this wouldn't have happened, but it has so all we can do now is make sure it doesn't happen again. Anyway, I have to go inform the nurses of this decision." They all say bye to Nate and go back to sitting and waiting. (11:37am) 4 days later… Darkness. This is all that greeted Kyle and a weird feeling like he was being chocked but he couldn't figure out why. Suddenly there was a voice from somewhere: "…open your eyes?" It sounded like Phoebe, but he wasn't sure. Another voice came from the somewhere else. "Kyle, can you open your eyes?" Whoever they were seemed to want him to open his eyes. So, he did what he was told. Opening his eyes, he could see who the voices belonged to, there in the room was both Brax and Phoebe smiling at him. Suddenly become more aware of the fact he was still being chocked; his head went towards his mouth. Quickly grabbing the arm, Brax shouts: "NATE!" Rushing into the room, the first thing Nate notices is Brax holding his patient's arms down. Walking over to the bed, Nate says: "Someone decided to rejoin us in the land of the living eventually." A nurse appears beside Nate with everything ready to take the tube out. "Kyle, on the count of three I want you to take a big cough." Nate instructs Kyle. On the count of three, Kyle coughs and the tube slides out of Kyle's throat. "How you feeling Kyle?" "Thirsty." Kyle tells him just as a straw is put to his mouth. "Better?" Phoebe asks him as she holds up a cup of water. Kyle just nods his head. "Kyle, do you remember what happened?" Nate asks him. "I couldn't stop coughing." Kyle remembers. "Yes, that was one of the symptoms from the toxins that were still in your system." Kyle just stares at Nate before his eyes slip shut again. Phoebe and Brax look back at Nate, who tells them that its just from the sedative that was still wearing off and that he would be a wake properly in a couple of hours. (2:50pm) 3 hours and 13 minutes later… Kyle was wide awake when Nate came back to check on him. "So, how are we feeling now?" Nate asks him. "I'm feeling a lot better, thanks Nate." Kyle replies. "Good." Nate says as he picks up Kyle's chart. "I'm sorry for not listening to you Nate." Kyle apologised "If I had done what you said and not discharged myself this wouldn't have happened." "Did you learn from it?" Kyle nods his head in response. "Well then let's leave it at that." Nate says putting the chart back and goes to leave the room. "So, when can I get out of here?" Kyle asks which causes everyone to laugh. "Not until I say so." Nate throws over his shoulder as he walks away to check on another patient.
  2. Thank you for the continuous reviews i love reading them. I going to try and write the next part tomorrow but probably won't get it up till Wednesday afternoon as i'm at work tomorrow night and then my little brother has a hearing test at 11:20am on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile if you have any ideas don't be afraid to send them my way. xx
  3. Please can you all make sure to read Chapter 30 – Watching Over You. Otherwise you won't understand what this chapter is going on about as it's going to be a follow up. Also read chapter 33 as that is the first part to this chapter I've decided to make this one shot a three part one Idea by Joycechanxo (Fanfiction): You could try and do a spin-off of this and how Kyle discharged himself early, like he does in the soap, but in the story, his condition could get worse and maybe collapses like Phoebe and Nate predicted Chapter 34 - Against Advice Can End Badly - Part 2 (3:41pm) 4 hours and 27 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Garden Brax was sat in the garden washing the BBQ down ready for dinner later that night when Ricky appeared from behind him. "This place is quiet." Ricky tells him as she sits down in the shade. Putting down the bucket and cloth, Brax turns and says: "That might have something to do with the fact that everyone but me and Kyle were out." "So, he stayed then?" "Yeah, he came out his room for lunch then stomped back there once he was finished." Brax does an impression of Kyle as he joins his girlfriend in the shade "I thought once I was finished this I would go check on him." "Maybe that's a good idea. Tell you what, I don't mind finishing this off while you go check on your brother." Ricky says as she points at the BBQ. "Rick, its fine I can finish it." "I'm not broken Brax. I'm pregnant therefore I can still do stuff, so go check on Kyle." "Only if you're sure?" Brax replies to her. "I'm sure now go." Ricky laughs. With that Brax stands up and goes back into the house. (3:52pm) 11 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom After knocking on the door and getting no response Brax decided to go into his brother's room. There on the bed was Kyle fast asleep with the TV still on. Quietly, Brax grabs the remote off the bed and turns the TV off and places the control on the bedside cabinet. Walking over to the chair in the room, he grabs the blanket that Phoebe had probably placed there and then walked back to the bed and draped it over his brother. Making sure he didn't make a noise he exited the bedroom and went back to join his girlfriend. (4:01pm) 9 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Garden Hearing Brax walking out the house Ricky asks without looking at him: "Was he ok?" "He was asleep, so I turned the TV and put a blanket over him and left the room." Brax answers her, grabbing the cloth from her hand. "Well that's good." "Eh?" "Well Phoebe told me yesterday that Nate said Kyle wasn't meant to be discharged till at least next week so he can get some rest and heal at the same time." "So, the fact he's sleeping is a good sign?" "Yeah it means at least he's doing something Nate told him to do." Ricky jokes causing them both to laugh. "Very true." Brax concurred then went back to finishing up the BBQ. (6:17pm) 2 hours and 16 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom When Phoebe got home from work, she was surprised to not find Kyle in the garden with everyone else. So, when Brax told her the last time he had checked on Kyle, he was asleep Phoebe thought it was a good thing. Which is why she is now having to be quiet while she gets changed out of her work clothes into something more her. While she was putting here work stuff back in the wardrobe, she heard a cough coming from the bed and quickly whipped her head round. "Hey sleepy head." She greets her boyfriend as she walks over to the bed. Sitting up, Kyle grabs the glass from the bedside cabinet and takes a quick drink. Putting it back down, Kyle who was a bit more awake inquired: "What time is it?" "Nearly half 6. According to Brax, you've slept the afternoon away. Not like I'm going to complain as it means you're getting some rest." "Following doctor's order like I was told to do but in the comfort of my of bed." "Whatever you say. Dinner's nearly ready anyway, so I'm happy I don't have to wake you up myself." "What we having like?" "Well Brax cleaned the BBQ. So, I'm assuming that we have that for dinner." Phoebe informs him. "Cool." Is all Kyle says, then goes on to ask "How did the blanket end up over me when it was on the chair?" Phoebe just laughs and stands up with Kyle copying her as she left the room. (6:56pm) 39 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Garden Andy and Josh had joined the group of people in the garden ten minutes ago, so now they were all sitting eating dinner while talking about their days. "How you feeling Kyle?" Josh asks the older man as he puts the tomato sauce back on the table. Putting down his burger, Kyle responds to him: "I'm fine thanks for asking Josh. What about your head?" Rubbing his head, Josh goes on to say: "It's fine, much better now that Evie has kissed it better." This earned the teen a slap from his older brother, Andy then follows the slap with: "No one wants to hear that Josh!" With that everyone laughs but the laughing stops when Kyle starts to cough. Looking at his brother, Brax says worriedly: "Hey mate, are you ok?" "Yes Brax, for the 4000th time I'm fine." Kyle sighs then takes a quick sip of his beer "It's just a cough. Probably from the fact I had a tube forced down my throat." "A tube that allowed you to breathe." Phoebe reminds him "Do you think it's a good idea to be drinking beer?" Suddenly Kyle slams the bottle back on the table and stands up: "I'M FINE FOR GOD SAKE!" "Ok I'm just making sure Kyle." A shocked Phoebe says to her boyfriend. Heading towards the gate, Kyle turns around and says: "Well I'm sick of it! Now I'm going to head to the Diner for something to eat in peace." They all watch as Kyle leaves the garden. "Should we go after him?" Ricky quizzes Phoebe. Shaking her head: "No." "Why not?" they all ask. "Because when Kyle gets like this, it's best to just leave him be, trust me." Phoebe says as she goes back to her food. (10:11pm) 3 hours and 15 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room Kyle had eventually returned home about 15 minutes earlier and was currently sat in the living room watching TV as he didn't fancy going to bed yet until he was sure Phoebe was completely asleep. Coughing, Kyle thinks to himself. This cough is driving me insane. Actually, both the cough and everyone asking if I'm ok is driving me insane. What don't they understand about the fact I'm fine? I know that what happened scared them and they're just making sure I don't end up getting hurt even more but it's annoying. Coughing again, Kyle headed into the kitchen and grabs a glass of water then returns to the sofa. All this coughing is making my chest hurt. Oh well I'm sure it will get better after all it was only 4 days ago, I had tube breathing for me so hopefully this cough is down to that. With that Kyle goes back to watching the film he had put on, half-way through it he falls asleep on the sofa. (7:23am) Next day… Kyle was still asleep on the sofa when Andy entered the living room to grab some breakfast from the kitchen, before he headed off to work at the Gym. While he was sat at the table, Brax and Ricky enter the main house talking away when Andy says: "Shhh." Noticing Andy was pointing to the sofa, Brax sighs and asks: "How long has he been there?" "I think all night. I heard him get back at about five to ten last night, I figured he just wanted to watch some TV before going to bed and having to deal with Pheebs. But I guess he must have fell asleep there as the TV was still on when I woke up." "Do you think we should wake him, Brax?" Ricky says looking at the man she views as a brother. "Nah, just leave him." Brax says as he puts the kettle on "He obviously needs the sleep." Ricky was about to move away from the sofa when she hears a strange noise coming from Kyle. She moves closer to him and put her ear to his face. Looking up from his bowl, Andy asks: "What on earth are you doing?" Standing up straight, Ricky commented: "He's wheezing." Brax stops what he is doing and moves back over to the sofa and listens for himself. "Your right." Brax tells her. With that Brax nudges Kyle in hopes of waking him up, which works. "Wh what?" Kyle wheezes. "Mate, you don't sound to good." Brax says to his little brother clearly worried about how he sounds. "I I'm f fin fine." "No you aren't." "YES I AM!" Kyle shouts. "Alright mate calm down." Brax says as he tries to calm Kyle down. "I'm going for a shower." Kyle throws before making his way from the living room and bumping into Phoebe. "What's going on?" Phoebe asks as she pushes her boyfriend back into the main area of the house. "NOTHING!" "Kyle, stop shouting." Ricky says to the young man. "Why?" Kyle says without out shouting this time. "Because Josh is still asleep you idiot." Andy reminds Kyle. After not getting the response she wanted, Phoebe spoke up: "Can someone tell me what is going on?" "According to Kyle he's fine. However, both me and Brax could hear him wheezing before Brax woke him up." Ricky explains to Phoebe. "I was not wheezing." "How do you know? You were asleep." Brax mentions to his brother. "I've said I'm fine so leave it. Now as I said I'm going to go have a shower." Kyle says and manages to actually leave the room this time. Watching her boyfriend leave the room, Phoebe turns back to face the rest of the room's occupants: "Wheezing?" "Yep and he stuttered his words when he woke up." "I have to do something with Denny today so will anyone be able to keep an eye on him?" "Me and Brax can." Ricky says volunteering herself and her boyfriend. "Good, just make sure you check on him." Phoebe says as she goes to check on her boyfriend. (1:32pm) 6 hours and 9 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom Kyle was in his he heard a knock at the door. "Come in." Kyle responded. The door opened and Brax popped his head through the gap: "Me and Ricky need to pop to the station for my bail check-in, so we won't be too long." "Whatever." Kyle waved his hand his brother as a way of goodbye. Brax doesn't say anything instead he just closes the door and leaves the house. Hearing the front door slam shut, Kyle breathes a sigh of relive. Thank god, they've left now I can be left in peace. My chest still hurts as well, maybe I shou… Kyle stops thinking to himself when he suddenly breaks out into a coughing fit. Realising he doesn't have a glass of water he gets off his bed and go in search of a drink. (1:40pm) 8 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kitchen Kyle stumbles his way into the kitchen while still coughing. Walking over to the shelf he takes down a glass and proceeds to fill it. After taking a drink his cough still doesn't let up and he remembers that there was some cough medicine in the bathroom, so he go off to get some. (1:51pm) 11 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Bathroom Once in the bathroom Kyle he opened the medicine cabinet and locates the cough syrup. Taking the recommended dosage, he places the bottle back in the cabinet then heads back to his room. (1:58pm) 7 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom Kyle was still coughing when he walked back into his room. I swear this cough is just annoying me now! Kyle walks over to his desk as he decides to do some work on the laptop but notices it wasn't there. Turning around while rubbing his chest which over the last ten minutes was starting to feel tighter, he spots the bag which had the laptop in when he came home. Walking towards the bag, Kyle break out into another coughing fit but this time it feels different to him. Suddenly his legs give out from under him and he finds himself on the floor. Pulling himself into a sitting position, Kyle leans his head back so it's resting on the bed. As he continues to cough, he can hear a rattling sound coming from somewhere within him just before his eyes start to close, Kyle thinks to himself. Why didn't I listen to Nate? Then the world turns black and Kyle slumps sideways so his whole body is lying on the floor…
  4. Please can you all make sure to read Chapter 30 – Watching Over You. Otherwise you won't understand what this chapter is going on about as it's going to be a follow up. This idea will be split into two parts as I think that will be the best way to do it. Idea by Joycechanxo (Fanfiction): You could try and do a spin-off of this and how Kyle discharged himself early , like he does in the soap, but in the story, his condition could get worse and maybe collapses like Phoebe and Nate predicted Anything that the characters speak that looks like this is from episode 6128. As this is the episode form 2015 when Kyle discharges himself from the hospital as he wants to help Brax. P.S: I'm sorry I didn't upload sooner; I've been busy with updating the Level's of Tragedy fanfiction. Chapter 33 - Against Advice Can End Badly - Part 1 (9:39am) 3 days later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Kyle's Room "So, when can I get out of here?" Kyle asks Nate as he finishes writing something in Kyle's chart. "Not for a least another week." Nate tells him without looking up. "Why not? I'm perfectly fine Nate." "Because it was only three days ago you were on a ventilator and we don't want you to go backwards in your recovery." "Well I can recover at home though." Kyle informs him. "I'm sorry Kyle, this isn't up for discussion." Nate tells the stubborn member of the Braxton family "Anyway, I have to go and see some other patients. So, get some rest." With that Nate leaves the room. (9:58am) 19 minutes later… Kyle was watching something on his phone when Phoebe wandered into the room with a bag. "Well hello my gorgeous boyfriend." Phoebe greeted Kyle. Putting his phone down, Kyle rolls his eyes and says: "Hello, my creepy girlfriend." "HEY! I'm not creepy I'm beautiful." Phoebe responds causing both of them to laugh "So, has Nate been in yet?" "Yeah he left about 20 minutes ago." "Damn, I was wanting to ask him something." "Like what?" "How you were recovery?" "Well can't I tell you that?" "Nope." "Why not?" "Considering I know you too well I think I'd rather hear from the doctor treating you." "I'm not that bad." Kyle tells her. "Really? So, you didn't ask him if you could go home yet?" Phoebe quizzes her boyfriend. With this Kyle goes quiet. "Thought so. Anyway, I brought you the books from the restaurant and your laptop, but you can only do them while in bed. I mean it." Phoebe warns him "While you go over them, I'm going to see Nate." Kyle sighs and turns on his laptop as Phoebe leaves the room. (10:21am) 23 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Nate's Office "So, how is he really doing Nate?" Phoebe asks the doctor as he closes the door to his office. Sitting down at his desk, Nate speaks: "He's doing better than I thought he would." "That's good right?" "Well yes and no." "No?" "His latest test results still show some toxins in his blood so until they are gone completely, he is not leaving the hospital." "Let me guess, he asked when he could get discharged this morning?" "Yes, he did. I don't think he was happy with my answer to the question." Nate say causing them both to laugh. "If it helps, he's always been like that." "Good to know he isn't just like that with me." "On a serious note, when are you looking at discharging him? Just so I know how long I need to keep him entertained." "I told Kyle this morning not for a least a week, just to be on the safe side." "Oh great." Phoebe sighs standing up. "Sorry Pheebs but it is in his best interests to keep him here." Nate tells the girl "Besides it gives you a chance to plan a welcome home party." Smiling Phoebe opens the door and says: "Now Doctor Cooper, I like your way of thinking. Anyway, I better get back to Kyle but thanks for everything so far Nate." Nate nods his head and watches Phoebe leaves then goes back to his paperwork. (1:56pm) 3 hours and 35 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Corridor "I don't think this is such a good idea." Phoebe states as she helps Kyle walk down the corridor. "You heard the nurse earlier, she said this was fine." Kyle reminds his girlfriend. "That's true. I just don't want to get hurt even more." "Well there's no chance of that happening. Anyway, I thought Brax and Ricky would have been in." "Been in?" "Yeah to see me. Since I woke up, the only visitor I've had is you." Kyle says. With that Phoebe stops and glares at him. "Not that you aren't a lovely visitor." Kyle quickly adds. "Better." Phoebe laughs "Brax and Ricky are a bit busy at the moment." "Busy?" "Yeah you know getting the Ute fixed and work." "Well that doesn't stop them from coming to see me though. This is why I should be at home." "Kyle, you need to be here so you can fully recover. Besides home is the last place you want to be right now." Phoebe says not realising she said the last sentence out loud. "Why don't I want to be at home? You just said they were busy." Quickly, Phoebe comes up with: "They are also sorting out the cot and everything for the baby. They are being put together in the living room so there's bits of wood and screws everywhere." Kyle notices Phoebe is trying to lie and doesn't like it: "Your lying." "No, I'm not." "Yes, you are Pheebs. Tell me the truth." Knowing she has no choice, Phoebe informs Kyle: "Brax got arrested." "WHAT?!" "Brax was arrested the other day, when he was on his way to see you." "What's the charge?" "If I tell you, promise me you won't do something stupid." "I won't" "Fine, they think he murdered someone." "You've got to be kidding me." Kyle says as he quickly turns around and starts to walk back to his hospital room. Following her boyfriend, Phoebe demands to know: "Where are you going?" "Back to my room." Kyle snaps. (2:06pm) 10 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Kyle's Room As Kyle is packing his bag, Nate comes rushing into the room demanding to know what his patient is doing. "I'm discharging myself and you can't stop me." Kyle told Nate. "That's not a good idea Kyle." Nate tells him then looks at Phoebe. Phoebe noticing the look from Nate says to her boyfriend: "Nate's right you can't discharge yourself." "Yes, I can and I will." "Kyle you aren't well enough to go home yet." "Well I don't care Nate. Brax needs me so I'm leaving." "Whatever is going on with Brax is not worth jeopardizing your health for." Nate tells the young Braxton. "Yeah well that's not up to you." Kyle says as he picks up his bag and walks past Nate leaving the hospital room behind. Quickly grabbing Phoebe's arm before she can go after him: "Phoebe, if he's discharging himself you need to watch him like a hawk." "Why?" Phoebe quickly asks. "Because anything can happen." Nate tells her. With that Phoebe nods, grabs her own bag then chases after Kyle, leaving Nate standing in the now empty hospital room. (2:51pm) 45 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – The Flat Brax, Ash and Ricky were all in the middle of a discussion about how to help Brax when they hear Phoebe from outside. "Will you slow down." Phoebe says as she follows Kyle to the house. Appearing in the doorway, Kyle stands there looking at everyone. "What are you doing here?" Brax demands an answer from his younger brother. Holding on to the door frame, Kyle speaks up: "Phoebe told me that you were arrested and I want to help." Sighing Brax tells his brother: "Well considering you're here, you might as well sit down." Phoebe looks at Brax and says: "Are you serious? You want to get him out of the hospital and straight into a murder investigation?" They all just look at her before she storms off into the main house. Ricky says she'll go after her while they fill Kyle in on what's been happening. (10:12am) Next Day… Summer Bay – Outside the Surf Club Phoebe was in the middle of trying to stop Kyle from going in to work when Nate suddenly appears by her side after spending the morning at the Gym. "Nice move." Nate says to Kyle "You know checking yourself out of the hospital and now you're trying to work?" "I just have a few things I want to take care of." Kyle lets the doctor know as he points at the book in his hand. "You won't if you collapse and end up in intensive care." Nate states to the stubborn Braxton. "Exactly what I've been saying." Phoebe points out after spending the last 19 hours trying to convince her boyfriend he should be back in the hospital. "I'm dropping off some paperwork then I'm going home." Kyle says as he look at Nate and Phoebe "Happy?" Phoebe nods her head: "Deliriously but I'm driving you home." With that Phoebe grabs Kyle's hand and walks him into the Surf Club while Nate just watches them go. (11:14am) 1 hour and 14 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room Brax was sat watching the TV when Phoebe marches Kyle back into the house. Without taking his eyes of the TV, Brax speaks up: "Shouldn't you be resting?" "Don't you start." Kyle says as he plonks himself down in the seat beside his brother. Phoebe walks into the kitchen and grabs a glass filling it with water then walks back into the living room: "Here's some water. Now Brax make sure he doesn't leave the house as I'm going back to work." Brax nods and with that Phoebe leaves. "She's joking." Kyle adds as he puts the glass down and takes off his leather jacket. "Something tells me she isn't mate. Besides you only discharged yourself yesterday and I know you want to help and that make me feel a bit better about the situation, but your health has to come first Kyle." Says Brax. "How many times do I need to say I'm fine before everyone gets it through their thick skulls." Kyle snaps. Standing up he grabs both his jacket and the glass then heads to his room to watch the TV in there.
  5. Chapter 37 i will be updating the one-shot series for the next couple of days then i'll be back to this one
  6. Just wait more to come in terms of Casey being mean....
  7. Chapter 36 Meanwhile… Summer Bay – In the bush Kyle was just starting to come round from the seizure, as he tries to sit up he suddenly goes white. Turning to his side, Kyle throws up. What happened? One minute I felt dizzy now I'm on the ground and I've just been sick. Ugh I have headache; I must be coming down with something. Why is it so cold? When did I end up outside? Ok, maybe now is good time to start panicking. I think I will just stay here for a bit before I try to stand up as I will probably end up falling straight back down again. Kyle sits up and rest up against a tree. He knows he shouldn't close his eyes but as he starts to feel tired, he closes his eyes. I think I'll sleep for just a couple of minutes just give myself some time to feel a bit better. (8:10pm) 1 hour and 9 minutes later… Summer Bay – Surf Club – Main Area "So, who's idea was it to circle all the areas searched already?" Alf asks as he looks over the map that Casey had printed out. "Casey's." Heath tells the older man. "Don't them two hate each other?" John says as he remembers the constant sounds of arguing coming from the two younger Braxton brothers. "Yeah well Melbourne changed all that John." Brax points out "Now can we get back to trying to find Kyle?" With that Alf to speak again: "Right we are going to focus mainly on the bush surrounding the Bay. We have got teams of people already on their way out there to start the search." "What about us?" Brax and Heath ask at the same time. Peter thinking it might be best if he takes this question, speaks up: "Well normally we would have family members stay here but I'm going to assume that won't work with you lot. So, myself and you two are going to take one of the areas Alf has marked on the map. And before you say anything Tamara, you will be staying here with Alf." "Why do I have to stay here?" Tamara demands to know "He's my boyfriend therefore I deserve the right to be out there searching for him." "Because I promised Leah that I would make sure you didn't get hurt plus you have school in the morning." "You seriously think I will be going to school tomorrow when my boyfriend is missing?!" "It's not up for discussion Tamara, you are staying here with Alf and that's final!" Peter tells the teen. "This unbelievable!" Tamara says and goes to a table and sits down. (8:59pm) 49 minutes later… Summer Bay – In the bush "KYLE!" "KYLE, WHERE ARE YOU!" All three members of the search group where shouting in hopes that Kyle would respond to their calls. "Brax, this is getting us nowhere." Heath tells his older brother as they walk through the bushes. "Look Heath, we have to keep searching for him." Brax says to him. "On a scale of one to ten, Peter do you think we are going to find him tonight?" "I think with the amount of people searching for your brother, we are going to find him." Peter replies "Now instead of just standing why don't we continue searching for him." With that they continue in the direction they were heading in hopes that they will find him. (9:12pm) 13 minutes later… Kyle woke up to the sound of shouting coming from somewhere nearby. Weakly, Kyle stands up and starts to walk in the direction of the voices hoping that they belong to his brothers. "KYLE!" Brax yells again. "Brax." Comes a voice from somewhere in the distance. "KYL…!" Heath's shout gets interrupted by his brother hitting him "What was that for?" "Shut up and listen." Brax tells him. "Brax." The voice comes again. Peter who also hears the voice says: "That's coming from over there." With that all three of them head off in the direction of the voice. (9:19pm) 7 minutes later… "KYLE!" Brax yells again. Suddenly there's the snapping of twigs coming from somewhere in front of them. "KYLE" All of three of them yell. Slowly a figure emerges from between the branches and Kyle appears in the light radiating from the torches that the three men were holding in their hands. "Brax?" Kyle says quietly while trying to cover his eyes. Letting out the breath he didn't realise he was holding, Brax quickly runs over to his brother and pulls him into a hug. Pulling away, Brax asks his brother: "Are you ok?" "I'm cold." Kyle answers him. Heath appears by his brother's side and says: "That might have something to do with the fact that you don't have a coat on and its freezing out here." "Oh." "Kyle, my name's Peter." Peter informs him "We have been looking for you over an hour. So, I think it might be best to get you to the hospital and get you checked out." "NO!" Kyle screams not wanting to go back to another hospital. Heath and Brax look at each, then Heath says: "I think Peter is right mate. Just to be safe as you have been missing for ages." "No, I don't want to go to any hospital. I'm sick to death of them." "Ok, but can we at least get a friend of ours to check you over?" Brax asks him. Kyle nods his head in response. "Right I think we should head to back to the Surf Club and on the way there, we can let Alf know we have found him." Peter tells them all, which they all agree to. With that they all head off in the direction of the car, with Brax helping Kyle just to make sure he doesn't fall over.
  8. You will have to wait and see about to start writing the next chapter now. Currently using my week off to update this one and then do a couple of the one shots as well but I felt this deserved updating first lol.
  9. Hey guys the author here, just wanted to point out that I know Angelo would have already left the show by this point, but I decided to keep him in it for the purpose of the story. Also, there is a surprise past character who will appear too. Chapter 35 (6:45pm) 24 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room "Anything?" Brax and Heath ask at the same time, as soon as they enter the house. "Not yet?" Ricky says as she shakes her head and goes back to her phone. "Who's she on the phone too?" Heath asks his fiancée. "We thought it might be a good idea to call the police what with the TBI and everything." Bianca replies. "That's actually a good idea, the more people searching for him the better." Brax added "Is Tamara still out looking for him?" Casey turned away from the laptop to face his brother: "Yeah she said she was going to try Stewarts Point and Leah was going to drive her into Yabbie Creek on the off chance he's managed to make it all the way there on foot." "Good, what are you doing?" "Well I'm looking for a map of Summer Bay to print off, that way we can circle everywhere we have looked so we aren't going to be double checking them places again." Casey says as he prints a map off. "Cool, then we can give that to the police then, so they know where we have and haven't checked." Brax concurred with his younger brother. Just then Ricky says bye and hangs up the phone and places it on the table. "What did Angelo say?" They all asked. "He's coming put with some detective who is visiting from the City." Ricky informs them "Apparently, this detective is actually Leah's brother-in-law so that means he probably already heard about Kyle from Leah and Tamara." "Well at least they seem to be taking this seriously." Heath adds to the conversation. (7:01pm) 16 minutes later… "So exactly what happened?" Detective Peter Baker asks the Braxtons. As Casey was the one who is had found Kyle missing he decided to be the one that filled in the detective: "I had left that note on the dinning room table just so Kyle knew that there was in fact someone home but I was in the back garden. However, after a while I decided to go check on him because he still wasn't up and when I went to his room, he was gone but his phone was still on the bedside cabinet. So, I searched the whole house as best as I could while on crutches, but I couldn't find him. That's when I realised the note I left him hadn't been touched." "So, you were the only one other than Kyle who was actually home?" "Yeah. Heath and Bianca had gone to Irene's while Brax and Ricky were at the restaurant." Casey told him. There was a noise outside, and everyone turned their heads hoping to see Kyle, but they were disappointed when it was only Leah and Tamara. "Peter, what are you doing here?" Leah asks surprised to see the detective. "Angelo got a phone call and I said I would come with him." Peter told her "I take it you two had no luck finding him then." "Bingo!" Tamara said sadly, then she looked at Casey "This is all your fault!" "Woah! How is this my fault?" a shocked Casey asks the teen. "If you had kept checking on him then this would never have happened!" "He was asleep Tamara besides I left a note on the table so he would know where I was." "You heard the doctor back in Melbourne that with Kyle's type of injury we have to make sure that you write every detail down!" "I didn't think that to go from the house out the back door into the garden would require directions!" "Kyle can't remember living in this house for god sake. So, of course you need to write it down!" Tamara continues to yell at him. "Well I'm so sorry that I didn't think for a couple of minutes!" Casey yells at her. Thinking now would be a good idea to stop the two of them arguing, Angelo jumps in between them and says: "Instead of blaming each other, why don't we get back to what's important." Everyone nods in agreement. "Right, now as I understand you have a map with everywhere that you have searched circled?" Angelo checks with them. "Yes, it was actually Casey's idea." Bianca informs them all. Tamara just glares at Casey when Bianca says this. "Well I think considering the fact that Kyle has a serious brain injury and that is now dark not to mention cold outside. I think we should get Alf to get the SES team together so we can check the bigger areas like the bushland surround the Bay." Peter says as he pulls out his phone. "Do you think he has somehow ended up there?" Ricky asks him. "It's certainly a possibility. Now if you will just excuse me." Peter says as he leaves the room. Tamara watches Peter leave and then turns to Angelo with tears in her eyes and says: "Angelo, you have to find him as I can't lose him." "Don't worry Tamara, we will find him I promise you." Angelo says "Why don't you girls stay here with Casey in case he comes back on his own and the rest of us will head over to the Surf Club as that's going to probably end being the base for the search." "I'm not staying here with him." Tamara says standing up and pointing at Casey. "Well you can come with us then." Heath says. With that they all stop talking and split up with some staying at the house and the rest heading to the Surf Club for the start of what will be a very long night for everyone.
  10. Thank you for the lovely review i'm writing the next chapter now. x
  11. Thanks again for another lovely review currently writing the next chapter x
  12. Chapter 34 (4:46pm) 1 hour and 31 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom Beep Beep Beep Beep Rolling over Kyle shoots a hand to the spot he had put his phone and grabs it. Text Message Tamara: Hey Kyle, just checking in. Kyle: Hey TimTam, I've just woken up. T: Woah! K: What? T: A Braxton who actually follows the doctor's advice when he says get some rest. K: Haha, very funny. T: I know I am. So, you're feeling better then? K: If you say so haha. Yeah, a bit better still can't remember anything though. T: What did I say Kyle? K: Don't force it and I'm not. T: Good, anyway I'm going to get back to this mountain of schoolwork I have to do before I go back tomorrow. K: Good Luck! I love you. T: Thanks and I love you too. With that the texting stops and Kyle decided to get of bed and get a drink. Making sure his phone was placed back on the bedside cabinet, he gets up and leaves the room. (5:05pm) 19 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room Entering the living room, Kyle expects to see everyone sitting down talking but there was no one there. Walking further into the room, he notices the note on the table. Hey Kyle, everyone has had stuff to do so once you wake up come and meet me at the restaurant and I'll get you a pizza. BRAX Now he knows why the room was empty, Kyle shoves the note back in his pocket then quickly runs to his room to put his shoes on and then heads out the front door not realising that Casey is in fact sat in the garden. (5:10pm) 5 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Garden There he goes. This was so easy to trick him. The idiot is so gullible, he didn't even think about the fact he might not even remember how to get to the restaurant. Now I'll give it an hour then I'll text Brax, to let him know I went to check on Kyle, and he was gone. With that Casey goes back to listening to his music without a care in the world. (5:55pm) 45 minutes later… Summer Bay – Road heading towards Yabbie Creek After walking for nearly an hour Kyle decides to stop and sit down. Well I don't think this is the right way. Brax is probably going to kill me although he might not. There again I don't really know what he will do it me. Have I even been to the restaurant before? I can't remember. I think maybe I should try and retrace my steps back to the house to be safe. (6:10pm) 15 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room Casey is sat on the sofa when he decides to ring Brax. Ring Ring Ring Ring Brax: Hey Case, what's up? Casey: I think you need to come home. B: Why? C : Well, Kyle still wasn't awake so to be safe I went to check on him… B: Right and was he ok? C : That's the thing, I don't know. B: What do you mean you don't know? C : Well he wasn't in his room and his phone was on the bedside cabinet. I searched the whole house and couldn't find him, but the front door was wide open. B: So, what you're saying is you've lost our brother. C : Well I left a note on the table to say I was in the garden. I thought that way he would know to come into the garden, but the note was still on the table. B: Right Casey, you ring Tamara just in case he has somehow made it to her place. I'm going to call Heath and we can go search for him. C : Ok Brax. Just find him. B: Don't worry Case we will. Hanging up the phone Casey quickly texts Tamara asking her if Kyle is there, but she tells him no and asks him why. So, Casey tells him he has gone, and he can't find him. Tamara tells him she will go out and look for him as well. This has worked better than I thought it would. I better write the note and put it on the table to show them that I did leave and note to say where I was. Hopefully he has lost the other one by now. Better yet maybe he will be lost and stay that way. Meanwhile… Summer Bay – In the bush Kyle is wondering through the trees after getting confused when retracing his steps back to the house. When did it become dark? Where even am I? I don't remember coming this way. What am I kidding, I don't remember going anyway. It's starting to get cold and stupid me forgot to put a coat on. I hope Brax will at least come and find me. Kyle decides to continue going to the way he was in hopes he will make his way back to the house. (6:21pm) 11 minutes later… While still trying to find his way back, Kyle starts to feel dizzy. Suddenly his eyes roll into the back of his head and he drops to the ground where he starts fitting.
  13. Chapter 33 (2:22pm) One week later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Garden "Well that was Ricky, the four of them should be here anytime soon." Heath say's as he re-enters the garden. "It will be good to have them all back. This house was starting to feel empty." Casey says, "Although it has been nice having no queue for the bathroom and being able to watch whatever I wanted to on the TV." The sound of tyres on gravel interrupted their conversation, Bianca stands up and heads back inside: "I guess they're back." (2:29pm) 7 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Driveway Brax gets out the new car and goes to open the door to help Kyle out. "You know I can walk right?" Kyle says as he starts to get annoyed. "Yeah well considering there was a possibility you weren't going to; we don't want to risk that again. So, you are going to accept my help whether you want to or not." Brax reminds him. With that Kyle admits defeat and accepts the help. Once he was steady the two brothers headed towards the front door leaving both Ricky and Tamara laughing. (2:34pm) 5 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room "Welcome home!" Heath, Bianca and Casey all shout as Brax and Kyle walk through the door shortly followed by Ricky and Tamara. Kyle smiles and looks around at the house: "Thank you I think." "Well don't just stand there, come and sit down." Bianca tells him. Kyle walks over to the sofa and sits down and continues to look at everything. "Is it jogging anything?" Heath asks him knowing that Brax said he was remembering stuff but not everything. "Not really." Kyle says as he turns to face them "Look, I know you want me to remember everything but even the doctor said I might not remember it all again." Walking over to her boyfriend, Tamara sits down and says: "Don't worry no one here is expecting you to remember everything straight away ok." "Ok." "Right well I'm going to head home, as I can imagine Leah will be doing her nut." Tamara says as she stands back up and picks up her bag then heads towards the door. "Wait, you aren't staying here." Kyle looks at her sadly. "Sorry Kyle, I still have school tomorrow. Which means Leah is going to want me back home tonight, she let me miss a week to stay with you in Melbourne." Tamara reminds him "But something tells me she won't appreciate me staying here tonight, however if you need me you just have to call." Kyle just nods and with that Tamara leaves. Yawning Kyle covers his mouth, noticing the yawn Ricky suggests: "Why don't we show you to your room and you can get some sleep?" "Yeah that sounds like a great idea." Kyle agrees and then gets up and follows Ricky to his room. (3:02pm) 28 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom "Why is all my stuff in boxes if this is my room?" Kyle asks as he looks at the boxes. Placing Kyle's bad beside his wardrobe, Ricky turns around: "Well, the night before you left to go to Melbourne, you told me that you were thinking of just staying there. So, I think you must have packed all your stuff up ready that way it would be easier for us to send your stuff back to you. We also found a letter you had wrote for Tam, which we assume must have been your way of explaining everything, but I can't remember were we put it." "If this is my family, why would I decide to stay back in Melbourne?" Kyle asks again "I'm sorry if I'm asking to many questions just, I can't remember any of this." "Because you and Casey had been arguing over Tamara but you two have put that behind you from what I can tell. Also, you don't need to apologise Kyle as we all understand. Now why don't you get some sleep and we can sort these boxes out tomorrow." Kyle nods his head and walks over to the bed. Kicking his shoes off he pulls back the cover and gets in. With that Ricky leaves the room. (3:15pm) 13 minutes later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room "Is he ok?" Brax asks as he notices Ricky re-enter the room. "Well he was confused as to why his stuff was in boxes." Ricky tells them "But I told him why and that we can unpack them tomorrow." "Maybe we should have unpacked them before he got back?" Bianca suggests. "We could have ended up putting stuff back somewhere it shouldn't have been which would have only confused him some more as nothing would have been where he'd remember it to have been." Ricky reminds them. "True, anyway me and Heath are going to head to Irene's for a catch up and food." Bianca tells them as she grabs her stuff. "No bother but I need to head to the restaurant as I want to look over the paperwork etc." Brax tells them "Ricky, you still coming with me?" Ricky responds with a nod of the head. "Well we can't leave Kyle here alone." Heath informs them. "Well I'm not going anywhere." Casey says. "Are you sure?" "Yeah I have no plans other than sitting in the garden and soaking up the fresh air and sun." Casey laughs "Besides, I can't exactly go far on crutches, now can I?" "That's very true." Brax agrees with him "Alright, but you keep an eye on Kyle." Casey tells that he will and with that they all leave. Thank God, they've all gone. I can now put my revenge plan into action. First step make sure that there is a note on the table to let Kyle know Brax wants to see him at the restaurant. At least he will get confused with that and hopefully get lost.
  14. thank you for the lovely reviews and you won't have long to wait as i'm writing the next one now
  15. Chapter 32 (9:54pm) 6 minutes later… Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room Once everyone was in Casey's hospital room and Casey was back in bed, Brax then said: "So, what else do we need to know?" Doctor Williamson looks at the room's other occupants and then answers: "Well, the issues I said that Kyle would face can also affect his personal life. As people who have experienced brain injuries may take longer to do cognitive or in English, thinking tasks associated with memory, for example coming up with the correct change in the checkout line at the grocery store or just placing an order at a restaurant." "He's the manager to the family restaurant and he's the best we've had." Casey points out. "Well there's no guarantee that Kyle will suffer from something like that." "Ok, anything else?" Ricky decides to say. "Family relationships will almost certainly change, and in some cases the patient will be totally dependent on their caregivers." "Totally dependent?" Tamara repeats loudly. "Yes, for some patients but thankfully, that looks like it won't be the case for Kyle." Doctor Williamson points out "The fact remains that at the end of the day a traumatic brain injury will be a life-changing experience for many patients and there's not much that can be done as there isn't an instant cure for this situation." "I guess that's one thing we can be positive about right Tam?" Bianca says the young girl. "I suppose so." Tamara says but then turns to the doctor "You mentioned disabilities early, what type of disabilities?" "Well the ones just from looking and talking to Kyle about what's happening to him, there's a chance that he may have: difficulty simply carrying or moving objects like boxes, there's a chance he could have problems with his vision which could result in him wearing glasses then the loss of his fine motor skills, such as buttoning a shirt will become difficult and difficulty with social relationships could also become a problem for Kyle." "Well he doesn't really have any friends back in the Bay." Casey mumbles thankfully not loud enough for anyone to hear him. "I definitely think he's going to have difficulty with his thinking and remembering things which can be common with these injuries." "What about walking?" Tamara asks as she remembered reading that walking can become difficult for people. Dr Williamson sighs and looks at the girl: "I think Dr Murry was right you should read a medical textbook. Until we get Kyle out of bed and moving, we won't know. However, Kyle has just had major surgery to fix the damage from the branch if I'm correct so to be safe, we aren't going to get up him out bed for at least a couple of days just to allow his body time to heal." "Why does everyone keep telling me to read a medical textbook?" Tamara sighs causing everyone to smile. "Now I should also warn you that people with moderate to severe also have trouble with making and keeping both professional and personal relationships which in turn can cause issues with social gatherings and activities." "So mum is no longer coming to family gatherings then." Heath exclaims. "Really Heath?" Brax and Casey says at the same time. "Well you know she will just have a field day with this." Casey looks at Brax and agrees: "Heath does have a point Brax. She already hates Kyle; do you really want to give her more ammunition?" Brax nods his head in agreement then waits for the doctor to tell them more information. Picking up where he left off, Doctor Williamson goes on: "As you can guess if social activities are going to be a problem then so will any other type of activity, whether that be for fun and for work. But there are ways around all these problems." "Like what?" Brax asks him, "Well writing steps down for tasks that way there is always something for Kyle to refer back to when he forgets something. It's basically just learning to do every he has done before but a different way, which can become frustrating for everyone but there are people who are there to help and support not only Kyle but yourselves." Doctor Williamson tells them. With that he goes on to tell them that he will get some leaflets that contain all this information so they can read up on Kyle's condition. (10:15am) Next day… Melbourne – Hospital – Kyle's Room It was now the next day and Kyle had been moved to a more private room away from the ICU. After the night before everyone including Kyle had had a chance to think over everything they had been told and were not getting their heads around the fact that live was probably going to change not only for Kyle but also themselves. Tamara was currently in the room with Kyle, when he speaks up: "If you want to break up with me, I would understand but can you wait until I've rebuilt the relationships, I have with my brothers first." "Kyle, I'm not going to break up with you for something like this." Tamara tells him "Besides you didn't with me." "I know I didn't. That's because April had said you would get them back." Tamara smiles and looks at him. "What?" Kyle says confused. "You remember that?" "Yeah I do." Then it suddenly clicks, like someone had just turned a light bulb on "I remember that. TimTam I remember that!" "Yes you do Kyle." Tamara laughs as she sees her boyfriend's face light up "What else can you remember?" "Discharging myself from hospital then me and Casey arguing but I can't remember why we were arguing." "That doesn't matter that you can't remember what you were arguing for as it will come back, but we will definitely be having a talk later about you discharging yourself from hospital." Tamara explains to him. Just then Brax and Ricky chose to enter Kyle's room carrying a change of clothes for Tamara and food. "What's this about discharging yourself?" Brax asks Kyle. "Kyle just remembered that the other night after he hit his head that he discharged himself from hospital. So, don't worry Brax he won't be doing that right now." Tamara informs them "Also, that's not the only thing he can remember." Kyle tells them how he can remember what April had said about Tamara. "That's great Kyle." Both Ricky and Brax say together. Ricky walks over and hugs him: "That means your memory from the last year is starting to come back but promise you won't try and force it like this one did." Kyle promises not too. All four of them hope this is the start of Kyle getting better and secretly praying the doctor was wrong.
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