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  1. Thank you and i actually had trouble trying to write the ending for this hahah You welcome and im already planning the next fanfic and writing some more of the one shots. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  2. I'm glad you liked the chapter and you will just have to keep reading the updates to find out what happens.
  3. Story Title: Kyle Braxton: One-Shot SeriesType of story: Series of One-ShotsBTTB rating: TGenre: General (As they are a series of one-shots that fit into different genres) Does story include spoilers: I would say yes but also not reallyAny warnings: Violence (for the first chapter but not certain about the rest)Summary: A series of One Shots to do with Kyle Braxton. Some ideas will be my own and others from readers on both here and were I post my Home and Away fanfics on Fanfiction.net as well. Rating this as a T but will make sure that i rate a chapter if its an M.
  4. So is mine i have feeling if someone looked at they be like is this girl even sane haha x
  5. All will be revealed as i have done research into it before i wrote these chapter so all the medical bit have been from an official website that helps explain what can happen with what kyle is suffering from. Also thank you xx
  6. Nate will get there eventually in a couple of chapters time.
  7. don't worry in a couple of chapters time everything will be revealed.
  8. Don't worry it will they will find in a couple chapters time. i will also update soon
  9. thank you again and i felt like that was something brax would do with him being the head of the family in away and im hoping to update agin at some point this week but not sure when as i'm going to see my friend whos in hospital after getting a metal rod and screws put in her a knee after she fell over on sand in Thailand xx
  10. Thanks for the comment and i'm glad your still enjoying it. I felt like that was something that Kyle did on the show so i thought i would add it to the fanfic. You won't have long to wait nearly finished the next chapter XX
  11. Thank you i'm glad your still enjoy it and considering this is my first ever fanfic i'm doing quite well haha. I know i love Kyle to but the way i've wrote him in the fanfic makes me frustrated. You will just have to find out if she gets caught. The next one will be up soon as i'm currently writing it.
  12. Yeah i wanted to show that even though Kyle was pretty lucky in the sense of getting good foster homes what his dad had said to him made a lasting impression and you will just have to wait and see. Also thank you for taking the time to comment and i'm glad your still enjoying it X
  13. Thanks for the comment and continuing to read my fanfic. For the answers to your questions i was using how Kyle wanted to get out of the hospital so badly on the show and i decided to play on that if thta makes any sense.
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