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Levels Of Tragedy

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Great chapter!

Oh no what is going to happen on the way home! 

I love the ‘don’t hey Brax me!’ Classic! Never fails to make me laugh whenever that is done! 😂

Can’t wait to see what happens next!! 

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Hi the author here, sorry I haven't updated in a while I've just been so busy as I recently found out my father and step-mother are getting divorced so that has taken over while I took my younger siblings out to get them away from everything. Anyway here's the next chapter.

Chapter 16

35 minutes later…

Road in the middle of nowhere

"Casey!" Heath shouts from the back of the car.

"What?!" Casey shouts back.

"Pick a bloody radio station and stick with it!"

"Fine!" Casey says as he eventually chooses a station "Happy?"

"Yes!" Heath says then goes back to his surf magazine.

The Braxtons were currently thirty-five minutes into their journey back to the Bay and thankfully apart from Heath telling Casey to pick a radio and leave it, there had been no other issues. Well there hadn't been until Casey noticed Kyle didn't have his earphones in and instead was trying to sleep.

"Aww look the baby is tired." Casey laughed.

Kyle opened his eyes: "Grow up Casey! Its like half 8 and I'm exhausted so if you want to have a go at me you can tomorrow!"

Both Brax and Heath laughed as Kyle's words made Casey speechless for once.

"Ten points to Kyle!" Heath laughs.

"That's not fair!" Casey whines.

"What's not fair?" Brax asks.

"If I had said something like that you would have told me off!"

"Well Casey because you do it deliberately whereas Kyle was just defending himself."

"I only defend myself when I say it to him!"

"Defend yourself from what?" Heath jumps in.

"He's stole my girlfriend!" Casey shouts.

"How on earth does that require you to defend yourself from me?!" Kyle demands to know.

With that Casey tries to grab Kyle but luckily he can't get to him due to the seatbelt restricting him from doing so.

"Casey turn round and leave Kyle alone now!" Brax says while not taking his eyes of the road.

Casey quickly turns back round a starts playing on candy crush on his phone and Kyle decides against getting some sleep and sticks his earphones in.

2 hour and 15 minutes later…

Brax was still driving down a round in the middle of no where.

"Brax!" Heath says.

"I thought you were asleep." Brax says quietly so he wouldn't wake the youngest two Braxtons.

"Nope, I was listening to my own music." Heath explains.

"I didn't realise you had music on your phone."

"I didn't, Kyle put it on for me ages ago."

"That was nice of him."

"Yeah it was, apparently he was sick of me blasting the stereo round the house."

Brax laughed: "Well it was annoying mate."

"I gathered when he had ago at me a couple of weeks ago. After I blasted my music and I had forgot he was asleep."

"Next time don't be so loud when people are sleeping."

"Dude it was 11am. Not my fault he was asleep at that time."

"It was probably his day off which is why he was annoyed when you woke him up." Brax reminds Heath.

"Oh well. Anyway do you not want to pull over for the night so you can get some sleep?" Heath asks his brother "Or maybe pull over and we can swap. I'll drive and you can have a break?"

"Thank for the offer but I would rather just keep driving so we can get home quicker."

"Only if your sure." Heath says then goes back to his music.

1 hour and 39 minutes later…

Kyle and Casey had woken up when Brax had pulled into a service station to get some more petrol and something for them all to drink and snack on.

They were now back on the road and Kyle was continuing to do his best to ignore Casey.

"KYLIE!" Casey shouts which makes Kyle pause his music.

"WHAT!" Kyle shouts annoyed at his brother.

"Nothing I just wanted you to stop listening to your music." Casey laughed then notice how close Kyle's leg was to his hand.

Before Kyle had a chance to move his leg, Casey hit his tablet of Kyle's leg: "OUCH!"

"CASEY!" Both Brax and Heath shout.


Heath takes control of the situation while Brax concentrates on the road: "Why did you do that Case?"

"Because I could!" Casey replies.

Kyle was rubbing his knee from where Casey hit it: "You are aware that really hurt, right?"

"DUH! That was the point!"

"Casey!" Heath says loudly. "You need to apologise right now!"

"When he apologises for stealing Tamara then I will apologise for that!"

"And I keep telling you Casey that's never going to happen because I have nothing to apologise for."

"Liar!" Casey says.

This causes the three youngest Braxtons to start arguing about how Kyle isn't lying about not having to apologise.

"Stop!" Brax says pulling the car to a stop in the middle of the road.

All three brothers stop arguing, Casey turns back round just in time to spot headlights heading towards the car.

"BRAX!" Casey shouts.

Turning back round Brax notices the car coming towards them, he quickly starts the car and moving it to the side of road in time.

"Well that was close!" Heath says.

Kyle turns round to see the headlights coming back at them: "Brax, that car is coming back."

"No it isn't Kyle!" Brax says to him.

Heath looks out the back window: "Brax, he's right that car is heading back towards us."

Brax takes a look and decides to move the car to the other side of the road in the direction they just came so the car can't do anything.

Just as Brax was moving the car to the other side of the road, the headlights got closer and then slammed into the Braxton's car.

"What is this idiot playing at!" Heath shouts just as the car backs up and then comes back at them.

This time the car slammed into them again this time harder causing the car to go off the road with all the Braxtons shouting as the car hurtled into a ditch…

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Oh a new chapter just in time for my birthday.

Casey and Kyle at it again why would Casey hit Kyle with his tablet?

Oh no at the ending I wonder who hit them?!

I'm sorry to hear about your family.

Update again soon :)



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Oh dear poor Braxton family I hope that they'll be okay but I have a feeling this is going to affect Kyle because he fell and hit his head he should have stayed in hospital I wonder who was driving the other car

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Chapter 17

5 minutes later…

On the road

A figure gets out of the car and runs towards were the car had gone over the little hill and into the ditch below.

"What did you do that for?!" Someone shouts.

"I don't know?!" The driver shouts back.

"How can you not know?"

"They shouldn't have been in the middle of the road!"

"They moved over for Christ sake. You didn't have to go back and drive them off the road!"

The driver of the car takes one look at the ditch and then says: "We should get out off here just in case!"

"We need to help them!" The passenger shouts.

"Do you want to go to jail?" The driver answers getting a shake of the head in reply "Well then shut up and get back in the car!"

Quickly the passenger joins their friend in the car and they drive away not knowing if the people in the car were ok.

20 minutes later…

Braxton Car

All four Braxtons were motionless in the wrecked car, when suddenly Brax started to stir.

He was instantly away of the pain in his head as lifted his head off the steering wheel. As he slowly rests his aching head against the back of the seat, Brax tries to figure out what actually happened when remembers that someone had purposely forced them of the road for no reason that he could think of.

In the back of the car, Heath was the next brother to be pulled from the darkness and is instantly made aware of the dull pain that was covering the majority of his body.

Noticing that there was movement from the seat in front, Heath says: "Brax."

Brax hears his brother say his name: "Heath, you ok?"

"Apart from what will become some pretty impressive bruises I think I'm ok. What about you?"

"I bashed my head off the steering wheel but apart from that I'm ok." Brax answers "Casey."

Brax gets no response and turns to his younger brother to see him still unconscious but he can clearly see that he is breathing.

Brax tries to position himself to be able to see into the backseat to check Kyle is alright but the belt won't let him: "Heath, is Kyle ok?"

Heath suddenly remembers that Kyle was in the car and turns to check on him when he notices a branch had made its way into the car and was resting over Kyle's chest.

"Brax!" Heath says loudly.


"I think we have an issue."


"Yeah, one of the branches from the tree is lying on top of Kyle's chest." Heath tells him as he tries to pull it off his brother.

"Well get it off then!" Brax shouts.

"I'm trying it won't move!" Heath yells at Brax.

While Heath was struggling to get the branch of Kyle while shouting at Brax, Casey was starting to be dragged back into the present.

"Ahhhhh!" Casey groans loudly.

The other two brother stop shouting and look at Casey, Brax sighs with relieve: "Casey, are you hurt anywhere?"

Casey hisses as he tries to move his leg: "My leg!"

"Can you move it?"

"I don't think I can!"

"Right don't try as you might make it worse." Brax informs him as he goes to grab his phone from his pocket "Crap!"

"What is Brax?" Casey asks.

"No service!"

Heath who was still trying to get the branch of Kyle, stopped when he heard a faint wheezing noise: "I think he's starting to wake up. Kyle, can you hear me?"

"Hea Heath I ca can't bre breathe." Kyle stutters as he starts to close his eyes again.

"Kyle!" Heath says slapping his face carefully "Don't close your eyes! I'm going to try and get this off!"

Kyle just nods his head as Heath tries again to to move the branch and fails.

"Heath, if you give me a sec to open this stupid door I will come and help you!" Brax seethed as he pushed up against the door, eventually getting it open.

Slowly and carefully, Brax makes his way round the car to try and locate where the branch was coming from: "Heath, I'm going to pull if you push."

With that the two brothers try to move the branch but again it doesn't move, that's when Heath notices that not only is the end of the branch imbedded in the seat but a smaller branch that was attached to it was sticking into Kyle.

Just as Brax tries to pull it out, Heath yells: "BRAX! STOP!"

Confused, Brax stops what he is doing: "WHY?!"

"The branch is sticking into him!"

"WHAT?!" Brax asks not quite sure he heard Heath properly.


"Then we need to get help as quick as possible." Brax says as he looks away from the car and up to where the road is "Heath, get out the car."

"What? Why?"

"I need you to climb back up to the road and call for help as there's no service down here" Explains Brax.

"Fine but keep an eye on his breathing!" Heath shouts as he kicks his passenger side door open.

Once free from the car, Heath makes his way over to the little hill and scrambles up to the road so he can call for help.

9 minutes later…

On the road

Heath eventually climbs on to the road and takes his phone out his pocket and quickly calls for help.

Braxton Car

While Heath was doing that, Brax was trying to find away to get the branch out of the seat he could try and help Kyle breath a bit better then he was.

Every now and then Casey was letting out a hissing noise as the pain in his leg intensified. Looking into the rear view mirror, Casey noticed how Brax was trying to free Kyle and he immediately didn't like it because Brax should have been paying him attention not Kyle.

"Brax, my leg is killing me!" Casey complained hoping it will make Brax see he needs him more.

"Casey just hang on ok. Heath is calling for help so we will get your leg seen to soon. I also need to concentrate on making sure Kyle doesn't die so just breath though the pain and be thankful you're not worse off." Brax barked at the youngest Braxton.

Suddenly, Heath reappears to let them know that help is on its way and they all had to sit tight and wait for help.


"That's what they said as if we move the branch he could be worse off." Heath replies.

"Do they not understand that if we don't try and move the branch he will definitely be worse off?!" Brax yells back.

The two brothers stop speaking and just stare at each other, thinking about whether they should continue to try and get Kyle free and run the risk of making him worse and leave him trapped until help gets there and run the risk of him not surviving.

Whatever they decide to do, they needed to hurry up because Kyle was only getting worse…

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Great chapter 

wonder who the people are that ran them off the road.

Seems like the older Braxton brothers are alright.

Casey trying to get Brax's attention when Kyle is worse off

Update again soon :)

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Oh dear I wonder if that was the barretts driving the other car I hope that everyone will be okay but I have a feeling that Kyles head injury is going to make things worse

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A couple of very dramatic great chapters.

Poor Kyle. as if he didn't have enough troubles, now he's got a tree branch stuck to him! Hopefully Casey will be smart and not make things any more worse and Heath and Brax find help soon.

I wonder who were the people who drove them off the road, I agree, it does sound like the Barretts who did it, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

Update soon.🙂



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