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  1. I actually have read it, back in 2018 before I joined the forum and I loved it. I agree, 2016 was a really depressing time for the show, and you had a great take on what should have happened. I really enjoyed most of the stories for the characters (such as how you wrote Evie and Matt's relationship), and I loved the return of old characters such as Dex and Frank Morgan. I'll admit, my approach towards Zac's mixed loyalties when it came to Hunter was sort of influenced on your interpretation on what would have happened if Zac knew what Hunter did (because I was at a lost with how to write it a
  2. No, it's not exactly the best move to make, and to an extent Evie knows this as well, but in her mind, it was the best out of two terrible choices: she can only see herself either staying with the fear of constantly inflicting her misery and pain onto the people she cares about, or leaving to give them space to heal. With her growing belief that she is responsible for what happened to Oscar and Hannah, she sees this as the only way to keep her family safe. Again, it's still the wrong decision and she'll have to realise this is a mistake, but I wanted to show her reasoning. Even though she can'
  3. Hi guys, so sorry for the late update. College work has multiplied before the Easter holidays and that took up most of my time. I've had trouble getting time to write this, but I promise, there will be some development in the next few chapters. Same Warnings regarding Depression and Self-Harm. Chapter 13 She was eating a sandwich that Chris insisted she tried before leaving the Diner and she took along with her in a plastic bag before therapy. Chris keeps on outdoing himself with his ideas, and the thought… well, those thoughts made her feel a semblance of happiness for them, but no
  4. Unfortunately, as much as I would have liked to have everything solved within the first session, recovery is a more complicated and difficult process than that. It's not something anyone can snap out of, especially when they can't help but make incorrect assumptions around them. But I am glad to have reached this point, because not only do I believe that therapy is an unappreciated gift, but I also wanted to use it to explore Evie (in my opinion, another unappreciated gift) as a character. From watching her on the show, I've found that two of Evie's main characteristics is that, while she's no
  5. Thanks again for waiting, and again, please look after yourself if you're going to read this. This is really heavy material, I don't want to upset anyone. Same Warnings still apply, please look at them. Chapter 12 So… she knew what she was going to do today. She had thought of nothing else, how she'd be there for three sessions over the coming weeks, and she thought about whether or not she still should do it, what she should talk about. She knew she should be honest, she shouldn’t lie, but… how could she even begin to explain what was wrong with her? How could she take every single
  6. On an addition to my previous comment above, just to make it clear in case anyone's getting the wrong impression, Evie also shouldn't feel guilty about her past mistakes, not when she has matured from them, and everyone else knows that, but that doesn't mean right now it won't affect her. I just wanted to make that clear. Also, I also wants to say thanks again for everyone being so patient in waiting between chapters. College online is a nightmare and I have so many things to do in the week, but I promise that the next chapter will be up soon, thank you.
  7. Thanks Red! I was conflicted on how to approach this, because as much as I wanted to depict Evie making the choice to go to therapy for herself, without being prompted, I knew given her mental state, it would be unrealistic for her to do so at this time in the story. So Zac and Leah made the appointment (Though I guess Evie made the final choice, but still, she does it for them, not for herself...). Writing Leah and Zac was also really hard. They both love Evie, they want her to be well, they want to help her, and the only reason they're frustrated is because they feel helpless in this s
  8. Warnings: Descriptions of self-harm, unhealthy coping methods and suicidal thoughts, please do whatever you have to do to be safe, and stay strong and positive. Please be careful when reading this. Also on another note: I want to establish the timeline here. I made a mistake: After further research, Billie was suppose to be 7 months pregnant at this point, so while the story has been occurring for more than three weeks now Evie had been dealing with depression for more than a month now. Just wanted to straighten that out. Chapter 11 (Also, I passed 10 chapters! I've gotten farther
  9. I remember that. Usually when a confrontation like that happens on this show, there's a bit of talking before things get physical, but Tony had just lunged at Angelo. No confronting, no accusation, just straight up attack! I mean, it was understandable, but I agree- definitely frightening.
  10. Thanks Red! I did my best to try and get Hunter's story to connect with the main story, and while he messed up badly, that he confessed gives Zac hope that there's still a chance for him, (he's a bit biased there, but it doesn't mean he's entirely wrong). I wanted to emphasis that while what Hunter did will take people a long time to forgive, there's no point in still holding onto anger and hatred long after the appropriate punishment. I'm glad that I wrote Olivia in as much character as I could, because she's always been willing to turn a blind eye to Hunter, to the extent she doesn't care wh
  11. I think one of the main things I wanted to express when writing this was to dispel the toxic idea that people who are suffering from depression or deep mental health issues are being just 'acting like a child/brat' or 'being self-pitying' , or 'unstable' or 'excessively complaining', or 'should pull themselves together'. Those kind of statements are really unfair and that's not how it works. It's not that simple for people to accept any help when they're in this state or to move on, they deserve proper understanding. They're also capable of doing good even if they don't think so. So everyone's
  12. Honestly, Phoebe was actually the easiest character to write out of all of this. Her being unintentionally insensitive is one of the things more recognisable about her, to say the least. Writing Evie and Zac arguing was difficult because I don't want to make it look like Zac thinks Evie's being unreasonable or anything, he has a good idea of how much she has been suffering, but he also wants her to get better, and doesn't know the full extent of what she is feeling, and why she is feeling so. He's not being useless or unsympathetic, it's just that no one is going to make the best decision
  13. Wow, this was longer than I anticipated. The warnings still apply as before, so please be careful. Thanks again to Red for his kind support. Chapter 9: If Evie could have predicted the look on Zac’s face when he saw her, she would have just stayed in bed. It was one of weariness, as if he was already dreading whatever was going on with her. Actually, now that she thought about it, even as she gave him a forced smile, she might as well have predicted it. “You sleep okay?” Zac asked her wearily, the weariness already passing over and dominating the concern he was feeling. “Y
  14. Thanks Red! I feel a bit embarrassed about keep apologising and explaining myself and being reassuring every chapter, but I just really want to do this right and I sometimes worry about explaining this story the wrong way and in my own way, I guess I'm trying to convince myself as well to keep going through with it because I want to be committed but after endings like that sometimes I wish I didn't had to write it. I'm glad you're still sticking by the story. Even though they don't know the problem, everyone still cares about Evie and wants to see her get better. However, the state that
  15. I'm not really proud of this chapter, because a lot of time I was feeling lost on how to write it properly and with respect. I started this to explore the complex struggle they could have set for her during the show, to give her story respect, and that has proven harder than I expected, especially trying not to say the wrong thing when it comes to depression and trying not to dramatize it. Thank you to everyone who has read this, and sticking by this story. WARNINGS: Descriptions of Self-Harm And Suicidal Thoughts (still nothing graphic, but no red lines separating the bits). Please do n
  16. Thorne, the current (though hopefully not for long) neighbourhood sociopath: 'This witness is key. I have to find out who they are!" One thing I noticed is that Thorne never specifies to Dean or Willow or Bella as to what he would do once he finds out who the witness is, as if he's still pretending to be a good guy in front of them. I mean, what's his plan when he finds out who the witness is? Threaten them? Intimidate them? Cause them harm? The aggressive way he talked to Ziggy, Mackenzie and Nik both in this episode and in the past kind of makes it clear to me that he's capable of just
  17. Well, after enduring Colby's combination of emotional blackmail, bullying, self-righteousness, corruption, smugness and a refusal to admit anything was his own fault for more than a year now, seeing him hauled off by Angelo and Murray and being condemned by Taylor was more satisfying than it was probably intended to be. It's extremely telling that the first thing he does when a tearful and frightened Bella visits him in the cell was to immediately question her about who could have informed on him (I refuse to use the term betrayed), up to the point of belittling her about telling Nikau, and it
  18. Both of them really care about each other, but both of them remain emotionally scarred by past events, so as much as Zac is frustrated by not being able to help, he's just as scared as Evie of pushing the conversation. I was always going to follow what happened with Evie and the money in the show, because I felt like her giving the money to charity and getting involved in that work was a right direction for her and I do believe it would fit her character to do so, but I also wanted to depict that even a good decision like this wouldn't be immune from her insecurities and self-loathing. T
  19. Thanks Red. I'm becoming ever more nervous about writing each chapter, because I don't want to sound repetitive, but once anyone gets trapped inside their own head in such an awful way, it becomes almost impossible to not only recognise the good things around them, but that they deserve it. As a result, Evie's making a lot of bad decisions right now, and even though she still cares for everyone else, who can notice something's up, but not the full story, which complicates things. She can't recognise anything she did before as good or what she's going through as serious, yet she doesn't think s
  20. Well, firstly, Happy New Years to you all! Honestly at this point I've had the conclusion I had back in 2018, when Ash was hunting for Robbo. There's no one to really root for here except the innocents caught up in this mess (which at this point consists of Ziggy, Nikau, and... I'm not sure who else). I mean, I want Colby to get arrested, but I agree that Angelo's looking pretty bad here too.
  21. Thanks Red! Your comments always help. I felt it was important to emphasis that Evie still has people who love her, but as you said, they don't expect her deeper issues to be as bad as they are and they wouldn't be sure what to do. This combined with Evie's own conviction that she shouldn't open up to them, and as a result doesn't tell them the full truth, makes things more difficult for everyone involved. Hunter... yeah, maybe his scene was a bit overdone, but I do believe if this ever happened to him in the show, his history would definitely be used against him. Some of the law details
  22. This was a lot of fun to watch! Huge thanks to Dan, Red Ranger, Chair and everyone else for contributing to this, it's truly brilliant. Merry Christmas to you all.
  23. With Christmas next week, and a time where we all deserve love and peace, I was extremely tempted to just skip past everything else I had planned for this story and go straight to the recovery and happiness that awaits Evie in this god damn fic. Unfortunately, I can’t and I gotta stick with the whole journey. Every detail, even the ones I wish I didn’t have to write, is important with this topic. Evie’s suffering from this mental agitation that fixed her own perspective against herself, it’s going to take more chapters for her to accept that the majority of bad stuff in her life weren’t her fa
  24. Haha, Buddy. Honestly was kind of hoping to see him in the top 10! Really nice to see Rosie, Sid, Ben, Tony, Robbie and April made it. It's good to see they haven't been forgotten. Not surprised to see Alex here, and I'm really glad that she got as high as she did. Honestly I expected both VJ and Chris (one of my all time favourites) to get much higher on the list, both really memorable characters. And then we have the person who got my 7 points: Evie. I'm glad to have voted for her, but as above, I wish that she gotten higher, as one of my past favourite characters.
  25. I do agree about Colby, he did lose a majority of popularity given his recent actions (he lost mine a year ago!) but I do think he still has some fans here, and that they like him too much to vote for him. I already voted for Jasmine, so she'll probably make it.
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